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Vol. Xft. Wo. fit.
ALBuatntx, xxfy wbaco, Thursday, November 21, 1912.
WW I I L.IIM1V' Ill VllVblal II B
Dead and Dying Piled Indiscri minately Along Roadway
With little or No Attempt to Relieve the living or to
Bury Corpses of Those Who Succumbed to Ravages of
ttf Leased Wire tn Rrealag Herald '
Constantinople. Nov. 21. Heart
rending scenes of hu fTerl hk unit mis
ry uro ctiueted dully ut tho Turkish
cholera camp nt Smi Btefuno The
correspondent or tlm Associated Press,
accompanied by the scerctury of u
fori'lKii cmbnss) ami liy Major Clyde
.S. Kurd, V. H. A., who Ih Mere on Ictivo
of absence, paid ii visit there today.
A nauseating picture was witnessed
at the side of the railroads. Tlu
bodies which hud boon thrown from
tho trains lay iim they hud fallen.
Home hud Htui'k on top of the f tn -battlement;
others hud rolled part of
the, way down, and sonic hud reached
the bottom. Some of thf corpses lu
MllTly IllOlle. Others WvTV 111 glMlipil
if three mill foiirH.
Arniiiul n onc-sinry stable al ihe
foot or Hie cmhnnkniciit wes a group
of sixty dead and dylllK. lying close
together on the slopes of a llliltllire
pile whleh the Kick men hud poind
softer than the hard mound, one
man on top of the pllo won digging
with IiIk IliiK'-iH u sort of trough In
which to Ih-. The trough' noon be
raiim hlH grave.
A group of tents Htood In the ccn
ter where luir or live Turkish soldiers
Wearing the armpiece of the Hell
Crescent stood on guurd. Inside the
sick anil dead lay in groups. The
Victim and Eleven Fellow
Passengers Quarantined
When Conductor Notifies
State Health Authorities.
Dy Leased Wire to KveulaB Herald
Denver. Nov. 21. The conductor
of the northbound Huntn Ke passen
ger Irnln due In Denver shortly be
fore noon today discovered ut Colo
rado HprliiKH that a nuin with small
pox occupied ll eoueh with eleven
other passengers. The eonductor
coinmunlcnteil with tlm rolorado
ntMte health uuthorltleu In Denver,
who ordered the couch cut out when
the train reached CaHtle Itock. The
Htuullpox victim and the other occii-
puntH of the couch were detained
thorn and the train proceeded to
Denver. The mun with tho smallpox
bourded the train, It In Hnld, at I -a
Juntn, Colo.
Or Leeeed Wire to Brentss Uerald
Kansns City, Mo Nov. 21. Hun
dreds of letters from Zlmmcrmans In
all parts of tho United States, who
cek to share In the million dollar
ratato of J. K. Zimmerman, formurl)
a cattleman of Waco, TexiiH, have
buen received by Judge J. K. Onion
otte of the Kanaas City probate court.
Durungo, Colo., Nov. 21. "Not
guilty" wan the plea offered for Isaac
Cox, John Oravea and Jesse Carman,
of the Cox Canon country by their at
lorneyH when they wore culled Into
court yesterday to answer 'o a charge
or murder for tho killing of Humuul
Truby on November 10.
No date for the trial has been sot.
Tho court continued his rufiiRiil to ad
mit the mm to ball, until after tho
preliminary hearing, The defendants
are aliened to have shot from ambuthi
above Cox ('anon, Inflicting wounds
upon Truby from which he died.
Denver, Cclo.. Nov. 21.- Tho Den
ver chamber of commerce today ap
pointed a romm'ttoe of six to cull n
(lovernnr. John K. shafrj'.h in an ef
fort tn Induce him to call an extra
session or the statu legislature on No
vember 30 to elect Charles ft. Thomas,
us United Htntca senator, for tho pur
pose of sending Senator Thomas to
Washington at onco to secure an nu
dltlonal appropriation of fl.flOO.nOO'
for Interior work on the. nw fodoral
poHtoirtco ut Denver,
rino XtoUIIr lire WMkcrfl.
MlddUtown, N. V.. Nov. 21. Ai
sDark from tho pipe of John B. Ollaon
a. farmer, today Ignltod his Ions
whiskers. Tho flames spread to ltl
clothing and ha was bursea to aeatn.
