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Vol. a. No. .
OCi. a. NO. 2g:,
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of im raw OF
Proclamation Will Be Issued from White House Restoring
to Both Huerta and Carranza Factions Privilege of Im
porting Machinery of War from United States; Presi
dent Convinced Embargo Amounts Virtually to Discrim
ination Against Rebels Who Cannot Get Stuff from For
eign Countries.
(ll I .cased trn to YtmUig Herald.)
Washington. Feb 3. President Wilson him decided In lift the em
bargo cm exportation of i.itns lo Mexico.
A lro' hiitin i ion under ihe authority (if I he congressional resolution of
1912, which, will restore ihi slums of the arm question lo where both
11 atria for i n uinl constitutionalists tuny Import arms from the Fulled
Slates, inn will lip Issued frin the While House.
N of Ihe action about lo be taken by President Wllaon became
known today through source whhh have been cnniun(ly advised of the
administrations policy In Mexico. It also hecam,. known that the subject
IkiiI been dimiiiMil at Ihr cabinet meeting today.
There were Intimation ihul an official nnnouncemem of the adminis
tration purpoar weuld be coming from the While House Inter.
Il la believed President Wllaon finally uecldcd to raise the embargo
after being convinced that by restricting ahlnnenia of rm to Mexico the
I'nlied Htatca wan not really showing neutrality, which wua Ihe purpose
of the embargo, but wua In fact showing partiality aa the Huerta fori e
were cnuhleal. to get large aullea from abroad while the constitutional
taia, I mlleil almoet entirely In shipment from I ha I'nlied' Stale, could
get arma -ami ammunition practically only by smuggling. -.
. It hum bean frequently reported lo the administration during th prog
reaa of Ihe Mexico nrgol.ulloiia, that If Ihe I'nlied .-nates would permit
frt'e shipment of arma to tlenrral Carranx. the constitutionalists would
undertake to restore pence In Mexico and at up a constitutional govern
ment within a ahori lime.
II was understood tn olflclnl circles that announcement of the presl
ilem'a Uetrriulnallon to lift Ihe embargo had gone forward to Charge
iMhuughiie ivy in Mexico City, probably with iiialrut'tlona to ndvlae Ihe
Huerta government.
t'onailtutlonHliat ageni In Washington learned of the development
tinnfthbilly and declared Ihul the end of the war waa in aight.
ifcuutnr of the fnrelgn reluliona commltlea have been urging Presl
dent Wllaon lo permit free importnllon of arma lo Ihe battletclda In the
hope that lha war might aoon be ended. Thoae close to Ihe president (aid
that ha would tuke auch uction na only one of the last resorts in hla Mex
ican policy, preferring to depend for a lime on Ihe "moral preaaure" and
the "financial blockade," which hua ao far atopped Ihe Huerta government
from obtaining credit abroad, haa only recently cauaed It to default In Ihe
Interest eif the Mexican public debt anj hua in n the nrmira of the conatl
lutlonallata aleudlly mardiing on from victory lo vlciiry.
The only word that rame from thv While Houae waa that an Import
ant communication would be made at 5 p. m. today. While limine ofll
liula declined lo divulge lia nuiure.
There la every re noon In believe that under the authority of the Joint
reaolution of March It. 1912. I'reaidenl Wllaon will continue to exerolae
clla" relluniiry power In lauinu permli for the exportation of iirmi, so that
they may not fall into Ihe lunula of Irreaponaible peraona.
Ho fur aa poaakbln only Ihe military hlefa on both aide of the Mex
icun revolt will obtuin the muuillona of w-ur, thouith exactly how that
will be done hua not yet been worked nut. .
The preaident'a decmum waa reached after many month of careful
aludy of Ihe arma problem, and while In the tlrat Instance Ihe belief of
the administration waa that Ihe d' nlal of nrma wua humane ad. Ihe
conviction haa grown on the Wuahlniiton government Ihul Ita policy hua
not operated eiuuliy toward Ihe warring laellona.
