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iMB jVlbnqnfftnir jtetifn Heg ill ffilg .1
Voi. 8. No. m.
gfe ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1012. evening heiiaxt, ?
.--. 7gT i ,. .. i - .VOU . NO. 3S7. .)
I I I .- ll
Business Agent of Detroit Car
penters' Union Taken Into
Custody By United States
Marshal at Indianapolis.
Handwriting Expert Testifies
That Epistle Read in Court
Was Work of Aoouscd Lab
or Leader.
By Leased Wire In ICvcnliiK Herald
iniiiunapuns, inn., Dec II. Will,
lain 11. Qulglcy, Detroit business agent
"i mo carpenters' union, totiuy was
held to the federal KranU Jury on the
churge of the district attorney Unit ho
liuil tumtntttcod perjury tin a witness
at the "Dynumlto Conspiracy" trial.
Ho wim taken Into custodv by a dep
uty United Htatea marshal.
Charges of rorgcry developed first
at tho "Dynumlto Conspiracy" trial to
day over u letter alleged by the gov
eminent to refer to proposed cxplos
loiiu at Detroit In III 10.
Tho letter which tho government
utated It procured at Dutiolt ten yearn
auo, purported to havu been written
by Qulgloy and to refer to plots tot
unlonUo building trades in Detroit by
blowing up non union Jobs.
Herbert Wood, a handwriting ex
pert, tcstlllcd tho letter wax Qulgley'a
handwriting. Qulglcy took the Bland
and auld tho handwriting wan not IHh
und thut tho signature wub u forgery.
District Attorney Miller refused to dis
miss Qulgley, wnose arrest followed.
Tho letter wus uddressed to iltrnm
Cllne, Muncle, Ind., nutlonul organizer
for the carpenters' union und staled
that the proposed explosions which
local officials of the vurpentertj , ma.
chlhttts' nnd Ironworkers' unions wero
allsgud Jointly to have plotted, had
bstn "called off" because Charles.
Wachttnclster. nn Ironworker, had
"talked too much."
Qulglcy was charged with commit
ting perjury In denying authorship of
the letter.
"1 uak that the witness Qulglcy be
recognlied by the court as held to tho
federal grand Jury ." said District At
torney ('. W. Miller. "Ah It Iimh been
conclusively shown here" that porjuiy
lias been committed I ask that he hi
held without u hearing beloru a com
missioner." Qulglcy. presented beloro federal
Judge A. D. Anderson, said hu was not,
In h position to go bond. Uu ac
cordingly was taken to Ju It.
The letter which Qulglcy denies ho
wrote was hb follows;
"Wayne County Carpenters' District
Detnlt, M it-it. n-n.
"Urothur II. It. Cllnii: Wo have
made a mlstak6 In our men and it Ih
all off with the big show. lie has got.
In radically wrong and skipped, for he
told me ho Mould do ho but he would
not miiko good. I can't tell, what ho
will do. He Iihh got trimmed twice
since Friday evening by the Ironmen,
so they lay for him now. I am giv
ing you straight. Was Mashing the
century nnd drunk elnce you left till
last night.
"v. ll qimolisy"
The caption and thn world "Heal" as
well aa the body of the letter wero In
handwriting. .
An the fourteenth or the forty -ond
defendants to appear In his own he
hulf, Mlchuel J. Ctinnanc, a I'hllndclv
phla oltlclal of tho International Abho
elation of Bridge und Htruclural Iron
worker,, next testified. He ussertod
ho hud been associated with J. J. Mc
Namara, President Frank M. ityan
und other ofllulaln of the union but he
never had discussed with them any
plana for the use of violence or dyna
mite on non-union Jobs.
"Before McNamuni was taken to Uis
AngoUs had you any knowledge that
dynamite or nitroglycerin was used on
non-union Jobs?" uaked Wllllum A.
Oray, counsel for Uunniine.
"I never heard of it till Mc.Vumuru'u
Ounriune said his uppearatuv before
the International union's executive
board was not to (Uncus dynamiting,
but In connection with proposed "lo
cal option" for the Philadelphia union
so tho members might work for con
ductors who maintained union shops
locally regardless of the strike.
