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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, December 03, 1912, Image 1

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You KM ItV tin JtKHAIO.
Mt Contwh month r IS i-entK
neck rtfAvenHl ni vmir door:
firijr renin n moll.
Vol. ao. ao.
VOJk 8. NCttMf
I 1. 1 . 1 1 mm , ,,,, HVi iilinh
1 i
President's Message on Foreign Relations Hns Note of Warn
ing to European Powers Which Continue to Discriminate
Against American Trade; Appeals to Congress to Place
Great Foreign Policies Above PaHisanship and Points
With Pride to Triumphant Vindication of Administra
tion's Diplomatic Work Abroad.
Ry I,enr(l Wire tit r.TCnlng Herald
WuMiliiKtnn. Dec. 3. lroldenl
I'niff llr.'t iiu-hhikc to Hie inst mm-ion
Of eonnren In .iIh term wiih roce.w-ir.
With eloHi attention of both liralichcrf
When loKHlntlie biiHlmifri tnKiui todai
Dc.iliiif. entirely with roroJKti relation
mill Aiiiprha'H cmnniffflal piocrew In
fore (ill tlaile. the IIIVulRe pliveil tin-
ny for nt hern 1ln ehlejt .OM,eiit'..ve will
M'llil Intel ileallllK with' the hl iilM.
IIoiih of lesls'iiilon nnil Kovernment.
A note 111 warnliiK to lliinipeaii pow
ern which liy Inillieit inriinH coiitlmie
to illHerlllllliate iiKalliHt American
triple: 11 Mtn'tiK nppeal to the eiumr--H
to upllfl tin' ureal InrelKii polkl-h ol
America aln' merit .pi'-HtlmiH ..r pin
lluHhlp; a irliimphani vlmllcmlon
nr the illpli.mac ol (he ailmlli'sll
Hon which is chanici.jilcil iih that of
"ilollarH vermin hiillolx;" u m.iNierl'H
prlile III th'1 elioiiiioiix expaliKlnii ol
American irmlc mm a rcMiilt nt' the lor
elKII Jiolcles of llt-i llilnillllHtratlnll.
it'nil nn oariieM niipciil tor Jnlni 111"
lion li cnllKiexx unit Die exccnlhc I"
open new nirirUi'tu for American In
illlfitl ll"l -- th-i.'e ere I ! mon utrlltlillf
leiilliiCH of I'reslileiil Tall t lonrlh
nmilial mixMiee neitl 10 coiikhmm lo
'I'lio nieMMiii- Itl the JlrnC n n hii
nf Mlleh eiiiminililenllnim whl' ll lm Will
mnlie In e"iiKioM In the oftrly iIh f
tho '.khhIiiii. iUiil(K'nlv. WillreU wll'i
tho foreiLii iclatioim of Ihe t nUeil
finned linlnnlmr with tho titmnl ref
eienco lii the exUtlnc Konrt relntlonH
with foreimi pow?f. Mm prenlilcnt
1 1 ,10 k that 1 hewn hiivn lieon HtreiiRth.
eiieil hy " a Krealer InHlHteme upon
JllMlce In Annrlillll cltl.eilH, nr III
lereMtH, wherever II limy have been
Imileil. ami a MloilCor emphilHln ol
Hie need of 1 1 ti 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 v In eninmerclnl
mill other M lallnllH."
l-'or the llml i line In H liintnr.v
WIVM the nriHlilellt the Male ilepnll-
iiieiit Iiiih ohtaliied miliptmitlnllv the
miiHt favoretl nation treatment from
mi of the count rk-M of the world.
Therefore, he miyn that It Ih only nut
nrnl Hint compellllui colmtrleM shonlil
view with Home concern the expa union
or our commerce. Hence Hie warn
Inir. "If In nome lHHtunccH, the iik-iih
iiren tnhen hy thotn to meet It aro
not entirely coultuhle, n remedy
Hhoulrl he follllil."
i'ii thlH end. tho prenlilent utrotiKly
nicommeiiilH the ennctment of Ihe lilll
recommended liv J'reriiliiry Knox Inpl
Decemlicr. permllllnu the Kovern-
nient, Instead oflmpouInK the full ;
maximum ratea of duly, iiRiilii.it 'IIh
crlmluiitlnB (ounirlcM. to ripply a
Krniliiatcd Hale of dutleH, up to that
inuxlmum or 2;, per cent.
"I'lai tailffH are out of date." h.ih
thn prcHldcnt. "NntlonH no loimT
nccord etiiinl tariff trcfttnumt 10 all
other natlotiH. Irreupcetlvo or the.
treatment from them rcelved. 11 I"
very noootomry 1 tint Ihe. Anlerlean kov.
emmenl Hhoiild lie eipilppod with
AeaponH of negotiation and adapted
to modern econonilc condltloiiM."
The unite iletutrtmvnt. "an archnlo
iipd Inadeiiualo machine," i Ihe hu
Klnnliik' of thlH (idmliilNtrutlon. the
prc.ildent naNfl, hnH hecainu n new or
Kiinlnnlloii, with hlhly Bpnclullzed hu
renim ami expertrt rttnllnK with every
nhtiHii of American trode nml dlplom
ney. IJoldlnn thai tho riwenco f huh
reorKfinled worvlco l found In Urn
merit xyiitem, which Prenldcnt flexe
land In .credllifd wUh havln Intro
duced. I'renldent Tnft mnkeN a Htmns
(ippenl to roiiKrcxa lo make th 1 run
chlno nernianeul. hy kIvIiik tho force
of Hlatutory law to luexi ullvo or
ilern (joveriilnir ndlnlHnlnn to and pio
, motion In me illplninnllc nml l unmilur
To hIiow Hint ttinuo appolnlmenlM
nro alrfady JarKely nott'Pui tlxaii, the
pre.ilrtcnl polalH to Ihe fact that ttireu
of the prenent amDHKHMiiord are noni
,.cerH! that of thn ten-hn hnH ainniliil
ed, live were hy proiiintfon from Ihe
rank of , minister; that of thu thirty
nilnlHterH appointed, eleven were pro
niottnnn; and thntln tint consular
Hcrvlee. no e(w that! Iifi pvr cent nf
the cnnmits nnnolnted hy him wero
from tho fouthcrn ulntcw.
