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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, January 16, 1913, Image 1

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rmi m it in nm iiruui.n.
RUtr OnM ii iiionlli nr IS tinij
K-n ui'i'lf iMlwivil hi jour ilimrt
art.. ......... ... .....ii
Kith Itoi'ssaa'essaaitaV
M ini y lllllll.
Vol, an. mi, ;,,
I'm, it isiat fii
fftnAVfl snwa TorAv
nAn r a. . . ....
Senate Committee Gets Inter
esting: Details of Enterprising-
Methods of Mr. Hcnrst's
New York Journal.
Newspaper Called Upon Fro
quently for Cash by Men
Who Pulled Off Sensational
Journalistic Feat.
(lly JuiiM'il Wire l i:i-nliirf Uriah!.)
Waabliigti.ti. ,j (! , wri..ii
aaftmiwlcdirmcnt purporting i ht.vr
imp etKHfd hy Charles Atump, Ml
mwbk i, i no:.. that he dlepoMcd ,t
saaatM mniidard oil litter t.. -Mr
uin-nfiramin ami "Mr. Mooni'V of
S ' '"r J,,Mrnul for u -tl)
man placid , evidence to
.Wat l. ...
"mrr ncnnie mmMMi con.
dWMHIuH committee by fteofae Mtump
ft unathor ot i'Har4-n Oeornr Kt.imn
i" arm ni mother to ign th
ir mm wltneaseu 11 himself n
Nla brother am riaau
vw mump .statement wa:
"New York. Almost l. I so:..
'" rnrtow, ,n. Hrondwnv.
rfaw York flu, x v.
"ftoar Mr - I herouy confirm th
Siiwn made Ui you that retain
W rwitM by j n. ArrhlmM.
K them letter from th lute
Mr Ilai.nn and Konalor ctmn
1r assjsaaed of ly .,ic tf, Mr. niMni
and Air. , nonet, of the v-..
t'R Journal, foe which I r-eived
-oatBa ration, anil that Mr. Atvh
sMhPa loiter hook wei.. tnmpornrlty
iqtmw to hi hands for eainlnniVM
uk Tor wnih i lit.. received a con
sfagnaiion. in nr'tlOK yon thin lt
t3t, 1 In with the imdorstandtna that
It to M til 44MJf WS.V l h MS.-d i
IBBiaitrtliilv tun. Youi (i-sta
t'flArflUUH Tl'Mr
iMtiU" mi urn. j it.-
(Nr) imiiii' that nrtnr !
ini tt. iitMMii' 1iorn tli wn-
ila, MM iMfore n (MMKeri. h
limachod ! u "Mr U-nnll" in
l)Bi mnllal -irrl4nr. with tht atat
ati thai rfirt'MH(pl U'llliwiii 1;.
tUNipw IN-raonally
M'VUt Hil hn nay te you?'" nakoil
ttM(nr Join.
"n aak me what I know uIk.iii
lft HMIItel'." I'rplliMl the wllHfaa.
"P aalwil w)h hi' wiit lntereHtl.
"Ily miM Hun Mr. Ih-aini kn v
ftaHlHX f the loirrhitao of leitetn 1 1 nl
tHM hl till Hie H UM Involved uill lie
mtHtilM Ui aee what t knew. He al
8B flWiHl me if I hail any mt m r
khm' McnH0 who rtW."
fttSWH ileelarfNl Itia brother.
CitiJntW. hart tieen mm hie to toll lilltl
hflw iHWrlt lie Mot flmin th Mile ol
lm JWtor.
"lift Milil It wim a lfim iwn." la
ittfai lliii..
tIW woiiumI to 11 down ivaf
lillfht fir mt iiimI Met aoiHo inmiBy.''
.Mooiii') Sny, Sliinii lilcil,
Now (ifleniia. I.H., .Ian. 18.- P
T, ,Mniey of Meiiiihif, atiendiim a
rncAllilK' of the aoiithein Xewapnoei
TwiHflWor' nawii'latlon Iire tolK.
alfir reading the "Mtump" uttMavii
nnt Jhnndard oil letterh, an hi:
"I mvr wiw xtumt "i tttty othet
rffun Imvlnir Mtarniard oil letter Li
BiHaHiiy with Mr. t'hitmhcruilH. I
nufor tttw nH. ritnndurd Oil letter
aHina. I never hkIii iui oiMtinai
JktHiHtord on letter fr.Mti Htump or
Hhpait e).v
Vancom , i i: .
