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How Are Your Hunch,?" Kltiidc
HittMiljr thai .iihiiiI-cm liood
IUimH Action.
Tiarr Hip hi lain nf thr commoner
III of lift' vml alnm-d InvurlHtily
will Ami I Wnl i .uiHilailin wa.i the
can. It Ik nut tn tii expei'trd thiil
n nmax if fermented fund inn remain
in the K.iHtrin liryuml ita 1 1 tti without
VMIallliR tne blood anil un"cctln- the
nrryc atul iiiiipi !. It conac! U''
HI. if. hodv.
The reiilt ri cold, fever, pile,
rtriidiiche and nrryoupiicp, villi H
ui'i'iiiiiiiiiivIiik IndlKeptlon and tl---li-anni'im.
There la only one thing
do, uhil thnt la toe remove Ihe trmi-lili-:
nnd when nature eom nniilile to
tin It. outpldr nlil In iici cpiiry. Von
will nml the lirat of all olllpiil,. nlds
a remedy that many thoiianl urr
now umnn fur I hi very itirr)or.
culled I ir I'nldwcll fyriii I'eppin
Many hundred of letter nm received
liy lr. I'nldwcll telling nf the nod
rcnli obtained, nnd iiinuiiit tho cif
thiiHliiNlii' letlri la urn- from 1. lent
il. W. Viuikhan, ol VV. North Hi .
In . uln-, III. lie la il and liaa hid
u Ixnl tlvcr and avuimch ince I""
id me mil of ihe nrni. !! aaya hi"
tried nhmit e fry thin, hm never aiii'
I'ffili'it In (jelling n'i niuni nl relief
lint il he look lr. t'nldwill'a HmIi
!'o.w. Hi la never without a hoitlc
In the hmii, and h la never with
out tiood health.
It hna untold ml ant. me over iillla,
B-ilta nnd the vnrloua course citihnr
lira nnd uriCHtlvc, for while thee
I r
1. V.
1 I KI T.
MM Hf-' ...
do hut temporary Rood, yrtin I'rpain
cure permanently. The .((w I of t
urtlon la tn train the atonuirh find
how el miiai lea to do their work mil
uriilly again, and In a ahort time nil
forma of medicine can In- dipicnci
with. It ran ho hmiKht wllhntil in
i nnvenlelH'e at uny nenrl.y dlim sHorc
for firty cent nnd nne dollar a hottle,
the latter all,- lln remiliiiy limiKht
liy thone who alreitily know ita vitltir
lii Hiilta lire nlwnya mi ir inli 'il or
uioiii-y will be ri-fundrd.
l-'imillloB IbIiImk tn try a free aain.
ile liolile inn nlitain il ioHiiant liy
inMr'-ivlnit IT. W. It. I'alilwi-ll. 4 lit
WaahlnKton St . Monl i-i-llo. III. A
IiohiiiI ihI'1 nltli our name uud ad
ilr:n on It will in.
Impressions of a Twelve Hundred Mile I
"Mash" Across Frozen Alaska
1 iitiKli, from IMlly Joiirna: Kiil
liy II. H. IKIKV,
of Albnqtirrqur, ct-l lUted hatn Attorney ! '"roe.
Tenth day. .lanuary :lh K-otn
Tenly-two Mile faliln tn Kaltag. We
atnrted nl fi:3i a. m., after an hour a
hoik In HxInK flrea nnd preparing t lie
dog, and entliin bronkraat. I in IK lit
atop here to rtrord. na 1 have nut
dune In fore, that inuehln- d R Ret
hut one nienl a day, and Hint an hour
or (wo after the day'a Journey la
Muled. To feed them of tener make ,
them alek. When We Violated till. It
aluuy iiKiilUd In ali ittirna of the
doga. They lot the rolle one
heiiiuae of Huh, nhen we led them nl
lunch of aeal hlu.ilier, and we hud an
awful time for two or three
next d.iy.
On the oeeaalon In nuegtlnn, the
li'Aptaln loat hla temper with the dotta
for a few momenta, out aonn reem-
hlca, nnd the Inilli.n bo r In there
b the dozen playing pnol. There
mint be at le.txt five or n hundred,
If nut mole, Ihlng ee. Ttiey a:c
priu tii uMy all Indiana. The ion !
iiiu.iiiil on high iiliilf. 1. 1.. I. .ii.lv a
liumlied feel above the river, and w
I hail a time getting- up. -ii'l a h.irilet
tuim netting down In t ie inornihK;
Wb tli'.a d m it a eoiiple of tlinea. J
Kennedy a p. ale, on the whole, la a
poor one.
