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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, January 29, 1913, Image 2

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iaiuatnatatn; EYKtma herald, Wednesday, January 20, 1013.
WtfJtT -4ki TO m WUCIW AXO SfUlfi.Tim
&&tiftft nd Bl4xim Carlo.
rd nmf fteht Ate. Owe et tlto Rlimr llntx of ttto City.
.1 - .. . ,
hj ttM wH! glnt Ptippartln;
J- J ttm.intit hiu-vs nomine bf
itt the emtefl the United mate
rttr rtMp t 110 t their own eounty.
on the afatit bslkt three of the four
tteHi rr jwtrijur'. giving htm ST J
lot, th wfcswtwMv number. Then
fehrlft member htsel his vol
Jo Hnnftbttry.
IfcdtH ite SiinWils .Ion ItnvR
tmte Itor. Jan. 13. 40Mlh T.
Jtfeblftton. tletnoemt. wns today lectl-
d United fmt wmitbr te sutveed the
JtiiT wmr, uio Awansns ioris
tftltirs ? j$nt awwton.
Mr. Iloblrisett election to the sen
nt Ik for the long (nn fceglntilnrc
HfJh 4- H Its wrved several term.
Mt fonjireML rwilitnlBB scat ft few
week Bite u quality for g&vernor.
YlHmifwtmVt Uteri Inn CoHrtrnted.
Topeka, Kan.. Jnn. S9 William H.
ThemHon'rf Oarden city, n Democrat, i
eteetad unllra Htfttcn senator to
wirped CrHtrietr Curtis by the KShtfts
JsiaHiro in mint seenien fndnr. The
vol Vfhm fraeiiSfiy unanimous.
ruabfmmi for lHr Klretlnn.
owl & diwriiUnfr vote the 'pitiposed
NHhRMitiMAnl jiN th, f t vci 1 nrltteitltttf 4tit '
I'TOvMing for the Hrwt election of
'nlted Ktaton rntHilars was ratified by
tha lower house of the legltturo
Warren HtacUon tlallllKl.
nijftim. Wyti., Jan. S3. -The
Vromltitt H'KlKlMtUre In Jdfht serxlen
today nt noon rntjtil tlie )eUon of
Senator Kranoln B. Warren to mioeecd
iltnelf In tho United Htntcs vallate,
rnntor Warren we preKtnt ntl ac
ftmwldi;ed the honor with n ahort
IfM FfttLS
Morris H. Beall Throws Him
self Trom Xigliteentk Floor
of Hew York Sky Scraper.
(Hy licaxcd Win to Krvnlnc Herald)
N-w York, Jnn. ilorrls li
UoSI. u litwyer. Ht on the wlndn
trill of hie office thin uftornouii. kIoik
ed outuhle nnd down eighteen lorlo
to the roof fif tho mcjWfirajHir holler
1 1 nun o bolow. A nioineiit tutor he
una nwnyliu tiMvertslniy n M uur
row ent TIipii ho MimorwiulltJ
down und ! t-rtimiitaj up a dncen
lel from a yoaiii; woniaii at a telu
Ithoite nwltchtieard near the window.
1'tw Klrl on 1 inly eall.d m pulloe hoai
odHrtere nnd told tltein of the traff.
t iy. 0all whs doad whoa itoked w
Krorn papera In hto offiee It waa
Irnrned that he wua a native of Oma
ha, had been a member ef tho clwitw
ft 'St at YHle. and ww oneo niaiiHK
UK -rrk uf tho taw firm of Cttrter.
KiiKhMt and Uw1lit. of whtoh tiu
jm iiif ivurt JuatiM ItuKhoa wa a
Investigation Shows Distress
ing Conditions Existing in
Pacific Coast Home for In
digent Soldiers.
(ny Lrarl Wlrv to tttanlng Herald. 1
WanMiwton. Jan. it. "Tha row-
fort and liapftlnviw of ,r forniat
esMlera shoubl net eo aHcriflred and
their year ahartetUHl in enter tttat
a few dollHre may be Mewl ta the h
iHfh'a trtmmft- While eetiuoin b"
rommondaale. it IiohW not be oh
tainett at arh a aaertlkf."
