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TIimUNE-ClTIZ&X ,-sageJass
v Vol. 30. No. i. 9BPP
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Bad Boy From South Carolina
Convinced Women Will
Bless Him Long; After Col
leagues Have Retired to
Resolutions Declare Power of
State Should Be Used to
Frotect Prisoners from Mob
Itj Leaned Wire to Kvculiig Herald J
Jtlcliinoiid, Vu.. Dec. . A hwccP
HiK resuJulluii repudiating the e
iiiurkn of Uovernor HIuhc of tioutli
Curolliiu In support or lynch luii wum
udoplcd b) the goicrtiorn' eoutcreiieo
toduy by a otc of It to t. Governor
HIOUHC. (K'll'lHlllIK hllllKI'If. snapped
his lingers in the fuces ot the othur
governors and declared that he tared
not one whit what the cuifereuco
did or left undone.
"Knur tliniM thin niornliiK him my
life been threatened tor no utter
unees." dcelurcd Uovernor HIchho. "I
was iuoted yestcrduy an saying 'To
hell With the constitution." t say
now to all tlH! governor of all the
states und to all the people of the
United Htale whut I mild then."
The cunioroncu hall vvus thrown
Into an uproar.
UovcruurH of Alabama, WyoinliiK.
Missouri. New York, Maryland and
Wisconsin deiiouneed thu .South Caro
linian In strung tetiiiH lor IiIh utlcr
aneeit. UovcrnorM of North Curollna,
Arkansas, Connecticut and Idaho
voted iigaliiMt thu resolution.
Tho reitolullon adopted was pro
Rented hy Uovernor Muiin of Virginia
us mi iiini'iidiiiL'nt to the one offered
hy Uovernor O'Neal of Alabama. It
rendu iih follows:
Hcsolved: Thai It Ih the sentiment
of din (Inventors' eonferencu In sen-
Mon ut Utclnnoud,V w.. toduy, that l ho
whole puwer ot the several amies
should bo used whenever necessary to
protect p;inon uuuusod of crlmoa on
womanhood, ugaltlit the vlolonce of
mobs, und to provldo that speedy, or
derly and impartial iuwh lor me pro
tection of 1 11 c and property be duly
enforced and ronpected by all the
"I hold In my hand," mild Coventor
Hlcase, when he rone to uctcnu nun
sell, "the loiirth letter threatening my
lite Unit I have received today. I
wim handed that Junt now by some
oi'c I did not know and It wiih ntl
drcuKcd me In cute of the governor of
"I know nothing of the letter." re
torted Uovernor Maun of Vlrglnlu. "1
never heurd of It before; I did not
receive It; I know nothing of Its con
tents." "It doeMii't nuttier." continued Gov
ernor llluubc. "I Mpeuk nobody's
opinion but my own. The ncWHpupcr
headlines have misrepresented me
When I speko yesterday about the
marriage of Jack Johuxon In Chicago
I did not say he would be lynched In
Kouth Carolina; 1 did nay that the
law of in) Htate forbudu the mar
rlage, and I did miy that I did tint
know, ir the marriage had been per
formed In Houlh Carolluu, whether
the lau protecting him would have
been possible of enforcement or not.
"Now, what I want to ny to yuu in
thin: I don't euro one whit whether
you adopt thin resolution or not. You
may expel me for all I care, on tho
'JIM day of next January I will be
gin my Hccond term an uovernor. uii
the fourth of March, l!iir, If Ood
ipHrcH me, I will be mvuru In an u
member of the United Htaten Menutc.
I wiih p my Hover ut your resolution,
for alt the ruiolutlotut and all the mo
tion you may act on will uut avail
to keep mo out,
. "Long utter ninny of you gentlemen
hero toduy uro renting in the miaden
of urlvutc life I will bu rcitplng the
rawurdx of public icrvfrn. Long nfter
you good governor arc no longer
governor. th white women of Koutn
Carolina' will pruy for mo with their
HrmH around their girin ond win uriaa
from their knrcs to klm their Iiiih
luindH und beg thorn to go to the bal
lot box and vote for llleaao to pro
tect them from their dally terror."
A fulnt round of applaUHo rippled
over the confereneo hull, Mucceoded
bv u Htorin of hles,
A doren governor, thinking th
Ho u th Carolinian hud concluded,
clamored for recognition, but ho held
the door und umllcd ut tho turmoil
"Whut cure I for your hlinc'.'" he
hhouted. )mklng hb clenched Dnt nt
the chulrmun and turning to fuco hi
"Hut If you muit. Only nmtkei
und gecio hint.
Again hla voice waa drowned In the
When tho vigorous rapping of tho
eiimrmun hua brought order hu con
tinued: "You are making yourelvert rldlcu-
loun In tho eye of tho nation, Why
do you -have, to declare against mob
law? They ought to know you buck
In your homa, They ought to meet
you euch on hi tin railroad station
wth a bruw band und nay 'Governor,
we're glad you didn't endorse the ut
terances of that Kouth Carolinian.'
