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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, January 10, 1913, Image 1

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limpet ipe f nmtna Jtatoto
tJVou .get It In tlm lUTJlAJ.IK
TSUIjr Omit a tituntli or in cnU
s nevtc delWriril at four ilwirj
fifrjr tTfila by mull.
Vol. a. N. AO.
! I Mill" ?1 -V
; H 1 1111m 90m !;
George F. Baker Discloses the
Millions Which New York
First National Has Avail
able for Investment.
tt I til unlit Wrdncrdny to Mibmit the
Tlirn It hoenmc apparent that Mr.
TlnkcrH examination, which luul be
come detailed mul involved, might nut
tin finished toduj. The. committee
planned Ki adjourn until next Tues
day and It was said Mr. linker might
lid asked to return for further ex
amination. Mr. tlHliur nhIiI he unci K T. Htolcs
bury wore voting trustees of tlm
Cramp fihlpliulldlng uumpnny o.
I'hllutlulphln Mllll luul nIiiuq I '.Hi J
tin in od dm director or that cempatt- .
Mo was asked In detail na to hl in.
llvlilo In ii titmihur of corporations
ami in several urwm wik utiuuio to Printine Press Manufacturers
roiiiembor Ihtmi.
Tint slock i.( ttio First Natlonul
Imuk wo In rximoil fnfm 100,000 to
$10,000,01)0 III lUIH, .Mr. Maker mill,
mul 40 per cent or t lit tnciouncd
Mtook wont to Individual ami the i
mnlmlor to tlic think stockholders.
"Who were those L-tdtvhlunlnV"
asked Mr. L'ntormycr.
After an argument with Mr. ItnUur
mul hi coumml. Mr. linker answered.
Lead Miners and Gold Leaf
Manufacturers Object id
(lit I .eased Wlro to Hvt-iilug Herald
Washington, Jan. I'i.-'Diii millions
whlOi tint Plrat National Imuk of Now
York has. rv a liable for Investment
wor dleeloiod at todays hearings ot
tiourga K. Maker, chairman of tin;
Wink's board, hoi ore the house money
tiuit luveetlgalliiR committee. Mr.
Irakor, popukirly referred to us '"nm
blpSKoat man In tin- street." tontltlod
tliM tlm iHink laid ; t.noii. ooo avail,
alio fur Investment, of which S3 1.
oi)iiii(i wax out In ileum ml loans and
it..tiHB,oou li tlm lean and discount-.
The Imuk holds J ,( IO.oho
in securities uinl Hum gross. doelts ot
Counsel liitoiini'r lor the commit
tal led Mr lluki'r through a line ol
c,u sttnnliig which wan Intended to
brirtg out hl uoa relation with the
ro doails In tho HiitliijMclt tlMlili'. uk
wally rvforri'U to i tiu' hard coal
trust, ItlioMt iltivcloiiinK iiiurr thun l
sunurnll) knon. Twler wlion Mr.
l'ntorinir wanted Information ol tlie
UinkV cnnH)tlHn. with tho llmt S
oorttl cuniHn- tlio iUMttun wua
Imld In aheyance until Mr. linker
could (jiuitor with htfl oounNol
When Mr. lmkcr took tin- stand h
ukuil iMrmtstou make a utiitf
"You mi.il nm out such a srmt
holder of dlreetorshipe .votr1u-," hn
wild t Mr, UntormjiT. "thul I wlh to
my that I mvor nvcaint! u dlrtwtvr or
otlng trwtw roinpuny at my own
K IllUlltlOfl.
"Wo hii Juii bosun lo aU you
.n.Uu.ut .yiiur .dtrcatorahlri," id Mr.
Urm''r Hh uM ! iat .1 lint fur.
nH'id by Mr V.t V . Iwnk hoed
il.ul dli.ctorf 1 ln I1rt Vatloniil
hcK oiRht.lsn' (liie.tortihlp In
othr forporallon. In thirty-novon
.rpGtutlon", mombiT- ot I. I Mor.
Shu uni! ompany. and dlrtori" of
thi IMrt Natlotml jank 're idmmon
Mr. Ikiker asred to turnUh a llt ol
Him iM.Minr.it lon In which h- hlmmsll
wan f dlrwomr. He thomhi ht hld
HtHiUt llfti hUCh nlaee.
Mr. Uilttirmiiycr k.id Mr linker If
lin fMUbl MlltUlV M tHt'ini'lt ot t
4comiiIj by wh'eh the I'lrsi Natlon.tl
Sauk liitutlN with o'hir lifitltut'.)in.
'nlHllkd thlOUJil llllll'.ile MI0P "t
noeurlito. I.o ltne. mild nlw roir
l hail atlii" li'ir ""''t demi ntl
ihbj lnfrMllon " liejond the pow.
nm of th eommtttn". The (net orn
..' uiiumii In detHll ii the eoinptrtil
lor of tho Mirren and he Imllevml
the ctimmltltut had n rlht to demuiud
thm to b oXinoM'd to the public
A tahj oonti rem . between Mr.
