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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, December 04, 1912, Image 2

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' i" r
nnd W-overrttfv bnnk thin agency
tfc be wcurly free from political or
truM control, but wiUi the govern
ment having ndequnle nd Intimate
inlpOTlpfon of It; for Independent
banking unit mi Independent that
no one bnnk can be owned, controlled
or irtHfed Jn any decree, directly or
Indirectly, by any othor bnnk,' for the
equality of nil bank, national or
atntr, boh a to tnndnrd nnd n to
functlnn-o thnt every requirement
mi.do of n national bnnk mum be
compiled with equally by a tate bank,
nr.d every function or privilege en
Joyed by a. ttute bank Mtall bo en
Joyed by n national bnnk; for Ihe utl
llxntlon and the fluidity of bnnk nn
hi'li tar the Helen title development of
exchange', domestic and foreign: Tor
foreign banking iih tin ndjunct of our
fjJvUn commerce; mid lor Liking the
trenaury department out o' tw. bonk
ing hUnllieMI,"
DIocnHNlnfc cuntonu re.'"rmt?. Seere
inry MuoVcagh ny i.,nt widi .prenti
xpoure by the promt admin'tlMt
lion of fraud hav reunited In nn
annual waving to the government of
more than fin.ono.noo, "ditlnctly un
To ahow that Incoming traveler
arc notv tnore honextly )f elttrl n k their
baggage an the rcmilt of reform, the
errftary point out thnt at New York
nlone the revenuefi from traveler'
Import hnvo lncre,ied from ti yearly
average of $1190, 6hn for the prnvlou
adniJilmrution to about $2,100,000 in
1 irl 3 Thin rln or fraud, he u.
hnd been not onl couhpIcuouh, but
nlmottt defended,
Itcgardlng tin- pending fnvet;gn
tlon of the bow rd of general npprul
er nt New York by a commlmilon
uppolnted by President Tnft, Secre
tor) Mai Veauh any the board ha
drifted from It original irmtliution
tia ii board of cuitoiri review within
tint trciiury department to u iuai
Independcnce 'an u court outHldo of It
Tho department, he add, need a
board of general nppmler within
tho drptiitmentm iiprvlH and unify
the appralilng work of the country.
Mr. MncVeagh urge that all col
lector nnd Miirvc)or of cuMtnm.
naval olllcer, uppruUcr and iiwdi
unt appraiser, collector of Internal
revenue and all like ofllriiil of the
(reaaury department who appoint
ment require continuation by the
ennte bo lrunferrcd in tint clamilfled
Civil aervlce, (Complete Hepuratlon of
tho t reaaury aervUei eapeclully tho
clamlfled part of It. from ptnrilcul
politic, U recommended by tint dec
retory. The abolition of all nny oltlce In
the country except the onotat New
York la urged by Mr. MacVeiiKb. All
naaay work, ho udd. nhould bit done
ot New York or at tho mint.
Secretary MacVeagh announce hl
Intention of reforming the trcumiry
department' huMnon method by a
scheme, for the pi.yment of oern-
mcni obligation In urh ii manner u
to avoid cV-'biuiKe un Kovernnieiit
check. He doe not divulge tlh de-
All the latest novelties in new
all silk creations direct from
Hew York by express.
Stripes and Persian effeots
predoiate SO, 75o, $1.00,
$1.00 and $2.00
tt&tch in boxes $1.25.
Stetson- Hats
Knox Hats
1 Wskbmo,
it - - -
M(4t4 f Ht.fHfH
Sbjifiii Mitieral Water Co.
!'. -
.ftt, , J. "m. ,. m 9
. . rzntM . .
NOTJCli We. nwvi atl cocnprtlipm. I Wore pur
HtiwJttvt get prior tuna r lh ww t'ltrtrwu nlft.
Bllate? reari mnd Altaian Jewelry, .lew lot of
Fttftcy Navajo Rugs
At WEIGHT'S, cor. 3rd and Gold.
Open KvtnlnRH.
tall but apparently contemplate the
dltrlbutloii of gowitimeiii fund nl
convenient point ocr the country for
tho payment of eheeK. He point
out that pertnlon he kt, for example,
In mony Maiiinc hip not really
worth their face value benuine the
dlfflcultle of collccton enforce an ex
change charge.
