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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, November 20, 1912, Image 2

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10 IE
m 01 WE
ihsitOAJf AND
Wrights Trading Post, Cor. Third and Gold
.. il.n. in i7 iwiumiumM 1 1 ii ii i iiiii i m f i f r
t a - ' v- vil
I 1 II
to 111 decoy letter. The Inspector
pro'essed n desire tu ciikhso the doc
tor's services. The 4lnctor win cau
i 'iMiii and the inspector wos called
upon t show tl" letter Jit' had re
ceived. It whm In the physU Inn's own
liniiil wrllliiK'. Kvfiicntly Hisplclnus, ho
snatched the If Ht r from tho Inspect
or's liiitiit, tr it twli.i acronn and
threw (t Inn, ilw wunl". basket. Bub-'ijui-ntly
On- limpi-oior returned lo
iln ulllcn in the temporary nhrenco
of iIih doctor, ( urnl tli'- strips from
tin- bMsket inn) jHit!(l them together.
Thm letter constitutes nn Important
link In (hi- chain nt evidence on which
tin- doctor was Indicted.
II I Hie ux preyed determination of
tin postal authorities to put un end
to tin- promotion by mull if criminal
iin Hi :md of the trnmc In drugs
mid InMt iitneiitH upon whirl) n ban In
plnceil by tlii' Imw. I'oHtiiniKlcr rien-
f.-il llllih iiik today that every
use MKKlriKl nn alleged violator of t ho
Imw would in- pit wed vigorously mid
i very ffTort made to send llm riilprlt,
if i i.mK-ieil, to Un. penitentiary.
JUtl'fj STOItK I'ltOIMltlTIOJt
r.i:HT in iikacm?'
1'oorlti, Nov. ju Albert Ilclmtnir
Jinn, jiroprhdor of otic of tlii nliy'n
IciiillMK drilK Moles, wiih arrested tn
liny by 1 'lilted Ktoies Marshal lllnck In
oiiliMclloii wltii, ill" HlniiiltmieoiiM
Inli'x being iiiiidtt throughout
oin,ir i. kiivi' hond for his
l iiniii'c at ih April term of
fi d rni i oin i hurt'.
Hi. !
tho womw amonc mom-:
Mt ItlvS'l i:i AT KT. LOt'IS
St. l.oiilii, Nov. 20. Tliroc pc-rHonn
wrn liidlcti-il In .SI. I.oiiIm In tho kov
(riinii'iit'M tiiovi'inrtit iiKiiltiKt allt-gmt
iTlmliml midli'iil piiutii'i-M. Jlrn.
Iltildii Koidi. t'roprlt'lor of a mntor
lilly li'iini', wiik nrroHtid today. It
vhm cliHiKi'd 1 1 i'h I tin- imiiIIh uurit ml
im"d. A warrant wan Imuh-iI uKulnnl
(timlnvc I'. Jiu'oIim, inaiiiiKi r of a drii
(I'liipHiiy, mid deputy inn re ha If hoiikIu
lilin In tin1 oiuly moi'iiltiK. AnothiT
ltnlt';tiiii-iil mm i'h..iii'il ii kk ttiHt a
wmnHii Mini illi'd hi'fnii- tin- M.iininl
OiUll III' MTV I'll.
(.V PACinr (ST
Pll Vrnln'ltn o, No. 'jil. yiiincroiiii
tirn-Kta In uiitn-i lion wllh tin. nun
jmlHIi or the poHini anth'irltii'1
liKiinil ini'dlcal praftltlonfiji tin i k-iI
MllU iiiIhiihi. of l he iiiiiIIh had hri'ii
rcporti'il fiotii I'licltlr i'oiimI I'lili-M In
noun loi)a. oiiliar In tin lr pn--
Get a Line
on a good useful pres
ent for Christmas
Da 111 Robes, All Colors
and Weights
$4, $4.50, $5, $6, $7.50
and $8.50
I. in r
I oye Smtxtii mkem w
vlously announced Intention, the Hnn
Francisco ptixtnl Inspectors bpgan
their work before that hour and nine
doctors, druggists and others were
taken Into custody. Arrests were
modi! In various cities nbout the slate
and reports of additional arrests were
oxpccicd in imfiiinrlly.
