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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, January 03, 1913, Image 1

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pont ronaiKC that m?
"TOttWm NKWS T0IM1T--You
Kft It in tlio 1J KHALI).
Mtty Cent n luonlli or in cciiU
TWttfok dr-IUcird Ml jour ilonri
KKsnotf Out yea urti eftW to
ilrop Into lOQ irwfwWfan fees t
filly cnl: liy mall.
Vol. so. no, nn.
" 5 VOX. , Jf O. !?.
Hurricane Accompanied By
Heavy Rain Works Havoc
Among Shipping; Many
Small Craft Wrecked oi
Driven Ashore.
Groat Anxiety for Fate of Tor
pedo Flotilla Off Chesapeake
Capes; No Loss of Life Re
II j Leawd Wlro to Hvtitilnu Herald)
Wiitihlnnlnn, Jim. j. nto Houth
Atluntlu eoat Mate are in tin- grip
of ti tarrllic wind unil rain wtorm,
which worked havoc with MhippttiK
unil out tfT thu title of Norfolk .iiiU
Newport New. All land wire leal
In it out of the cllle wore itcnt ro !
llefwre the laat wire went down, i
telegraph operator In Newiairt New
remarked that thi' Kulit wan H., tT
Mile thut (ho water or the Jiim.m
ItlviT were MttrKliiK up Into the lower
IHirtK nt the olty with the violence if
H MllUll lllllll WHIP.
Tim nan wlrele Miwrknil 'iiihA
awttrod (ti I If it. I lif ehlp '' tlx At
lantic licet KHthurltiK Hi Hampton
Itnud. (Jrcat mulcty waa felt for
tin- wifely ni torpedo lioHtM lu the.
narrow uuay.
IllUOIIlplcle report cnmlllK III while
(he Ktorin wh nt It h hclRht were thut
many tnuall craft luul been Hiink. Th-i
IdM of life. If IUI. In nut kllOMII.
In tli le city the Rule whipped down
Kin tin mid I lie Teleirnmh and tele.
phone wiri N were demonilbu.d u fwr ;
Ih AU""U
O.VLY ONIt Wlltli WOHK- i
. York. Jhii. 3.- Three Mornn(
or extraordinary violence, novum 114
.!... llllti ll.uillhl V III ulllnll Willi
arated i-ectlon of the counry. worn I " "' " put Hi rwt .Ue.
leperied by the telegraph companion Uan t th TurkMi rtselUHtlnti tonUht
lierit toitiiy. Hhelhor ih ottoiitHn xmeriiinent la
Tor a time then' wan but one wire proofed to ide tb fortiem of Ad
woi'kltiK btH(ii WaHhltiRtoti and At- rlmiopu faith with.
UhiIh. Shtirtl) iHdnri' itiioti there wmh pnlwt Hit THfhn nve a tHvoirtliU
not a wlr wirkn.. wtuth or Al-jHinwr within twentviour Iioiiih th
lullta. I roilforelKe Will bp Bimoended. No
Nxt In Molwiue wan h wlndntorm . othr iutitlii vltt bf eoiMldwrml tin
In Ihn inldtlle wont, whleh lnvidcil til thN point h Nkiii wtthil.
MjollW of Wlv bidHoeit hfl Hlld fill- , stojan N'ov.ikovlteh. the leader nt
uHp.i. A "tie iiiiio iiHritiK wo- uu- .
noon Ihtue were but n wirtw
Inn botwtidll the two cltlvM.
The third alorni area wan In the
Mil to of WtuthliiKtuu and ( ron.
1 1 II ml roils of wired hud hn piiia- ,
trallHI ly IPO lieny mum. in"
tPluKraph companloa wld.
Norfolk. Va . Jan. 3 A aWly-mll"
caio wiiii . "on. -" j
Atlantic r uuiiMt lii'rc today with tr-
ritlc violence now mm; w in- ..... e
moniiuu.K m. uh T ;
i nin am noun won '-- '
(Mr liPatM Wlrp Kvpalair llpralill
Trlnlilad. Colo . Jan J Kredeiick
Morton. aed ' mil wealllM and
for thlrts jeara an npcratm- m. ih"
ChlcHRo birard of trade, died Ihla
mornlitK at the ranch of W A Hart
letl of Chicago at Vermejo I'arK. N
M . alxty inlliiM aoulliwurti ol hi'tc H
had been III alx moittha.
