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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, November 06, 1912, Image 7

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In tho 2Htrke. Vtrt M tike, C44
MMica tor w MKf!lct M Nw
Unlled State ot America, Ptahittf
Trunk A. Hubblj, et at., Defendant.
It nppeartte tke court that ifc
oVpvo entMofauto 1 eommsReed
for the HBwsVu)f enforcing lie
In. favw-JlirUnlted Stat 13
Arnerlcaltoen Ike land and real
slat esttxd In plfclutlfnr on
lJrt lilijNkmnionly kiwiw. aHk
real siaii.'pi0 suuatea Within til
Mat ahd .AIsiHct ot ,NW Mettleo
and It appetrlnr that, tho deadnt.
f ndirt
Iho unknown heir of Josef lMcft
nni! All untfitawii.owhere'ior clMwe.nl
in or 10 mar tract nt
known ft ttte XAlarlto prant, can hot
be, found thln7 tho said district Of
Now Mexico, atid hava not voluntar
ily appeared in thl cause:
Now on, motion of plaintiff: it Ir
nruerca oy me court that said de-
answer or demur, In this tout by the
Oth day of January, A. D..1815.
It la further' ordered "By the "court
um i a copy or mis oraer M eervoo.
upon nny person' or perse po
session or of charge of tho said real
It Is further ordered that a) certified
copy of thla order, under the seal of
tho, court, bo jpubllshed in the AIb
querquo Evening- Herald, a. 411
trct of New Mexico, ones a wek for
x consecutive vmIm. the list mlbll.
cation to bo irniide. at. least an week
eiore mo aaia tin oay or January,
A. 1. 1813,
Dono in open Court at Santa Fe,
new eiexico, wis 20m a ay or QC--tobor,
A D. 112.
United Stolen District Court,
Dlstrlot ot New Mexico, . ,
I, Harry P. Leo, clerk of tho United
States district court for the district
of Now Mexico, do hereby certify
thnt thn above and foroln la a
court made and entered of record Ini
the minute of nal. court On the zfith
flny of Odobor,yA. D. 1812
witness my official olimafuro and
the seal of aaldftcotirt this 20th day
of October, A. V. t
(Real) Qlerk.
In tlio DUlriet OOnrt of ill United
Ute for tttr District of Sew
. Meilc. .
United States ot America, Plaintiff,
. E. llutchlnfs, ot at:, nofendant.
No. 174.
It appearing to the court that the
above entitled cause la
olns? a lien
for the purpose of enforcing
In favor of tho United HWu of
America, upon the land and r
entato dettcrlbed In ylakittfra eam
plaint and comntoaly kbwrta-th
Cleucxullla, Grant, -which aaM. land
and re eiftte is Mtwated TrKhfn the
Mate: and Jrfafor New. JtealcoJ ViM
It asparl)iii&St the defendant, P.
J, Franklin,, l not an, IdhaWtaat or
and cany twL he feu4 wHnltf the
state i aIytct'.6f He OaUxk; M4
has --not. -Vaiiwiartly. 'sfBr , ski
above entitled cause) and it fHrther
appearing tlMLt. the ,iefsiM. thf
unknown hSf df- AndreslKesieilS;
nnd all ilBkn towncm or clatwams
of Interest in or td the CInulH
urant. can not us rouna wukih tne
said autrlet.flf Wcw Xcxieo, and have
not vpUintarlly- appeared In thle
Now on motion of nlalntlffi it Jeor-
dered by the court that the said de'
renannu, ana each ot them, do plead,
answer -or flotomr. In this au by
the 8th diy. of January, A, ViTuit.
. It Is therefore ordered by thfs court
'upoit P. J, rVankiin. at cindnnaU, 1a
tho jmt o(l, if ii thw
found, and, alee. fce a- coy IwwrWtt
in poselon,f pr ehtrge f (he a
once . tt -wee
n, irte mm
mad t least
nJ iih- day
Dana! fn
Ifew. Vealeo, thfd
LC r M
jfiftOfe sjsptZLz 2itmm
Ja Baxtlaea, Vbl3e QraaL which
MM land Aad real estate" Is Wtuated
the' defendants, the; unlusewn heirs of
Jen.BauthKa VateleaaMaU unknown
owners' or tlarwisaits' of 'W wrest In or
Juan filtttlctA Vr!1m fhM mn not
cr found within the eM -district of
fioir nexico, ana naye nei voiuntar
ItX appeared In thkL Cauae:
, .Now on rnolon of plaintiff, It Is
eraereu oy ma coun mat earn de
fendants, and each ef them, do
fd, answer r ilentar, In this cause
Jy the f th day of Jnr,.A. D. Il J.