Mtt at noon.
Interstate commcrco commis
sion to be culled to frame anti
trust laws.
Omnibus claims bill taken up.
Met at noon.
WV and moans committee an
nounced dates of tariff hearings.
fitn York bankers continued to
testify before the money trust
New; Haven
Investigating hetr
I before ris com-
taf continued
House Money Trust Investiga
tion Discloses Methods of
New York Exohange and
Clearing House. '
(Ily fii'nwil Wire to KTrnliiR Herald
Washington, Dec. 1 1. -Operation
on the New York Ktock exchange were,
detailed to the house money trust In
vestigating committee today by l.iiw
rence .Sctidder, ucriiuiitaiit for tno
committee, who produced elaborate
statistics to show tho operations In
fourteen active stocks since inuil.
Sumtiel I'nlurmeye". counsel fur toe
committee, led Mr. Heudder ihmiigh an
i xaniluatlon, the object of which w.i.i
to show that of mltlloiiH of shares .r
ttock Mailed In upon tho stock ex
change. "iil a small percentage wi
actually transferred. With that '.-
Ject In v'ew the uPtlCHH prel llted t.-
hles and (Inures io show that the en
lire capital stock of some coinenin
had bum turned over ol it or leo
times a ;cnr, while one about eight
per ceil. nl the Miles gencially we.e
huualld" transfers.
The ciimmltteo h.is eoncluileil Us m-
cxtlKUtlfiii of the clearing house sit
uation, Counsel l.'niermeyer iiiuiouii' -oil.
W. IS. Krew and V. K. Lister ol
the New York clearing house, explain
ed a teport on exchange charges fnv
out of town checks marie by the Inland
exchange committee of toe clearing:
Walter Krew, chairman or tho
New York clearing house commit Ice,
resumed the stand when the session
opt ned.
Samuel I'tilermyer, counsel for the
committee, had concluded hln exami
nation of Mr. Krew yesterday but the
hunker desired to discuss further hie
vlewH of clearing regulation which
cause banks to charge, a ilxcd ratu
for thn collection of out of town;
checks. Chairman Pujo announced
that tho commlttco had decided lo al
low Mr. Krew to make an explnuntlon.
Mr. Krew put Into the record n ra
port by the committee on Inland ex
change or the clearing limine, showing
thn cost of and the charge for making
out or town coltci'tlnus during 1!M1.
Tho icpiirt Hhoucd a prollt to tho
banks on such collection charges of
I'.iT.iluii for the year. It showed total
charges for collodions s $2,139,0.11
and the cost of making collections us
In addition to (he i iimI of collection,
the report also charges J.'ifili, IB I.7X
for share of rent, mstage, salaries,
etc., and t Jiiii, fith as ohs of interest.
Mr. I'ntermcyer courrouled tho wit.
Hess with a letter from Krank A. Van
derllp, the New York naukor, declar
ing that tho banks HiilTered t( loss ot
about t2,iMHI,fl0ll a year on out of town
collections. Mr. Krew declared ho
"Did not wish to r-riilOxo Mr. Van
derllp." Ml. I'nteriueyer was eager In ills
cmer what Mr. Krew knew about tho
attitude of New York banks towards
demands of out of town depositors for
their money during the l!H7 panic.
Mr. Kiew denied emphatically that hu
ever knew of the New York banks ro
fusing to allow tho country banks to
withdraw their funds,
Legislation Designed to Pre
vent Price Cutting By Hlo
nopoliste to Drive Out Com
petition Is Introduced.
Ily Leased Wire lo Kwnlug Herald
Washington, Dec. ll. Price cutting
by monopolies or combinations' In ono
locality to drive competitors out at
business Is to be Immediately consid
ered by tho senate committee on In
terstate commerce. t
Heveral anti-trust bills now before
tho senate contain provisions similar
to that ombodled In n now measure
Introduced yesterday by Henato?