Other recommendittlonH by the
. , ... ..t
. ,.n.l it l.llll.lltltr
program of at hint n niter year
ly In ihn future. ,.,,.r ine for
the bureau of i-ngrii lnr and pr.ntlng,
provlRi' n for diNibled umi old mem
ber or the lifo HHtinn rvl -e. retire
ment penl'n for aerviee i-iii-ploye;
complete leMflntl of I lie oleo
margarine law. li'giM.ition tor I In
provenilon r iln -.pium trutllc; and
the creation of inirt-HU to 'utier
Vle the cxplfHiloli of ItlW.'" fO-oper-
ailng with i..ngrnH to unike their
meaning plain ' i nti- til' lulu
who on fori e tin
J. F. Shcehan nnd
, .
UtnCrS ,
Bnis Substantial Incentive
to Apprehension of Culprit;
Many Pay Dog Tax.
In thl Jamie of tli IIt.iIiI .1 I'.
filii'i'han, on behalf or tlo iIhk ran
cler of thlK city, offer n reward of
$ 1 00 for Information IiihIIhi: to the
arreKt of the perioin nil" ha beep
poisoning AlbtKltieriiiie dogn ilurltig
the pat few wcckii. luinrioailon. It
In promlHed, will be kepi milHliHtlnl.
Or. . H. Hplndler. Ir. J I' I'ettlt
and other wcll-knoun tK owner
head tbe ftiihFcrlptlon II"' "Irrnlateil
li Mr. Hhechiiu nnd uho h ha been
Nlgni'd by Ncore of dog owner who
are determined to land the guilty
i)iu I Ich The dog men :iv imih Ih not
a iiiHitioile (iropOHltlon, but that they
ure going to keep alter ibn pcrMnri
or peiNuiiN rcHpouHlhle for ill- Ioch of
valuable dngM until lilllllxllllietll I Ke-
CU fell.
II Ih urged thut everv owner of a
dog Who Hlilict to keep the animal
Ut once pay tin- city clerk u
and e ure a dog HrciiNo. Home two
doxen iicikoiih took out Hci'IImch yes
terday and quite a number called on
rity (Mmk Itoebl IoiIh. The city
father have derided to enforce the
dog Decline law MtlltiKeiitlv, and It I
hcllctcil t Ii Ih will 1 lit Inn nron-M of
the worlblifN hi h wlilrh roam the
city ami twiiiii are linlltei iis reupmi-1
Fioie nn uie poisoning hi ill)- vaitlaiiie
lietN anil I lie uioronghlircil
.ni ,ui lemnly be den'red lh.ui the
htllteluetllH 'Jl griltuflll elllli-fHern li
Abnormal Idea of Love Gained""'1 ,,!'"'lr rntt ,,c" f,,,1"11,,":,,
in in Ih hi'it by hi UNO of time' I bene
from Liirht Literature Say.i
Rabbi Silber in Talk at the
Tim 1 ihe high mini to Hen" mel
the ilivorie mill I paved with 1 f ,1 -It
ItiiveH mil the ntlitemcht liliiib em
pbiill'iilly thlH morning nl the .rueiii'
id) hour at tho lrnlverlt or .wa
Mexico by llabbl .MtJIilel Sllln i. !)'
deeied a iniiHt practical ami niei
emlng adilrtt on "The I'h .liul.iv
of Love and Literature." It uhh h
talk parllvulaiiy ailapted in 'In
outhful audience of the hpeal.er. In
lieurer. many of them, being ai tint
feNtlve age when the matter ot nun
love llrnt become .it teal moment.
"Mont of the tiling iif call love to
day are not ioe," hhoi Dr. Hllhur.