1'nrtiahiy inaiead of neutrality wua Ihe reuli of ihe policy. In t'.e
opinion of Ihe preaolenl and membeta of hia cabinet, who finally deter
mined that Ihe real neutral courae Would be to put both fucttotia on an
even fooling. The admlnlairalion ' bellevca lliat lo permit the aitua
tlon lo drift ii lung would be contributing lo un Inceaaant airuggle. It haa
been urged by many adiiiiniatratlon upportera that the removal of the
embargo would In reality ahmicn lh conical und bring It lo u quick con
i Inalon.
fifflcliila here with intimate knowledge of Mexican campulgna ay the
conalllullotialiat forcea have been grcntly handicapped becauae of Ihe au
permr artillery of Ihe Huerta army. From ICuropeun countrle the Huert
government la anld to have been Importing Mi-mllllmcter cannon for the
defunaa of Ihe large cliiea, through oien porta on the Atlantic and I'aclfSe
nil tinder their control. The rnnatltutlonullHla have been almoal enlllely
wiihoul heavy artillery. They even have leen put to Ihe airuita nf manu
facturing guiia out of oi her inuchlnciy. Thia auperlnr artillery haa en
abled lha Huerta force lo hold the large cilie of the aouth, ugainat whi' K
Villa with a rebel army eatlmaled at ll.auo ,m,n qow I preparing to
move na Ihe Aral mif In a camu!in againal Mexico City. Kvery admin-
lot rat Ion ofllilal who waa Informed of Ihe Impending alep emphaalxed that
the Waahlnglon government wua not taUIng the embargo to aid Ihe Coii
Bl.iullonnllata nor aa evidence or aympaihy with their cauae. but merely
to rornTl an Inequality in the warfare which haa been brought about by
Ihe eperalton of Ihe proclamation of !IZ.
Meniitor norah of Idaho, who urged
that tha embargo b lifted aa far back
a last August, said today that many
I'ther member of ihe foreign relation
cnmmitle had com to that amo
conclusion since thst time.
"I believe thai to raise the em
bargo 1 the only thing lo do. 1 be
lieve lhal It will bring pear In Meg
Ico much ooner than It could other
wia be brought, said he.
Kenator fluid, author of the con
greaaiunul resolution, which empow
ered President Tuft In lay the first
embargo, alao ha been In favor of
lilting II during ihe lat few month
and I aald lo have comiuuiilated
thut view In President Wilson at lb
tecent While llouso conference.
"There la ni question but wrvt th
Mexican I'ualion changed consider
ably when lb embargo wua put on,"
aid ha today.
"I have been down In Mexico ami
on lha border and know Ihe condi
tions." aald Henutor Mark Hnillh Of
Arlsonu, another member of the com
uilltiin, "There I no q mint loll thai
it 1 the wine comae In purxue.'
AMtlXi TIIH Hl lll l
J nana. Feb. I. The new from
Wnahinglnn Ihul t'rraidcnt' Wllaon
haa dot I. led to Hit the embargo
gall i t the ImportiMlon of arma t
Mexico cauaed keen Joy u lining tha
rebel lender.
Oeneral Villa aald hla army now
would be no longer handicapped by
the difficulty In obiainiiiK ammuul
l Inn It la likely thai money in Ilia
rebel tre iniry will Immediately lie ap
propriated for the pun haw of utum
and aminunlllon and large ordera will
be pluod In the I'nlied Mntea.
"iince more we have proof that
tllu I'nl'eil Hliilen la ihe areiilcut
friend Ihe Mexican people have." km id
tli'iiciiil Villa. "Thia lnlet act of
fMcnd.ihiti will d.i more III .in nnylhing
ele to Innil the two iiuintriea logeih
er. and 1 predict thai when ihe revo
lution la (tilled, which II aoon will be
now, Mexico and Ihe Culled Male
Will l. more cloaely allied than liny
ecr were before."
ri Nn ON V AY TO
i vki. iiMtt.i: r iM)i(ii it
Omnha. Xeb., Feb. J. llrigadier
Oeneral Frederick Funstoii, recenily
liatiKlci ri'il fiom coiuiii.ind of Ihe
troopa in Ihe Hawaiian ialanda to
riunmaiid of Ibe F'lflli brigade, now
patrolling Ihe Mexbun Imider, nub
liciiil'liiiii lei hi Diniihu. arrived here
laal nlgbt and left today fol Texa
City to uBBiinie hia new rommand.