"Tho dlplomncy of tho nreoent ml
tnlnlxtrntlon linn notifjlit to romiotul to
miMlern lilenH of nommoroml Inter
roiirHe," muh lrPfiUlint Tdft. "Thl
pollpyhnH tieen elinrictnrlWil ft ub
MltittlnK rtnlliim fof.itittlfpU. If la nno
that nppenlH alike, to Ideali.Htlo hit
ntanltnrlun rtcntlrhellttr. . to tha die
tntea of aounfl policy Mil atrntcgy,
nml to ifHiurimto commercial aim,
Tho profddtnl jHf4n that "because
modern diplomacy. J jcttmrrfcfctal,
thero in hoen a otipoalUon In aofa
qtiartcra to attrlhntftt H nono bu
matorl&lUtla rtlmti," '.
"II9W BtrlWhly r?Bi;ui U buoH
an lniiircnnloti mnv hi) ceell Irnin a
Htuily of 1 lift rcHiiltH hj which the
dlplomncy nf the United Si.iIch .mm
lie JildKed." HllH the president.
He meiltlotiH the arbitration in n
le wllli I'Vaiice and (Sreat Mni.iio
whli h failed of ciinllrmatlim m lie
pcnitlo; (ho aucccHHrill trlpaitlle niedl
atom nf the ArKonllne Uepuide , Hn-
f. nad the l.'nlted Staten 1mImoH
I'eiu Hid Kcttailnr; Hi" iirldtrni inn ni
the I'.iii.una-Coytu Illia liouu'l.nj 'Hk-
pule; tin- intcrxeiitlon helm-en ll ilii
nml ihe Donilllicali Jtepulil- "ii ih
VerKe nf war, the MllpprcHNtnii "I tin
.VIi-araMiiu war, the halting of inter
lleelne hlrlfe III nnlldnillH, tile ailJeM-
melil 01 the i-elelirated Taciin -Alien
dlHimte iiclwceii Tern ami I'hlle, ami
the adjiiKtment of Ihe I'eriivlmi-Mi nn-
lloi'luii hoiimllirv ItfHile.
Ill i nliHCipicm c of tllCM' thlliRti
m.'ivh the nri-Hiiii'iii. iio-ii- mis ! 11 a
Kcelilnl eiiNlllK of lllteraillloiial t I'll
Hi oil no tile went coiiHt of Soil III Atni-r
iea. He also addx that the dlplniif
acy of 1 iu I nltcd Utalei ih .vine 111
Nfoldnir to iihsuii thn remalnim: ill
feeling Iiclwceii thlH country and 1 o
'I'lll(llll2 till HIIIIIO of tho ilclallH ol
Iho year'K illploiilaile work, the prefl
hleiit infcra- with oxprernUii of pride
In China, where "the policy of en
.cuunichiir lliianclill liivcxlinciit 10 en
ali o 1 mil eoiiuiry 10 nvi 1 iihcii nan
had the rcHiitt nf llnt! new life ami
practical nppllcatlo uto the open-door
policy. ' The ciiiihIhIoiiI pill-pone Ipif
hcen to eiicinirai',0 the iiho nf Allier
lean capital In China, naya Ihe iirenl
dent, to promote the rcforum In which
Hint iniiulr I- pleilKi'il liv ttealy wMh
the Tlilled Stall H atld oilier poWITH
There Ioim been a vlimroiiH aerlloii
all 11. he hiinh. nf III mill llKlll ol
Iho I'nlleil Sliili-n lo a Milcc III nl
ouoHtlonH ncrtulnlUK ! ciilncsi- loam
ami developmelllH.
I'n-Hlilent Tafl m.iUoH the direr
charKo that the tcirllile eventa 11
corded hi NIcaraKUa recently, Ihe nae
Ii-hh Iiihh of life. Hie iloviiHtntlon o.
prnpert). tin- homlinrilmciii of th
principal i-IUch, the UIIIIiikh ami tin
tnrturt-H and sult'erlm,'. "mlKht hnvi
hcen uverted had the department ol
mate, thrmiKh approval nf Hie loan
convention hy the Nemito, hcen per
milted lo carry out Itn now well tin
veloped policy,"
"In Central Anieiu-.i the aim ha
liei-tl In help HIH ll eoiilllt'li-H atl MO
armiti.i ami iiouuitraH in neip iiinm
hi-Ivch," Miiyn l'ri'Hlilcnl Tafl.
While lho are the immediate bene.
llclarlcH. Ihe riinllt in the I nlti-U
Hluti-K Ih iwo.fold. he adilH. . Tin:
.Monroe Doctrine Ih more v tin I In tin.
nelKhhorhood of the I'anama canal,
and hucIi cnuiitrlim Hhould tie rnlloved
of tho Jeopard) of heavy forr.ln
ilehta likely lo piovoke Inicrnallonnl
The financial lehahllllatlon of Iheao
counlrleH hy American bank cm and
Iho protection of their umitom
Iioiihch from helnu the prey of would,
bo dictator. ha.sM 1 In- prcHldcnt, would
remove the menace of forolKti cred
Horn ami reMdiiilouary illHorder
Kurthcrnioic the I nlied HlnteH would
protlt larKidy In a IiiihIihhb way
throuKh the ik-veiopmeni of tin- Kieat
natural reHourii-H of 1 eain.l America.
