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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, November 05, 1912, Image 2

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ten6tUt Hm ft' mm?
torn of Hog Uot,
qpr.wna vim, winmrm
&liel .-'tWitMr
f& I0JL 3f
HandVwSi ;3KWiii
Have Votcl.
P4BTY W)C gmAHjts
n WJrs t Mrwst" Kent
'Ct'flTJton. K- J.i Nav. fr-Ooverftot
Wondrow tVlUon voted Uta tn.firht
Iemgcrtlo ticket ut 10M o'clock In
ii n cnulno house. Uo km in the rot'
Jng booth four mnutea arid rcimirKd
itn lie came out that tn ballot was
o Mtf he liftd'A hard tlmo' finding t!io
Democratic 'presidential' iclecWrs.
Oh h !Ay to thVvbttoe booth
Oovernor WlUon Mopped abruptly In
front of llltla frame Ijwwi
rfWhen, I was a freshjfl ttt col
IttBo,' bo aW. "I uk1 Wet1H tHflt
house. One n.lQht I sot ft rUhfeos
In 'iny throat and jumped off 'that
:mrT V V.T '.I "V;.7.i 10 30'f Crflonel noouvelt. A 1.1 automobile
ffly Ird Wfiw fVMMMt HmlS1
Oyster liar, NoW 6j-j-6hmb BoojiaV
veil arrived nt thd nolltn dIAco in
a flro truck house at i'im und a fow
mlnutis luterJwd casj; hi bnjiolv.
Seven neighbors' rfccdmpnnled him
and he watted' (wonly, mln.utpa until
each of them had Voted before, ro
.turnltiK to HttRaoiore Hill.
While In thii iinlllna nliico a flash-
'llght was taken an Colonel itposavulV
dropped hi ballot In thp box an it tho
crowd cheered.
A crowd of vlllnnr watted for nn
hour In front of the truck' honsa for
ttrnxt Tlirocg
b &tt6b freight
ratlrw? WwhUlWKnilhcer Jno
Flr of lttttn( 'Wli)eantwo heavy
locorriottvpft urtififtea lRb(w coal
chViT to sgillnler and' did "heav
dnniBgo to tho railroad, occurfcrt ut
U iun(n, on SaterdnV, nccrdlnjf to
rppprti brought lo Atbmjutfrquo today
thii rcao, men irnm nuiop,
viitir mile!
When the nominee arrived at the
jiollf)K booth r)p wa greeted by n
roii) of imi&torMphera and pec
tatl'rt. ''
A lutlf doifert' phoUvurHpliem had
perched IWlr56m?ra fn tho Interior
of Ihc'llltlo' eHiHho hoiixe.
''I'll enforce'tho )aw If you llkn nnd
hnVo thciio rrOinniut tmf,' I'm novern
or youi'linow' thrf ' norhlneo aald,
luUHhlhalA' to tttto hitiera, but thy
word ertjoytna' the acerfo too much to
ha literal' '
The snvarndf had' tav vtt a feW
mlnutea bbforo ona .of Mh-4o pdljlno
fboothif b i-aennti NerMMtr Armour,
I'rincoton- '77, wan ln cf tho
"Oeveraor." ho Ml.Wif.T ro
In KoW York 1 auw MMMMHlnaUoA
WlhioH National FrrHwMfhfe'ttePUb
ncalr teocratlo Ticket)' Mtairt tho
"I f miI: Very -wticlf oympWwiiwted,"
annwor in overnor, "zmi 'Knew
sera' Hrt. i'MMMMf ft4rMlv6
Nomina tkiMC' I tuM always fahV
tho vromAmvtcfrmUt'v(fe fr
regular TJ oWdMtuieNr an tho
eovonidren'lcrod tHr vtUn Bdotk.
. II tUtitmfct I ho balldt we Wrtdo r
'Tou'lr havo to have one or theo
flrti" called one ot tho tellers; all'
of wtoom wrrfr old'tlm6 frlbadi of tho
ifoveVnor.'.iind 1Mb nomlnob Waa hnwl'
d hfa ballot.
''Woodrow wllon, Na,: cSiiVatrtnd'
I-arte, BSUot HJ,'" iier.WBcia'iorto df
tns teuera at n rccordes the irovorn
ora Votft i 'A
Tile aoVornir was in th "booth iurt
four- rnlnotef. As he carm,'-otit ho
V' ikV bit -hla 3ltfldult lHfmlSf tho
1 iMnwmtW pmidtintlat 0!ctura; .
