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1 'PfWIFy ifWT1 mJwfLmmK wmmmm"
jxitiaxtoQtncxyiiriyQ hkiralb, Wednesday, February g, 1013.
If AHSt . flfeidY
fa m4 OtW Af. On a of th fchovf rfecea off (ho CHy,
Hi tn .
BLPrft of Act TJaMft't Ap
ply ! Stilr Mire-ads
SycM&ir Entirely Within
the state.
Knetel fHayalvh o 'fcreaisa; HernM)
Bastu Fe, X 34., Feb. J. The houuo
ihla afternoon by a vote of 43 to 0
j Mimed tho full crew railroad bill.
As ibnnlly pwS the law propose
to exempt small railroads doing busi
ness entirely within the slate, auoh as
tho New Mexico Centra' and aeveral
linen In Colfax county and owsewherf.
The loggia bill woa ro-raforred
this afternoon to the committed on
Jthllchtry of the Irousc. Thin 1 tho
measure which Is being mo strongly
opposed by the Itlmbcr companies,
ivhu claltn It in sandbag legislation
which would put tho companies out
tif business.
tHli 'Test of Jill Crew Hill.
Tho tUH crew hill In full la ua fol
low. Tllo bill In fttll la us follows:
An net to promote tho safety of
employe anil trarelerx upon railroad
by corajH'tllfiff common currlcra by
railroad to prdpr!y man their trains.
and providing penalties therefor.
Be Jt chwetl by tho legislature o(
the tftftto of New Mexico
Hootlon 1. A single loeomottvc, or
u tslnslo locdfnollvo with ita accom
panying tender, when operated out
lde of the yard limits, shall bo
eulpped with and shall curry a crow
cohvliiUttK of not Ion thun one engi
neer, ono fireman und onu conductor,
except Jn cases of breakdowna and
washoufa. Till 8 section not to applyf
betweon ntiy polnta where the atari
system Is In use, or where tho lino
Ih double track.
i?cc. S. A puMengr. mull or ex
press train compulsed of less than four
cars, when operated outside of th
yard limits, aha ll bo equipped with
ud enult entry it vtvw ounUtlng ot
not less thun ono engineer, one tire
rtuin. one conductor und one tlugmun.
Hoc. 3. A poenftcr. mull or vx
press truln eoinpoed of four or more
cars, when operated outside of the
ynrd limit, nhull be equipped with
und carry- a arew comlktinir of not lo
than one engineer, one llromun. ono
conductor, one llxmuii and one train
porter wr brakeinn.
Bee, 4. A freight train composed
of lew than fifty cap, when operated
oubtlde of tho yard litmu, ahull be
equipped with and shall cur tn crew
t'omtlatlntr of not leM thun ono ensl
new, ono tiroinun, one oonduolor, ono
flagman nnd one brukeinun.
See, S. A frcttcht train composed
of r.fty or more ora. when operated
outDlde of tho yard limits, atmlt b
fiulppvd with and shall carry n crew
consisting of not lewi than one enel
noer. ono flrormtn. ono conductor, one
flagman nnd two brtikemen
Hoc. 0. All looul trelehl truins. do
ir.R nwltehlnR or untoudlnK any frolslu
of whatever nature, shnll be equipped
with ulid fthall carry a orw connlstlns
of not lens than rht perafbns. to wit'
One conductor, one engineer, ono. fire
man, two hrakemon und one flutiinun;
this H&ellon not to epphy to main line
i". ol trnlntt working on a division
'here tho maximum crude is lot
thn nine per cent or hundll-tc leiw
'Furidtttr And Crookary
SHd nnd Copper.
Heatiflf Stoves
ani Xutioia Cmiftw.
thnn thirty rarn, or to apply to branch
toeal where the maximum sradn li
lent thun ttfo per cent, or handllni
iem thnn forty cawt.
