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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, January 25, 1913, Image 1

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tli tunic nine
grt It In (Ho HEItAM).
our glwiofls
climate ? , a
Cent n month or in cent
ii week i!rllvriTl nt jour ilnor,
fifty renin hy mnil,
KTMNvm nrmAxm
vou . no. 27,
Vol. an. n. mi.
Aged Senator Stands Pat on
Criticism and Declares He
May Again Find It Neces
sary to "Insult" Solons.
Young Turk Leaders Ruthless
ly Arrest Any and Everyone
Suspeoted of Designs Against (Uy IjMBIMl wlro , IUenlB llrrn,dl
Their Supremaoy.
Washington, Jan. 2f - In h pre
pared etatement ttiiln) Senator Til
iiihii replied to tlit resolution recently
adopted by the house of repreeenta
lives of the Mouth Carolina I'nifW-
ture. of 1 1 Ik state calling upon Itlin to
produce liitiir In mippert of nl
charges of corruption in ihut body.
Illy I.ciim.1 Wltw to Ittruluc llcrnld I . ,,11 mul- reference in the asset
f'nlHtuutttlople, Jell. 2': There MU (Inn lie "had Insulted" tin- leglshi-
ii severe eartiiiiuagc shock in "enure The senator declared lie nitii
Turkish capital mi ii h early hour thin dnnc nothing eneent wntc h lett.v
morning. Nn om nt life hnti August Jiet liefore Hie Mate prt-
Predicted Garment Workers'
Strike in New York Will Be
Settled Monday; Plans For
Parade Abandoned.
reported iip n noun.
(Uy Leased Wire In ISwulug Herald.)
Xw Viirk. .Inn More I him m
Independent manufacturer agreed to.
day lo sign the pmtncol adopted b
, the I'nlnn Dress and Waiettnakers and
the Employei-a' uasoeHUInn anil the
" " "i v.. I , . ,,
l. STATIC Ol' SlltCIS '"
I'll hi. In aeserta. was m mere warn
marie- In anewer to fl uernnr Hlnase ,r ,way WB(, ,Hlt th wfMJt, .
ii wmcn ne uim H"n-n., , , .,,,, , .,.,, , Monday.
leemb liml I.Wn Influenced by ll.e ' Wh n ,,,., , ,Kh, ,
mill drcae worker havo alHtndnned
In. h nil could mil Im construed as a
reflection mi niiy une liui Hie hold
nver stale senator. "This is not the
flrKt time I have erllleleeil the let
Iwlntiu hIhiui rmlniMil innitern. inn
lw It llle flll llllie tllHt Hie Ktiili- ern -
ntor have erlthHgad He inr iu nt
temnee," he anlil. "It In IMlt the ilr'(
l..indrtit. .Ian. ts Coimia niinnple ii
i.rw-t ! Nlh III it Ulale f lee. Hiviinl
in ti iHapalelleii ni'eUid IoiIhjt r
I lie peace delennten iif the ulllen. Thi
una TurfcH. fwarlns thin the retns
.if ikihhi' inm mkIh pe from their
luimU. nr aahl In lie arientlii their
PMlitlral adveinArtM ilKht itinl left
. iK lilllt Iiommh Mini Itiha. Hrt itn
lix niliili rtofiimente.
Thej h"w In Ihla way I
ilte i.tiiMHltlnn. The allien
..pinnm tn.n. nniirr "hw-ciivhi.ib.i - . . - P-ro wl r.r,
ie. miy Mi'M ma "e toim- .i. ! ,. , lVlv u...,, 1iM.,,.,i tr nfflee i
ih.- ,r..M' n viuw. the KnMK.H r(mi ((( ,llM, ,
i..wem ure wild inn war eeln t te- , .......la-
...C... II... ..VlllMflkM M..I.ril Wlllllk Mill
. . ... Al leant thlit hi HIV Itellef. ! haVei
union H. i ..nm-nim..,.!. ,....., ... .... ..rtl.
... i IHHfei'MI III III. iri'lMir. in ........
uu. in uah.xlallv ulnniiMil nvr tliel . . ...
' M..,i,- Mhat wwr n nut eHiiiiKii iinniy
lei.irn to nnwvr of the Mmnit liirk". i u hv ,..,. a
I lielee It In Ih true. I Mill HelleVe
It to he true, hut puldle moral in
I he arade planneil for Mniirtuy. four
youiiK women were arrimtail lnly for
aMuiiililiiK a Klrl mi her way to work
In a factory iiffei-led Uy the Mrlke. The
art rl w.m kniH-ked ilnnn ji ml lien leu
ltn ii mm eiiiia utpl una 1 1 ,.m n-ui'd
1 ,1 (lull I' III ill
Governor Wilson and Party
Makes Thorough Inspection
of Ellis Island on Busy
New York Authorities Confi
dent of Controlling Situa
tion Without Calling Upjm
State Militia.