'rheur nr buHil HbWMvf-th! bot
tom or "t ahMtBonniwhore." ho
tMld.plalatiValy i '
1" ,MW;ff-l wimanwt rhM1
waifim.r wov, 'n.-i'A fi4 oc shllf
rounded Uio corner tho people net up
choor. Thu colonel doffed thv
brbwn nrmy hat, which, ha wear
(nhen he la at home, and Waved mi
jjkmea A. Mou, bin butler,' Italph
Amos, unother houso servani, und
Charles Ie, the coachrriiui, nil nn
KToiit: Arthur Mrrrlnn. fitS iShauffeur,
ftIIM AlifVTItlfJ IlllJilfllT, UUIIVjr
and William Curl, farm ha'ndfl. Two
Xeipctlvca. Kuurdliiff polpci Itopicvolt
Tlieodore noosnvam. ballot No.
2tt," called out tho'!rk as th
colohul cntcrod a bdothMn remained
ither,tor.rtv minuiaaViiMhH' came but
ndj dftponUed his Mitof; In the box.
Then no went quimm rjI sat, Irt his
motor car. Ho waftal rfor a. quarter
nf an hour until' oihers from Sara-
.more Kill hud- all vAWl'
) "I am havlnic a qultt ilAr." mid the
union). "This Hfterndon 'Mrs. Itoiwe-
vclt and X dro doiper to. take a wal'
ij(i quinnei sum ma no wouia nn
,1o his. editorial office' In Now Vori
un. ThMny or Prlday. ,
! Alont( tho nlvpr llo i?nitlijo.
- v"-ti ,
1 "liV IP
rot no
EliGfHK Bffi
the Vjtw'r&llfUi miriiin
fld at tM! R0i trial, today.' Th ' "N'v' Tv" rtic1
jurors yraivea mcjr rKNla to go tol.ffa BBrfi rwM "I lUHrreIa at
Jri'i 'SS"!!!? ,n r,lcP' ,H1 tttfatois,',th In Kenluoky today j
of .h. .Lr MK..9?-w
Xltl.jl tmmJt J . 1 ' . I ..... . Fmi im P4IUI 1 1 1 1 1 1
"Whn vmi m- ""..'J.l:,"u" vu,, uruv.i
r . rVV
dared h heard Bttor say In a Mek
to tho atrlkers: "When you ko cm
(he street arid-to tho nWkei- iitibbi
your hands in your ikcl anij drr
' ytoiurc rn5rne ana crystaj
- .'.sy 3rr ve 1.1 mi
v'JIV. iru fill - Mit- lM.M b
fib ti.M tAa IfaSi. s.A. . 1" Z'ff
"p. p mje nun v
It .'
lea. from I Junta tho
trlr or Ipaited coal cajs brwke, loow
frfcm. tho anvlno nd started down
i 'frrade with Constantly (rtcfarttriir
mnim1 toward tHe junction city
fio usaway nunm'm htcihit una
'frelftfir Wsd. and. hot around curves
at.fl tcrrlria rate. dUinpluK rt.cMt hrr'.
and theri Into tho dlteh Until billy
thirty a;were In Mrf tmlrj wjibri,
It reacHed U Junta. f lV l' 1
At tt typed etprriatod to o dirty
miles nn ht)br tm runaway shot
through tho yards Ilka proJoctHo.
crimhlhi Into 3iYin tfrtticr'd envlne
which, did not havo timo' io iroi Into
the clear1 when tho rurinVqy tore Into
1 M ..t''i 1 J 1.1, f'...l.U
1110 yaria; yeuuer was Kiueu insiarjti
lv under his enklno whlfch wKb litiri
11I frorri the' rnM'hnd alrhott dorhrtl
Uhed by tho lerrlfitf Impftct. Tlie
track ,wim urn Ufi for 2.09 yaras,
imiilv ntoro cafa of thu ruhawnV bo-
Iok thrdw Ihtp th dlten riJlt-Jind
le(t. ThyTejrittihdor or tye rhawiiy
train vraV soon lroyght to' a s'fand
rtlll. Jlftuiiwllllo thrt' engine ot tho
i.oal train which started riuf to at
tempt to catch ,tho runaway crash'
id. Into a derailed car mid went hurt
lliiK. on t thd rlisbVc-f Wrly, thi cw
Immly okcdblnir with thutf llvtuf.'