Commemllnir the H'lieexHful rcnultH
of the application of the new nnil
trnlltv Iiiwh to .Mexico and other
troubled onuntrliH Hu- ircldonl hiik
Kfnta that meaiiH in- found Iti addl
Hon to prevent tin profotmlnnnl revo-
ItitloiiiniH fro 1 iklnu American
PortM "foci" fur iiMiiutlonary In
trlRiie. He reiterate hla detcrmlna
lion lo adhere in Hn- ennu of Mexico
to tho "patient policy of non-lnlr
ventlon, HtemlfiiHt reioKtiltlon of con-
Htltuted nnlhfirlty, and the oxerllon
of every effort to protect American
OU.er liilrfinrapbM of tho mcuwigo
point to tho inciciiHc of American do
incntlo cxporta by 200,000,no0 during
tho pant year, maltlim tho Brcntcat
total ever l.pown, IJ'.'.SOO.OOft.OOOi 10
tho aurlctilturul credit nyxloni which
hn thormmhly endorned, to tho prob
nhlo neciwlty of an amciidmnnt ol
Urn fur aim) act to permit IfmltliiK
klllnK of kciiIh; to n mcnUna of tho
arbltrntorH In wnidilnmon next year
to dUHt tho pecuniary olalma hn
tween (Irent Jlrllnln ami Amcrlrh; to
JiOBOllntloiiH with Mnxlco tot' ttlft dl
trlliutlon nf tho water of t)to Colo
rado river in thn Impiirml valley .auc
tion; and to tho financial ronnhiu
tullon of TJbcrla.
Thero l tnorely lilatorlcol refer
enco to thn Chlneao r(rvolu(lo)i; to tbo
HAti i;omlncan trouotea, utAiMibellioa
In Cub and tbo Balkan wa,r tfovol
opmentn. In which 'It In unlit tin? Unit
Stairs Ik not Involved,
Tho iiu'hhiiko conclude, with nn
e.-micut appeal to conurefm to co
operate with tho executive In Its of
furiN 1 o npply thn til il ,vrlnclplen of
diplomacy which Jiavo jpivorncil tho
tounlry to ilto timenlotiH Mow ltu
tuiiH of today, whn America flnda
Itnelf nt ih threnhold of her middle
tte iih 11 imtlon, "(on malum to rim
tlmio In lt fnrolun retmlnna those
letiiiinrulry oxpeilluntu natural to n
people to whom domestic urfunn an
tho hoIo concern."
Ilr TVIrr to Rvrnlnff nrrnldl
Cincinnati, ).. n-c. 3. Tito cwhh-
examination nt Henry 1 .InmcH, n
Detroit automobile HnlcHtiiun, wuh
again taken up when tho trim of .I0I111
If. I'ntternon nml twent) .nine other
nlllccrM lorttier nlHeem of the Na
tional CtiNh HeciHier omnium), who
nro ciiiirui'ii wiiii violating thu simr-
man nmi-tr'txt law. won ri'Kiitiii'il In
the t'nlieil stati'H illntrht I'uiirt line
I oil 11 v.
Another Crimp for lUtllroail.o.
WanhliiBton, I). U Dec. 3. Kcnato.-
WnrkH htiK tirepared for Introduction
In the Hcnuto a hill makltiK It a felony
lor any percon or corporation to In
icrfere with another person or cor-
tioratlnn ohlalnlmr llnanclal aid In the
organization nr carrylm; on of any In
terntale biiRliicfls. The hill Ift haped on
eoinil:ilnti of the Interference of rail-
roailH with proxpccilve rUaN Pv Im
pairing their credit.
Two Desperate and Cunmmy
Attempts to Murder Officera
in San Francisco's
flly Tieiihnl Who Iii'IAoiiIiik Herald J
S.lll 1-TIIIIClH (I, IJiJC. II.--I'llllleNC
KH 111 IiUth rcHiirlcd In ili-Hieinlo htrule-
uy luHt niKht to evadt Ihe police and
lured two olllcet'H to ImprlHoumenl ill
KaH-llllcit cliambi-rH, ealiiK them In
ilHph)la(e. The fail thai ein-b nlll
eer carried a hiiiiiII axe h.-ioiI iln-m,
iih Ihei Hiiccecdcil III clinppiUK hnles
Ihl-niiKli the Mil IIh tn nblaln nlr and
llll. t'nt-piiiul (luff, the llrnl V0 lllll.
wiih w.ilklni; aluiii) when nn iiiikiinwu
hliicHi- hriiHhed hy him nml whin
nered "I'IKOW In Siberia club.'
Without wallltn; m cii'l IiIh m'uhmI.
OoiT riinhed lo the i-lnb, which wuh
IlKhlcd up nH iiHiial. He tbriiHt aalde
the doorkcopcr. Ah the door hwiiiik
lim it ho heard holm elb-lc and hIuiiiI
laniMiiiHly the kuh IIkIiih went out
TdIuk the other door, he found him-Hi-lf
ImprlHolicd In a narrow hallwa),
n-vcii feii lontr, mid aluioHi Immcdi
.itelv becatnii aware that kiih wuh
riiHhlm; from the open Join. After 1 . .
niii-on nllnllteH furioiiH work with hiH'Negro Proposes to Have Mov
nxe he penetrated Hn- Vail and wan
ri-Hi ued nearly overcome.
oilli or llulley wuh trapped almllarly
In another t-lllh at aliuoHt the hiiiiio
Convened at 11 o'clock thin morn-
Iiik- Kenator .McCiimher hitrmliiced a
hill to repenl newxpapcr puhll. It.v
law. A meanaKC read from iTenlileiil
Taft revlowliiB American forelBii -e-
latloiiH, ui'fflnic that the fundamental
pollclcH nf the nation be ruined ahovo
Urn conillct of pnrtlHatiMhlp.
ltohert Dollar of San Kranelnco,
recommended cIiiiiikch hi neamen'H In
voluntary Mcrvltiirio, tentlfylnK heroro
Hie commerce Hiih-eommlttec. Wil
liam I'. Jm-knon of Maryland 11 ml
Klrtland I. I'crky of Idaho were
Hworn In un meinhc-rn.