Tlrta Kleclarattan waa contained In
rejwrt natde 10 ttta eeimie tfHlny l
the epeclnl coinmlttee wlilrh inveeti
KHted conilniiiiiw at tht l'-ISc braneh
of the national homo for dtmalad vol
unteer soldlors at iniiHh Moniva, '!
The eoinmltteo reiwrtd tJwt the vf
erena wr poorly fed and that l)ulr
houslnir eondlttone t-ould t grtu
Iniprovod. It reiiitniidm "mar
aBpniBriattonfl far food and better fa
ellitteV for eouklnK."
Henalor Jonaa Krwwnte.1 with th
report a bill to tmHafer control et
tho honia te the war detMrtrnvtit. The
InveatlsatlnK camntHte found no I
rienee of Kraft or inteopHruiirtattiti
of fundi. It feana tlmt He tmMi. ra
woro being fed, kewevr. 'or is t
cenls a rtay whtta In th- natloi. il
home at WaehlHcrtun th urnr i
31 canta a la Tb Pa. lib ruaf.
hoin baa Iwcomr nn poiiular with !
aoldMrx awkins a mild oiiHvat tbni
the oomniltto rrcotiiiiieiirifd lav
llinltlnir admlwln t the htmr to vt
prang en)"itt? it-nlne r Ima tban
JJ u month
Genuine Case of Hydrophobia
Arrives in Parcels Post at
Berkeley, California, Caus
ing Another Prohibitive
t'rKMl to liny Great loiU.
Kan Krutttflaeo. Jnn- SO. Kplacoiml
church illsnllnrlax wro urceil to bo
Aiu a movement to raatore the Cat
tiioilml of fit. Hophlu of ConHtantl
iioi'lv. now in th Imnda uf the Turks,
to it ukok 11 n a I'Miictlnn churuh. at
tho eli is -third convention of the dlo-
r.f Callfornbi of tha I'rolantunt
Kjtlecopui oliurtb. uhbli convetttHl
hfr ptr(lHj . It waa auKCated It
t-e boviKht from tho Turks.
Wire tini'n not: I'ltmn. diirahh.
K inilii iui not hide In lliiiin; to Iimix
,mi all or pltuied on floor; Mint hy
jiniTt'l Mt. K. W. Vac.
mm. of
Flirtation Begun Over Copper
Wires, on Western Union
Time, Ends in Marriage
HcVc Last Evening.
Matting teve by mmaa r iuta and
" Of I he .More alHinbet taTt the
lomt Wet) nerlmpa, but HaverOjelttae
1 wtonostiva ana n titattuy a any
bt.r he poiloh mtaoil of Dan Oh
f, mat iRrtnf mi noitiistam 1ttn
le e icil.
The marrbiKa in AlbnijoeniHo taet
evonlKK f Airs. lUditlu Wlbatn. of Al
Mtiiie la Me. Hurt W. tirown. oi
Ijae crueoa. iiiatMt th fulnilnatlnti
of a roHMm-o or i ii n lr which haa
"win the ffowup or ooaratnra Hfi and
doR tb bar hfttfon huM'jrrqMe
aK4l W I'aao lor Mt-eral weoke. Tho
romance waa complat4 ax Iav aa
Mpt iv.i eonoorainl. when Rv. Hash
A. Cooper hurt evcnlnK anoha the
arorda whhh unit ad in marrUMt th
two . rgrapbars. in the PreafeytrHan
IwrswnaK. .
.Mr. wnon. now .mm rawn. ai
eue sf the ntRht Obuntt'uVs In tha local
Waaitorii Unlan itte. Mr. Urown !
