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AxatraTOifttnB ByjarniQ herald, Saturday, January is, 1913.
' IMftn and Mexican Curios.
ard nt ohl Ave. Ono nt Urn Slim TUcta of tlio CUjr.
P jjl FOB
ftfcftiure Introduced in State
Senate Creates State Board
of Twelve Assessors Each
With a District.
Dishonest Assessor Subject to
Removal and Prosecution;
Assessors to Estimate Pro
parly in Person.
4. Fcnturtw ef lankc-y 1UH.
4 State board ot twelve assessors
t named by governor (and oon
nrmed by senate; only six In one
noMUeal party and no two reel
v dents of ono county.
AattmoTn appointed four for
two yoHrr, four for four year.
Oeand lour for six years; ach paid
$J,90a tier year and traveling
State tn bo divided Into twelve
assessments dlatriotv. with not
more than Hire counties In a
tllitrict, one assessor assigned to
49 each district.
Offia ot county assessor to be
Jteseesera to visit ererr pre-
elnet nnd personally estimate
value of property.
Every taxpayer must submit
full lint qf properly. accOmpan-
led by affidavit.
Each head of family hna $200
Equalization board shall dc-
termlne value of property of
puhlld service corporations and
certify to mate bourd of asses-
New railroads and Industries
exempt for Rlx years.
Property owner falling to re-
port complete and true Hat a'
Mi'ssed penalty of 16 per cent
after nMftMor make mich II:.
Fatso return punishable as per-
Assessor knowingly reoelvInK
Imperfeet list Is liable to removal
and prostitution under criminal
tOr law.
All property to be assessed ut
tru wish value,
Dissatisfied taxpayer may tH-
peal to stiil board.
Hoard nf emiallzatlon has
power to make adjustment to ee-
euro uniform taxation and hear
appeals from state beard of as-
Complete sworn assessment
bonks of ueh county to bo cam-
plletl, one copy delivered lo enl-
lector and another HIhO ut capl-
Kprrlnt IHcnalrh tn livening Herald
Santa Fo. N. M.. Jan. 18-The bill
liitrodtised by Seimtor Pan key In the
state senate yceturdny entitled "An
net to tirovlda tor and regulate the
ututeeeinflnt of property for imiti
f taxaiiun." errors n eomplotii idan
for the scouring f an wiultAblo sys
tem of taxation in the stale and i
Winjr Kindled with much Inters "r
inemborn uf the legislature and the
The hill create a state board of
twelve awtftpsors. aa outlined In the
rureifoinif summary, who are 10 an
nee all property in the state for pur
poses of luxation The torms of of-
of the assessors are to begin Oe
ihir l. 19 It. lite otllce of county
iiMMMor to be abolished, existing
l ounty assessors at the time the bill
poee Into effect to work as subordi
nate irlth the state boerd until tbeir
Genuine Spanish Leather
Quartered White Oak
Solid Massive Rocker
Easily worth $20.00.
Second and Copper.
terms expire. Tho board Is to meet
and nrirnntse -ilh a chairman ami
teeretary and divide (he state intc.
twelve districts, not more than three
counties in n district, eaqh nstessur
tn scrVe outside his own county. The
hoard is authorised to emMov such
addltlojiHl assistance In the county as
Is necessary, filllces arc to be pro
vided at each county seat. Hnch as
sessor is expected to thoroughly fa-
miiiamo nimseir witn the property in
his dlstrllet. In submlttlnit his tut
the individual property owner Is not
to Ax anv values, this belnif left en
tirely to tho board. All real estate
Mas tn lift described as minutely as in
H deed. Ktrlniteut retaliations are
tnndo to see that nil agents, mom tier
of firms ami so forth return all their
terert. All such lists must be sub
mitted to the proper assessor m
Marsh or Atirll. The state board of
equalization at a meeting tn be held
not later than the seeotn) Monday In
December or each ear snail deter
mine and certify to the assassins
board the value of property of all
transportatlsn and transmission com
panies. New railroads and manufac
turing plants are exempt for a period
nf x year. Irrigation works belnR
included. All real estate shall be lin
ed, assessed and taxed In the county
where It Is situated and personal
tironerlv in the county w-hnre the
owner resides. If n non-resident own
er, the property Is taxd In the coun
ty where feund
The bill says, moreover: "when n
person Is doing business In more than
wne county, or In any e.-unty or coun
ties ether than that In which ho re
sides. Ills personal property and
credits existing In any aueh eounty
shall be listed, assessed and taxed In
that rnuntv: but any nroneitv or
credits not pertaining spvdally tn tho
business in any one county, snail ue
listed, assessed and taxed In tlio
county where the prtncliml place of
business may be."