"They are nieteh an 1 rriini'oiiH and
abnormal com epiinn we have gained
from leading iiuht literature, Many
ud mliUiilicf In maiilaiiti arc the. di
rect rcHiilt of ihn harmful reudliiR
of to-called loe llieruture at un early
ugu. The heme and heroine who
urn kuppokciI to bo In love, itro repre
sented not u normtil but a ubnor
mill. The hero inuvt be giuhy and
tientlmentul and neglectu hi proper
dlitlfM JiucttUjn ol hi no-called pa
lon. t 'Voting pernon nhnuld not be
permiltjod lo rem! love Htorle of the
troahy 'mirt, which ubftltute mi ex
ternal conception for the real l.nv nf
organic ldeln and leading to utihapi
marriage and Ihe iliwime coutt"
Dr. Hllber went nt Nmne leliKlb Into
the nclenilllr explallalloii of the pn)
chulogy of true line, love ut llrt
Might ami line uhiili gradually d.
velopH when the oilRliuil luntlnct of
iiltractlon i nut at nrt ciiial In both
A Ueii Molitc man hud nn attpek nf
muMiular rhniimutlmn In hli ntmulder.
A friend advised him to ffo to Hot
HprlhuM ThlH meant nn cxpeiuo of
flBO or mora. He sought for a quick
er and cheaper way to euro It am!
Nmrid' It IrT Cluimbertalh'a Llnlmont.
Thrr duyfe alter the llrat application
of this liniment He was we. I, For sale
by all druealslB. Adv.
M t M H
; ' 1
. ...
I t4iMii4iti 0 0 I
n mm. is
Powerful Albuquerque Bank
Shows Gain of More Than
Six Hundred Thousand Dol
lars Deposits in Less Than
Three Months.
First Savings Bank and Trust
Co. m Three Months Busi
ness, 3hows Footings in Ex
cess of Six Hundred Thous
and. T'ie r rt NaMonnl imnk .' vliut-
T ' ' " -Oil'',. It el Mir lllli, M I'm
"II Ollrfei-i , , 1 1 .i n . i . v ,.
Mexico inn. no,. ,,i I . . -uruMKi.m liiitiiin
In the wbolit went; Iimh bioken ., i tt
ptesinui, record for Ihikiui-i x i,
'turliiK the pM( nidi,!) dm , ,.ini
'1 me time hn gle, i.lie IIH
mi -i oilli'Hf Inn in ihe prnitperlty
Mini unrn'iai Miioiiny or AllHUiuerifllit
alul Nn. IiiinIio Kt lulei em . m xiate.
T.le I'lliq N.ilioiial In ilH Nl.iteMiellt
of Novelliber .'ii. I!IS hIio ..i i.umIIk
... 1 I I! II 1 h t i I . ...!... .. .
"i i,'i",,rtl 'ii, 1 i$ ii 111 ii', I I w .
meflt of September I, KM.' Ii-h iii.iU
!Hi daH of umre thou tf,'ii,iinii T'le
Htiili lni'lil fieiliiix Hi Hie Mini, i . r
ioil llilke ire n-.tei fluln I I , Tn'l.iin.l ;
to i ", it 1 1 , '. '. ; , .hi ,hi iii . . 1 1 . - ti.
lire" KM . II ! ! fur li.i-.lie-M ii..r. Ill
III the li.itlk .tin lll-tnl. ii! Ine ..i.ll-Ai-hl.
I mriiiK " nni peiimi i'ii r n.t
Having 1: ml. .unl 'l'nii .01 n . o
allied liiHiiiiitlon of the I'n.t .im.iii.ii
Willi Olll III the fi'll At VlitlMllill
oiiiIiIIiik ii.ih Oct u em.iii'i-h, i Hi
II fit 111 I III tJ'.M.IIIIO, .Hill l, Sm.iiIi-
her "'i -1 . i i iepnii ut un. i mi,
UmllMlleil MUltt of (11,0,' v, ,11)
Hill illl ill I i'i.'IMO.
It l l tut ll K'Ull III '!l.. .i.i..S
lit I lie I . .. lie I mil Ii. I .,' . i.n lit. I il,.
Hint,, tii, in .ni,. million t, 1 1 u- in u.m -ly
iln .mil i i lie the m.int r
maiKiiti- f.n.wilix en ii .!! ii ii
ern bunk. nit iii-iiliilloii i.
Till, l.i. i .V.itloual bunk ': "i
ipleiil ,.' .ii . lenl' , k! fi ' i I"
llHhinelit, .! ktlMlll 111 lltli .1 I Ii.