11,1 1 , " " "n
doctor" on duly counted twenty-two
putlcntH In one tent, while double thut
number lay on tat tin sheltered from
the wind by (he cunvus. .Some of the
stricken men found dlttkulty In get-
tlm: Into the MoKlem position for
prayer, looking toward the oust. One
praying victim wiih ho weak that he
could not replace bin blanket around
his head when the wind blew II off.
A water cart drawn by a donkey
passed along the road. Thorn? or the
victims who were nble to rise to their
feet went unassisted toward II and
struggled feebly for a dtlnl;. 'Phone
unable to fine not none.
In a Hltnllar way what appeared to
be army bread wan distributed to
those able to reach the ibu f dlH-
trlbiillon. x
.several of the Hick men iS-oojl
IhcmrolvcH with illllleulty and stum
bled toward a well, Irom will' h lhc
tried to dip water with their him;
sashes, wetting the etidH ami no'lsl
enliiK their parohed mouths with
There were hundreds of thud and
thousands of nick In Huh camp, many
of them lying on the open ground
and greut numberH supporting their
hacks ugolusl the houses bordering
the open Molds, iiuiHt of which were
Five Weeks Allowed in Which
Negro May Make Answer to
Charge of Violating Mann
White Slave Act.
my Leased Wire to ISveatnft Dcraldl
ChlciiKo, Nov. 21. Jack Johnson
wuh granted by I nltt'd Statim Din
trlct JuiIkc carpenter today three.
weeks In wlib h to illo demurrum to
the lie chiitKes against him of viola
Hon of the Mann white slave act In
transporting Helle Hchrelbor, a while
womuu, ucro.sH different Htute. boon
durles for Immoriil purposes.
rnr Leased Wire to EvenlBK Htraldl
Charleston, S. C, Nov. 21. Huven
thousand marines and bluejackets
from tho battleships, military col
lege cadets, roust artillerymen and
Htnto Kunrds marched In a parade
hero today, which was the feature of
the visit of eleven Atlantic, fleet war-
ships to this hiirbor.
Apartment llouso TliliSr CVinuht.
Cloveland, o., Nov. 21, Uy tho ar
rest last night of a man ulvlng tho
name of Thomns Htevons tho police
believe they have caught tho perpe
trntor of a series of clever Impositions
on apartment house dwellers here re
Many complaint huvo been mauo
to tho police thut ,i man represent
Ing himself us the agont or landlords
who wish to renew the furnishings
of their apartment to stilt Ihem has
U suDDrured with I heir money unu
Klmllar robberies In Ht. Ix)UI nna
and Detroit lead the pollen to no-
lleve Hlevens mny be iMpllcuted In
$2,000,000 Morn for Cwnt'glo Fund.
New York. Nov. 21. An addition
of $2,000,000 lo tho endowment fund
of the Cnr'negle foundation for the
advancement of teaching wuh an
nounced by Andrew Carnegie nt a
meeting of the trustees of tils foun
dation hero. The endowment now
stands ut IH, QOli.OOO with 11,000,000
surplus. The girt today wan part of
u grant of r,, 000,000 madn In 100S
on which another 12,000,000 I yet to
come. The money wa convoyed lo
tho trustees In steel corporation
Ohio Man Frraldent.
Washington, Nov. 21. Trj Nation
al Association of TluUwny) Commie
aloners yesterday elected O, V, doth-
Jin of Ohio president.
Tho committed on exhres service
and rnteir reported thut the progress
or Intercorporate rolHtlnnN between
express companies and between them
and tho railroads "ha reached a
lUU of public scandal."
Leader of Sooialist Wing of
American Federation of la
bor Finds Fault With Pre
sident's Report.
Ilr Leased Wire to Kreatast Sleraldl
Rochester, N. V., Nov. 21, An at
tack on the political Htnnd taken by
1'retddent. clompers wiih mudo by Max
8. JIuyen ul the opening of toiluy'H
discussion of tho American Foderu
tlou of l.ubor. llayeu ussallcd the
report of the committee on tho pres
ideiit'H report, which Included a con
currence with Uumpcrn' stund In the
recent campaign. Ilnyes declared he
would not Htaud by the report favor
Iiiit the ihimocratlc party.