IWkor. rflilmr A. Hak-T ml former
(ixiutor John Hponti.'r. HI oounnid.
imilsd with a re.iieM that ih m"
llttii iTtMOl to ullow otimiol lo
eotntder tit toftni phiue
A itfttariieiU f th deroitn of the
l"irt HUpnal t.mik a plaefid In the
roeorit. Mr. Maker wild he hHllcvtid
the .iveniau tl" poult were .1 built $t0..
BUII.UOU. Oil November , ihe bMlik v
had I II? urvountx with n-iam-ei 01
Mr. IJntormjef went bnk to Mr.
IMker'.i oHIHWlituu to the puhllHI ol
Irtilk unt but he wax unsble lo
itHakii the llnamHT H attitude.
Mr. llnVtr tectllled that ihe neeui
IIIum IMitlwi over b.v the I'lmt Na
Ih-nal iMink to the Kind Kecurllte-conipanj-
wiiid Ihraely ot ii.nuwnli
in w'htolt he wa u dlretor or a wdtnR
tiHRlue. Mr. Untormyer tried 111 aln
tw hMVo lilrii t"""' K,rM
KocutUlftn ttfmimny and the Klint N11
tlonal bnk wore operated pra.-tU-all
un it MiibI concern. The wltHen did
not wf.nl U dlvuUe the price at which
the fiourltlH eomKin noiu a hiri 01
lt Oltui imnk Mock to I'rtutldeiit
WiPKlnv of Ihn t'hahe Mr. l'ntr
inyer dW not iiriMtM the omwHon Mr.
tMilil llmt diplto the Hle a
pmetlimt control of tne lonuHin)'
with th iwurltloii company and Mr.
WIbsIiih. H remarkud that often tt
miirtll pr COHtHtce of actual tttoek
lioldlnBH Inwrod control 01 u lur
ho.in npuratlon- ol the OhiUc IwnU
and tho I'lmt National on tlm Mouk
oxuhaiiSB vuro taken up. but Mr.
lukor knew 1UU of the deull". In-
turiwt of Mr. linker, the Klmt HucUf
Itlua oonuiuny tind nlllod concern In
Die hind oou I ro.ida wan tllnviiiwud. A
iwiiiMl for a tint of all ntock held b
tho iuvurlll omiun met with 11
Imitative rfuU and mkIu the iiic.
Hon wan piuwud lo allow lonfeiencet.
willi uounicl.
Durln tlm luiHluiiin iiumi Mr
Unkor onullcd with M counnol
about furnlHhlnK ihe cninnilttim u HhI
of tho IranBHCtltitiM In lloulinK xcour
lUuti In wliluh h ronipuny luid HCtud
Jointly wllh J. ! Morgan nnd other
otinDl-i)M. Wlitn the mmrinn wiih re
Mtimuil Mr. linker announced ho hud
iloicViiilimd to rurnlnh that and otlmr
.lulu Hi 11 committee dcMlitd if the
board of dlr'tolN of lh I'linl N'l
Monnl Imnk dc ldcd llt.it it mujht be
made nuUlb The ommittPo Btivn
Korty thoumml unareti of thitt I CMt' Wire o r.vriilits ntU',
lock at $U0 a nharo won- ild iJ Whlimi;ii. Jhii. lo -Tlm Iron mid
siuoi Hriiouiiio wan imhvii ui iiiuiij v)
tlm liotiKH wityu mid iiiouiim committee,
when It rcitutiiod tho lioarlnt; on tariff
me, ami 1 later uinpocil or it wn.rei
It would do iiiont iood.
'What Ik Die prcxdit prlco of Ins
"About I I.OOH h hure."
Mr. IJiiicrmyor nuked If J. I. Mor
Kim held lll.ooo.ooo worth or Monk
In the Kir I Notional. Mr lluknr
mild he did not want to iIIuciim the
"iitrpotitil affair of hi frlondn or
Turkey Threatens to With- District Attorney Opposes Yen
draw Delegates and Grccoe czuelan's Application for
Is Bent on Scourinir Every- Release on Bail Fcndinjj
thinrr in Sirrlit. Dcoision.
a 13
(lly l.ciiM'd Wire lo luiciilns lioixihl.)
London, Jhii. 10. The metliiK of
Hi nmlMiMMtdorH of the I?uropMi.
"Im Mr. MorRan rocomtUed hm tltol rwKt,nltnK twenty-two prlntliiK
cut Kencrnl In till flnanoliil HrinyT" I nwurHoturliiB coniimnl8. tin
anked Mr. t'ntcrmyer.
"ThAt'n aiMordluR to who you ank,"
annwered the wllnw. "We, III
tticmlx, think he Ii "
"lie la mi Generally reciMiiliwl."
"Well. yn."
"And you and Mr. Jmwi HOIImun
are I) If chief lieutenant?"
"Wo wen durlilR tlm imnlc." uid
Mr Ita1cr.