"Heo. SS. All nronertv shall be as
sessed nt its true sash value to the
best of the ability, knowledge and In
formation of the state assessor, and
the term "cash value" shall mean
the amount at whlah the property
would be taken In payment of a Jusi
debt due from a solvent debtor."
lteKardlnc adjast merits by the stato
(Hraalreatton board the bill provides
"flee. n. The state board or equal
isation shall at its said meeting on
the first Monday In Ausust examine
the assessment roll of each count
of the state, for the purpose of ascer
taining the rate or assessment nnu
valuation of property therein, and tho
hoard shall nave the power to aujusi
and equalize the said assessment rolls,
by raising or lowerlnK any valuation
therein set out .so thut the same shnll
be of substantial unirormlty through
out the stnto. Kuan board at this
meeting shall also have power to htur
nnd determine any appeals taken as
hereinbefore provided, and any ulhut
nppenls from the action uf the state
board ot assessors, wiiicn ma) !
taken bv the state, aclinic throiiKh a
district attorney or through the attor
ney general, or by any county, actum
through Its board nf couny commis
sioners, or through Its district attor
ney; and In on a f any such appal
it shall bo the duty or tiu- mrrrary
of the board of state arsussors 1.1 send
to the soeretary nf the state hoard
of equalization a complato transcript
of any appealed ease In time for cen-
Hlileratlun by the board of equalisa
tion at said meeting In August.
"Hoc. 26. The aUte board of as-
sossorM shall prescribe the form f the
assessment iHHtHs for use in Ills sev
eral countle by the members of said
bourd assigned lo in valuation una
assessment of property In such coun
ty, nnu mien hooks snail ne prtntea
under the direction of the chairiuaa
of the state board of niwwiiom and
delivered at the county seat of the
rwspeeMve eounlles, such printing and
distribution to be at the expense nt
the ntMto, and each county shall be
furnished with a duplicate set uf u )i
assessment book.
"ec. 1G. It shall lie the duty ot
the members of the state b aril of
asssessors to prepare, or cause to be
prepared, audi assessment boohs in
duplicate. In accordance with the
form and directions iroacribi by tin
utate board of assessors, and shall
complete the samo, so that ono copy
Shall be delivered at the seat of gov
ernment for examination by the slat
board of assessors and the stat board
of equalisation at their respective
meetings, to be held Pi July and
August, as hereinbefore provided.
The assessment book a are to Ih
sworn to In due orm specified in th
Any changes made by the stat.
boards uf assessors or tuaUsitoii
must o property certlttcd. One ui
sessinen book is to be delivered
the i utility collector of taae and un
lh- r i the traveling auditor. In
.it ,di (i mission of properly is die-
.., ri in tbfi i nllector he Is author
ir t tn niter it under the head ot
KMitu nut itsneasiiwuus" and proceed
! i ..II. , t ih same.
N'i sv I'll tares Pastime and Crystal,
flly InHi Wire lo livening Herald i
PhorHlx, Arts. Jan 18 - Vice Pres-hlfiit-elei't
Marshan arrived today
ii it Mm Marshall to visit their
daughter hn Uvea un- a farm near
hi-ri:. Th couple were grMtad by s
mmiti'N. of ottteens. Sr. Marshall
siid he svptct.d la female at his
drfughtor's farm fdV sevaral weeks
fie ha. brought guns, ha Mid. and
might go hunting nw or twice dur
ing his aU.
To Oiiro a Ojld In One Day
Tk I .AX ATI VK IlJlOJiO QHlnlas
'PMilats. ISnraglsia rafHwi mngdy If
It falls U eura. II. W. nilOVtl'g tdg
natre on aah box lie.