(.l AFIt l. lti l.lt
Itl TMtNs ntOM ti:xs
Phliugo, Feb. 3. Major Oeneral
W. tl. I'urier. In rominand of Ihe
I'cntial deparimeni of ihe I'nlied
Stale urm, relumed here today
fiom Texna. where he waa In chant"
of Ihe mobillr.uiluii camp of Ihe fec
und army diwalon. Ho la to leiuuin
here until lb., end of the uionib, w'li-ii
h- will aall for Honolulu In take
command of Ihe H.iwuii.tu depari
meni. NO KXim.MFAT 1M.T
Meklcu City. Feb. J The nea ibal
Preildeiii Wllaon hud decided to ralae
the em jar go on Ihe exportation of
arm from the fulled ftniea lo Mex
ico had been learned by few peoplo
I hia afternoon. There wua no ex
rliemenl In eornecilon with the uc
tion. tiltKAT KATIsFrTI'
tFHKSSFI ON lUtlini'.U
Douglas. . Arl . Feb I I'reaidcnt
Wllaon' decKion to lift the citiburto
on hlpment of arma to Ihe revolu
llonlHt of Mexico, elicited expreaalom
of great aiifactliiii today from Meg
ban and Americana. The newa
apread rapidly nil along th border
' nnd conatltutinnallal nttlcem and avm
liBiblra predicieil that the lining of
tha embargo pteaaged the curly ter
mination nf warfare In Mexico.
Thousand of men In northern
Mexico cannot Join the constitution
allsta' army be:'nuae of no arma.
The lifting of the embargo will en
able relK-l commander to eiiuip large
bodies of men to reinforce command
now- operating against ihe Huerta
tH tc Wlr lo Feemlnr Uerwld.l
New York. Feb. 3. John Kopr.
gold miner and soldier of fortune, who
disappeared from New York seven
teen year ago and has not been heard
froiii In sixteen years, has been de
clared oflbially dead by Ueferce
Michael Kuan.
If the referee'a report la accepted
by Hurrogute Cuhaleti, lll,:U held
lor Kopp by Ihe city chamberlain will
be divided among ihe miners' four
lirothers and siaiera.
The following year a letter was re
ceived from him dated Orovllle. I'll
It said an epidemic of sioallln.-l '.ad
hit the town and he needed money
to get away. A money order for 17 '
was sent by his mother. This was
ciiahed and iia luinil la the last ir.l 'C
Ihe family hail of Kopp.
Mr. Kopp died in 1901 Intestate,
leaving a aubaliinllal fortune. I nder
the law one-fiiih was the pmpcrtv
of the missing soil.
Itadtum lrnvew I'iihv ailing.
liultimore, Feb. t Alihoiiyli he
passed a fairly romforiuble night.
Koberl J. I Ire inner, the New Jersey
connreasman who la urfeiing with
malignant cancer nt a aiinilnrium
here, was reported lo be weaker to
day. The radium applications have
keen diacoiu limed, us hope fur Ihe
putlenl'a recovery bus been aban
Rockefeller Asked to
Ccagh Up Taxes on
(XI j lawd Wire lo 1 vemlng Herald 1
I'levelaiid. O., Feb. I. John
I. Fackler and iVIIIIam Agnew.
deputy state taxation officers for
Cuyahoga county, went lo Ihe
home of John 1. Rockefeller on
Forest Hill, Kuat Cleveland, to-
day and filed a written d' maud
on hlin that he pay tuxea on hla
personal properly, estimated at
i),0U0,liutl. Into the treasury
of thia county.
They claim that under lha
Wurnea tax law Rockefeller, by
redding In th county fi r the
greater purl of the preceding
4 twelve months, has made him-
self liable to taxation here.
T.R. Will Clean
Up New York
Says Bill
(ly l-aa. dl U lr to I'.icnlng itcral.1l
Albany, N. V, I'll. a. Former
lliiveinor Hulxer n:.i bis "inuiili n
speech" in Ibe nut.- cMo-mMy Imlay
In support of a In t In li to liriug be
lore the bonne ib. t-vhuap resolulion
for a slate-wide uiafl llivestlgatlun.
"The whole official atmosphere Is
saluiiited with rr.i!'. ura't. r.r.nt.'
aho.iicil Mr. Hulei "X.i mnu knows
more of grail Ihiui I. ii"r has any;
been a itrealer Vliliin.