Clapp. Ho will urge that other fea
tures ot untl-trust legislation be tem
porarily laid aside and that the com
mittee concentrate Its efforts upon u.
single plan to prevent interstate cor
porations from selling goods Mn one
locality ut u different price than In
another, except Insofar as frojjfht
ratos Influence the price.
Nuitken Vessel Idcntllled.
Plymouth. Knglund, Dec. l.Thd
veessl sunk yesterday by th0 Drlllshi
tattleshlp Oenturion In the BngllW
channel Is believed hsre to have
the small steamer Osprey from WflUr
ford, Ireland, which was due to ar
rive hero yesterday.
American Residents of Repub
lic Would Have United
States Treat Madero and
Revolutionists Alike.
Ily LimimmI Wire to I'.tcnlug Herald
Washington. Dec. II. W R I'etu-o
of Chicago, II. K. HtcphcliHoti of l.mi
Angeles and U. K.. Warren of Three
Oaks, Mich., having intcrcsta In Mcx
llico, have protestiMl to the htato de
partmnnl uboiit uhat they eiaim In
tho practice of the United Matin In
permitting exports or arms and am
munition to the Madero lorcea In
Mexico while prohibiting Ihcm to
Orozco, leader or Iho tevolullonlsta.
Thn three men recently appealed be
fore the i-ciiatc roniuilltco headed by
Hciiator William Allien Hmlth, In
vestigating whether the re oliilluiiH
In .Mexico have been fnmenteil or
aided by Americans.
Tho three men hao pointed out
that the -Ifect of the application of
such a rule has resulted In forcing tho
rebels to levy ii Americans In
Mexico by a system of lorced Iomiih or
ransoms, to procure weapotiH or war.
They have urged upon thn statu de
partment that the only mcaiiH of
meeting the illltlciilty una to return to
the old practice of permitting export
of arms and ammunition In both iddeu
without restriction.
It linn been pointed nut by Mute ilo
partinent nlllclalH that under the re
cent neutrality proclamation the gov
urumeut Ik uhholulcly prohibited from
permitting war supplies to go to thn
Insurgents, it Is expected that an ef
fort will be f initio to have tho Heualo
committee reciunmenil either an
amendment or tho withdrawal of tho
To Make Trip From Key West
on Battleship Arkansas
and Expects to Return By
End of Year.
Br Leased Wire to Rrcntag Herald
WuHhlnglou, Dec. II. Preiildent
Taft will leavo Washington at mid
night December l for Key WeHt,
Kla whence he will sail on the uftur
noon of December 21 for Panama on
tho battleship Arkansas. Mrs. T.ift,
Hecrutnry llllles, C. P Tuft, tho prun
(dont'H brother, und probably wivorul
dther persons will bo In tho party.
Tho president Ih expected to reach
Washington on tho return trip Do
cember 31,
Uunkcra Acquitted.
Valdes, Alaska, Dec. 11. Captain
Elbrldge T. Harnett und ll. It. Duxon
bury, wero acquitted by Keclerul Judge
Thomas It. Lyons yesterday or the.
charge of huvlng made a false state
ment of the condition of tho' Wush-.Inston-AlasKa
bank at Kalrbanks.
Judge Lyons said the prosecution,
pad falledto show Intent to decolvo
or to defraud, Tho second case grow
In1 out of the failure or the bank two
years ago, will go to trial tomorrow,
The prosecution has not announced
which of several Indictments nil) be
Hsjkoa up. i
Early Shopping Week
Presidcnt-Elect Is Invited to
Contribute Five Thousand
in Gold With Alternative of
Sudden Death,
Ilr l.ral Wlrn in tCrrnlnc Hrrnlil
Newaik, N. J., Doc, 11. Sullen ami
without counsel, thn three su-iullcd
molllllii Imci-i m airesled at Dovei. N'. .1.,
last ulglii chaiged with writim;
threatening letter lo Wondinw Wil
son, ate he lied up an Iciliil'il prlsou
em hero awaiting prellmliiuiy exam
inallon Monday. Two am tiridlieii',
Peter ami .lamb 1)111111, 21 ami 21,
yeaiH "hi, Teiipectlvely. The dhir In
Heelej Daveilnirl. 12 yearn old. Ac
cording lO till- pUMlllllll'O lliniei IllKI
Who made tile iirt'eHt, I'eler iiicIimcm
Jim oh ot having iloiie (In- uriiini:.
