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AmJ&vmmn' wmim heivaiid, Saturday, January 4, 1013.
lays tr the Licensed "Movies"
Om fGrettestof All American Industrie,
i !
AllHfefcrffttt' $etl Fortune In Securing Output of Motion
Slttirt ftateat Compxy Lends Interest to Data on
Bxtmt f Motion Picture Business in United States;
3fin4rc4s f Zadeytiidctit Companies in Field; More
tkm 1000 Moving Pictm-c Theaters Served in the
. "United States.
th View eT the resent arraneetnent
MftiercKy the Crystal and Pastime tho-
ater In this city ere to receive die
crmm of the output of th licensed
hn m&Buaolhrofs, thus enabling this
Wty to get the very hem moving' pie
ittro la iAmerliS a little information
to the extant of the business .n
which the movinc tiloturo coneer
fcfo engaged win bo ot Interest. Th
Mutton 1'ictur Patents eomimnv.
which banio the "licensed" picture,
comprises thirteen pig tireilvHiluK c-oa-cerns.
which relmm tfilrty-ahc coin
plots moving picture etorie odch
weak. Tho companies an the Hlo
srnph. Allograph. Lubln. IHth
American. I'athc foreign. Melle. IMI
on. Cine. Hanay. SoHg. Kalem.
Urban anil lkllpito. Huch of th
companion fteep from two to hair a
dtnton full troupes of motion pletur
ttor in the field all tha time. The
V.iagrnph company, for instance. Iim
six full companion, ranging from
iwelvo to sixty nrUir and sctreeees
onh, In tlio held and turns out ific
films nor week. The Hellg oohbom
1ms throo or four companies at work,
one company comprising forty-two
people, nnd it output lit from four to
itvft reels a week. Tho BloKraph
company has several eompanlea at
work ami produce two or thrco bts
reels a weelc. These few Instun
Rlva some Jlloa of tho ltnmn mmi
hor of poofjlf employed week In and
weok out t the thirteen big con
cerns. How mwih It costs to pro
duce theee picture may be gathered
from tho work done hore by tin
HciiK's In TJjeras canyon and at
and noar Islet a in staging "The
Tourist" and "Tho Pueblo legend."
two beautiful Alms which have
boon shown nt tho local thoatcrs.
one hundred persona wore employed
for tlvo days and a largo num
ber for ten days, nt a total cost
of til, 000 for the two ploturos. llotol
bills for the outfit avorugod J226
per day and large sums wero spent
for uuloit which, carried tho actors to
tho various nccossary places nud
transported hot moo Is to tho "say
nges" of Iho "Pueblo LoKeiid." all
trained actors and actresses, In tho
mountains and at tho Indian Iui'bl..
The staging of thoso two ploturos
alone was sutlloiout demonstration of
tho groat value to this city of bring
ing a compnny of this kind here and
tin- surprising amount ot money
"Gwustark," at the Elks' Jan. 17;
dramatized Version of George Barr MoOutclieon's Famous
Story to Be Sen Here Soon, Followed the Next Night
by Charming Scotch Play by Entirely Sootch Company ;
"Irion and Mouse" by Cast That Flayed "Third Degree"
"Will Be Here January 25 th.
Throe plays of exceptional interest
to thoaturgoers havo bunn booked by
Munogur Prank fitortz of tho Hike'
theater for presontatlon In Albuquer
que In the near future. "Gruustark,"
or "hove liehlnd a Throne," a story
written by George Jlarr MaOutalieon,
and dramatised by Grace Hayward,
will play hole on Friday. January 17.
On tho next night an entirely Sootoh
lompany, the first ever brought to
America, will present "Httnty Pulls
the Htrinna," whleh baa bean the rag
In tho at for months, Molly Me-
Intyro. whose acting experience was
secured In the Qwrgo ICdwards com
panies In Scotland and Ivngland plays
tho UU role In the Sootch drama.
Tim drama "OrawHark," Is to be
ataged ar Untied Play company.