"And you throe dominate th flnum
elal Hltimtlon?"
"I won't confow to Hint." wild Mr.
Mere John C Kpootier. couniiel for
Mr. linker Interrupted with 11 Iiiurii.
"He Inn't required lo Incrlinliuite lilm
hidf In he?" he linked
"In Mr. MorRan the mont dominant
tlsure In tho tlnwielal world?" per-
Hinted Mr. unleriner
revision. Two days probHbly will be
devoted to thin lmHrtnt nectlun and
ma n iiioinliiont ntuol men will bo
The proiMjkul lo put printing prunmnx
on the free lint InnloMd of a 30 pur
cent HtlVHloretu duty as under thu
preneut tariff broiiRht 11 prolent from
JiiincM K. llnnnutt of Now York, rop-
that 4hc
priwviit tarirf nhotild ntund
Chairman I'ndurwood told the wit
nctw the Democrats were neklui; h
Uirtff for ieenue and "not to protect
prolltn," and that there nh no tlUpo
nltloii to maintain a tariff uulem there
wan some revenue to the Roveriinmnt.
The vkltnetm contended that tlm bunl
uemi whm Ik'Iiik run on a hiiihII mar
Kin. Itock) iiiouiiIhIii IchiI minor oppo
ed the propowil of h cut In the tariff
oil loud to a Hut 'ii udvalvreiu. Knyl
crlck HurbUR,. of Seattle lentlllcd tha'
them wa low Hum S per cent profit
In the capital Invented tu the four I)
Alone loud inliion which he repre
sented. IIH wanted at lomit lo have the tie
raiiM remain on a Mieclllc Imaln In-
. . ...
"II.. would Im If he wer otiiiRr.l aloud ot neiiiR cnniiKou up ..ot.im. po
1 know of m. one In more doinl-I Th Cocur U Aiene mine.. I' u.
mint." replied Mr. Maker Uvo and nun productive. Including
Thex la no dominant tiRUro inline Humuuiary uauiren u. ... .....m
flnailUC IHIW,' qKUllllltlCo fir. IIUKr. If) , I'llllMUfiw ,ui. men uii ...r '
"there wan durlllir till? mw " 1101 1 H Aieio- eouniry n
ln.io tlm dlnturtmnue" I Hit lean inuuniry ne mm
M- fnirirmviir fifltllMU'rCll 10 'iMl! W0Kin
. n ' '
the relation of Mr. nnwei .1111
and the Moin llmt.
fun vou clve m the name 01 inn
Cost of Living Shows Appall
ing Inorense in ThirtyNine
Cities During Fast Twelve
rnr !cnr Wire tip I8?elii lleraMI
WanlllllKtoii. Jan in - Kohi Iiir i
prlcofl ot -foodntufrH are picturud In a
new net of tlgurv compllml by tho
United MtnittH deiMrtmout of luboi
from lt luviMttlgMtlou of living from
thlrty'iiitto Amortcun eltlon.
Holwcen AURUnt 11' 11 r.ud AiiRUnt
I'JU only two thliiRH dociouKcd In
price, potatoes arid HURnr. Moan
while everything elne nd van ceil.
In llonton xlrlaln ntonk hud udvune-
wl i'l pet eent; In lluffulo, 10 por
cenl ; In A Han tu, x tier cent; In Chi
ciiro, !'. pr 0't. ud in IllrinliiR-
ham. 15 per ctnjl. Tho llRunw nhow- iioumuntHn invHnliin or HulKrm cnuo f'tro-ii cmio wa Incomplete
Hue Hib dvna In pHw Uurlim- tha l8I1,Btt t0,lH. to rv the luipreeloii unit hecnuwt h ceurt nliould not In-
turn ten yorx nhow- tlm rollowliiR In- u, hhIIwii mIiiwIIoii Imd Im- urfere. with th Immlnmilun utitherl-
creaiHJi: i nfime more Kitty within th lt 1 tie '
HiiMur 1. tr .tnt. butler. SI: uitlk, , ,...- Hefore JuJ8e Holt rmtohiHl a dcol-
3.'.: potMtoeM. 18; orkm, 17, bird, 17; , m,.i, hvii.i rrt.m Loday'M I ton ntl the dlMtrlci Btlornoj'a motion
nlrloln nleak, f.2, hm, fin; 1 lwttnK 0f the HtnlHUwmdoni who tho iitimttlnn nrom- wheHnnr atstro
1.4. round ! 1)lan , rmcx K deolntou coniwia-1 nhould m rt'lemwd under bond until u
(lly 1'iimsI Wlro to ICtcnliiK llernld.)
