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, IffiWDAY, HOTiKMdlXK It, lilt. WmL
F - 1 1 - --ll I
. .
Lard soaked pics have cm&ed
a world of indigestion, and pka
therefore have bcea wonderfully
abused, and in some cases tabooed.
When properly made with CMo
Icne and eaten at suitable times,
pies are no more indigestible for
a normal person than are many
other foods which so far have
escaped this criticism.
Cotiolcno makes light and deli
cate crust rich, but not greasy
wholesome, digestible, nutritioua
There i9 no hog fat in Cottolene.
It is a vegetable productmade
from purest and choicest cotton,
oil. It is a product of Naturej
anu mucn more
than cither but
ter or lard.
Cotiolcno is
an economical
fat. Use one
third less than
either lard or
butter, and ob
tain better re
NiM Scandal In Portland
Priiui;, Ore.. N..v. Hi.- Three
additional arrests were made today
III CilllUi'i'lliill Willi l Hl'lllllllll among
nu n 'tml los which has shaken this
Ity Hinri- S:iiunla, when h-ven mm
wore arrested ami one other attempt-
ll SUlfltlf.
The men tu rested today are Hurry
A. Work, u hotel clerk; K. h. Wcde
mcyer. it bookkeeper, mill O.
Tlerncy. department manager of u
largo drug hoii..e. m tin. lourtccu
mon arrested, hut two luivfiern able
to fiirnlHh bonds. All the defend
ants save one were arraigned luti to
day anil held .mnliT bonds of from
JlTi.ooii to fso.uOO. Several addi
tional warrants were Issued today
and will In served us rapidly as pns
Hlll. Several of the suspected per
ilous have left I'ortliiiul.
Wilson I'liiiulily hi Idaho.
Holsc, Idaho, Nov. 1J. Woodrow
Wilson curried Idaho In Hie recent
election hy 1,101) votes. Willi olio
small county Incomplete and all
otlterN nlllelal, the vott on prcHldeut
Ht it iiiIh :
Wilson, .11,010; Taft, 32,'Jlii;
lloosevcll, yri.fi I u.
riilhc Weekly --Crystal.
Big Cheese?
It weights almost 400
It is on display in our
show window.
It is the finest full
cream cheese made in
It is one of the cheese
that took first prize in the
New York State Fair.
It will be cut on MON
DAY. Order some we guar
antee the quality. Its that
rich, delicious cheese
Our cakes are the beat
that good material, good
workmanship and right
facilities can produce.
Try one.
Fresh Bread and Hot
Rolls every day at 11
Stubborn defense of Constant
inople and Fear of Cholera
Responsible for Change of
Austrian Jealousy of Servia
Only Obstacle to Complete
Harmony Among the Great
London Nov. lit. An eight
hours' armistice bus hem
agreed to betwciii tlii' Hul-
gurlans and Turku at Tchutalja,
ho that hoth armicH may bur)
their dead, iiccordlliK I" a nc)s
agem tlcspltch from Const. intl-
lly lasrd Wire to KTxnkuc Hernial
London, Nov. lit. The mitlmm nt
tin' Italknn confederacy, satlsMcd
villi victory, today slgniilctl their
ililiiKiw.xH to treat for tenuM lo.-
I" lice, at the rcilUCSt of the Villi-
itiiKlieil Turkish empire.
'rile lustre of their success has
heeii only HllKhtly illmmeil hy their
temporary failure to overcome the
rallied Turkish army at the i;.iIih oi
Constantinople anil filter the titto
man capital.
The hi iiltliorit defense encountered
hy the liulgiirluns at the line oi lortl
llcuilons at Tchatalja and the rcalizu
tlon that enormoiiM slaughter would
he necessary to pierce them 'at llu
point of hayouet, with every pros
pect that their ranks would he dcel
niiiieil hy cholera hefore they had
attained success, doubtless proved
the deciding factors In Inducing the
contiicrors to listen to the urglngii
of the great powers and refrain trout
pressing 'nine to victory.