"Whon I wild I wouta never order
out the mllltla to protect the black
brute who laid hut d'eseorutliiK lianda
upon a white womun, I spoke tho
truth. I e4y li now again. That la
my position, saatlemen. and If you
don't ugre flth me, in tne woros ot
the treat v rHNutn. 'Qo to it.' "
The fotffi;, avetmora who voted
aafllnit thfrl'molutlon declared em
phatically mm may opposed mob vio
lence. They votid fn the negative
thy aald, bcuft they thought they
Minister Hustled Out of Prison
As Trap Is Sprung on Doom
cd Chinaman at San Quen
tin Penitentiary.
My Leaned Wire to liictiliis: nciald)
Hun Qut'litln. Cul.. Dee. r,. Ak the
tlllllRllllin'H llOIIHe WUM M'lllcd ullOUt
the ticcU of Willie Luis, ii condemned
Chinese, today. M. I. riirlKleimcn.
Ice prcHldciit of the Antl-Capltal
1'unlnliinent league, pressed forward
I rum bin place among tin- Invited
KiH'KtM mill shunted feverishly:
"1 protest against thN hanging In
the name of Christ, who hiiIiI "t'hou
shall nut Kill'"
ChrlNtcnseii did nut get beyond hi
HrM sentence. Tho guard hel.ed lilm
mid n m lif wan being liu-tlcd uut
Hip (rail nun iruny utid Willie Mils
shut clow n to death.
nr.viii imt)t:iiT k;ii
.MtlltlUCItKIt to ;i,mws
I'rlneeHH Anne, Md.. Dec --Weill-)
Mllt'H. colored, will IckiiIK haimcd
toda) for an attack on the irieat-old
daughter of roriner Shcilir W. G.
I'lillllpH of Soni'THcr countx In nt Ma).
A crowd of men and Iioh tore imwn
the board enelimuri xurroiiuiling Ibe
galluWfl to kou the IiiiiirIiiK. but there
inn no other dlxturbance.
MIIcm on the Mcarfold iiilinltti".' hl
gulll and huIiI: "KolliiWHiK the tlcvll
brought me to thin."
Muanr.itr.it'K last .mo-mi :ntk
Kin ramelilo, Cal., Dec l Kilward
Delhuntle, negro, paid the penalty to
day for the murder of William Kauff
mini, a convict In I'olnoin Htnli- prlx
ou. bv hanging.
Delhiintle ' linked for lib favorite
dish hud chicken and then to have
home mimic played for him - mil woft
iiiiimIc, bul tho ruggleHt of H.vncuputed
Two guitar pla:gi-rH were called In.
n cnrnetlKt then contributed u nolo
and wurt followed by a tenor who
miiig at Delhiintlo'N reque.it. "Where
the Itlver Hhiuiuon Flown."
Not Hutlxllcd, Dolhantle culled for
the prison phonograph mid record
alter record wiih played. A record
containing William JeiitilngH llryun'n
ttpcech on "Iimnortullly" wan thu IhhI
record he culled for. Then no
liNkcd for n blank tccord and Hang.
"Alwuyn Keen on the Sunny Hide"
Into the machine and' hud ll repro
duced Tor mm.
Son of Detective Boland Cnr
ricd Unconscious to Hospital
Suffering From Concussion
of the Brain.
UT Leased Wire to Ktenlnn Herald
Hcatt e. Wahh.. Uce. li. -Jonil .M
lloliind ot New York, xald lo be u huh
'if Detective John lloliiiid of Chicago
and who vwih taken to tho city hoiipl
tul ye.iterd.iy appareiitlv dying from a
fractured mk nil. wiih rentoied to con-
HcloiiMnenH loilii), but wan unublii to
xiilaln how hu lume to be lying on
the Moor of the luvulorj of a culo
where he waa round.
The nlivxlchiii who attended him
Maid (Inland wiih Hllfferlng from itlco-
hollnm. liobind aleo hud nurfered a
heavy ciiiiimihxIou of the brain, he
kuIiI, prcHiimably from a lull, und
there hud been a hemorrhage in tno
lining ol the eie Hockel. It Ih mi Id by
the phyxlciun Hint he In In no dunger
Uolaud Ih iiboiit 3." yearn old. Tho
police nay that he vviin not the victim
iih nn at-Hiiult, ho fur iih they can
Br Least Wire lo Ursula Herald)
uinsing. Mien,, oec e. rue nrnt
complete llKiireH on tlitt preHldciiilat
vutu In Mlchlituu given out tudiiy bv
the Mccretury of flute, nhowed t Iih t
Koosovelt curried Micnigan ny a piur
utlly of DB.7HH over President Tuft
white thu luttur wan siicond with u
I'lurallly of 1,113 over Wilson, Tr.e
Villi-, WiH.