Nw York, Jim. I -Tlie habeitH
eoriiiiH nrocvtMllnitii broonht by Op
powrn thhi tifteriioou t.p dlnoune thi rliino Canlro lo toinpel tha tnltMl
liuikuii Hitiiuituii. iHiiwtuiiwi without BtHuMt Mtivornment to iwt hiri land
miy drinlto remitts. Tlm dlplumuW wtr HpeiidiHl UrtHy wiitll Kedot)!
ilHtcuMrd the dMtdloalc at Hi tx Jurtu Holt can decide wlmthor Ctro
conforoncc and wmfrred hh to puwil own be roltnewl from HIIIh Inland un
hlo wdutlonn for two hour, ttftur dor bond befoiy It In nmttM an in lin-
whleh limy deoldnd to rrr tin migrant ban been nattlwl.
point rained lo thlr ntnpojtlvo ko- The writ obtaluod by the uttptnoya
enimoiim. They will mot hbIii of the eHuln ex-preldent a week
Monday. W leiurnnWe toda In the Hnlt-
Tho thronta of Turltoy to reoall her ed HIhIoh dlntrtct court. Untied
pern oe dolngHteB from London to Con- Stalox District Attorney Wlno MrKcd
MtHiitluoiile nnd the imumco of a that the writ mmum b iunniiuu 00
helm, r.9
rib riPMMt. 6S; corn meal
nleak. MS, nmoked baoli
pork i hopn, lr..
lor the Ptnh lewd pro
dmcrn. f.'corRe Ittlei of Halt ltke t;ity
advocated contluuauce of the nuejltle
tariff at not lc! than the pretH.Mil
Ineue ot nccurlt.v of ntoek for which I in ten
you hue., computed wllh Morgan si
Compan In the punt five or.' no
unked. , ,
"No." mild Mr Maker. "We unuul
y divide the Innucn."
"Can you recoil nn !UiRle iraiis
ucilon of $10.0110.000 or more durlnp
the hint Hve em that IniH not in
volved J I'. Morgan a Company or
the lirnt National bank'"
Mr. Mak.i could not tell
Kdwui Itadford of llrookljn wanted
the tariff on gold limf raliod from 3B
per cent advulortim to 80 Mr coin
and nald any roduutlon would rettult
in redmiuit th0 wuicon or worKiiii?
men "How many men do you empln "
anked lteproeiitHtlvo I'almer.
"And )ou would have un ley u
srcaler tax on KOtd leal ti protect
theno two moil?"
"Not mlm, uIohc. but othern In the
audi.,,,, ....iiau.tiva uiiitniiu of liurone I iaiuinn hud bnen raacho'l by thai
Itvohad PmhIih. tho loader or tnlhord of limiiiry ai hum inianu. air.
'Turklnh peace dolOKuHnu today roll- wtno contended that lo rIvo Castro
i.mii.oi the Immaviiblo dotormliintlon I iii. liberty at thin llmo would citnh-
:t tuu Tnrka not to uliutidnu tlic for-1 nli 11 had tiraoedoni anu uaicai tne
rewi of Adrhinuplo or the Inlands n purpmio of tho Immigration law. The J
e Aoirimn now. He aald: I nunntlon of ball, thoroforo, Dftomno mo
"What kind of a iMiufnronco le this I nrliiclniil onn ut Innuo nnd JudRo Holt I
wlmro nit tho ooncowdoim onuinat I stinpnndod his dcoision rcRardliiR tho I
from one nlde? Had litis boon Kimwniwrlt ot hnbottn oorptm nnii nsncu tno
i...r.iriiiiuiiil tbaro would huvo been I mtorncvn 10 lllo hrlofw. Cnntro dlnou
no ned In a to Hi" trouhln of btiiiB-1 ul (i roHtiutraut nnd ititurnud to Ellis
ItiK toKothur a peace coiiruronon m I minnd.
1.1011I011." I Oonriro Gordon Uattlc who iipnenr-
It Ik not llkctv HihI tho peace con- cj for Cantro prosontod an nliiunvit j nfxA from tho labor patty, comer-
ffronee will r'umolt nIHIiirh l- in which tho Vonoiuolati doncrtbwl H'a 1 ring tho voto on ovory vromani In Jfc?
f.,r next wrck. Premier Vonlkelos prollmlniiry oxamlmulon on tha doy ! country who la ovor 81 yearn of or.
f Creoce IntemlM u pend Saturday whpn he wan Inkon to 19111a Island. Tho rocond propoaal la that Incor-
r 1 t..i:.... i ti tj: lu oil Hiuiilav vlnltlm: oxford, 'today I pIIM.ril that ho luul been askod a : nmto in whut wan Known a tho
SCllUlur!) ilCUUHL 10 Xiltwui oi nohcd with the ohauosllur ot tha ,iumb-r of oxlniordlhry iiiiostlunH ooncllntlori bill and Which wo d
House of Commons to Be Pick
eted By Army of Women
and No Member Is to Zftcupl
(By Loom! Wire to Ktcntitg Iter aid.)
London, Jan. 10. Vhen tho frau
chine rcfomi bill comes up In ths
nrltlnh pnrllntnont ohortly, tho mem
burs of the houta of commons wilt
rind all the approaches to tho chaia
lair picketed with actresses and oth
er nupportora of tho movement In
rtivor of votes for women.