Noim of those thus far arrested 1 1
of particular prominence,
hi:kvi:d is DKNvrcit
Ix-nwr, Nov. 20 Only oiii of the:
fixe vMirrmitu ;nu'd In thv IJfnvar
dlHtrot In Hi'- ovcrninonl' country-
wldn mot .ikhIiihI persons churKud 1
null .liiy i.i. trui 1 Im to ndvrrtlnp imd
iIIm,i n. ..k mid nurglritl IriMtrii- j
iiintiiH lor 1 1 xii I im" 'had ln-im h'tvcii
m j-in .. nn k Kiln nfternoon. Dr.
fail i: II. 'Im.-li wuu arn-slcil nml t
arrulKiii'd Im for. I'nlti-d HlaK-n font. I
j 1 1 rj-u n ii ii mi reii'iiHcii on
:,un Imtiii. Tin- i-tfi' wim r'i fur hear
ItiK .Mond.n. NoViMiilicr tl In un-
ili'i'Kl I Hint noti" of llir pi-moiiH
nutii.il hi Hi" I Jon v-r warriiniH ntu
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n nt
CffoitH ;ir" licdnif limilo lij- Ulllti'd
st.it. h l..iity marnlialn lo Hcrv tin
ri'inaiiiniK f'iir wurraiitH and It Ih x
t -! that ono otliiT Di livi r pliyfl-
i.hi .Hid Hiix. iiildwlvfM lll In- ar-j
I. -! d lii-foi-r IllKlll. I
'I'lii- tiiirtfi-K In Hi" Ii. nv.ir wnr-'
. ic h 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 r- to iliii." indtin Hi'rv
d tiiio.izhoiit Hip I'ountn. rndtollUi'
limp." tor W II. f'oidiMti and hlH ax-
HlDt.lll'H llllM. llPPtl l llK'lU'd HlllPl. I"it
In', in u .i.H tltiK -v ll.-ri. ' .iKiilimt IhVi
.ii. .l m. i.i ii m mid I In oin "ii,
W. A. Davenport Sustains Con
cussion of Brain in Accident
Brought to Local Hospital
for Treatment.
HuffcrliiK from I'onouHHlon of llm
hrnln anil other injuries, hiimIiiIihiI In
an utiHiiown iiuiliiiir, W. A. Dumii
purl, a ilri'inan on n nwltidi piikIiiu
for lhi Santa I''", uuh hroiiKht to .l
iniiiiiriiii! fioin tiallup HiIn mornltir,'.,
.Hill IlllU'll IO III" "OUHl HllI'M llOMpltlll
lor Iri-uinii'tit. Davtnporl wiih found
iincniiHi'liiuH In Dip tiallup jiuiIm IhhI
iilMlit. Uin tK'iir Din iriickM n hIi .ri
illNllinri' Itolll III" I'OIIUllhollH". 'I'll"
liri'itinii had evidently heeu knni'lieil
off hlf eintliie, IllllliiUllh Davenpoil
lilliixclf iloen not remember how ho
happened lo lie Injured, lie Wiih lint
mlHNcd liV the eliKhleer for HOIne llol
illiillH after the accident. It Ih be
lieved by Ibe HIIIKeollM Hint lb), con
"UhmIoii In not un iintixuulh xevere
one and Hint ruci.very Ih but a tuiHter
of tlllll'.
Tl c
V iiol
he'll u
i rltlrlum cIiixm of the Hi-i'ond ill.
I'll P Mm In the i"i.ii liiient of
ai tho St. Vincent x acaik'iny
NvNMlou yitkterday atternoou, A ,
lilt iimuii; program wan i. iulered, tho
oiuik munlclanN i iI(I"I.iik eitch i
mIIii ih work, CIohi. iilleiulon wiih puld
to tin, rendition or all the iiumhcrn In ,
elTorlti lo diilfct "irors. 'I'lie proKram
rendered folluwn:
Krciih 1.1ft Splndlor
Kraneea rioiitlie.
Valu Caprice Dncfllc
Stullu A i mi Jo.
Avulancho Iluller
Xi'ima Howell.
Murch of the l-'nlilc tono
.Mario Itomeio.
La X.liiKitiia Holim
Mai In lliilllnir,
Mouk'H I'iaei' Mullor
Vloloila With.
Druld'H lirayi'i-
I'rmiln IlallliiR.
Uvprhi)dy'M Darllnit Kink
Mary Mornn,
Idlllo Luck
Kxthur Thompaon.