I ! i v ( 1 1 1 i WllMoll uiih tliieatetied
with death unless ho enu.Hcil $'.,niin In
gold to he letl for Ihi'in In a desig
nated IIIIim i opled limine in W'h ill'ili.
The men wete hiotinhl lo Nevi.nl.,
where t'nliiil Si,iiiN i 'iimmlsslouer
HtiH-kton eoiumliieil them to J 1 1 1 1 In
default or JJ.ihii) halt each for ex
amluatlou on Monday.
The letter in the governor
written on Nnvi'iuher II and wait
signed "New Vnil. liang."
I'oSiOtllce HiMpeeloiH llillilo tile nl
reat. Seen lelteiH III all welo swil
to (luve.riiiii U'IIhmii, i appeiim. 'I'ln ir
text indicates the wrlteiH lo lie nl .i
low degl'i I literary. line III' tin in
the letter ilaled November 11, ie.nl
In pari:
"Mr. W I .im now agnln' to wain
you ol wh.ii we me agoin' to do !
you iih did unt Teddv and M K tnl'.v
Cither lhe Html up lust the wiim
and If we lnii'i get what wo aslt fnuii
you Mill will gel the H.ilne Hay WIImoU
.Mill, you Inn- nl the olllco iih pDitl
dent ,ei) mid w- nie death on ju nl -ileiltH
hii now Witmtll you havi'
.ri,oiM In n'.Kl im ihM party we will
Hpare your Hf' lull 11 Hot We will
Hlioot you iici.iii. oii get In the oiii -iih
sure as nor name In WIIiiou
The letter gnvn iinvern.or Wl I .u
until N'ovemtier 21 lo send llio unine.
'I'lie llirealeinng UliSHlM) WIIM receheil
at Iho goMitior'H oilli e in Trenton iy
his Hoereiai . who forwardeil n to
James T. ( 'hi li t no, chief postal In
llpeelor ,il I'liltailelpblu. ICiH'h l:i
for six ilui li'iiem of the name in-
turn were le'elveil. Mean whlln the
postal ukciiIh were working and one
who posid ai a peiiNliiu agent went
to Wharton and there found a clew.
Tile Hi-.in i lunk Iho IlISp) ctol'H
through .i wild region In Iho nottli
Jersey IiIIIh nnd noino tniulllii u.i.l
expel led' i d In m.iUlug tho men julH
oners, .Im nli Dunn, Iho olllcera nalfl,
started tor them with an ux whim
ho found out who they wero. They
levelled their rcMilveni and xliip.ed
IiIh riiMh. The alleged hlackin.iil 'li
aro rugged looking iiionntalnceru 1 1 1
neavy nweepmg mousuicues.
To Help I ll-merge,
Han 1'Yancls.o, Dee, n. William
Kproulo, president "f lite Houlherii
Paelllj' railroad, h in left lhn elly foi
New York city in lielti "uiimnrge"
the Houlherii Pa Hie and Union Pacllle
rullroiulH. He will meet with H. W.
Hcrrln, vlo presiiient of tho Kotitli
ern Pacllle and oilier oIIIcIhIh of thn
road, who will deildo upon h plan of
nctlon In conformity with tho mount
decision of the United Htiitcs supremo
Hushing Cuu I'mlor Han.
Washington, Dec. 11. -It will bn
against tho luw to curry homo a
bucket of beer In Washington uflni4
January 1. Tho exclso board or tint
District of Columbia, promulgated n.
djrnstlc rule which forbids any saloon
keeper to sell any not to bo drunk on;
the nremlses. ''exeunt In irtriim)
TSTTil '
tat cApRirrs-nm
iwjtMi.i; wyucm -nun.