Mlmulluneously with the despatch
to the Kranil vlaler of Ihelr iiKree
ment to appoint pence plcnipotcu
tlnrleH, the allied llalkan natloiiH
uotllled the European powerx of the
step they had taken and thanked
them Tor their offer or mediation
They added that mediation wiih ;.o
ImiKer liecesHiiry, iih the porte had
addrcHHed Itpclf dlrcutly to the Hal
kun ijliitcB, .who wowld jioUtrt'at with
Turkey without outnlde Intervention.
That the terniM of the vlctorx will
he draKtle Ih known, hut the powerN
are doliiK their utmoHt to make them
Ickh liurNh thaii wan at llrxt reported,
without altemptlm: to rot the llitl-
kuu eoiifederacy of he frtilla of Hm
month' war.
Willi the JealoilH eyeM of ItllRHla (in
CouMlantlnople, wllh the rirnulcH
cenci' of the Aimtro-Servlnn illlllculty
Ion the other Hide or what hitherto
Iiiih hcen kimun an Kuropean Tur
key, and with Itoumanla ImiulrltiK
, what !he may expect out of the.
HpollH, there HeeniH to ob.'tervcrM ev-
' cry Inducement for the llalkan nit
tlotiH lo keep their dcmumlH within
moderate llmltH.
The occupation of Allexln hy tin
1 comhlned Kervlan and MonlcucKrln
armlcf), kIvIiik them another foothold
on the Adriatic Sea, Ih eoiinlilered In
diplomatic circles likely to iiKKravate
the AliHtro-Kcrvlau illKpute, which
llllH llKtlltl hecome critical,
Kmperor I'VanclM insepli In report
ed to have remarked: "We are In
favor of peace, hut not of peace at
any price. We can not Ktand every
thlnu." The AUHtro-lluimarlau cahluet Iiiih
Kent a sharp note to the Kervlan
uovernment at HelKrade demanding
a preclxc; 'reply to all the ijuestlonr
at Ihh.io. The Zi It Mj'H the not a wan
illHtlnrtly ihreaienlnR In lone, unit
"VlKorotiH military mcaHiircH will
k1vc cmpluiHlH to t ho diplomatic do
mand, hIioiiIi! Kcrvln'ti aiiHwer UKaln
. he unnatlHfai'tory."
I Bomo HiperH iiNdert that Hervlu l
lirepnrliiK to concentrate her main
foriiPH on thi" AiiHlrlnn frontier.
I Diplomatic clrrlcH do not exrltitlo
the noHHlhlllty that the KervliHtH, re
lylnjc on the sympathy of the HIiivh
, In AuHtro-lluiiKiii j and on the imp-
.port of her llalkan iiIIIih, may chat-
' ... .1 i
IiwiK" mc ikhiii;.
Klwt ofnelal Intlmntlon nent out hy
Jtho IIulRurlan Kvernmrn t at Holla
Willi UillUIIIK lieiwceil Hie iiuiHiirinu
'mid Tiirklnh iirmleH had taken plnoo
ut Tchatalja, arrived hero thin after
noon. It coiihIMh merely of tho la
conic NcntcnRi):
I "Tho iliiy hefore yoiiteriluy and
ycKterdny tho llulKnrlun army nn-
RuBed the TurkH In hatllo on thn au
vunced polntn of tho Tchatalja linen
with a view tn preparlnK thu grouml
for ltn further operatlonH."
Holgrude, Nov. JO. Thn Turkish
caBUnllles during thn three days'
flRhtlns prior to the fall of Monaatlr,
before tho attack of tho Hervlun
troop, aro reported to huyo reached
Qreat ouontltlrs of modern field
puna, rlflea and uppllc fell Into tho
hnnd of the Bervlana.
Tho Hervlim government consider
that with tho fall of Monpstlr the
yrork of Ita army In Mncadonla can bo
regarded as complete. In exactly ona
month they havo nwopt the Turkish
army 'from the wholo of old Brvla
and captured booty worth many mill
Kino; Peter of Servia wilt make a
triumphant entry Into JJonartlr In a
few ikra," tHt dttibrdtidft. of. lRf
Streets to vrelcomo him hat begun.
