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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, January 04, 1913, PART TWO, Image 8

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Aouaiiiwra itstmira hieald, Saturday, January 4, 1913
imTiihi i.janiiimni.imiM'iii.ww"! 11 1 1 rfm iru imrn m ri rr'i ri iriinnii unr ; H r " lf ' ' "" - Me
-J - Mm Uwm. thht lut!MiMHllHi utivltaMA t maintain Ifto
J A Hi if in ' .tttokm MMkWm, tM-'MXHiH to toHtrssidiMt wWra moo ohm Kftft tNHn cdtwddnrtMi
. JPWbPHPlw WtiMR- 1M$ Hf'twliii M sacred. Is ttflSi hrivilfwo of Pri4k
Ik, Mfvffihlimwi rtiilw.
film .. . II' 1" I " ' '
ft. M WOT MHf rv wt j
un. "
ijM y sac ipjf wwil hi i
Ttph4fl U1 ink
towm th tfm that Wilt 1M htwVaHd ttv fc rWM. ctft
I . . . ... . . . .. : j SL. . . ..1.
Wero Inn r iNitH wi)h entry Hi noett privilege o earry wi
iHM ' -iW lit eHnoj,.ttC bullets?
Tiite new Mbfr'M affestod thaj ffio Krsnch pros, srtys ionlomm
vHfci )r!Nw-HM' iw-ra can imb no
t ir jrcd in geHrrul owt
ty Mrr Setters in this Iftoue of
tH )SmM, te t H Atiftrcr of the
toWrtW tHDnvHNH) 10, the C-tptrtri-
mHa vl,t tta-ft'int Fo ki lftU, In ette
Owl tl HfrftM Iwltevwi l verth
tpctiwt wHWorili and tkoH Ilu
nmi Drt it U wrtain thai more
iiwit vlU PM tht-euuh Albimuemuo
iittwl tt h hnro oi Ui 1'acjne in
19H 1S5 than In the history.
( tko bite tratiitstinUnntat rallwuv
njsrtem witteit lllhrHigh this ottr.
-ilhequiii-rrsa to ottrr!Kl with J6l"
ffiwtt c&tnro t gt natioH-wlde ut
vtnfcrfrt. We nnwt devise to mo war
UnUke tk MlloM RdranlitKA ef thia
itMHiMnntly and to havo eomothlns
lht will uutoli and Hold the t'c ot
tbe UaRwcoittn(rntHl traveler, wtiloli
HI cBtlftu hlirt ilT tho train and maka
lilw i6r to tn" ft few houra or
(!a- or ?nr In, tlit et If wo get
hold or tho Big Idea, and got up
MHfietliimr that to roaiiv worth whliCi
thvi J ran tvhy we Hhoulil not
hrt Miualty or In grAtr da(ro the
fme- of Uj Orand Canm of the
titoratlo aa i n route attraetlon
i the faUi P Uc.
TMWs Muni wants to bo on a big
hch!. It nn bo liindo ono of the
greatest thin for Alb'umicruuu that1
iver hupppnedi Vhat I needed now
! nugguatlous. Somebody ought' to
tiave nil tnaplratton for thl acheme.
All boojstera arc Invited to get buy
anS nubinlt pnR0ila for thn work
ing fit of what jj6ara at flrat
KIIhijjhc t be cifte of tho rnost iin.
portant yugeuKtlouc of the year. The
Herald will bo nry 10 Jhliah
nny auggcian along. this Hue if .uoli
aio fortheotiilng. ,
TIIK yUW Tlt&NfiliATlOX.
Tho jiublle jirlnta have had uon!d
urublo to tay In rccunt wcoka about
a now 1)1 bio that In to be Irnued by
tho J5 pltst bttard of publication, or
rather n new tranwlatlon of tho old
text with ttno of the books finished
out. If preaa dlapatahea bo truo,
many of tho minister uro not on
ihmatle oor tho now inundation
and mno ot Ulom stay thoy will notl
iiwpt It at H. holding that thai
UaualaUon that ha boon good!
enough for thu ohurch and their
fathora In the pant is good enough,
fur thinM.
