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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, January 16, 1913, Image 2

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m MA AVc
ffctr JUrt W AiNirrfs
fy CrfH?
Kr lew Wh to! Hvcnmg lleraldl
r.mi)trh, Jan. 1t. The Cnrhei
ru fund c&mmhadati haa ahnoitnecil
Birthr net of Award for herflfo
. TJbd IMt ihrt? wk mada public
HuvtmbH ?. Hat, with rafcdal
rded, tc, Id ha follows:
IjouIb O Scholl, d"no medal nnd
,533, aa nscacd. Bflhos!. cnrpcn-
ir. aavod lUymfcnd S. Lanfertr. clerk.
w tlruWHitts, Kaiita, crus, cm., July
vrenea Van N'ootranJ, bronro
tet and 11,000, m needed. Van
d. eed IS, attempted to eava
IVAVerly Dokey, and saved Plor
f ii. Uexm and Prank Ifatvamw.
Hdrth. from drowning, Olon Cove,
r, January t, mi.
John McBrlde, bronie modal nud
as needed. MeUrlde. laborer.
Md Cyrun 1 Nail from drown Ins.
WWUm JI. Prnlhar. brotuo medal
r Ti.foo. as BiswM, Pr trior, deck-
' navea r . wi mam Pheasant.
nnAn, from drowning, Krdnhw
tdlntr, Cat. May 27. 1911.
Nfohni V Hagermnn. brcnte medal
H,000 toward nurchnsa of ft
km. Itasremaim, laborer, reeoued
mxiS C itchluetcr. farmer, arid llln-
F I Bcfaluetor from a runaway. XI-
. 211., Juno 32, 1900.
Krnest 12, llositfeiw branse medal
d 1425 diaablcmonkWetieabi and
1,000, Iih needed, nbttfan, machln-
It, attempted to wiVA liny s, inter.
foiflhlnlst, from burnntr, Hood Hlvr.
Ire., May 18, 11U.
Huunuy A. iiTy, bronxu medal and
r.OCO, an needed, for fducatlotmt
irnoaa. Perry, aaetl 13. nolu.olbui.
kvl Albert , Colllnw from drown
Ig, Alton, Me December 1, 1500.
Walter Jt Walluee. Oucuasoit, brim"
tdal to widow and nion of tt
tnonth Wallao. Hgd SC. )ilef
1r)c, difd attempting to eavo oath
an B, 8uh(w, etalllo . ML.tui and
lary it Wolff from drowning. Want
lorn. Island, Kte., June Z. 1911.
Adam A Oborat, decmtatid, bianco
kedal to mother and poiwleu of tst
i month (iberat. atatlonurv flreman.
led aavlnf; Charlen L, Oarr, axed 39,
kreman of a rob oompany, from auf-
ttluB, CarucnturavlUe, 111.. Kebru-
Yy , Ml.
CitoU It. Karberir, deeenaed, brnnsu
lal to mother and t&00 aa ncodfd.
nrlwrg, Ked 19, reporter, died aA-
tpMrisr to savo Dorothy McOrw.
led IS, from drowning, Isx Jollu.
!., Afiiruut C, 1911.
CharJea I. Covell, allvor medal.
VflI. iuporliU.nUunt of uublte
lofka, aaved Ituth Kins, Karnh J.
fuilama and two unidentified women,
attemjited to save Albert Hum
Iom drovrnmtf, wulllnxton, Kan.,
mo 29, 1908. A tlmidtnirwt-at- tihfht
kUHta tiio watcra of Hargts orofk to
suddenly and flood a nortlsn of
Autttln Morfmn, Mlvcr itmlal.
tqrtran, real entato dual or. aavvd
I'llllam K Maaon, mlnlntur, from n-
kwlnatlon, flfburne, Tex., Dectmbt'r
liOrenato Ortiz, atlver modal and
;G0, as needod. Ortiz, track laborer.
kvkt Alexander a Tnwntn from
jwnhiif, Oklahoma City, Okla.. Jan-
r 27, 191S.
Mafcdulrno llarKNK. nllvar medal
id J00, as needed. IlHrstts. tmrk
Uiorer, avid s. lirooka THwiiaa, Jr .
ita 13. from drowning. Oklahoma
llty, Okla. January 57. 1911,
H.vdnoy Mctxler. ailvar modal und
ll.OOO, aa needed. WUJer, denthit,
wVffid Annlo Newton, anod 12, from
ott-nlnp, WhyeooomBitli. N. &., Oe-
lb.T 1'G, 1909.