Port, nuletrln, Nov. 19. The al
lied Bulxarlan natlonn today ustented
to the Turkish propoKiil to discuss the
terms of an armistice and eventual
peace. I
The reply sent to thedispatch of
the grand yl'r by King Ferdinand
of Bulgaria cays:
"The Bulgarian government, after
ngrcumont with the allied cabinets of
Bervla, Montenegro and Oreoce, In
forms tho porte that plenipotentiaries
havo beon appointed, with Instruction
to arrange with the commanders-in-chief
of the Turkish armies tho con-
ill tun 4 of nn armlntli'e and subftc
Miifiillv to proceed to the conclusion
of pence."
Tt'HKS fl.AI.M Itl-Tt'KSK
fonstan Inople. Nov. 1 H. Tho artil
lery, Ihtht nhuiK tin lines of Tchntiilja
was lesn violent yenterday than on
Sunday. uccnnlliiK to a report of
Naxlin Pa.vhii, the Turkish command
er In chief. Klrlmt, however, oc
curred iiloim the whole line of forti
fications. He continued: "We repulsed-
the eiieius infantry, who
tried to advance at some points."
roit itnuKP or ki'itkimm;
New York, Nov. lit. -Constantino-
plo Is being succenxfully defended
aKUltiNt the llalkan alleo, uccordhiK
to the Turkish Kranil vizier. K ht mil
I'asha, who has sclil a cmIiIcki.iiii to
itscar S. SlraiiH. fornn-r American am
h.iHKador to Turko, thankliiK thoxe
in this country who have espiessed a
diKlre In help relleie the HUn'eriUK
resulting from the war. Tinier tiuU-
of Novemher IT the KI11II1I vl.lcr Cll-
hles iis follows:
"Koiced I" an unjusi war before
nccomidlshiiiK our uiohlllir.atloii. Ene
mies colliiUereil most of 1 1 II III i till . 1)0
feUdlUK Kllccecsfulh 1 'olislailllnople
at Tchatalja. Atrocities and massa
cres ohlUed thousands oi Mohamme
dan families to emlKiale. )cadflil
miser followed. I'lioleia 1I0I11K ni'Tr
harm than ciiemlis. Thousand tlauiK-
for endenormK to help sufferers."
World's Championship llaschall.
l'liHtime tonlKht and lomoriow.
Roosevelt Disposes of Idea
That Bull Mooseis Will
Seize First- Opportunity, to
Fuse With Opponents.
lly Lrnird Wire lu Rvrnlnir llrrslil
.New York, Nov. in.- 1 in-nuon;
lloosevi '.. 'ind Oscar S. BiriiusH ad-
dressed a Ketieral confefiti d Pro
gressive slate leaders In session licit'
toiluy. This afternoon the i .mli ri iu'c
was lo decide the illestlon of rilitloli
III elections hereafler, with palticiilai
reference to sllKKesled fusion with
autl-Tamman.v lorces lu New Vork,
It was Colonel Itoosevelt's llrsl
speech since the election. He said:
"There have been times when II
was said that we were mcrcl a bolt
Iiik faction of one of the parties and
would attempt to fuse again wllh that
party. Wu will not. In this part)
organisation of ours, cx-ltcmucruts
and cx-ltcpuhllcatiH f in ml alike. Hoth
of Die old pal ties lepreseut the same
privilege and Imth of them stand on
the vital Ihsiich of the dav Hhoulder
to shoulder, side liy side, and ll Is our
tiuslucHS to show the people that the
are simply deluded when they are
prUflcgcd to vote under either of the
old parties."
World's Championship llasehall.
Pastime tonight ami tomortow.
Well ICnown Old Character
Passes Away in Hospital
Here; leaves Estate Valued
at About $50,000.
William Noedol. agctl llfty-llve
years, for thirty-three years a cltUeii
of Jlornnllllo ami one of the best
known characters In thu state, died
this morning at 5 o'clock at Ht. Jo
seph's hospital In this city from cir
rhosis uf the liver. Noedel camu from
(lermany t" this country thirty-live
years ago, Bottling In llernallllo twn
years later. Ho leaves a sister In
Germany. Ills will Is In a local bank
and It Is understood ho leaves an
estate valued at about 150,000. He
retired from tho mercantile business
In Uurnaltllo two or three years ago
and had been sorlously III for some,
months previous to his death.