Throughout tho entira day and
night tho women Intend to ha present
In Htrencth and to buttonholo tho
inonibprs of tho houno an they paM
In and out.
The Actrena Franchise league, which
la org-anlxlng' the movement, baa
oallcd for tho help of alt similar 6
olctleH In maklntc a peaceful demon
stration In support of tho adoption,
of an amendment to tha bill Intendtvl
to Rive tho suffrage to women. Thoy
hope to be nuoccioful, althouxh tha
nets of their militant alaters tuiva
rfrmttly alienated sympathy from tha
.muwe in the United KJnrdoro
At tho sarno tlmo the militant sec
tion of tho suffrogcttca ia said tot
ho preparing to, provide a mora ex
citing time for members ot parllm
Hhould thojo mcmbcwi of the houno
of commons who ravor woman auf
frago succeed In having the word
"Mule" eliminated from the bill,
throe alternative propoeals will u
mndn to Include women.
Tho first and most drastic ema-
i.iivsinw Tl) MKIfl'
U'll.l.lAM tUMlKKI'llLI.HItl biinlliesn
..... ti... ,..,, 01 I The witiifM fortPiw poMlble inias
taaililiKioii ".--I , ,.. Amarlcaii mar-
noune iiiiiHj 1 mm. ..i ....
lo wild ill am
iphinlclnn to t William Itockofol-I tiih n iimu.u piw"'-" " ""-;
iJl rSurnKw nim Mormud noon uf arRu,non.n aitH.nnt tho ,oval ol
........ l .III. '111.1 OllVHIl'lllll ...I' .H..II VI. m
icuuiieu l ....... .., 1....11.. m
iii l.flliir or 1 IJIIO PtlP1l "l .iiiwom. ..."
truni committee f
ordered Chairman
mirfiKnn f!mn mi ttnn t.n Con- Um liv ol lnuaator. tho Itluh' Hon I Hnrt had 1. rimed I" aiiewcr Inqulrleal
. , t PA, . Charlea Hobhouiie, and In Hie coumo r,BHrdliiK the Internal relations of
Sldci President TattS Ap- ol conv enattlon emphiwHwd the Hal- veiieauclt and tlm eouflfwtttlon of
' ti tile clalmn over the Inlands of " I property there. Ho alHO was told by
iAutrean koh. oxprcMlUK the hop,,H hoard of eotilty. ho said, that ho
"that tha oouniry. whloli under th milBt mmwer thuso iiuohIIomh If ho was
luto Wm. IC Hladstono rhv to lo rpm-i here but that he noed not
nn.M!M the Ionian Inland. Will not n,IIMV,r laf he would coilnent to rotum.
refitHo ltt naelntauce now that tho I tjminr then condltinna he announeod
Uludnionc dlnclplen are In powor.-' I wtningnena to loave on the steumor
wht i, sailed last Saturday
lly l.eanrd Uire to Kvealna Herald
WHehliiRton. Jan. to. -Itopuhlloaii
Hufatorn thin .ilternooii iloollned thu
proponltlon m.ule to them by the
Unmocrutn to appoint commltteea
fcuttul by tlio supporters of woman
BUffratfe because It wae not rtnio
oratlo enough and would trlvo tho
vote to wealthy and well-to-do vi.m
on but not to the working women
It simply provides that tho vot
should bo given to women ttouRo
holders. , , ,.,
Tho only amendment whl-m will
receive serious oonaldoratlon In that
which proposea Introducing tho Nor
woxlitn system Into Kngland. This
nyntem Klvcs tho votes to women
householders and tho wives if elec
tors. As mont of tiro women hiuso
holders are of tho won 01 r oi--
from both side of the nennto to con-! imllMA.VIA THItOWS DOWN
aldur Irrid.nt Tjafl'ii nomlnutlonH to (JAUXl'liWr '' V"'VJL'.M FRENCH SOLDIERS SLAIN
oiiwe. nnor ..imiiiu. i iihhiiihii 01 i.omion. .iko. m - i""- 1 tTTrtiTr unnviC
the Deimarull. caaius. said after ro-l,eaiy ilellvered an ultimatum to IN FIGHT Willi laUUiVO
celviiiK the deelslou that he would MnluarUt today by demaiidlliR the cen
prolmbli eall a caucua of Democratlu , nlon -if HllleMo. nnd the lurrltory t' I rn Leaned Wire to Knloa Ueratdl ..n.p uu tj,o worklngmcn oro .iloctorn.