3rierrn snoiia hnvb
Associated Press Report of the
Colonel's Speech Criticising
Court Pronounced Too Dan
gerous to Handle.
lly dciiMcil Wire In l.enlog Herald
Knll-e, Idillln, 1 1, i 11 lle.lllcra of
till' I 'iipltii I-Ni'W'.'-. III.- alleroiinli pa
pel Inti', did lint the li si nl Col.
ltnoeell'.i r. iiiiiiKm ill I'htiiiKii ji'"
lerihiv i.ilH'i I n I ll ; III.' aetlnii nf Ilie
Idahn Miipn mo i iiiiit in i ttliii; the
Capilal-Newa for couleiuiit ol court.
A lull report or the rnlnin I'll speeeh,
denoiincliig thn emu I, wuu In tho or
lice nl thn newspaper, mil only tin In
troduction u.ii printed, with this ail
lit Ion :
"Tile Assiirlillcil I'resH I'epiill ol
I'ol. l:nnfri If.' .-.(.. . -. -1 1 nl llllH plillll
coliliilm .1 his lorllnr lelereliie to tin
aliin.' l. Tint. ,11 unit iim fn,. n, till
mc--iiKi In Hii- pi ople of Idaho wax
pillilMii'il In the Capital-News ol
llnlse nod Unit the piiollsber .llltl ed
I t Wetv cited lor eiiutenipl. The I'e.
I n ; lllnoitli ll In tin- .iMnrtliya
Inc tin: Ciipllal News, noil, iii'tlllll
0mii their .iihlee thai It- inil.ln allon
in lil. hii ivoiihl bo a turlber ami ad
illllnli.il rollleiuiil, plllll.lalii. I, III"
so.. I. 0 iiirl nl 1 1 1 1.-4 i.l.ll.' as Ih.y
infill mil ID.- nw iim l.ilil ilimn by
ll. -i urf. and acilnn nimn ll in-
He. II. .li.". Hit I in 111 tl I - - i.l lb, . I li i ! I
I 1 1. I . Willi lliii'' ill " 1
Five Yoars IiupriHonnieiit Ir.
Piuiishmenl, Fixed for Lend
er of Virginia Courllious!
(It)' lipnsrit U'lre (o Kfrntliu ll.rnl.ll
Wsllnulle. Vn line. . -.Slilnii
Alb n. li'.nli r i,f , imieavlllii gun-
'"n wl hut tin tho Carroll county
i. i. n iii.i i iiiiii in,, permitm, wa.i ion
i. I'd i'i'ti ui involuntary man
eliiuc.hlei. 'lln Jury llxnd Ills iiiiiIhIi
iii. hi at ii v. ye. ui' tmprliionmnui. tin
wan 'in iii.il nn ,i in-1 ib nice murder
IihIi. in.'-iii Im ih. killing ni'i'mu.
moiiwe.iPli mi. nn. .'ii.ii. i ,
Manuel II, Olcro hU.
Chleago, Dec II. Manil.l II iil.ni,
of Siinlii .'o, N, M . sun ot Mlgin V
"'m il, Iniini'i' govii le.i nf mv Mi g.
len, wiim married In t-.'l.a in MIh
I.il' Civcl.i, also of Ham.' I'. , .1 nigh
lor of Colonel Krank :imj:.i .. .ml
fnlled Ktiiten land itgeni foi s w
Mexi'-o. Mr. Otorn rt I'nlled Hu.ii
collK ior of Internal mvomm for New
Mexico ami Ai'Ikuiiii.
To IMiii Way I'm- (,'oelluiln,
.Hl.iuKtf.ii, Hi e. II. To enable
I'ii cl'ii m T.iit in appoint (.'oiounl
Henri.e W 'inelhals, cllhlf (lllgllleer of
the i a i anal ono, a major gun-
eial in Urn ,ii my, Muuulni' KhiiiIoim of
TcnileHi.i l., Ililliiiiiieeii u bill i reating
tin aililit...o,it ma lor geunrulshlp, it
wiih rcfernd in i li military affair
commllti e
Ail.aiiMi-. ShIIh.
AVashlngtnii, in,. , The new
dreailiioiiKht A I... 1. which will
carry Iriildiii T.jIi in iMuarua, Ift
ho decides to in.. It.- the nip, hits left
Hampton muds for K-y West, nceoin
paiiled by Iho butth hip Delaware.