Morton whh an old friend of Hurt
letl, and I""' " bln mi
much for four jcara. Me wan un
IIt l.ci.!rul Wlr to IjviniliiK Ht-rnUI
lloim. AlHHla. Jan. 1 The Ctihard
liuur Tyrlu nMUed and brounht into
thla port todny ulnatj.nlKhl of lit"
pusi'i!8cia unil ii'w f the Kronclt
mall atoHiiiur Halnte Au.iiiHtln, runn
nliUf butwoen Maraidllwi and AlRlura.
Tho Salute AURUatln touiidarcd Juat
uftur inldnlaht while th,. Tvrlu hud
hr In tow. No detalla an to how tho
accident oocltrrwl bave been received.
DIiiiiiouiI Thcll Hiispci-l I'lmrhcil.
Lot. AnBl. J""- 3. -c. II Itoiwti
Unil, alias C. M- Itonura. wuh urrtwted
Imro on au-plidon of havltiR beun uon
noetod with a hnrlury I" the War
niiKton hotel. Now York. Nov. A
whon dlamoivl and Juwelry valued at
$36,000 wuie ituluu.
Thu ilUtrloi uttointy h ulllco wuh
Informed of tho nrreat of Itonenthul.
or llogHra. lu I.OM AiiRuleN. and It ws
atittod the manUtratH would ho aaked
to Indi' t and rnnuialHon paper will
tia aouRht llclrlooma of Brent aluo
f.irnu'd tho bulk of the -
mi... . ..uin.. ....i.. M.......i til., ii-ul.ira
, ,.T. . .. i. i, inniArl1""1 Mwomr mwiiMer Of Ihp be-
of the Jamoa lUvo. .... I to r (uHf .,
portloua of tho clly or Nwwpoit Nexva ' . A1,,MMll,,,
Inundatt.iiK atreetp. warehounoa " ..,,,.,,,., -.-.,., mH, , ,hM
,,r,v,B the peop.c m (;p Hiwalbma. JTm
1 cm aervlec acroaa tlirt hp Now- frontier of
,,rt ' 1 " " Albania ar delred m them wpip
i it Hua cut ort from ai. loiuinunKM.
I nn v mui'lieil If imeelileiJ thin u.iillit tin.
WUIhini t"ctofcllc.', ( iipinln of l inn hit, Ui'lnjf soimlit In Viiln li Pincc.
Sei'icrs of Moum? of Hi'pMMilMtlii'H miitlttci
Twenty-Four Hours Given
Ottoman Government to
Announce Surrender
Fortress to Allies.
Jtr Leaned Win- m l.voiilnj: llrrnldj
iintlun. Jan 3. Tin- Uitlk.in peace
envoys hute derided. It ahh declared
tU), tJoi vlun ilPltlon. Mtld ihm
niortilii: he wan turn the Hiilen would
ultlmatPly carry their point
"Turko)." he mldml. "will itrolmbly
continue to rcMat ilvlna; up .drtati
mil, lull I ii rt li 111 lui.i I... . 1 . ...
man tneoritw a nit aite win tie (om
polled to give way KUKitlvea from
tho bneleaed city, a" well aa tnforma.
(Ion obtained from Turklmh md Itrlt
lull Hourcea in CoHataiitlnople. indl
cute that the condition of the be
lonimercd lorircM la an untenable .me
( lhHl (u ,. ,, , u H
lllimt)) , ,M.rhBm ,,.
'"'' AdrianopIP h fulleu lulu th
...uu...-i.. ,.r il... UHW ....I li urrl.
prle Oreici.. i4prviii und Monte"ro
of half of the Urritorlc they hata
i oiiouereil Hitice the bpilnniiia; of ho
tuition. The Auafrian and Italluti ,im.
bitaaadora to (treat Htllaln exchaiiv-
ed vlewa today i owcptnlna the fuiurti
Internal aduilnlntialliiii .if Albania.