Trtelftlt day, January .1 Ut .Nuiato
1 In HtanliiMga. The Hail eaterilay
hoiiri'1"1'' '"'liy la aplenilld. He lett Mil
Into ut i a. m., mid rea. In I lite mouth
ot the KiijnltiU at noon. The Kuyu
kuk la h nilgnty river thu m.iimh In
to the Yukon front the in.iih, and la
mild to hnvo rli h pia. . r ground,
where it good deal of milium la !'' nu
ered It. and thnt night, na well na on
Ih. .Full A ,. , ,.,UB U,,lll tfl.l't I W
' , ' , , . . .... , i il 1 1 n e, i.oiiie a.K or aeven imlia tin from
ita mouth. We atopped lor hm. ii ut
ol a nowder hla wife hud put in the
kit for them when they alurted. It
did them good for they were nil right
next day.
After leaving Tetiiy-tn Mile, I
ran ahead ,f the doga for aome nix
nillea mer the dllde. where tte In Kill
to deaiend to the mighty river. The
anow goon beeame very deep, and
lifter n while the timber grew a little
larger, and aa It had reeently annurd '
heavily, every hriuieh and limb were
loaded down with now, and the trail (
waa n treneh three feet or more'
( through the wood'. Hut It waa n good
trull, ami we tame down apeeiiiiy, ami
arrived at Killing tariy In Lie nfi.r
nimn. My Hint alght from the divide
of th mighty rlvr proilueed Hbonl
the annie feeling na looking Into the
tirand Canyon of Arinonn did. It
awed me. It la about n mile nnd a
half wnle.it Kaltag, from n enm pi" lely
rvir, and I am aure In the mi.niiirr
ti ii.ij T j.;. T" i.J J intyl C r. ... H,.,.nla. lime. It miiat hen noble renin Kal-
tive of Mining Publications; Cutting of Costs and Ef- ia m..uth. -The ronihouae hen- ia
i -a n r.l lu rim In ,-el I , it.
with a an loon and a at ore. The pro
prletora were nwav, but the man In J
rharKe got one ot their wlvea, a ripiaw
whom we did not we, to tin our
park, m nnd robea fur u. me'a
nothing, ro'iea and general oiitdt
trailing It over Alaaka. and ent hlng
on treea and drlltool, nnd being de
mollahed In the espalriim gela prettv
ragged at timea, and haa to be re
paired or replaied and that ioln
money, for Ihinga nr" high en the
Th,. food i.iid buiikh vm re
Nineteen-Thirieen Best Year
for Five or Six Years in Mining
Industry; New Mexico Does Well
ficiency to Result in Steady Advance in Business During
Coming Year; New Mexico Has Become Important Fac
tor in Copper Situation.
"A general Ini -reiiae of effleli ties'
in operation and nil In the eoxl of
prodio-i Ion la going m reault In ral--lug
the total prodintlon In the min
ing lndnatr In the romlng year."
..id v K. Itfiinelt in thia ity today.
Mr. Ilelinetl la repnaelll ing the 1 1 1 1 -
giiieering and Mining Jotirnnl, to
gether Willi the other pulilteatlot!
Imi.ui-o liy the aarne company- The
I liutmeer leg New a, the AmerleiiR
.Mid hiuiai, I'ower and the foal Age,
nml la now In the aouihwiat making
a ti i.t of the mining illstrp ip of thia
ae. tn n Kroin here he goea to l-'.l
I': h.i, llienee to Hnnta f:mi lo v 1m. I
the l.ig t'hlnu eopper propertlea and
on to the coat.
',N'inelin thirteen waa the lieid
year In the mining lin'.iairy for the
I ...i-l live or nix e.ira ' :ild .Ml. Tien.
tell. "New MeXleo (.bowed gra
llfvuig Inereilfe ill proillleltoll, al
Ihoiinh. of roiirae. ah"' haa n lot of
development to ilo yet before a he n
up In the firnt rliimi. Ulit the lael
i hat proil ii' i lull liia Inerenaed in thu
81 ii l" wlille it h.ia atood e'lll or fa!