ItooMrvlt, ZU.nii; T.ft, isa.JH
Wilsaii, 1 r. 0 . V .M ; Deb. '.':l,.ni; Chullti
Hoc la hi l.ibor.
The HoclallHtH uiom tn.tn doubled
their vote of four years ao.
would exceed the rlghtH of tho con
ferenco und violate the courtesy due a
colleague should they vote to reprl
mand hi in. on tho lliuit ounoi uov
ernor Illcase did not vote. After tho
result had been unnouncod ha arose
and said
"I did .iot vote, gentlemen, becuuoo
It mi'.ken no difference to me onu wuy
or the other what this conference!
The governorn' conference toduy un
pointed h committee of Ave lo diaft
uniform state legislation under which,
old style farm mortgages could he
replaced with snort or long term farm
bond, A chain of new state bunk
throughout the country to he author
tied by the ntute legislature Under t
uniform law and a listing of the bond,
on stock exchtmit are, contemplated
Under the (arms of the revolution,
tne bill to me droned by the commlt
tee shall be submitted to the governors
'of all states and must be approved byl
two thirds of them before It tall be
eat to tho leiiawturc.
Wireless Reports All Safe
Aboard Steamer Eastern A
shore on Rocky Point Ncnr
Port Arthur.
llltlll WlmlH ami rmiKli moiih wein
ropul'ted over all tin- Great L.ikcH ex
ccpt Ontario toiluj
on Lake l-.rlc the mono hh tin
wiirnt uf the season and a barge mink
at I'ul-ln buy
A .'IK'iulle gale wan b owing ut SiiuH
Sle. .Millie. Mich., it 11 it a Meet of ten
huatH look nhelter behind While I-'IhIi
uliit. NavlRiitlon wan next to Im
The nteumer Knnton, which ran
into the rnckn In l.uke Suuciior
xcciiicil In little danger und her pua-
Hengern were aomilulely mire.
roilTY I'KOIM.K AllO.VItl)
Dulntli. Minn., Dec. li. "Weather
In very bail, bout' ptedtloii In peril
I Din wiih the vvlieli-HM iiieM.iiiKe
Itiinheil c.uh ludii) fi mi the nteaiuer
iiNtiiu. which wiH i iihIiciI on the
ockH tlility-tlve milex on I'urt Ar
thur, out, ycHtcriluv l-'urlv peinonn
are lepul'teil In In- iiboaril I III' limit.
A w-lrelehH received at '...'HI hi the
AHnoclated 1'renH from tin- mierator
u Hoard the Htealuer KiiHtoll nan
All aboard ,-iufc. The Hteain pipex
are uut iliiiniincd ami even tidily
warm. We i-uiiht walk unhuie but
there In nothing there but ruckn and
llr Leased Wire to Ktotti llsraml
iii'iiver. uec. . I'liliuienniiian !:. T.
Tuylur vian ntrioken uiih aniieiidlcltlH
yenteruay ami Ih now In i ho.pllal in
a gruie coinlltloii in an ihIJoIiiIiik!
room, li In wire Hen ibiiiKerouily III
Ihoimli recovering rimi an operntlnn
perrurineil Hint Siiturihi). UN iIiiiikIi
(er, 1 1 yearn or age. inn JuhI recovei
ii li'iiin an operation for iilineiiillc II h
perroru eii abuiit two inouilin nun
Congrennniiiu Ta.vlor declared to IiIh
phynlclaiiM that Im would nut nubnilt
to ail operulluii until Hie recuverv ul.
inn wire unii been uhhiii'i-iI rhe iiliy-
UlclllUH llllle ilKI'eed III puHl pull,- lln
operation an Imiik iih piiHhlble nut will
wulcli IiIh inllilltl'ili wild extiem It
and not lol the cune go mure than two
or three iImjh wlthnut npei'iitiiin
Dr leased Wire u Kurntoa Hrraldl
HoIhc. Iilnlni. Dee. li. The ciihch or
It. H. Hhcrldaii. pobllnher. ami C. O
Ilroxou. maniigiiiK editor of tho
Uoluu Canltal-.N'evvH. cited to iitinritr
beluro the lilahn Hiipreme i-iuirl for
contempt in coiim-iiuchcc of piiiiiinn-
lllg il mi-Hinge Mum Theodnte ItiioHe
veil und mi cillluiiiil cniiiiuent on the
declnloh barring ItooKcvelt eleclnrH
from the oiilcial ballot wiih coniluucd
today until Monday
i no court rul lined In grunt u con
tinuance fur thirty dayn rtniiicHiod by
uk iicieiiiiautu.
By lald Wire to nvealDS llcrala
IJmIioii. I'nrluuiil. Dei li lliehtv-
two PortugiiCHc IIhIu-iiiiiii ihI llielr
llveu during u ninrm Ihln week mi the
count of rortugitl.