. It Is further ordered by tho court
mat, a copy 'of uim orer bo nerved
aeon any oerson nr nersons In noa.
tweelon t or charfto of th said real
M ft Is further" 6Vdored that a certi
fied copy of this order, tinder tho
ea of iho court, be publlrtusd In the
Albuquorquo Hyenlnar Herald, a dally
t.ewspnper, puVMhed wfihtn the Dis
trict of New Mexico, ona a weok tor
six consecutive weeks, tho last publi
cation to be made at lenat one week
before, tho said Oth day of January,
bono fn open court, 'at Banta Pc,
New Mexico, this 20th day of Octo
ber, A. X. 1912,
...... . Judgo.
United States District Court.
plMrlct of Now Mexico.
t, Harry tr, ute. clerk of the United
JHeM district court for , the district
ft New Mexico, do hereby tfertlfy thn,t
nv ,ouo riu loreaoias; is a iruo anu
Wt copy of an order Of, court
and. entered ot record in the
Minute of sajd court on tho 20th
fegraf October. A. P. 112.
WltHeaa m nrfialal Imitnrn nnil
Ike seal of said court this 20th day ot
October, A, Vt 1612.
(Seal.) cierk, .
1 i
In tho District fimirt of tlio Unltrd
Stat for the Dfstrtce of New
- Mcalco.
United Stated ot America, Plaintiff,
itartolomo Sanchos, ot als., Defend
, Ho, 17.
It nonearlnff to thn ennrt ihn iha
above entitled cnuso Is commoncwd
for tho purpose-of enforcing; a lien In
favor of the United States of America;
uoon the lahd and ro&l nulntn do.
sorlbed In plaintiff's complaint and
commonly known os1 the Bartolome
uancnes urani, wnioh suia land and
reat estate Is situated within th
stto and district or New Mexico!
and It appearing- that tho defendants,
the unknown heirs of Burtolome son
chex, and nil unknown owners or
claimants of Interest In pr to the
tract Of lRd known as tho Bnrtolome
S&iicHea Grant, can not be found
within the said district ot New MeX
Ice, and. have not voluntarily ap
peared in this cause;
' NOW CM tnottfitl of nlftlnllffi It I
ordered by' the court that said de-
renejaftte, and. each of thorn do
wiead, answer or demur, la this onus
by the Oth day ot January, A, D.
1818, ,
that a cooy of this order hn aervkd
WHM ibv person or peredfw. In pss-
waw or or cnarge ot the said re
m m ntruiir oraerad tnat prt i
ed 'Wt this areW,. under., the
!, f tM ojsrt. n; published in
Wtt, . rHIbhg, i A Within the
awKrict 9 Now MexHl oco a weiik
for ek ohcutlv;'wa, the list
PuMlfeattoei to b'rf.s.d b 1xat nna
weok bofoVev the said fUr day of Jan-
. XJASA tar niwn nnnvt lit (Uai.
KewtAKesleo. this 20th dav t f-
- - WW, 11.' 'W19,
Ha. ff.RtA
a eji e4"BVf
tto!te sMtfs District. Court, ,
nci, on tnw Mexico.
mmt iSkmt court ror the di-,
tcjif MhejMwIoo, do hereby oer-.
Hfy t4& .Ak'bnv Ana foraraln Ut
a iVHjilWfMjifabt eonv nf an Mrsv
art inv r1
. Wkne 'tasy off lelnl Klnatu. HlM
Hki aetlJnhfurt thl. i.v
m vender,, a.- ivie,
.IfAnrtr Jr.
ftoek Trd3fif..jl
. y
'rj al a r?' -a.. ,.a.... jl
. wm ir a
ety otoJ
MgfejjRaa entered ot; r
a n Kit !
of laaabec- wan ofcl in
MardaeMS, N. M., tiiq
otfior day by n lltUo ad
. tcacrtod In tlio Eronlnft
Herald by a local lumber
firm. fibmbtlmm Urn
ranaltcat ad nil I pull off
UkWskwI Ueal. It's tlio
beet' Inycstmcnl on nartli.