.en of In ii number of other etal'ii
"iit.iihl he very eniniiraglug and the
lii'li.atry luia Iimih-iiup poiw.l,iii
i.l-end of It III thl afale. New Mix
li'.t liifl ear irodieei more eopper
ilinn vhe ever did before nnd haa he.
I'.'iiie n l. tor to he reekoned Willi
In ihi eopper aitimtlon. Arlaonu
bd nit other ei.it. a In copper output
lunt year.
"Iti the eomlng year we nilurnllv
an not xpect mmh Ineteaae in th"
I'ti.e of metala; hi. Iiiereaaei econ
omy in the t'oat of produetlmi la ge
In to make up for thla. In Colo
rado alone during: the pa at two or
three, yegra the leiirlfleetlon of
l.i i li.-H, general Improvement In pow
er ginerniion and aimllar fli.liney
work hii praellrally an", ert the dnv
f.-r the Induatry and turne oa 'nto
profit, I look for a general Itu rena
in proapoeilng for gold thia year and
I'l ronaeij;ient prodiK't Ion. Hi n here
III New Mexico vr.tir riindl'long are
nnixl. Iernt.lv different and yntir
vviiier problem la more important.
The i o'ier nl ion and Imixoiioling of
your flood watera for Irrigation an I
power to my mind offer one of the
great eat ponalhlilt lea In the develop,
tr.eiil and growth of the ainte."
ly expected that If the propound de
velopment wotk la earned out the
Heady Pay will heroine a big pro
d liver In thia camp.
Negotiation are alan under way for
the pile of the Statehood mlrea prop-
a J
v in j!
irly tn new parllea. ir una aale goea
through, and there ia every reuaon to
1. ..!!. ih.il II u lit titta nri.lil'riv
will be In full blaat hy mld-aummer. I '"R
....... m. i a . i
in iiermoa.i tne propeniea oi i. j.
Ito-a and l lie old O'nin Wuve group
will in nil likelihood be going again.
It la underatnnd that an offer for
one of the prominent groups at
Kingston la now being ronaldered. A
i. inli bid on thla property waa recent
ly turned down beiauae the owner
thoucht It wan cuitv" rna-foutth .
a hat they ouvhl l f !.
Speaking of our mineral reaoureea
a prominent mine operator aniir the
other day: "That the eve of the In
ventor and mine uperaior ahoiild ae
turned louarda thla l oillllv la not aur
pnalni;. There ale few camp Id the
I'nlleil Htatea that can make the
showing thai Sierra eon'ity hn m.ule
In the paat or that ran cii.al the min
eral imli, attona tl'.at are found here.
The mining Indua ry In thl county a
well aa In other p.irta of Ne- Main
hua been drnirmiiu along under n .mr-
l ilenou reiMll.'' ...il for wlldi'nttlng 'nit
i Yukon
fond ut thia place
v i.r ni.i: mi Kit (irvn
lllltahoro, N. M.. Jan. 2. The mill
Ing induatry In Hierrn county la giving
vnmlataknhlai aigna of revival. A
bond land tenae. for the Heady Pay
frroup of tninea haa hern practicall
completed and It ia iindertood that
next month will ace the beginning of
work on that property. lt wilt be In
a email way at flrt hut It I ronrtdciH-
Eleventh day, January 3lith Kill-
to Nuliilo. We left Killing at 7
a. m.; trail tne neat yet over nu- ni
Yukon. Jiiat like a Moor wuh hnrd
anow. The doga were in bpicihju im
health anil atarieo oo n n a mi..-,
perpendicular hundred-foot hunk like
cannon ahot. We atopped at an
Inillun enhlli for lunch. We nte our I
own lunch, nnd Juat went In to In
warm while we did n. The hmie..!
had two or three famillm In It. In
cluding a rather good-look i g g.tl.
who apoke Fngl'ph well. The lion
vere mnking Hah trnpa out of willow.
While we were there, a big glantepa
of n niaaculine-iiiokliig e.Un. l ime
In with n back load oi ptarmigan und
rabbit, which 'te had aecured in her
anarea. Hhe waa on pnowrhoei, and
evlently had l.cen ui the mountaliioin
north bunk of the rlvi r for the game.