Illu HlirvlVorn nliffercd Hi-lere piiva
tlonn, being without rood or water for
three duyx, while heavy and old
winds prevailed. Kour men Ih-iuhic
inniine, jumped overboard und wen
HIX bodleH h.iVo heen wniiheil iiHimri
on the northern count.
Or Leased Wlm to KvoIdb Herald
V..... V,.U. ... . .
" i "i h. ui'i , ii ---ivinjor .loun u
WllllOiy. Cnlted Stnlen Ainu, n-llieo
Jumped from the tenth Hum' of lln
Munhulliin toilay and wiih Instnntlv
killed, lln hit been nurTurlng Hum
melancholia und huh under the cure
of u mime. Ill wile, who wan a Minn
turnuro, or Aiken, r c. uIho wan III
llllllgcstloii uiul Huld HeiiiU.
C'lllcugo. Dee. Ii. Indigestion and
IlllPulrcd lira llli are tirlmal eausiiH uf
buldnoss, und If proper attention hj
gtven to tne ntoruacii and to heultiifiil
living buldnesn never will exint. ac
cording to Ur. Henry Hlhvrmln. I Mi f
noutit Aiicuiguu oouievuru. The doc
tor spoke ut u dinner of the I'oIIhU
.Mcdlcul society ut the ilotel Ut Hallo.
no was for year uu unsintaiit of Dr.
G, Navygnrotli, of Uudapcst.
"tne gey to tlio euro or tho hair
und health," he mild, "und to their
treatment lu disease Hen In modern
discoveries of bacteriology.
, Will Fortune for Diet.
Leghorn, Ituly, Dec. 6. A vveulthy
Hebrew named Modlgllanl hu be
queathed a large estate to be used to
provldo a vegetarian diet for his child
ren, with tho object or uccustomlng
them to ubulaln from meat.
Ih hi will h hIso asked thut hi
body be left unburled for eight days,
hut tit sanitary authorities refuse td
comply with the request.
lMteer Hlio by Unndlt.
kfalvern. Ark.. Deo, 6.--Passengers on
south bound Hi. Louis, Iron Mountain
und Southern train No, 9Z were held
up by two bandltn lata last night be
tween Malvern and Traskwood, Hob
brt Younser. . passenger of Denlson,
Textu, waa shot tnree tiroes and prob
itby foully wounded, ,
Visit of Former Secretary to
Non Union Job Generally
Followed By Explosion la
Government Contention.
(Hy Leaned Wlro lo IOvenlug Herald 1
Indian. iiioIIm, Dec. li i-.li-nt tuelh-
(iiN nr lighting non iiiil.oi work In
which Herbert H. Iluckin a led un all
'advaiicn agent" of .McSaiuara n
'(Ivilaiiiltlliu HUUild" wire i Inirged by
the government In the ctuHH-examlna-
tlnn of Murray i. t'enneii. .spnng-
tleld. III. a dutendant at the trial of
the uii iiHcd "bomb plotteiH" tnday.
The ciivernmcnt alleged that tho
lnuhlllli uf tho local union oIIIcIiiIh to
unionize a Job wiih riillwed l un
iiiieal lur aid und thai a vlHll of
llncklu to a purllctll.tr loi'iitlty wiih
followed by an expluulun.
I'etinell tentlllcd after he failed to
lllll.illie Jiilm 111 .Sprlngllelll he wrule
to Secretary MCNaiuara to "neuu
I lut lt In" iim HOoii iih dokhIIiIc. but he
iiHHi-rlcil he wanted Hoekln an a nn -
tlonal uiuanlxer and not for dvnamlt-
Ing purponeM. Uu mild Hocliln fulleii
to iiptie.ir and on February 15, I'.MI,
he MUn in nppealed b letter fur
Hni kin Mi Nninaru ;eihed to "liue
and wall. ' cautioning l'ciinell "!. be
inure i-urcful what you write to heinl-
iliiiiiiciH. im thu Lord mil) Kin wh vviin
rendu tin- mall thai coiiich into uiih
ullli e "
The wliiii'MH sulil llinklu Intel ur-
rived in spilugllelil. on Match s an
explnHiou there cutinud tl.'i.HDH ilain-
hut did Hoeklli H Unii have In
do witli Unit evploHioti '.'' uHked DIh
trl. i Aii'.iney Miller.
'Nothing, whiilever. nn tar iih i
know,'- aiinwered I'ennell, "I know
iiiiiIiuik il the explonlou."
"Wi ll, it wiih the Job you had been
ti.v nig to uulonixo?"
"Yen '
I'liewliiK gum canned it brief Inter
ruption uf Hie trial, DIMrlct Attor
ned Miller nolli'eil I'ennell wiih elmw
tng uhll" lenlilyllig and protestud tu
the court.
"Ych, take that chewing gum out
nl' out- uiniilh," di'iiuinded Kedcrul
Judge Allilei'Hun. "
I'ennell npiialetltly gave nn heed lo
tin- ni'ilel.
