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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, November 06, 1912, Image 2

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wtisfttie! M
miaM tarrle in ell tfr'Miaiifr:
' jo-.1"-', u
k in
fcemwriiti ijrw? City of Al
bvqvmm fofl fctngress
fttiiTA County.
U Had, li:0.
FergUMon'a majority ovdr Do
tlA 8SS; Aver Jaffa, 760,
witoN, -us'
Roosevelt, 1270.
Tftft, ios.
4 ItftntyieMg. majority over Wll-
onr iiOl,vcTaft, 381.
Of ;L$M ' .Atbwjuatnue.
4 ZKttiL 471
,Forwqn majority over Do
Tbien, tilVWar, 'Jaffa, 722.
WJfeoB. 84J'
Roosevelt, 404.
Taft.iMS, s..
WllsonVmaJorlty over Roose-
3Ylt. 468; .over Tft. MO.
Tho Wd toHaV Wile van a f
r foikws
County, 1.401; far(Vd 668
4 against:, a majority or tho bond
of 8G0i V ' ,
City. iS tor. Arid 114 again
majority imt !ioHt fv
The v4e tK WHe)tllial
amenBt wasi aa faote'wat
CoiMky, 88" 'ftr aMUm4Metr "
a 781 raJt for1
ifTO- 88waVVWTWnBJ8&0
CKy, 14.1 (of M?HieM, an
883 WMt; F majority for the
& Theodora WMMveft farrlsu Bar
nallllb' oatyby majority of mora
received by
from New York
thp newest ere-
Offer hit npvdtfei;
Shbojj carrlea eW&4w
V connty and city .?' afefeP'
kwi'ttap tufteritjr (or tin- )nmik
tjiaub., v;
Th!a In a nuuhelt (a ih wit
the prtrldhnUal and corfel5ria
jolcctlon 1 the city nndomity y)tr
ilay aa toned on rportf 'which in
cludo practically ovefk' pfaajnet
ccpt lh two of Chlllll and. Jestfoboai
in ma rnouniRin, wnicn obt cum
blnod voting atranicth of nbot-t 176,
and wher tho ProercMlvea fitura on
n majority of 60 rotoa.
Th Pro8TewIye ar felln hi(hly
ratlfled toliy oyer their aplendl
Vecord of mrrylns tha county fop
jtoonvelt by dint of a -good working
orfanlMtlon, without any newspaper
onaan and In th face of atron
jiawapnticr Ilsht ttir Wilton and fon
Jaffa, in nearlyatl tho oulalda pro
clncte unvo tharlVor prcclncta thri
lrorilveii mada n good ahowine; and
tho final tabulated rciult mny ahnw
an even !aror majority for llooie
tvelt. W'M
Mr. ForiUMoti.Wapt the cjtv wltw
ir,rr. niHtnritlcjr In all wardi, liavlntf
a heavy plurality ovor both oppoelnttf
candidate; in reel m umupii
canAldute elmply walkod awiry with!
hla homo town ulthoJh tho Demo
crat wero uwibte to keep up the aamo
.proportion In thn county nnd loet out
on tho hend of tho ticket.
1 Tho vole In tho coUnty went In
'favor of tho road bond Imu and n
all&ht -majority wa pollod. for tho
comtllutlnnol nmondment. In the
fdresolnc table tho county vote In
coch';cae- Includes that bt Iho- city.
Tho olaetlop aeldo frorrf tho. trotiblo
over tho defective reglatrtttlon book
won froo from friction ono- oraeriy,
In connection
wlth tha :dfctlve I
regletratlon boka, by raapon f -whlch
many old repdent who hMJWlrtatereil
In poraoh wero put to ra,t Ineon
venlenco, Jfohn Itcub, mmfkv pf tho
regletrotlon boord in ojon 01
wny tin Irntililr. In hie. ward. ttO thO
nrlnlnul rpulalrntlun boolt'8 Were USAil.