VoruiillilK' I'dipoiiiidtx Savisl,
Oporto, Portugal. Jin. it. All t:.e
E users and craw of the wrecked
h 1,1 earner VraNM, wer
jkt aslMira tnday by meaim of
Uf fins, ft ) nnt yet known how
many were drowned during Ike res
cue. Cinderella Up to iJate Pastime.
New lectures Pastime and Cryslsl.
fmly throe-finger IMUU10U14 act In
world. Ornlisuin XonAsy. Monday.
Tusndny. Otwraiilsed attmrtloH.
WATIID Oleen oat ton raw at the
Veteran Pormcr Speaker Gets
Great Ovation As He Telia
Associates He Is Going:
Home to Stay.
(y Lentil Wlrp to Hvnullii: llcrnlil.J
Washington, Jan. IR, Democrats
and Hapublleaiis pxned In an ovation
lo farmer Speaker Cannon when he
spake in the house lofty In support of
the army appropriation bill and con
cluded with tile deetarntlan that since
he "hud been gtvun a leave of ab
sdnee" fur whlsli he dirt not ask. lis
was going hotue to live among the
people who had honored him by send
ing him to rangraes for forty years.
"If perchance, 1 should never again
be In public lite and I shall not seek
It" said Mr. Cannon. "I purpe to
carry out my full duty as one of the
sovereigns of th nation a voter
It makes little difference," he
added, "whether we rail mirUei
Democrats or ItepuMlrana and those
two great orwaninnUoes afe th only
per tie 1 reeegntse. If you Demo
tin mcke gond I will le one of the
Hrst to xhooi a 'v hnilehHnb The
proof of tht punning I in the eating
Replying to attacks on the sis, r
the standing army, the farmer speaker
"We've got our troubNe on the Ihu
dor land .Mexico and on--'iod
knows we (Isn't want them ano we
have lther gut to ahandoti the Mon
roe doctrine and jdr the happ-go-Ineky
game or w've got to realise all
the obligations the future may bring
to us."
Maurice r'ostello. IHwtlme
Confession of Chicago Automo
bile Bandit Followed Be
trayal of Woman With
Whom He Had Quarreled.
Illy I'ommI WIiv 10 Hvonlng Herald
Chicago, Jan. is - Vt-nswm . ..: .
woman worried la aaid to hu l. -n
raaponaibl ror the bftruMti uui .u--
resi of James M. Perry nf d
leader of ine autoiuobtt ImiihI'i nut
his companion, Wulter ott.
A woman with whom Perrv hml
been iih friendly terms for v'ii.iI
years nnd with whom he ii:nr. ! ii .1
fan daya ago befop' the visit ol llx
pollen to the south side flat wh n- Um
three lived, In said to have 1 t . .- 1
the ullegMl uutiiitnbl!i bandlii..
Is suld to huvc telophoned tin- 1 i 1 . -the
information which led to tin . 1 -ture
of thr young men. Th.- .umn
la said to have iiuorreled hIHi I', m .
ver monev innttem.
Perry was xtendfast today in lux
refusal to ti-M the names of hi "ii,
panlons or wivn any cle n ili.it
Idenlin l would rather tin 11 k i'i.iii
gtv m ils away," be aaid
Walter Mcott the youth wh. is
arrested with Perry showi-d slghx r
waakening umler imiIIc- iiifstlniis.
but deuled hslng been ussor nun!
with I'errv In anv of the rohti. i-h-n
The police belle-. Ihit H --.lt . 1--hAulfeur
for Ihe bnnilltx
Maurice 1 '.mil II.. --.t un
Fifteen Women and Seven
Men Caught in Dragnet in
Fashionable Now York
fill I.eiifMHl Who to Itwoilng llorahlj
New York. Jan. IS. fifteen wo
men and svnn men In et suing dreas,
ner caught at a iwiher game for blah
stakes. ln s imMv rant upon u fash
ionable up-town apartment early to
day. Two detective, whoae Identities
were unknown to the iarty had oen
car-!easiy invited lo pariiciimle In lh..
game and they gav- a signal fin the
police to break In by u.ivltig a hand
kerchief from one or th Minfow.
gome of the aomn fainted when
placed under arrest and ideatfed
"dva't let our husbands know."