Rec. t. All trains other thn Jhose
pfesoribed In the preceding portion
6f this wet. WhoA operated outujde ol
(he yard limits, ahull lie equipped with
and shall curvy n crow consladnp oi
nbt lc than oho enatneer, one lire
ftifln, one eohrfuctor. one naghian nnA
bkn brnkeman; ihfs uct not to nppl
to mixed trains on branch road, when
hundllnc: Ipjta than fir cam. or aver
aging ICS than four trains each mt
par day tif twenty-four hours.
fuc. I. All yard engine within thr
limits of tiny railroad yard shall be
equipped with und shall carry n erev
cpnslBtlni; of not leas than one ensi
heer, one fireman, one foreman ana
two helpers; neither the foreman or
either of the helpers mentioned In na
tion shall be permitted to perform
any other duties in addition to thou
duties a foreman or helpers, whllf
tho engine upon which they nre work
Ins is actually engaged In tho busl
of switching cure.
Sec. J. All ooal burning Mullet typ
onglnea operating in the statu of No
Mexico In all classes ot service, ot
ocpt an provided In section 1 ot thli
uct, ahull curry one tlromun'a hotpot
In addition to the crows provided fot
In the preceding suctions of this not-
Hoc. 10. That from and riftar tak
Ins affect of this act. It shall be un
lawful for any railroad company o)
the receiver of nny such company to
run upon or oxer any line of railroad,
or parta thereof, within the state oi
Now Mexico, nny train, locomotive oi
engine whloh Is not ouulppcd with or
not carrylnK for utu In its operation n
full crew ns herein Hxed und proscrib
ed, and enoh and ever' railroad com
pany or receiver w-ho. after .the tak
Insr effeot of thin aet. shall run upor
or over any lino of railroad or any
part thereof, within the state of N'ev
Mexico, any train, leaon.oiit'e or en
Kino which Is not equipped with oi
does not carry for use tn Its operation
u full erew as herein fixed and pre
scribed, shall be liable tu (he Matt
of New Mexico for a penalty nf no
less than one hundred nor more thun
rive hundred dollura for every such of
fense. anil eueh train so Illegally run
shall constitute a separate offence
&er. 11. All cults for penalties un
der this not shall he brought tint
prosecuted to Judgment In the name
of the state of New Moxtro ns plain-
tiff. In it court of competent Jurisdic
tion in the county of Sitnla Fe. or in
nny county In eaid state Into ot
-through which the defendant line ot
railroad may be operated, nnd such
suits shall be brought and prosecute
by the attorney general or under hi
direction or by the district nttorno
of au'h cvunt).
Her. It. Nothing contained in tlile
act shall apply to relief or wrecking
trains In any ease where a sufflaleni
number of men ure not Immediately
available to comply with the prorl
clons of this act, or to eases where
trains huve been sent out or started
at the lust division point with roqut
site number of employ ex. hut. owtns
solely to the disutility or refusal far
ther to act of some on- or more o'
auch employes the train Is left with
less than a full crew.
See IS. .Ml acta and parts of aet
In confllt-t with the provisions nf thtr
act are herein repealed.
n fN on
Sentinels Stationed at Doors
Cause Depositors to Start a
Panic at Metz.
(liy Leaded Wire In Hvrii'iiK ilernld.)
.Met. German; t. Constern
ation I'Hiiri'il here during an ex
perimental inHblllxaUon ot the six
teenth arun corps, whan the uom
munduiK general atatloned sentlnoh
at the bat i lis
Affrighted depwsltura harried to
draw tint the r inutiay and long lloei
of thnm gatharad bafora the door
until the sltuattaa was uxplalnad. I'or
Mtno tints 4fHMturM hosltatMi to be
lleve the statements of the sautln'h
and the ' runs" i-untlnued for simii. )
Representative Sherwood, the
Ifeader of Demi aratic Reac
tionaries Forties Cauous of
Party to Consider Measure,
lis leaned Wirti in HeuHg Herald 1
Washington. Kob S TJn- fight
MgatpM ptitl ng for tMitlaships b
gan in ruot today In the l
whoi Itepreiilat Hherw ood I
Ohio, liMMdlng the "uo (attlieah p
advooatoK, with a petition i.r nrt
slgtnrs, wocured a Uetno. rati i-auvu
to thrash out the matter tasxt Satur
day eteullitf.
Although many DomoaruU slrongL
favor three battleships tho most -h
tlmlstle concede that the "no battle
ship" fusion will prevent more than
two tuAllia Iinthnrlf il nnrt tnnv mil
Iceed Id holding Iho appropriation to
a oinele vessel.