Tho funeral will bo held from tho
Catholic church In liurnallllo Thurs
day morning nt 10 o'clock. Tho re
mains will bo sent to llernallllo to
morrow morning and meanwhile nny
local frlonds wishing Co vlow the re-
mains may do so tonight at the
French ft L,owber undertaking estnb
World' Championship nasobail,
Pastlmo tonight and tomorrow.
mm mm
r.. . ( J
I kJMR.. Ill l.ll I .i"t
wm for H
Lit IN iaiallHI
Two Men-Charg cd With Dyna
mite Cpnspiraoy Suirendei
ed to United States Marshal
at Indianapolis,
(Hy l.eaard Wire to nrrnUa llrratdl
Indianapolis, No. in IMward
BinMhe ami James H. H -r Peoria,
III., two of tho forl-ih. .i. r, imIiiiiIs
lu the "dyimmlto ronsptrao ' liuil,
were placed In Jail toil.n Ik cause
their tiomlsmon withdrew the sceur
Ity on which they had i.n at lib
erly. At the opening of coir:, att.irucy
for the houdsmen .luiiiioiii ed they
wouhl surrender the pr suneis, who
t Inn were placed In (he fiiMod of the
I'nlted Stales imirshiii. The reason
Tor the withdrawal r tin innids was
not gin 11.
Sln.ilhe, Willi Is snpei iiilelidiUlt of
ciilMlt iiclloti for the .l of Peoria,
w.is former secretin) tie.isurer of a
local Ironworkers' unmn. in ttrtle I'!.
McMaiilgal's eiinfesslmi he frciUenfl
Was uielilloned us haxliig assisted Ihe
d)uamlter lu cuuslug explosions at
Ita, former preslib nt of a I'cuila
union, seldom has Ih 11 mentioned
"luce the trial began
TcHtimoii) was given iml.i concern
ing explosions at Peoria. Ulchurd
II. .IoIiunoii, superlnteiideiil of a com
pany which cunstrucleil a bridge at
Peoria, Mild In 1'HO Sm.Whc, lla and
Herbert B. 1 1 ocelli s.dlclted him to
put union men on the joi. and llocklu
"There will he something doing II
jou don' i."
"Non-union men.were put to work."
sad ihe witness, "and ilie Urst explo
sion occurred June 4 of that jear."
Three mouths later the plant of tbt
constructor was blown up. It was on
(his Joh that McMunlgal said he blew
up with Bmytho's aid. due can ol
ultroglcerlu left hy McMunlgal railed
to explodi Through this clue, Juhll
hoii said, he traced Ihe purchase of
Ihe explosive to Pol Hand, I111I., and
thus put detectives 011 the trail or the
lynamller. a month before Ihe loss
of lire at l.os Angeles and six mouths
hefore all) arrests weru made.
ludliiiiap'olls, Intl., Nov. Hi. How
I'.ugeiie A. Clancy, a lalior .union of
llclal of Han Francisco, fainted when,
'UormuklU7.uUmlslous lu Ihv jllr
trlct attorney's olllce In l.os Angeles,
he saw through the crack of a door
standing lu another room . irilo K.
.Mc.Mauigal, the confessed d.v numitfr.
was related at Ihe "tl)naiulle cull
splrae)" trial )cstcrday,
(incur l.awler, special assistant to
the attorney geiieial, mill Arthur I.
Vclli h, who gathered evidence In the
dynamiting cases lu California, said
Clancy collapsed n December, lull,
afler admitting In their presence thai
he knew James ll. MeNamlira was on
ihe coast In lilow up mm-uiiou-l Jobs.
l.awler -mil Vellch also named olui
A. Tvcltmoe mid Anton .Inlinnnsen,
San Kraiulscii; V. II. Pohlmuu, Sc
uttle, and ). V.. .Munsey, Halt Lake
City, us being awure or McNiimara's
tlynumiilng' mission.