There la no politic In Kraft. All
i rooks look ullkl lo the taxpayer. I
have no hesltmcy In saying and 1
know -thut over $,iiao.no of the
taxpayers' money was stolen In high
way cotiKtrticllon In 1912. Ho with
the runals, mi with other stale de
partments pillum ru.miiig Into mil
lions, "We demand sl.itcvvlde probo.
Let us separate Ihe sheep from Ihe
gi.ntK. Kr ivv. wimi Inline, in:u men
in highest posit luiia arc now strain
ing evciv nerve to cover tip crime
nnd protect men who ought to be In
"I urn here ,un Independent. I
owe no allegiance to anv party. :viv
purpose before thl session is over
b; lo loll some trullts lhal will el-am
the people of this state so fur a
William Hulxer Is concc-ni'd."
.Mr. fulxi-r referred vaguely ll
"someone" who Is said will tag
onlrol of slate nffalrs on January
. next, and conduct them n they
should be conducted."
Al Ihe conclusion of his remark.
folr.er was asked lo whom he refer
ird In connection with Ibe next gov
ernorship. "Itoosevclt, of course." w th
Interstate Commerce Board to
Look into Question of $15,
000,000 Annual Gift by
Railroads to Industries.
(Uy Icancd W ire to r.venliig IliTald.)
Washington, Fib. J. Another new
development was thrown today into
the freight rale use before Ibe Inter
state commerce commission in which
Ibe fifty-two cistern raliroaila arc
set-king to udvame their i lnuii'-it live
per cent, when t 'omniissioticr Harlan
announced lhal ihH tominlsloii in
tendad to hold supplemental y hear
ings on the question of fixing reason
able i hnrgf for free serv ice which
railroad systems now pertorm lor
larg Industrial plants. The r-cenl
declMion In Ihu inditMirial railways
case Indicated that auch free si rv li es
' so-culled irnu cost the liiilluad
ay m nliimt 1 1 :.,0imi,iiu a year.
ht l.KS TO Itlol'FN
Wnshingioii. l ib. SHiiaii'r Nor
ris today Hit r--il n ed a resolution for
lb lntiTKt.it.' r .mtnei-ie mnsslon
to reopen lis New York. New Huveii
lUrifoid railro.nl inquiry. The res
olulion would il.iiil apccinl inquirv
oil ''what bi'iilno of New Haven
.inula wTonglully Invested ul licltuoiis
values ."'
"Whether tin-,, uuilml tiling such
investment ami those bemln nig
liable lo puiii-1 inenl."
"Whether s.i. Ii funds so Invested
can 1 1.. r.iin i 1 1 .1 bv New lliVIl
"Whnl lcittal.il
snry to pn-viiit
similar irsn-.o ti
m. If any. Is nei es
Ibe reiuiiene of
of tha resolution
went over until tomorrow,
Asuirr of ohif.nt mist
Kansas I'm. K' b. I. Assets of Ibe
Kalis. is I'llv. Mexico A ililcnt railroad
are lo be sold wiihln slxiy days fr
not b-sa Ib'in ...iHHi,liliil, tnnlcr Ihe
lerma of an mil' r signed In lb" fed
ml curt lute i nlay by Judgv John
C. Pollock. Currying mil ihe order
of sale means the dissolution of the
receivership thai haa controlled thr
I irlenl an tlsubsnliary compullles since
March. IHU'.
Judge Polioi k unnoiin cd lhal he
would fix Ho- it. 'e of Kile and name
special in isii r lo lake chain" of II
aa soon us tin- silicltois fnr Ihe bond
holder shall inform him of their
rend I liens lor n ii uctlort,
lliitte Cotton l lro In Texas.
Houston. Tex., Feb. 1. Property
damage estimated al nearly one mil
lion dollars was done st Clinton, Tex.,
today when between fifteen and twen
ty thousand hub of cotton were
either consumed or badly damaged
by fire.
Tammany Chief
Says He's Boss
to Slay
(Ht lawajcrl Wire In Tvi'itlne Herald 1
New Vi.lk, K li. .: --t ha rles I-'.
Murphy today delicil Ills i nelnn HI
Ihe national I n iim, ran.- clun w lm
.m.i.iiI u resolution last iiiklii caillim
lm bla lei in iiniit fn nil all pa 1 1 a ipa
t.iirt In party nffairs.