Tho now truuKlutlou is wild to b
Hie result of an endeavor to conform,
t the Amqflown rovlBfttl verUn. wljh.
oni alight ehanes. The ohlof eatjft
.f the opptitslllun to the niw Bible la
the roMtnrliig nt ccylaln words und
jiltruin that Kvem to ehungo tho
njcaiiiug tu tho uftlinnvy inlftd. The
werd "hull" has been expunged and
underworld" auUtltuted na being the,
mrm-t tmnlatl4i f the Oreok word,
Adam and HtvtT uro oliaugod to
man and wwnmn;" the aUiry f the
whale twnllowmiK Jonah hi taKen with
ssralu of d Uie new trannlat
r have it that a ,grHt Huh awal
i. h.i Jonah And then after three
On ms relitftMtl ttlin and wut him n
Mm wny tu warn Nineveh of the wmth
u cme. The ord baptiao la
httal to "ItntHene." It being
claimed llwt verj'whei'e Ih ihe Oroek
i tic tdrn t pMHging, dipping or burr
ntg lg hj iii in the vvorl tntHMtuieri
etU, nente it ihuh mean te itn
mira tt this -ae.
Thre uro few infnor eWeiig"
nhifh hu.' "raited the pwrlleulRr
imthv f the pttblte ami seme of the
paper lve been lHUel t treat
the mutier in aenwHUHUtd HKht. A
matter of faet, the wrk on this
tranetaUon hut been gJihJ totly
n-a ciwly for aout thirty yer. ao-
1 irdiug to an etrilitent Ilapthil aulhOr-
lly, nd thero W no for alarnv
on tho ground ihat the new lilble i
getiinir too ftr fretn the eld t et
i..n.auinui. In oofiitnontlng, tne
iloualon Peat eayoi
fhxtever tranelatora may rndr;
certain wuii In the Wible, tho great
truths of the BooR havo benonie tea
rVe jmHtnded tn the hearts of tho
)fti0 tt t ivllwea world te m ai-
fmiitA W mltftf oHangee or ww aei,
The erllI dottrlnea of Chriatlan-
in hav been graven true in on
jwwNHwSlHjf giwilen and in the ox
tww f Wo life. 1'hat
iuiilfae will rwward Ihofe who
' ' . . . . - . 1..,.
Weed row Wllten h the ninth Vlr
IrrHMft te toe eted te (he prldneji
f the tTnlld Hlatea, tnJ8 fttiil ntftfo
Mffnle eatabHrhlag (he Old Domln
tetn'a' title er "mother t Ureeidentw"
Ike. WileeH, who hut' week enjeyed n
"home emln" hy revisiting the
eteaea ef hi ehltdheed and ofCHpylHR
the very room In whleh he was bom,
to in lIluatrleHt eemyany as another
Vlrglnh piesident-oieet. Jte goes
back te the very beginning, Virginia
J'.nvtnjfc contribute the tint ef the
Amerltan presldonta.
After jdasftaohtiMsttsf Had eonlrlbut
ed the elder Adams, Virginia nguln
awHiim-d eentrol of the prfttldenllal
fidBtry and three aueceiMlvo presi
dent!. Jefferson, Madisen and Mon
roe, were net only cltltona of that
etate hut residents thereof when
electod. Tho first Harrison wan the
first Virginian to u eieitei from an
other state, being a eltUen of Ohio,
another of our "busiest" states In the
matter of furnishing presidents. John
Tyler, who succeeded Taylor when
Harrison died, tvaa both n native und,
resident of Virginia nhon elected
Polk and Taylor completed nunthen
long series of Hueeeeetfve Virginia
presidents, that state having held the'
center of Ihe stage from Harrison's
election In into to the aeeesslon of
Fillmore to the death of Taylor In
18 SD. a period of ten years. With the
exception of Adams, Jnoksou nnd Vnn
Huron, therefore, Virginia supplied
all the presidents for the first sisty
one years of the nation's history, di
mwit half the total period.
But vlth the death or Zechar)
Taylor in 18(0 there began a Vir
ginia "drouth" in the matter of pres
ident that I tan lasted for sixty-two.
yeari-u ouriously Interesting uolncl
demo. for sixty-one years that state
furnlshwj all but three of the presi
dents, nud for sixty-two yours no
Virginian hna been elected until the.
election of Mr. Wilsonand tho lat
ter hus not resided In his nntlvu state
foe many years.
Xcxt to Virginia, Ohio Is Ihe presl
dent-factory of the country, that
state having supplied six presidents t
Omni, Hnycs, Garfleld, Benjamin
Hnrrlsen. MeKinlev nnd Tuft, llut
Ohio w3s tho hrne'fr'owrwuf dr
thlM number nt the time of oleetloit,
drant bemg credited to Illinois and
Harrison to Indiann. Mnimnchusetts
apparently oxhaurted itself In pro
ducing tho two Adimses. North Car
olina gave us Johnson und Polk; Xew
York furnished Vnn Duron. Flllmoro
nnd Hoosevolt; Now Hnmpshlro pro
vided Pierce; Vormont contributed
tho Chostortlcldlnn Arthur, and New
Jersey produced Cleveland. Several
of these, however, were eltlxons of,
other states when electod. Cleveland
being credited to Now York. Johnson,
Jsakson and Polk to Tennessee,
rhlch never produoud u unlive pres
rarr. -only voices the alarm or an
maaeutlHo rranoo at this Invasion at
their rights. But the alarm of mas
eutmo Fwhoe tm (lie vTgoroiu pro-
teMa of ihe rrenolv pfcesa will nob
hold bsok tho now thought whlult la
WmhWg Its way Into Vrnvo nn elSe
Where. This nev thought Is that'
marriage Is n co-partnership of
ettuaK and the same rights nnd same
ijdVURullohs belong to both parties.