York, J mi A dwlatl or
500 extra police mh dtatrlHutad
lurmixh the hotel dliri. t today Ih an
effort to check further rioting of atrlk
Iiik walteta. HpMldl eittrera are a.
MotltiK the tinlfnrmod fore anil tha
herlff la raody to wwr in any Hmie
tier Of llepUteW to Wipe with till' Mt
uutlon. With thwMi jirecantton taken,
tho lintel nietra AMelauon mM today
that the Idea of efllllnn oh tha ieer.
nor for the. imtlonal nwartl had oeeti
who were Imwnnible rturlnic the I.IU
vim war. The I'nltml .'tnie- anihui)'
Kiiitor at rnnintlnie. V W. ItfM-k-
the Mute ItHve rapidly grown had In
hill. duii. m the ueotiatliiiM for tne nnmiiiu Fnshioimlile
. im-iiiaiou of pjwte m wmii ni o dmil.t wlmthet my Imnat emilil tmw
n.rey. - ir 1V'-V"1 , i I '' ' "lieliilnml.
heml of the rnmtnittee of union ntld
e will pee wic leiuiii 01 m- n-n-
.ml .nwemld) hy tlx ii ell mi in purify
prmirtiMi, at un IrreeonclllMhle. Djavld
Key de. Irtted that Till key would fight
In Tripoli i- lonif at he pona'rt u
ulnmle militler
lnif unil prntectlm: the prltnHry. It j
Iihh ihe oppoitunlty to lift the tnt
mt of the hUiuis i of il(Mpnnil ami .
Attired Crowd
Gathered m by Heartless
Patrolmen and Carried Off
to Durance Vile.
Tim pWMiion m tne . "' (lKree tu whlflh It now wallow-,.
icMtdenta of Turkoy l nnw raiwrdedl " .....
,.(. Un TotTitffnWi,'ifiny haa .11
ih lulled to CeiHttHlltinople IW.i of hei
nci i rulwm. I he Mil Mure., mi.) I'Im
Hint the rflllimiHl Alehlllii de. vtlin I
ii prepiiind to Is ml ; Iduejii" ki I"
At the pHllle time Ihe lllllllllMlU ll IH
Hy l,esl Wire tn Kt lining Heralil
Henntor Tillman wild thin ho wottl.l. rk. Jan. ss. nio eanna
imi mike eifi ml n ph n tle rewdu- rn ni one week, niaciotin ai
linn m.li m i- win ud-i.tru l. th gamhllug iuhuhr womtin nt
ute hi ne , 1'oKi r in up-ton Hpartineitt noue"
t 1 ai carried out by the police laat
"" " " i nlichl. it wan UtMrned UmIhv. A soon.
of men .Hid women In evening ilreaa
t It T Li'Hhcd Wlro tu ICwnlnc llcnild ' (Hy I,i itsi'il Wire In ICiimiIiiu llurtthl.)
Ttcw Vcrk. .Ifln. IP -Tlir next ire- pH.
Idem of thA unttml M.nea mw hw
romitry'M nnmlKratlan laf In opera
lion i 'ula v at Hllm JaHind, Ihe gHteway
tor ihoiM'..-la of ullenn. Oovornor
W'lleon ealleil the vlalt a. plenwire trip,
hut the immigration oiHcluia were in
cllneil to attueli ImtwirtaueM to the
fact that with him eame wveral prom-iii-ni
neraona niHt lutte been active In
Impriiving the uondltlona nurrOMnditiK
Immlgi hub. Under oacnrt of William
Wllliatna. cnmmlsalumfr of ImmlHni
thin. Mr Wlhxiti anw irjnne, KiieaiNiiN,
llnlianw mid other Ruropeana put
throuah their evaniliMlioH.
Me wltewrted a wMiin or the aiieciat . , M mhoh. iioiiwt. 1m which
i.nard of Inoulry, the final rmirt or ho(s W,WWW wr rown Wffll vmI
uppeal at the ialaml and eaw I wrlHH, shoved from the ameWalHi".
.illemi rejected. Thre big Hlilim land-' hM nHt, ,h rtffw.t f ,UMehlng tha
d iS idee rage paawimerx thia j n, m(,n determination not to yield
morning ami the mitloh hitmmed wHh , tnp ,,,rmr- demamln Many ot
activity. The governor did nut e ,H(, Mf hotHM are ,.r,,iPd hut non
ileweral npriann Oaotro who i ilt?ht-1 MKlon Mplp i, ,,PiK engHged wherever
iiik for the privilege to enter the Wow,(llP 'pm utrlUera ilemandwl.
t'nltetl Statee. 'among other things, more iay. better
In Ihe governor' pwly were Mr. ; fTOM ,m( the abolition of line.