"Well, why diiU'l till lilku it nut
nl vniir iiiniith"" uHked the court.
have. ' iiimweieii I'ennell. "I've
wnlbiwed II."
'liiitii'H N. Iliiiilin. MIlinealinllH,
fin iner iiiember of Ihu lionvvnrkerH'
exi'iiiilve lioiinl, wan tlm next witunmi.
Ah niii' who had impel vlnlon over
tin- union h lluiiueeH, lleulim Ii
clliiigeil Willi iipplnvlllg Hie iipprupll-
nllull of I ,inui In lie iihciI li) Mi -
Nn inn i it rue l) iiiiinlllug.
Him-n nn cti'i'i reading:
'"I'ii John .1. McNamaru, Hid anlile
lo,- iiigiiiil.illon imrpOHeH 111 order ut
the exct ill li - linal'il, tl.nno." made ill
Hilii, when In- wan nn executive bo.inl
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -i . I ( -i 1 1 1 1 1 1 li'Htllleil:
"The hu' I heard nf McN'mti.tii
i ltd ii k J I. ""o uioiilhly wiih nflcr Iiih
uncut Nni did I ever know tliut Hn-
lllllniiH I ii 1 1 1 1 h weie UHi'd In bin cx-
PIomImh I never Haw Orlln H Mi
Miiiilitnl n.iiil I eiiiiie hern for tri.il
"Win u.m. il Hint uu un execilllV)
r till! union, von did not kimw ol
thi'Hc f l ttiiti iippriprhitbinH?'' lit it i
WIIH ll-ln l
""An i iiitow ih I never heurd ii
It," III itllHlM'll-ll
Young Bertram Jaffa Badly
Injured and Narrowly Es
capes Death in Attempt to
Make Nitro Glycerin in the
School Laboratory.
llr Lrasrd Wire to EIealoK Herald
Kinwrll, X. M., Due, ii -Itcrlruin
Jlilfa. noli or the ciiHhler of a Incut
banb. hud IiIh face und lunula biidly
burned, and one eyo neuih put out
Inni night wiiile cxperliiieniliiK in the
lUHiiufacture or ullro-glycerln in the
high Hfhniil laboratory ufler hcIiooI
Iioiiik. A wrong comhltiullon uf lu
gredleiitH cauBi'd a report hcaid nev-
eral iiloeiiH.
Santa Claus Letters
to be Deliverrd
ynnhliiKton, Dec. a. I'ost-
iniiHter General Hitchcock him
iHHiied an order nuthorUtng nil
puHtiiuiHtcrM to deliver "Bantu O
(!lutts lettern" to such charitable
Institutions In tho ally or town d
whore received us may desire to O
glvo attention to the requests
they contain, If the letter fulled
to be stumped ii would be nocts-
nurv to forwurd them to the dl-
4 vision of Hie dead letter, hut. In
that event, ine postmaster i uu-
thorlsed td niibmlt the names
and nddrenuen to charitable In-
stlttitlonn thut aroiH willing In
p worthy muses in look after tho
wants of the wrltero;.
Mexican Raidcis Attempt to
Emulate Roman Attaok on
Sabincs With Only Indiffer
ent Success.
Itjr Leased Wire n MvrnlnR Krrnltl
Mexico I'tli, Dec li The luwu or
alle Del llr. il", Hiate ! MeMttu, wiih
pl'iletlealh dentrnied l X.iipiitu lob
elM lll'llcl Hie i 0111111.11111 ! lieciiiVein
De I. no liecailNe the IIiIi.iIiIIhiiIm re
fllHi'd tu deliver nlei In t In-111 nine
teen .lining women iiiiileutn.
The ItiliithltanlH, :i uticlpaltim that
the rebels would wl'cilk VellKeailCe nil
them, lied to tho Miiiroiiiiilllik II I 11m.
lenvllii: I he town entirely dcHol'tcd.
The.v ate Hit I1 In be hUllerlng from
cold unit hunger.
'The rebelH appeared before the
town altn Heiit a demaiul to tho civil
prefect fur the deliver) nf t 111' gll'lH,
ileclarlng (hut In cane nr icniHiil the)
vituilil nitek the pluce.
After ciiiiHUlllug with the leading
tltl.eUN Hie prelect inlvlHetl thom to
lellMe the feltelH" ilemillld and told
them thei hail liellci' take to Might
I'ew u( them when they left took
mnre lliitu a blaitki-l .mil a limited
Hiipply nf rood vv ltd the in
A hotly nf ichclH vviin n I lin ked, the
mining town of TeiuaHcaliepec,, near
Tnlllea, the lapllnl uf tint nlulu of
Mexico, wiih I'epnlneil bv Hie ruritlt)
uiiiitibi with a Iohh nr twenty klllod
mill main uuundcil.