Goes on Record Iry Overwhelm
ins Vote of 84 to 6 in Favor
of Kif hly Progressive Prop
(Xvecial Dispatch la Kveala Herald)
Santa Ko. N M.. Feb. 5. Tho house
of representatives yesterday afternoon
Weht on record, by the ole wf 3t to
t, in favor of the direct election of
United Htatos senators. The action
Une uji the adoption f the rccolu
tlon. offered Monday by Mr. Itogers
if t'hnves, ratifying the proposml
'menTnt to the constitution -f the
'n.inl Htiit"s The vote on th" rcso
luton stood as roll
Ayes: Miguel IC. Utiiu ol Valencia,
ttoulwarc. Burg, Curler, fampbell
Casados. Chuves. 'Chrlsman. t'luni y.
ISxaiio, (lage, Oarcla. rlurulc. Illllon.
Inbudle Llewellyn, hopes. Love. Man
zanares. Martlnor, McGltlhno. Mo
reno, .Millions. N'UJiolH. Itouers. Hun
ches. mllh, KUldmore. Toombs.
Tripp TruJIIIo. Tucker, Tully. VurguM
Nays: IJIunehard, Catron. I.oiialo,
Lucero, Montoyn, Qulntann 6.
Absent or palled, and not voting;
Cooney. t'ordova. Downn. de Kara of
.iandoval. aoodell. Padlltn. Y iung T
The resolution, the ollltint t It I. nf
Ahlch Is House Joint Kasolutlon No.
10, now gom to the sanute. where It
la said to have an excellent chain nf
adoption. Home ten status tunc al
ready ratified the proposed amend
lient and It is expected that it will
e ratlflwl oy the required thre
fourths of the atata before the hgis
lalureji now In soaalon complete their
Immediately after the house ion
voned yesterday u masitenjtit from
iho senate announced that the yenote
hud concurrod In house bill No. IX.
providing for the renting or judges
chambers; aim that the senate had
passed senate hill No. It;, m ruasinv
Jurisdiction of Justices of tlx penn
ant! xenate bill No. tin, providing for
the mlary ithd expenses of the stHte
mine Inspector.
A communication from the hoard f
regents of the Agricultural llegr at
Mosillu i'ark ivt pt-rnt- Mr.
Moreno The regents legryttnl In it
port thai a dellclt nf nmn- i;uti
.Was eonftautlog them and thai tin
losn they hnU lminllat' help l'i
wore In danger of losing land granted
thorn by emigres.
Mr. Mullens presented some exi-rt
opinions wllh reference tn hi hill f
yesterday regulating the epralng of
fruit troas. which he want t
oil i soason as not to etidangi-r the
busy bee.
The Hpeuher presenteil Hook .Joint
Memorial No. 1. which was referred
to the committee on Mate afTnlrn The
memorial petit Km congreiw u Mtu nl
the laws governing the numb do
main. The pruyor of tin petition is
that lauds suspected of . nialulnt
minerals may not bo withdrawn pr
miinuntly. iiut that the R.iernment
may have a reasonable time to pro
that they are mineral, ami thai upon
failure to no prove tho land may be
restored to entry. The memorial also
asks Nome change in the law movoiii
Ing the national foresta.
Anothor memorial by the speaker
uskH the fill toil .States to rede to the
stute the abandoned military roeer
vuthiti or 1'ort U'lnmilu. near (lallup-
Tho Judicial) eommltto: favoiubl
reported House lltiaijlutloii N. 17.
which whs iHiaeod by the house under
suspension of the rulea Tho oIIimI
of the rosolutlun Ih to admit nttivn
ttper raftresentatlvea to mHotlngs of
house i utnmlliees.
The following Mile were fin ol abb
rtiptirletl and go en the ealantlar for
Una! aotlon
From eonimltlee on slate affalra
11. It. No. SI. regulating the tMinlf uf
the town nf Las Vogua; No. H, pro
hibiting carrying of cunuaaluri wea
una; No. J", slate uM tor tha pavtng
of certain streets of Kaula Fe
lrom committee gn iatds ami high
ways: No. 5tl. providing fur Uia Willd
Ing of a road from AJiuiHiitirajHe in
Santa Fe; No. Hi, to build a road from
Lan Vegas to Santa fe, No. S. In
btflltl artilge acroae Itkt ataitrte in
Kanta Fe count).