It Doing ciaimvu iu tiv""" " u iiu u i w
other warda waa diHi to ar,oaa cara-IJtr. Fcrguacon for congreaa la cba
i...nAt tn nnvinir th Data, na A ra- cerncd. it la expected that the DriM
ault of which many namea wero omit
tod and other placed In tne wrong .
Vdtlpg dlvlilon.
Colonel Bestiracu " litcrarv
Work asl Qjfeougia Kothing,
OUt 01 UftUliaXy Uaa U0-
wX.w.iti. l. o .
currea; omm naming to mj.tiandovai
' ' ftan Juan" 35U
Oyter Hy, Nov. 8.Thore wai no flsM
Interruption of the routlno at 8agt- sant Ko
mora Hill on account of the reeult of fj0rra jjo
yeaterday'a olectlon. Colonel now OCorro ....,.,.uo
velt wmo, back nt hU dek today tTaos
though nothing out of the ordinary .Wrmni..,
had hoppenad.
"There lin't a word thut I can oay
jtur now," eniii ma coiohoi hub miiir
noon. "I may have oomethlng to xay
Colonel Hooievolt prbably will meet
lomo of the Progreaelvo leaden with
In tho next few duya, although he hai
Kiad,o no definite plan. Ho expect to
Slron politico as far aa ponilblo for tho
lajo, leaving dotalled work .u hla llou
tepante. IEE1I f
Conyratulfttory Message' Sent
to ;3?resit(at-leot Wilsea
fey JUHreJentativs of we
al 0roe$o.
. i
niw Xftfo TiKt -Bath
vfM ami : Tmnuson
CtMif lfff Mexico; Mi
oiia Ht! Aloae Caa Bt-
CIIobc Vote on ,CoKkii9Ma
Amendment and Uooi'llMii
Bond Issue With Both
TWerity.four houra nflrr tho close
of the poll the mull of the race 111
Now Mexico In atlll In doubt. Hcarcely
a county In tho atato hda mado full
return and tho etate chalrr.ien of the
Democratic, Prosrenlva and Itepub
llcan partlea openly declar their In
ability to announce the rMtilt' with
any dosreo of-'certainty, Conrdonc
reln uprmo Jn tho Uomocratlo
headquarter, wharo Chairman A. lh
lludepeth clalma the atata by from
two to three- thoueafld for WUaptf tad
Ferauaaon. ,
Iv-hii confldenco la Apparent in lie
publican hoadquartora at nnta To but
tho oiilcliila m ch'arKo are stlU hopeful
that Tuft and Jaffa will, pull through
by narrow mar gilt.
Hntlafactldn- wHh tho' reault, not
wlthktandlntf tho fact that their can
dldutea have - probably run third In
tn race, la (ho attitude of Cnalrmdrl
tJIcro an4' the managera ot the Pro
Rrcmlvo campaign. It la eenorally uri-
cJonitood that tho progreselva bod no
Itlvu of winning thla yenr but nrO
building for tho future and expocb
rour year Hence to be In a poiltlOB'
tn mitko a real etruagle for tho control
of the country,
The Democratic managers are the
only oncin whd put out a detailed e-
tlmato of what they Inatat wilt bo tha
Identlal oleaton will run aomo aevaa
nunareu or mora, oonina tnar candi-
dnto for congreatt. following are tha
flgurua ua compiled by Hecrotory Karl
W. Ureene, Jn cliare of tho headiuar
County. ForcuMdif DeDiica Jaffa
Colfax CO
awurry ouu
Pona Ana 100
jftddy 760
'draht J '. . R00
lauadalupo .....178
IJncoln ........ 60
Luna 360
ggj" ;;-Z
ot.ro 300
ltlo Arriba
noorevelt .