The wltut hm's s.thl Clancy ut tin
district atioiiie)'s olllce told thb
III August, liefole the I, oh Angeles
Times explosion, 1 lancy went lo Se
attic, where he was Introduced h
IVihlmau 10 .In in.-- II. .McNiimara, wlo
said to riaie v. "Vmi know what I 'm
out here rm." an. I then explained In
was to do tl iiaiiililug, Clancy then
went lo ihe Kni-histcr convention ol
the lulcrniilion.il Association 01
llritlge ami Stiintural Iron Workers!
where he talked wllh J. J. McNamara
about (he visit of thu dynamiter to
the Paclllc iii.ihI,
t'laniy was lu Huston with Michael
Young when he tiatl uf the killing of
people at llu I .on Angulcs explosion
Imiiietllalelv he telegraphed to
.short)" at ."sin I'lanclsci) to "clean
house," meaning to gel rltl of certain
tt-clgrams almiii ,1. 11,'s western trip.
Ho also Inn 1 led went, stopping at
Salt Lake CM) to see Munsey, the Iron
Workers IhihIuchs ugent iIhic
Whether Miuiscj told him tho tLvna
miter was hilling In Halt Luke ct,
Cluiicy refused t say, utldlng.
"You bud iiciier hco Munsey about
When the Llewellyn Iron worka in
Los Angecls was lilown up 011 Decern-
her I ", I li I ti, .McMunlgal, who did that
job, appeared lu Clancy's ollleu In
Han Kriuielsco. 1 nicy told him to
see Tveltllioe.
Just afler lie hud told this story
Clancy, who had heart trouble, turned
around ami saw McManlgal through
the crack of a door.' Ho fainted,
Asked later why, knowing McNamura
was guilty, he hud Jolnod with Tvclt-
moit an-l Johannsen In the dofenso f
the McNauutra brothers, Clancy re
piled he consltlereil It "none of his
.Mr. Luwlor then told of nn Inter
view ho had with Munsey known as
"Jack lirlght."
"Munsoy told ma that after tho
TlmiiM explosion tut was sont by J. J,
McNamara to Inuulro whothor the
people In Lom Angeleo thought thu
building had been destroyed by escap
Ing gas," said Mr. Lawljr.
"t told Munsey wo had Information
that ho hid James II, In bolt Lake City
for two weeks after the explosion,
that we had a Halt Lake City tailor,
Theodora UJonn who mado a suit of
clothes for McNamara, Miih In fact)
Munrey'a own wife hadiflvon us a de
scription of MrNatnura,flji a mnn to
whom sho rcn'ed a room.v,
'Munsoy udmltled hoentod a room
lilt. S. II. IIAH'I.MW.
Catarrh lugniH hv cougenllon of
the l'l I is ..i 11 mucous mem
brane n mucous membrane is
made op uiosllv ' minute blood Ves
si Is. called caillliirlcs. Cold or Irri
tation of any sort Is liable to pro
duce congestion of these cnpllllui'lcH.
U the Irritation Is slight and Is iiiilck
ty removed the congestion ery soon
disappears ami no had result olitaliiH.
Hut ll the Irrllallnn Is lep. it.-il many
times or Is long eouiiuued .1 chronic
condition of eotigi'Mtlnu ol I he mu
cous mcmliraties iiuii occur. This Is
iinlliiiirllv called calm i ll.
The hlood no longer -ir uales free
I) lu the small hlood csscIh that com
pose the iuiiciius me mhraue. The
lilnoil hecomes dammed up III the
m'smIs, causing the essels to swell
up .ind the hlood lo stagnate ami the
rei'utu of the blond to exude from the
als of the hlood vessels, producing
These discharges are ordinarily
ailed 1111 us discharges. The fact
Is, however, the discharges are not
propel ly mucous. Heal mucous dues
tlol lll'ilale but Is a wholesome llllld
which covers ccr mucous niem-
in .1 man named Williams lull ho did
iit think he looked like .McNamara.
I also .iskcd iilm whether he bad not
luell Ihe go-liclWecU In gelling tho
I) tiamller liaek to luillanupolls. lie
lieiileil 11 ami later said he had de
1 Itlc.l in maki a clean hreitst of it. Wo
appointed lo meet the next day but In
the meantime Munsey bad seen
.liihuliusoli ami when he reappeared
Ihe next day he had decided not to
talli Iiirthcr.
"I also had a talk with Tvltilmoe
about labor conditions In Los Angeles
lu which be saltl (leiieral Harrison
(!ray Otis, proprlelor of the Times,
was regarded as an enemy of union
I .hnf."