Jnmea ,. Miller, ellvor medal and
(J 00 as net'ded. Miller, foruman,
ttemtfted to rjccue jdt C. lioucra,
d i", farm hand, ami Ora Pontle-
rlt, agd St. farmer n-id well 1Ik-
!r, from a avc -In in a euaitpoal. Lib-
Iral. Kah. nctobor It, 1911.
Atlrn W MeDowHI. atlver moll
Ind SI, St j diMblome'nt bennllta. Me-
airtlt, tool flreofier. aaved J battle 1
Oenuine Spanislt Leather
Quartered White Oak
Solid Massive Hooker
Easily worth $20.00.
Soond and Copper.
ix kt imrn ax& mis mm
OfH m thfl m, Maces of tiio City.
far mrmc -4ds JHWe
IJr FwjkJ Commission
and Jaineft II. Unteson from burning
Deiawara, Okla.. Januarj 23, 1910.
William P. Murley. Kllver medal
nnd Jl.oon tllmbloment benefita, and
l.eon toward llftiildatlnit hla indebt
inlnew. Mnrlew frtrmen atlelnpted to
r'eaeuo J. AHntln hOtt, frttm a runaway
at Capron. Okla.. February S, 1911.
Darla K. IowI, stiver medal and
12,000, as iieedad. for odueatlonnl
IHirpdaex. Mis Lewi, aicml H, aavml
Aeigamltt V. Dnslir. agenl 7, from
drowning CowannrtJIe, Qhe,, Novem
ber St. 1911.
Alltert V.elnor, deaBed, idlVBr
lhcdal to widow and ISOn to iiquldato
mertf?uKO. and penMon of tt a month
with SS a month additional for her
MR until he retwhpa age af 16. Hefn
er, roofer and ulater, dlid attemitmt
tt twve Chnrlea P. Stltllvan, aged 7,
from a live elvrtrta wtro, llurllnxton,
Vt.. Beptember 7. 191t.
ltd win H. Newlln. dcaed. attvr
medal to sen and pcnutatl of IJO a
month t each of three children.
Nuwlln, fnrmr, died attemptlnir to
wvi AHft AV. VfnUn, ffRedS, and
Nellie P. Andomon, aneu T. from
drowning, Itmporhi, Kan., July 17.
Carl II. Warren, deeaaaed, bronze
medal to father and penslurs of MS
a month to father or to mnihor. dur
ing tho life of either, and 796 to
liquidate their IndebtHdnwn. Warren,
farmer and blnckmnlth, died attempt
iPK to aavo ftupert It. Tnbey, aged R,
from drowning. VaniMilboro, Me.. May
19. 191.
C. Henry Cam deceaned. oronze
medal to mothor and $1,000, aa need
ed. Carr, awl IS, nohoolbay, dl4 at
temptinc to aave Georgo H. Cronln.
feued 17, fram drownlmr, Lynn. Man..
July 3. 1912.
W. Hoy Stoke. deHiMed. allver
medal to father and 91,990 aa needed,
fltekea. a Red It, aeholtiy, dlel at-tmlln-f
to mvo Parana J., Ha rah fl.
and Charlotte Kenly, children, from
drowning, Cera), Pa., January IS.
Prank Haeumont, stiver mtBlal to
father. Beaumant. farmer, died while
attomptlnir to nave hta nephow, John
O. lleaumont. from drowning t
noaumarlH. Ont . July 2. 191Z.
To Curo a Cold In Onu Day
Tako fAXATlVK JJItOMO Quinine
TaoleU. DruKKisIa refund money II
It fll to cure K. W. OltOVK'H alK
nature on eaoh boz. 26c.
Man Who Asks $15,000 From
Victor American Fuel Com
pany Desoribes Manner in
Which He Received Injuries
Tht taking of tmrtlmony in the caw
of Prank Paoarlrh vutmoh thu Victor
Amfrh-an Puel i-oinny waa bnun
bfor- Judae V. H. Pi. m hi
fnltMl stataa court In thi tvdi-nti
iniiiUiuK tHla. A Jury wmk avcurt'd
wKl.'idut . I'arnrli h aaku Judaim ril
:iK.iiriHi ihw ful -otnpau' for 1 1 ' '
ilii'KiiiK lMt a ih rvault of m-ali-gi
iirc Mn th. aart of tk corpora iliii
)i- auatalHM! InJuiiM on AuKt 12.