MeaoniretK hlill in
Of the alnkiiiit ii
of Vanad.i Met.-
Jin HI Thai
III)' xlnl. I .mill
Hike ,I lip' I'lirl
hrtflci ted ! IN'
HMhRpr ol 'he crew Mho were te-
MHdlhle ror lullitm thi-m waa the
ftlHiU Nfoeii etcpt'MalnH to4ay h the
WrlittMh nf the jttn In the Chenlakc
BWManrn i r-uptaln John ruckle
m 041' KnKliieer Uinta !rlce nt
IVItaenod ateamer form d the prln-
II mnjoet mailer of the adjourned
Um nn tho lcilme on the liialat-
II af the jury
lilnci' Sononui Sni'ii.
IN I'mnclaco. jan la. Kurthet
I Meaaanea from xuva. flii lal-
t the chnmher of eomwieri-c
lada thnt the Oceanic liner
tmariaft broke her atarhoard tall-
p4 ' N eoilialon with mihmeraod
Wimm. The veaael m makln nnoi
jfrfiHimm with her port enaine.
Wlllln Sn (ici
IHii .Iniii.
MiHl. Miih. ,).in. Ii.. (iu
lpWI Jnnea. u eteran of iho
. ouiMe.nei
leaaue he ae hall chili. ..
pU taday 10 the i'hiai. A men .mm
Lift NMet'Htood the piirehaae pel.'
'J'rlyd to ship iiihii. in Ci.nliw.
fVri smith. Aik., Jan te
CtMUVMi with an. inpilna tn ahip
IlirW ciaJaVw filled witli liquor from
iMMllaf u ohlahomu. I. M. nilllntta
Mil Mllllarlnker of MiiMkoaoe. Okla..
W I lid lc led by tile federal aTalld Jil'
Head of Great Chicago Bank
Tells Money Trust Commit
tee of Dang-crs in Bank Con
(It) lieamil Win in KtrtlliiE II,. rnlil. 1
WiMhlfiKli.n, Ju n. fl That tliaU
irM.tii ...... i . . i . .1
ininimn or money am!
'redii ,n .t potential mmai to th
foHMtry wuh unowned bfnra th
house mnne truMl enmmlttoa today
h ileoma M. Meynolrtn. treatten( of
lha Coiitinemal ami frnmtnarelal Xi.
il"n hunk ol Chieaao.
Mi. Iteynnlita Mid tlmt h knew o
the "treHil lownnl eHHatttratlon ot
money and iredlta." nnd iUnt .
I h.. iih i it a Unroii thlmt.
"I iiwi oppmwd tn the onneentrntlon
of any anrt of rxwt " hm b.m
"I fcetlee that eoncMritlon tfl tli
P"wt It nan already oh la a mnuv.
In in that I do not winh to alt In
Jnilament of the men who hold that
Mr. Jje;. nolda waul h waa oppoaed
tr the nrtneipii. of lntrlocitlnK dim
tora In poleaitall) i oiMpeltln con ce run
and that h had adhered to that prln
ulM lhrouHnut hi bnnklni carver.
Th Continental and rotnmerrlal
nana. Mr Ren!d anld lonnod mo.
ney to it on director, and eorpora-,
lion h nhleh ihe, re coMe, led.
out did nm loan :.. it (. tla
t'lll HOI lU'lif-V .Mi.' .Itnuljl ..I. I
- " r... .11-
ion..i to. harrow from tfclr on
.nnh. Mr MeynoldN deelirod that
. 1, ,.1 ... i -- .i.- iiHHif raise re
ne i niniao iieuriiia houae wa the ltnlH L. a ft.. .U. ....uibu.. . . L. . a .
Oral ... mm. ii. . . i
... . i n ii n rxiiiniiim'.
that bacauae vnu found the
federal Inape-tor inettteieni ?" anhed
.Mr. I'ntermver
Yea, at that time we found it in
'etMeli-nt In connection with ihr.- ,
banka ol John H Walth The othor '
hnnha of I' hteatn had tn nwnrantee '
th Aennalta of the Wahm hank,
whi.h Here tn a depiorH.i).. condition
and tlie pid them ff at -., !. T..
Irevet tich a ultuni.on arming
w frml an evnmtnlnir foi.e
Mil. StMIII'l" o I'lll. ST.WII.
.laoHi. Ii. R,hm uf KmIim. Ub iu
'ompnn. .1. . i , . .i in,, method ,
ulnit nrlK. fin i'oi'k. t,ni. in- . i
lrnetirod by hi houae. lie naid after)
hla Htm had ittrecd to iaiiie xe. ,,u-
Ilea, , tn1lc:lll were formed o
ierwiiie in,, i itk unturned hv
The ohji'et of the. atndleitte in m
l. ko over the ne. urttle if ymi (ail to
i"li them?" ed Mr. l'nlermyftr.
"Yen. that's it." aald Mr. AthHT.