Malcolm Laugbead, a chauffeur,
ri'Htlfled thiir-,ltt"flUty,",V.lN,."He."1nok
Mrs. Klora I'upliin, wife of David Cup-
tan, Indicted on a charge of murilci
wllh McNiiuiuia liultcnn, Nev. Mrs.
'apian had been siimmoneil as a wll-
ness against men other Hum her hus
hnuil. Laugheiid said lie wail called to
Tvli'lUloe'H olllce, vv hence, wllh .lohau-
iiscii ami anoi.ier man he drove many
miles in a tan.von, where they were
Jnlueil iy Stn. Caplati and lier two
llllili'i'll. I .at el' they wellt to Hello,
h,, mm lit. anil Tveltmoii gave him a 1
tin lot' his work. I''urlher testimony
that I h i hel l S. Hockill, now on ll lal,
lut 1 1 -..- I Ihe gove. niiwiil luformatlou
In hi ttiuicr was given hy II. A, (Ira ves,
ilelei'llve. (Iraves mu III Hull llocklu
ii.'oKid with him to "get In touch"
with V ,f. IIiiiiik, another detective,
iinl ih , 1 llocklu later nn I Hums and
I.iiviiiiI eerlalu j .. 1 1 th wauled li'.'
tin. 1 'Ill lull.
I' nil, Uu lily IT) sla I,
"Menace of Mornionism" Sub
ject of Talk by Bev. Mr.
Long-fellow Last Night;
Pirst of. Home Mission Week
The itev. H. AI0117.0 lirlght, uuporln
teiitleul ol stale missions for tho
Methnillsi ( lunch, will he the speak
er ut ihe Ciiii(regatloiial church to
night at the si 1 nml or Ihe union serv
ices of Home Mission week, held by
Hill churches nt l li Ih illy.
Archdeacon W. Wancn, rector
of Bt. JoIiii'h episcopal church, will
prcsldo at the service and special mu
sic will ho ftiriilshetl by the choir or
the Presbyterian church.
Tho sermon last night was deliv
ered by tho 11 cv. I. W. Longiellnw.
pastor of tho First tluptlHl church,
whoso subject was "Tho Menace ol
.Morinonlsm," It was a splendid ad
dies and tho uttendnnco was luige.
presuKhm Kood crowds through the
week. The Coneregctlonal church
choir furnished tho muilo last night.
Hervlct'H begin ut 7:80 p. m.
I'lithe Weekly Crystal.
Wcsi Indian Hurrlcano Iltiffcu.
Klngsioii, Jumaloa. Nov. 10, The
heavy ir.iln whluh started Nov. 10
still continues with heavy ralm ana
floods In thu wcslern sactlqn at the
Island, The telegraph system lias
bton complettdy cut off, but It la
known that a vast amount of dam
ago bus been done,
Patho WeuUlyryslul.
ikUnit tn thn bnilv. Thn pntnrrhnl
dSehar(fo Is u deranged sort of mu
co us inai is irriiaxmg; anu very un
wholesome. 8uoh a discharge not
only further Irritates the mucous
membranes, sometimes completely
destroying them,' but the discharge Is
a weakening drain on the system.
Precious blood scrum is lost lu this
This condition of affairs Is liable
to happen In tho stomach, In the
bowels nml nny other Intornal organ.
As said huforc, It most frequently oc
curs In the uoso unit throat.
Hometlmes a little relief ran be
obtained by the use .of local applica
tions, MDerlully when tho catarrh Is
eouiined the nuae and throat.
Hut catarrh cannot bo successfully
treated by local applications. The
only remedies that aro effective are
Internal remedies.
To devise a remedy fur rntarrh
that could he taken safely nml effect
ively tor catarrh wnerever It hap
pened to he located In tho body, to
devise such a remedy has been the
ambition and study of my lifetime.
I think 1 havo obtnlned tmch 11
remedy In Perutui. I regard Pcratm
as an effective and safo catarrh rem
edy. I have never recommended, It
for any other disease than catarrh.