Kenator l'enrono Introduced a hill
for Ic letter pontage.
Kenator McCtimher Introdtie.td 11
hill to penMon former prcnldcnlH an
$10,11(10 annually and r.,0(ift for for -
.'in lm. un vi ni n-i. ii ii. , in ni,. iiiiiiv ill
IIIIT lircaKIOntk' WidOWH.
At 12:3d o'clock thin afternoon the
trial of ltohert W. Archhald on ar
tlclt-H of Impeiiehment hCKitn. After
nilopiiiiK formal ordcrx for mcetliiR at
o'clock,, in the afternoon dally, the
court rerouted until o'clock thin
Chairman Crawford of elalmu com -
mitten Kat e nnllco hn would BHk for
toimlderntlon of omnlhUM hill Wodni-H-C
' . on Hi'ilmiH cliarm-n. The prlco fluhtoi'
IIouso. nald u movliiK picture concern had
Convenod nt noon, I unroot! lo pay him $5,000 to make a
Oonidtlcrnilqn of Adnmtion bill for illm of Iho weddlni;. vj)lqj la nulled
phynlcal ..valuation of InturHlalo rnll-iulcd to lake placo at tbo homo of bin
toadH iviu boBUn. Iloprcncntatlvo
l.ovy Introduced resolution dlrectlnK
Iho flTOro'tnt-y of Iho trcnuur to de-
poult In triotlonnt hankii IBO.OiiO.OOO to
rellnvii ttin "ehorn and notlvo demnnd
for mnnpy,'
Coll' ijs lienk Htalrmcnt.
WnnhlftiMin; Doc. a, Tho romp-
Iroller of tkti currency today Ixmicd U
call forft lUleiiiont of tho condition
of all
banks In tho Unltod
mate at :rtrioc of
builneo pn
'TuMay'NoVWbor 20
President of Ironworkers' Un
ion Declares He Had No
Knowledgo of "Wrecking
Crew's" Operations.
flly I,eaeil Who to Kmilug ller.ild
lmllaiiiiiiiiiii, Doc. :t. i'i mi: .M,
llyan. prexnlent of the Ir-.n WoikelM
union, testiiied at tho "iImuiiiiIio con
Hpirac.v" t i-ui I today th.ii hn olllco
waa roliln-d" hy dctecllv.t when J.
,1. .Mi'N'ainara, tho aoeni.in w-ai ar-
renled lo April, lt 11.
11)1111. lifMTtlllR ho ll.nl 101 HUHpl
elon McNniii.ii-a hud Hinted 1 pliiHlveH
at the union hcnd(tiarli rn, n.ild he
protcHled when olflclalH nr iho Na
tional Kre.-IOIN' afNOClnlloll Jmned dt
IcellM'M III Hi-.llclllniT IhU llli'M Willie
lie wai cnileavorlnK to fiirnlKh Ihe
cnmlillliilinii nf tho HUt'c. he mill, a !
1 rackfonan pmcecilcd to ill III tile lock.
Meantime. .M--ainiira wuh he'iltc hur-
I'li-d to Cllil'iil lllll,
Diirliur tin xeareh of the prcinlaoH.
llyan H.ibl. in- cciu for IiIh uttoimiy
nml eominiieii iho uiitliorllieH to pro-ilm-e
health warriintx. Kltihly-two
ipiartH ol niirn-ijiycerlii wi-to found
hi the aull.
Ilynii .iIh.i tienlod, an had been
churned. Hint aH early iih IfiOH W. 'I'
.limine, then .linirlel attornev In New
Yml;. had kucii wariilu-j that expln
hIoiik win iie.nv; iloile by Ihe Iron
w orltei'H."
1 'l OHH-eX.i oil lied, It I'll II tt.lt IIHlitld
what In no am Iti whtlm: I'moi Now
Vnrk In Ai-iil. I'.mti, to inilnii head-
iiuaiteiH. "I will 1101 have u report
ithlH intuit it. Nearly all 1111 work
'i liniiot lie rt-fel It'll lo."
Tin- uovormiii'iit chin uc.-i that iih
I I.. ...I ..r ll... ....)..., Il.-.i.i Ir...... V..II-
II. IIH Ml III,- line, II III.III I. .ll ..V'.
York wan 1111-11111117 inilnii nlllclalH In
oilier i-iiiiH.atiiut John to he blown up.
"I meant by Unit, I wna Irylnir In
Heine illHpuli-a aninilK Iho Iroiiwork-el-M
in New York." ilnwervli' Itymi,
"ami I did not think It wlm. for
rneiiilii-lM in nihil ill lea to kuniv
there u.ih n much iIIkhiIiiIuM In 10
ralikH "
ltan mill' il
In llo 1. 1
N'lilii.il'n :m.l I
w .i. 1 Ill 1 -I
In- 1 . 1 v 1 bill., iillellllon
1 1 1 m ii 1 1 1 . i .-, Mr.
1 v llll Ii mi .p. iiiiiu-
ing Pictures Taken at Cere
mony and Profit by Exliibi
tion of Films,
Ilr l.rnnnl U'lrr In liTantoE Herald
Clloup In- . ; ".laolc .IdIiiihoii, llo-Ki-o
1 1 1 1 ; 1 1 1 -1 . iiiil. i) procured a II' cum
in wed MInh l.ii-illri Cameron, the
v.-blto "i;!i I, Imi Iiiih bcou lilenl iileil
with .lolinsi.n 1 lit troiihlo In Un-
I i.-ilt-ni 1 iiiiiii. The ccreuimiy !.- m-i
for lonlK ii. ii w.i . n.ild. When .l"bn
kiii'i ilrs. in nil- 1 in iippllr.-alloii, Mi-h
Ciimoroii wm uni with him mid Hie
clerk det iho -I in iMMiti tho put mil un
Iikh nlie w.i. pien iii to mvear m in r
.1 oil 11 hi it 1 Un 11 a.ii'ilnil to Itoluil -M.