I.anki and triwt enmoanlo. he aald,
! Hie pnriielpanta In theae unttei
wriilnjr ayndient.. Mr JCehltT aald
about IS to as coHeernM wora an a
Hat or participants from time to time
IhvUixI to take paH In nndorwrtilna
"Want ire the tlileK of iha hnnltlnu
hualneaa in r..nnc. l.n with hond la-
auea-" axked Mr. mternuar.
"Ii la not cotmilered aood form."
aald Mr. Hchlff. "to erente tih'due In
terferenco or competition by a hnnk
liia Hrm."
He ;.i'(i. thn hla hankltiK Iioiikok
wonornlly had cnrpornttnn n their
ellenta and thai no bond limine would
nde.ivor to tnke the launch from iho
lan"Kitia Hrm. rccoanlaed aa the mhii.i1
nacal anent of the enrporution.
Mr. S.hllT aald there .i a alt .up
rlalry In twen hla hrm and Hpev. r
and company, hut ht knew nf m. in
stance in the taat live year, whvn
Morgan and company haa "Invidcd
the field of Kuhu. l,oeh nnd com
pany." or vice ierau.
Mr. Kchiff aald the N'mlnnal Itank
nnd Trnai mmiuinv . Itlnem were not
Kered partlvlpittlon in ayndioatTK
fnrmrd by Knhn, J.oeh ami oompany.
imt he lielfeved hank, and trttat ooin
llilliii hi Uld he allowed to partici
pate in thoae iiihlemrltlnic .4-ndloat m.
Mr. Iteviioida could not make rn
apeciih' recommenUatloH a to rem
dihit the concentratpin of mnty
and redit, bin waa sure ttn provn
Hon (t Interim-king direetora In .om
pctluti cniu-irna would have a good
In ' on lualon Mr HiVHod aal'l ite
helleved tlmt "com petition waa not
dead." but he believed baftklPK woul I
he improved by a return to comi ti
ll e conditlona. Mr Itcvnonia a
he Mould approve a law iln ml
norli atockholdem In natimwl uwnka
the rlghi of repreaentntlmi nit the
kind of director and would apH'o.v
t law incnriMiratliia vleiirina hnnaia
o long na a did not interfere with
the free conduct of litialnraa.
"I am in fax or or nliinmi refill.
Hon and .nl.u m . he naid.
Wiihiiigion. I. f. Jan. m. -Oen-era
I I'tpiiniio .aatro'H uppeui from
the d. eiaiou ol I hi New York Hnmi
trillion ituthnritic. tmriinir him from
the I'nlted HtiiliM. una rcoelvM todw"
by Meeriiir XMftct, who will Htva h
linmeillnte eonaideratlon.
The awr-tiiry Hill lake up flrnt the
dneiahm of the iclnl Mfiurd or lk
nilry which held that I'NBtro refiia-il
to unwer queaiion roiallnK in th'
aaaMMtiinutloii of (lencrul 1'aredea. In
Veneau. la, amounted to uu udiHlaato t
ni i tie eamtiiawmn
of i time Invalvlna
.1...1... i.upiiuue or uu olHiiriielliiil to
or m-bi. inline cilori ol tliltnllllMr.i
!" "'';T rlnin facta to u.
termini his rlBIU tu enu-i-,
Charges of Gross Fraud
Against Minnesota Indians
Brought Before Congress in
Committee Report.
Illy MiimmI Who to r.triilnr llernlil
UaaliltiKton. Jhii. If). I'harRen ot
Kroaa frniida anainat the Indian on
the While Karth reaenntlnn In .Mm
nesota, that their phNini nnd ma
terial condition la pitiful ami that
.Mnjor Jamea MoLauiihlln, Indian In-
Kfiei-ior. dlil tint properlr Eiianl the
Inlllnla InterenlM In tli allotment nf
lamia, ware made In tlio hntia twlav
in a report hv the commtttM o .
pendltum In the Interior ilepnrtnicni.
It rfoui mended tha
ntuHd by mnrta for tha preaent
"nnntHnloua altiiatioR" by wliloh the
eoiiiiiOaoHW of Indian affair haa
eomplnle rantrol over pronatty worth
il,0,oa.aa belnntHR to Indiana of
tha varloua trihea In the I'nlted
I The committee chnraea that "fraud
ulent partlnllty" wan allow n by Simon
.Hh Hoelt. India. ..tlilM. . i
MtHMi the Indian ttnVbe, "nde, .He
law of 05.