It la aald thla admlnlatration la to
have a budsel auMdlKi-d I" the
KuropeMU rtiwm awd a body of mil
Italy imllce like that In the lalatid o
Crte foi Hied of native ttoliller w ith
olllrera drawn from the military
forcea of Wuropean powsin.
Probably Auatrlu Muiirmiv nwl
Italy will be enltuale.l with the naval
police of the Albanian coaat.
The opiiliir of today 'a paace . on
feiHii. e at St Jamea jiiIhch waa poat
potied until f o'clock Ihta oxanltiK to
enable the Turklh dalwualTia fullv to
lIlReal fresh IIMUlU'-tlon rerelvei
from Conalan.lniiple and to put them
'into proper ahape for presentation.
London. Jan 3. Advlcoa received
by the .Servian peace doloRatlou to
day Indicated that the condition of
Adrlunople waa deaperalo and Ita
gapltulblion waa perhaim only a Uua
tlon of hour.
Vialina. .Ian. 3 Auatrla-MutiKary
and Italy aiif makliiR preiwiatlona to
hind a Join) expedltloiwrj tone in
Albania. Immediately after the con-
olualon of the London confoience. ac-
cordlmc to the wiener Journal toiiay
Thla aten .It la aald. la to be taken
by the two allle In order to aclfy
Albania and "aataniiati a new conui-
tlon of affair" there
Pltl'P lti;i lOlt sI'.UMCI'
BU'liarvat. Itotunaau. Jan . Tho
Nation-Wide Search for Miss-
llirr MlllionnirG Withnnr. Tit?,
?. . .
suit; licnorteu Aboard My s
IV-UUlla XilOJll.
ijj i.eu.'i uiio to Kwnliii: IlL'tulu I
iork. Jhii. ,1 -NotwIt lMtund-
iuk report from HriuiHwIck. Oa..
mat William lloekefeller. whoae tan-
ttmouy In MoiiKht bv the I'nln einii.
mlttee. IihiI failed from Jekyl Island
liieaday on u itpeeially elmrteril
Htopier lor a Ktwral dgaUimUon, thft
Iflnl'tlflll iff it 11 ft MM Jra ila..4...l l.lnl
" i'i".w riij.n mii'iiimi inn
nrtn avenue inaimion did not relax
thslr vlKilunce twlay.
WHHhliiKt.ni. jun. 3. - Confronted
with the report that Vllltatn Uocko-
fpllpf. aouuht xtnie let Juno an a
wltnemi In the limine mono)' truat In-1
nulry. had left the country. Chairman
l'uio haa Palled the Invent iKatuiK I
pommlttee to topet tomo-row to plan
Vyi to capture the rluahe million-
which cAimii.H rti i i.i.io.v a net:
Hrmiawlck. Oa . Jan 3. -Ufforla to-
lay to Kit furthar Information of thi
name and whereMiwiiita of the uiy
torloiiK yacht teporled to hae car-
HfMl William Itockefellpr and hla
famll) .ml to aea liroutiht III tie aat la-
faotlnu. It waa alated poaltlyely by
avrul realilenta on Jekyl lalatid.
Where the Knpki-fellera hae a win
ter home, that tin- New York nillll'in-
aire had Itpen there for a wook In
m'" In aeolueloii. The yacht of
K. U. HilliiiR. Hie mllllonnlre liotfw-
iHun, waa lyhiK orf the lalatid inn
I'arly part of the weH and haa dla-
iiiirMl. It la rHirtod that .Mr.
ItiTfkoffillor Ipft mi thki yacht, bound
mr iwmiuii. or mum. w""i.
million. I UMi.lliil mmil.
New York. Jan. .- KihiwcII Miller,
chairman of the Chicano, Milwaukee
lit. Paul Hallway cmtipam. died
HrlHenly here i'.la
Comrmu' Mur.lnil I'IkIiih lluiir.
ChliMH-v inn. a. Oovernot Marli-
all of liidiiii.a. vice pi ealdBHt-plaft.