The federal citHuitlt'M have put been
it.Moiti:i) TKAIN not IS
Ml I'iihii. TexiiH. Dee. (I. UebulH
.vtHierday iittnckeil an armored troop
lialii ut TerraxjiH, a lew iiiIIch north
nf t'lilhuahiia i'ii.v. anil worn routed
dlHUHtrntuily, iuih the nlllclul report
received hero toda).
itiri.KM si:nt a.mkiiicanh
WaHlilngton, Dee. C The war de
purtment Induy Hcnt a ennslgniuiint
of rlilea und umniiiiiltltm lo the Amer
ican conHUln ut lleriuoHlllo and Du
ruilgo. Mexico, in lennonun tn leiirn-
(KiuUitlonn thui Ainerlouu llfn und
properly wero In great danger from
ileprcdatlonii nf revolullonlHiii and
Vnfltll IlidlaliH. The illleti will be iIIh
tributi;d hugely mining thu milling
llr Lrastd Wlr to IC ire ma a Herald
i 'un luiiull, Dec. ii -('roHi exaiuliia
Hon or .loHepli K. Wnireii, -in aiilniiio
lilln dealer nr IIomIoii, loiiuerly an
employe or Iho N j L 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 CiikIi lteglhler
company uf Duyluii, Ohio, wiih again
taken up today when the irlnl uf John
II. I'alterxon ivml lweiil -niiie oilier
ollliei-H mid forilinr uIIIccIh ol4 toe cum.
pain lor alteged violation ol l tic Hliei -
i alltl tlllbt law w.ni IihuiiiiiI hi
Hie Culled Htal cm dlnll'lcl i mil t.
(lly Leased Wlr In ISvaalae; Herald
1'iiriH, Dec ii.--Tlni hndy nf Mm.
Ilolieii (ioi-lel. wlin illiil here uu
Wniliii'Mhi) , wan tulii-ii tuiliy froin her
leniei'e In Hie American church III
Hie Avenue D'Allllil, whete II will n
iniilu illtlll II Ih cuiiirveil lu Havre.
1' il lu-Til I uerviei-H nle In be held lit
New York
Mien Custi Nea I h Close.
Wv llierillle. Vll , I II. --The ,iiui-
luoiiweiillh eliiHi'd Mil i-vldeiicn Indii)
Ut li Hint nf Slilna Allen, leailer nf tin
IHIIhvIIIii gnu men clniiged wllh Iho
murder nl Allurnev Wllllnin I'oiler, at
tlio Cal l oil county i ourl hoiiHe tiinnt-
liig. The ilereliHii will liegin Into to
I'lvo Diniil In i:.iitliihlon.
lluntlngloii, W. 'a Dec, . Kive
'umi were .(llleil l,y tho expluslun nl a
ooiier .it a saw mill at WllnontlHlc,
wn.iiii eoiiiity, Went Virginia hint
i 'iiivi'iied nt iioiiii
llcMinnd couhPIi rallou of lenls
lallie, i-xiclltlvii and Jllillclut ap
propiiiitinii bill.
.Sinai airali'H i oinnilllen heguii
framing navnl nppi npriniiou bill
which 4i ii I r 1 1 1 i it Migett cntl
iiiulnH will curry I m.'iimj.uoo to
I'rogrcHHlvu iiiiiH i.impiilrfii
fund Hlateinent wan lhl, Khnti
liig contrlbiiiloiiH or iii.,ii .'.
Hanking und ciiriciuy comiuii
ten began fratnltig dlpluiiiatle and
oiiHiilur appropriation hill which
I'lialnuan HuUur eMilmuteH will
iiirry 3,000,U()(j to M.OUO.dOO.
I'renldunt'H messagu on gen
et ul affair wum rend.
Wnx'oin ilelegutua advocate.il
upproprliilluns for river und hur
bur linprove nents bururo IllvurM
ami Harboia eotumlttee,
Military iiffalrM committee bo
gun iiearlngH on military uppro
pilalliiiiH olll.
Cniivened nl noon,
HiiHiimcil cuiislderutlon of out
nlbiiH claiuiH blit.
Mhlpplug interuMts voiced vig
orous, opposition to Keiimun'a III
voluntury servitude bill beforo
comniercii MUb-cummlttuo,
Court Impeiichmeiil resumed
trial of J. G, Archbald,
Mutitttor Johnson, Alabmuu, ob.
lalned argument tor prlntlnjr us
public document President Taf t'
spettoh at Daughters of Confod
orucy convqntlQti,
Mystery Shrouds Aooidont to
Woman Who Went to Dine
With Officers Aboard the
Vicksburg at Mare Inland.
fllr Leased Wlrtt tn Kvraiaa fltreMI
Vallejo. Cal.. Dee. 6. Taken tin-
coiiHclmiH from the gunboat Vlckn-
lung liint night, Mm. Andrew Muller
r thin city wan found ut a hospital
today to be nulTerlng from u frac
tured nktill
The Vullejn police were told ut lite
Mure Inland navy yard, whore thu
VlekHburg In ntatloned, that Mrs. Mullet-,
in mounting to tho upper deck,
prcpiii'iitni'i to going nnhnrc, hud
lenncil mi the mini rope of the gang
way unit rcii when the rope uroKO.