The furnishings of the pines were
vary elaborate. let actives ny one
of the women told of having lost
IHee ut the g,tm.
Maurlco t 'oatallo. past 1 ine
(II) U'OM'il WIlT lit I'heilltig Ili-niUI ,
.Vew Yorh. Jun U l-n. i,.i i;..
alu-" J.iii. H. v bo I. il th. i -it hi
fruge pligrlniHge t Ali..n ,
pi'optiaea hooii lo Ihnik- ,n ..i.n i
the proposed long Ink. ii v
York to WaMhltigloii. a In. h ,ri n. ik
It Mwellcall iii'in.l ii.. i tor ib
lo-do auffrageiii-n i. imrtu lini. hi..
prnpiHiee t. Ii-i un.i, win.-n Ii
Mill In. I ii. 1. 1. .In iii, i.li Hit' i'i-muii.
mini I bill Mi., will iih- aptiH
Of .'. MObsl it ill. lr 'lniis I'lH-liriu
U W. nllli, I'llH .. liiln WOlllltll
pr. m..(l Mm ..I-,. I. i-fl. line to
tin- iiiiinn i ..in. th. i tgntnan mi
ill. iiii.I'Ii Ii. In i .H CflUld "I
Mau,-lc Coatello.4paaMHi I
Our greatest sale of Cut Glass is now on for one week
with values such as were never before seen in Albuquerque.
Seeing them will be of far greater interest than reading de
tails which cannot begin to convey all there is to know about
these beautiful sparkling cut glass pieces. Positively no phone orders taken for
cut glass, and no cut glass delivered during tnis sale. Four lots as follows.
Values up to
Values up to
Values up to
Values up to
Free Concert Tonight
Phonograph Dept., 3rd Floor
You Are Cordially Invited
Edward Treadwell, Disooverer
of the Renowned Treadwell
Mine in Alaska Meets Tmg
io Fate.
(Ily Leoeed Wire lo ICvouluie llniiild.)
lx-lls. i'iiI, J it a. IK. KduaM
Treadwell, Miipi-rlntendent i the
Trinity Bonaiuut mlna near h r and
son of James TragwH. one of .ha
two brothers, who dtnsoveeed ih iint.
oua Trad n in ne nf Aianku met
death tn a n..wiiu t the mn- lst
Tuesday ls.. WHMnWf, nt employe
at the mltn. uIh.. was Mtted tod to i
other men nurrowly sgggged dettth.
The mine hun he.m Igndnted by the
storm and u..ri of th8 nccident wan
not received until toMr-
The bol i.- ii,. tanegth many ('"'
ot anow and n- aUtttnpt hah lu-n
made to re.-...r them, as ffenh xlld.
are feared-
I ti i ue K I'lMt CnilHIe Ituslnuiitloii
Braa'hvtH, j Jnn. iv t
burdened with uch an fntirens.. ir
liusln-aa xln-.- th pgiveli post li
s-iit into lit., i. Punt master Wurr -n
i' llumh ot tin local of flu. hiix oi
hi r.'lgniil Inn ii. ib WaMhln4t1.11 -m
Aztec Fuel Co.
All kinds of Wood
$2.00, Special . . .
$4.00, Special . . .
$6.00, Special . .
$15.00, Special
The Markets
(Ity I.uilmmI Who ti Knuilmc llnnilit.)
New York. Jmii 1 Tin- stack
iiiurki-l closed Ht.udj. Itiihlln Uc-
iiix H.-re I.-h .-fit-.tu,. today and
tlthough the .arly udvanic wa In
H i-runted i, H shnjli drivo u gainst
the faoraili- iSMUes. the list noon ex
hibited resiliency and Improvi-d amart
l.v Trading wan on a Mmull scala
and the gen.-i'iil movement was com
paratively narrow, covering opera
tlna supplied the chier ptnp of the
mnrket Buying for the long account
was limited owing to discrimination
of purchasers against certain -of
evernl apecuWtlea including some
which nave itaen IKpimateU heavily
of late, made substantial advance.