January Slth theatorvoeVa will have
an opportunity to graot one more
the east hlf-h played 'The Third Degree'-
her New Year's tfffct. Oe tho
return engagmiNit, oh the ssth,
those ieter p la rare w prevent "The
I ,lu a and the Maww," on of (harl
Xlein'M greatest drama.
About fftwistarlf."
When ih.. mach diectiseea Uy
"OrawHarH" ltl be presented her
local book levers and thcatergvor
wU have an opportunity or aeolatf.
and jadging for Miomaelvea Ih draw
atied version by Orace Jlayward of
Oeorga 14a rr Me'un-hren'i famous
Tb Meal treatment hus brought
hWiilll, happiness a no- prosperity to
thWlMlOds or htgli las m n let U
fariMali y refv.remee The great
iHniuti awl work of i" NeaJ Is to
reatfh and shtm tfc W. und
miMiufiil man who
to take mnro dHnke vr lay m
AH-ofi. i, overronto "craMns f-"
owar aMd nervotMinosii-
q The ""use of this hi the p .i... -f
The Neat JlUdot. gautrailae ana
MIMM Alls, PWW-""t1. KlU
citLe 9fe hjcjtedtfrmle inJction or
"T.. f;4- TiCiiiM.Aiit armngNl 'r
.rH..rr,ArMA f ,r ,ie Who refrr
Vail aril r phone NKU. INWI
TWli ll Wort var vuv Tho"
plaoed in alraSjalfthu Jlt
It is eaH mn thai ?Hk cMttfiW
nnd the others thm lints flffulSoH
"inovbM" i mis KMttoti mv tu-
bured tens f thoumpds ct djBlUirs.
Tho "movie" aster where fhaus
have became so fopilltar to Albu
iuemue phatnplM' Km are among
the best khown aM wtm accom
plished in the eoHHtrr ami the sadl
vneaa to whleh they play aggregate
muttons of eopl. Whereas motion
picture aetors a few year age Hd na
parthular MUHr. thrtr n4aMiic
now Is n?uclly jiihl to that of
aers m the "leUlt.- Jhn Uunuy.
whose name is a hetteehoW viri,
was for years a stoeefHl aetor on
the rootllgittel stage before he trans
ferred lits tajents to a mwoli larger
arena hhu one wHIsh the trained
setor finds Immeniioty remunerative,
rtirthermora, the phcioplayer nnds
htmslf up agalnet requirements
whlrh wuuM leave tha ortPaary th
plan entirely at soa; his stage setting
nuty be the boHndlees ckhmh or th"
wl1dit OHiijem In a remote moun
tain range, ami ho mmtt be able to
ptoy his part the mere olonuonliy be
cause the awdlunoe hears no sound .is
the play prooeeds nntf the pantomime
Is the thing upon which the play
stands or falls.
in connection with the Motion Pic
ture Patents eomjstny it Is a matter
of htiinan Interest tlmt the president
of this concern has the enjoyable vo
cation or sitting at a mahogany desa
at No. So Ptfth avenue. New York
CHy, ami atgnlHg receipts for royal
lias of $8 on each motioa jttctar '
thrown oa the Mreas. llgare ap the
numWr or comrwHles and the average
aetor flnds Imineimely reinuneraiive.
oach and you wilt eaelly tHM where
this gentleman "gets on."
There aro hundreds of Independent
onmpanles In the Held in addition to
the licensed group, of whleh the Unl-
vcrsni Wlm Heloaso etnnpany and til
KHm Supply company are two of t lie
largest. Soir.e time ago the Mutter
Picture Intentn txniiimny served
over 7.000 theaters; pralmbly the te-
tal now is eloio to lO.ODe, antl thet
are undoubtedly from It. 000 to II,
000 or more moving picture thentaw
altogether In this country . Altogotltn
the moving picture huetnea Is a tre
mendous Industry and one of the
most remarkable developments In tlis
modern day of the popular deatre rr
bo ontertalned.
"Bunty Pulls the Strings" on 18th
story. Tha author's readers are ie
Kian and they rally to the support t
tho play as a unit. Th oaortUHlty
fur dramatic effoct Ih "OraMetark" u
unyaralleled In tho history of th slant
productions where a successful novel
is the source of up plying the plot.