From the priming uwmHttUMi No.
XT. prm'UIng fur the. initittng of gv
ernor's meaaage in Miutlish and tfa,
ish The Judiciary 'omuilUoe rpt)ilal
favorably anil the hviiae asMftil by
the vot of Iv ii ii, Uh raaulutloii of
ondolenee upon the itaath of the kit
Molwmujn Luna
Wild Animal lloiinty Hill.
Mr. llsjt jii wild aninwl aaunt)
bill got through the houeo jwlarday
uftenoen after runalrtg tin- gauntlet
of amundmanu and welHit alinoet
uiMH-atliud The intmnvre trovlds fur
u on-mtl iev in tmy bounties upwn
Ih" scalpa of predatory hCHSts. Its
in t radtiul demtrtura rrum the pres
ent Ian la thai the crtilttaies lasiiail
for the Mount) at.' imide valid fur the
Aztec Foci Co.
All kinds of Wood
itione SSI.
-Liantt t jt
Is Still
AT $4.95
wf $7-95
AT $9.95
AT $12.95
AT $23.95
piDinent nf taxes and. b .in tit il l
iiiont preeciited bv Mr T""m'' '
certificate are made negoti.t U I n
dor the present stcm mo't of tin
eouutles ati' far la-hlml In tin ir Uoiiu
t) payments, bat this hill, i( it 'if
comes a lav, will prov id a reath
mnrket for bounty ! tlll '
Powers Agree to Make Con
cession to French Demands
Which Dominate Big Trans
aotion. 1 (II) laassl Who to Hteiilug llttiald.)
New York. Fro. 5. Conflrmutton
of rHirU from Peking of a further
hllch in Uie i.'hiHeM loan hegotuitiMiis
was recalvod I,, American repreaen
tallves of the syndluato today, aunne
of the objections advanced o the
French bank wis were quite uuexpeet
oil. It was aahl. but thaav. the Amer
ican ban Iters thought, nrobablj will
be auatalnwl bwciMe of iho Hraduiul
tiaiice af French tniureala In the pro
toed loan.
It appears ihat KityXta la to Hnanaa
nly half of her .mv-ajath liitarwt,
Willla Iho Jaiainbae uartteliattloM will
be muittoea" entirel) by tile Freach.
In afraet, Fraai. in supply nearly
half of the loaa For tltat reason the
met lean. UrlllMh and Clwman bank
ers are willing t.. ionel waic of
the la I ins iaa4e i, th Franeh group.
I'ilfs Cured In (1 to I I Uayh.
Your dmiflat will rcfwnil inaHay If
VMO OltfTWftNr fulls Iw auto any
uae of Itaiittig, iii(l. Uluedlng or
Protruding Pllei in 8 to 1 1 lay. 30s.
i Ntvrick.
I Notice to My Ijalrons My iele
phone number has hlion changed from
lot tn 4: harHN Conroy. IHghlnnd
Ho cry
Rcady - to
Booming Right Along
vGet Yours While the Prices Down
Suits. Coats, Dresses, Skirts, Waists, Millinery, etc ,
All priced for Quick Clearance
luitllea' Coats of Cheviot and Ilrnadclolh In popular shadea.
Iiillua' Tnllorwl Suits In desirable styles nnd fabrics.
dlTk nrossoa In Mosnallnea or Tartelns.
Wool Uressoa of Horae. Hroailcluth, Whipcords, utc.
ladles' Cirnts in Mackluaws. Mixture, Two Tone UOatlngs and lie-
MilUta Suits In large variety.
Wool Dressea In Mlxturax, Sargos. or Hriwtlcloth -some Kutlor .Styles,
and othorH nicely trimmed with bmlde, buttons, Inuo yokes and slenvos.
A grand lot of Lndlea' Coata In Mixtures', Two Tone effects, otc, em
bracing all the lendlnc colorings.