President Tart'g tentulK e platiii aro to
board tho Arkansas ut Key West on
December IP, una null for Colon.
Spcitkcrs at Chicago Love
Tenst Predict Triumph for
Party in Ciiiiiimign Four
Years Hence.
ll l.eilseil Wile In I enlng Herald
111. ...... II '..ininlllee IIIUUl-
llni ' .ill.l . l". I... I .. ringri'S-lverf
uuii.,iit i.iln i.il im u i. m neeuilml the
i Moi ill the im w paitj meuibei'H at thr
"int d.i) ill lllelr iillferelll'li today.
I .-'i' f. trmn iii. ni illlfeii lit Her-
't i Mm i.iniiliN Mfi.le IHc-nliniile
..'till. it llli h.ve fiasl, Wlllull WilH
,mi i mini i.nlh I'l'i'illctlOUM (if a
M Ingn .'ii vlilniy four ycill'H llelieu
w.l'e glii I.. I Willi cheers.
'I'll" fc.lletitiM apllllltllleil ami
Inn. ifil win n iiMiir It. Hundley of
j A In hum. i il I .li .1.
"In .i i tm . Hu' Itepiililleiiii p.irls
! marl.-'. I v.nh tin- In iinl or Cain he-
jr iilise II lli.l. il to imil'llor ItH po-
I lit leal lil n He r."
j tie nl .i il.'. i.ired thai "Alabama
i now Ini" ivv.. l.i.i.mi r seiialMi'H "
Cinign hiii. ui . i. el Henry W. Tun
I pie r ib. '(.mix roiirlli I'cnonl
jaula ill iil.i i. Mowed the light in
Ills stall'. II. ii. i tared thai In tln
lleXt I'limpikn ...lnelllH of the I'm
lil'esHlveM wi i.i.l liuil InipiiMsthlii to
pill iih mil.', i.i. inn tlmis in Hie pnih
of the in w piii .1,1 ihi y did iliitliirt
tin last i .itiip.ilttn.
I'lallN wen I nl' tin- li, ill. .mil fnm
tll II I en lii gn M.lii i-i eulh e kiVhIou Ibis
lllli llli. nil noil illhpnm. ill liiiducHH io-
latlm: iii tli el's I the Mpriiiitllu,(
ill' propaganda by llleratuio ami
HpeaUels Mivernl plana llaV" I ll
Mlllllii'il fur lliu ciimmltlee'H coii.'dil
oriiMiu'i. Memhera of tw iiliiilllieH wero
ulpiituled as r.il In VVI4-.
Newn Horvlee rommlllei -Alexander
'1 Moore. I'cnus.Wvuiila; C. II. Maulel,
Ciiiiriirnl i : . T. ChorKon, N'el.ianlt.i;
JiiineM KeirH, IIIIiimIh; llenrv J. AT n,
Kan ui)'.
I'lllill. IH i .iiiioilllei' A I t ls -
non, C.illl.iriil.i; ileurge I'll-h. Illl
linlf ; William Alb u While, KanwiH;
HllKll Abbott. New Vnlli
While llli' eX". 'Olive ei.inmlllee WIIH
III Hi e mil an open lln i Unit waa held,
at which will. hi. i deli gut.. a Hpokn.
AIIIhihi Hlockei', ehalrmao nl Hie slato
celllr.ll nlllltllllee of Ciiliit.ido, stir
priHeil Hi., meeting whin lie rune and
ilieliired tlmt the "m.is" might In ho
shut nir.
"I i nine here will) I In- Idea that
there was work to do end that vn
were gnlnitjo do li." ...u.i .Mr Jttoek
er. "lint I Iiiivii heard inilhlug but
i pi i i Im h."
A I. linrforil, null I niomlltee-
m io limn uhln, i. , l.m .l 1 1 1 : t Ilie
.H'l uiiw lominiitiii w,i ui work
hard .ml liuil li.. pi,. nn wbleh IIiIh
" . I.H 1 , 1 1 I I' VMIIlhl NIIKgi . I Willllll be
' .1." ii up liv the i;. n I.il on i tlng
1 . 1. I .il.lliK will Ihitiiipno (ii-
' nn. .