VMterilMy took part In the cruaadu
mat gainonnit mat na tii
launched ..iikhih fraternal order,
(lover nor Marshall udvocaled uatloH-
al lealalaiion aaainat aainl.lliia
It la t.Mi late fur mit to channe my
muae to th rhral aaaemmy
Indiana.' he wrote to a leader In the
aHM-Kambllna; war hare, "bul I huk-
a eat thai you brlna; th matter bfor
tha Int'omltiR .onitrca of the t'nltad
ritMifft!. I aha 1 1 be glad to lander you
any aalunc in atamplnR out aam-
alllcera of the reattl'VP of the llo. I
HiaHlau army have been ordeied toj
report fur acrvice and to le In reinH -
naaa to Join the color at a moment a
Sflll. HulRMila. Jan. 8. KlilK
dluaiid of nuiRaria. in mi Kiutreaa to-
dai. made aouie tMiciiincant rainarxa
on the attiialion which ate rewarded
aa a threat that war may be reaumeu.
Altur expreaalna the hope that an
aKrainiiiit mlRht at I II lie reached he
"Bhoulil the Impenetrable wilt "'
OhiI be otnerwlae. we will not haai-
tnta at a new tecouiHt. at urma t
Miiiiaiu tn enemy to wive complete
and ettultable aatlafai tlon for all our
pravloue aacrlflcea
Kmyrn.i, Aalatlc Turkey. Jan. 3.--The
Turklali aaillUR vt'eael Thnodoroe
I of UM toiiH iaa hlmvn up today i
of mo i.'iia waa blown up today by
romlnR in contact with 11 tina'lnKlHlr Inane Pitonititi nvenu.r .i inuw
mine at the mUrtR-e liima Uu Jern RUorinwU'.
idenlt at
Picturesque Southern Law
maker Passes Away on Eve
of Ratification of His Re
election By People.
(Hy 1enwMl Wlro to Itvcitlng llcrnld
idttlo It'H'k. Afk. Jan. :i -nurlnltp
nrraiiKMi!eutM for the. funeral ol
United State Moimtor Jerr DrvIm had
nut btinii eoinplolcd thin mornlnK hut
U Im prubiiliU) tlmt tho norvlcon will
lake place nnxt Sunday and that IiIh
body will bo pktcml In thu family bur
hit plot at ItUttHollVlUo.
Smiator Davih dlwl middenly nt
lit. 36 d'cloclc thla morning nf hnnrt
failure, the culmlliittlon of An lllnttim
of xevwral nionth.i. lliiwovor, hit
enndltloti aprairailtly whh ImprovlriK
and yiMtordHy he whs at li let olllce the
Kietr prt or the day.
The death of Hflnator lvla on ttte
cvo of the ratlllcntlon nf hla re-nle
Hon by the lelclatiire. rraata a
pecullHr pollttanil trtttmtton lu Arhau-
(tan and whllo an authoritative ntate-
inont ban not hn ntudo It la poiwlbla
a Hpeelal primary will bn rallwl to
rwlort a. auccaiMor for the full tttrm
lniKlnnltiR Marrh I. Am an alttirnatlvo
It Im HtiitKi-xtod that fhn lrtKlnlatiiro
would have power to name tho new
Oovornor W. lmaKhpy. who will
mint from mii jpuiuhd- is ami
('onRroflHinan v. a. nuiiiaui nan ton-
lutlvuli. u ntiiiiine.Ml thut thnv wmilil
bo rMiidldataa for the United Stat OS
weiiato two yain htuico to auocou
Sxnntor .lumen l. Clarke
'I'lmilTlfl 'III fi wm
'BhlnKton. .Inn 3 On ornmnt
of the duath of Hntmtor Joff DnvlH of
Arkaniuia tho ndnme today adjnurnod
. . l l- ....III ........
mnfr a nis'ininiiin wiwiini iiiiiii hui.h
tomorrow. Thla arltmi nlwi irrloa
civar ono day the raaumpllnn of tho
Arehlwld court of Impt'Hchmi'nt
Senatorti I'miieretio. Iliyan. AHhumt,
.Marline. Curtla. Htapp and Clarko t
Arhaiiaaa were appointed a commit-
t att'-nd thf (unerol of Senator
Oavla and slil leave lontgiii ror ut
tie Hick
Michigan Member Who Went
to Panama With President
Taft Commits Suicide While
Coming Home.
i.,,ahP, wir i Hvcnlnc Herald!