A motion to allow tho executive
council to take over the mutter of
forming it new national labor party
wiih defeated by a decisive vote, and
the motion thut the federation should
continue Its policy of non-partlsanahlp
In polltlea wok carried.
Engineer and Brakeman Ser
iously Injured in Acoident
to Locomotive Pulling Un
ion Pacific Passenger Train,
Ilr Leased Wire to Rvralnst Herald
uuwiina, wy., Nov. i. -I'ircmaii
K M. Hldnncr wih scalded tn death, .
J lend Hrakemaii Stephenson and Ktl
Kllleer Thomas l.'oekl'ldce wele bad
ly Hcalded when Hie holler of Knglne
No. 270, pulling I'nlon I'acllle easl
hound piuHi-iuo r iralu, exploded this
morning t Salt Wells, east ol Kuek
NprjiigM. The injured men went
taken to a hospital at Hook Spring.
Cincinnati Woman Beaten to
Death in Cliicago Hotel ; Po
lice of Nation, Hunt for the
rilr Leased Wire to Kvaalaa; Herald
Chleugo, Nov. 21. I'olluo In every
city of Amerlcu hunted toduy for
John 11. KoetterM, 30, because Mrs.
Kmma Kraft, the Cincinnati widow
who came to Chicago to marry Ihe
mun, wiih murdered, Ihe police suy,
by Kootterc, In a downtown hotel
and robbed of fi,000. Tho woman
wus hcutuii Into unconsciousness
with u hummer mid died three duyH
later without being ublu to explain
the mystery of the ussault.
fDr Leased Wlra to ISvalaa Herald
Herlln, Nov. 21. Tho Uusalun
Crown l'rlnco Is suffering from tu
berculosis of Ihe hip Joint unit homo
phlllu, oxuludlng uny hopu of his
complete restoration to health, ac
cording to tlm Ht. Petersburg tor
respondent of the Vosslsche Zeltung,
who says he bus his Information
from an absolutely authentic source,
Such IlnjiUMi He Didn't Die.
Spokane, Wash., Ntiv. 21. llecousi
ho did not die, William (inldblutL a
NpoKiinu juweicr, urougnt suit yisier-
day fignlnst his physician, Dr.
Holier, for 11.1,000. Cloldblatt alleged
In his complaint thai Dr. Itoher told
him ho had cancer of the stomach.
Iiellevlnij that recovery was Inuma
slbln and wishing to Ipiivo his prop
erty In rash, Cloldblatt states thut ha
sold his Jowelry business ut a sacrl
flcn he estlmatrs ut lir.,000, nnd
waited for deat to claim him, De
enmlnir Imniitlent ul hN continued
nresenco among tho llv'vT, he con
stilted eastern . specialists and wo told
that ho was porrcctiy wen.
Aulo Aoddcut Insiirent'o Void.
Des Moines. Iowa, Nov. St. Tho
Iowa supremo court today handed
down a decision holding that Insur
ance written (ufalnst damages from
flutomobllo accldeuta U vold
Pnlonms, Opposite Columbus,
N. M Taken By Raiders
After Stiff Battle With De
Unable to Tell How Many of
His Men Were Killed and
Wounded But Admits Loss
Was Severe.
(Ilr Leased Wire to nvrnlaa- Herald
Ul I'i.ho, Tex., Nov. 21. Nebcin
early today took I'alumos, the Mexi
can 1'ort of entry opposite Columbus,
N. M., after two hours nf brisk light
ing, hush u ropuri received ut Kort
nilsa from tho United .States border
patrol ul that point.
Tho revolutionist assaulted tho
town shortly after day break.
Tho federal garrison of Utile mom
than Ian men rcsi-iidcd with spirit,
but rebel had crepi close to tho out
skirts of tho town and tossed hand
greuadis of dynutnlio Into tho outly
ing Iiuoscm which had been fortilleiL
by tho ledcrul, shattering tho bulhl
IiiiIh and burying the defenders In tie
IiiIh or iidono bricks.