If the French husband may use tho
pistol, sa he has on ocoaslon done,
the '"Kronen wife may do It Also. It
possible we have developed tho n-
written law In this country to a high
er degree than elscwhore. We cor
talnly rrnve dene so o the w!fe" side,
uf the proposition.
However, the idea Is not peculiarly
.Vmprlonn. Tho Old World has nl
ways recognised the rights of tho hhsv
band In sueh matters. It may hov
recognlxc those of the wife, if U
does there will come n complete 1
ehanse of viewpoint In Frenee, nnd
French husbands may bo brought to
hi ld the same standards as American
ones, if thai b- a cause of alarm,
then the press Is Jurtttled In voicing
H, but it should rather be uonsldorod
one ef rejoicing. Fronoh husbands
may make thomrolvos safe by aban
doning their long-asserted privilege.
"lf our party is lb have a long,
lease of power." says Mr. Bryan in
his paper. "It must regard tho rights
of the people as panimottnt." At the
recent election, in vhlch majorities
were astonishingly icaroe, a majority
of tho- people voted for protection.
itnw dsn Mr. IlrJfm stund by thc
rights of ihe Peotjlo and at thu samo
time work for free trade?
WMS..sfeeijiuiinWi.iiiaj.iii 1 s wiJ 'I sbsmsiiiubiiiiw iliwusa wnaai ssm'si inianwHiai.niri'P isewwwMSnn simm
rin, mil 11 fan mwtmmmmmmmimmm umtmMnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmt iiin 1 - -
pit YOW BA'TA CIjAUS next j:enr,
wlien the parcels post Is working!
80UT OF PAStlHU put thn word
wJUt the bsjk oh It to ihd Tlirk fJ
pnin?TY NEAItUY any if US
would rtither ndcept nnotlicr nian'M
cigars tlwn his advice.
HOMK Ollll.y who drtsim of dop
ing n'evef1 have anything but tljofr
itnaglnatlon rim nfcny1 Uith tfiem.
WF.L.U of course, (ns far.ns that,
goes, the average married man Knows
What It Is to bo cross-exumuted,
AFTISlt ALI probably Clp. and his
exaggerated ego couldn't hurt us very
FUNNY how mnny of ettr eminent
ntatcsmcn look more like Untoln
than Lincoln ever did.
cold stdrage.
IF WANT to grow old and do
It gracefully snjw Admlruf (JoweyV
rtde horifobnok and uvolif Imuuffefs;
All very wclli but what gets our goat
is how a seafaring liinn gets' tnuitr
chance to ride u horse.
"XOV LOOK as If you thoitRht
there was omoti(ng queer abtftit my
raven finlr."
"To tell you t .0 irulh, MIm Oldgtrl,
I uon't
think that It idntehes your
IN LONDON the lnsurne WrUor
are quoting n rate of flyq po,r ojjnt Tor
Insurttnee agnlnut trio blrtlt of twins.
We'd hnt.o to say what we foully
think of 'London.
PBItSONALLY. wo shall bo ver
oarerul about the paaklng of any eggn
we aend by tho poroeta pent.
iiave an Idea that tho rank and flto
are running this haro party.
IT SOMKTIMKS happens that when
n man arrives at S p. m., and his wife
commands lit tit to go straight upstairs
to bed she is asking the Impossible.
THEHH AltB sb.MK people who
encourage us to snvo money In order
that thoy tuny g;l It away from us
The first vessel te go through the
Panama cano.1 will make the iwsMigo
September tl noxl, the IWHh miniver
nary of the discovery of the Pacltlo.
In four centuries the world has seen
some progrciw. but no Yankee Is
smart enough to guoss what the next
four will bring forth.
Henator Bailey will probably bo
willing to oontlrm our bollef. gathered
from n careful perusal of his re
ported utterances yesterday In his
farewell address, that with the trilling
exception or tho few Inctanees referred
to there Is nothing particularly the
matter with Hon. Hearst.