Near Panic on No York Stock
Exchange Result of Su
pwoinc Court Decision
Against Hurrinmn Merger.
Illy l.ea'-ed Who in r.tcninif Ucnildl
New Vork. Dee. I 1 - Wi.i. I. n,, In
ViiIhii I'.iclne uiiNcttled thoatoek mnr
liet iii ii point approaching ilomnral-
l.lllillll 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M Hill III. III. limn. Iiuli.u
'la' iirfi ringii nl' Hi.- .Ktoeli 'niiHln
I IunI In line ii. inn . ..ill llilli-il for nvei'
l.in liinir. The mi... u di iiiueii to irrf,
,11 l.r. nil nl '.M r in., p. ilma limn tin
.be I nl' Hu '.ill', iiml'liMlg The H,ln
w.i.i nil) red iii huge blni hu, and Im- a
time was without Miippi.it, Tnilay'H
Inw lUolUtloil Is llio Inw level fur
I over ii yi nr. lilln r iiloekH moved
dnvMi h mpiilhetli .illy nil. I the excite.
mi ol on Hie eki lln llge was Cli alnr
tlfie nl iinv Urn" aim.- I!iu7.
I I iirv at the I'lihm I'.i.'ln.. oiiii'ii and
at Hi' liaiiklui; Imhihi' li pn Hciillng the
I I III! I Im, ill llilel. Mls fnlleil In i ll.. II ii in
a n tnte im m or liiriiniriil'.n respecting
Hie wen I, in. nl ('nl. .n I'm e hlllllcil,
Tho Hi..e, h i m in i ii weuli ever allien
llio I'nlled Slati h supremo court ren
dered lln dissolution iii ereo recently.
Hoiilhern I'aeliie was relatively strong.
With tho exception of Hill Hlocka und
HI. I'iiiiI, It was the only strong fea
ture of tho entire market.
Tmvflk, f;t.tM ViieiiUnii.
Iz-mdoit, Deo, tl.-.TnwlIk Vashii,
Urn Tttrkleh unibassador ut I,ondmi,
haii oblalned Iwu ruunflm' leuyo of nh
senco on account of Ato hendth. Hu,
Ih going to (!ontuntlnople durlig tho
I'euco livgotlutlons,
. ' " . I
Outlet to Sea Necessary to Fu
ture of Country Dcolnred
Pleniiiotontiary on Arrival'
at Paris. r
flty Leased Wlro to lOvenlng Herald!
P.H In, Dec. !. Scrvlu will InslsQ
on nlitaiuing a poit on tho Adriatic!
sen. t..r a maritime, outlet Is nocassury.
to tin. lire and the future of Morvln,
a. loriliug in Hx-premier Novukovloh.
the iiim lp..l Servian peacn plonlpo-1
leniiary, who is now on hla way to)
Loudon. Ho iniiilo this declaration In
I an interview- with u eorrciipondont ot
the Temps and added, that Sorvla wnn
surprised by tho enigmatic, und dls-i
luh'tlug nltilitdo if Austria,
In h 1 1 li',, nf the monaceH of Austria
; he coiitlmied, Hurvla won leaving hot
iiioop.H in Hie territory they had aU
j ready eouiUered,
I Iteierrlng to the Intervlow lio hn0
I Just iiad with Itaymond Polncnro, the)
iKn iich premier, M. Novttkovlcti sAlda
"I have tho conviction that tho Justt
ilaims of Set s la will bo firmly and)
etiicAeloiiMiy supported by tho powers)
iiehmglug to tho trlplu ontonto J
Kraiice, (treat llrltaln and ItUBSIa.'