Ladles Hulls In Mixtures, Broadcloth, Shttparil IMalds, etc., Including
cutaway. Kaml-llttlng and Norfolk stvles.
Mlk Dreeeas of MeMwllno Talfeta, f'hltTou, Crae do China, ate, In
black and white e hecks, strtpes anil changeablee.
Wool Draasea made nf Merge, Whipcord, Voile, Corduroy. IlriMidcloth,
otc, nicely made and trimmed.
UiUles' Coata in Chinchilla, Two Tone Coatings. Pluah, Itroadelotli and,
lifagoimif. Home Mmi-Httlng styles, others with balls in tho Uok, roll or
chae-nttiiig collar.
Indian' sulta In very daatrable styloa and fabrics. jnmiH Wojdtex matlols
In tHIa lot.
Draeoa of Cttarmouso. I'ongae, Kmbrollorol Marquisette, Chtlfous,
Taffetas, etc.
Orasses of Velvet. Corduroy, Horse, Wool ami Silk Mixture, otc.
Kaatitlful CoKta of Corduroy, Plush, Novelty Fluids, etc.. In lung or
IMKb nrti Idlea' Suits. lncludlnK Navy and Hlaik Serge., '.loetlnu.
Woultex Notfolka In Novelty Mixtures, Hroadeloth, Whlp?onl. etc
Chllfon and Chat-mouse liresaea In all evening shades
DrcescH of Voile over CliHrmmiM-. Chiffon, Hrimilelolh. Volvots. et
Our veiy tlneat Cnata nf llroadi'lnth. fur lined anil fur collar. Seat
etle and Wooltex Mixtures.
Klegant Mulls of I'liirfmi Ilroadi loth. N'hv) Herges, Nh Mixtures, ami
Hlack and White atripaa, etc.
Ileaiitlfut Kteulnc i)raaee ot Chiffon over ('hai'meuse. Crepe dc Chine
and ai ordlOn pleuteil Chnrmeuse In nil soft shades for ixirty or theater
American Heiress Becomes the
Bride of Yountrcr Sou of
Famous Frcnoh Family.
(lly Lfiiscil Win tn lltr-ulnu Ili talil.)
I'aria. Fen. Th ivll marriage of
.Miss llelna HUllo of Cincinnati and
Prime Mli.iael .Mural toog place at
four n'eloek liatay. The marriage na
leli-iii )tel before the mayor, in the
preaeuet of relatltes and friends
I'rtHie JeacMm Mara I and the lluke
De Mupchy acted as Mlinosaes for the
bridegroom ami A mlmaeattoi Myron
V llo'ru k and .ludua Nash of Itoek-
wimmI shcHtol the register aa witness
for the brllle.
Tlie religious ceremony a III take
place tomorrow at the Catholic
"hiireh. Th. fbui'Uon a III be a quiet
ae on act on nt of the recon I death oi
the bridegroom's father. Prime Louis
Murat. The family a III then lunch at
tile Htalilo redolence and afterward
I ho bride and bridegroom ullt pro.
ceed to Mansalllaa in a motor ear on
Dim way to Alyieia to spend rtiotr
i'rlnce Murat has many American
connection. His mihihI mother was
.Utaa CaialtMe Fiaeer of maith Caro
lina. WlruloeH Wiitt'li for liiibiii-utt,
Lomlau. Feb. r. The llrlttali gov
MHHieut Is neguilattnt vtltli the prin
cipal Vurtt. Atlantic sicHmahlp lluoa
with a view to equipping a veaeal with
a poaeiful wlreleeH inataliatlop
Ralrul the leelterg rnglons
MCH LI'IM'LK men It N o
JVe York. Feb. s. -More thun
tC.aoo.oeii will ha distributed
among holders nf the common
stock of the A merle. in Tnhaecn
curapaiiv frmn a rlfleen pel' eetlt
extra dividend decl.ued tndav
- Wear Garments
uened a I nnim
Interstule cnmuiei.e t oiuinittt'i
defcneil ttnal avliou on houee bill
for phylcul xaluulloii of rail
i "ads and et February II for
l.i.uinu imliiouil Interests.