WaahliiKton. Jan. 3. - lenrearmtH..
tivn VVilliain Weliimever of Ann Ar
lMir Mi,hKMn, vMio auddelily went In
mmiio at Colon, IMnama, at tha time of
Ptoaldent Tar fa visit to the lathmua
I recently. Jumped .iverlHHird Inat nlKht
I trom u ahlp on Mhich he had taken
pajwaao at Colon. IMa lauly had not
been recovered laat nlitht.
iteproiifiiitatl.H Weldem-jer went
to llie lathmua with a con k regional
, ( t the !mi th pritdHnt vlaltaO
I ttiwiM On the vi:ik from New
york i,e collated and waa taken
,)rHt to H w,llarlum In Panama and
Hl0r whB Mt t , ..iiHiiament In a hoa
,,itw where he bPeaniT. vlolant and
r(lied Hbout hi .laraat at rtia laat
..(action. Mm dcvebiiHtd a uMlcldal
tl,deii'v and waa cliMmly watched.
Woldemeyer'n eliMte frlenda aay thai
a few oaya neiore mavuiR mr ina
iHthmua Im fell and struck hi hci.d
on an Icy aldewalk It not then
rexardial aa xerloua.
Whluw Outrt Half .Million,
Amtelaa. Jan. I. lly a rom
1 promlae reached .(rterday tha Iuuk
I IhkhI battle over tho owate of tn
late It C. Akal). "lihy Mlnnoapoll
lumlmriiian. wan ended. Mr. Uluru
llood-ltoyoe-Akely. tho widow, wh
WH formurly the inllllunalre'a house
lieeper. la to receive five twelfllia of
the oetate, or approxliiiHtaly f&no.oeu
.....i .i1H remainder I to uu to Akeiy
datiKhter. Mr. Kioranuo Ahely Quirk
Akolv died al W Heooh laat July
m,.. outrk oiiraised th olalm of her
I Htepiuothi.r on the k round that Ilia
latter had married tile a Rett lUlllimr-
1 mHn only a year prior to lit death
..,i therefore. itomiiiunity nraii
1 ei ty, nil of the catutt Mhoiilil have
U,,M t ii.M dauKbter
.mp. Akaly declareil laat nlRht that
alio would Klve moat
of liar ne
weolth to charltv
I'lttnuiit AnnUcrwiiy OIimhmkI.
New York. Jh J. - -itaniMrapnra
iiiri.iiniii.iit the country today ob -
nerved tho cpnteii.n r me uirm
Remarkable Career of James R. Keene
Famous Financier Who Diea Today
Aro C7.
Horn Lon
don Unre
in ml.
Mpnnt hit
i h II dhood
In Vlrslnhi.
Wont t o
c a I Ifornlu
i n nn
with par
onta. HoRnn tho
Htudy of
law, drop
ped It, and
waa bucww
alvely cow
I u n c h cr,
n e wapopur
ikiu rtar,
a m il o o I
Wiachcr, a
milk pi-d-dlei
a n d
Drifted to
Krlaco with
10,OflH hrt
had oarneil
I ii mlulnx
at VlrKluta
Cltj. Nov.
1 m b u o d
w 1 1 h tho
k p o c u la-
u.u m.or mtui raaiiiR. in ami. u urMlxiie t.roker in mlninR utockn.
In ti fw inontliH had madp over ton.oon.
Won and married .Mlaa Harab Imiiiaerncld. or Virfjlnla. aRuinHt
tho oppoalllou of her brother, v. ho waa a federal jmlKti at FrlM-o.
Ilroak In the market awepi way Keem-a whole fortune In 1S70.
ItoHtirned atrufula. ami ri friend In ihiiMitor Kelton. who
wild him hla atmi lu Uie Prtan at.H-k onrhnnRo on truat.