Kor more than a hundred nillea af
ter von reach Knlta. pcrhnpa two
hundred, there la nothing in a:aht on
thu oiithent aide of the great river,
nothing but Hal, on ground that l
irom twenty-live to tlfty feet u'.iovo
thl reputation fa hei omliig dimmer
n paving properltea are being de-i the river bed, and all of It ci.npletely
veloed all over ttia atnte. lirnnt and i covered with n denKe growth of thla
Socorro rouniiea e ix-cl ill. tn the icnt-pole timber or wattle that I have
weal nnd north of Sierra are innkli.g I deacrihed. II I, aa 1 aai ertalned.
giant atilde In mining develoiunent
and the reflection ''an not but help
thla county hefoie all nthcra. I look
forward with ecnflden e to the new
eia In mining which I about I"
an Indian village, and a gond-Hlxcd
j one on the river bunk. It h it a wue
I lea ' itlnn, and a big hoolhouae
Willi ii tea. her or two A a.tian In
I tne roadhoiiae put down lor baby nml
I I i.okn.l uh aonn, lunch I Imip men
tioned her before "he : Martha
Macbeth. Mr. Kvntia keepa a atotv
,at thla plai-f. I think H M known aa
j lllahop a Mountain, We inuahed iiio'ig
the rei of tile day, and lile In t''e
eveiiiiiu arrived at Staiihurg. vvhl'h
ia a cabin In the w I" on the high
point of an laland on ihe amilh aide
j of the river, where we ainved all
night und cooked rice and hxh for I he
ilogH. H got iiiitcrly eol.l in the even
ing, nnd in ui have .ni lied twenty
below, although It wnp nice nil ilay,
Th lee men nnd attnw man ociitpled
the hoiiae. v.'hf''li had ae'.eral Mniiii
a i an. i. Inn, r. Irlahman ami swede
The Iriphnian and the Swede were
carpenter, building bo. us. hIi dp, etc
The i ii i ii it I it ii wa in.ii iimI to I In
iiinw. She I the ileaf and dumb
viiiuw I havi. mentioned .
The going up the Yukon lhce daya
la poalt.velv the heot il can be. There
I la about lour to live lie Ilea of hard
! Inn ki d mum on Ihe tuer Ice. So
I iuii. li t .m l haa gone over It that It
I In aniooth aa planter of I':iii. nml the
iloiia trot the livelong day. The
weather la uplendld, fanning from
twenty below to ten nbove, witii i Id
nightn. I hive now got thoroughly
ai iiiain:ed w ith Captain l'i to and
with the dug. I know everone of
tile a n i na I by name, and tliey nl..
I pear to know me. I have aung every
aoiig I ever knew, beginning In Ihe
I morning ahortly after we atari, nnd
I keeping It up until I get tired of II in
the evening. I only aiiia hile I ride:
can't alng while you run v iv
well. Captain Pete home la In New
nii!i;"hie. and .he and hla witn.
though many ear')ore, are only
temporarily In Ncnin. He haa ii hniul
aoine young daughter "" I'i" home
atate, wlin tp n gren mupliian tvio.
I n i . Ha ahoxved iri" her picture.
Ilowcvi r, j he I nf I'i, nch Canadian
Parentage, and la it native ol Prince
I'.div.ud lalar.d in m,. St- Lawrence,
he aiill remembi'ra h:a mother tongue,
and h.c.ika Knglihli with ui iimtii-in
accent, although he thoroiialil"
American In evcrv oih'T reapct. He
waa dm idedly pli.iMil when I ami
dmly started in to alng In French, hp
in my youth I had learned hip lan
guage nnd Ita folk lore poiiv There
fore we made the welkin ritiR
4 whatever that ma - mean I never
knew) aa we charted In unlaon "An
Claire de la lure, nmn ami Pierrot, '
"M: ihromk ae lent en guerre." and
Chaute roflgnol enai.;... ' and the
ccplaiti actually atood nn tiptoe In the
alnl when I broke out In the Maracll
aiae with ' A Ion enl. nta do U Patrle "
When we exhnuateil the f'tench. nnd
plaited In Spanlali w:th ' laia liolou-
drimia.'- ,-KI Troto. ,to did Coyote, '
and oiher New Mexican und Hunan
rally, acting- directly upon Jhe blond
anil mucou aurfucv of the ytcm
Testimonial aent free. l'llce 7
cent per bottle. Bold by all iJriig
glft. Take IIfiII's Knmlly rill for conatl
patinn. HOWH THIS?