'The boat and moat valnnhlo ptne
allotmenta f..i mi., .h,. hrj.kM.
hoTr , 122 .J l!? of ""
I wn
,hem aavi he n-nnrt 1
I The rT..or d!-ri. .u,'
r i.ort declare that
i. .,1 .V"
m .wei.MUnnn. the ;iaent
aont out. reruaed i 4 1 low the full
Mood Indiana to aond out rwaaera to
' upv.fv-i I III.-l.'fFF1
preaont nnd aave no adequate notice
oi iiw innaa mootina; at
nivn me queaiion came up, wnien
"In elfeci wa a council of lumber
com panic
the aronad T 'n?n- '
1? inu" . , i ,;:,,w,n",,, " f""
Edward F. Mylius Who Libell-1
cd King George the Fifth
Held Guilty of Moral Tut-I
Illy 1itin.i'il Wln tn ICvnnliic I Inrn ui
U iiahlnwtou. .Ion. Ifi - lidwnid b'
Mylui. the jouruallai detained it
New York, wna ordered deported to
itoy l S'criliny Naw.d or the depuri
Hient ol commerce, on the an. mi I
that in illieiini: King (leorne V. '
Kmrlimd he had commuted a i-rini"
(nx.dvliiK moral inrpltiid.
First Aerial Scout Who Served
With the Army of the Pot-J
omao During the Civil War.
lly l.tiMd Yli 111 KmmiIii
K llt'llllil
Ti. Thnd-
raandt n .. cal , Jan HI
dnciia K. 1 Lowe, not. .1 a a o ln
thrt, expcrimeiiicr and inventor, died
todfl) nt the hum or hla duughtor
here He bad been almoat helpleaa
for a j ear, the rcmili of a rail which
fractured hla hip in- i...we una born
In JoMVraon. N H. Vnaum in. u.r..
In IHdn he liei-ami int-reaid m tal-
luunlng and Ik li mid IM2 he wh
mii aerial acout for the army of the)
Potomac, obavrvlng n.. of th..,AGED SPINSTER DIES:
t 'fillf Ailoaul ah . i 11. ajt k
, n,n iium a iwiioom. n- in .
vlaed a aa(em of aignala from bal
loon whi-h enabled the t'nion gun
Hera to get the range.
Dr. I.o we ulan Invented an ice com
preaaion machine, and cMiahilahed the
Aral cold storage plum Other de
vices iHvenlod hv him practically rev -olulloHlaed
the gaa inwklug indun .
Volifil Solimil-si Dmid,
New York, Jan. lir. Woltred
Xi-lnnn. imitation egpert and author,
ilied In 11 hoopltal here yeiieriiu.v from
bean illicitae, uaod enra. Ho had
mad. yellow lever hla -pecliil miiii
nnd wrote cMenalvely on thla and
other tropica! dtoeoae
Pimm, 'hi In. Om'i- suit llovi'iiiu.
t'eklag. Jan. la.- The (laaett.. ol
the mlniati, of finnnce nnnouncoa Ihc
nppnintmeni r 'vdmlrnl Tan I Tina
KmI. Prealdeni Yuan Mhl Knl'a aecre-
lun, aa Inafiy tor general of ihe aw Ii
1 la belle J. K Uulcaaeit. Huniah com
miaaionet- of ciiNtomi al Tien Tain.
hua nc.n up pointed Inanecior
l lldei the a, heme for the rout rul
of the On belle. In nceordan. e ulih
the dein.iuil of till
' ala 1 wiw era, no
...vine III uilli Iha, mm ll ,-Aft......... u.10
I... ... t n,,l ,. .t wthut (lie -niicilon ..I
',1, mapeaora,
Gathering of New Mexico Edi
tors in Snnta Fe Votes to
Extend Hospitality to Unit
ed State Organization.
Nperlal I)Uialnh to livening llrrnl.t
nta m. s. M.. .Inn. I -The nw
Menfeo fj aaaootollon met ihla
tnortiltiK W tho old lntoeo or tha mov
ernona wh JTadnt Xeaior Mo
loyn of AhMMiHOPo.ua In th.- .malr. an-l
Itnrl Hreeti m acting i4e-rotary Mome
alstoon newapanoi- ,N,.n from varinua
pnrta of the atata were urea.mt A
"""""" on lofrmntion of Interoat
me itewnnaper fratornhy wna ap
irmtuwm. rnm eontmlttoe onatet of
M-rawry or mata Antonio Muero.
in nrwn or nantii
Pa H Mftl . I m mmmm
"" w A"MliH.rqUe. I, ,.
tf 9m - n r- rw
make ,!:yWrTTf1,,r ."
1. 2 ,C1 nny "' hne
iLvTL TTJlJl".i. U r"H T to
th lnoonlten le
now tod to oonfiwinn i., tnn
7r Th" -.flntlon will hold
,U n?1 ""' In Alhuqu r
"ttnr. It win ulao deride
n exaeNa a rormal Invitation to vlatt
New Mexico to the mom hem of the
Nat town I ftiitnrlnl aaoertatlon. which
noltfa It annual moatlnn In I'olotndo
Spring. July t, and 4. Th.- orri. er
ero inairucted to net in touch wHh
railroad . that a anerlal mt
mn he ptiicured ror iiilna n u -aper
men. Home a. "Oil nn-n are . x
Hrooa ..aet. d an oB l, ,. ,1.