WlUmn and the Mlteos JeeMe ami I
ICIennnr Wlleon. Mr. ami Mm. Doug-
Ihm Hobinaon. Mrx .lumen Hnnleti Hur- i
1 rimon. Itoyal Meeker, profeHHor of
1 luilltloal economy at I'rlmeton ; Wn-
lr,d straight anil Mra. Caroline H.
Alexnmler. at who nugHentton tho
trip wen made. The prealdent-eloct
ankeil many itmetln. I wonder
he rciiiHrhwl tin Itn looktil down on
t)i crowd Hwatllitg exnmlnatloi.. "if
thiM.. people know before the rrle
what the te to go through ' i'om-
j mltmlouer Wlllktme tdli) him that in
general, me immigmuio were wiu on ,
Klilp Uoord wmtt wt exuHd .of J
Violence Threatened in Event
Parliament on Monday Fails
to Heed Demands of Mili
tant Women.
Allegetf Hold Up of Fall Cre
dentials Was For Parpoe ot
Securing Fanoied Advanti
age to Democracy.
" m aBtAAt nniniM e a r a:"' "'h women m evening urea
....leied the entire liHlleu H.,u:.di..n ftl 00 PP L A D M Hi re urrcted. including baudeomel
.. .jatlomd in the .iiecliin ...cln- MISSISSIHHI 1" II K M ' MOV, mil yuung WIMIM1Il whw H
,lgo lo hold lleeil in read H.-aa The HUUlUUII I I I fill III ,, Mm. Alice Merrill, for ho.e at
lemnlhder of the Italian iieet o. at r(!(l h() llH,wl,v,H, PHrr,w) HMrranl
Turanto within ouaj- call.
xr i f !.,, tir..!,:,,,-1 The arri Htu wen-made by detective
Hundreds of Men Working, wn1 WI.,, u. ...mug ,in.-..g ,u the
Night and Day to Prevent J'kt w"hi""'
J . i being Misj.i.. ii-il I lie
jJestruotion or rronertv in. er u.-. .-ruih
w - ...
Danger District.
m.Acic itiUiiifTivrim
I. ..mli. ii. Jan. tt. The peace del
Kill.' of the llMlkail allien held ii pio
longed meeting thin afternoon but
did not reach any deelaiou an m their
tutiiro iirtloH. They will iixaemble
nKaiu tomorrow. No aulhirltatle
Indleailon hae yet been gleii of ilu
iinture nl Ihe new Turlileli eabim-ffi
t.r.ly to the note of the Kuropeuti
powem. The meeting In London of , , , W , ,filllIB n,.
..... .......... ....ftid..I....Ai If. .1.11 U.'l. k I .'. . ... - w ....
IMI! CIIHIll"ill nui.mT-T........ ....... ""1 II KHOIirg. ,IIMH. .11111. i'... till'
ihlefly UOIienrueil Willi tne new ! HiiIhIi U-ee on tile rum utile ot the
Ileal Nil nation Ml PontitHnllnopie. ilie mij.,.!,,,.! rier neat-ilr..HiiHle AlitM..
uleo dlnoweecil method of maintain ,,rok 1(lu J(, ,,. ,rt HHUTH ,
iiik agreement among tne iKmrhiK mcr Minm of Hie Himl ftiriii
without wnien u eaueiHci.iry mum iuK IhiiiI in th.it necllon. The crevaeee
ol the pienenl dlfflelilllca Ih Impoael w , HMl(IH hy ,, ,,uing of the foMtl-
till. I .lull. i.i In l.i. I.A&' Liw.i.i IHllm.il l.llki.
N'o definite plan could be adopted j dred men, Including miernl hundred I
hi the Koaeion today tie llle diplomat MleHleelppI . onvicta had been working (
are awaiting now inetrnctiom. uece-.- j ,iny lU,rt night for the la at week In an
carried warrante
charging her with maintaining h
Kiimhllng liouae. Hlie wiaa locked up
not Hhetamllng her proteMe that aha
wu only enterialnlng h few gneiH at
The governor eaw
d on necount of a weak ht-art and lis-
teued to the tHtliiinli before tho
board of aweial Imiulef regerdlmc nn
otber Ituaaten . Imraed with lining n
"whit,, alaver." Thle man ww or
dell ilepnrted.