I'roiu other Hinircen the police
learned that Mrn. .Muller wont aboard
the MckHburg bint night with MInm
ii'HHie (iihtiunn, employed at u canny
ftnre, an dinner guentH of two offlcem,
Who the nillceiH wero In not known.
Mm Muller wiih not ablo to muke
ii xtiiiemeut tuduy.
Itv Lca-eil Win n KvonliiB ffrrnlfl ,
Co,it.o .pringH, Colo.. Dec. fi -
lleii.vii.g ibnt he Ih on IiIh death bed.
Celei DiuiH. now of Oregon, hun con-
reHM'd I.. the murder of Wllllnin
Atehon it CiiHtlo Hock. Colo. In tho
npring ..r isTfi. uecordlng to n letter
reeeiv Hherirt Aiulernnn or Doug-
Iiih oiiiiti atul which hue been re-
fern the dlHtrlct nttnrney's of- ,
in... i...... -pi... i........ ....I...... ....
nn Oregon pId'hIcIiiii attending the rty- .
ing iiiiiii ami wiumo name and rent-
deuce ban not been dlnclnned. Tnvtn
In nalil to lime ahot Anderson iih tho
renull nl a iiuarrel over tho nronun.
rlatinii oi tin, word "Ninvfoiindland."
Du It excuped from the country and
the mvHtfi'v wiih not cleared tip until
the receipt or the alleged confession.
t'uwiltten tnw i-'iivh Woman,
DiiIIiih. Tex.. Dee. fi. Mr. Minnie!
LuDllniltt today wiih admitted of tho
charge or murdering her husband,
W. If l,uDuitin bint Htimmor hccntino
or nn uttcniinnH to outer women,
llt-' u-riM II Hll'iillflit itllu,. I T r. tu wl t .
Ion law."
Magnificent Appropriation la,
tions of Congri
in Renolu-1
tions of Coilgre88 at Closing,
Session Last Night.
llr Leased Wire In lOvenlae Herald
Washington, Dec fi. An annual
c niiKrcKMloiiiil appi'opilalloii of ut least
K.u.ouo.oiiti lor waterway Improve
incut wiih reinitiiui'iiilcil in u resolu
Hon uilopied today al the cloning nes-
Hlon or the Mil Ih Annual convention
or tho National HIicm and HurburH
Tlm WutitrvvayH cungreNti iiImo pussuil
a resolution congratulating enngrunn
"Upon lln grunt of Immunity through
tho rucuiilly enacted I'aiiama cunal
law rioiii IoIIm of HhlpH engaged in niii'
cihihiwIho trade and upon the pruu-i
thin or water borne commerce aim
...I b wild law ug'ilnnl railroad own-
i-ihIiIii or control I water IIiich.'
UXJaLlUJUoa aA.rtinax.Jli
llr Lrasrd Wlra (a neealasr nerald
WiiHhliigtnii, Dc. (I. Thorn Ih no
Linger ol a panic nut the uxliorbltaul
ol inoni-v in tightening up buslnese,
dei lareil itcpreHnntiillev Jefferson lyivl
toilay herore Iho house bankllig Hlld
ctirrnni') eommltlce, which took uu
bin riiHoloilnii directing the nucretury
of thu liciiMiiry lo deposit tr.O.illlD.iIDD
or government fundH in national
I'roiiilnent Club Wommi Diet.
Cedar Itatilds, lowu, Deo, A. -Mr.
Minma M. Vuti Veohten former treas
urer of tho National Kodarutlon of
Women'H ('ittbs, in dead at her home
Early Christmas
Shopping Means
Merry (UirlntnuiH for the girl
6 behind Iho counter.
A uhuncu fur the lloorwnlkor
to nlL down.
KiiHlor work for the delivery
wagon driver.
i.enM Icg-iicho for tho messen-
ger boy.
More time for the postal (dork
to btiv hln vvlfu ii present.
I'Viwer lume liuckH for the mall
l,esM profunlty umorig exprera
t wugon drivers. 9
I'eacn of mind for tho Christ-
mas girt buyer.
Hhortur hour for tho bread-
Iyc night before - ChrUtmM 4
exusporatlon for sireot oar con-
htuo eleventh hour nervout
prostrallott for shopper.
v Klve hundred per cent more e
real Chrlstm(Ui Joyousnes In AJ-
Plea for Froteotive- Keftrori
Useless Under I&QXftti4
Rule Saja Prudent JA
Message to Qov&tm,
Deprecates Policy of One
tleship Per Year and Pr?k
csicfl Canal Will Be Opened
Latter Part of 1813.