Suelter, 1 iiiini) 1 li-rk, who oii-iTiih-il
the lb 111 nml ilniiliNOIl Weill liv.'"
Ki'luiiliia wn.i Hi" document t-afels
i.toui .1 In lo- poi ki t, Joliimon ( -plalniil
) Hi eoiiiily clerk thai tin
records! in Hn mint nbow that the
iCi.mcroii Kin Ih mrn tiian is ycaiM
Old. .IlillllHOU Kine IllHOWIl URO IIH .11
I . - " - i
veai-H. In' 1 ui'-i oi ponce uut-iaru-u
1 he would ir t" prmni tho exiuiuiioti
'Of Hie piopnneu ohmiuh iiuhiiii-b in ine
- , "Tin affair In aKuinat public poini
i-ml moralH, ' he nald.
HAS l-lvr. riim
UOMiAIMHTKll ItHl Tliri f HI-.m
I CIiIciiko. Hcc. :i Jack Johnnon. nc-
, uro miKlllKt. di-f lareil today that ho
I iilaiined to iy tonlBht. Lucille Cam-
eron, tlm l'J-)cnr.old Mlnncapolln
. crl. whOHO molht-r cauiied 1il arreni
otred mother on Hi" noutlt nhlo.
- rrr -'
.MavorH ('outer on Tlbej-lv IJcll,
I'hlladcliilila, Dee. 3,- Muyor Jnmo
riolnli Jr. of Han 1'ruticlaco held
donforenuo with ."Maypumnuoniiurff
nt which tho effort" of iho, poopip oi
Iho I'aclllllu count. I0 .6i!uro tho I'M
orty boll for thn I'ariam'a cxponlllnn
wcro dlKoiiHHitl, Mayoinolpb wo
told that on onlinuncoiosbCliy coun
ell would bo niMietMoryltojStjotiro tho
rtlpval of the boll frsMJiide?n4'
enco hull.
"Prostituted High Office for
Personal Profit" Is Charge
Preferred Against Judge of
Commerce Court.
, 1
Or I,mri1 Wire
WiiHalnniiio, I)..
; Th..
COIIVl II 1 'll l.i
Art-liiialii n
thirteen Mt-i
lil.;!i -
-in 1 ni lm-
1: 11 w
. .I'll I llll
.1 . ll I'l
n liv .lllll-. -1
.0 iiuiiiii 1 .
l ill . ll II (Si -
eotiHlltiil,. "blKll illliies aii-l on-ibin-enl-ot'H."
rmillficl h-l Hn nniue I111K
adlllifteil enllillllHttoll nl .ill the IK'ttl
.Tl'eileil. bin ileiill-tl Dial ,iiiv ..-i lm
prnpet', ilitduo Al'i'libalil and IiIh at
tt l-lli-) 4 entered the elliilllbi I prnlllptl.x
ax did (hn holme- meiiiliem.
'I'liii court ndopted loim.il .11 il.-i.
M-iuiiK the limn- of iiii-eilim dull) at '.'
ii lur-k mid pi'nv lillnt; thai ibe opi-n-
lll- Klllll llll IllH l l till- l-.l-e hllnlllll bi
ll nde b) ntio pi-linn iili e.ieli 'I'lli't
- III 1 niltllli: Hie npi-iilint l.ileiuelilH to
1 1 l-rcsi-lllii 1 1 1 rinvli'li. who li.ul been
ilrHluilllleil b III,, ilt.li..' in il' 11:. -I'M -111(1
A. ri Wniihluuioii, clii'ii ni tin eiiitn-
H I tnr .llltlae Al elib.ilil.
'flu- ,-iiui-i ilu-n look .1 in icf n-i-sH.
When till' 1 nlirl eilllo-i Hi in e-iell-t
;i 1 1 v i- I'laMon, i-iialrman nf tin Io uho
jiolii-l ii) commllten nml Hpiiin tinan
l"- the limine mailUKerx. In-KHIi nl.ite-iiii-iii
ill tin- eano 11 mi In-t .ludui Ak-Ii--
'Tin t - K 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V III tin- wholn CIIHO
w ill l ii. I to aiipport ibe 1 bnrun of mle-
lb-lint lur In Hn coiidut 1 or .Indite
An-bii.iM. ' mild Itcpr.'H.-iil.itlve Clay
ten, "lie iiiOiHhonii hi iiniiiriiial Mid
un.lnilni like dcitlre in nl. ike money by
ir-i'iiinx with rallf.iiiiK .uni their cuh-
Mil ii ." ho di-elan il. .llilii;,. AU'lf
balil'i si nun of motallt) ml" In-' nine
ill .nleiied." .
Tin) tllal of .Indue imbi-ll W.
AW h ha III nf Hie fulled Sllllea i-oill-
mclce cniirt for niudiicl umnuiitlliK
to a violation ol' IiIh oalh iih rcdeial
Juilno hud been nut to upon tmlay, be
foro Urn Hcnatn court ol' linpcai h
men t lit .I1Y1W ArohbaliVn leipieiu Ul
AuuiiHl that IiIh allurnoyn be mUoii
llinle Utile In nrcpaie their tune.