(Uy Inline,) Wlro to lltrMtlng HitoIiI.)
lemlMi. Hng.. Jan. 2 Tho ettf-
fragttea are raltlfttiir hotr fnrana tn
tendon. NMmerniM reorultn of tho I -
womena metal ami rw III I col union SANTA FE QUIET 'WHILE 1
the province, within the Hint twenty- LAWMAKERS ENJOY IfcESfl
aff - ir iim . a ma
hi interpreted a threat that mili
tancy will Ih- looaed In an unexpected I Sgectat Dlaaatch Errahty Herald f
inrm. ir. aa now eeeina oertnin. tho Snntn. Fe. N. M., Jan. 25. With Mm
lufrrageti dnd on Monde y next that I eenntorlnt oonnrovemy praciteaUy got
ieT ne tp iinen imnw. i uca ny tne notion ot the Ttenuhllcan
ciiiicum. nnd the re-election of Senator
.st'l'l'UAfJICI'ilts st'oltIC ''nU "xeured. today was a quiet ana
VICTORY IX WASIH.VOTO.V "round the ntfttn capltoJ.
Wnniiininnii jn a. Tim Ameri. ainny or the ictrixiatora &ro aDBna-
(Mil WoniBli Huffenu.t natinnlnl Inn I wcuk-chu nt, tngir HCmw,
iwored vletorr ovur the looni in WMl,n tho, wno wmala are cltheri
Ulnriiral ouimiltltOA lrilni ut n tionrlmr engajau on committee wojte er nJor
homre the aennte eommltlee on lulia- " ""i"'" rom tnir laoeni oi w
Inga and groundx. The committee lie. wr K
leemliiuit i.. it. nl II... ... in. mi tl.nl The ernvGrnAf'a Invnt mlvtau. ! .Htt
.1 -,. ... n ..... . ..... ttl.'l ... - . ..... ml MB KM..
Olilcore of the International llotei , -.... . . , r..winir .mini ..nim. I oonvlnced of tho illnratlttf r tu.
Workera1 union, estimated that I.Mi,,. ,. tr,M,.y fr xuf, iffrng. tor foll'a election last Juje. but thai
MnlterH ami kitchen heiner were out. ,-,,.1,.. M-rch 1. unleHM the inumriinil eenntnr doe not nnoar werti. Jt
.ommittoe will eonHciit tn the ukc ori te penectiy willing that, the IgMM.
the etamln being built for the review I tnre ahnuld go Oirotifh tha fnrra oC
of the inaugural panicle. Mnroh 1. 1 another election, though h dses nttB
Thtw far tli Inangtirnl eommltlee hnal regnru It na necenxary and oglr defllr
dOL'iined to permit the committee tnf note rnr tno nurnosso of AVeuuns any
make nee of any of the official xtandM poneihie controverty an tlt result oc
on the day before the Inutigttratlon. I the governor' fnllure to Ira lilal
Notwlthatnmllng the etronuntta oppo- credentials.
sltlon of the inauguration efflolitlnl The rumor monjfers a ltll busy
tho aeimte gav the auffrnglata tho nnd myeterlouii hlnta of tha poialbla
Heeuranue uiui uiey mignt. ervoi . i election of a dark horse to th n
uig ettinu opposite tno trcnuury por-inte nnt heard In omj Quarter.
ttco. wnere tne auirrngiBt tnnteauxi Speaker Baca, who yrnh. a amall
are to lie given. I handful of foltower refuted to en
ter tho Ropubllcaii catiouit. U mcr-
SIUii Tnmt lU'iirlng. I tloncd na a ponilblltty, but outdid
Wnehlngton. Jon. 2C H. If. Harrl- 01 wn immediate cirol Ut
on. nreeldont of the Ineulur lino oP-l'ceaKer i regurueu. nommng ot
uriillntr tiiltvnnii Nim Vurb ntt.l 1nrlnli JOrir.
run., uii.i . nihor tvii in imi Tho Detnocrnilo membra of the
nnn of llio fltrn uleuniahln emnniililrfH I ll'gllature Orft CatlVnttMnC the, altU-
li. Il.e eoH.twtve "nnmhlni.." told the Mlmi With n VlCVT to Htren UW
i.n... .,i..in tr.i.t non.n.in..A Hint I a prominent leader who Will be given
In. hn.l no f Inn on nl Inlnrnul In (lis inn niiiMiiiiili'iimfy vil V uti narif.
company, knew nothing uliout Hi i '', , -'koly tlmt a caucus will he
management .nnU draw only, a
honor nt thin time la Judge Qramllln
a ituMtan rejeet ' Predicted First Request of
New President Will Be For
Free Tolls For American
Ships Glnuse.
nal alary.