"union . i
Knton, N. M.i Xov'j fl. Cqlft
countv hna nrobohl? kona DamocritlO
by a email plurality, WH t,fra-'
Clncta mlaelHK the voni'o aefaai
Innrfa. Wll mil 't f ,.fif j 1 8 M jt4
Kowrolt, 45, ;Fpf 'eaaofcwMtWtho
vote itandii , Jj4Hf 88r. Wrgnawn,
883 8?.. ThO ltlng
proclncta It Iimtd, will Jncreaae the
IHmocraUff loar by pssslbly Ope hun
dred. '
Sooorro. H. U.. Jfov.i.At 8 o'clock
hta aftarnoon tho retuma In thU
couBty.Mram tar from wmptjsto
waa said that tne oniqai vpum
be rtaulred to -determlao- the
which mny b 100 eltbor-' way
the elty of arm (t4
Tnft and Jaffa, vtna lOI"
8 for Taft 1 i AMftWj
iTic Picket
'Nov. 8. Incom
,tt pturoltty or 306
h the prrnldenllal
WW with thot;atH
1 itr mtftmn avt
eeivoa anow p. muraiju
tuuon and about
rfNacratld proJdentlf t
feorn, Novomb jji
ana jura, mtty
Mai avenue. ' ,
B. clerk, in tW
W tf.
1 tltftiO
t,.ia iMr(ol,nW4
'I4S tor
4olnpt 4,
yak- wJMsdu&'i
'Jtf ulnr 25o flM,
ligular XOo cake,
..1 .
rrr. 1
Rose Water
4 ounce iMttie, worth 20c,
aWt'tMjIft rKMfWftSttfOKn AJfD
Hixr ;
(Sty 8eaae Wire V.iVeaia Htvati)
vti - - ?t
&ow York, Kov.'firrThtt reeult of
the presidential atactic, lift Wa.ll
treat In duubt today, Jadirlng from
tho early mumo of tW'i(Wjarkt. Open
ing prlcea nhuvtiidjrwjtoi urtvuncta
In tho apeculntlvo.'tatJ;b.t?t the Jlrat
outbreak waa tolldiiiliy heavy tof
rertftgs which poonwled f ul moat
galha. Tlion came ai rehe'Wea demand
in amaller volum'fWtiletc largely re
fttored the eorly alulfijW. Beet 8ugnr,
wftoao fortunrtH rHwwad with the
tariff, added 7 po.te'tfactht 'do
Sllwe and AnicrlcanTMMr Also feU
;,,Tbe murket clna3rit. Hpicula
tlon was iuoyanttylAlwi?flnt houw,
galna extending tat in TJnlqh
Paclflo and Ht. aurMMTV IS CR
adliin Pacific Ret&fc&kte:' tha
advunco for a tMttVMM l)?lew
wcid oaiauuinea
Money waa of
Conda steady.
Money on cau
co ttt ruling rat
offered at G.
atMSM6 'day a. 8
Mr cenOl
V Aalfa4naUd,3
AtTeh-ladn, 10M
rct Norths
Npw Yotk C
Northern Pa
A4r, 1741
wupiern rut
union racifts
iMetl. 71 t. '
rmm. menu
itwJMij nxchaii
trt(ty" '4r btf3
beeyea, !.3910.7ii Texaa atAwf.
84.400I5,8C: western ateora, SS.MK
9.20s atockera and fder -'l.8
alow. 5 to 18 centa lower) MK,;$7.4
Calvea, .60Jp,50. ,:, v
r HoMH-Recalphi :S4kl8t ' jieavM
rAaw, 8to 19 ele: ivuiiri 'iWjfc 87,80
7.78J mlxt. 7,Wii.Af 'Jioavy,
l7.Z5aj8.a8j J"OHK. 87,887.88:
I4.78.?0;. bulk of 'ata, :87.70l
Tkfft. J
eheep TtoMfpta 83.000: market
steady to abado lower: native. 88.80
04.80: weaterH. SS.8O04.C8i year
lingo, 84.7O08.9O: r.atlvo lamba. 88,50
07.40: wcatern lamba, 88.8007,2
Kmtmt Otty Uvmtocb.