ttmtmT of the Weetera 1'Htea In lae
lending and rtH-alvlna nMfaaaaea to
eueb other, the two telegrapher b
onmt. antualHted ovar tha wire. Th
14 ('ruiaa operator, after axchanaluK
aloaaantrba with the AtbliHUarnHp op
erator for name tltna. dhwoveretl that
the perxon HeuMtltHR the bmsa In "A Y"
oltbjH waa a wetaan. Then bwan ft
lUriHtfon whb-h rnjiFly tlevt'lopvd in
to HomothiHK hi era artowe. Uota and
daeJie laroeoil aitUelMt for aome
week, but Anally Hrown fame to Al
buqaarque tan da and Intro
4urd hlineelf tn Mr WIIon. Tbali
aetlmatee of rmh other !nid not hn
overdrawn apparenii). for whan
BrtiWH left loan. Mr U'llaon aae
weartttK a eoarkler. Heturmna to U
frat-aa. Prown awured u leme of nb
4nc and yeaterday wvenlnx raturneil
to A I iuquertM, and aecured h Ib-eaae
t wad. Tha worrtaai' followed. Mr
and Mrs tlrowa leave lonlahi lor Iam
('riiraa. wbara thay will muho their
There la anethur analo b tha
Ittow 11-VlbMn i-iitiiiilnntlon. A ear
iH Mr nrowu'a rtrt wife died, leuv
ing u baby atrl, thru vnr old. A
little oer a yar a". Mr. Wllenu'a
Hi-Kt huabaml dbd. leaviaa iter to huh
port a little Klrl two yearn old Mr.
Hi oh a, a wtdowar. with a little alrl.
and .lira. Wlleon. a widow, with a lit
tle Klrl. ai "on one fatnil. and
ii'-or Una to 'be ntwratwre vbo aatrh
ed the romance from tho Mrt ltah r
love Ht orr the wlPea, aerlarv ihit
It will bo so 'nrer after happy" Mr
fair, too.
1 riL JDliD 1
Dress Goods Value
"yOU will not fully appreciate the merit of this sale until you
have seen the fabrics. Every piece in the lot is not yet one
season old consisting of Tweeds, Mixtures and Striped Chev
iots in all the newest shades of blue, grey and brown.
54 inches wide aed regular $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75 values.
Special This Week, yard 98c
(It) I.ca.MiS U'lrtt 10 tuning llornhl.4
Berkeley. Oal.. Jan. All done
up In a neat orown pockaK a ioi
doK arriHl har by iMtrevhi Hel
teed ay.
"Mad," It waa labolMl am m "
tuniwl out after the bundle fiffjl fcwn
ttxamliHMl by a vetorlbary.
AUhmiKli the dak' waa ilmil. f'oiit
maater Merrill aahl tha aliflilldW-t o
oiatnpped the bouiidy or tlt inueelo
M,t and he haa aeut wilt tm ortler
hurrlm? mad deK. deali or attve. from
the miill. Tlie iwoltaKe warn aetit
from PlerlhUiH. Oal.. wltera u.e dog
had bean shot.
Every C. E, tt Co Feather
Pillow hu attached the
Guarantee Certificate
mi Irunrance poliay ruwrAateoing the
pillow to bo Mlled with tuthcrs wMsh
1V8 been thoroughly tired, :leantod
pUfHkd. Jttswres the ptuehaict
vtttlre pillow HtisUcUon or a new pillow.
friocK from 10 per cent to 20
$r cent lower than elsewhere
Strong Bros.
AM fealuren Today IMetlme.
Easy Way to Preserve Natural
Color of the Hair and
Make It Grow.
A hai'tnleaa remedy, made from
otNRHMi garden aae quickly rmMorea
gray hair to natural color. The care
of tfte Iwlr, to neevant It from loMnt
tte aeior MMl laatre. to Juat an Imiiort
ani aa to jre foi the teeth to keep
theM from dlevolortna W.iy epend
iioMay fro luamWftea and tteaaaa to
iingirHv. Hi ontplosioji. a ad yet ae
a'eat Iutr, when grs hair la
eep morf. onapiotiou Mnd nugaaetlve
r eae thn ariuklo- or H pour com
lletion i f the it alr te
oraei-ne (hi natuii u.i and oeautv
of tip he ) than It u ' nave a ga4
AH ihni rir'er,i i the iki'M
tonal u or Wfti.'e ix- mul aulphui
llatr Memedv. a pii4ruii:on of com
mon gard''ti IHage mul MuU'liur. mm.