.ig.i. In .1 r .i.l
their identity
method" which
ii-o-d . i bout 'i .cek
.inn i iinliir .miI,
lllwildcil Siciimcr Safe. 1 lly I.cncl Wlro tn livening Ilernhll
Charteeton, H r, Jan. !.- The I WHehlngtnn. D Jan. . (hlr-
meamer Mae of the Philadelphia and i man Adamaon. of the houe commcroe
fjulf line. whleh wna dlaabled aff Cape
l.mikout oh Wedneaday, arrived hero
today under II own atoam and con
voyed hy the revenue entler Andro
committee, in a rormnl atatenient to
day nreillcteit that on.- of ProeUleut-
elect WHaon'K rtrat reiiueat ilpei) the
Incoming congreaa would he fr a re
nenl of the free iniHWige provllrton
Itcpoil on Immigration Hill. I
Waalilngton, Jen. Ii. The confer
eiKc report on the llurneti-nillliig-liniii
Immigration bill wae ndopteil v
the hoiiee KhIh. HR to 71. Am hp
priced II preacrlbex u reeding teat for
immigrant The laum. providing
that tmmlgr.inia from rountriee which
lKh.i(. ' . harai t. r . rlltlcntee" iruat (
preNenl Htich . erfi'i. .itea tiefore iwinur
.idmitifd .ih Mri ken from Hu I' ll
I the I'Miiaina i imal
I Atlicricrin 1iih
n l, applying to
Ship OwnrM l'roto.t
WaHblugton, Jan. J6 -Ship nwnt-re.
Inaurnnce itdJiiNtera nnd represent i
Uvea or. the Itimton chiiinhiir of com
in.re .flroioateil today h'eforo the eon
ate lofiiiilarue eommlltee ugnlnnt lb;-
prnpiieeil change of the an-enlled liar.
ter law. w
era from
gnoa through ordlnnry dungera
uavliratlnii. An nmondmont by Sen
"" """ " " "- Thurmhiy nlghfg uaucua.
which uxen.p e vceeel own- Jor , ,ncmbflrfl 0
liability for Ihe one of car H ' iftKaluturn. pledge,
mgli ordlnnry dungera of!. ,.' '..
A. nichuriUon of Runwell. Judge
Klplwinlxoii hue been a life. long work
er in the Democratic rank In New
Mexico nnd linn occupied n. number of
io?litnmi of honor and trust.
On hn HepubHcatt aide It la gen
.mully conceded that tho action of
Thtirmiity nigiu'e caticu. wnen a ma-
both hounofl
pledged thomielven
to Jtidjce Fall finally ettlctt the -atorMhlp
ntieatlnn and that the elec
would exempt ocenn-golng veeeela
from the legal protection.
... . I M'I ninir ii ill o.i't iaia 9tr -'"
ator Nelrnm now under t)on Tue-day will be merely tho for
mal recording of tho Vote of tho
who pledged themselves In tho caucus.
With reference to tho legality ot
.. ..I r KOema to ho little difference of cpln
lt tiw of tnci, . .,.. nM1, hl ,nn, n.ioi.e.,.
hold that the election wra Illegal,
whllo uMnort every other attorney of
wiiuteil by the turning over at the ot-
lomiin capltMl.
or mti'i.v it) I'owuits
cotietnutlnoplK. Jan ?' The drntt
lux of the Turkieh tepl to the note
of the power haa been delaed owing
t.. the illillculty of milling permit
dent oci ii pn nt for the mlulati of for
iigu iiirHlre, which waa hlled only
temporarily when the lien ceblHet
una formed. Oemau N'laumi l'aln.
Hi.. TuiklHh ambaaMidor at Merlin. Ih
the bttnet HtHlcgHHtitt to tefuae the of
ti It la bellevad now thai Ibriihim
JluUki VhuHm. a former Krand ialer,
who waa threatened ulih lmMmh
ineiii on account of the alleged un
ureneredmiee of 'IMrke for war with
Hal, will accept the poet
The Turkieh cabinet in anxin not
to keep llle Kuiopeull pnwera w.iltlllg
too long for ii reply, ami If a foreinn
inlnlnter Ih not aooti upi oliil.'il a de
ileum will be made without htm.
Democrats One Member Short
in Effort to Prevent Re
election of Republican Senator.
Hr !. Wire la Kvratar IteraUl
Worcagier, Mnm.. Jim. 8.V--A wood
en model, believed lo be the original
design of (he fuipouM ac)i America,
whMi caplureil the roval yacht Muid
itron cup In IStl. vna round today
among t el lee atnreil at ih headiiinr-l.-ra
of the local grand urmy poet.