The plot and characters ara taken
bodily from th novel and one who
has road the book can see his favor
ites exactly a detwrlbed by th a'Hher
In his eharmiiiK story. As the yreo.tr
part of this iHtersutiHK dvn ure
takes place la a f.-oonrry where pic
turesque dross hi in roae a4 malai
architecture rules. It stvee an oppor
tunity for a dtoplay of sooMie splen
dor and gorip-ou costumes. This .iaa
be. n taken advantage ot by Ih I'ult-
ed Play company to the extent th. u
sixty foot carload of Mrts i.r uti
lised in th prMer.tatlon of ths lay.
Tho Senteh Pitnluetlmi,
Part of tho charm the Uraham
MoibU comedy, "Ittntjr mils th
Htr1as." whlih ' omes to .h Klaa'
theater aaturduy. Janwiry It'll, ; s
noaos lie in its qaa lata use. ?l
author baa seised ua a '.-le.er Idea i t
hsvtni the char. ters .i;ini r m a
unusual aettini. a msl( Moth -om-muBlty
In the fsr 10. Tns has
mad it necosear (or reel 1 X tn
honaoltlrts or our rorfa i-.s' day,
wMch Ml inarkeill) In con-t wlik
tho present voaur for tthl IHi nt
t hints The odd paisley shawls for
M woaaset as well a th basis .rus-
?for tha mon ve an added ' re
charmlnt t trosi-t b ' lnuiv
Palts tir& iMrlafs." it nmUm t . os-
S a for m to be hrotM4 to
t wtth th fet that aur eld i
how to eiey Ute u nmt m4
llMMtsnan. who was opr-
atoi yoHoeday at St. JueepHs koe
ptttt r animMtleHIa, Is irtWMl to
day gftti'iwf slont fairly well, but Mill
til It ofMt.al eondiilon.
(. clHrs do not mrnare the mar
iner, but hldde rrs and sunk.n
ruck) send many a gimil ).ip to th
iKMtom. Isn't your ear-T inenaoe'i
to a hidden reef that imuti, iie.n
uting mbriM habit, Brorraoi inat ion.
liiiiM'Ksiy ano o'inawinr
vt.ur outh and ambition'' M.ike
iiir iH.Uruiioii or Indi'pfiidi'iM't' t
da . irtaster procrastination i-for- It
mut'rt ou "lin't think alut II. '
ot "wait a while.' ImiI art gH th
busliit-a iitoratloii todav that
liae loen "pUltlttK tt" I'Mlg. !
utu i t Ua. AtlioooKl-olie ltMSlllas el-
ieije nay, Kvaaini: and tVirr - spond -
nee I'oureesi, at the opening f th'
Rcprescntntivo of Highway
Assooiation Pinds Plonty of
Enthusiasm and M mi y
Members i n Sou thorn Twm
I. J. Klrker, oraantaer for the Na
tional old Traits Ooea-t.-Ocein
HIrIiwh; aaaoi'latiott, reoontu la this
t tt un rtuite south, return' ii itiday
and has beta a vigor oanva for
member of the ortnatmtioa h r. A
meeting of road Kosar with Mr.
Kirber will be held in tfce maor'a
oftVe on MondH) morning, and Mr.
Klrker a III also make a thorough lB-
dlviriuxl ' nvas of the city. He has
organised Movorru, Magdalega. Helen,
1am Uibss and atH vlle towns.
Had las plenty of enthusiasm. In no
corro nlii -six numbers joined In a
jty; at Bolen John Be.'ktr Jr., la
hi auto went out and si.ili. nd u
oveateea In a few miBUlos. and at
him l.umiN, lr. Wlttwer with hik sr
harvMted sixteen memhers.