"I am tha leader of Ta intnii ny hall,
be ile'-l iri-d. 'and I will riuiaiu t'te
li-aib-r of T.i niin.ii.v b ill. That's ail
the matter la closed."
Ft H ilda nf Mut iiliv, wllosc retire
ment aa leader nf Tammany bull I"
demanded in a refutation ailoiie. last
niitht bv the national I lemoerMt ic club,
toil. iv announced ihe;r Intent inn of
appealini; to tbi boafd of governors
of the ( lull on Ibe niiiuiiil tli M the
aye and nay vote was lib
The full inetllbel-illlll nf t lie club l.-i
"i:,. Only K'5 attended the ineei'tig
list night.
New York, Feb. 3 Joseph Cassniy,
ioriner In inocrallc leader of otici n
county, and Louis T. Walter. Jr., hi
lieutenant, w lm w ere found guilty bile
lust mgl't nf cnnsir.ii y In m IliMR a
neiiiinat ion m i'ie sinte supreme rutin
In in ii to William Willeti, a lornn-r
i.nui ehriinan. were "n Jail today await
ing sentence. TlilH. ll was . xpei ted.
will bo Imposed tomorrow. The max
imum penalty in two year ill prison
and a line of flt.iuia.
Kx-t'oiiurcsstn.in Willeti who was
cnnvli led ten days aim nf buying the
nominal Ion. was arraigned "r sen
tence today.
Seven Hundred of Gentler Sex
Act as Judges and Clerks of
Election for First Time in
History of Illinois.
Feb. 3. Chicago vv.st
men demonstrated Imlay Hun
approval of women sli inng m-
I il Hi I lite. TIlotlHIOilS Visited
the pnllinij places and revlstci i d.
Ihereby qualify lug Iii v ole at tlic
coming primal' es nnd at the t
April election of aldermen.
Kttrlv estimates thai the ntim-
bet of women tn remoter would
nearly equal ihe male regls.tr. i-
Hon wen. more than borne nut
In manv pieciiuls. where more
women than men were recorded.
Neailv To ami i.,. in. n had reg'e-
tiled in the tl i --t live limns In-
lit l-easr-a Wire u r.xeitinc Derald 1
I'lilcao, l''eli. Women inn.iy
ri gisteii d for Ibe Iirst lime in I'ln
'.un pri-paiatoi'v to cxechnk' tbiwr
'.kIii nf fiaiuli.-e ut in spring ul
del Ilia III.' l I ma I'lc .,.
Cpw.nds of fiu.aii'l Woimn. in
coining l iii i a i i e est ilea: ea. will
bav,. lid olne otil' bv the l:iti- ill"
I t i lose at Ii o i link imilghi. No'
es lb, in .'.ii. lino nun who have
i llallteil Ibell residence Wltilill the
last year will have qualified, ic'iot'il
I li if to estimates.
Acting us Indues and ii-1 ks ol
eleitlnn for tin- litst time in the his
tory of Illinois, iipptnxlmusi Iv i mi
women usK.aied in i emt-li i ing il.,- m w
v liters
loV Ulllll V Vol F
111 I I I It ill V Till Ml V
tiiiiiiwa, l.i., Feb. :i. Vn.ro iban
S.IIIMI Wnlnen Voted ht yenlirdiV's
eleellon hero on a iUeiion of iiii.nic
ipaily owned alt eel lights and in sides
aiding to i any the pioieci by a vnt
nf ne.iily t to I, showed mnre ubiliiy
at voting lb in ill. I the men. ucinidiiu:
to election ol lb nils I'ldav. . l.i 1 1 1 1
seven men vni. d i, ) every four women
but nf the balloT more Wele spo.led
and ilnielnie not iniiiulid in the
i iiiinl. ihu latin til ing about three to
t.io In favor nf ihe women.
In one ward compos-ed mainly of
winking men and wnmoii. eighty hoti
thus negatived tlieir own ballot
while ouly sixteen women ii-flde a liKc
I'lMl v AM FN lM r'N'T
Ticnloli, N. J. Feb. 3. Tho ul
inn nnn wmn
IH TDRREO TO rvnnminri
Humane Rebil Commander Ik-
sues Warniup; That Castit
ians May Expert Adob
Wall and a Firing Squad.