CongreaamMH Ijutler Amee. who owne
be Amerhw. hn ueked the pout to
e.i him tile model, which h wlahea
to present lo the New Vork Yacht
imi. holdar of the cup. Ilu aaya that
the model illflunpeared Hfier It had
been taken from the cabin of tha
America, when Ihe yacht waa aeitttleil
in St. .lohii'g river. IMorlda, by con-
l c.l era tee who Hail need her af a pn-
.teer. The America la now tied up
in Port Point channel She la aim
In excellent condition "ml probably
wu: bo under tut) again.
attempt to rebuild tile levee which
hum i Hi lled away by diet aprtug'N
lHt tllghl the new levee wuh twoj
leet Hlioi. tile Wilier Nlage hut the
rler waa ruing rapidly and when the
new fouudutlim eetlletl today the big
fiubiinkmeni broke. It In not believed
poawlble to cliHH' tile cri'Viiaee- and the
Motcrnmeii and aiate levee worker
will try to aave the levee at lltler
and ako Jen'enmu, where the In
cieaelng rtoiela are tlireotiMiliiB.
The water ot the new lieiilah crev
iicih. priitmbi)' will IIihhI a aecllon of
the . ..it tit ry lxty mile in lHgth ami
from live to Hfleen mile tu width,
evtemllug eouth to a point Juet north
r Vlckeburg. .Vo itm or life hue
beep reporteil
N'ewe ol the crcvaani' waa telephon
ed lo commuulllee hi the threaten I
ccil'.ii. ami runnel on horeeluick
were ileaputched to phinluilone mouiIi
anil chhI ol the break. It iw feared
iboueMiida ol IiimiiI ol ielock will
be drowned The creaae Im nt the
licuil of like lleuliili. twenty ihIIcm
north of firetmvllle. It Ih bllevd
Orcenvllle la in no danger, anil much
of the high delta land Inundated laat
auinmer probably will not be miiIi-
iiicmciI. I'rop priiparallnuM In Hi"
acctlou which will lie flooded were
well advanced. I'lanlcre, who lot
their entire croa Iiini yir now face
he Ihreai or Having tneir tauiiN I TurnrtT)TSTr TTJTTir.C'lvTr.'M
merited for leweral monlha. at I eaat, 1 MOORISH lllllltibMi.W
while a recurietit eprlng rlne would
keep tho flooded Mecllou under water
until late In the Mummer.
; Wyoming Representative De
nies Misappropriation of
Sohool Funds of West Viv
: tfinia.
Plan .Miiiiiniotli Itinvptlon,
Waalilngton, Jan. 25. Almndon
meni of the Inaugural
dedaiou not to perm
capltol for a public recptlnn. haa
arointed talk of a mammoth putdlc
. .i ... .. i it.,.1 "llliu llKlluri. mrij iior uiiu.ncj -
reception at the White houe on tho L,romlp hoWhe oppoalte oph.
evcuiiih oi ,imnn i. i ... niv n,,artea the tfOVflrnnf
... ..........(.. n-ulMU.J t a m V. 1. nullnn In
r n f. I'll fn." " "llliir iui i.m .-
MANUFACTURERS ARGUE holding up Senator Fatfa Credential.
TO RETAIN TARIFFI IU"1 ,,,UM precipitating a controTeW
wuiuil III one linn, un f'liiuiitru iu ut."-
ii.. i.w.....i wi is...tnir itert.it Mock tno legiimimre wmi inv coii-e-
"V.Vr -...;."" I .Il..u In nol.tln tiliatnnia
...Mariiflivff.it. mil . ii t ivi nir. I iuvii. i.m...
" - I ... i. .. a M.iw
,.f v.u V....U ,. ...iiiw.i iK.rnrA llle I 1 lie Kovernor is ircciy cnuiiiro mm
bonne way atid mean committee ioplaylnK polltlca of 0 low order, the
day. recommended a elralght ad va mouvu uiiejieu nmiir; iv
lot em rate of per cent o n table to ho able to deprive New Mexico of
linen and eluillar artlolea, now 30. 36 i one oi imr --im nr., mi u. """'
-.i it .....i i..iur. finntnil. nt lexmitiiit ami mo leaiaiuiure uviiuw
fnlon Hill, N. J.. a mtiiiurdcturer. i vom m;
contended that the average income of enti pe oi a eenmor no
u .i nMiinii i.r.. niiniiif.ictiirer. umn tne nexi eemiqii oi win ier."-
, Imw than Uie average income of ture. ami uiero w. vi cou.r.
a progreaalve fanner. Kree admission
(Hy l.eii-cil Wlic to Uicnlim Herald,)
Cheyenne, Wyo.. Jbm Sft. With a
iitajeilty and miiiotliy report, one
jatlig ami the oihei niieeatlng two
Itepubllcau rcpreaenliitlvee, th up
ptMnaHce of the commlllee on pllvl
lettee and elet'tlona In the honee waa
the Miguel today for the liemo. ratf
to make what appeared to be their
laat aland iierore l. Holing heghia nt
TuoMlay for Untied in ten miuutor.