Kle.it ttr. Hi' . I incl It HI ItifiH t tin
ll Iiiin .! .1 llltoiigb ii rluil u, i -1'iiiH
lilian i.il ili'lirexion uilhmii ti
coinfoit iii the itiMtitutlon ! i n.i
tioiiH unit h.ii hIiouii nlwiii .i '.t'.nlv.
'otiMiirMillw-, liiKidrlng advnii. ,. m lem
ineK and in ill" public conililei,. e y ,.
I'eielll ulihoi ptloti nl t.le II . Ilk nf
I 'nmmeree of A lliU'ilei'iiie r d I'
Mi-i mill mil) to till) l-l i -t v ''. u.'i
ll.lllli Of 111 I'llUll III tile ill lie in.it.'i.
M hl mill the eMtilblihliloent
l-l I.
ll ' nn
Mil Hllreem lif the IIIXt
lin,i 'i'iiihi iniupiim h.i- .i
. ..I..
l,., HixMliltlnUH hi ,i iiiiixi
Tin. ma M ii ()- tit .hin,,n
I'' i ii , S'iiininiii .Hid Ho I ii
It. ink .'.ml Ti tit t on. r ' '
i r I ' l H.ileui"iiti it ii'il in
fill II unite In 'Mil 1 .It
li. Hilt III Hl.iliellD'lit tint I" 1
llllll Di llillilll I i'H'
I 111"
. inn -
. .ion.
-i ni
in i .I
in i
in .
ST I : I I ' ST I ' ) M 'II KN I .
The rolo!iig Stall incnl should
I'oi'iii Coin lulve rroof of
Merit to i:ery Herald
i . iilii Htronuer proof of tin nn nl
iaio the bind of Ktntcmctitu thut nie
I .ippenrliiK conmnutly In our local
paper for uoiin M'timy I'tin. -nu-
ore twice-lold ami conurtneu wi'n
new mtliiiiiluHtii, '"! any render
iloubt the following" It fioui II
ii'Mlileiit of till locality.
Allierln llatcla, tlallilco Hlreet.
Santa I'e, N. M., aj. "I deem it .1
pleiiMUiti to corioboratn the public
Miftomcht I gtin Hi prame or Doiiu'n
Kidney I'lll about seven year ago.
I found them to be an excellent 1 cm -edy
and 1 have never hexllatcil to
vouch for their niurlt when an op
portunity ha beun proHunlod. For
H.o year 1 wo III bad shupo from
bocliaclii) and hldney trouble ami
when Dotin' ICIilney lll were
brought to my nollce. I revolved to
try them, I procured a box ami iliev
not only drovn away the ba-luiciic
but rcglllnted tho paxiiiKe or tbe
kidney HiicrellotiH and toned up mi
entlr uytciii."
Por mile by all uealei fid e
cent. Kontel'-.Mllbiii 11 ''h. Itutfnlu,
New Vork, on agent for the 1 ,,
Itclncliiber Die Innne -i 'h ,i
take no nth, r. 311
Popular Mechanics
A Qg AT Continued Story of tho
tlL ylam't Progrcx which you
VWFtH 'O'dlttg nt any time, and
Wldch wU hold your Interest forever.
Th "8!xP NteiM DiHirtBiMt ( pvM
Rtl?,i7iw'. '? thTnii-lioWtoiSdTe.
jiMfu! rtkln lor borne and thop, lepiJn, UcJ
mako Minion fumi ure.y)riloui(ti,Ge4t(
cnsinui, nisclc. owl all toe tbk t boive,
ptn ysmi. tm'$ tort
Ask your Rceftlarol!
wwtc reu m oamma fMunr tmav
I4a .
ivimMMHMit, mm
i inj. 1 urn lifiuiiij iih 11 HHMi
1 1 1 1 ' mm
Mtiinli iiJiM.ee Tin. n iniUlii.ii.l iiimnmin. Iji.
en s
We nowhave on display a most
nobby assortment of Men's Neck
wear in exclusive patterns and
designs. The ties are packed in
Christmas boxes of various kinds.
Most suitable gift for men or
young men, and will be unusual
ly acceptable on account of the
pleasing styles.