1'.mi, which tiave iiwda lilm a crlpph
'r in- and which will prevent him
rr in -r arnlHg hla Hvihk aa
inintr Pacarteh laattAad In hla own
i nulf to4ay, twtRg an the wltnaa.
Kiand for iwveral hours. 11a daecrllxKl
.. thr jury thw nwiiHar In which h
injurtl. tettlwft of haw he had
n dir it-d to tforti la a pta e in
th- mine ahrrv a aw mine and an
ll mine JmIIh iI loglhcr, and how h
" i" tHjt-l ) n full of rack, which
it in atlid wn uuwd throuyh th
iliaHc' r iht- umpay, through
tli- wrak.-iilttg ( thr roof of th
niiiiH, th rvault of ahooili la lh
plllara f'ii-rl h la I ma to liava aua
tainail a !okn back, a tlWocatad
hip and othxr uijorlna aa the roault
of th aecldewt Tcatlfylng la hla own
bflhalf Mda. Pacarloh, In rvply to
qttaattow aakml I. J. Mark f Dan
var. of the rounaal for ihc plaiHtlK,
Uhl In kroken Batlah the ritatla of
llln work In tile hiIim, and or th
thiHtO that happanad when the accl
daat ooeurrad. from Mm to time
Parartcti appaalad to a Mav inter
preiar to IHI him wha quatln the
attornvv had akl A aumbar of tha
jHora ar Badwa and 1 nU rpratar
It Itvptie tranataiod tha auMttlon
and auawrni Into Hoanlah. Tti- two
intrprtailona nroanarHv made th
trial or the mh rather mIow
ly. Thf caaa will Hflouiiidly Im
hard foMghl. btii.lant lagal UU.nl be
lt) arrayed on both atdea. Tile cm
Waa originally Blad In the MclCinley
tMiily dfcaUiet court, but waa re
niarad to Ilia federal court on ih
rmmd thai the plalnilif and .lefeml
unta uro i field out of li(frnt ataten
The Count of MmhI CitHt Uda
and twnorrtw--Cryntal.
0 1
jLLiuatrEiftuii xrariKa herald, Thursday,
iMfierlat Ulipatcb ta Ttveataar rteraldt
' Demlnir. N". M.. Jan. 18. I, O.
Dunte, livlnsr near Cain, N M.. 4
4 committed ftiitttld pterdfl
ttiornliiK rfl 7 ft'floeK by nritm a
Sit calttira bullet mto llln heart.
Ilia -wife wan In tho yard and
hearlhK the Mtot ran into the
houto nnd found him dylniC. Alio
hotlflod tho neighbor, ill health
I protmlily tae euuite. Drtnuo 4
waa rormflrly editor of the Dem-
Ilia; Hendlltlht.
Mayor of Albuquerque Enthu
siastic Because of Splendid
Fellowship Apparent Among
"Dec-llKhtefl. - derlared '(.. n K.
11. Sailer?, mayor or Albuitucmuc. on
HI return today from 8auta Pe. where
lie attended tho e(oriM of the New
Muxicn Munleliml lKiie, ailtnlcj
the NVw Mvxleo Praa aaaoclathin
batuiit laxt nlKhl. at hlch he wiih
one of the principal api-uker. tint
hobnobbed with tho member t the
leRldluture diirliiK Mpuro 'hour.
"I iiBver aw aueh RoiJif fllwihl
lt iihioriH the memlH)re dt uii lejr.
Ulature aa exlMH unionif mumbera of
both hounoa In Hanta Pe," aald the
muyar today. "Tli- atnMi)ierc
loadod down with thle Aplr'lt of kouiI
feilowehlp and aa a raaiflt cer- visi
tor In KAiiia Pe hi at onoc Impretwad
with the daalre of Hie laxudatom to
aeaampllah valuable work during the
Mayor Hallere Ih of the opinion thut
the Mutitoliwl leau hue niurtcu li
with the rtKht rmit forwurl nn.l will
be enabled to .do DiIiik of real vniue
far the clttaa and towna o( the tt .
with the aaetetance and co-oneratioii
tff tll liKlnIalom. The leaKiie ha
outlined ineaeHrea which Ii I eKirrcl
to have enactetl Into Ian. The meae
uraf. when protterly drawn, will la
atibmlttad to the Judiciary coriimittc
of tho louituo and later to the legia
lritlvo commllt(. which conaleiM -if
Colonel Hollers and It. P. IMviox.