The notion that prevails that I re
gard Perimii iih a cure-all is cntlrch
erroneous. Catarrh Is liable to af
fect so many organs for which f
have recommended Perumi Unit It
has given rise to the Impressou that
I tecomuiend Peruna for different
dlcases. I recommend Cerium only
lor tatarth. Hut I' do Insist that II
Is a remedy nm nul for catarrh r
the nose and throat, hat for catarrh
of the stomach and lungs, lurnyx,
liver and other Internal organs.
The kldiicjM me especially liable
to catarrh. If the catarrh goes on
unchecked In the kidneys It leads to
organic disease. sometlmcH called
Height's disease.
I wish to make It plain that Pe
runa is not 11 cure-all; that 1 have
never lecommeuileil ll as a cure-all;
that I have always Insisted that II
was a iiiueily ror catarrh and for
(atari b 1 1 1 1 . 1 hope I have made
this plain
H ii 11 ct li affects the stomach, lv
rutin is tin remedy.
II '.iliiih affecls the IiIiIuc.vh, lv
vuiia I" the ri niedy.
If .ii.iitii affects the colon, the lu-leslliii-
.a ihe lungs, l'erunu Is ihe
Negro Testifies to Witnessing
Quarrel Between Defendant
and Alleged Victim Near
Scene of Tragedy.
lly l.rssrd Wire tu Kvvalnv Herald
(loshcn, N. v., Nov. Hi. Introduc
tion or evidence lu the trial or llurtou
W. (Ilhson, Ihe New Vork lawyer
charged with Ihe murder ( .Mrs.
Ilosa Mellsehlk Saho. Ills cllenl, while
boating 011 (Ireenwooil Lake, July HI,
hegaii lotliiy.
.District Attoriii)' lingers, lu open
ing the case, ileclareil the state's case
was based mil tin clrciimHlai'tlal evi
Tim first witnesses tcs! tiled iih to
Ihe HCCUe or Ihe llMgetl).
DoKorost Chaunccy, a hotel keeper,
"Aflur Mrs. Hzahsi was drowned,
(ilhsoll told me she linil wiappeil her
11 iiiih around him In the water and
dragged him to Ihe bnliom. There
her hold relaxed ami he uime up and
Mi nek out for tho Imal."
Daniel Dewlll, a negro limit mnn.
eslllletl he passetl lllhsou and Mrs.
Szabo on the lake. Ulhson was talk
ing "loud ami rough," he m'M. l'ir
leeu 111 1 mi I -H later he saw lllelil
Ta lie-. 11 milt! liiMitlvc will gootl
pepsin nml insures hU com
roi l anil pleasure.
Fortunate I" : lie man who can cul
"an) thing" u lie hi hiifT i-rliiK ihe tor
tures of ll.vspepsllt, hul IIH few are So
fortunate care should he taken IU the
matter of diet. Haling slowly, mas
ticating the food tlioiougbly and lull
ing a short walk after thn heavy meal
fif tho day will do much towards as
sisting digestion. Any grown-up per
son ought to-know tho peculiar, foods
that do not agree, and Uiesu should
bo avoided,
When theso commou-sonso ulds
fall, the next thing to do Is to tako a
mild digestive tuiilu with laxative
piopui'tlcH, and (hero Is uono butter
than Dr. Caldwell's Hyrup 1'opHln. It
contains the greatcs! of all aids tn
digestion, good pepsin. It has other
ingredients thul act mildly on thu
liowcls, ami comhlned It forms a com
hlmitiou for the relief of ilyspepslu
1 r Indlgewtlon that Is uuHtirpusHcd,
Its actiiin Is hi tone and strenuthen
the htomach and bowel muscles so
that they ran again tin thulr work
naturally without outside aid, and
when that happy moment comes all
medicine can bu d'lspiuned with. It
Is the best remedy ohtulniiblo for any
disorder of thu stomach, liver and
bowels, for dvsiieiislu. constipation
biliousness, headaches, drowsiness
after eatlnir, hub on the stomach, etc.
Thousands of users will testify to
this, among; them, Hcrut. O, Nhapar,
Ft, Douslas, Utah, and Mr, J. a. nan
Chester. Manchester. la.