-Konaoa City. Nov. 6. Cattle Re
colpta 7,000H Including 300 outher!
lharkQt steady to otrotiHl native ateenr,
.80jl0,aW outherrraew, ,86
fl.JBf afluthcrn towa-Und .he(fer, fS.JE
va.sa; nenvo Cflwa ana for, -js.ap
0.00: atockefs i Kni' raAr-L 14.60(9
MB: wijia,: M-.titr.sjf uiv itfjpp
waxteha ctiw. JB.SS'Ag.SA
, Hpgaecefpt tr.QOU market f'tb
r.80 HWvy. 7.77.8ijj iwajN ft
butcherW, 7.8 7.8C: light, 7.4S
7.78; .
Wff Mffftf fife w.S.8a)
1 '. 1 ' . 1 ... 1 1 1 ,1
iij-a jr; raiar . rr. i i aaraMHav. i u
VtV ",Sr ft
i-,k latest atyy
lat-fki neweit fiilHfi
ttkriBrs and triwif.
pI'iM a complete -iiig
ii. Values to-WOt-
1 .
Ladies' & Missji;
Styfish Coats
A beautiul assortment bjf -warm,
winter Coats, in 'all the
stylish materials such p
Chinoliilla, Caracul, Mixtures,
Serge etc. in the new, tight fit
ting styles, embodying all the
latest collar, cuffs and Sutton
effeots. Values to $25.00.
Special for One Week
were unchanged lelHc lower, with
Jnhuary 18,ZK foe pork. 810.4& for
lard and 8t.874 .for rib,
i Closing' price:
-Wheat December, 3iOi83ci
May. 88 89 "4c
:orn December, ,48t4047c; May,
47kcj Jul)i48c.
Oata-DecMber, SSKut May, 33
jWlo. ,.V.
Whrnt, Dc,..Sa; May, 85J4.
Corn, 1cl W&A; May 4014.
Outa.-l)a. 91)4li: Mar 88.
I'orlc, Jartf 818.80.
)nrd Jan. 810.80O10.S2H.
lllba, Jan, 89.97 U.
St, Loufa BfMHen
fit. tmla, Nov. - 8,-Lcad
C4,eo: cpeltcr wcakV. 87,80.
' New Yoeit'CettoH.
Now York) MeV, 1 8 Cotton apot
cloin-J tiady;-af441!ig upland, f 11,
00t middling gulf, ?S,lp'. Sales none.
SM7M- ,Sh'44 'Chicago.)
fceatoh, Amm ev.C-RanU To
o8r 4)ee''xtt -S. ylity gharea
Mftifthi t tha
Rev. t. ?. Galnef. Tlso paator, Dr.
Longfellow, la yot detained at homo
on account of aloknesa In the family
Tho many friends will b glad to learn
that hla daughter, MIm RuttJamurh
Improved and that the paktorJ,iexpecttH
to bo In charge of tho regular ,erv
tcea again next Bunilay.
Word hdi been recevAif ' by tho
tnanogomont uf tlie Vlwr"AuVo com
pany of m North rlrst 'atr'ee't 'thpt a
ihlpmmtt' of eight Marathoa darn and.
teyen:Nril!ea will anrjvo hero wjthln
few daya. Tho VlaM'cmp'dhy 'l
agen,t for theio cara. Ady.7n"''
in ' .
' Mltf T. 3. Dannta, tcaift&r In tho
Indian flay acftoot at Algedonea, 'W
hoto for the N, M. i3. A. mttkg4,t
. Btato Treasurer O. N( Marrow left
today for a brief official visit lir Hantn.
Mr. John Whtte of Fifth Uhd
Fruit, has left foAflan Francleco, Cal.
where she will Wtneaa the wedding
pf heY qb, Lloyd, to MU JaBH .11e
goldt. Th4 iKatltfg rink tit tho BtaiTtUea.
Wr,. Which haa been patnihUed tkftily
by (6rmou oroWds; haii'B jftwSd
and. will remain Kea ehtfl ftf
tfdueatlorfal melne. Maki;a. saarl
Bowdlclr will armounta -tjRe
ttt, tho proper tltn ?:,
. ... .I.iImmI, IiiAi' . ''If
fits ywwiHt

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