AllllillK the bflla which the I.
hopea to havo paaeed h). the lentata
turo arc the following:
1. A bill irovlillnK for r-i and
nldowalk Improvt'iiu'iitx.
2. A hill provWliiK for the .-olle
lion of m-ciliaiton tax In miintcipuli
llea hy intm!ctial offlclale
1. A hill for the relief of the coun
ty poor.
- -4.- A ItUI pntvldluK for -4mtitlalMii
fnrln of KoranmiaHt.
ft. A 1)111 providing fur the collec
tion of road tax, enntalitlna a i Ihuk -leiiulrliiK
that th monlea collect.' I
aa road tax In inunlclpnlltlea i- cx
pcuded within IHr munlipul limits
for Improvement f rda and wired
C. A hill pnivhilHK fr the appoint
ment by the mayor In cltlea or police
itiiluow, regard I. ca or whether or not
aurh iipiadnteea are Juatlcea ( lh
pac'. 7. A bill nrovhltaK 1nr lh nblnln
iHR of riahta way for pipe line.
S. A Mil which wilt provide ir
the retention In office of a certain
number of .own truatoe. uboliahlna
the old ay at em of havlna nn .nilrclv
new Uiard each elaction.
9. A bill providing for the relm
hurametit of WMMtclaarUle an.l
town of montea dlvarta.1 at the luHt
iHRialature from Inauramv fonde.
More than U member of the
stale I.iKitdaturtt, of the mould pa I
loague, the booaiera' and preae hmo
elation were preaant at the chamla i
of commerce batuttiwt at the Palace
Hotel laat night. Anionic the principal
aneakera ware Jtidge U. A. Richard
son of Itoawall, Senator Barili.
Raitator c. J- LaWRhrnn, Ijeutcnatit
U.ivarnor In- liau. Mayor Seller.
Mayor Aikinoon if It'iaweli, i-x-D'"
ernor 1'ilint- und oihiTM
Demoorats in Congress Go Af
ter Senate Leader Now En
gaged in Battle for His
Hy l.eard Wire In Hventna llrrnlill
Waahlngton. Jan. II. A rep .rt
Holding that the Warren Mock cm
pany of which Kenalor P R. Warren
ot Wyoming waa the head, hud loore
than le.eea acr or public 'u.i I in
cloaeil by fwnc In Wynntny In .
waa adopt ,-d by the UatnocNUic mctn
bra of the kouac immntt on a
nMdttMra In the Interior fppanment
today ajalnet the opixiaHton l It- -pttbllean
memtMrra of thai comii'in .
N. rerommendailon or patio i ..a
mama by lac committee Papera fr..m
the Interior department made p ii.i:
with the report ahoa.it thai tn-i
tora had hurKed Menaior Warn i
ie with IuiMiik the land u
fence, luii Mini ,i aHbac.iint In . ii
Hatlon by iieliii attorney gcneenl
l. Purdy, at ITceld.-ni Itaawav. Ii r.
iiueat rcaultcd In u l. lahi b i h
department of Juati. . th it H Uiu n .1
ben proven thai mn Illegal anchia-ur-
were then uniliii.iliVd- Tile
holiae cotnmltlee llll. Ii.ineil p iMd
HH" today on tin- inlwriiiiiitali on
teltiad In r'ir.Niit.iii 1 ..1 rT In
tartar dMHiHt.
(aiiiiiiiaaiiawmiw iiiiiiiiuniiiiattutiL'awuia mm inienn wtiii, , i iaj aiiaaiaawiiaiwiaaaiiaaaiiaiiiiaiaiaiaiiMii'iiia aiaiojiaiawawaaaiaiaiiiairiaaamai'iiiiaaaiauaiiaafc.
f ' .
! Of the Semi-Annual Clearance qf ! I ;
Shoes and Muslin Underwear 1
1 8 1 1
Business has been brisk in the shoe department and crowds of
enthusiastic women have surged through the Muslin Underwear
section, eager to take advantage of these wonderful bargains.
We are thoroughly convinced that never before in the his
tory oj Albuquerque have the people been offered such an array
of money-saving values.