Men's Section, I at float
Visit Our Toy Section, 3rd floor
Bring the children to see the
arrival of Santa Claus every
afternoon at 4:30
The Markets
(IlT Leaant Wlrr Id KtrnlUB ll'ratdl
New VnlK. hi i . nl' n iih to
the prolmhl). i.i ii Hi'ii-ni I'a
clllr In tin- iiix..i!. i ii .. i lit- jinrrl-
llliill Hliti'in ii- i i.. ' i v I'llnllKed
over n Ik In nui n i enKcr early
iti'iiiuiiil in i.-. i mi H i hvii iinlnt.
ICImulnii- tin, nniviiM.
wiim frac-
jtionni .nut irreKUlar
1 time, bin
win to an
iiiNiinin.il KtiulualiN ui
upu.uil nnivi'iiniil Tin
.IM I'lllO'llI'll U III , Mi
I'unii ii'd tliii iliinil i . i
ilnii l Ki.jllnK 1 1 f A in. .
'million Htock brnU i
preferred lo ll'.t'j
Sltiirp Iohho wen- H
" inarKel en
1 i.iiatlon and
n 1 'an. Til"
' . : ' ami tlm
ideil In 'he
1 limit I'acltlc,
I VllllllKHIIlllt-
'i . polnu mid
ri'innlmlcr of the list
ItcadniK. Ht. I'linl. .
ed and l.ehlKh lorn I
Sini'ltlim 1.
Ilond wer' cii.
I,l(Uliliitlnn u.im i
lifter midday and (In i
dull on a rr.ictiini.ii
rate were mm ti Imu r
crlmlnaii'd asa mm i t
In Ioiiiiii kvhli'h m i kiiiii
Kellt fiil'i'lionll i.elllliK .
11 teil horlly
I'.uliiil bei'itmo
i.illy. Money
'it tiiinU 'ill-
i' collaternl
0 tor the ur
irlou pe-
lliiHt iiiiiiiiaiiiin or I'ninii rhie iire
rerred mi the piihhiik nt Hie dividend
ciihi it ii (, and Indiu'i'ii uu iireurir
aiiiiluxi other lower ii.mi imlnlrlal.
The Kenerul movenii m nf prlcett
Hlmwid little feature, Mieulntloti be
comlni; unlet and inn... riant utock
rulliiK cIoho to their u.w (iKure.
The market cIumciI w .iK. libiulda
tloii of Hteel deprcHHcil t in 71 14, thn
loweit for ninny weeks ami under
mined n rather smart advance In the
For Speoial Occasions..-
Wo aro proparril at mijv new
' factory to produce, thn cliofccae
omifcctlonit 011 nlmrt notice.
Powell Drug Co.?
Jewelry Section
Exquisite pieces of Silverware,
Cut Glass, Pickard Hand
Painted China, etc. Anything
of this description makes a
high class gift and any one
who is to be exceptionally
well remembered will be
highly pleased with this high
grade merchandise.
Hundreds of artioles to se
lect from.
1st Floor.
I, 'eniTnl market, which had curried
finiu' IM-. 11. h .1 p. .nit or more ubovo
tbe tiiui'Mt (leneral hi'IIIiik then en
ailed, wi.li I'liitlriilur prefMiire iiKalnHt
the cupper Miiuip . ml Home low priced
rallriiiiilx. . nil un I'.rle ulid Itoek I Ht -mill.
ciiiniiK price:
AliiiilK.'imateil Copper, K .',.
Simar. 1 1 s .
At) IiImiII, HHi ',.
, ,11 rem Northern, 1:10.
New Vork Central, llll'O.
Notlherii I'aelllc, 1 2:1,
Itiuillnu'i 171 ;.
Southern I'acltlc, lots.
I'libm racltlc, lii'jti.
Steel. 70',.
Steel pM., U0.
New Vork t'ollon.
New Vork, Uec. t.--l,i,ttim npot
eliiMi'il iiiet, mlililllMi; UplilUllN, jil'.
T.'i, nildiltil.K Klllf, till. 00. Nn MileH.
'Ihe .MclalN.