.dned with other "able lemedlae
for iltv iiHi'K i fat it hull dandruff,
itching alp and falling hair. AfUr
a fa application t tin eimple.
harmleaa rni4y om hair a in grad
II, ' i tutored to in mtiural color,
lit a short time the dandruff will be
tMota. t'ii vour hh win no longer
'Oim out but will start to
Nature intenrtert it ahotiid.
m'i neglect xour hair, for it goee
tr. ! than aaytbiHg oiee to make ot
mar vour good look You can buy
(hie reined, at mi lug atoie for Hfty
cpu a i)oi.i. nail .-our druggiet will
glvo )'iui iiioni back If you nre not
aatbkiod uttot uin HiiiiIimm u bot
. lia today You will na.er ronrot It
when you rait I lute tha differ o It a III
make In your pearan
Mica Cured Hi d to 1 1 Daya.
Yeur drugflit will rfund money If
PAZO OtNTMliNT falla lo euro nny
eaae of Itohlnr, lillnd. Hloeillntt or
Protruding rilS in 0 to II layn. SOv.
Dr. Wilbur F. Sheridan, Gen
eral Secretary of Great Or
ganization, Visitor in Albu
querque Today.
nn a tour of the west. Or Wilbt'i
!". Hharidnii, gftnurwl aetrolar) or tho
Upworlh lewltuc or th JHnhoilm.
rSpUeuiml ohu.-aji. arrhed In Albu
.ninriiua laat nhtht H& will lactuu to
ulKht In tha Jaw 4 avae Metnotliat
burcb. the atreral irMblb- belim m
u.ed. Ur rth. tidati le at th boil
ii one oi th BroMt.nl church oitti
wttun ut young penpl.' In the world
t-nd the fact that be oeneanted to
break hie proaent jouraoy In Alhtt
out roue la aa Itititeatlon of the lm
iwrtanee ;a which the local league M
held. The Bp worth league at the
prevent time n urn bare 169.000 mom
bora, with the membership aeattere.:
throughout the world, the work be
IMK carried oa Ih rorebfn ioutra
under aaabitante i tho eierel aeet'e
tary The Imkuo. aooortHnK to !
SiierhlaM. waa orKanlaad lit ffl;ebiiid.
Ohio, la lSf. by UMitlMt M' oun
peoplea' orkaHigatloite.
IH-. ah-frhian declared today that
the MethodhK rhttn h le ai' ompiiah
iK ocooaaful work among lla oiiiig
er members today beoauee a ' te
veraal of method.
' The leader of the t-hureo n low
er hold up a warnla hand .tad n
'don't' without pointing to A,''
raid Ur. Srterlaan
Jt loajv. methiHta we can aaf do
thla. .,r do that, and auah the 'da'
thinaa eo attratlve and reughbta
that the youOK folka loe alkHt of
the thlMH on which the rhumb puta
the taiii ni aaya, 'don't.
"The great ohjoeta of th league
are th ep-rltual develnpehgwt of
I'hrletlan chamefer, Ida tUHntng l
nemiMtr in worka of ohgdrltr and "
iu I wniit. and teaming far a-t
iMirtb'Ipation tn great mhkdemery n
terpriaea of tho church lhrugbo
the world.
"in of i he mot mportaat 'f
iMrbiv. lb moat InthoHant amt .
the league today, is the eup'-c1
of th.- roepaatrna nr the vonng ,p -i !
lite oburok now rcigiilaee tlxi i,
young na1l' ui"M' have eaontiu
and ia endeavor in nad with
to hac that it 'ii ii.i kocu .i
'IT gonit nii.l' 'h.i iiri.il
bad uoxtiU'i'"
"We i' re iilli ioii hn . i i. uii.c wot1
ein in- i o i i im.