Kaloti heads (he list In this slat
with Hit sember and Kirker
Neves AlbiMuerque Mbould do hotter
than thai. The highwa promoted by
this organisation takes in nil the fa
mous old trail' east or hare. waaH
P trail Kansas (My to rtaata Ke.
riostiphan's road kaata via the Bio
Oraade valley to Rlnoon, t hence via
JUarney's trail thronifh Desnlag,
liNlsbHrg and Phootttg wt, follow-
lag "population and wealth." and gtv
Mf Albuiiueriu 7 miles of th
road or twice as much aa any other
Hkihl llHUt' to lldpttl.
fhieo, Cat., Jan. 4.--A. D Hurasld
of Pent, who la ' harged with lisvtgjfl
ehoked hi two-yoar-old Infant to
death, Is being sought by a poaae. la
the foothill near here. Me forced
his young wife to lain htm in hi
Might. 11 I fared thai she Is lead
sum w li-re in the HHHintln.
"I'll.' S'.m'UI MViiooi U) Kp l,l
j Winter iert hogilM Januat . Hook
keeping, h 'riband, typewriting, civil
erlie. i ..inmi i ml Uv . Kngllsh a4
Kl'Stuxh ur-.
'rrnmier SlHlrril.
I jr. mi.. VVo. .Ian t. 'trliolas
at, ' ens trapper ni"iov..i v (h
Miller nHeep rnmiotnr rtl Itu . - n
a rnn'n lo ir neie. wus muri, i -1 iiia
j IhmI, ) u .' in
his dog lied i..
gr,ln " t ini
he a i ci. ii i i ,i
Wc clan up ail winter goods every January. Wc
never carry over to the next season anything which
low sale prices will move. It is up lo you to save
money and reduce your cost of living by buying NOW,
No alterations made in this sale. All blue and black suits reserved.
Clothing 1 -
Man's Ml Woel Undorwoiu',
two pitoc. alwnys sold fbr
$8.00, mle price, suit g.00
Man's MLxod Wool Und'or
wo&r, two piaoe, worth
$1.50 suit, sale priae. . .9Qc
All Boy's Clothing 25 Per Cent Off
Men's Heavy Overcoats, 25 Per Cent Off
This Mount a Great Saving to YOU.
KigMy Prisd Attraction
Next One in Ridpitth Ly
oouw RuroitM Oouiitt nt BUct'
The "MroMers WuaHot " m Ht tch
coetume. I kite neat attraction at
the Kins' theater i ihe Hedinth ,y
iiiNffi Buraaa eMeruhimeiit pourev,
under local nwar.r meat ot Her W.
M. otMrteoltact. TIum mmibar will ap
pear at Hie kilka' theater heat Fri
day nltlM and if pre lomsnowt i
any crHerinM It should be n winner.
The "Ihrolters" hn. be-n plv)Rg
nightly to large itinHnsjres and havo
dellgeltfd r alien The Montnn"
Record, Helonii. Mum . aa:
"The IWrollels'' a lilghl) -n-
tertalnlng recital the Auditorium
last evening. Thin ud am they
wer' given rousing i iKore i the -n-thmdastt'
audleni . aad pe inlly
was thta true or th. reading o Mr.
,nnsstrett or l;iui HfhllcoWl. ftl
le s 'The (lolilln WIM ittt Tou If
Tou Don i Wat' ti i i'it." The udl
was madly enttniKiasttfi over this
number nnd Mi loiigstreet waa
foried to re-appewr wveral times In
answer to the em reg.
In SVoti h eoatuniea the "Utrollers"
Mag, "I Iove u 1...H." d again
the andieSMi' r. ii.i..ia4 with rouatag
aaplaaa. i'pu r-. nil Hi "wroliers"
ave "Anaie umii. and ugatn an
wered llM' Hi.pi.iM with "Is It Hot
taottgh ror Von ' iietM clbd lm k
after this highlv 'iiitttawg number.
Mr. longstreet i ..,.! "ffce Hood old
rush toned Way,'' ami W applauded
till the eihHM r.m "W Wt Wirte'
wss given by Mr I iifjfjptrr- In hi
wn pNMMSttf was awi WS rei-elved
bj the aunteare with ttnifj of laugh
ter. ldhrill'MtP lsMti'MUeti' 0MlHUtM.