The leporl received at noon ly
Oeneral K. 'A. SteeNei said (hat Cui
lain ltousauo, of tbu federals, wuh
among the refugees to the American
Hide ol the Mile and rel.ited to tile
town's tuplure. Thu rebelH1 Hlrengtli
Ih not known, but Ibo enemy were be
lieved to huvo been led by (leuural
IniM S.iluzar, who has combined var
ious small rebel groups In Ibo nolgh
liot'iiood, v
Tb(, Palomas-PnlainbiM port of on
try Ih a sub-port lo lli-e i:i I'aso-Juaru.
poil for Mexican ami American cus
toms and immigration, It Is tho koy
to tlu ovi-rliiml ttelN leudlng Into tho
'a.f llrun'ti n dlitrl-l, whei, t. jins-
sesdloii by rebels Is onsldered an lm-
lortant .-ilep toward controlling ton
M -lull v below Ihe New Mi l' our-
I'ho number ol' federals killed In not.
known. 'Pin- oiilv iuformatbu i i-
oil here Is t tin I leleuiaphei! to l"liei'ol
Sleever at l-'url llllss, by IiIh ntllccm uL
Coliynbus. N. M.. and Ihey obtained,
their informiilion Horn too reiterni
I'Uptlllll wlio iiossed to IlllH slile ol
tho lino during tho iluiiilug, lie dm
not know how im-ny of nls men hud
been killed or ruptured,
IIATl l.K IN IHiriniAlU'V
Kl Paso. Nov. 21. In a. buttle yes-
terilay near Maderu, Chlhlluliuu, feil-
erulH miller ileiieial Jono Jlluneo ile
feiileil two bamlH of rebels command
ed by Kleiiaido 'I'erruvi and Juan Ho
mos, killing twcivo rebels, Inciuiiimf
both lemlers, according lo u report:
mudo toduy lo Oeneral Trucy Auln ii
lu .Inure. I'eileral losses were not
The repot teii lulling of (lenetal An
tonio Koj.is by Hlanco'H ruralcH In de
tiled lu .Iniil'ez.
hanch sAttKi:i nv nmiiois
Wushlngion, Nov. . 2J. Itepot ii
Thanksgiving Day Proclamation
By the
The American holiday, Thanksgiving day, Ih near at bund. New
Mexicans have much to be lliuii'ful for this year. They have en
Joyed nin blessings and experienced lew calamities, Wo have hud
no dlfiistroiis fltorms and huvo been free Mom dangerous conditions
of uny sort. Crime bus decreased anil order bus been belter main
tained under tho law.
During tho pust twelve month' New Mexico huu entered tho
union us a sovereign commonwealth; she bus assumed the ruuctlous
of state government nml liar llnan'lul credit Is exceptionally good.
In manifesting our appreciation of tho new comlltlouH under statu
government, wo should rcsolvo to make our great new slate a bless
ing to nil or our people, HUch as good ultliu'im hu u right lo expect.
There hut) beoti an iiffccllvo dcslro to awukon uml elcunso Ihe public
conscience, and n. betterment In th o standard or public service and
elllclency Is taking place. Capital, has good opportunities bere mot
lliij wiigo ciirncr does not lack employment. Crops ami io.mIh.c
huve been plentiful and the public health la In good oinllilun,
Wn have u alato old In civilUutlon hut now In many iblntii,
with untold wealth In Its great undeveloped resources. Our beniiti
lul nunnliino und health giving aim oHphern make our cllmuto unex
celled, If unyvvhoro elso ciualleil, und Is one of our chief iihsi hi
which which should bo attractive lo those snaking health us well as
Now therefore, In accordance ulth tho tlmn honored custom
ami conforming to thu proclamiill"n of the presldont of tho United
Htutcs, I, William C. McDonald, governor or tho Htute of Now Mex
ico, do hereby designate and proclulm, Thursday, November 28th,
1012, us TIIANKBaiVINa DAY, nnd recommend Hint the people of
New Mexico obnorva tho day by attending dlvlno worship If possi
ble that tho publlo schools ho closed, also places of public und pri
vate business ho fat4 an may bo pructlcuble; that wo offer our grat
itude to Almighty Clod no i. only through prayer, song und sermon,
hut by sharing with, tho needy fimong us (he blessings which wo en
Joy, Done nt tho enccmttlvo ofllco this tho 20th duy or November,
A. D,, I U I a. Wltnea my hand and
Vu. lnl.ll.
New jiloxlco.
ANTONIO LtlQjjno, flecrotariy
Counsel for Defense in Texa3
Murder Case Succeeds in
Getting in Question Despite
Judge's Ruling.