Uyrup l'eptln la sure In Its results,
and a vast Improvement over chowlng
nr swallowlnir tatblets and mints, ur
Not because Pertlna Is a remedy
for many diseases, but becauto ca
tarrh can locate Itself In 'th'eiM 'Var
lous organs and disturb their jfuac
Sometimes catarrh lo associated
with constipation. Other times sv ca
tarrhal subject may not bo troubled
with constipation. In some Instance
there Is a looseness of tho bowels.
Peoplo beginning 'the use qf Pe
runa for chronic catarrh, wherever,
located, wilt usually get valuable ad
vice by writing me, giving trio a
statement of tho case.
I tin not think It will bo necessary
for me In this article to dcscrlbo ca
tarrh of the various organs of tho
body, it Is Hiittlclent for mo to any
in a general way that any organ Is
subject to catarrh, becauso theso or
gans are lined hy a mucous mem
brane. When once catarrh attaolca
in organ Is deranges tho function of
that organ more or less.
If catarrh attacks tho stomach
dyspepsia Is the result.
If it aiiacks thn lurnyx and bron
chial tubes, bronchitis ami larnygltla
will result.
It It attacks the lungs, cough and
simpimns that resemble consumption
will follow.
It c.iiarrli attacks the kidneys dis
turbance of the urinary organs la
cei lulu. Catarrh of thn bladder Is a
er common form of catarrh, It
produces distressing symptoms. A
large proportion of men past middle
lite h.ive this rorm or catarrh, moro
or less.
I nut nnlv devised a remedy to
itiei t thi c eases, hut I have at my
cniiiinaiid n corps of assistants anil
helpers which enables me to comu
Into personal touch with thousands
oi people suffering from catarrh, and
asisi them In (he treatment of their
Pe rii-na, M 11 11-11 -1 Iti and I.a-cti-pla,
maiiufactuteil hy the Pe-ru-na. Oom
panv, ColimiluiH, nhlo. Hold at all
drug stoles.
SPKCIAI, NOTIt'!V Many persona
liniulre for Tho uld-Tlme Peruna.
They want tho Peruna that their
lathers ami mothers used tit tako.
Tlic old Peruna Is now culled Kn-tar-iio.
If your dealer does not keop
11 for sale write the Ku-tar-no Com
pany, Columbus, 11I1I0, ami thuy wilt
lell yiui kill about It.
struggling in the water throo-auar-
tui-H of a mile aw a).
South First Street Woman Ar
rested for Belaboring Tubei
oular Invalid Over Head
With Liquor Receptacle.
Intoxluiteil ami u physical wreck
f 1 0111 11 too free Indulgence In lbiuor,
a woiiian whoso name to the police Is
unknown, was arrested at 020 Houth
Klrst street at I o'clo.-k loday by Po
liceman Tallin l.ujaii. "I'lut woman,
when arrested, was heating her hus
band over the head wllh 11 quart
bottle id whiskey. The husband In
dying or luheretllosls. The couple,
live III a pitiable condition III ll smalt
shack, opposite the Mania Fo coal
chutes on Smith l'l 1st street,
1'iiiincr I'ollccmau 11 Kulcltle.
Keallle. Wash.. Nov. HI. Kdwaril
1'.. Must, who was droiped from thu
Kentlle police force a uiotitli ago for
drinking, shot ami killed nhnself to
day hy placing a shotgun mnxsin In
IiIn mimtli ami tllscharglug thn weap
on. This was bis fourth attempt at
suicide lu a year.
bbsssssssssssssssssVPv Hi
Inking cutharllcw, salts, etc., all of
which itru harsh and nauseous and
at best do but temporary good.
You can obtain Hyrup Pepsin' at any
dm? store for lUty cents or onq dol
lar a buttle,
If no member of your family haa
ever used Hyrup Pepsin and yon would
like to mnko a personal trial 'o 1t
before buying: .It In tio reijular uy
of a drUBglut, send your ad'dres--
postal will do to Dr. W. B. ?ld.
well, 4 IB Washington Ht.. MoattoaUo.
III., and a free sample bottle Klj. W,
mailed you. ltcsults are arway8.iuif
antood or money will bo r'efurido'd,
k6sVsssssjL ,tf V,j sV WJtC ujsfeiWg.-W-- r.tL-J'-J

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