-ociati..,, to Jcmc BprlnK .., I., the
oiiiiiioii oiiMii.-red th .nHiiiii
nf '.nlldiiiR a ...Man. .ir i i ii. iiicni
tu. i.t. 'iii'lHli' r in IK ll I K. .1 ,in
"i ! hi mil i In Mummer
Vioe President Elect to Stay
for Thirty Minutes Here
During Stop of California
Vi . Prmldenl -elect Thoman i;
M ii-ii.ill of iMtfhuin Mill Im In Alhu
in. I' lUe for tlrtjtljy mtniitea tomorro.v,
.i'imiik on the Oaltfornia llrattoil and
r iii Miiing har durfetg tho uaual atop
n.e limited. Tho vleo proatdent la
ii ni vny to All enawgernent In Arl
m.n.i and (NtttforMla and ror a brief
i mi tit-fore, aanimlng hla onlce on
Man h tin. Ila la a uaaaenci-r In car
of the Meeoml aectloa of the limited
which left Chicago Wednesday.
A mini her of prominent liemocrala
nnd mcinbera of the Commercial club
are arranging; to wall on the m,-. proa
idem nnd attaftol groatlnga to Mm
durinu hi hrtaf ty.
MhikIiiiII In Km 114.. Hi
k.iii i t'tiy, Mn., Jan. la - Thoinua
It. Mui'mIuiII. picMideni-ehN-i, nc-
conipnni'.i lv Mi .lnrhull, went
thioiisdi Kanaaa in i-kIiii n hi way
(o M imiii In 4.i ml ili. 1 ,.111,1 iiider
of th, mi. 1
lly IohiI Wlrti to ICvniiliig IfemliU
'i. IMII IH Po -
h'111'H..t and one eni nnd
tw in dais Mia Marv Mh.-anii
had i.ioddod r. puth alone
VchIm.I.iv ahe ill.-d lifter two
dm- iitneaa, thankiui until the
hint niomenA thai ahe had never
niiiru.d jjgas rihe.irln attribut
ed b. i tuaaavitv 1., me fact that
h, in vr '"irniii htr tmck over
the vv-ialttMO, never tolled and
nerved 111 Uacratef ul in, 111. never
children, waah
diNlnr. of P
iv . mm. of
iiiiu hi hava
Wfl with the alow.
aruUil huabaud ahe
If She hid taken
Hie lilunOft."
Mi ehewrln
M.iii- from
Al the .ige ot .
oaaoe to the i nite.i
Cavin .oiiiiiv . in
I .nil, .mil not 1 led In t in. aa h
I'lniiiit'd there with her famllv
unii lie ('hleajro fire when,
I111. II, .1 out of home HIKl poMker.
ioii Hi Mtrartn fanulv alie
ii. i ,.ioi.i4w to atari anew. Wm
HI), in in dpll in Mt Joeci.h' ho
pit. 1. whrc ahe ha livid In iliv
Groat Irish Leader Stirs Eng
lish House With Ringing
Opposition to Bjtoluttnu of
Illy l,inveil Wits in I Veiling llnmlil
iindun, lan. la. When the ftnJ
debute on the how rot.- hill an r
anmnd in the Uouan r commona thta
Toning a rowd waa awuiUng en gar
ly me afiaovn of John Itedmond. the
triah leader. Tnito ronn.l- of . h. era
ffreetod him.
We oppoao tlia axvltMlon of fla6r
from the horn tIa mil ., av
rat grounoa," a aftld. "but tha xu-
ttrom objoetkMl at tfta' nothing wotiM
eomaonaat th Katlonallatoi for the
mutilation of Uttlr eouni- '
Hr. Radmond than reiterated thnt
tna .-vationaltacii accepted the hHl a
til final aointten of a veied 14 neat ion
Ho thooghi It would lead to th, n
voneiUatlon of all the Intereat at
Wake botwoon tho noch ,.nd the
aoath of rrohUMt.