The 'huiKe aitaliiHl ,lildi;e Alclilnilil
iiniMi- In ciiuiici-lloii wllh niii. id- ninl
nllli'l.ll lll'l-l lllllll IIH II jllllKi' nl llll
1 nun ill I ! II lllel'i'e Hid ni I'llllell
St.iteii iIIhIiIi-I ludaexfor middle IVnn
Hilvauiii. Ho wan lliipeai'lleil b) Un
1 Ii.iiihi- nf lelireu.-'MatlVea lifter a lull
' ........ .
IIM -M.'.. Illnll Id llll- llli'lH II.V Hie lie
liaillnelll of luttllee ami eMelllleil
111 ll lllfll lll-Illl'l- till' hmixe lll.ll'llll'X
1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
'l ii miuRcrH ariinititci ov Hie
In proHeClltO llle cane liefnri
liale linked for llll IllllO'-'llal'
l.l .1 AllKIIMt lllll llle ni ll, lie de-
liaHtell IIh cnimlili i iiimi "I
I-.- Iiur I ii lt Iho kiHi wi-.-li h.-iire
una Were Iwlleil for wllliof"
uii will bo brouchi bol'nie llii
I..', by the limine uiunaK'TH and
i. ,i i.i.-e Archbald'H nttoriieya in con-
I,.-, ii.ni wilh Uio trial.
Mill Iho llnllNii cuiuuilllee nil J
linn, li.nl I'liinilliliil Itn lleilllllCK IliHl
M il I'leniiillielilleil Hull .IlldKi
l llli:ilil I utleil In I. ire llle m lliil'
under lllipeaehinepl pioeeedliiKM. Tin
III Ml lime Die hoiine had eXel'clHcil IIH
liiipeaebiuenl puwi-i-h win III I Hal
when .Indue Stt.iMH-, I llllo'l SlilleH
JililKo fnr III'- llnlllli-lu tllHlrli t nl
li'lurlila. Wan ealleil tn net Ill t'T
mlHi'iillllllel lllld Wat in-imllttil liv tbo
nellllto. The llnllhe nf repl'eHetilatlM'H
on July II. Mil-, .nlnpteil arii'-lcii nt
lintioaelinif III In a Mile nf J ."J In I
llllll II COIIinillleo headed III ItelTi
HCIltlltlVO ( 'III t till nl Alnlllim.l W,lH
i-Iiiihoii to act iih the miiii.iK' rn on tit
pall Of tllO llOIIHO til ll) the -a-li lie
fnie Iho Hi'liale. The liiiine iiiiiimM. ih
iii-iiitl the Minalo to i ih ii I un iiiiiii
illaie lilal bill Dial body ilei'lliied In
In ar t lit. cilHn. before Ihe end of Un1
bill -i nniiin. ' .
'I linn en Hcpaiato ai'llclcH cnnnll
tali ibe IiuhIh for llie Imiieanhmeiil
in.il. Tin-Hi; eiiitiraco ileallUKH he
twi en .Indue Arclibald mid railroad
illlll . ill , illli iilllKIH III li'Kfird I'l I'clltt
HSll.llll.l ''ill "1 "'llllll lIlllllpH mid
coal I.umIh ..nirltnii i"im In ailor-
nc)a mid niii'1;- in ibe Jinli"' h vaca
tion trip I" l-'irope Hi l!lin. lepllled
"Mi.'Cret" run'' Hpiuiileli' li llle jildKo
with a rallrniol .iiim ii iin i i nlii a
pemllnif case, nml .iiiiued .iticmptH In
have noti-H pa)able in .Imlae Ai'-libalil
illHCoilllted hv iiltoi in .no I I iiuniitK
before IiIh cnurl.
Ill pi'CHi'lltllur the ciih.- in Ho- linioti
Iteiii-CHeillatlvo Clavlon nald Hi.i Un
Judiciary commlttno wiih m Un- "oiii
Ion that .Iiiuro Archbntd'H "m iine i.l
iiim ii t rcHpoiiHlblilty had in-cnmi
di iidi-iii'd" and that ho had "proHtiinl
ed Iiih hhth olllco for pcruonnl prollt
Tin- principal cliiirK" Kraw out of the
Kat.nlid iiilm hunk deal. In thin
clu.ip H iiiih miMortcd that whllo Iho
litie ra iroiiil company had pnndinu
hefore ibe lommerci) i.-ouri two Nitltit,
.Indue An liimlil. cnrrunllv tuklnu ad
uiiiiinui, ..I IiIm nltli'liit iirmlMoo. tt.
ducod He "Hn i-Uh f Ihn HIIIhIiIo Coal
and Iron ."i.i.nny ami of tbo l-:rm
railroad, win. b owned that compan!
to nteron in h al compmiy'nl
Intercut In Un iMiudnl iliitup lo Jiidtfoj
Arohbiild mid lalwuni J WllllKpiR.
II) IiIh aimwer .linlue Archhald do
nled that lie hml acted corruptly, or
liftd tukon ndvmilauo of hla poaltton
IlW .iittornoya took Hie ponltlon Hint
It Wft'Bot crime for u fodural Judvulcuuno of his downfall.
to bocomo inictc.itcd In an attempt to
purohanc pro eru from oilo tvIio waa
or mlxhi hcioiiic a lltlRnnt-boforo Ida
camt. Thr) do. lurod that no Attempt
wim mmlo to . i ibo proporty for Ioma
than i(h r iif iiuti,
Atioihei i-r.-inimiiit chnr6 wn.i that
JmlKe i- 'i'm id undortook lor 11. eon
wlderatioii in .ittlHl CloorKo M. Will
on. m aiinrni') of Hcrunton, Va
to hi Mb- a r partition aiilt brouRht by
Hn- M.tlmi i-nii enmpnny nifulnut the
ir.. 1 ..-k iw intm t Watern
it. nn ..ni 1 - in ii.i 11 1 , ami to noil for c.