W offer (ma Hundred I liar f!e
ward for any cuae of Catarrh that
ennnnt he cured hy Hull' Catarrh
F. J. C1IKNRY CO.. Toledo. O.
Wo, the undf raignrd, have known
V. J. Cheney for the hint IS year, and
believe him perfectly honorable In all
hualnea trananctlnna nnd f Inanclallv
able In enrry nut any. obligation mud.'
by hi firm.
Toledo. Ohio.
Mull' Catarrh Cur I taken Inter-
Antonio C. Pncheco. of Armyn
co, Taoa county. I In Ihe city
day litiylug K'loda for hla atorc
t'tnt place.
In Ot
For Millions
Our grandmother hud i aovrrelcn
remedy for pain and nche the old
fimhioned muptnrd plaattr.
)t did th work, hut tnodne how
11 did allng and bllater!
Now y.iu can get thl
inarvelou relief, wllh
nit lhi phialer and
without the l,IMir!
ell STKil'H.K U the
Twentieth c"o a t u r y
form a clean, white
ointment made with oil
if in ot aril thnt you
rub on and the pain I san.
And It won't bllater the lendcred
It an nv to apply. You don't
have to bother with a cloth. Juat
rub It In briekly ao that It penetrate
the pore und )u Ret dellcloua, cool
ing relief.
Tlier la nothing Ilk if I'STKIMH K
for Sore Throat, llrnnrhttl. Tonaiiiiis,
Croup, stiff Neck. Aathmn, Neuralgia.
Headache, Congeaiion. Pleurl.ny Hheil-
matlHiu, l.uinhagii, Paina and Acliea of
Hack or Joint. Hpralna. Sore Muarlea,
Priiiae. ' Chilblain. Kroatud Keel.
Colda of the cheat (it preventa pneu
nionial. Mlllloiia of Jara of MI'S
TKIti HE ure (old unnuully. It la a
tuple in Ihe large hoppitala. lioclor
uud nura.- uae It and recommend it
to the patient.
W , Ak your doctor.
At your druggiat',
In "3f and dOc Jir.
nnd a icrlal large
hop;. It 1 1 aiM, for t.' Ml
If your druggiat
cannot atipply you,
end Zle or Ric to the
Mualerole Company,
and we will mall you n
Clevelund. O
Jar pi at paid.
Mrx. M.ilile J. ftinlth, St. Paul, I nil ,
ia- "Mualerole I worth It Weight
In Void, and I recommend It alinoet
every day. It I the belt for Aalhma.
Itroni hlila and llheumattaui of any
tiling 1 have ever umd."
made up of aapt-n, poplar, w hile bin n
and acruh apruer, with once in a while
a willow mixed In, but pracilcnily nil
of it wood aa limner. The rlier
annually tear mil mile upon mile of
the bank on that aide, uud enrrtea tin
hriifh nnd timber down to the llerlng
on. i in the north aide for the an tne
illii'an.e until you get to uuny, me
river I bordered by a coniinunu
chain of .r high blurf. The liver
haa ahaved off the tronl of all the
niouiii.iin. until they are devoid of
timber or aoll, und preaent a bare ur
luc to the river. Lateral Valley i nn
into the river iibnut every half-mile,
and therefore acallop thl high mean
of mountain rungc luctt:. evenly for
all thnt dialance. Hebind thia .-tieaa
hlth anow-capped mounlalna appear,
and nil nf I 'fuh timber down to
the river through the valley. The
algual corpa line run over Iheae a. al
lopa, and Ita anew -line wheiu road
wnya cut through, add A coiieplcuoua
holder to the whole undulating i-enn
petticoat lor mile.