Mr. Ttedmoad do. Iar. . that the Xa
tlonullata rofuaad m r-unl l later men
aa unytlilna hat brother nnd lie In
vited them to Join with the Nation
alism in th emancipation nnd the
ftovernment of their common coun
try. He went -on- I
"t believe thai m aplte of tha houae
or loroa, th hwma rule bill la aotng
10 paaa into law wlthUi the llfetlnie
of thla parliament The hr.a ,,f
lord. e know. 1 ..in to ihr-.w it
0111. nut allhoiili Mi,, i.ir.is ami i.v
.-Hi, m. , .inm.i 1. iii
tannery Foreman Held by
Companions While Ito Ran
Sword Through Body.
ftlr Leased M'lre to Krrntoa Herald
Jtihe.il,, .iak.i. Jnn. ) -O. imw
wna found n,uln .,r nmt degree mur-li-r
and K. Kuxhiinu waa convicted of
muualiiiiahter by a jury In the I'nlted
Htai.-M diatrlcl court yetcrdoy. for
ktlliinr Krnnk Ininn. n cannurv fore
'nan. .11 Dundaa any btat July. Puah
Imn nnd another Japaneic held Dunn
whlln How ran n nword throunh the
Grand Duke, Brother of Em
pcror Deprived of Rank anil
Property Beoause of Mar
riage to Madame Sheremo
tiovskini in irf-iewi who in Iflvonlng lli-mldl
Ml I .. . ... . tau k,...., . ..
r ia.. 1 . .... . .
"'"""ll IIM-HIM, .1111) IB
B-.ii.oie he married ,1 woman in t-rl-vni,.
life, ngainat the wtah of the .-m
h-ror. ilrand Imkc Michael, brother
of Kmperor Mcholaa. w u, toduv re
moved from his loitj rusk in ln
rm and forced to turn owr tu
proooriy nnd affairs te a guardian
The imperial manifesto .c. iic-uin
relieve the gmMl dtlkl i.f 't diltie
so commander or th ihevulin
Ouardi and ealabHahoa a giiardlnnatilii
ver hie person., property aari affnti.
under tho supreme direction of the
emperor, white the affrnintstaatloa or
his eataie n transferred to depart
ment of the imperial court. It State
that tiu-xe Met, are taken the m
iwror nmrk his disapproval of the
rem nt mairmge of ta grand duke to
lndn in. sh. rein ii.ivskatu.
oiihi "UJiif ' mm.
Host.,,,, j is,.-- Alouso Adwms.
". nun Vankoe aklppei. Inter king"
01 mw i, . ialanil In the Ciiiltibean asa
ami to. nn- laat lew yenra a Conner
in nt i.irni.r. Is dead at the age of
diii, ..( the 'king- aa he was host
know i, ua born la BUawmtn, Mains
ui fi. faring parent. About t weary -thre,
ymrs ago. a veal t vnbtc.t ha
wa . aptuin. was chartered by a irmm
..iii I,. ..urn a comsnereial eaaasllHoS)
to .-mum Cnribboan taiuuds. The
venture failed a Adam acvepted
for hla pay the right, t., i4an' tiuad
on ot tha group of who h the .nm
Manv had atnuired poaseaei.ttt Ther-v
he Yankoo skipper Miuiiibtii a
m-t'l ktnffdom. fakns b- title oi
'uiik and iiilrHlii.-iiit: r...it . ,ti..i,.,
'Ii lc . I'lotMrd t.i k I liat'l in. o. i
'.ill .lid within ,1 f. w V - .1 I, ,1 nn
'uncil ,i tun ;,iri ,. ii,,,., , ,, .
tt" In a '-eptcil rn obei ii, on , ,,
, 1 company aaat awld hi aina
1 1 'irio ii
t" "inn Mates" and
irm at ICasCviuiH.
.1 . 1 vv nt ,,n
' "Hie 1 1, ul.
Twonty Googrnphionlly Locat
oil Clearing Houses Urged
by Nnali As Remedy for Ex
acting Bvlli.
(ll liwiM'tl Win- in ICrenlttB llnrnhl.)
V -hingtiin. Jau .. An .irKitntaa
lion ir rent eogrnphic.iil located
clearing ho,ie nllh nnthorlf y tS W-
u ionn eriiiK ,tc. (onvcntbU
oem.,nn into giivernmenl
"ill pT cent ot their (ir-
irreney nl
value, wna
prooaed to lit houae
form committee roiim-
currency re.
rtM tho nttvjrul
aoillllon ol 1
W. A. Xaah
nriepc) problem, by
preetdcni of the frti
Ki.-i.ana hank of Xew York, and a
former preeideur or the New- Yortt
clearing lion-..
Mr. Xuah ttaw no ncreaaHy for a
cantrni bank: doprecitted the idea or
copyitiH Kunvptwii methods and urawl
Hie ctmmliiee not to ek the plan at
sow thonrist in finance, who. ho asia,
"la more to he dreaded thn a hull tn
a I'hln.i ahop
Mt .v,ii, w.id the i-trartnK hnuaea
. i.nii I it,-, I in nH ninn prncthmllr
Aoi, i.i i. leui.inni bunk
Garment Workers Wnitfn
uiriLta, wtuict
aild Street Cm OtmrnHvPS
iwi Join in Disturbing In -
dlistl'ifll flniifUflfiiiB
tllisumi UOnaitlOllS.