New Yolk. Ilcc. I. Copper ipilet
po. 117. Ill bid; Uec, $ I 7. HK 1 7.2."i;
Jan. ami Feb.. $ 1 T.or.4i 1 7.2.1 ; .-Intro-lytic
and lake, $ 1 7.0S 1i 1 7.h7 ; catlllK,
1 7.261' 17.37.
Tin weak; pol, f40.22lrO.42; Dec,
M!I.I2! 1U.42; Jan.. 4'J.I21'4'J.:I7.
I.i'iiil Meady, 4. 2.1 4. 4.
Spelter (tllet. f7.2ni 7.40.
Anllmony unlet, fookon', fto.r.o.
Iron ipilet and unchanKed.
Kiiiioflx city Uve StiM-k,
ana City, Dec 4. Cuttli' Ho
eclpt 7.D00 head, lucludlnir 400 oillli
orim; market r.c lo I0i lower. Natlvo
Nteur, ftS.nuiiio.r.ii; Kouthem Bteom,
II. Tiiii' S.nO; niiuthurn cowm and heir
erii, t3.riiilii0.28; nntlve. cow and
.'leireiH, 3.50iis.oo; Mocker amf
lueociw, u.aiT'7.S.'i; bull, S4.2&W
.0(); calvw, f6.50lj"j.2S; western
tcer. ri.rioiim.:o; wemorn cowa,
Hokh Ilecelpt S.000 head; mar
ket 5c to lOu lower. Hulk of mile.
t".4OHi7.70; heavy, t7.5Ui7.75; pack,
em and butcher, t7.45W7.70; light,
f 7.3RP7.0; pIkn. f 6.3Bi7.00.
Sheepir-ltecelptM 8,000 head; market
nieuiiy in aironic. Jiuiton. 3,7tv
4,00; lamKt, f 5.7olT7.tl5; ranco weth
er and yeurllna, f 4)2600. 20; run bo
ewe, f 3.000'S.OO.
Nl. Ioul Wool.
Rl. Iuli, Dec. 4.-Wool, tcndy.
Territory anil wentern medium. 21 p
2Cc; tine medium, 184j20c; fine. 134J
ChlcaRO, Deo. 4.-Cattlo--necelpta
19,000; murxel mow, 10a tn lOe lowor,
I!eovc, SI.6U4T 10.90; TeXaa steer.
M.40pfi,6IJ weetern iteera, f5.40t
8t00 ftockem anil feeders, I4.3SO
7,06; cowi and heifer, f2.70O7,46;
valve, to. 80f 10,10.
Unas llecpta 38,000; market
Silk H
Nothing will be more appreciat
ed than Silk Hose. The cele
brated ONYX brand1 will be
found here in all sizes, all colors
and all qualities, for men, wo
men and children. A high grade
silk hose for particular dressers.
wWwwwMWWW wwwwww
. i ( . i ii I. ,
Hluw. 5o lower l.lRht. t7.20fi 7 00;
mixed, f7.2r.4i 7 Ori. Iieay. fi2Ml
7 liJ'.-a; rouKll, t7 iiliif ;.4'i; plK. ti.20
ft 7.15. bulk of ale. t7.. -.Off 7.0:..
Sheep llec I'll'H 2.),nilli; m.ifket
NtroiiK. N'athe, t:i.ii.',li:4.ur, wextern,
1 3. VI1 1 4.G0; yearllliKH, ITi 0Uf 0 2."i;
lamiiM, native, $."1 "Ti 1 7. '!., wentern,
tS.7.;i 7.DU.
. ClilciiKii Hon til of Trade.
CI1.1MH0, Dei. 4. DlHiippolntment
with euih ertbleh iniiilo wheat trader
leu illhpoNi'd to work on the huyitiK
ilde. Klne weather for thn ArKentlno
himcxi was an inlluunco aK'lnt tho
I ulln iiIho. nn tho other band ex
port demaml at Katun city tended
to le.idy the mnrkel. The openlnM
varied Irom 1 - Si- lower to I -1c ad
vance. .May Hturted at Su'ac to
SO 3-4-, ratiKlnR from I -he oh to 1-Su
up ami Mi(fK'il lo 00 3-h''.