VuUo , Purnnd
Catheilno (llbblna.
Impromptu Wallonhnupt
lliuel ICIeke.
iMtbollo VuUe Ilncliiimn
ItC'bci'ca C'umiim.
Air dij Iliilli t Chamlnudu
Atilla ilnirla.
I iiiproinplu .Maxurka Lack
lilaily .MclCtllKlit.
(Iriinde VhIh,. Caprlri' ICllKleinun
.MiiiKiirci McCanna.
Valitu AraticMiiie l.ach
Ycclla .Murphy.
The IJirk' .MorliliiK Xoiik Kolllug
i:ulyu tliietx.
I'rlciully I'hono Ht'ttU'iiient KxptH'tit!
Wunhlngton, Nov. 20. NeuolUii
tloim. It was learned today, aru on
between Antorney Oencrul Wicker
iihom and tho Amorlcun Tolephono
and Tolegruph company reardtntf a
friendly ottlemunt MiUurlnK that cor
poration with tho Bhormaii antl-truat
ii. .ii if i m ii 1 1 inn i.i. .
Albuquerque local of State
Highway Association Will
Endeavor to Have Contract
ors Hurry the Job Along.
ration infMliiK held In t'n
, .... ....... ,...,., '
i 'on. i.i.i
nlnit reiiolved -.if
, into a meeting for tho dlscuHxion t
the reiiHonx for the (May In comp .1
Iiik tho repair work on tho Han us
.in nine, which vviiM partially wufi-
away by Hood water of the Itio
uirnnde on July 4 hint. Then, wire
. iiuiiiy preHni at tho mt'i'tltiif last
niKlii who llvo acroi thp Itlo 'Srnnde.
T' i .Hflbed ih" deplorable coiull
llonn which "xbit a f lb. l .-r .i
j Hip icmilt ol Ii.iviiik no ulldtie to r...-i
'to anil from Albiniucniue. The f.uio
em had been (ireully diimaKi'd, It -da
'luted, and would continue to in
dun..ini (l a.t lonj,' iih the bilit;e remain
. ed nnllnlMlied. The county commbi-
Mloni rM were blamed by hoiiic or thono
ire-. nt tor (lielr allec"il tallure in
ioinpi'1 the .MluKourl Valley lirldKe ami
iron ompaiiy lo hurry iiIoiik with (he
epalr work. In order to K"l ut tho
t i Ik ill the ciimc, a telephoilo HICK-
rauv wiih nent to County Surveyor J'ltt
l;.i", who noon arrived at tin' nioel
inir. .Mr. Horn told of tho many ex
.lyperntltiK deliiyK that had hix-u i x
p.'ilencud by tho cniitnictorn, the n"'i
.irrlvul of inutorlal, Hie trouble with
iiolh-rH, and the tfront dlllliuliy In
drlvini; down t lit. Ilfly fool pIIch. II'
- iid that nearly r.ll III" plleH iind bo-u
lrl'"it tho full lirtj, reel, thW tii.iiK
verv Hlow work. The ouniy hut
'."or kuvc It iih IiIh opinion that the
i i.ik wiih beliiK done ,ih Hpeedlly ll
pni-Hllile at the prcHcnt tllilo.
The meeiliiK of the KOod roaiN local
wiih called to order lit H t "veiilnir by
I'r. Hlil. nt i: ('. Iliillet. 1'Ylix II. I-H-ter
IndnK called to prenlile. The iiumii
liemblp commllteo reported hjii ifm--lory
proKri'HH In the cmnpalKU for now
iiii inberii, iind Secretary I'.. 1.. drum
ieport"d that Hie rciuci of Hie local
that the North Piitirlh Mrcct road be
put In conilllloti an toiou an poHHlble
bad been duly trnliHUllttcil to the M 'Ic
bli;hvvaH corntniHHlon.
David It. l-ine of the Mornlnir
.loiirnnl, one of Ih" inoHl eiilliilHlaHtlc
luemberH of tho cooil loads loin) inndo
.i valuable atlUKcMtlon at tin uieeHuK
I. ltd IllKlll with reference to outltnlllK
ii ilelliilt" plan r action for the or
Kaul.atloli. At the hiikkchiIoii of Mr.
I .a tie, llm pti.-Hldeiit appointed a oin
mltlee of line., to piejielit a tenia
tlvo proKram at tho next inccilim of
tho local.