Oootl IhTNtailtfffireMl
Several flasaN fMtutitasemM tfim
iMm, (k K&m. eerfli. Mae, Ie.
eaHeei kh4 iWiewto WmH,
A Few LartN TUnohea. That Aro At
tract! re,
ft Down
. and
Vi v
L6ls S0.etf
to .
toanj, Klentali. Invesfmenta
I Insyraice
Plato Olass
Bonds' I
P. F. McCamia
CroHoa Floor, ktp NiH'l bahfe; Bldff.
Photfe M, '
y ItcpreaeBtatlTo WIJI oal!.
freely and had to stand tho anmo mu
tatione ajk, the offerings rom native;
territory. Today the run is cut In two
by th, proilmity of tho. election, and
trad 'ooks for n. light run tomorrow,
the day of voting. Killing kinds bo'ld
quickly today at 1Q to 35 cenU higher
prices, the 10,000 head received not
being enough to go round. Tho con
dition today la largely vjcjltlou. but
It reflects a healthy basis. Stock
and feeding cuttle were content with
a slight advance today, and cows and
heifers .Ikowts sold merely stron.
veal calves up another quarter. Top
short fed steers. 110.00: nuarantlnd
steers, tO.lftt rnnso beef, $7.25; feed
ers, Ttoj stocK stoors, iB.7e; range
eowa bnd heifers, to.00; panhatidlo
cows, IB.ar.; wet cows, -JMttj Vea
calves, $0,78.
Tho hojr breuk was slopped the mid
dle of last week, nnd considerable re
pair work line been dona since them,
continuing today, nun Is 0,000 here
today, prices 6 to id conU higher! top,
t9Pl htyU, ?.0 to 27.05.. Couhtry
buyers are advised to bewifra of breaks
thl4f,tBa.nUit an priced ore suld to bo!
loo i.ig;i 10 warrant nsavy paoKins op
UiMihOfl. Sheen anil lambs aro look
ing uj,Bompv?hot, runs JiovJhg- lAtitty
o irom ino Tango country, ueaiera
have beert expectln a rise for somo
.hiaT!rhioh vas defeaUd toy tlh un-
efftV.ti heavy receipts to this tin.;
flu .. J.0bo toddy, market 10 -.tff-fc
cents kifner; Demand for feeding"
fifk is o4T. , yat licmbs fcrlsg fU.9
to ji7.i ,rKHir. stoe is aeoai . e;
tm .wis,, -7.ee 57,351 feww
Marvel CerrWfiqBtlont
'l's'ltfi1irM'le. L 'jHsHBsflH
I'.P Cr' "l."?1 f" l,1. "t &m .".'3 ""." . I BBBaBBBBaBBBBSFLBSBkKSBSSl
SesMMSaW-l rTLSJiii- -il.. .mi, .. I , ,BJBSbbW'.' .ilSBBBD
nwiMBMML 'paw nsrii iirawt' ir geHBoasBBBHSMas
rhffia'Btf AW aC4yMB) v,ialMllsjaf. tof JVatti . .m??ZA
MaJI aJUnaMMkiM, ikS'WiL :....-- . tk.UVr ; lWJBBBBI' .1 'J' 'it
aunt rrwmvmimi wi fi.i.w, T.I s ...
1 tHssatiii sMsittiliTlf' tw 'Iksi 'shiM juaWti'it Metros I
yMktMiiii. MHsfcieiMR. . M -aeem mi TfirUS
I.JMbT. . X
Modern hot,, all pnrla of
. 1 .1... ni .
Farms for oUjjwoporty: city
property for fart-.
Small houBaaTea. very e&sy
terms, Small k payment down, i
Doianco iika reBtijs
Plro Innuranon,! Abstracting,
i John X. Itnta Realty
91 W. Gakt!AY.i Phone 1B-.
NS3WI.Y wnmrnao), . "
Itote) Mr. I smmI tt.t.
Sessions wero heldTivery day lant
week beginning cutty In tho mornlng
and contlnulnir until night. Night
Bossldna wero hold noarly every duy nnd
tho rucoaius uulweuii tho day's svn
stons wuro not long. A largo amount
of buMrtws Wus tranuotud nlthouah
no Uriduu husto wan uied.