Or Leased Wire tn KTr.nlau Herald
Kurt Worth, Texas, Nov. .'I II
cost ('one Johnston r counsel for .1
U. Sliced lion tndu to w.n into the
record an Impotiant defense link In
Kneed's second tiial for the alien"!
murder nf ruplaln A. O. Iloyco. t)e
Hplte sharp orders from the coitit lu
bo silent, Johnson repeatedly vol '
a iittestioii wnicn me nun nun pro
scribed nnd, llioui'li he was unable to
complete bis iHer, he liiived II to
tile point where Ih II tilled him
$100 'or t'oulompt. .lobiisuu tutld the
Hue, deelailng he tuaile ins uncut ton
HUlllcleully of record t" lie used lu
case, of an apponl.
Tlm iiuestlon was Intended In brim;
out evidence by which the defense
hopes to prove thai I'liplaln lloyce
gave Ills sou mouev to elope wild Mrrt.
Sueed, and also thut an employe of
Captain lloyce wuh sent to lirt Woith
to UHnlst lu the elopement.
Ilr Leased Wire to Kvenlng lleratdl
Denver, Nov. J I. Austrian Consul
Chexaller M. Do Slrasewvkl has Insti
tuted an tncsliKailon Hid, the arrest
of Paul Koeela III Colorado Springs
NViVember III. Koeela bus lllcd ll
complaint with the consul that ho was
lined rn and $K additional was
tulten from him. The original churge
ugalust Kocelii wuh drunkenness.
OiK'rn llouM seorclinl.
Aspen. Colo.,, Nov. 21, Klrrt 1)0-
lleved (o ho of Inceudlury origin curly
today destroyed the gullcry and stugc
lif the Wheeler operu house, Loss,
Physician KelH Own l,eg.
I'ulton, Mo., Nov. 21. I'our ul
tttchcH of tho Pulton Htuto Jloupltul,
Including two physicians, wero In
Juied recently when an automobile.
in which they wen; riding struck
Mitt place In n rood near I'll II on ami
tilled, throwing the occupants from
the muehiiie. Tho front wheel of the
auto wus wrenched from tlio axle,
which prevented the machine from
over turning and saved tho occtipautii
from more serious Injury.
The Injured are: Dr. II. O. Dullau,
left leg fractured lu two places; Di
K. C. Singleton, back wrenched; Wal
ler Pyleri, chauffeur, Injuries oil
head; Uo.V t. Tuylor, storekeeper,
bruised on bond nnd fore. Dr. Dill
Ins temporarily sot bis own leg tiller
the accident. Tho men hud been out
on n iiiull hunt and wero returning,
IUMWClI.Ciirrl.o.o Aulo Line.
Itoswell, N. M., Nov. 21, lleiptestn
for bulH from Wuiihluglou huve been
ui.iile for mi auto mull lino f mm Itos
well to CnrrUozo, N. M. PnsHeiigerH
also aro to bo carried. Tills nolle
will uliorlon by twelve hours tlm ills-
luneo between easlern New M 'Meo
points and HI Paso,
finiii Imrango, Mix.. l Hie stale d
luirlmeut, stale thut the Auieriiiiu
nwiicil Maguuy raueli, slxlv miles west
of Durango, wan completely aaelied
and Its bulldlngH oiirned November 20
by a force of mo revolutionists
A detachment of Mexican federal
cavalry M pursuing tlm ivhcK
tho great seal of the Mute, of
. William Mcdonald,
of Blate.
MaoManigal Tells How He
and MoNamara Enjoyed
Five Months of Freedom
After Eluding Officers.
lly l.rserd Wire In tCvealac rterald
imiiiimvpiiim, i mi, Nov, 21. Mow
employes ol W. .1. Horns, u detective,
had the I.oh Angelen ilynamltorM "cor
nered" In a room in . boarding houses
ut i'oiiomi. wis., the months buforeJ
the .irrcsis weie mude und ullowed
litem In ecaie w.'iH rehltl'll by Orllu
Mc.ManlM-il m resuiulng his con
fession at tin, "dv inimlte conspiracy."
Hill luil. iy.