I UyLwiMsl Wlro to iSvimln ilcinhl! rtw fU Mm atrnnuomi days vliet U.
Ve'w tnrlHy n?n lnelnii'rt
i i Dor ii in it:tn .it ne..Mi,l ll.
iwe., i.,.n.in and sos.MB inritieiit
rorkera are striking for mara pay anil
lietter working conditions; Hv.Stis
waiters threaten to quit today and In
Yonkcr. iut ,ionv tho city line, the
alr.-et i.ulway . ....pany has not moved
a .-or aite .I.innary i.
Hrtuada of uarrnent workers, satis,
lied with conceaaleiiH grnnlml, are
aald to be returning to work skilly,
but the broad iMiiea ure still unsattied,
nnd there hi nn apparent proa peel of
Krom tha manHCHoUirera' aUnd
point yesterday walk out of nonrly
t a. tion shirt waist workorn was most
serious, for it owm 't n Uina when stl
hands were busy, with rash work for
Hi,, opting trade.
I. veil fliunilK'i-iiitiliU .loin Still.tt.
Now York. ism. W.- a strike bal
lot taken bv membera of tile Intnr
national Hotel Workers' union loot
night reunited in '.'.nan any workers
vol inn tin ininioiiHlv In fnvor of n gen
eral strike, ii was announced that
tho onter callinir out the workers In
hotel all over the city coil hi Hot he
leaned until the reault of the mailt
workers' ballot, which began at mid
night, became known.
Mtrike leaders claim to have ox-
tended ttuir organixiitlon to include
ven the hotel . Im inber tnald and
a i nlivv oinen.
NimiIi. Oregon, Idaho, Mon
tn and Anaoim Ssnntoins
Join in Sugosting Ohoioo
to Pi'otident-Eloot.
Py liraseil Wire to iCienlaa: Heralil
W,iMhttitoii. Jan l. Dcmot-mtic
Stmutora from ni. ttocky Mountain
regtoii loh(v tn to I 'resident -oh .1
Wllnou a ... i iiixtiu tha -election
or a rearcventiiiiv.. of ihut sett 'on .ia
serreiary of the Interior Mr. Wil
son wo aaanred that the appointment
of former ilovin..r K. U Norrla of
Montana, turrm r 'lovarnor Jam s ll.
Haw ley f laab ... .1 X Held of (m-o-
on or Clay Tmiman or Nevada wilt
he satisgSsetas to ihe IVoi.wreM or
tm- far weal.
Menu t or Men. 1,1.4. ,,1 Naviuktt
t'hiuiiberlaln m reg.-n. Mayer of
Montana, Hee,, ,.t iduh.i and nn.lv h
and aVshvir! of Arisona .v.-n the
algii.-tK iii ill. Id 1 r
WH.MiN lll'HY
J. 11, 1
l l. Milelll-
Ti. n 1. .11 V ,1
I e. ,1 VA 1' 01, I, ,
l v, , . i ,n 1 .nii. reiioea
"o.iu, imilutllng op-
1 Ii. .Inl. , 1
nnintmams wtti
RentsaoMtaltve Hon.
ri I Heurv ol IVisa. McHalor llis.iui.
.r.l of I.imiImIi.ii.i mill K,.yerai ItniHirt
.111 S...V i..i k i uiot riitu.
uuiiti, xiniuice 'mmitfpn w
Draw Up Omnibus Bill
IJo V2,tl,j44n,1 1. ft
w uuuiiiili,lu lu miw rr n
Without Delay.
nt a S w m
Imperial Wapatrh in rrrralac HnMtf
mU Ka, N. M., .Tan. JC.Tfca aelt
(Mo vm In stimioit !esa tbsn 1hlr
mlnnies (hlrt mnrttlny. a smnll fclugm
... .wm ) iHinmur i-ni.hoy, and km
inirodnefmn of thrso aeparato and CJs.
ir BklBSaa I.e. SS. . ...
fine, rvstMiwQiiii to mify tho Igooma
ax ainsndinsntf, 0f tho oonatlluOon of
the Cllltfl.l flint
If tho mma tax Amendmefit in not
rn tlHoiI b tho ,Vw Mexico Icgfsfituro.
H will not bo tho fault of tho nnato!
th wembcrs of that fc&ay or
linot a unit In favor of tho
) siuon. It la the nlan nf th. .uhu.
oati londnrs tn fiuiko this resolution,
parly moaatiro and to presa Its pxm
ago in the hottio nn soon iva It hfifi
been adopted by tho seuato, whldh will
prolmhty b. early next week.
me reaoiutinnn Introduced thla
morntmt, styled Joint Resolutions N'o.
one. two, ami Tlirco; by Stenator
Kvmiis, PHtikey. Illnklo, aad Clark
were read Uvlvo And roforred tti ths
cmiimlttao on oonstltuUonal amaad-.
ninnis. ,
Tho flmt bin Introduced today waa
by Senator Illnklo, Bonnla BIU No,
IM-AVllllnM nu I ...... u I. . . . . .