.. u .. .1.. .....Il.l.... I I .. . - ..... A A ' " 4& ... .... MK.lt
souatora for tomorrow to consider tho nertn 01 a ime miru-iuiiK .."...1 jioaanor. ir . " "Mho amendment wouia. w
what steps nlioolit next he laKen. j Ihiuo to ivaVHina, 011 ua iw 1 Kronen column, commanded y
l onllnnalloii of aome of 1'roMldout MccordliiK to a news aRotioy duspat. n I AniH,,. (j,.yilon Do Dives, today
from Hofla. fought a svro battle with a largo
body of Moore, whom tho ronton
.MOMILIZAiiON HI' wi.h loea of 00 killed. Twolvo
Hr'r"S"""r, t uhe heror Utlo Huhl of .lopll... M . aalll
o th o l un, ..; ' la phn.u,lly able .here wan .1 Imlun.rv ... the
estltv Colllllr no llee from lliolioiioly or
,0Mr IMili de. lilted lo liuiko pllbllu colllblliulloti.
hi- Plana tor n.ercep...R Mr. Itocke- II. S ueln of Walla.. Id.. ,0
icller or hr name o pl.vsielun niH-aking ...r the Coeur I. 'Aline slue
!n"2 .mdood hv the -ommtl.ae. Xt Z ".S'-S.S..
.i t mv 1 1 1114 KAII.S I AeworiH 1 iopi iui' t" "
MILMO.Allli fA'r. ,..,.u...l lh.. lie,,.,,. -tat C
rltOM ."SAto.it iwnnil."." .1. --.
iropoal in pui iiriiiuoK "
the ftcc lint was voiced li Hugh V
Itelllj of New Yolk, who agreed with
the iiiiiiiufMclurern tl.l.t Ihe present
311 per .em taiin" should be maiiit..!u-
N'ilMPau. New rrov menee, .iao i".
llllam Itoikefelhr han deiidtid to
leave here lotlav on noaru o
er Miami for Miami. Klorldn
1 ed
EfSfk Allielt S WaltSlemer 01 e 1 . i
UL Cllv appealed for retention f in
lT torift ol uu nm .1 jniund and m.
"U v ,H r ,.,.,.( ,,.M..n..m oil llnnel braid
and Mmiiii
that niev m
let into tin-
produetn on the ground
1,. luxuries i.nd do not en
1 ont of living
Tafia recent MPpolntmontM Is oxpmiei)
In the ttenat within the next week.
Democratic leader. workliiR on u
plan purmlttluir ondorHHimuit of somo
of the appolutmtmtM without upprov-
ItiK all. believe thuy will reach a banla
lo eontirni Hoim of the immlnntloiiM
wlllioilt uiilllK lluote they regard
All.MV IHtCIHHH ,,,oN! Kranch aohllarM wara killed and sixty
Knrls. Jan. 10 Itouiimnia uwiuoii ,vmnMlwi.
today lo mobllla.- hor army if she ,njB M,MW iu-kail tho I'ro.teh
does not obtain wliliili ionyoiH tnM4IM, twenty mllaa east of MoRaiior,
hours ."atUpfaotloii from llulxarla in
an iimal .pbJe.llotHible. MllgKenllonn or reHani lo uih riaunwnuo
Itepubilcan nlllitiHtor against all frontier. aorOrilluK 10 a oeeiwivo
lvglalatlou, including appropriation from ltuenareai 10 me inu.
bills, unlean the Demoi-rats contlrin
..11 ...I. l v.. ..,.1 ..Lluelloo 1MTSR1A IMtltl'AUIftS
uv itHonkliean lender on the arm ! I'OH UVIkV.MJAMTIIHS
that the Itepllbllcilll
Wher. the) were gliarillllg tlio linen
nf commuulfatlon In southern Mo-rooeu.
Itiotitigutlou f trwtton HMntc
Denver. Jan. 10. The hiMtsn today
imumMl the naiiato roaolutton proiid-
Itig for an liHUjtnr into mo nuaun
M.li.iltilnlrMllon HI PelernliUIK. Jail ! re-e
mwi.ii.i niMHr uiiua .f aunroiirtalion ilera are uxpoeicu 1111111 o- ir ...u hmImIm of the late W. . tstrai
bills were held up. It Is expoctiMl . war minister UMiiiiK ih nasi f 1,,. n,e itmoval of the iruMoms unu
IhHt the Itepubllcaus will not agtoe lo days relalnttiK with tha colors an I Hj lHKlBt ovtr nf tnH $b,()'J0.OHO by
an format eomproiiiHa oeuire iiimh iihw uhm.-o".. -
Into ee.ollve noswlou bat will en- arm) who umier oioin-r
. .. u . ... 1 ..11 u,. 1 -1.....1.1 l.u... Im.hu illatnHSMid 'he
llIT ... - ........ ...... .
11 .... i.ih Kalllua 111 thai some reserve two mouths ago
basin of agreement ma be arrived at. j probably
crod fairly distribute tho voto among
all oI.uhch.
Ihe state.
Tho win
basin of agreement ma be arrived at. probably be retalntnl until Apr., i
An eseiutlve neaaton will undoubted- It Is imderstoml that Ihe rallur
y be taken as soon ah the Aichlwld tho attempt to arrange a Joint Au
inipeachiiient trial Is disposed of. triau and Huaolan damoblllaatioi. ha-
forced Hasala 10 remain premnd '"'
..mv r Tirnirm -r.rvl-1 L.uui.1 iiuIUImh. MevertlUdsaa, dehPlt
t'nfllleil Steel Toniuigp Inunmno.