If you have not yet supplied your wants do so at once for
assortments are getting low, and Saturday will absolutely be the
last day for these exceptional sale prices.
tonishing values in rich beautiful, sparkling
! Shocking Crime Results from
Dispute Over Ownership of
! Restaurant in Pueblo.
lly ltaaed U'lre to llvriilua llrralil
j I'uebio. Colo. Jan. ( Uyaander
I. Johnaon shot and inatantiy kilatd
I Mra .Maud Murray and then kill d
I hlmxi ir her.- at II o'clock thta morn
, ln. J6hnaoM, uatll recently a mam
j tier of the police force, wax inttreat -d
With Mra. it array in the n waa rah 'p
01 a ranauriat ua North t'nlon ve
Hue. Thcv nuarralml ihla moentna
er the ownerahlp of ih. ptaw and
Johnaon drew a piatoi. hooin( th
woman through th head twice. Mia
died inatautly. No -ui'iomeni ware
Ih the r.iataurant at the dm.
After klNltm the woman .Johna-'i
want Into a barla-r .hop neat door
and filed two ahota through kia h-al,
dying blatantly.
Johnaon waa 7 yearn old mtt
vetenui of the civil war Mr. alBf.iy
waa II yaara oi u- an.l 1, widow for
thirteen yeurx
The 1 until nt M ni., 1 't tato -today
and iniiiMi a, . i'iui ii
Aztec Fuel Co.
,.fv l A
All kinds of Wood
Plmuo 9161.
ynm 1 mvmn
January 10, 1013,
The Markets
(Ily I.ciih-iI Who to K online llorntd.)
Vea VorU. Jan. Nervouawtam
wlil'h threa 1 he atock market into
dlHonb 1 In the curly daya or the week,
eerneii in hava dlaappeared today
unit inot-u alablo conditions prevailed
inrina Uia inwenlug iiiaatun. Activity
n the short alti dacraaacd, but bull
tradera ware still timid, and buainesa
fell ,iway to small proporllon. With
Hi, paaalng. for the time balnp. at
leant or hurried liquidation, more con
sideration waa given to favorable un
derlying lactors such ua the prosperity
or 1 he steel trad and tha plethora of
money While there waa aom re
newal of weakness at Isolated points,
the trend waa upward and at noon
prices showed a good proportion of
Bonds were steady
Telephone sloika moved counter to
thu general current. American Tele
phone and Telegraph fell' to 111, mak
ing last week's dacllno I potato. Other
stocks a ere off aomawhat from tha
beat, hut maintained a generally
alrong tone.
Curtailment from active specula lion
threw the market into dnllnaaa anil
ronftned rtecluatkiH to atttaJl frac
tion. Klrniiieea wan maintained in
spit., of renewed liquidation in Can
adian Issue.
The inarkaH cloned steady Mar
operator wot advsYMife of tha
apethv of lata aponuaillun to offer
pric-N iiown ubnuitly. The whole IIM
went off sharply. Toward the chaw
thi r. ..ui, soma improvi.mnt aaaln
11 nd trading became I tat tea un ih
rull .
Amalguniatial, 71. ,
Hugat. 116.
Mchlaon. Illti. 1 I
Norihern Ihtoift. It t
Iteading. III.
Houthcrn IHMdHu. 1MH. ,
l uloii Pacific, 1ST A .
Hie. I. IS.
Hied prelerrad. IsHI M .
Clilimnti lloiiid of T1111IO,
ch.cajn., Jan. M.---YOTMat
neivoiia during the find hour of trad
lug ioda hut the tone waa genvrjill
aaaaMssaMMNMH I
film on .iti .iiIwiih - ,ii l.oxerpool
May opened u almde to V tt V4 down,
at fic to IHV'. declined lo -'. ft 1
n.'iSc and recovered to 6Vc. The
dip was largely due to profit -taking.
May closed S-lc down at l l-lc
HI -nc. a private report that the fall
r Adrlanoplw la Imminent, being the
hl.'f Inltuence.
May corn opened Me- to M- lower
ut 6 to 62 He, dropped on profit
taking to r,2Vc and rocuvared to SS-.
c Letter than the previous close.
May corn i-lnseil eaay; .May, 3-Iff1
V loner ut 2 J-S52 1 - If.
May oata opened a shade to U
ac down at JIHc to StHc touch d
r and advanced to 214.-
Provisions were active und firm
with bona- May pork opened lo to
H)c op, at lU.Hi to tts.ll; May lard.
;" to 5c up, at $ IB.M to f le.en.
and Mo rlfta. IVfac to Sc higher, at
fio.de to if.17
Wheal May. UHtlr; July.
Ml 1st-: Kept.. II r.
Corn ily. iSHtllttc; July.