l.'ltll.Vl' I'OWKItH 1X TAIJC
t) i:it wuck inosiiicrfi
London, Dec. 11. A net ovor-optl-mlstlc
view or tlm International situa
tion was expressed by Hlr Edward
1 1 my, iho Hrltlsh foreign iiiorotary
when im formally unnouin ed In Iho
limine of enmmonn this afternoon thut
umbassadora ut tho great powers
would meet In London simultaneously
with iho plenlpo' utlurlca of Turkey
and of the llalknn states, who are tu
dlHt-iifcs poaue horoj
Hlr Kdward dollued thn objeto of tha
ambahsadorH as "An Informal and
iinii-i miimlttal coiisultatlou which Is,
'r r.mihe. an Indlcutlon that thn
iminpeau powers aro not yet euro thnt
u solution of nil the dlllcultlcH Is in
Commenting upon tlm lOuropenu
Hliuatlon tho seeretary of foreign nf
fa Ira said:
"lloieM and anxhitlcH havb varied
frmii da to day nnd may contlntm
for iiome tliue. it Im dlilleiilt to say
auvllilug without causing undue pen
hIiiiIhim or r.ih.lnr hopes which might
Hilliseiiieull bo disappointed. Thn
i i'ln! Inuil iii'tweeu tho governmentii of
the powerti aro nmlcnhle, thn diplo
matic Hliuatlon Ih favorable and tho
anxiety In lest some, untoward or un
foreseen Incident occur.
"The ciiiiMultatloiiM of tho ambasim
liii'H aro lo bo infm-mnl and noii-com-mlllal.
'I'hiH hi, of course, an Indlcu
tlon that the Kuropoan powerH urn
not yet uu re that u solution or nil tho
illllleultlcs is In sight."
"On tlm whole," Hlr Kdward con
tinued, "tlm fact that all tho pnwera
have agreed lo eonm In i ' ior qunr
tern for ill eiiiision m.iy bo taken ns
an evldeneo that thero In no ono
,i minor them who liullevcn such a ho
liiti'iu impostilldo or that an agree
in. nl la not morn probable than a
ib adlncli.
When nnee tho oonverHatlonH In
Loudon hao tiegun und tio retire
iciiIuIIvcm of tho powerH urn In it po
sit inn to dlseii.iH the (itii'sltoiiH around
.1 in nie. they will Im in olonor touch
ami I here should bo less danger of
.im, oiie drifting apart from tho nth
cm and uuforeiimiu points of dlftlculty
"Wo Iruat tharuforo thut thn con
veriiatloiiH or tho umbutisadora will
begin iim soon us possible,"
Kmidiasl.lng thut It Is tho Intuntlou
d the govt rnment to facllltuto tin o
' hauge ut . inw'ii between tho powers,
I'Hpeciallj nn pulutu mniit directly nf
foctlng the Interest of any of the
great powo.ru concerned, und that the
cnuversntloiiM wuuld not constitute a
conference, sir Edward Grey added
Unit, should n formal conferoriea b
round opportunn nr necessary, 16
wiliild presumably meet In Paris al
tho iiuggostlnu first oiminutoit from
I'temier Pnlnciiro of ITranco.
An H-Ywir-OIrt HttfollUS
Tooelle, Ulah, Dec. 11. A rare ex
ampin of childish forethought was)
Klvi'n yesterday bv H.vour.obt nnnrt
Hklnner beforo her death trom burns
Hlin was singing her baby to sleep n
front of a stovo when it live coal IgnltH
ed her dress. Although ftblaso in nn
Instant, tlm llttlo lrl laid tho baby)
carHfully upon, ft jh-.lr and called tw
ner uioiimr to euro ror it beforo run
ning Into the yurd and plunging Into1
thu snow. Him lived but a short tlmo.
ItiMlrcMlVr Wrontj Oonrlctlon.
WUNlllllKton. Deo. 11. All narunm.
erronnously convlotod In Uiq United;
rumen enurt; anu jaier paraonod OP,
nfitilttod would have, thctiiht "to
"('Ply for poounlary Indemnification:
fur dofumatlon of chamcter brought
about by their oonvlotlon by the torwiii
or u bill IntroiVieod today by Behkton
ButhorlaDd. Thft amount paid Would
he dotormjned by the court of cial&k,
M tw v.quiii ffADgag .f.Krff

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