IkppTlwii. . MudlnattjUf Marl
A MlMri, of A mien. know
Isuffraslst. nniiouin tierseir as a
4Mlidat for Uk pienMenry r the
renublb . Mtu irIU de Nlsard
art a has im ihusImm and knows
M Will not b i lumen to SUi ' ed M.
fallli re but kIi. mm ha o mv hat
eiTei t a woman's unjkfocy will s'ro
duee. "The Kpfr'lal K li.... kw ' lullais."
Winiei -.un toiiii - i.inmirv a i
kiiiii .h'.riliin1 t ere i iilir; i'1
m, t , , . ,i. , , , ! nil -Ii H'l
Our Policy-
4 Off Regular Prices
$15.00 Suits,
18.00 Suit,
S0.00 Suite,
2.50 Suits,
2H.00 Suits,
L. Washburn Co,
Jr.dfe Raynolds Htnri Ttttt
mony in PreMddlngt Lwlc
iltjf Toward OlfMlinilH' tkn
a,. j -ir ioji
wrna aaoswry l' JNUie.
roftd XMiHrovDmftittt.
Pro' 1-iliiian w,tt, iieann he lore ,
Judge HavuoidH m Un iiietrlet i-ourt
toda. lookine inward the obt. lining
ot ii judgment for th. imdeninaiion
ui' some sevan panels of land lying
,oi some sevai, panels of lann lying
of lrt si reel. The land TTioedeii nt
mi l- y :he Huta Pe eompany to Ho-1
oi n the ronstroetlon of new shops
iiit-h will i net approslnuilel'. a mil
ium ,ind a half dollars. Tlie properly
. lip It Die railroad company nn'.v
i-e.'ks to have eondemtieu hefons- !'
pi, .pie Who tefUSi'd In sell to the
I'ommert'hit elub iriuiiitii e on rmv
reufonatile IlllfU. lieiii e t a;ik In ' f-
sary to uegin i-ourt prm . iiluig.
Ail Ihe owner ui I hi I nnd hi h
It la sought t'' eoiub mil were preeul
In eoiirt today. i'oi i:. W. Ho!i.oi
represented the Horn t . JmU
liaynoldjp did not take any il' urn
anion la th proceedings to(in, ah
lag the derendunta until Tm-.-ipiv '
suggest the namea ol upprulio ri., n
event they wished lo make tuiMR1
t lulls, t'ol. lliilimin .iHreelng lo tills
The todies' Atixlllarv of the itall-
wa Mall Asso'iotlon will imet .it Die
home of Mrs. Fisher. ! M'Ulh
Hrondwa, Tuesday afteiVioon nt -o'clock,
allectioa of olmeih will '
the principal business.
Mies Klorani! I'uwles. of i W"-'
Milvei- avenue, entertained u inmii. r
oi iriends oa New Vear n dns. Tin
( wI. k homo was prettily de ominl
in holiday attire. Manv of Miiwi
i uwlm' rrlend '-ulleil durlna ihe ali-ern-i'in,
each beiag esii-nded the gra
cious hospitality of the hoatesa.
The rnlvoretty of New Mexico the
Aliinin-r(iie city auhoolM, and various
parochial and pi.vata adu atlonal in
ailtot:na in the city will resume
classes Monday morniaf after a v a ca
ll an oi iu, week
Asalmtani Uhdrtet Ka rosier Alpheim
O. Waba ui the Tblrd dkartci olc
leuv ' i i. 'i Hot Hprlng and
,,iii. , ih i. ii f.ri-ir
ork l ii Ii i II Ink' iv e . k "
mh priot $11.6
mlt priot 1S.C0
mle priao 1,00
mle pride 10. SC
snle price 18.TC
J. nies Mailoiinl Kornt. vm'H
i.i i.u ii rn In tkiiita 1V, has .it
I ' i'eiu:ttli for aex.rul u'li at
.h nut .'litem.
i,. i. v ill lie , fi'lttt tnlin i.f
K V.itmi foul ,u. 5, U A. It..
k W.rrri u n u. . !; i i "'ins
1 .Mill tin !- i '' ' ' I'.iK i
I' W. hull thi e.nlng at 7 Si
fh.irp. lor i in piirpuce or InstalUttu
their oHk-er. H order of J. M.