Bor.ds were Irregular.
VlH Vo.CK IMoillg,
,Unaigamated, 11 .
miner, tllK bid.
Atohigmi. lilt,
Iteadftnj. l.
Noulherti I'aclflc,
In ion Puirl-, UT.
Mleel, .
Mteii. preferred. Iff.
Monny .Mlnl.ul.
Mew York. Jen. II. Cnll monny.
nominal! no loana. Time loans, weak;
iisty and rllneiy days. I per cent; six
months, I p.r cent.
floae: Prime mercanille paper, I
ler oent to Vt per otmt.
I'ommercial hiHs. i.lt.
Mm silver, tic.
Meah'an dollars, I In-.
Clllllll IllHIIll of Tllllll.
I'hi.ugo, Jan. lit. Wheel was in-
lined to llrmnees ai thr inenfig to
i.n May opened htgwer to ui
.liiinged ut Sic lo UH- ami sold to
ii ulti-. A recovery tn
'l ensued.
Muv 10m started v to o down,
..1 :. 1 s tn t! V and after selling .i
' I '1'' recovered to fit He
viu oats opened unchanged to a
Kin.de lower, at Ni V gift a a
..id oft to II He and then reactej t.
I'mviaions were quiet but firm.
Mji pork opened unchanged, at
l ',7K My lard, tUc up ai
tioiuuj and May rib uekang.l 10
Hhade hliSter nt lti.or.luoa.",.
The antfmgotte Mllitante
A Child's Song
'a valine VIoHn goto
Medley of Plantation ftoftgg
Oema Prom MarrtM
Itlaandon Vlnitn Nolo
Kl capitan March
Medley of Popular Choruses
S'iM-turne In Plat
Mxrthn Ket-ctlons
Iioheni.- tl ll.iv,- only i l.iltle Hoomi
I defenders of the flag March
1 l.m.il iill-l, OliddlillK ill.iid,
111 HO; middling, gulf, 1316. No
mi ls.
St. Louis Wool,
t. Louis, Jan. IS. -Wool, Meggy,
territory dml western mediuina. aln
lav; fino, mediums, lklllo; fine, li
'Ilio .MutiiU,
New York. Jan. IS. -The metal
mnraein dull and nogtlnnl an usual
un Hatorday. laike Copper, il9.iT1
l7l?'i. Kl.-i-irolytlc, iH.IH4i
1 8.T ' , .listing, lia.&s. Iron, itulet.
Chli'iijco l,lof.ioi!l,.
I'hlcaao, Jan. U Cattle UeceiptH,
600 head. Market, steady. Ileeve,
fS.aoira.IO, Tesna ste.-rs. f l.70
5.70, w extern steers, &.lftT.li:
stockers and reedeie, 1 1. SM6 7.su;
nous and h-lfli.. I.S17.I0; eelvt-ii,
17.00ft 10.66.
Ilogk ltei-elptti, 11,000 head. Mar
ket, strong to a shade higher than
Friday's average. Mailt, f.80 7.45.
mixed. 17.86 gfT.r.7; heavy. 7.10
7. SO; rough. t7.iu7.l; pigs, Js.ee
7.15; bulk or sat.s. 7.fl.5S.
gheep- Receipts. I MM. Market.
strong Native. 1 . 7 1 6 ; western,
f i.7leI.U; vearllMes. tS.au t k.if.:
Inmbs, native, tB.7ngfs.ao; western.
Iviinsis Clly I.Uiv-loitl;.
Kansee I'ttv. Jan. li. CatUe- He-
eelfHa, !., no southerne. Mnrket,
steady. Native Miners, f SR S. iO;
soutnern steers, faagpT.oa; southern
cows and heifers, tl.fSf I.Sfi; native
eows ami heirera, f8.767.l; slocW
ere and fe. ders. 1 6. ii.to 7.76: bulls
l&.UOttl.Ml, rulves. tfl.& lO.Ht..
waelern sieera, t. ooftk.ee; western
t ows, $l.76 &0.