Chief Declares Americans Art
His Amigos and He in Turu
Feels Deepest Affection
Toward Us.
(Ily Is-n-s-d Wire lo ITircnlng Herald.
Jiiiiik. .Mexico, I'cb. ;i. A warn
ing was Issued l.y Oeneral Francisco
111. i toilay that all fpanlaiiia cap
lured in the Torreon cuinpulgn will
be siimniuiily dealt with. Oiller.il
V illa said be hud poKlllve proof that
sMuni 'a i. Is in Torreon had luUcn un
arma ugaliist the rebe, and Unit all
tin c vvniilil be shut. littnns, h
-aid, would be banished iroi.i tho
"In cnnformlty with my concep
tion of ju-llie I wish lo notify all
fori Ihu tuovet nincnls that I have poa
litve li. li. i iiiatli.n that the f punish
rcsiucnts of Torrenn have sided with
ihe federal forces lliere nnd Hint It
is in y purpose to execute these
paniaid if we capture thein." said
Hen. ml Villa. "1 am making thi
siniement now so Mint no aurprse
will be expressed later and to give
such Spaniards an opportunity in
b-uve ihe country before they full In
io my bitnd-i. 1 hope this police tn
be Ciilted Stales and to fpaln will
,. v'-f!iiil"' frfMenfTIV' wnrnliig.
"The l.isi time we took Torreon, I
npture.l 71 fpanlardn. Kiicb of them
pioinlsi d lo viT In take up arms
lu.iinit no- iil-iiIii.
thai all Spaniard
armed. Therefore
I'.nl now I find
in Turreim are
I suy lhal the
villi be sin. I
ana mat whmii
plnof v. Ill l.
cniinir... us t!)
If captured. Those
1 have no positive
banished from lha
y were from I'blhua-
"In Hit cnniiecllon let me suy
that Am-ric-.iiM iimv havii im fear. I
iccard ihe bii;b dign'iv with whlcii
A merlin us hav e cunductcd tlii iu-si-lies
ilnrinu this revolution as n
trlindly act inward our i ouse. 1
f"e I he ileepi Ht friendship inward
ihe lulled flutes. vl American
i.roperi v vi III be pi oi. cl. d "
Oitn iu! Villa found It necessary lo
del. iv bis iniciiileil departure fur Chi-
bllalllla In.l.iv.
I I III ltl. I'lttHip. ATIIMIT
TO llfsllKiV IlltllX.i:
I'ii'liiin. fun. bin, Feb. 3 Acting
ill colicell with Hie Barilsi.ns of
un: . mas an. I Maitatlan ro rrestro;
. ..iihiIi in ioii.ilisis lln-s ,,f communl
e.iiii.n and siirroinm li.n.tal Carruii
'a. federal lliu.I.M from T.ole file
ill-mpte,! to ibimy n laio railroad
bl blue tour Yarn, sonllt i.t li..r
Thev were repiils.-d hinveur, accoid
nig lo repiris.
The sortie i.r ihe Ti pic r.irrison
'Invied similar attempt tn cut off
'"in'raniM mule by n,,. Iu,.rta nar
rlvon at f.uavui.is and Muzailati. im
the body nf u federal colonel coin-lilall-lillB.
killed ll, a flgbt st wceK
Mar Oua.v mis. an order from liner
hi was found Instructing; him to cut
Ibe lei. el l.iihvay com m 11 II lea t ions.
The Insiiiij.Mts believe the Maallan
Hid Tepic gnrrisoiig rinlveil almllui
a ib-rs.
Mixlco I'm. Feb. 3 - Jose Vera
i:-taii..i ii hrother of J..rge Vera I'
'"" mini. .i. r i.r public liiHtrui tliiu
ill tin- late President Milileros cab-
tit. as nrrisi.il tmlav- Hint si nil In
:h- luniln in iai y. The charge iiitalns:
Mm was not made public Kaiunol
had been observed writing a letter tn
bis bmi her w ho on January li. w s
.is.sted in I lee from the country by
Vcl-oti i CfbaiiKhni ssc. American
' b. ti: iralf.nrea. The letter wat
file la sed Wire, tn rwilnf Tferabl
New Voik. Feb. 3 - Frederick W.