1 lini nut mm W. 1'. Jlolatul a laruo
;hiiiiiiii nf Hn Hiiick of tho MArlon
n. il ,-niin. ui to ihe railroad, lit IiIh
,'iiiMWti ,liiil,:e Vri-hhahl doclnred hn
neied in tin-: mute! merely an 11
fn-iol of Vn. ni ami P. tl. Ilolnnd.
witlmiit eii hiving received ti tiui:-
;-Hl lull nf .-niiieeiiriUtlnn.
Iii roHpon-.. t.i every chnrso nttor
neH for ilndi;. Aiehbuld replied that
I In- acta charged did not connttluie
mi impeachable offcnHo, or n hlKli
1 rime or mlmleiueanor, oh defined In
Hie I iilisllllllliili.
Itepnrted Had AJ.III.
Ilni-kyfnfd, Colo., 1 lec. .1. Willie
Ibe mtl..le nl a con n-Mcd aKllltlHt hlH
ii. ii'lie, ill, .inbii UuriiH, an employo of
llle ll.i.elle Tuple, a lne.ll UOWHlll10r,
waH loiceii tn nive up bit money
-fiiii ih iieinii' !i 1. 'i lm 1. i.iuhiht, lie
u;i-. liililieil uf f J In
Ihe Versatile )lr. Ahhur-it.
W.iHhliminii, He.-. :i. - l.iimher Jnck
Hie ennlliiV. elel'k. 111 iiler In a utoVc. I
r.-p..ii. 1. h.i.liaril. r md lawyer. 1 the
I on. in ni hi . hi
work Kl'-'en by.
Sen hi, 1 - It 11 1 i ni Ai liiiia In 11m new
in: 1 i.-n.i I illli . li.fv
Remarkable Scene in Fort
Wortlt Courtroom When
Slayer of Aged Captain
Boyce Is Set Free.
jir, i;rr4 AVInv to .pyBU lUtUA
ori won ii, tok., ncc,
Sliced wiih loilai found
not iriillly of
Uio mul'ile)' of t'.ipt.ili,
A l ti. Uoyci
Tim ill in. uihIi. iilmi n.i Sm-ril ami hin
atturiiei-i in e- ibe lel-illcl km hiicc
taciilai Waller Scull and W. 1'. .Mc
Lean, Jr., defeiiHO laWyel-H. were lined
for ilirnwinif their hats ncr the chan-
dellnr-. In tho coiirtioom. Snccil omll-
led a tiiwliiiy yell but llle colirl re-
4ii.Hcil tn i-i-iiRiii i- him nr tine him, Mr 11.
bleed awulleil the M-drlet III u down-
town llolel, Sllecil lelephonuil thn
.ettH In liar. .sheed allot 1,'aptlllll
ltn)Se tn doalli on January 1:1 in Koii
A'rii-lH, noun alter Klieeil b ut relumed
from Wlnnlpi-ir, Can.iila. ulth hla wife,
Willi whom A. it. Ilii.ici'. jr., nun of
Cupl.ilii lloyeo, hud el"l '.
untied clulim.'d 8clf-ieii-une nun uIhoi
a ciiiiHplrncy on Urn pan nf llm Hoycea
in inb him of hla wile. i tinvcc, Jr.,
ii.ei killed hy Miieed In Aio.iiilbi, rlep
ti inbi r II, In HI . Sure. I iilll bo tried
ni thin ehui-Ko In I-'ebruary al Vernon.
i be In nillli'H Involved in Urn iwo lrau
edh-H are weallhy ami have had piotii-
liieni parlH In Iho up-liiillilliiK nf Tex-
tin. Arlei- Dm elopement Hu I npunl
;:'0, iilin In n ehliHM im-iohh the cniill-
in-Ill lo llllll Ii H Wife. l-Uli'Cil H llrnl
trial on the ehai'Ko of lillllm; Ciiplalu
Hum i' ft suited In ll illniKt'eeuienl.
Sin 1 -Tn relallicH ilenliil loilay tbnl
Mm. S11111I liinl liei-ii closely itual'iled
111 bee hni I lu re. "Iiih. baa liccn free
in limn .nut i-,.i .11 Him whlicd," they
.iilil. ' -in 1-. hippi niei Hut verilleL
and xn- Ium 1 lo i lin-li. mil and In-r
Iljr I.rnnril Wire lit I'.rriilmr llrralill
Ml, i'--ii'ininir, in-. .1 11 h inn-
elJlly nuiiounceii iml.i) th. 1 the ltuv
hIiui Kovornmeiil will iiulill-tli on Jan -
ttary 1, tile day of the expiration of
tin ltunMi.Aliiiirlcf.il treaty of com
iiiorco and navlKutlon, a ittatuinuut
outlluliiK Iih future commercial pol
icy toward Iho United Htaton. and iiIho
11 i'i 1 1 minimi tariff wniun win not
.'iiiii.il any ureal liicroiiHo over the ex
Inllnu in rllf. The policy of tho Una
Mtit it 141 vi riimi'iit. II Iff nald. Will not ho
luiiini'il b., i.ny Hpii li of milmoHlly hut
will be din i ii il niiIi-I) to tho prutm
Unn ni' Hie Itusxlntt mai'kelH to n anur
ia K Hik leufHl.iu iMimnr tho iiiohI
iiivoriibU- omllllmiH nf Hiipply of tile
untile InipnrtH hltliirtn comhiK direct
1 ruin the I'nlleil Slate -luilliely, cot
n n, fai ni inachliier) ami Implemont.
Toleimipli (erator II111 CotiHclonpf.