tlirouah tb or . m ,r
the Wee Pome ..f h I. mtu nnio
ly. the Hprorth liir mailt""
The llietltulrs uri held ct nui 1
iween fune inl . iil-nlw-r In inn
different etioiii of Un . ouiiIm u
A Good Special in
Excellent quality all leather Hand Bags, in many
different styles to choose from; values to $7.50
Special, Ydur Choice $295
j,- ' ' 1 1 "mimtMj ,
crnlly at it luk - Mile III Hi' In
lath, wln-rc rc rent ion limy b
talried without 1trt uli - Al tin '
tittites, i oiiat r net I v i rt'i-rcHtioii i-i"
aruttia uif oittlliKMl cxolti. Ih'
IK-opb attendltlK llu iimtttulcM Icirn
tho revroatlou inethodn and Inirodu
them on thai! return to their lnnu
"The object or the Inatttutee b f
imiMtrt iHtwrmntiou, to tonte Inuwlru
Hon and recreation Hu ceua la altuo.t
aaaurot atta from the raHK IneH
tule laUKbt young peopm ;oe our
KfhatoM lea dan In the ottttroh. laitb
In the ministry an.1 in the tonka of
the lally
The outlook for league work In the
church never seemed iettei than '
the proaent time, in the untnlon ot
Ir ihsrbten
"The lea.ue is old enotifh to ha'
provtNJ a reason for its ouffdlbued ex
ietenee.-' said Dt dheiUbtk. "Th
hmfue hna found that aM methods
wort win. It has found now meth
od that will win. We a moellnsi
probbMte now with a routHor ueeje
tbm. we know bow to enooeagfu'ly
eountertitM tnlbt and I twtfftv t- arc
neromnliejMink a -at woek through -out
th worto
lr SheHnan paid :t htget tHhute to
swy to iev. ('. n BeikittaH. " '
the lod a nue Met hoeWl ekuroh
h'U. aavln thai be la Mm of iht
Hinat atneere and ni.'leolotte work
erg In the ehurch.
tMirlng the lorenoon UMlMr
Mhoridan was taken to the nrwoml
ln)oatrhil arhool ).. .1 rawMlltlea con
stating or IM- A h. Hrlsjkd. Mev J. M.
hlmar of annta I v. nod Itev. . n
SVm kmn. Thla mi, moon '.be daltiii
Riiishid visitor, wh.... home la In
('hictigo, waa ink ii it motor
ride about the Hi
Aztec Foci Co.
Yankee '
All kinds of Wood
Henna n Sohweizer Adds Ex
pert Pottery Maker and
Ohampion. Weaver of Gere
monial Sashes as Attraction
for Tourists.
Through the inltintite und aniei
prlse or Herman s)ih riser. munuM'!'
of muaeums and urio moina tor Krad
Harvey oh tb Mania Pe system. th--Indian
and Meaban imildlna of tbu
Harveys in Albuquerque haa beatt en
yet undecided whether the flopl fam
ily, which will be for the lima being
at lenat a moat Important attraction,
not only to tourist but to AUuiuei
iiu poohle. but few of whom, It la
aafe to any. have -vor seen Moots ply
ing their crafia Mr tfchweiaer la an
ei undecided whethei the opl fam
ily shall become a prrmaaem attrac
tion here The Navajo Indiana, with
I helt hbtnkoi weaving and manufac
turing oi atrver ornaments, nave noen
for many years a great at I rut ilea lit
i he i urio rooma bore The fame of
KMi champion biantie weaver of thf
woiiu, una the renown uf Tom or uajj
nado. moat wrtlstlt sllvammith. havdl
iritteini ihroitghoiii the I'nliad Mates
i ml the world The laleta and nanto
I'omlhgo Indlaua, poitaiy maker
mi l manufai turera of harmh'sa el
Mti rcHting howa and arrows, stationed
in iron of the iHdhfH and Meiican
loiilding ha'.e ahai received ,tber
xlu r. f .ittenlion xnd itve been o
i"k!i!,.i.(i times withoui number
i'h..in.'riiha evident l being rrulkl
i ihi- kodakera ita es'-ellent pictures
" llo wild Ud uHlatnad f'uelilo In
II lun
Itix it haa been left for Mr
Xchwclser lo lndH-'a U 1 1 opl Until) to
i in i" I m ibuquentue from their mi
lur in.-en or I'ollnii'ii, In Arlsona. ami