V indcrb Ill's yacht Warrior, which
went u:;ionni tecciiilv off ibe coast
of I i.lnmbia has been flouted und U
In inn towed to Jamaica, m -cording;
In ii.lv.ces received loday at Ibe Mar
it In e i i haiige here.
C'cun-vlvniila Hunting.
Wil'iainsiiolt. a., Keli. 1 John
I'lbel. a stiel mill foreman. Was ban,
i d here p.il.iy f,.r the murder III I 12
nf ilrili'i. Sii.ltole.
to.l. iv passi d ihe ri solution for u stale
f nii il in iiiiimI k m ii i i il i it. ii I extending
Hie rr. In nf still ran,. In w omen. The
ns.il.H'oii new goes to lie senate.
Republicans and Democrats
Join in Overwhelming De
feat of Anti-Oriental
In Hot Debate, Republicans
Appeal to Dominant Party;
to Leave Delicate Question
to Administration.
( liy Iacd Wire lo trenlug Herald.)
W ashington, Feb. 3. All Aal-
nitc ei liiKion amendment to
the Iminlgiuiion bill were d-
feated loday today In Ihe hou.
Th0 Hayea-Lenroot amendment
waa beaten. 102 to 54, after an
overwhelming defeat of a almllar
amendment by Representative t
lluker. f
All the Asiuiic exclusion
amendments wer knocked out
of ihe bill after a hot debate. In
which Republicans and Demo-
cruta Joined in urging their de-
feat, and Ihe- Republican up-
pealed to the lie m is rata to leav
Ihe Asiatic problem free from
legislative entunglemvnl while
President Wllaon and fecretary x
Hrjan werw treating It, diplomat-
icilly. The bill as It now stand
Is merely an Immigration meu-
ui without rei rictluna aa to
race or color.
The la-niool-llayes amend-
meni would huvo excluded Al-
at n a except thoae already pro-
vlded for in passport agreements
or treaties, Ihu drawn to avoid
reference lo Japanese or Chi-
neae. Representative linker,
leading the Pacific coast delcga-
In.n cniilendlng for Asiatic ex-
elusion. offered a substitute
more drastic In terms. llolh
were Inalon. The debate ut
x times was hot nnd the bouse waa
in confusion.
Republican Leader Munn, In a
speech which brought forth outburst
of uppluitue, gravely pleaded with hi
Republican colleagues to put aslda
all considerations of party advanluga
and vote against the amendment.
"We owe un allegiance lo Ihe coun
try." In. said, 'above our lutriy al
legiance. Foreign uffuira should b
ha ml led in a delicate wuy We ut
it In California to protect her ugainat
Representative fherley of Kentucky
mud,- a similar plea lo Ihe Democrat
und despile the fact thut teat vote
yesterday' showed a strong sentiment
for Ihe umendmviila they were re-
The modified "llayea n.endmenl''
was before the house today when It
resumed thr light on the Asiatic ex
i liisioti feuiure of the immigration
As modified by Representative
laniooH amendment, adopted laat
night, It would bar Asiatic srd Afil-
una, except I hose whoa entry to the
Ciilted flutes has been provided for
by treaties or passport arrangement
wlili h now exist or may later be en
tered inlo,
fhulriiinn Rurnett of the Immigra
tion committee und hi follower be
gan woik early today, however. In
attempt lo beat Ihe amendment en
tmly and leave the Immigration bill
free of Asiatic exclusion features.
fprlngfield. .Muss, rt. i A com
mittee appointed by the convention
of ft us i ll ilill, representing 1,500,
nnii Jcwk. will present lo Prc-atdent
Wilson slid niembera of congress a
resolution opposing the clause la th
Immigration bill rclutrv to tti lit
eracy ivsi. The resolution sk (or
exemption from the literacy teat of
"all alien seeking admission to
avoid religious persecution, either
through other act or by oppreaslv
III lset Wire vi keening flersUl.f
fioux 1'ity. Iowa. Feb. I. Oeorga
I. Perk in, aged 11. for forty-Ovs
venr editor und publisher of tha
Sioux City Journal, died at o'clock
ibis morning In a hospital her, after
several week' illness, of a complica
tion of dioeuaea. Mr. Pel kins mil
prominent In the council of Ihe Re
fill luan party and hud served four
li rios In con mess from the Kleventh
low Ulatri. I.

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