I'roaporerl. and biHit hla ureal boar rammtlRn agalnat Hnnnn-a
tntno atocka, which npttwl him 3,oe,ooo and emtintoa iphiro.
Went to New Vork In ISTil, ihwhtl with ihhwiiwi, to "mho Jay
Oould'a acMlp."
Mndn T.Oflf),Btta m the flrat yr.
UmI TS,f)O.O00 In his Htlampt to earner wlitau In 18TS. and
JI.oeo.oao moro In tho Minsk mnrkot.
In 1881 HuwmII Shs unil Jay ObiiIU put tho rlnrtftlnn touch
upon him. and ha foiled for $3,000,000.
Made a fow hnndrml tlmtlHaud by a iHPky turn f tha markot
In IKS nnd Kot lMck into tho enme.
I ....
Ak'aln a PonapletiouH fhrtor In tho atruel In tt)8 nn n munlpu
lator of Hiifwr nnd Nutlonal CordiiKO. Mmlo i 1,1100,000.
In 1Si7-8 whh louder of hull rureoa In SiiRar und irwdo Krout "
IIMllllu Ml. , I I.. V..ln..l n...ln n h . a a .... . -
ciw.iiT-, nm, .linn. inn win tinge mnuo ,uvu,ouu wiia u uiair oam-
Liilofit lnrH loiM wmh In tho gouthorn Pacific pool In 1003. about
t, 000,001).
Hoforo ha lost hla aond grout fortuno Koono boeniuo a factor
.In tho Amiiricnn lurf.
Divided hla third roat fortuno with IiIh wlfw hh faat uu ho
inu'le It.
Died January 3, 1913.
Wealth Founded on Fortun
ate Investment in Country
Mill nnd Purchase of Wheat
in Field.
Iy Lcawxl Wlro to IfwmliiK Herald
Hhaata. fa I.. Jhii. S JainiM It.
Keene. who dlml In Mew Vork today,
hcKau hla buNintaw caranf In Ihla llttl..
own drlvliiR a milk whrou for hi
lutlier. Jameti Keonii.
I'l on tho drlvar'a aMit he panHtd to
I ho odltor'a dhalr and fdr t wtHiVlB
ran a weekly papnr. Thftii he atar
Med the country by the ttrat bin
pIiiMKe It had over known. MavIhh
to MIHvllle, he iHiiiKht th ourv Ibi.it
mill In the county and oriutcaeteil o
buy all the wheat lu the eouHtry be
fore It waa harve4el.
ICverylMMly Jeered, but thai wtMU'r
UMumially hanvy taiua matl Hp- io4
oiimnwmie null reeoe him Ilia ow'l
price (or Hour He cleaned up 110 -
000 on the deHl.
Hmh I'ranelapo. Jan. lamea K
Kwiw wii at ohp time prealdPni of
tha Hmh rranetafn atock TJaiK.'
After hla deal lu Mhaata Hour, he want
to Nevada. Inat hi wIhhIhh in mln-
Ihk venture, won them ba!k and
came to Man Kraurlaro Mara ha won
the favor of W. c. ItaUm.,, a wealthy
man. who bought him a aattt on tha
auick onohanw ami at tha an of Ut
icaeue wu al.t to bn wortli ata: mil-
Ma waa one of the laat of tha Hul -
tl-millionaire who aarvlved from
lanianaa day.
Tun Aulo C'tinim to Orlor.
Wi.ahi.iifi..... J... 3. - Prealdent
'Pufl Inolf liki brother. llaarv W. .
I'afl. for a ride ytarilby In OH
tim ivi.ii- bouiu, uiitoomi.tiea Tlia
prealdanl oluaa a new VlrRlnla road.
.mi ti. .......hioe .r, aiuok la th.
mud. The praaldent and hla brother
atartad to waSk lok to the whlla
houae. but warn overtaken by the car.
which a farmor had haula.l at
Collin OiKta hy Piintol Vmt.