Jupi iibout nn hour after dark, we
arrived at the Indian village of Nui
ato, which la ulmi a lglial culpa til
th n, and ha ono of Ihe Northern
i 'o.ooo.ri 1 .1 ciioioanv a ureal alorep
lh to. Till concern la Ihe biggcal
thing In Alaaka; It haa etorea evory
wlure except at Nome. Some oh-
tener Bald to me once that your
l licle Him waa anvervian of, owned
Alaaka, and paid Ita bill but that it
wna run by and for the Northern
t'ominer ial company. 1 aw an much
of the N. C. coinixiny during tiie rct
of tha trip, that I begun to think there
might be aiuiie truth in the uppnr-
ently extravagant plaleiin nt. eapti lal-
ly when I learned the way thi con
tern duve-lnlled Into everything In
Alaaka. It I olltrered and run by un
lelellluenl lol of genial, li'ale men, but
there enn be no nueallon that It
chaigea price enough In make a protlt,
and that Ii ia not in Ihe country for
ita health. II ia laid to he mixed In
all Ihe stage line, mercantile line".
boat and other Irnnaportalion line lu
Ihe dlatrict, a well us In aome of the
r.illrnud and mine. I do not know
a to thla, nt leu! not to a certainty
but I kaow thai they are ru.i under
ii aiatem aa tican-eut and able na la
Ihe Standard fill. The roiid-hoiiae at
htl place I run by a man named
Kennedy. I think he I a bachelor.
b.t may be a a-tuaw man for si! I
kn.iw. Hi food waa poor, und hla
t.uiika mil uliv loo nice. He cooked
uur iiieula himself, lit run pool la- . um1 ImsM lu tlrlct CtiuMeuocw
"miCE IS IT"
rmcE is it"
We began Saturday with a Great
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Cotton Torchon Laces and Bandi. Black Silk Chantilly Lace Flouncings. etc. Regular
price 10c to $2.50 a yard. Sneci?l at 5c to $1.29 a yard
Don't forget our Offer $1.00 Value Silk Hose Free with every $3.00 sale or more.
PJJJ? With every purchase of $4 or more a W. B. CORSET; all sizes and
Women's Muslin Gowns, Drawers, Combinations, and Petticoats, neat finished, or
more elaborately trimmed with Embroidery and Lace; positively brand new and $1
and $1.25 value. Special at 69o
Womens Gowns, Petticoats. Combinations. Drawers and Chemises, new designs in
dainty coloring of pink and white Some are finished with laces, have neat embroidery
trimming. Values up to $2. Special at OSj
Women's Princess Slips. Gowns, Combination Petticoats and Drawers made of Ba
tiste and Nainsook, beautifully embroidered or trimmed with Val lace Best values in
the country. Regular $2.50 garment. Special at $1.23
Other garments as low as 19c, worth 35c; and $5.95 worth $8.50. Come and see
Bed Spreads and Comforts-
PD17I7 With every purchase of $5 or more entitles you to a half dozen muslin
FixEa-Cai Pillow Cases
Here i3 an item that will interest boarding and rooming house proprietors. Wise
ones will raid their safa deposit vaults and savings bank account to ret ths benefit of
these enormous values. Note the prices but you must come yourself to appr:ciatc
these bargains: ' ' "
$1.50 and $1.75 Hemmed Crochet Spreads at 98c
$2.50 Crochet Spreads in new designs r $1.59
Crochet Spreads: $3.50 values at $1.93
Fringed and Scalloped effects; beautiful patterns.
$1.25 Cctton Blanket3 at 59c $1.75 Comforts, all colors at 98o
$2.50 Cotton Blankets at $1.39 $2.50 Comforts, all colors at . . . $1-39
$4.00 Comforts, all colors, at $2.09
For Wednesday, January 28, 3 t 5 p. m.; only two to a customer Night Gowns, $1.03
values, only 25c
By Taking Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Chicago, III. "1 mut thank you wlli
all my heart for l.yUia K. Mnkhain a
Vt'getabls Com
ihiihL 1 uim-J tin go
t my doctor for pill
tint romodi a n il
thoydid not hi'ljimu.
1 had headache am
could not rat, and tho
doctor claimed 1 bail
f-maia trouble and
niut have an 0vra
ti"ti. 1 read in tha
Witwr aSout l.ydiu
K. 1'inkham'a Veiro-
talile Compound ami I have Ulu-n It ami
iw fine. A lady m.iil ono day, 'Oh. I
f?fl to tired all Ihv time and have hoa.l-a.-he.'