Americans have been buying so
many Persian rugs that tho supply
Is almost exhausted. It Is predicted
that there will bo n protracted season
of suffering In Porwlan nig circles un
less Hi Germantown factories shall
promptly double their capacity.
Tlie tremendous scope assumed by
tho eumpulgn In this country against'
tho spread of tho national pluxuo,,
tuberculoids. Is evident from the fig
ures on the money rubud Tor the pur
pose In the year Juet closed the
enormous sum of nineteen millions of
dollars; tin Insrease of feur and u
half million over the fund ruined for
tho same purpose In tho preceding
yoar. The suite f Now York aloud
raised the twin of rive mlllluii dol
tare nud over.
PenusylvaulH we second with
IS. SIT. Cotemile whm fourth with
U.iot.tte. only ttt.iso of Cole
pido's xpwidltitre w at publte
MussaehHsttts' iMhtte inanity eon
trbtiiluns were more thmi tl.6n0.S00.
Psiinsylrunls's iiHro than I1.s8O.B0h,
and Now York's nenrh tt.80e.00S.
The eacpendltiire of thto get ttI
In effective meiuurMH, In eilueatiunal
and sanltAilMm work, and In remov
Ing the eoH4tlt which proimgate
the disease cannot fail to have a most)
ei'stoKm) eiroot a the ttatimml healllt
of thu present generation and inuuy
fetlswtng. It l in impreestve domen-
stnttlon of what mey be aoeom
pllfibeU for hiuitoulty t MueUinh
agltatien and lite srwttdiig of ubll
sentiment to pnbtk danger.
The French press Is retailing at
the Introduction nt Fntnao of the
iViherliwn unwrlttBU tew, as osttfntplt
Jtikl by the awaltial t Mme. Uh
of the tittirder of Mrs. Drldgenttin
Had It eetn Mr. UridgBmun who lyid
klllsU the hiHle Illoeli lit the pmtet
lion of his honor, the mutter would
wear a- different aajpir t. But for the
courts to aol their Ml or Indorw
ment upon the right of tho Injured
itifA to vlndleate fho family honor
at tho plstoi'a mouth opens up alarm
THE "WAY TO live, says a Miissa-
ohuscltd centenarian, long Is to oat
mush Johnny oaku. New
shouting, old-timer.
Til BY SHOULD nppond to tin
ronr elevation of Clp. Castro a ktrgo
legible placard with the legend "ICIek
Me Hore,"
THH AUTpMATIC stokers are sold
to work wolt on locomotives. The
next should bo an automMlc Pullumn
MAYO It 3BLLUUK. Ilkowlsu, was
tendered a slight but sauoy ship upon
the wrist. Great year' for Demoarntiii
IMPOflTH of luxuries to America
are said to cost tl.OOOiOOO a day, but
perhaps foreign noblemen uro Included.
must be looruyv The vory Idoo of
talking about a "ring" and "boseos"
In tho Democratic puitfl
The Lure of thePlaim
Ili the tend of distance, of sky and
of plain
Woven lis spell 'round your heart?
Hove you felt the lure agulu and again
T loco Its vustness your soul's sad
To hoarken tho mystical, rapturous
The Lorelei Song of tho Plains?
Has tho grip of tho prairies held your
A nrlsonor nil the long years
You have minified iVlth men In, the
city mart
In the slok'nlng struggle to bear
Of the world's grout burden, despite
tho chains
That held ymt the luro the
Then come! Hood tho Lerolel Hong's
sweat call i
Leave elly and mountains and sea.
There's nothing on earth Be great or
so small
Will loosen the grip on your heart
strings light.
Will seethe your uurost, save oxtttted
nf the slertes of untitle and ntaiu-
And will their vnstums llll to the
Your hungering. worW-foUered
Walch the sttn sweep grandly below
tno wemrs rim,
Then listen again Hint eternal hymn
That flouts thro the night In ntriiltal
The aoul-Itu-lng sotig of the plain.
For me tho blue skies and lltuttlsss
The arlp of tho prwtrloa for ayes
Net the oltys haunted, hurrying twee,
Nor the mountain's terrible TrowBiHg
Nor yet tho dank woods er the innrRy
lint the alarittUiL bonHkUlal HlAIItt,
The lumt of dkliMo, 9t m m
Hub woven It nnatl 'round my
I have felt the lure again rtiyl ugAltU
In IU vtnes I've imrtad w Wrflan
or pain.
And hearkoHWl enrapturetl the mysti
cal strains
The Loretl 8en of the Plain
in TUimmearl Sun.