Throuiih the MiiKKt'Hllon of Mr Lain
ii'Viilal ilayn r.Ho, w.ih secured Hie ' o
I enulon or Solh llor tieoii'c I'. Mi
fa no. of tho rniled Statim ror.nl ncr
vice, mid I'liiNUlclit Ii. K. Tvltthell
of tin. New Mexico 'lom.l IIo.iiIh .Ufli"
union, i ulmluatliiK In Hi" .i'hIuuIui,'
l.y til" d"ialtm"lit of iiki b ultllre of
Mailllle llWell KltlrhlK.. a Hooll loadH
expert, to deliver a number of K"od
romlH lei'turt'H throiiKhotii the nlute.
"It In n plenmir" to tidl you that
r'hainberlaln'H foiiKh Itemedy Ih tlu
I,, .mi ci. nub ineillrille I IlltVO CVOl
iifftl." wrllon Mm. Hugh Cumphttll,
i.r i.iivinilii. (la. "1 huvu UHvd It
with all my children anil thu roMiltii
have been hlKhly HiitlHfuetory." I-or
milo by all UrtiKKlHtx. Alv-
Voters Are Urged to Register
Now; All Male Voters in Al
buquerque Will 3e Permitt
ed to Vote.
An active uimpaliiti for tho ratifica
tion of tho proponed $100,000 hljdl
Hi'hool bond Imio to bo voted on lie
comber in, wan begun today by thime
I indented In tho otiUHp of education hi
Albuiuer(iie, Tho Ilrnt inuve In the
campnlKn Is to ea that all vol. if in
AlbuiiieriUo ro rKllered .mil huh
work wna undtrtnken todav, a h)n.
tomutlo plan bc!n- laid out with a
view to havliiR oveiy voter propi r'y
enrolled.' It U wild that all male vol
em In Albuquerque will in permitted
to vote reRiirdle or whetiier or not
they uro firoperty ""mm. Voioru,
h'owovpr. cannot m iki mi iilldavlt nt
tho polln and Hit n vote iih In other
clec(loilM. In iitdcr to vole, It U noe
oMary that a voter rentier, r ho ren
litcred, ut the piuce of reirlntration In
the ward In which ho liven, Tho place
of ri'Klxtratlou urn iih follows:
Kind ward, New Mexico Clgnr com
puny, lis Weft (Vitral avenue.
Second ward, Alvnrudo Pharmncy,
JO I .xotilh Flret etroet! t
Third ward, Hmoko House, S00 Went
dold avenue.
Fourth wurd. II. Uuppo'i drus Htore.
203 Went Central hvenue.
WAKTBD Active younjc man want
w(irk outelflo Mhool hotire o defmy i
living upenytm. Phono C27 Alhu-
quonjutt UunoM Colleie.
One Week's Sale of
Men's Suits
Starting Saturday, November 23
The man who is looking for economy as well as good service
in his clothing, will be attracted here, by this sale of nobby
suits. We have selected from our large stooks a beautiful
assortment of stylish models, embracing all of the season's
popular fabrics, and suitable for business or evening wear.
Values to $25, and to be placed on sale for one week only,
starting Saturday, November 23rd
Your Choice
While They Last
ibbon Special
Thousands of yards of plain and fancy Satin and
Taffeta Ribbons in stripe, check, dot. Dresden
and Persian designs, suitable for Christmas fancy
work; worth to 75o yard
29c yd
Itlbboii m
Sensational Report Proves In
correct; Col. Sellers Said to
Have Attack of Uncinaria
AhUciI nil. ait tho iwnRUllnlinl report
In tho niuriiiiin'H paper to the erfepf
Una he huh HiitiorliiK from a full llcdK
ed eimo or , oryxu, Mayor D. K. II. Sol
lorH lotlaj denied tho utAUimont em
pnatically. t'omluornblo alarm wiih
nepiiHluned i tho report tint! the ma
yor' many rriendit will bo overjoyed to
learn thm taero wait no foundation
lor the Htoi j
Tho miiMU H prlvato phynlclan, It In
umlerHtood, Hlute that Colonel Mel
lorH Im miiieitnn from a illght uttuck
of Uni'liiiiriii Amorlcnnii' which in
ylcldhiK to treatment without tllilleiilty
and IiIh IndiHpoHltlon wilt not Intcp
fvro with inn exocUtfvo dutlvH.