Xanaavllla. o.. Jan S. - Iter the iri
time In the hlatory of the country,
collln waa aattt throuRh Ih malla yaa
taiilay from the ZMiioevllle Htrtolllce
11 wMiubuit fourteen naund and wh
nt by 1 ooffln inauufaptiirtnK
pany to an undertakar In Dexlar alty,
,1 The lid had to tie aent it a aem
1 rale nackauo ao the body of tho c.f
1111 wouut come wnnin mc eieveo
- 'pounu num. ti.h p..uiife wan
j.f-nU, , ....
Escorted by Amerioan Squad
ron British Warship Readi
es New York Bearing Re
mains of WNtelaw Reid.
tlly Lentil Wlro to Hvunlni: Ifcrnhll
Ntw York. Jan 3. the body ot
WHIIelaw Held. I'ltllad Hlala ainbaa
aador to ICnalaml. waa brouKht homo
lay by tha Hrltiah .-rulaer Natal,
conveyed ny a Riiard of American
waiahlp. Tlie fiiHeral ahlp camo
i alowly up tha lower bay ml harbor
w ,HBW rc MH, dratPil anchor
in tha HttetaoH off Wt tRth etreet.
abort ly bafora I oVloch. Aa aha did
ao an nraa a aalute of l ruiim anil
bra out the union jurk at har bow
and tha Hritu.lt aval e Hal mi at her
atarn. HIrIi above thain liMtati tha
"T." . .
atAPH and atrlnaa at half nwal on the
A I moat at tha mnmaMt of tha an
choring, tha aun earn lorth for tha
lira Urn. toty mhH th thrupaa on
attort. were abla clcavrly i the
L''"!, " mlt ami har aacoria.
L-w'P - aenmu me .-vuihi cne
n-itl M"'.! cam- to nhor
" khwh aeniua ner. me
North Dakota. Alotwatda near tha
!r J aora wore thr deatniyer
"rayion. awaii ann I'aniutnB
rn" 'r,0""' returHau me .xami a
aalute or II kuh, HiMi, aa did the
"Li,r,."h't lh rtw., broU. out
lk WHilh eHaliw at tier military
if wore awauwi hihok anipeu
aJoooH on which Ui lata iimbaa-
' miar'n body waa to b horn- U th
cothadral of " Jhn the Divine. A
wpemi awl two prlvatart from the
I 'rll arllllery. Ifort Mayor. Vn..
aiaad hjolle tha caboH, to which
' ehjUt kajpJWH were hitched.
l Tha Mneral at the rathadral tout or
1 r will he attended hy Preeldetit
Taft, erioMry Knox and .lame
a Rryw' the IlrlthaH ambawiador among
- . othRiil.
111 ' 1 "
i Slain' Company Kieka.
vale, ore., Jan. 3. The KelloifR
MUjfe eetHfRitiy oparatinK tour route.
. overiHR a hlR area in central Oregon
ba abandoned alt Ita inlll ooiitracta
i..r mo rewwn. n i aueaeu. iia.
.1 1 ompaiiy -lorn ni wwn iu ie mrucu 1 ocTn-'inicaioff it mom ownsHuiy itmuz
im an n. iivjl8 post uellverllMJU liJAB rirftCftei3 Hlf IB vUfSl.
Writ of Supersedeas G ranted
and Bail Fixed at -$10,00
for Each Year ol Sentence
Imposed ty Court.
&y ! Wire it Sreslaar tteialtHi
Chtoiign, Jan. 3. A writ of BUpr
KeduAfl Btnylnff oxocutlon ot ajio aeir
toncen Impoaod upon tho dynamite.
uonHplrutora recently convicted at In
dlanapolla was Iwund by tho UntteC
Htutoa alrault court of appoaU hera
today. Unit was baned on tha num
ber of yenra which tho prlaonora have
boon aontenced to flurvo, 110,000 toe
euoh year.
TIiiih Itynn'a bull wa fised at $70;
000 or ) 1 0,000 for cnalt of tho ooven
yoft'i of hla acntonco. Those who
rocei M uentencoa of six years snuafc
ftimlHh $00,000; four yearn $40,00'?.
and so on down to 910,000 foY the
ono-yonr aontonccu.