New York. Jan. 1". -The unfilled
tonnage of the fulled Utalea Hi nil
eorporHtloii on l.eml.er l. totals
7.S3Z.IHI I .in UP'reMne f 79. '.'51
iiik .,cr November Jo
tr liciiscd Wlro lo Htonli.g llonild)
tignt'ii. 1 iao. .iau i" "inn"1"
themselvcK mil llv a rope made ol
eirntpneed to Five YcaiS by braided strum -f niankcm. two women
bClUeUCCU iu fivt J prisoners, during a blinding snow-
London Court lor lulling moim. i.t themnches m.n nom
. , tvi 1 1 o.lf Tl high second stor window m ihe .it
Actress: Plcaucu bcu-uc- .... .,At.. uUli rtlM (WKHped
t Mm Murv M.tllll. si'tving i:"davn
tcnaC' I foe uiiiinir her hiiMbaml. John McOili.
in iitiiifunia and lobbltiK a man. and
Ut Leased Wlro lo lltcnliig IfraldJ Mubol Wilson, who had nerved elgh-
- . an ... t ....I.. I ... .1.
lAintlon, jail, i" .irn. .Minn- v.. w-..i .mn ,rtVM ,,f u iweni)-uvc-iiay son-
tnnie for vaurnnuv. ate the women
who nru now bolng aoiiKht by tho io
lice Mcillll broKo from juii in a aim
liar manner Ion duys ago. ostcruay
he called up Jailer Amiorson from a
si.li Ijikc city tolophoi'e hoolh and
nskod what It would com to got hin
Wife out of jail.
an Ainerlliin lierosn, wan
round aulllv 01 muiislauRhtcr for Kill
ing Joaelc Mclntyrc, an Itngltnh act-
resn, and senleiHeH to live jesrn penni
nn Ihe niuht of Uucembur 1 .Mrs.
(irons, who lived In the sumo board
ing huun j as Mine Molntyrc. attempt
ed lo kill her husband. Hurry Ulhw.
a ragtime dancer. Miss Mclnlrc was
yreaen. and a bullet struck ami khiwi
'Utii i.t'ttMinui nluiidad that she llred
at hor husband In self defense. Shu
deelured she did no! sue Miss nicin-
I Von Jcil linaiuicr Scnlfiurd.
Vow York. Jan. !. -Joseph O.
iiobin skt roeket llnamier. was sen
tenced todav lo servo one yeui In the
ienlteiitiur ut lllai kwellln Nluiid foi
tha lareen.. of :'7.ooo nom the Wash
Inaton xtng bank, of wlibh he wot
an "fti -r
Agtil Ht-Coiittt CHBiiinii Hi lug.
Kansas City. Jan. 0. -( olonol Itob
art T. Van Horn. s ars old. for
ten yoara a uoiiKrosamaii. Is suiferlni
from ajHiplexy nnd Is not oxpectod
in live, lie founded the K...ISOS City
lrotmMlto Hsiicullvi' Commltlei'
Nca York. Jan. 0. The cxecuttvi
coiiimltUc of the progressive part
met lure ioda to dlaciiss the work
irganlMit.on publliit.v and t.iinlnn
luiulx Hull. mIIoiih Weil' fiat Hie eom
mltt'O would remain " neonton til1
evantMalllles. Neverttixlasa. u.hn
1 I... if tiaras It
Warsaw tho tone ot diplomatic Hr
ties In the closest Iomcm wllh 'be
(llv Lon-cil Wlro Hi Kteiiliig llniiild.) I situation ladloalcs marked opllmtsm
Chei.iue. v.,., Jan. lo A le- The report from Warsaw tel. "i
I) light ileHop, u Hals) In the font) -1 rush orders for th complatloii "
ninth annual iivei.tlo.i of the Na- tho fortlHoalkiHS and of agitation
tlonal WimpI tlrowem aaeovi.iMoH oerwho are sending thsnlr valuables "
the convention for It It IJelnasies , ,Heea of ssieiy
f, auli l-k, Cllv HXiireaHMl conn- The oublUatpOll yei ni 01
donee In their uotlitj to capture tha prohibition against croaalng the from
convention. Their ulalms ware co'i- tlr v roroign airmen, iwiwa
tested In I'oise. inaiio. ami rreseou, Kussiau
cahlaat uuthoiitMHl the war
minister to issue I! oh Xovamlajr J.
1. ul... rewarded an a dtao.uUitngl
Illy Leased Wlro to Ewla
Norfolk. Va.. Jan. 10.- Tho BrltUh
Ktonmer Alcuiar with a crew of
which hnd scvero tlmoa oft tho
North Carolina coast for two week
and was reported lost night f
and calling for usslatunuo off Dia
mond Hhoul tlBhtshlp. Psel "
Virginia capes under her own steam
today, with a woo i"
but otherwlso In fairly RVtnl "
Miy Lcawd Wire to KvenUtc lferIl
1 "Vtsburg. Pa. Jan. 10-Damase
estimated at n.ooe.OOO wos done by
.t. i.ui i thn Allonheney. Monon-
..... .i'..'" ... -" - rt.