Mugglcv, p. .t itiitimander. J. U
I'dlllW.-ll, HllJUllllll
XrUohHi of tncorporum imve i ,n
Hint with tho Btati con-n.il on inm
mtasion in the tSind- luiiu Hroth "
Hhepii ii'inonni. with heHdouarters -n
this city. AJabfoMb
named statutory iiKetit
v uoui-i.... ...
The oM
cern la iupitaiua i .t ..."eti. o.iu
candelaiia of fon. bo. Ails. Am-
lirorii. i ',unl I.' 1 1 1 in- tlo rhlt-r stock
hoi.i.rs. Imtiraasl' t esertitxea of tiu-i.' n
1.. u..... ... l.l luuf ,.tfl,l ill h.t I lilt!
it'll, w m . ... ...
MVip.aK T-mpi Ho dd l'Vllow
asul ileltekalia. Hi' Installing oltl i rs
Po-l lir.iuil Jocepn V nut-,
a no iH-pnn Ii i -Mi in ti rtrud ,
" , : , . ,, ,.
In -'
ftallHtlim. The .ilH'! IHHI.i'! I
old I'Vibiws. Xmiii grand. J. v
ilrk -.lie gr.inil. M !' I'ruwford;
M' t. inr J J "i ' ti-c'i-ur. i
!' K ins A iiiin.il r "i ippiMiiH
n . re ei . bio ui'.t -ii' !.
I'i'.iml .IihIki- Jul " -''
II :i I i "11 i
Mondav nun nliiu n a 3" . -I " K . I m
Mors fl. . v, null nine the i "in I
del lure . . i' il" '.' I ' '
Sbet 1780
A ill 111 II PPCTak L i J
llMiniicrUn, i-w 1I ilixi
Sews ha taen ricelved of the
l ith In Ijtwi.in. iiklu . of lsx
Urtl- HeMiv. who lived for two
'.ir m Albuoueiiiue ith nor broth -.
r. M. Ak lie riH'i tobaagnf and
wife, tofoag ht-r for relief Main tu
i.i ulosta.
IliliekutiH Ni.1,1. grand, MorK-H"'
ui.-hi. i-e arund. Mwv Omig; wi
tary. Josephine Creel; treusur-i.
Clara Wlham: wardaa, Minnie rte,
lord, vonduetor, MSMabeth Uill
.li.iplslo. Wtw ma Wuahhurn: rhi
wupuorter r noi.ir proud. Mlum
Mark: left itippori r of noble gniini,
l.iitu I ent ciaht -iipflarter ot i-
' . , . ."Saiand. Mary !: i l' sopPner
,.w, i .,r, Mni lh:
. w...
vonrttlen. I'n n un .l
olilSlo 1
guorriian. J A itlrlii
H h vur wnaiiii t a star, vounit
1 nut, la Juxt .i ''! ti'lvle I'mI.iv
las n w.o J" vniin go. a ii,l Minna
I ...... .,I.W Ufllll .1 llll'l-
nesH irmiKim -"
liiiMtui ax i'"ll. Wini.r i no
,'.i.- I. leu ii rt i'.' Em mux
i -,. i i' m "tnli n i -1 ' 'oonwa.
.... m in '
i ur. a. n. Tabor of Cri.l. r ,
had Urn troubled with ui k hi id
in he ror iii.i.ut five years, vihui ah
in sun i ikiiis I'haniberUln'a $aMJk
Hin ha- t.ikin two mottles of
.it., i i.y iiuve cured JeMk
p. nin. in is mated by a
MuooK-n. tor which rheae labft tl
.-pcrliiih iii I ended Try them.
,elt nii.l slay will Held by all
ill "Kill I-
II. "T.
.i titi. l
wlaier term. Jbii C. 112.
d.' " i '
11, AlouiHniivr

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