The itloe wa euy. with .May VJo
tie! lower at U0 '-jc
May corn opened a Hhatle lower to
u tlkn utnount up at IK j-ic lo 4S -Sg
and fell to IK'.'ji'WIX .'He.
The clone wa Mtcady ut 4K! for
May. 11 nut In of u hude.
May out, which Marled at 1-lOc
down, to 1-lflc advance at 32 7-8c lo
32 7-Mr33c touched 33c and then ro
ucted to 32 3-4r 32 7-Sr.
Deplle luraer receipt of lion tho
provUloii market rallied owing to tho
limited Mock here. KarlleM trans
action were. 2'c to Tic lower with
May flH.;,?1 for pork. $10.15 for
lurd and f!.H7'.a for rib. CIoiIiih
Wheal Doc, M l-Hc; May. 30,ic;
July, h7 5-8c.
tJorn Dec, 40 3-8ij; May, 48 3-lc;
July, 4l"Al': 1-Sc.
Dai Dec, 31 3-4c; My. 32 7-8c;
July, 33 l-8c.
Me pork per bhl. Jun., tl9.27'.&
4119.30; May. $18.1,5.
liird. per 100 Ib.Doo..tl0,7;
Jan.. 910.&7 Mty. tio.17 MiWip.20.
Short rib per loo lb. Jan., $10.-22V4O10.2.-.
May, fj.87',i.
8t, TAmU Spelter,
Ht, I)Ul, Deo. 4. Vad
$4.20; upelter, $7.25. '.;
Cotton nt (inlvcaton.
Oalvcalon, Dec. 4. Cotton
changed, 13 13-J0c.
Sfoney Market.
New York, Doc. 4. -Money on call
cutler, 0(78 per cent; rullnsc rute, 8
per cent; clnHlng bid, 4; offered at 6.
Time loan Mrong; sixty duy, 0Vi O7;
ninety davs 0 per cent; lx inoiith. 0
per cent.
Colton Futurra,
York. Dec. 4. Cotton future
meady. OloMnir ltl: nee,
Jan.. lrdi $12.42; March,
April, May, $13.44; June,
' New
$13, in;
$12 41. .Inlv. $12 10. AugUHt, $12.30;
S pi.. $12 sr.. flct . S 1 1.70.
1 lose 1'rlme mi-rcautllo paper, )
per (i-iit. SterllnK exchatiKe Mtemly,
vutb .11t11.1l iniHitii'MH in banker' bill
.it I M fin- slxtj-iluy bill mid at
1 si; i;o nu- demand. Commercial
bill, l.sii'i. liar ller. liSr. Mex
lean ilnllar. I'.i'e. Government
bund linn ; railroad bond Meady,
I..im VeKii. N. M.. Dee. 3. Homer
MhitIh, whoie nlmri rcNldence of threu
week In Ui Vegn ha brnuKhl hltn
niiir)- )r Ii'hm notoriety, dlKappcared
late Saturday nlKht after huvlng
folKi'd I'lieck amountliiK to f:ic, A
$:n; hiiii iiebinKlng to 1:. it. UuhhoII
fiom tii)- hI)i,i of the Dixie I'reHwItiB
club ami an overcoat beloiiKllli; to
Nate Mart from Mart' room fit MrH.
John Shank' roomlmt houKe, iiIho iIIh
appe.neil aml'li Ih thought .Morrln Kot
AihlliiK lnnlt to Injury, the follow
hi letter mailed In Trinidad, Colo,,
luM imiiIhk wa received thl morn
Iuk by .Mm. M. l Htuizmun. who,
manuKe the biiHlne of the Dlxln
I'rerMnif club, where Morrl him been
employed. k
"Mr.- fitutitmin: I uppore yon
think I am an awful fellow, but I
could not May uny longer; forgot tn
have the key, o will Mrnd It. Won't
do to tell you where 1 am, but will he
in i n) pur away ny tne mo you net
Your truly, MOIIHIH." .
. . Wwlher ForevOHt.
Washington, Dec, 4 Ni w Mexico!
TotilKht fair ami warmer; Thuntduy,
Kenerally fair, colder In northenM
Aztec Fuel Col
All kinds of Wood
rtiuae lit.
4,' A

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