I aid. 'Take I.ydia E. 1'ink
ham'a Veuetal.i.i Omrnd:' and ho
did and fwla fine now." Mr, hi. II.
Kaiu iink k, 14 w N. Paulina Slruvt,
Chicago, Illinois.
Tho Other Cam.
Ir.yt.m, Ohio. - " 1 ydia E. Tlnkham'
Wpetable Compound rvUvd m of
pain In my lido tlmt I l ad for y.-ar
and which dochr-t' mediclnfs failed U
rrlittvo. It ha certainly lavad me from
un ojietntion. 1 will ! glad to aiult
yott toy a personal l. ttor to any woman
in the aume condition." Mrs. J. W.
tlltln.K, 1UG Can fit, Dayton, Ohio.
If you want apeeiul ad v Ion
write to I.jdln 1. I'liikhaui Mcl
Idino Civ. (confidentiul) I.ynii,
lun. Your letter will be oietie!.
rel aiul HUKWered by a moiiimd.
clianl. hoth (ho cuplnlli nnd iho UiUh
iiiciirpil iIIpkikiIpiI uii'l look nu luirt
--iiiiiyoo it Wii bifati.i of Iho niiig
ini?. bri'iiUKe i have had cncinKM ..
that I ii in it heiii-r 'iiinr" thmi I
llll ll Kllltfi r. Ill Alllrl! an thl:. k, ia
a Wain J.mikmI in them all. Tin' i . 1 1 -laih
innile of aiUliopi, to the iIokk.
anil partli-uliirly lo Jim, the limlir.
a roiiMniiiiun from ilay to day, ami
ariir a whlli-. It ln;i'i in iHik in my
far through the Ion Iiouim. jupi
alioiil like Mark Tkiuiip Mri'-l car
conilucior'H u ol "A ri'il trip lip
'or a two cent f.ue" S'liiieMiii, I
talkeil In ill. 'in iinprlf ho ii h lo get a
ii pl limn ihe ciii'liiin p noli, but
I'PUiilly I hail niiisiiliMHliIn ,1., to
ki-ei w ur ill, rp.ci lallv alnliR In tlie
c piiiiik. A plimle Kla'ii f or two inn
'In- in the pii iH-l v for in i ny imlep.
win n ii ih clnir, ii iiil when It im 'otfuy,
there I none Like In. The enther
up Hi.. Yukon, houevcr, m irlsp
an. I it. liuhiful, HP a Keiv-r.il tllillK.
Iiilloop? IVel heavy after ilin
in r' Hitter liiMte'1 C.iii.. xlon fill
'on" I.uit i.ili.i.s neiilH wnkli'K
I'I" I I" I MP lli'lfllllM lor lllllllll Hl
t 11 k .11 III! ill ll PtolV.4.
thi all. 'nn. i. n. liiilh ir. HUM, un.l ihe live In. wis lute.
California liniileil. cant lioiun!, wi re While Ihe Hain.i Ke ha pufi'eie 1
caught we:. I of the ivaHhi'titM canpeil hlthl lla' k Iuvm'h iiimI ft irai k m
I..' the recent heiiw niliiM In thr f in l eppitate plow lunul'i'. no uri.i.in
tial.ii. l valley. The limited p dti piniilile or ill.i:er had lieen hoard of
lure at 11:31) toniKhl. only al. out here today.
Jr . ppiipl.
t -- - " -I
Floods in California Make Ser
ious Disturbance in the San
ta Fe's Coast Lines Schedule.
K.inta In r.iHt hound train No. in,
due here ut 7 .HI Ihip iii..riiln. will
artive in AUiiiiiieri,.e nl niidniaht
toiiiiilit. cording to anvicM rmn
ed hy the I. .ini tlutlmi thla miitoiiik
1 lie No. 10 train will he i.iip..i.I.iI
ed Willi truln .Nu. t. dun helu ul Ii.ij
Will be the result of your purchase if the shoes
corr.e from us. When you buy here besides style
and fit you get shoo service. You are suie of this
for if the shoss are not right our guarantee of satis-
faction is, it outiasts every pair of shoes we sell. Ser
vice and quality is the full pledge of our policy
nnd it is our highest aim to have every customer
say "I am satisfied."
121 West Central Avenue.

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