The Markets
New York, Nov. 20 Tho Hn!kan
war altuullon and dotnestlo political
votidltlmiH vvero advanced as CnctorH In
today'H heavy and dull Block market.
Tho opfuiinu WM' IreBtilar "with one
point gains In Cunadtsri aclflo and a
few other humei) ot eM apecutatlvo
Importancp, Oil utoctui wore con
pleuoun for tiefir tictivHy ana
Htrengih, out tho real -of the list watt
lumelv roiieiinntitVi with moderate
nroauro umtlnst . st&ib IciuUfa n
Heidlnir, th tWrH" Arn4l(tnmated
and lonio otMIfo'ueuAlly tlojrtnaht
upocldltlca. Incu'dlfetiet tuiar, pr-
$ 1
Men' Sct'tliiti, llrst I-IimiI'.
- ctlnn, Hrst ll'mr.
' " """I''! - ' ' f 'f ' I I l
i i - ..... ... J u
feireil, cotton oil, hurt cuter and Ho
pulili. iron full money wiih In llRht
on teriiiH practically unciianKOd.
IIuiiiIh were eaxler.
OeiuantlH for Htoi'kH slackened after
iniu li of tho fort'inon tleclluo and wan
luiluenced by tho continued IiciivIiichh
ot homo of thu Indfpuudent proper
tlei. The market cloned IrreRiilur,
llindnoH wai dull to tho end, with1
no tnat. r'.il ehiiliKo hiivo for n furthef
Ktiln III Canadian i-a. lit lill't Homo
betterment ! coppniM and I'nl':;. l'u
flile. AmiilKiimuU'd, HI 7-8.
SUKill', 1-0 "-j.
AtchlHon, 107 3-8.
licit Northern, 1,'I7 3-4.
New York Central, lit 1-8,
Northern I'aclllc, 121 1-8,
ItiadliiK, 171 1-h.
Southern 1'uclflc, 111 1-4.
Union t'uclllc. 172 1-4.
.Steel, 74 Vi.
Kteol, preferred, 11114.
Now York Cotton.
Now York, Nov. 20. Cotton pot
cloned Htendy. Middling tiilandn,
)I2.4U; mlddlliiK KUlf, 112. a:.. Hales
200 billon.
C'heoKt Hoard of IVndo.
Clilcago, Nov. 20. Wheat today ro
tlocted weaknemt nt Liverpool and
went to u new low level for thin yeur'n
crop. Argentine now wn bearlnh and
rccolpta northwent continued heavy.
Heportii of teiulon between Hcrvla und
Austria failed un un offnot. ThU open.
Ing rnnucd from C-8o lower to l-4c!
advance. May started nt 89 7-Jc to
00"UO 1-Hc. ii drop of l-8fil-4o to
3-HZc, rallied to 00 3-8 and then fell
back to 90 l-Hc. The clono wait firm
wjth May l-8c not hlnher ut Dp 3-80
00 Wc ,
Muy corn opened 1-8 f t-4c to 1-4 if
3-8a off nt 7! to 47 1-8 and rebound
ed to 47a-R04714c Tlie close Wlte
nt 47 &-8o for May, 3-8o abqvo latt
May oaU, which started unchanged
to a siiado lower at 31032 l-lo to
33 l-8o cose to M 14 032 3-Bc.
Packers buylnjr carried jpjroyUlone
upward, First imlos varied trim last
nlghfe flKurcs to lBo htjfher with Jai
unry at tlfi.JO for ttork; I10.7J to
10.8Q16 for lard ond $10.30 to $10,
21H for ribs, ,
WhoatDco., 8fo May, 0 3-8
to U c; Juljr, 87 3.4c,
Cprn DoP-i 7Ti0J May. ?B-8q.
Corset Special
For One Week Only, Starting
Saturday, November 23rd
A splendid line of desirable Corset3, consisting
of well known brands such as, Henderson, C B,
W. B., Merito etc., guaranteed to give comfort
and long service to the wearer; worth to $2.50
t'nrM't Section,
July, 4S 3-8c.
Oats Dec, 31 lie; Muy, .12 'i
ly. 32'.ic.
Mchh pork
per bbl. Jan., tlti.l."
May. US. GO.
Uard. pur 100 IIih.
Dec, ji 1.17 14; Jan.,
Nov. Jll.ar.'.