Tho tbtalfdamave will be' M?omy
thouoinds af dollars and' traffic ,wm
cniliiK thevsorlous dulay to tho trmn
which rcucljA Atbuquerquo y ester
along tho Hirer Nile
Mot AttMr Wm TJiBfi W5'
rTMr LmuM Wlr to HelB lf7t1
:,T- 'Mnitf Vrnrlf r.tll.nrl. In nu
ftlAnal political headriunrtern cqmifiK
I'ffiwx uio cijiiiioniiai taenia ot . vnc
HlUrfo principal portion, boro. .Hx$,
,prcas nccounia rf heavy votMt
Wroughbut tho nnrthvrn. central Had
i JlL? TbJIS. -d "j" fW oJf"lHfo, hiM uarllor iredktKi. .tttart
11 Border BeoordtWttv,errior wiwon woui( Z vJ3j
.' rWr. TMt only central state 44fM
w ik9 i aquiit was MlcH!n, m
thHij)l rammi.ttcemKi). Wf1 mW they
aii leasi nau u c,YB;tpnscaK
J I llll MMMftM
Msl IKM 'tf.tfss.tliyll.'tt&r He)
riinriairlti '-TtWM'Mms ft
I .IK uwrne If
II! I -a- ,r
Illy t
1 1 mm, ii JHM .rii'.'l"l"""V".;'.'lJ. I,, K
Ill I;. . KSWPWL I i Hei
I I t
II i r W JUsrular OQc seller, stmcUI 1. lv' 1
in i, zc i r
If, I - ,i I . I
f I ShaCrWtt I I '
J . xegular k size, special, k It
l HA- K ml
ill 1 . I E
m s .I. ; , , , i it
Bit E" sikoPflBi'lWI AK WB WlXXi CAUO I' i-
Ofir ; ' o Y()CK rmteoiuvviqWki .and I I
IF VT-' ' Vti, !
mill " .f rr- r-' " " -Tr-r'-. xriir irrrj-?ii v.. .-i- .
; n ! ; 1 p
i irv ' ffltfHuuiAs m.
ill' ; ' .y. ..,.., n.v.i?. liV.jyirri.?J.iJy!iJ L .J
Vf.r. -.ii. i . .....t..J.-,- i. . . .f , -Li,.... ... u L! . .j--. .. . . i
- - - I A J 1 . t. .. , . .
4 .
Ittt the presence or aVcji hUftckdd ami
fifty or the country's woftht intc5tt of
W rjRf: generation. Ttk come heie k
conxee lor the purpoj;. itf ijetaag )w
i;iformulanng pwiw which will in
sure fctieFmethodi 'W
iWid; me ip$LW ' '
Thl? store at this dme Wes great ffeas
ure in' emending all the. toners aw.elep
ing haiid and we cordially ivJte Jierja ip.
mae tKk. store their hc)me during: ifieir stay
in thfe cityl
V ' i v v -
Use our phones, our rest rooms
(tionryi eiCc, and any:coutfeiy we can ex-
kwj' wMM pleasure a reil
M' tmrly Ut
mlih woAo titan
i .. tflt to
tmd of (hit
ft tihootioji at
brtho rintt
a hilthlef
Urt for
1-of iM.
I ill IK III'll'ltJWlHH
.., , ' .'ij'ar v r. v J
WU Known
; Injured Wliifc l
1 yoRy; ia4
tu ftifjid. a wcH
M profcatinal h
Ra ttle Poop, wan
TKf a, particularly
mamlntj when tlf
jrlolertgv, throw h'
forcft rt tp infllci
from wKpihe U rj
bt X Xflwio of
ftnoiwid loft In
th Afold ranch.
:WtHi'iHv.l in
ATI.' T-1-'-
:b0 this
I t ii. r ir,1f ' l j
KVlf; r TX WmLW? JaBBBBHaHsfMr t
' if
NeHlmciMrd rallWav kit.- -vMdH
IfeolMUelfW 30r Ah',4y!aiiafiW
WW iftra-6 trrV ovef a oaayon wsM.
Uf tHft eltr toiX, Ckibuaki. 3tMt
cemnanr had be
Llettd on uromta. Of Ms
iaw tftAC the
riil mllstary I !jifi
t 5. 853 Ua
tfMl RtCkM BtUfBMMf' SV.Sd1
tjT.tje; oow mm! , 'hbjfrtL'.fc7;6,l;,
IoW. MMt4e' td
f.18; mlwif. ilts.tfi.it?
7ia;, wasc
H '""if tt
h ' Mb Wll I ll ill i l Uf l r
.1 fIWD
4 S'
. WW??
74i; awir:
MMrMi it
i a
w 1 '
m.Araoiu, ail
t mmi set t ii
wa jwrun ho
t a. j
U receipt
wop.havo fbegn janM, m4 . tatani
MoflUna, (, tor i lk lcase;
:-Tcxm and California friM' 'are not
( ' ;''.
! drand Army IlewWon. , Jiwr ARcales
1. . - . .
r HkiiMiiiit! - m
iJPlir;Vf&iBBBBBLmW .
WWilllfim 'I-
i-. i

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