Ilitge -Keeelpis, 1.500 head. Mar
ket, steady lo strong, liulk or Male,
f7.J04j7.IO; heavy, f7.l6tp7.lft; uiik
ra and butchers. 17.1607 7.10. Ilgtit,
f7.IUf7.30; plga, fa IBf 7.00.
Mp Keeelpta, nom. Maikt
steady. Mutiona, f t 5001. ew; lambs.
T.I00Js8; mnje wethers ami
yearlings, f r..oi t.ne; range ewes,
II.6U Ojfi.fiU.
Kiiiihis 4'Ily ( JmiIii.
Kansas y. Jan. IN. Whe.it
doee: May. aHc July. n&c.
Crn May, . V ft fo c, Juh, r.i. '.
oats May. 35 k 0 15 W -.
4'llllSIMII . Mil i.
Cklcano, .Ign. II. whom M.x
aiJUfOlic; July. HSi'i ten' . 'i
flip cloifl was tUMV. May V, ' 1 '
lower, at fl.
Ooeg My. IlH: July, tSV .
Mew . tlVfcc
Tiu- Ins. wiic wt-nk, M I . r
: 1
!2a 30
lMncc's Hand
Jnfcn McCormack
Ula Isns.-e
liny den yunri.i
Vlotar U0H opem i'..
Niter h kioihii
Housh k iimh.I
Columbia guurt.-i
rVunk l F..rs.
lrln-c'a nr.-h.-nii .
Knrl.-o Ci.mi..
prlnc-s Main!
ut .'. ll'.
lals May. an;
isettt., sa ?b i
Fork Jan.. tlti.60; May, 1S
lAi'd .Inn.. W.tTH; May. le
ghort itiitM Jan.. ft.tilS. -Mi.v.
f 10.05.
Santa Fc Gopper,
(Quotation furnished by Logan &
Itrynn, 2 Itoaid of Trade, Chicago. 1
gantu K. 1 'upper, u-n, , !,
Z "1. , Nlei. r.n.
X- I'll tin .
I'.ihiiiin- iiml Cr tl.
.liiilai- M.i-. iii'ldn in the illntrli t
oiirt Ii.ih .imiiiint'd iii.li.nn to iiik
the jiiuinl.d lomulalnts In the in
junction i-asea of the state of New
Mexico, jflllus Kriitt, relator, versus
Llsaii- Mcilrulh. and of the wtalt of
New Mexico, 10 ml I Mann, relator, ver
sus Uaale Mcdroth and Lenna rirace,
relators to In tch case pgy lhi . ogta
end ultorneys fees totalling I Jn Thin
la u Una I disposition in the lower
courts of the Third street or "redltght
district- injunction cases, with the ex
ception or the casu now pending of
ihe stall- of New Megtco. Dr c. )(.
Cogtimr, relator, versus Minnie Car
t'lmrlcH (11I111111111.
Kiinerul aervlces were held st Her
ders' i-hiiM. Dim mornliiK f r I'hsrles
ThomuM ( ...I. m. 1 11. Infant son of Mr.
and Airs. W. li Coleman, of 30 1 Knot
Limit avenue. The baby died yester
day moinlng Iturlnl was In Hull view
only three-finger balancing act In
world, (irpheum. Munttay, Mondav,
Tueediiv 11 un runt. d uttrai iloo.
Trlmhlna l.lverr Mlnlilm IMinii. I.
11. t l. unn.Ult.,1 t
1 MARVEL Wt'tling Spny
lbs I.. w va0hl Syrlnu.
uttt tun. .wmM. It
. llMMCI lUUMIr,
It h ttPDiK ui i.iy
MARVEL, nciii 1 il.i.iIi.
but IMd ftlMMU fuf lllU.lf.ll
tfioV mM. Ii L-lnr.full Dailli u
Vov Villi. ColllMl.
V.. ik, Jon. IS ft. tl.. n
1... ,J ill. . . lnM.tt.al.lp ... I ..11. .
Jew lU l uras Pasltine and Orrswi.
Phono gat.
1 1"
tatimco 4iUiiitiiiii.NiTiit

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