Ilotore convening toda the llne-iii
appealed to te- lwetlt-ehjlt Itepuli
llnaHe, Im liultng Mpeuker I 'rait. I'm
greaHive, lHoiinn ihe majorlt) report
and twentvaf en DeiiitH-rale. iinlad-
Ittg It. II MhhiMiu, I'rogrvaelve. aiii
imrtlng the miHorltj report
The co m in 1 1 tee waa unanlnintm for
aeatlng ItepreiMfUtotlve I'lelier. Itepub
llcan. The adoption of the majority
report meant the retention of a Ite
pithlloan majoilty on Joint .allot and
Ihe h linnet i crlam re-election of I'uit
lal rflatea wenaior I'. H Warren.
New Mexico Man Convioted
Census Is Reloased.
Uy !,cnc(l Wlro to Hvcnlng llernld)
Waalilngton. '" . -A large
Tun Salary Plxiil.
New Haven, Oonn., Jan. 16. The
aalarj at Vale for Profeaaor William
II. Taft an Kent profiteer of law will
bo l&.iien a year, which U the maxi
mum wilary now paid to the upper
grade of full profeWHira. The eahtry
will Include the tint. Income paid by
tho Kent lurome endowment lliioir
the tailance being made good from
the gcm-ml fund ut the acmlwinlc department.
(Hy l.cucd Wire tu livening Herald.)
Mggndorf Morocco, Jan J." Heavy
were intilcted on a large force
of Menriah ichaia who laat night at-
IHokod a Kreucli expeditionary column
near thla place The lighting waa e
vera for nome bourn and ion Moure
wore killed or wounded They were
finally routed and tied, tout the "Tench
were unable to pursue them owing t
the amallneee of their fnreoe. Tin
Froneti catmaltleH were eight kllleo
and forty-one wounded,
Hy l.cn-eil Wire to ICimlug Herald)
'liejeHBe. Wyo.. Ian. xf.. Wa
the houee convuneil today Hepreae.i
Ibva W II MMltajiH ii Piubi I., ii luilllt
For IrreglllfiriticS in Coil of personal privilege .md reaucatcl f
j- iifii tT..:i...i ci4..u'the houee that a commlttae be mp-
neCUOll Willi UUU6U ounw. ,MMU. ,0 lavetgiame the ehait a
preferred anal net htm by Um vet
Virginia oitkMra. He davtarail th'r
claim that he liad appioiiriteil
cliool fund fraiHlulently wa aith
out foumlatloH and that He Had terad
H warranta whatever The commit
fiimily. including eaveral chjl- i
A .I..... ... .... iimutni uiui iiil A .
"irii in ... . u ...... ah. .iff j.....,l,l
.l. In ...un . A ' iiiillli..ii ni.i. . -. . . .-.,, "
Prealdeiit T.i" .aay lo com
4 mute to im . iii once the n-
tence of Mariano KelUf, oanvk'ted
at Ainta Ke. . M . May , 112,
of forwtng and utirhig falae cer-
Uneaten In connection with cen
ana enumerator voiiuhet. 4e-
ne,' original eentMrAa of foar
yeare and four daya mh previ-
ouely commuted i.y tho pratddent
tn olio year and una day. !:
now terminated eiillrei'.
4 ena la .i 1 n U liar prof
ited h hi u '
The irrcfuhititkTa uf which
Menu waa . oii.b letj Hllll e n
are iiotn here ana ere nrtn in uv
declnratiorui that Manaon hi the ktvne
V. . Roberta whom they r aeeumg
Sprinkle wan aherirf of MrOww"lt
county at the time that Ike aliene I
forgerlee took place and deeMrea he
will pertHinally appear to prove hia
claim whe-. the inveatiaallotl irlvi,
On 'J-.c conteata the hauae un .ni
rr.uuely Haatotl HepreeentatKe ! leh.r
llenulilkaiii tmateetee Thle leve
two renraiHinlMllvee vet to n voted -u
IKIgtintloii llnmaiilluil,
Mleeoula. .Menl., Jan ti -The im
tence! lo l.e.n ttWarui prliM.lt i mediate rtMHHimUaN or or. J m
were In i..nnectan with the Wurd. of" Mfeeugta. as dafiut) atete
1'i.iiu.i u...i..k c-imim nt 1 toiii vrtcrinarlsn waa aeiHanueal loaev in
The caie. wue -ne at Uie moat a i .Ingram hy his chief, lir. M. K
littteri r-.uaht in ill anlWU ot i Kn..wieM. rrom geiM. aa til result
the t'nltci Meti-H onram 111 New Si ot aiaiemeMt iiiade hy Wan I for
Mexlro. the l.anl Wlltlo hW-tlng publi. a' ion veaterday lHl 091 !.