.Inint cunareaelontil commllloa
complelcd oIIIoIhI prognim nf In
aiiguial t'oreuennltt.
In fornval atatament iienatora
'liiiti'ii and Wnleon denied all
charges against logo lit y of their
Adoptatl concurrent rotsitutlun
uuthortaing presentation of . lalm
on Mexico far tlumagea to Amor
leuns lilting border.
i'asead bill limiting appoint
ment of army ami navy ollleera to
diplomatic ami consular service
to ottk'ore on the rotlrod lie).
Senator fehiilth Introduced an
amendment t itaetollleti appro
priation bill to admit books ami
tuna 1 1 nursery stuck to puroal
Hwai'hetl agroement to vote
during legislative day of Febru
ary II on Coiuioctlout river dam
bill, anil tfennlnr liurlon opened
debate In defense of bill.
Convened lit main.
TAiriiorles lummlttiie llsloneil
to pnitestH iiMjniust roslrlctlons
HuiionmllUH development of Alas
kan reaoureos.
l0xrMltluuH committee favor
n ol) ruitortall hill for delegation
of copHreMineii to attend un
veiling of .laiTcrsnii memorial at
tit. Louts.
ltecuinmendutiohs that nation
al banks be permitted to loan
inonej on ins" oetaie were made
to currency reform committee.
ICffort to dbtplncc riiliklilenitl-iii
of miaeeltuneous leglHlathm on
Vialuaaday'a calendar with de
bate mi nisi i i t of Columbia ap
propriation Mil falldtl
nentootate agreed tn ihihus
yaturilH) evening on battleship
Thrro Killed at Hell-oil.
Detroit. Mleh.. Fob. .Throe pen
were killed atltl alv seriously Injured
when a ten-Inn water goto dnopped
into a Ireiirh where (lie men aefe
working xexeral of the injured mn
lL. -a IS - - - 'Ski M
VALUES TO $15.00
VALUES TO $25.00
fflUuCU IU uluUl
VAj iipQ
ffll. UtU
TO $40.00
VALUES 10 $75.00
(Mr l.rasrd Wire lo Kvrnlaer lie raid
( III. ago, l ei. 5 -Wi ll, the net i
i f Mime people hnrstit." (Xilullin'l
Mrs. John Mct'airioi today when -Ic
lushed from the klttheli tn mvi u
gale a crniih lu the front or h t homo
and found a loam of draft lior.e.t
tianipliiK on the parlor carpet
The team hail run iivva) ami thrt
lloiit of the frame ilwolllng of ih
MoCarmns had offered but slight
statanco to tholr mathltt.ed ftiiim.-l
Mliienla. L. I.. Hog Hhow (."rytnl.
(inai' .Mourner.
The Mourner (with In leas' pride lu
the wurkM or his dead follow -t IMngitri.
That t hare's a be-.Mitiru ymn wot
they're sluglu' now the corpeo wrot
It The Hketch
Mlneola. I. I.. )ok Hhow Oyitul
Herald Want Adi Bring
Results. Try One.
Better Than
! Spanking will inn un child-
, run or ctilii(r tin lal, Iihiuq
it Is not a habit but u iliiuucroiiH 1
lllsoilH. TlHi C, II. HuKlltl '!
lirug Co., Dept. .177, Chicago, I'
1 1 III., have til-covered u Mi Icily
i hiirmlofei ivnicdy for this ill.
i. trowlnjf iIIm-omi nnd to uiiiko 1
J knmvn Km inerltH limy ulll m-imI
1 1 it .Vk ui Iuiuo MS'uivly unipiail !'
"ml prviNihl lHolutely 1'i-cn to i
nil) under or Tho Herald, 'IhU
reined y iiImi cureh frcqueui dc-
Hie m iirliiiitu and luahlllty to 1
1 1 control mine dining iho night v
' iIiij in old or yining, The '!
C. II. llovvnn liruir ,, H mi old y
; llelialdo Hoiim( nrllc tu ilium
i ttaluy fop tint fn miilclnc. 'i
I Cun I'M nnih-U'd luonihcrM of 1
your family, then toll ymir !
iiolKhlMiri. ami rrlciiilH tiUml thM
rouicily, ,

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