J10.1I0; May,
St. I.oiiIm WimiI,
St. LotllH. Nov. 20. Wool Hleaily.
Teirllory and wevtern medltiniH, 2 He
2.".r; Hue ini'dluniH, 18ir20c; line, 13-ii
KuUhiih City Uvp .Stock.
Knnsns City, Mo.. Nov. 20. Cottle.
recelplH s.ooo inelutlliiK 000 Hiuitlierns;
steady. Native uteors, tC'iOm t0.s.;
Hiiuthern steers, H.CRCi 7.35: hoiiIIi
erii cows and heifers,. 13. 50 !f 5..MI : na
llvo rows and helferw, $3.50,(10;
stockers and fnctlerH, $47511 7. .10;
bulb, $4.005.7G,' calves, ."... Kifr
9.50; western steers, $5.001if..no;
western cows, $3.S0ff'6,7&.
IlogH Itccelpts 4,000; market
steady. Hulk of sales, $7.55 fi 7. ST.:
heavy, $7.70VR.50; puckers and
butchers, $7.60(0 7.811; light, $7.40 iv,
7.70; plKS, $0.B0j.7.ri.
Shoep Itccelpts 8,000; mnrket
steady. Muttons, 3.80fD0.OO; lambs,
$6,00 4 7.50 ;rango wether and year
Hum. $4.00 6,00; ranKo owes. $3.00fi
4. .70.
Rt. IxmiU Bpcltcr.
8t. Itils, Mo Nov. 20. head
steady, 14,50; spelter firm, $7.30.
CtiLrajty' Wvo Wook.
OhlcaJMvNov. 30. Cattle IteeelptH
27,000; market steady to 10c lower.
Jlcoves, $5.36010.601 Texas steers,
$4.30414.60; Western steorn, $&.40i
9.10; Blockers and feeders, $4.10W
7.2B; .owo and heifers, $2.70O7,3ri;
calves, $6.50010.35.
Hors Hecelpts 93,000; market
steady. Uthl) $7.4007. SG; mixed,
$7.4007.00; henvy, $7.407.l Ws
rough, $7.4007.10; pigs, $5.0007.30;
hulk of salee, $7.7007.83.
Sheep Ttecelpia 46,000; mnrket
steady 16 shade lowor. Native, $3.40
04,60! western, $3.7004.60; year
llnu, ' $4.7696.96; lambs, native,
45.50O7.6Si western, $6.6607.50.
(Quotatloa fukttlslted by Lw?nn A
Bryan. S. Hoard Of Trade, Chicago.)
Boston. Mass. Nor. 20, fljinta Fa
copper :los4d oaay at. 3 3-803 3-4.
Kct'ouil I'loor,
225 hIiiUch were Hold at 3 3-4.
Calveston, Nov.
chunked, 12 l-4c.
Coif hi.
20. Cotton
lly Li-nurd Wire to Rvrnloir llrrnld
lluitnlo, N. v., Nov. 20. An Indict
ment wiih returned today aguhiHt J.
Frank lllekey, now under arrest ut
Turn's Itlver. N. J charging him
with murder In tho llrst degree In
hnvlng caiwed tho dputh of Joseph
JosepliH at lickuwainia October 12,
Tho boy's upiiutlto Is ofton tho
HOiirco cf umnaeinor.;. If you would
havo such an appetite tuko Chumbpr
IuIii'm TiibletH. They not only crontu
ii healthy nUpctlte, but strenRthon tho
stomach anil enuble It to do Its work
naturally. For sulc by ull druggists.
Oklahoma City, Nov. 20. According
to a complaint received today by Don
Law head, iiMlstant to Htato Oamo
Warden John Ooolln, an attempt bos'
been mad,, by snmoonu supposed to bo"
living In Coffeyvlllo to defraud Okla
homa on non-resident hunting li
censes. It Is alleged that Kans&s resident)
licenses nro bplng changed so as to''
make thm appear to be good for both
Kansas and Oklahoma and sold fop
from $3 to $5 each to portions who 'be
lieve that they can hunt In Oklahomar
upon them. The regular non-resident
hunting IIcciiho fee for Oklahoma,
Is $15.
For Speoial Occasions.
Wo ara prepare) at onr new
footory to prodnoo the t-liolrcdl
ptlllfCtrtlons tU ItlMMTt not) OKI
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