Judgo. I.citliy, district Attorney
Uharlo W. a, Ward, Arslstunt Dis
trict Attorney Hudgcock and Court
Stenographer William K, Qortner re
turned Suturilhy aftflrnoon from
Morn, tho county sunt, whero tho court
term wus liud. '
WorlilV lhHtl Cliami)lonliJp.
lUw Vork, Nov. 0. The first
world's cliumplonnhlp pool match
played In New York in nearly two
yearsf begins tonight at IlOyie's acad
emy. . between Alfred De Oro, thO
Ohatnlen, and Frank Sherman .of
Washington, his old Hvol, Tho
matche will bu pluyod tonight, to
morretf nUI't nnd Thursday flight
For tho' tlrst time in- chijllenga
match in tills city tho new ."open
break; will be tried out. EU,ct framo
will consist of only 14 batU, tho fif
teenth being loft on tho tabic, and not
tried for until tho othufl fourteen oro
racked. This stylo of breuk removes'
mitchf ot the tedium oft safety play,
permit continuous run without fso
many safety Interruption; and cutai
down tho tlrrit!, Tliu match "Will bo
000 balls, 200 halls each night, for
the new champloiishlp' orriblomo und
a purso of $500.
Natlvo and
tMiorado onto,
15. W.
To Ilo,KsMWtV
''Thorc Is a man In this town whom
I've rieVey nncn ullowdd to-trat me
that I didn't have to nuy ror it after
ward." J
"Who's he? Tim champion mean
"fioi my doctor." .fillit(lelphle1
K from
vrVMBrtf tms.
On furniture; fiMM fflKf3t
wgon ana otner cmiimai hum ,
aktrlM and wateneoaa m!mc.,,
IOw aa llO.Off aa.eWWejrtSM.1
bosaa are qWV (MHH' saWl'M
nrlvats. TltnusT tkMth, M
year ttven. aoogs to1 rwKala fa ro4er
posewalon. OUT Waxe; mton&BW.
Call and see frefrrrf Worf.owlifaA
Steamship Uekatt to art rrasa WJ
parU of the woyl. .
private oygtQW--oii Hfeameji
Sqqcsb M mMb1 4b 'IMNb)) JRb4MIMi
Weot'eMeMl' iteMa,
vis wil.uc.! ii fl
for each sit of; old FAlf TtMlJ
sent us. HIlMot MM H fori
.l.lX 'rt.1.1 CKJI.. oa Mkl lfetaeaLaX.1
eld Oold, Silver,
Atroken jeweMr
tonts. " , 5
nisi la fUrirtltoraT V mmmm iu. 1
mMM riibW Aft!!! jrBatjllai '
IP ,W,4TlfJl,Ff, lBJg jBTWIw'PPBP'jBjp ft fM
We wlll buy your Gold Piling,
a old sera?, and PMtlatML Miht
price pM
i 'I
WANTKDWpman to du nousefofk.
15 South Bdlth street t.v
NVAiNTWD A perfedtly reifao'nsU
party Would llko to get a good driij
ing nnrsu to keep for the winter,
tiros P, O. Uox 434.
vvantkd a'o trAd ona cpoatiiaci4,
4cylludr uutomowieii for Improved
nt linlmnPrlUArl fjkrt I smiarsilaU TPms r,i s.
ttoulars Inquire of Atbuqitorquejpyclo
Anns v;o, oip w central, rnono
WANTED For V. 8. Army, able
bodied unrqarrd men' between
agos ot 18 and J AX olilsen of United
States, of good oharaoter, and tem
perate habits, who 'can speak, read
and write tho English language. For
Information apply to Iteorultlng Of
ficer, Sarnott Bldg Albuquerque,
N. M.
WANTED Uarpsts to clean. W. A.
Ooff, SOI W, Central. Pkoa lit.
Teawkter and Ulwrera of ell
klseta . 01,79 to S3. 50 per day, for
AjrifOHM,. AUo two home carpen
'tew. Oao wttrea.
IjW We Mtve Avo. ,
tlon with corpotttfb.6pHfijir14on-)
pttny. AddreM vJ'toHMtm
FOE GJl'iWm,!.
MVS YOU WISE 7 Look at thWf.J
and 825 ner month will Huy a
M ...... I. l .ijil.hn. .iin , I
sewer connection, elootrlo llshts, 2,
lurio screflficd porches. You'tm$t
horrf, Inquire 208 Gold avenue.
l milk cows. See
'r, south or Yraeuon
West Centrnl.
tlftAetSM al Mlfl
til Hi- -11
l 4
rvvwvvvvvvvviirrirj jsi j w eg -b
A Good
V B-
Four room"
house, large lotonly two
blooks' from. mt lino ; a
aloe little home for only
$1550, Eftny timi.