Trinidad. Colo,, Dec :i.--HoolurlltiK
that bin conuclcui-c compellod him
either In coufoHH or to commit aululdo,
W. II- Hni'fil, a Santa I n talegratiit
onernlor, niirremlered uimBCii to mo
Do ee hint niKht. miyitiK mm no wa
unntt.ii nt tteriiiilil. Ohio, for tho em
bcMliSmciit of $375 from thn Adams
Uxpronn company uml the Chowtpoako
a Ohio Itutlroad company nnd bn'tl
ijod. Ho hint been mi employe of tho
I.e,-tpren comininy len yiur wiih u-
I nrouilnont Yotinx Miiii'h Ohrlnllaii
iocliillon worker and mine In u church
I, choir, llo mild tbo attractions ot
I women nnd i-aco hohei hud bflon tho
Greeks Objcot to Surrender oS
Adrianople and Are Camly
Invited to Continue tha
War Alone.
Wail Comes from Atllfnn TJlfttl
trcuerosiiy 10 jeaiten jbob
Will Endanger Fruits of
Victory for AllieB,
CiinHtutilltmple, Boo. Jl. At i
o'clock In tho evitnlnff. Tho lj
niiturcH of the rcprenentntlvoa of
Turkey ami of thn Balkan ttlllen
who arc In conference outsldo o to
Tchalalja fortltlcatlona havo not 4)
vet been attached to an armU- J
Hep iiKrccmont. ,
(Hy LciihihI Wlro to Kvcnliiff KwtsMy,"
London, Dec 3. Tho triBl't'.tlif
urmlHtlco between tho Turkltki
IliilKarlan urmlcH an accepted by Jlul"
Rtirlu provldn that tho 'truce. MiftU
conUmio during tho wholo pri4
pcaco neotlatlona. .'Turkey 'H tfc
litivo tbo rlKbt of rovlettirUllnjr alt hfff
bcideged fortrciwen and ull the fy?
Inched Imj41oii of Ottoman troop'. re
inulnlnK 10 Macedonia nnd cUowhef.
iih well na tho TurkUh populallowi'lA
the varlnilH partn of tit a thontnr Of
war. Knr rovlntualllnff oho may UM
, the Adrlatla nnd Ionian Ifctm In add
Hon to tho ordinary ftva!iah,(o, rotu.
Tho allied Ilalkan nallpna nro to tHTr
nlnh Hnfu oonduct for tho rcvlciufclllmjr
partlea and Ottoman convoifs
he ncnnllUd. to phbo. . ICOwefary.
Adrlatlo coa.il 'if EUfop6at Ttirfcoy
ih to ho rni ci Tho torma nro gon
orally rcRurdcrl iih trcnorouD, nut tn
t view of tho Krcut dlfnoulty Turkey
iieeeHnarlly will ilnd In ruvlctunlllnic
her Hcalterud forci-H, their practical
effect probably will not bo very tm
(iiti:i:ivs iwitf.p to
Holla, Pee. 3. An urmUttcO will bo
nlKiied I' iIim- nt HuKtchu, on tho Unvii
..I' Ti b .1 1 wiih "P without Qrooo
i -M e w. i. -' o ..ccordlng to In
I'Hin l ... n en.. r,,m authTltatlvo
i'i".t'ii loi- tlrccci) will bo left
ulone In the war with Turkey If oho
dealri'H. It la Hinted hero that tho rp
renentutlveN of thn allied llalkun na
tlotiH havo acceded to tho reniieat of
Iho TnrkH that thn pcaco ncKattuMon
take place In London.
AUieim, Dec, :i. HurprUo and nn
im.Mi'm.'o uro expreiiHed by tho flr.eek
m-wapuperH at what they term tho
complalniiiico Hhnwn by Hularla In
neeoptliiB; the TurklHh proponalf,
which aro no udvuriluffuoiift to thn Ot
toman empire, it la contended by
many wrltnrn that tl"i comploto and
deiiiiltlve liberation of tho Chrlifllumi
hi Iho Cirlenl Ih obtnMiabln only by
combined laud nml aen notion of tho
alllcH iiKahiHt CotuitantlnoplO,
Hitler 1't-elliiK llctwcon AJllra,
The bittornoHN of feellnrf Detwefn
(Ireceo uml IliilKarla wuh rofleolod to
day at Hie tlreek legation In Jiudon.
Tho tlreek inlnlMcr claimed that tho
net Inn of thn OrockH ivim tho "one do
cIhIvo factor nf tho wholo wnr. With
out tho proHoncn of our ahlpa Turkey
would have hcen ablo to brlnir her
hcHt troupa from AhIii Minor and to
land them nt nedenmitch and llanlt
the IliilKarlan urmleH, thua rendering
their magnificent victory qulto Impon
Aji roKardu tho IliilKarlan poiltlon
nt Tphatnlio. it npeara that .dreeo
mnro than oncn offered r?ulisriA'tira
dlvlnlona of frenh troops and Mia es
uro una or tho a reek fleet to aUgvnont
tho forco be foro tho Tohatallo. lino.
but rocelveil no roply to hor oBeft
Ailrlnnpnln thn Ohatooto.
Adrianople wna tho nbitftole whloh
threatened to wrocU tho pdlVleM be
tween r lonlpntentlnrln of TurkSy anft
the alllcH when they firt , ftptol
nt IliiKhte, nnd Adrlanoplo. bpmKma
attain nt tho end of tha nMmtte.tMM
iih to ho iho moBt norlmt hiriAfMic44
in inn iiuuinmnni or an BcrecmRt.
At iho unit nen.nion tho
Itiloly rofiucd to ulirroador .
hut when tho nnlKatUtw flMI
on to them on thin nolnt
delentntea ulirnk bttok nnd
timo in wnicn.to nuhmlt.t
to tho uovrumont at Atlfti
iho ronnpn ror tno ur$
linn in not lot ta mii
(llplomatg. It 1 polt
1 npvioua mat If IH 3
Vlflco tho ultlmafo ci
rfatibfild lri th IntarMrtV
m ,-w$cn H1I4 can h 4m
r"jpr, v , , flijH
j. 1

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