MUH. HAHIttMAN has received
0,000 letlurs askinc for u total of
1207,000.1)00. An avonige of only a
little more than 111,000 per mpiest-
MANY HAVK begun to do their
noxl yeat's shopping carlj- with tho
wise Intention of taking advantage of
lor.' prices and keeping the stun In
A PnitCHA.SKU of waste pumper in
Philadelphia got $100,000 worth df
rr documents. Ineludliig, we are
told by tho New York Hun, severTil
requisitions ror liquor signed by
Goorge Washington. Another idol
ohatlered. Oh, Ocorgc. how ooulil
you do it?
THIS NHW YORK Herald and the
Brooklyn Huglo assert that tho wings
of tho unscrupulous speculators of
Wall street should bo clipped. Of
course the "small investor has no
wings nt nil. But he gets e'lppod
Just tho samo.
tho HI. Louis Cardinals says that a
baseball team Is a white uluphunt on
tho hands of n woman. What ho
thinks u woman Is to u basobnll team
Mr. Boger Hrosnuhan, late of thu
Cardinals, Is too polite to say.
THIS WIN8TBD. Conn., correspon
dent hus reported that it Wlnstud
widow found VJ0.000 in her late hus
bands suit cuso. Whereupon that
(llrty old thing, Marge Henry, says:
"Oh, winsome Wtnsied widow, will
Lost A Millionaire, ,
Whore, oh whore,
la the Mtlllonalro
William Bockofoll'r?
They lookod downstairs and thoy
looked upstnlrx,
Thoy peokod Into the aolair,
Likewise Into tho collarette.
And In thu clothos-pros. too;
It looks llko mil
With stonlthy skill .
Has takon Frenoh adieu;
Thoy sought his yneht but found It
With tine-tooth comlm thu searched
thu lot,
But BUI wsh not Upon tho Hint
Now where on earth has William got ''
Tho surgo-nt-urnis with wild alurms
Has posted all surrounding furms
With shcrlffe, cups and eke gen
darmes, But lit 1 1 has flew I ho ooup.
For a rich malefactor
He's Millie a charaek-tur,
And hasn't yet seen a ,
llloomlng subiioenu
Whlrh Is a huge Jo
Ko on Mr. Pujo.
Our New Catalog
of Loose Leaf Devices, Rubber
Stamps, Seals and other office
appliances is now finished and
ready for distribution.
It is FREE for the asking,
A phone message or post card will
bring one to your desk.
You will find this handy for reference.
Be sure and send for one.
PHONE 924.
iteavv. Imiiuru blood makfej n
muddy, pimply ooiirjlloxion. HlssO
ache, nausea. ldltfBhi. TJlIa
bktod trtAkos you wosk. pgle tiltd
softly. For pure WlosU, seuhfi dlHetS-
Hon. use Utinlwk BWotl nmoiw
f 1.00 at all drug Moras.
w n. wsdte. tramtTBftt&iteii ih-
nljtor tor fliSntii m. p hbad- I
Onnrtars In fms Anaol&s. itrrirRd In
Alhuquerrnto Iftsi ittghi, fwlluMitg
"MODT-STtfTi 0 NERY. (ft .
M PMwj$i9i,,x a,,d PubUU ln vm.Mint in Hrano. where ilr,p uvitr lnv Alhuierque dlvutoji. tH4f tf ftT4t-f4-ffft444ff
At tho Close of 'Business, November 20, 101ST
Loans nnd Discounts $2,6G0,038?23
Overdrafts ffijnb
Bonris, Securities, etc 7,3)658105
Banking House and Pnrniturc 49j5Bli0l
United States Bonds. .$, 443i070f80
Cash and Exchange. . . 2,08$,000.78
Total $ 5,314,855.67
Capital .... $ SOO.OOOiOO
Surplus and Profits 110,47400
Circulation 300,000.00
Deposits . 4,604,381.61
Total '. . 5,314,855.G7
This bank is the oldest and has the larg
est business of any bank in New Mexico.
We want your business
Deposited lit State N&tioal B&nK
$100 will be' paid you for information leading to
arrest antj, conviction of the person POISONING
DOGS. J. P.SttEEKAN, Room 14, Stern Bldg.
Phone 838. P. 0. Box 153.
wiirra waqoitil X
ror tho Boat in Fncl of AH
canniLLOs lump
i: Baldridge Lumber Co,
Lumber, Sash, Doori, Paints, Oils, luilding Paper,
; ; Roofing, Cement, Brushes, Etc.
Vc offer some extra spec
ials in Heaters, among them
some High Grade Stoves,
suitable for hard or soft
coal and also Wood' Stoves.
Before purchasing sec our
line; we can save you y
308-310 Went Central

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