Washington. Dsc. . Presl
dent Taft's principal recommen-
datlona In hln meatafo to con- 9)
gresa today: (
s Tlm tilun tit i-timnM rnform 6l
outlined by the monsUry com
I " Amendment of tho law to les-
reti the nenaltv when corpora
H" Inadvertently dlftobjjy the
curporiitlnn tux law. m
Congressional approval Ofplan
J "r"' renrg unisauon utowshs
b-"J."o "" collegetot Pjrtac.
2 , " Pansago or me nuiiu .pay
hi ncreaslng epmpeowtloo to
T '"V.-.T '".V" "?:S' ,.t.v..
, CM xenshlp. wlthot oUtehooO.
fol, 1 "f.1 "Jco' - fm
lieau atlon or V7tcP BOWtf
K'."1" "w th.nl navlsblo etre
T ...iif.ui
T inw?r compcnteB,
IClovntlon iif Colonel aoethgw,
builder of the Paaasuw oaMl. to
a major generalship.
A return to the policy ot w
battleships a year by the apare
prlatlon for three lNtttleeliljM tMs 4j
yoar. ,.
:Aulhorlty to the UiiMed MbM 4
sunremo court to make rt)M t
procedure In otmiwa lr oajay1
In federal courU tr Re44te wi .
to lessen cost ef uthfatlost. m
Uo dlsnpprov, U tWewIiurt
lAutonumy sM4 lagsM isafsasd m
as In alakt vbOm ihp atf' lMiieiii 9.
r v'- x v.. . 'iu... Zi
statins hq woVtld IkSaVs'tSit bb
Joot to tho IncoklM aowtn.
. .4 of) J -'aa
nr Leaaeel Wire TMMr MeeaMT
Washington. Doo, 6. President
Tuft will make no fprthir crfott to
have congTcsn reduco tho tariff. U
a "general" mcrsage to cong70M' SUbf
milled today tho preoldont clearly In,
dlrnted his Intention of leaving fur
ther tariff revision to Mr. Wllsonn ana
tho rungress Just elected.
"Now thut ii new congress ha
,,,H'n elected on a platform of tarlft
. rnvcn nniv rather than a oro-
tectlve tariff und Is to revlio the Urlrt
on inui OHSin, " sum me yrvaiuam.
Is needlesH for mo to occupy tho time
of congress with arguments or rea
i ointtiondutlona In favor of ft protoo-
live tariff."
Thin message, tho second aubmltlea
hy the president slnco tho present
tiesston began, will bo hla lust of si
general uhuructer. 11 dealt with ov
cry department of the government
except tho ntixto department, recom
mended much of tho legislation which
Mr. TuK pravloinly had urged upon
tho attention of congress, nnt took up
and discussed at length several aub'
Juris comparatively now.
Mr. Tuft cume out strongly against
1 itrloiianilnnnii Ahn fit II I mm Ima
' " "V, V. "ij ' V... t!--V'-
posed, ho said, In a bill now before
congreHM. Tin depreoAted the new
ncnemo or currency rororm propoaea
by tho nutlonul monotury commission.
Connon'atlon wan lightly touched.
tho prevldeut recommending . tho
umondment of bllUj now before eon
gresa so thut wator power companies
which dum navigable rlvcra will con
tribute to tho Improvement of thessj
ntrcams. MH
Ho douturcd thut no radical change)
In the Bherman antl-truet law waa
needed, und praised the supremo
court fur Its recently announced,
ohangCH In rule of qulty procedure
In this connection the president Mlcecl
nongresa tn pass legtsl&tlaa which!
would allow tho supremo court to
formulato rules or procedure uadstj
the common law In federal courts)
nnd predicted that mich sotloa would!
facilitate Justice In those courts) nnd)
renuco tno cost or utigatloa tq wsj,
public, t
Tho 1'un.tmu, canal wafl dUmlma
In a few words, tho preiddtnt'propUe
eying Ha openintf la tho Utter hull
of 1613. He took occasion, bowimrvi
to (leoiure that oongreM should r-
wunl the work of Colonel QceUtaW
by un appointment ejCKUjor-Ka&sr&t
with thu provision that ho becoi(
chief of englnoera whoa tho term oC
tho present Incumbent expiree. H
tnudo only a brier reference to t.
dtsputo with Groat JHiteJ) over Ut
Tunutnu canul act HflfrftHL Uutft wiies
u formal protest wist )s)ff4 RgHlMt'
that act It would b up by thai
United Btntea. ' x y '
The Army the tiraMMt dUauaa4
hi some isiunni m.
legislation of the
kald that rV)e(oi i
law. no that u
iA(llk MIV tu
upon aJtnjl)
Ml, ealf4 ,tJ
edllltht mora
'if- - V
igialsAaJbfa M- r-. ...

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