1 gahella and Ohio river valleys. Iha
HoihI stago was passou toouy
when tho gauge at tho point brldgo
registered SI.O feet, a fall of almost
ten feat In S4 hours. WUeellng, V.
Va sufferetl aovoroly irom too mail
water, n-t leM than eight thousand
persons having been driven from their
bnos-. Htillroad street raitwuy traffic
was ititarritjitod and will not do re
sumed until tomorrow at tha eurlleit.
It Is estimated.
t'onillii luritf haiigas ivei shadow
ail other ninnii"on. A resolution or-
t... p.. ri.iun' William Aiei lure.
voicing ihe onatierable opponltluu of Mit I ill Miilmm Ciiiivlelod.
the association to any tariff roduutlon s.v York. Jan. 1" Mud Malone.
to leas than is oonta a pound on H niintant saitrnguiio. who .
scoured a wa adopted n-sled and eoHvh led for ilUluralHg s
1 ...uuititir Mt which voooru
Charged With Shortage Femi
nine City Official Resigns
After Announcing Determi
nation to Stick.
ANOTHER FEDERAL JUDGE! whs speaking, appear.tl in th.- cour
FACES INVESTIGATION n;7rshe W nw.d . ..ra.,
I that site might appsl bar ease Har
lly Leased Wire to rjvaalng llernld 1 rw,MB( Wng granted. No pasMll) hatl
Wushlnston Ian i A voaarea
SlMltal .UwntlKlttlOll llllo the iOlldlM'1
of 1' tilled Gluten Dlatrlet Jllds John
c. Iliittoi k "i Kamsts and lulled
Htataa Distil. 1 .ludg A. . Van Vsl
keuburg. ' the wosaarn dtatrtct of
MUauiirl. nnii aSU IBr III a rueiHu
been itnnoaad upon oavlctlon.
tece being mtsHUldal
1)iaillM,k Iii Illinois.
Mprlngflald. 111.. Jan. 10 - The .lead
lock over Ilia election of a apaahar
1 in Ihe lo'ver House iieoi iiirwaaa
lion preeenied tha aoutHi iaiay "''mtirc loll calls lo'iaj anil the seaauMi
ItepreatPMtatlve liorwiui or Missouri. WMB H,)oiirHetl mitll Montlat evewiaa
It Is alleged th tlio' appointed Hire 11 11
receiver for the Ktt.iaan Natural tlas (;0ii Would I'U Hlioiinnn yit.
ciimiat. I'll'' UK' w'o were' Waalilugloii J-u I --An amend
rri. n.iK t.. in. iiitaiesiH jeslHiis ami mvM of th- Mli.iinsii anil liuat law
,,,, ,,i I...I company and the sivmg the o.ncieni uatcn ihe powor
i'lii.id ! "v"meiit lompHtn "fin .nfurie .1 a as pi uponcd ioda
IMiiLidHih' wh"h volU-olld n jK.nst.ir OW'II -f "h'.'honia,
Illy l.easrd Wire to Kvealav ttefald)
' . ... ..... I 1. IfMM
Kara i,ii) I'taii. Jan. iw. iii
Mary HullanU. . it, racofiter. who mat
night refused to reslgii- at Uia rtsuuuttt
of the city eounclt following the dls
covory of a shortage tu hor aeeotiuLM,
twla cnaAfatt har mlad and hniidod
Ik her ratdgiatltan. aim. UaUaiid'a
reataaalloH uame aa uiiaocaaotatily as
har first refusal
According to ovuhcUuish. It was
understood that alio was to hand In
her raatgMMttal) with the rotum of
.h.om-v that would SMUtace hor books,
but uMin maaiHg good this aiiiuiint
she declared she would nut imlt her
utile- for Die nUr.pie reason that she
dpi nm have Mrs Luc) Uarvlb
has uceii ifix'tiUvd her ucvow?r.
fTonvaued at noon
HcHUimwl consideration of om
ntltus alulnjs bill.
ttamuol O'ompers argued for
antl injunstion and oontempt W
baforo JUfUaltt) goromlttuo.
Court of l.iipeachment heard
elutlng argumunta ot aoutud tor
defonse In trial or Judge Aroh
Iwld. IIOU.HE.
Convohsd at noon.
Began eonslderatlon of post of
ibis appropriation bill.
ao. K. Httkur continued testi
mony before th "Money Trust"
liivesUgntiiig eommlttee.
Metal sehedulo of tariff taken
up by ways and incuni oommiUee
for a two days' hearing.
Merc-hunt marlnt eoinmlttea
coatlnutd IU investlgtttloii into
alleged South American, steam
ship pool
Adopted resolution upproprljtt
ing 120.000 for rerrgHgmKs
aeata uad dsfbg of ou cKMi-

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