more than I. n M-eragntl emit Iiik horaen m M out ana had (1M tha
Mui.ia.mta oi loitars Uotli to th iiu.tuie whi h he dtaairiwil aa "par-
i government the defena. a- nleioue anaemia " Kaawlia ataUHl
uni ut.., ,k a oieiahar of n of that there waa no widegpraRil llhWHea
tbn moat i,r. mint fatiitllan f imow UorsM a this Ul ll(l tluvt
Hanto Vo iiiw.ie nwtnialneil his , but f. w hwlated . .f Itifeettsii" or
A innocence if .in nmlnal act 'contagion mniadiee Heiting hones
J'a 0"-n reported.
of raw Max. now dutiable nt one cent
pound, was advocated hy Putrlek
Hol of Patterson. X. J., a nax
tteientloH of the present tariff
on carpets, itvattlaKX and raga man
ufartarad from vegetable flhrea was
urgad hy Myron W. Itnhlnaatt. of New
York, preeldent of a carpel comiKiny
and aottalg aa camHilttee fur Amerlenn
me nwf act urwf of than praiiticte.
A ripple of exeltument waa croaled
when V it. liietitlen, or iiuiiato. c.
testifying tn favor of retaining Ilia
duty on flax tow, eald the farmere In
the flax aectlon of tho Dakotaa had
told him the committee waa tho
ilRHinedeet eel of fellow you Mar
aw." He eald they warned him thai
the committee "would net UMen in
you;" that "they gave you five or ton
mlHiiiea and ahull you nut;" that
tha wauled to rain the wnoif
world." and that "Mr. I'Mi'tie, Ihe It
pHhltaan raHklng member. In In with
lileill now."
RireHtatle layn did not her
the remark hut when it ma ropmuiKi
to him he raarad with laughter,
Tree raw material far fertllluer In
stead af the prtM-etit A-10 af one eoat
a pound duty on burtuW waa awed
i. w. II Hawker, ar uwtaii.
IMiiiiic in Attend Inauguration.
Hi.rlriafleld. ill . Jap. aovernor-
eiect DHHtif and staff will attend the
taaugMratlMH of PreeWeilt Wotwlrow
witaon ai YVMMhlHatan. March I.
The-e being no appruprlaiton avail
ublv. the Illinois MftttHiml guanl wtti
not mm.. u.l the iwauMdntugn at Wash
Misinn as escort Mttlatw private aitt
im e M to bear Ihe aypenee wf
teiiilltic troapa an wad done Uy the
. Itiaena of rhii-aic hen Houneeil
waa ItiaUBuratcU In 1905.
chance that the next legUluture may
be Democratic. At tit event the He-pulilli-u
riK would be deprived of one
ote in the rimed mate senate,
where. Just at thla time. Republican
vet ee are laidly needed.
There in a perelfctent report hera
that Oovornor Mouonald recent
ly teed veil u letter from
personage high in thu counclla of
the National Democracy to tno
effeet that. It tho ejection of a Domo
nrat were poMlbte, he waa to work (n
that end. If It wcto not potsltl9
the governor, according to the story,
waa to keep hie lianun off.
Not In .eeiilon, fet at noon
Convened nt lfl o'clock thla
morning. ConMdered onnferenco
report on Immigration bill. Bhlp
ping trttet oon'tmltiee hi session.
Aviator CroMeca Alw.
Domndoeolu, Italy, Jpu. 3S.-Jean
Hlelovii.ci, the Ieruvln aviator, flew
aeroee the Hwlxa Alpn from Hrlg to
thla cit). In k uharuhalf an hour, to
day, lie asndviinrg tn hl tnon
nplane nt 13 o'elonlt and landed hera
at lt:2o o'clock thin afternoon.
l-rOHiKH-tor IkUcvrxS Xd.
rjrand tike. Coo., Jan. 20. -Andrew
i'liHhner ot Port Collins ftTirt
Thomoa Dunn of Doayer are hellevert
to have been klllsU by a. nowU4
yeaterday about twegl, Wll uorth,
Word of the slide wnd rtvJ today..
The men lmU been P.rfMeaUe in that,
vicinity nnd wer IIViBgln a eahf
that was demolished and aa ttaoa at
the mifft Uau hen-t -JL , . :i

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