McMiinlgnl said in November, DUO,
Hie moiilli after tho Times building
w.ih liliiwu up, he and .Iuiucm 11. Me
Naiuai.i bad been hunting llv'o miles
from Cmiiiver when one dny he missed
in hum it, and later found him drunk
lu Hie bo.irdlug house talking lo din
eelive.i. MeMiullgul said MeN'ilinuru'H
desei ipilmi bad beull published every
where and be hud received mull nt
(mover, iml after u discussion Willi;
the ileteetlvcH they mulliiged to es-
ipe. MeNainarii tho next mouth
caused another explosion ut I.oh AU-
gcles and ten other explosions follow-,
eu iietore tne arrests in apru, i 1 1 . i
On their escape from tho Wiscon
sin woods, McMnnlgiil suld James ii
a seeiind time attempted to kill htm.
"Iln wanted mu to hold un a tin,
cuu und let him shoot u hole through!
It' said .McMuuigul. "I told him ta
put u bole ihrougU himself If ltd
wan led to kill anybody."
"Telling of his experience, nt Los,
Angeles, .tunics II, paid ho would havo
put u bomb lu tho Times auxiliary,
plant If be could huvo located It that
ulRbl,'' teiilliled McMunlgal.
"Ilo said leaving Lob Augelos JIQ'
went to San Francisco ta got money
and romulned thcro four days. Crosa-
Ing to Oakland un lilt way aM, U
said ho throw four Infernal maeJilncB
Into Ihe buy to got rid of them. Ilo
stopped nt Hull Jiko City and remain
eil two weeks with J. K. Munsey."
.McManigul previously had snld tho
llrsl day Ihey arrived lu Hie WIscoiihIii
woodu lo hide, .lames II, "look u shot"
ut lilin.
Henry W. U'gleltnor, Denver, u
member of tho Ironworkers executive.
hoard, when urreslod IiihI winter, ad
mitted tho union oIIIcIuIh expended
money without giving un accounting
to tho meiuhertf, uncording to Samuel
A. Meyer. Meyer testified ho oaked,
U'gleltuer about tho !l.0n u month)
which the so eminent charges wnn
used by J. .1. McNamuru for dynamit
ing. "Ilo replied ho thought an inner
circle of oilleluhi in tlio union control.
led tho llnances." said Moyur. He
also said President I "i link M. uynu
had authorlly to pay out money when
tho exeeutlvii bo::rd wuh not In ues-
tiloii and no account lug wiih given of
Ihe tl.fllHI a motilh pild to Me.NilliW
Stnte Closes Case Against Law
yer Charged With Murder
ing Wealthy Client in Small
Boat on Lake.
Illy l.rneetl Wire ta ICvenlag lleratdl
tlosheii, N. V., Nov. 21. Tho state
rested tin case today against Hurton
W. iilbsou, the New Yont lawyer
charged with tho murder of Mrs.
... , .,.. ..i, . . .
liosa nr.aoo, ins eneiii. ir. unu ,
Hehuli.i' or New Vork, u coroner"!
tilnslelan. lestllled that Mrs. Hzubd
ilnil ul MtiiiuKulallon ami not of
drow uiiii:
.Mr. nebulizes testimony corrobo-
ruled Uml of two physlcluiiH who
pieeeih d him. Ity uieuiis or a photo
Ki a 'li ol the organs of Mih. Habo's
i In out tuken after removal from her
bodv, he lllustruteil his contention
that she b.ul I ii strangled by force
.ipplb d to her throat.
Dy Leased Wire to Hventaff llorald
Mexico CMly, Nov. 21. Tho report
that tho town of Arnnbay, In tho
northern part of tho Htuto of Mexico
which wo destroyed by Tuesday'
earthquake wae renewed today In
Eloro and a number of dootorrlmme-
dlately proceeded to the scone, It l
sum vie, victims numbered a hundroa
Alia town liitu 1,000 Inhabitontf.
Telegrnphlo communication Is In
ssbsW"sbbbsbMIsbIbsbB MMUUfe,
Nazim Pasha, Ottoman Com
maiidcr-in-Ckief, Ordered to
Resume Operations for Dc
fense df Constantinople.
Terrible Losses Inflicted on
Enemy Around To&taljft
Forts Encourage titf&gtrft
to Further Redttaet.