51 tc Hept.. M -
(lata - May. tic; Jy, Jlc; Kelt.,
S Mac
Meaa pork, per bbl.- Jaa., ft. ISM;
Ma. iu.ee.
Lard, per 111 lag. Jan., 11.27 H:
May. Iie.on.
Mhort ribs. pr IH la. Jan.. II.IB;
May, lie. ' It. Olta.
SI. I.011U Wool,
. IjouIs, Jan. Irt. ataady;
territory and wetrn medium, tim
lie; fine, mediums. !!; rine, 13
Kmi-iih I'lly lihiieloiiti,
Knnaa city, Jan. lit. Cattle- It.
eelpta, a, 586 lHt-ll4din- ! auuthet'n.
Market, steady. Native at Oat. $11 Ta
!.; southern steers, it.ftOej 7 lu,
southern cows and heirers, f !t.TB
1.2ft: nutlve i-owa and heifer, l 7&
7 76. tock r and feeaars, 16 76
7.76; bulls, IROQIfl.&B. cnlves, II AO
at $10.16; woetern steal. .M t.utt;
western cows, $1.7611 1. 60.
Ilogw- Itecelpta. IS.Mfl. Market,
strong to 61 higher. Itulk of sales,
$7.10 7.10; heavy. $7.167.35;
packer and butchers. $7 167 30
llghi. $7.e)7l. pags. $1.16 7. la.
Dhcep It.-celpia, t.eie. Market,
weak. .Mutton $l.ll.fl. mm'ia,
$7 10; range wothara and yearl
ing. $6.1(1 . 81.
ClilintKo ItUelocI;,
Chlcugo, Jan. 16. Cult I' Ite. elpta,
6.600 head. Market, weak at Waduea
day a cIimk-. It evca, $6.hU$y I.J;
Te.Mia ateer. $I7016.70; WliatoM
St Were. 16. IW 7.16. Mt.H-kal Stfll
feeders. $ I. SO 7.80. cowa and btt
era. 12.767 10; calves. 11. Is.ftl.
Hon--llecelpls. S l,3(i. Mai "U
aloa and stead) to 6c IiIkIiov tHtiet
W'oiliM'aday'a a crane; liKht, tT.6fj
716. mi.ed. $7 20 7. 16 hmf,
$7.ue7.6; rniink, $7.(inf 7. II; fflk
tim 7.16. bulk of waltM. $1.1111
isheap- Iteeelpt, 11,000. taiinK,
dull and weak at Wednesday's mW
H-. Native, $l.7ftfl.lft; wimUmu
$1.76 li.tft; yearUHH. $l-6S.lii
lam las nativo, $0.76 H.IIO; WOatem
$0.SI4f H. 00.
.Momiy .Market,
New York. Jan. 1 A. .Manny 9JI
call, steady. 23K wr enht. Tla
hMtne ataaily; sixty liaya, I wr 9jt
Hlnoty day. IK cHl; at HHNWali
I H pat' cent.
Prime mercantile paper. 4, ejlll
per can l
Commercial billa, 1I.22H.
liar stiver, lKc
Maclean dollars, lie.
Tin. .MittiiN.
Xew York. JH. roppar
aettien; atunnarn ap.il. iio.ati
elaclr-olylh-, $ IU.I4 10.76; a Wo.
IT l i.li; eastiHg, i.M.
Tie eaay ; spot. $6fl.QIll.fi.
eaay, $ l.5r i.U. twll
lad. $T.ISf7.l.
AnlimoHy dull; C.okon. ttl.tftfj)
Iron uiuadthNl and uiteliPKcd.
,Vct Vork Col tun,
Maw rach. Jaa. II. -Cnttan
cIiumhI uufei: mhldlliiK niilaHil. $
: middling gull. $11.16. 1
2,10. bale.
Ihtiivor I.Uiwtock,
Uenver, Jin. Ifl. Cattle--1 1 west Hi
son; mar I', t steady; bear Meat, ffi.
j.nu; cows ami natrei-a, j i
.1.16; atocker and rhMlera. II.Nw
7.00: calves, .Ml 6H.
I logs- Iteceipts i,to; matfegi
atniHg; lop, $7.11 bulk. $7. 7.H.
Hheep Itecelpta :,S0; maaltab
iead. yeailinga. $. 176, wali
M-a, $5,te I.-J5; lantaa. $7.aMii
awe. ) i.aasj t.ua.
Ml. Uiula.
I'UUis SMll!!li
1 1 20; speller

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