Dofonm lnwyer atatod that rrfbnejl
enotiRh to udmtt all to ball would bn
ArRtimentM wuro concluded at U
v'clofik nnd court adjourned tor aw
hour. Juat borons odjornmont Judge!
linker, who prcnldcd, tiskod how raucW
ball Knink M. Ryan, tho prnfldcnt oC
the iron workers organizatlOD, couldi
furnlah, und how much tho isovorn
inent would require. District Attorn
ii ey Mlltor ot Indlttnapolls aald that
ho would nak tor $10,000 on each oC
twenty-six counts, $260,000 hi all.
It waa from thcao .juorlea that th
defenao lawyer formed their opinion
thut a writ would Imuo.
Hun Iranelco, Jnn. 3. "Wo will
al Glappy and. Toltmco.jputlf It
coatM n million dollnr,'r anul former
Mayor P- II. McCarthy, president of
tho building- trudcH council of Cali
fornia today, when Informed ttrat
writs of suporsiHlenn hud boun sra'nt
e.l in tho cuKiiH of tho men convicted,
at Indlanapnlla Tvoltinno la occte
tury of tho council.
"la money uvnllahto?" MoCarthr
wng naked.
"It Ih available," was tho reply,
"and will bo Immudlutely uuppllcd.
Wo ciin nil bo a million or morp, I
confidknt ov vicrroitv
Chlcngo, Jun. 3. When argument
on un application for a writ ot su
poraiMideun for tho convicted Aon
workern now In prison at Leaven
worth wuh completed beforo JudsM
Hoainun and linker of tho United
Htutoa circuit court of appeals todiv.
cctinsol for tho dcfcitdunta wcro oon-
-Inced, they anid, that tho court
would Krunt a. writ In tho cum ot at
taft ono und miybo moro of th4
convicted men.
Attorney Kollno orcnontcd tho pe
tition In behalf of tho convicted Iron
worker urgued In wupport of it.
us did Attorney Kruni. Valine do
olarnd that in case auch as the pres
ent one the prlaonure have.the A'gM
of bail, particularly ua tho defend-
Htita were nentoncod und eent to Lea.
enworth before n hearing on a writ of
iirrnr hud been held.
"Do you moan tn toll mo that &
writ of miperodeaH Hhould liiue a a
matter of right - Inquired Judgt
That I my underAtandlnK' ro-
pllad rollne. who then began quoting
Munrema oourt decisions which ho
aald bore on tho point
Haplylng Uaker stated that tha
point of tho writ of error was not
well taken. Un added that there waa
no ooonalnn for tho c .urt of appeals
to unrvre In tiny caio unless It l
hovvu that tho proeedur of tha
lower court waa uattonat)lo at law.
IteplyltiK to thin Zauno riecl&rea
thut the evidence on which eonvlo-
tlone wero curcd at Indlamoslia
waa "vncuo and Inadequate." on-
thut the JudKo of tho lower ocar.
Hhould not have nllewod tho caaeu ul
many of the defendant to go to :h4
jury at all. , '
. -m nriiuod that thero waa no
ovtti ueo adduced nt Indlanapolta vr
ahow that the defendant aoiuplretl
to ourry dynamlto un paawngeP
trains. United 1 male District Attor
ney xilllnr of Tndlunapoll. rcpre-
HentlnB the jfrgyirtunon.. epoke next lit
opposltlnn to tho application for
Miller characterised tho acntonca
lmpoHod upon tho defendant &
Lciivon worth, K... Jan. 3. Whjgi
tha news waa received thla a(tff
noon by Warden McOlaughrey ot ihe
Kranllnti of u writ of uperedaa, he
ordered the thirty-three men rervhig
Hotueueo ns . nantlte conaptratora' h
taillud into t olllce of tho fedora)
prlvon at 4 o'clock to ho instructed la
tho rulea of tho firlann,
"At that tlme.,, aald the warden, "I
Khali communicate tho tfdograph. new
of tho court' notion 04 comm frm
moitmi ANtoeiaicu freaa. ii oantiet mr

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