ik ur ibclr slstlon In III.' I'ltrl"
"m won i'1 uivir viatts fur thv "1
'I lli"tl .lli'l .I'lllill Ml ii ii "1 Uli 'I'll
cr.ii i"iiili'
Tin lloi'i fmnilt i oiimiii nf ii
ni'ii't!". iiitb' r nnd ui ' I i iinl
llir. i ibllrlren Kill. 'In Womnti,
Iu.- in ot Ini.-ri-Miina, bciimse sin- o
. f.iHt, I'lwei and arllaili pott r
nuiker, anil abm bei-auae she aM'aka
Cnuiiitb with u Mtii'iicy and ctrrectnaaa
tb.-i: would do Juatlce to the high
hi h i und ' iickc giaUiiates or any
section of the country. Kill want to
I,, v c hooi nt Keama fanyiin. Aria.,
i h r- site loai tied to spook the lan
guage of the while man and got a
gtlmpec of the lite of the nvcrofo
Ameilcan: all liiiormniion thus ob
talrnMl hotng iis.il to t-oux her hue
band, Mnaainl. to i onsen i to bu-te hi
native mean temiionttll) und lake up
reaideni'e In Albuum rnic Koi I'o
aami speaks not word of Ktigliah
He trueta absolutely to Kill In all mat
ter of buatneee and worka inreaasni
ly weaving, being interrupted only
whan Kill Interprets into Mopl some
fuH remark madi ii nn over-eur-loua
tourha. I'osumt. whose nnm
sounds like lh name of h patent
medicine i u ntpyilghtett collar toil
tun, Is Industrious and la famed
throughout tha tend or the 1 1 opt and
the Mokl for espertneea In weaving
kilt. .aaehes und ceremonial draeeea.
Although Kill and Hoaaml have
bean working nt the curio rooms only
three days, they hnv already turned
out a aupply of tlnlslwd waraa. Kill's
pottery la made from clay dug mil
from underneath the rocka near h
maea m Niltaecu. and hauled overlund
more than a hundred miles to the
railroad station. The lay that Is
found In AlbUtUelUc and even the
clay which the Mela Indbins obtain
from along lh. banks i the Mio
llrande near laleta la loosed upon !
Kill aa useless. With clay from I'ol
meoa she can make pottery which
will wear tor many years and which
will not break unless treated ten
The third member of the Hopl futil
ity la ii malaen of It years, a ho wears
the unique Mopl wheel style or hair
dressing, indhallng to the initiate"
that she is uamurrled. I'"i when u
Mopl inMiden marriea she no lonjfci
wear the hnir wheel Tin- other mem
hara of the Mopl fiimll are youua
aiera. a bo and a girl, who have il
readt beeiime somewhat ustoitini
lo the new life of the museum and
have I'ocome acquaiHied wllb the
liltli- NiimiJo und I'lieblo MilillKal' i
who iiinilHe lliilioM'U in "liilllin .iIhmii
ii t hv polished uj'ih i,i Hk r'"iiin t
I'lliiitu .(lion' on iin iiimilli " ir a i
a Jo tiliutket. iHi'il hlxh tor ib in
-I'i i In, n li,ii li in
A ill Ret In r lliv Ili'l'l fiilnlU in i
IIIOHt VIllllHOle lllllllll.'h to Ihl I III to
rooma xiiil Mollitaci HibMi4i is to
be i ongralulaieit upon bia enterpriai
Iu hringtna them here.
for the time being the ida wMI
ply their crafts In ti mporiry sjmee.
roH'l (Ml H.-Mf the enll'HHce I' III'
curio rooma In Hie event It In d--oil
ml to return them a ptirMumioui
Ittioth will he nonaged
I'Allt l.(1IIA(.lt
A Nott Unci, for mi fihl tlnn. IIoh it
tlmt Ho limit' iu AlliiiiiittriiH.
The buck ache, at llmng with h dull,
Indeacrlbnbbi teellng, making vou
weary and restless. piept-iHtf palp
shoot itermsi tha region of the kid
neys, and again the loins ale so Is me
that lo stoop Is agony. X' use to
rub or apply a plaster to the bank If
the kidney nre weak. You tsnnot
reach the cause. Albuquerque resi
dents would do wall to proHt by tha
follow lug example.
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