. ...... ... ,v n iiiticiuiirico tax. mm
iTMiMirA llkowlio has an eicol!
I ".if, ' i r
imnoo or iwisHURe, though It wlH
. "omw Umo nftfnro n ca
, aRreeii upon In final form.
Senator Pnnkey'n intln rontrlhullon
I Ici llidk lt-elalrl llu. I. . i . II. . a .
(" ueh f hiiia which wm not
"trangera to ttm annqlo Blnco tlty
,Hado tholr appeamncn early In Iha
' Wst SftttHtnn. onlv to inert tin untttna
win inn. fcfennto mil No. 3. to sitour
imrlty of election Judgcsj N'o. 4, pro-
iniuiinrr the issuance or uso of paie;
to. . an the duties of railroad cor
iHiratlotiH to furnish cars; N'o. 6, ro
latlni? tn drinking cups; No. 7. provid
ing rreo tmvoiinK llbrnrion, Senator
Ilfeld InilneQil Snnatn 11111 No. 8, pro
viding for tho. collitetlon of occupation
tax by iowhh anil eltlea. Tho resolu
tion i-HtlfjrlnR tho Incomn tax amend
ment to tho United HtitlcM cuMtstltu-
ilon were inli'odiicod by Pntitars
Kvann, HIiiKIh. and Clark, after which
the tsnats adjourned until 10 o'clock
tomorrow moru.i, Prior to alournv
m.-nt Mr Moll . ur. 1 the adoption
t a ria,.iaUi)t, to .n.-.ftllirato titu roit
f piitittnif fin Kovernor'n Joe-sauo.
U ta U diwire of tht Nuitnto tu-tiavo It
piititod nro,vdllitK II dnenn't s6t loo
imioli. 8qniUorfl ijoit ami ilfeld woro
sensed irnfll Monday. Meinw. Illnklo
nnd rWitlt wojro jmlrcd. Xotli. KM
given ot a joint, mcetm of tliahous
nnd Kenftlo rtimneo i-nniirilltrt.,. Tho;
purpoito of tin nicotliifr Is to taxo Up
tho aotinly alnrius hill, tt is proposed
to draft at) omnibus tncnaurw provid
ing Mulurw for all vnrlrtlca of fcounty
olfkiai. Thla work. It Is nii'lutH'uoU,
vviii ut put in U iiands of.a sub
committee vMsUMUig of thtjff Itnem
ban front anah liounc. It Is tho pur.
poo to nmit (t moaatiro nmraubmlt
It to tho Kovornor at the onrlfeat pos
slble moiHsnt so that should tho gov
ernor swain flml it iieccnsnry to voto
the bill, plenty of tlnu tvtH remain In
m (itch to pasv another nut or the sumo
one over tlie xovernor'a veto.
lly Loosed Wlro to Kvonliur HcraliJJ
1 .'an rmnctecn, jan. m Tno gov
j -mment Is taking an intere-t In tha
effort of the larltlu Telephone antt
Telegraph company to aeojilre tho
Vnrth western tag Dlstanro Tele
phone coiHfksMr f OtoBon arid Wash
loai'.n. .nnalor faroelnsuro profrrd
lnaa recnU- oAHtmenoed In I'ort
land Attorney Jay flower man. rftpment
ing the rveatver far tho NortlK6trn
concern ia tn thwj etty taking, j,ha do
pohi.uh of auVttis nf the paclfto tfal
ephnne isil Toleiraph eompany and,
AsKixtant Ltnlteil Utatox District Attof
ney Harriaati.it. la attendlnB h hrav
Inga. . tJ
Winn the foreoloauro mili waa
i.ro.iitiii, ih. favinc com puny waa
seeking u monoiMiy of thn frlfphona
bHstseae in nl!Grnln, Oregon and
Wasttingtan. Tha government nor? i
seeking us aweyriain whether there (a
evMenoe of -rstralnt of trada In the
j!jr nvwiiii.T ivvpiimen. rj
leaving tho harbor hcru toibiy at &
o'clock with a eargo cotnprlsirti;
.ae of dynamite, tho sicamef Ostcnr
i.ioi. nro and. aattlnK beyond oontfol,
waa benchod "H Protnotlnn island Tha
powder vxph.de)). the ditotwllofi
win n a- in a wrverat thoitMimt dollar
damns. vory plato kusA doW
fnctior tho watsr front was hrokrn nl
Severn I nersavna erlouly cut vry
ttiamher of the craw wcanod ksfor
tho axploslon oo -urred. Tho Witsnt ojf
the datnatte tu tho voa Is not y4

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