Ilr Leased Wire to KtsitaH eM
u.insianunopte, uny. au ria HBf
attack on the Turkish crutoe .Jajli
dleh, on the llluck Ben, tbln tafdlfttiiA
two Dulgarlnn torpedo boata'rll UN
sorted tn have been sunk and tyel
other torpedo bouts badly i&AiUrC?
Tho llumldleh Is said to 'lkV" S4
aped practically without dftsiai.
Nuslm Piishn. the. 'rurUMlm
munder-ln-chlef. In a taief.M. UiJ
I'lllA.M,,,, ...MM nmnA Jmmd ..
"According to report! M t
oelved, Turkish recqnAftNojriit.par
ties have connrmed the rejMrft tkftC
tho enemy 'abandoned tWtttyfteh:
held during the last thraeieVr C
fighting facing tho linn at rM ta
tho zone which they hud ooettkti8.
Tho Bulgarians hive fall boelc t
certain points as much m fettr aa4
a half miles from the'TDtlrtaei MMb
A number of wouiUrat a4 many
dead bodies were t6U4 hi the Hurt
garlan trfitiokt. beadoa tMi nm
munition and other etttH.'V
The found t heavy sjrtMrefy,
nitmabty naval guns, was 4iK au
dlbli-tQ(5yt'.T i . n
' The' 'Ottoman government hac r
Jeutod the terms offered by tto i)Hel
Balkan nations. asim l?sHrh,.th
Turkish commar.derlnoMef, hax
boon ordered to rosumn operattoM.
tiio oiiioiai announcement of th
rejection of Dulgarlu'a terme rendt
"The Porte, finding the BubjArtea
cnndltloun for an nrmlstloe Inaooept-'
able, hua ordered Noulm PnJha to
resume military operations."
flofla, Nov. 21, Tlio terms for an
armistice proposed by the Bulgarian
urn In no way In the nature of ao
ultimatum, according to official olr
rh'H here. It In oen to the Tu'rfeUh
government to mako counter &ropo
nattf, i
London, Nov. 21. The Balkan
terms of peace are Impossible, ac
cording to the, Turkish grand vlsler,
and If they are Insisted upon the .war
will continue. lie made this state
ment to the correspondent of the
Dully Mali ut Constantinople today.
Klamll Pasha suld:
"I rmiolved lust night communica
tions through tho nusslan ambassa
dor to Turkey of the terms which
tho Ilulgarlatm suggest for an armis
tice, as a preliminary to the dlacua
slon of the terms of peace. The
terms uro Impossible and unless they
are radically altered tho war will
Tho liulgarlans ask for the-'Rur
render of Adrlanople, Scutari Janlnot
and tho Tahatalja lines,"
The only hope of peace, tho cor
respondent adds, now seems to lie In
the fact that these, demands of tho
ttllten probubly wero determined upon
before the unsuccessful attacks were
made by the Bulgarians on the Toha
tulja lines during the first throe duya
of this wtek.
.There has been much talk of ni
Buropoan conference as soon aa hos
tllltlea oeaao for tho dliouoalon of ln
tornatlonal questions arising out 08
th war. flip Edward nrov. tka Brtu
(If forfellrn minister, however.
hotinoed today In the house of com
mono that the question whether 4
conference should or should ,tot bat
held hud not been definitely conild
ered by tho European powers.
Tho Bulgarian toses In dead &ndj
wounded during tho flghtlntf at Tcha
iiiiju totui ih.qou, according to offi
cial advices telegraphed by & special
correspondent from Cofcstantlooplej
today. Terrino damage wag done (at
thi Bulgarian column which at
tacked th Turkish left wing, pat
tlcularly by the shells from the)
Turkish wurshlps. One. of tbfeM fU
on a nulgurlan ammunition' tratfi.
which oxplodtd. rerjU'n laf CTfiAt
loss of life. 4 " v ,
nellablo eyo wUncM 6f'teJ.HjrrH
Ing on tha Turk lelvwaVWeH
talja, raport that it a'Mreara t' hv
resulted In tho Biilrfiii .rMc!e
atdtia the road from TPM
toward the vlliare- c-flT4sA,,a
coding, to the teirRHre' tjt
Daily Kewij. Ona rttart' tafc
ti baoR 88 mU. tvfit.
KlUityiWi aooordtr Vi smfc
, 4
- . f - w- ' " - - - 'RKy- y - T- - - . M .U.N W

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