J0 We fC, V
,U. A'l'XHBMrji ' .!tl)M I
iWANTJCD Pipes to repair. Jo
1111 West Central.
iV tftT
Tlrlih setter pup; o months
a;, reward for return to 801 West
a': "
'Amo.;M. AM, Son. O. EX .A
FormpeV Territorial IrrlgaV
tlon Xntiheer and Member Ir
rlgatlon Commission of NeWJI
Mexico. ,J5
CijH Fnatncor,
Reowi ft Whiting Uulldlng,
(AtoHkerquo, N. M.
FOU Ksy" t ftoely furnished
room 'fr Kpht houeekeeplng. 601
North emi,
von ItBNT Board and room In prl
Vato family. 150,00 a month per
couple. All modern, jo minutes walk
to uuslne oenteritiuat two car, lines,
Also sleoplng- porch, VPO.rtf M6j ,
as W Slaysila as
von ntJNT two fbrit((j)Sd roomsr iiv
modern house, with- Sleeping porch.
ilO 15, Central, PhonoOOjJt
Oraduata Hew .ISngland Conservatory,
Boston. Ifaa.
totia Oeitiire. Stallxn MetirWl,
HJB W. Gout Are. Fhouo W8W
futnltutfj for aki flf oH o
HWan llealtv Co.. Stt -W. ok
i ..I, .i.a..... i; .in Hiir.i,,-
awl niH
tW N5
- rouE fiNCRMroiiv ,eiJii ;v'n
m tj n 1 1 i i T ;ij'irriw;ir,tjf
itsht,, 'AHr' tf. mTmBi-'ii
imrraM riM :tm:iMi-ilMMkl
Tho ckctKm (0Ti
it's timo tr mmomt:
buMiic. 'nMjti-
PWf.T '
set doWH-kt'4pMaeisil
USO itoJMZ&i
Met to
tlte wtnt
IllOO i.roem W4i
Ytreurt terme. " u.' .
won i jrSfth ward, -.
ern, cerw.Jwr'Tf Cfra4 v
M,o9 ert, Ueae t edt4,
UMroMUitcai lot 1 11 Jxt kt
tlSOO easjif BAtkHb7ein).2
u.ooos.room frame, tojuutfti:
rot lot) fOtorth wrd. i'
1200 cash, baleno Munr MurWHaMi
Brl.sr JstX JTtJA eMMHBsH
tew ikmrnm .
A, FlelscHet
' - .r...'..i-. f.
BW. iiiji', 1 1 rrB, '1W 'aSgSlSJBjBI
, )5 JgejBWMBJaa'
'fVlillril tli gSaaUV 1 Mfl 1 J ii
' jkMlMeWpttglgl .bLbbbbi ta.tr illV K
,alip8JBagggapafaBftBfafaf 4gBXWW anBWe
n. .apiaaaaIkBBf tBU .
Praotteej I.1iiill.
Ofi oi KuMa- La IS. jL'ka,' ; ,
liooma 8SiU'; ,Cntt,
wywa!ai x.x'
, CltlMWf sMOk lMMlg i
jdu .,, B, ,,ri-,i
W M. 9XXB2SaUli..
4,Ha)4 . "Vj y
DiBKAtiiaov Hijjb(w , )
Sslvaren "60 AmipUteredi -OHIns'
Bank &utidlnk
Albuqeruey New Mfske.
DR, (, w, JSUOteAkXMd
. PkYBtstaai and 'EMeauuMs.
aL gSab'aaatf.
j "pBej .
a.iv 4 JtaVI
t '.nfl Asf r 4 St
00 Vfrjift iW? Ieejes) ,t.
IviBBifc.. M .
Nfl, iuuio ycj wiy
8feo oi
will 1
' A Yft tittle
t n
r rWBF"TWll
V7 r"T
6ho:idef w
.1? P& l
ififtliii'i'V'r'' ,i W '1 ' JuiiKi
r ,l I , JSHaraav SRBBBBRl
aug.aml . auaaaiaaaaagaaaaauBMBBBBBBJflggg

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