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It a Democratic
P 1 a t f o rm Be.
tween Friendil
ll In tli IIKHAMt. lift, renta
month or It crnla a week ilctlverpil
at your dmar; fifty n-nta lijr mall.
Vol. . No. .
ll. . M gM.
e urat vvoi
Runs Amuck in
Puis Another
VJ r lt i ji roi
r ' 11 f i v. n i a
g r if inn nu ii a ii
Mr! I
HE TO E01.
in Field
Shy and Retiring Denver
Newspaper Man Attacked
by Village Bad Man With
Real Six-Shooter.
! 1eaard W tra to frrenlnt llecild.l
Denver. Feb. . A warrant charg
ing Thomas J. I i'lunfnll, prominent
Iiemocruttc politician ' of Colorado,
with eaauult upon F. (1. I Ion run with
IntPtit to hill, leiicd fr.m the her
Iff a office today alter an information
ugutnt Mr. O' limine 11 hud been Issued
by Ih district attorney upon the
f-r;iulnt nf Mr. Ilontllii.
Mr. Untitll I one of tho owner
of the Iienver Iol.
The alleged assault occurred today
at the county court house where both
.ncn were going to attend the Honf
Injunction suit nunlriot the Denver
I'nh.n Water rnmiiuny. In which Mr.
lionfila hud petitioned thut the com
inny he enjoined from using money
for political purpose. Mr. Don
nil I Vic president of n voter' or
gunlxutlon which I fighting Mr. lion
fila' oition III the wtii r raw.
According to witnesses, Mr. Ilon
fll with hi partner, II. II Tnmmcit.
appt cached the court him' and met
Mr. (lonnell on the iep The
newspaper men were accompanied by
M A. Dclaney their hoily guard
Mr. Ilonfll poke to Mr. O'Dniiiicll.
sny witnesses, to the cfTcd that he
(llniiftl) wa not Hfrnid of Ihri"
of violence which Mr. O'Dniiiicll wna
accused of having made imuliist Mr.
"I'M not iitruid of you, either." re
torted Mr. I o ti lie 1 1. Whereupon
more word were bundled and De
Ihik'Y proceeded mid entered th
court hone. thinking, n he mild, "II
waa only a Jawing mutch "
The next action, winieaaca saw wn
a blow which Mr. Ilonfll atruck
i iMiiinrll n the Jaw. O'Dnnncll
then drew a revolver from lit cowl
pocket and attempted to fire ll at
liorillls. who succeeded In cutchlnr.
hold or hi nntugnnlst'a com slcevi
and prevented the discharge nf the
Iielaney, looking back, anw the aa
aatllt and haatened In hi employer'
assistance. 11 Jiimmed a tinner be
tween the trigger of the revolver and
Ita chic Id, precluding (he possibility
of the gun' discharge.
lie finally wrenched the weapon
from o is.nnell and returned ll
'Biilon o'Donnrll. a on. The pari)
then divided. An hour later Ilonfll
swore to a complaint churning O'lion
nell with aauli with Intent to kill
f i Donncll declare he drew hi re
volver in self defense, nnd thut he
had t.een warned thut Ilonfll "went
The elnah grew out of the hitter
campaign Involving the wutcr aupply
of Denver which will end with a !'
01 a I election Kehruary 17. O'lwitinell
and lionfila oppoae each other in Ihl
NolUllly Hvm Italluay U.tew.
Iienver. Keb. . Lord and iJidy
Decles. acromimnled by Mr. and Mr.
. H. Huntaman. left Ienver shorlly
after midnight over the Iienver and
Km Grande railroad for Halt Ijike
I'lty and Hon Frnctco. Ijidy rerle,
aeeond daughter nf (leorge J. Mould
end her huaband, who apent several
day la Denver are making a tour of
the tlotild railway line.
in le1 Wlre lo Ktln nerald 1
lanHina. Feh. . i'i.I. Uco.
W. (loethala. rhalrman of the
Tanania canal rommlxalon. In-
day eiipeniled John llurke,
manager of the romntiaaHry de-
I'olonel Gnethiita' action came
at Ihe roncluloti of the hear-
Ing which gave llurke a i-hance
to clear hlmaelf of Vie enamel
thai hp had accepted gratuities
and had been guilty of Irregv r
btislnuaa Iranaaction. i'olonel
4 Ooetluila nlan auieniled W. K.
Hhlpley. chief clerk of Ihe ul-
slatenee deinrtinent, the reaa.n
given being "ln ompelence."
i'olonel floethal had clor-
day received Ihe report made hy
Mr. Nye. Ihe special agent ap-
pointed to InveR'IgKt Ihe
charge agnlnxt Rurke. He then
Informed llurke thai lie had
given him a chance In explain
and produce evidence of the In-
nncence of hi Iraraactiona. and
of how he came to lie poeaemed
of o much real ea'ale In the
1'nlted Htatea and I'anada. and
.of large deposit In Indianapolis
and I olon hanks. riurke de-
A .luwil 1,1a l.iniwne
Captain Prank '. V'iiltldk.
I'nlled HI leu cavalry, haa leen
appointed . succeed Tlurke.
u her change In the cominli-
sury department Bfrectlng mill-
or employes are to he made lm-
tlurke Balls this wrek for the
United Hi a tea In gather docu-
mema and affidavit In support
of his affli niulii.it of Innocence.
Kansas City
Half Starved Beast Shot After
Biting Two Persons and
Starting Reign of Terror in
Residence District.
f lljr leaned Wire In Even In f llrrgld
! Kanni t'lly, Felt. . A huge
half atared gray wolf, after
biting two peraon. frightening a
acore nr otneta ana apreauing
votialernntlon throunh a muld and
faahlotiMOle aouth aide renldetiie
diKirlct, waa hot and killed on
l.inwnod lloulevard here todny.
The wolf r prang upon Mine
Anna Harrlnon aa he waited '-
a alreel car. The wolf re.ii down
the boulevard, pumtit-ij by a rnila
man whu hurled bottle aa he
ran. Two block from the
cene of the flrl attat k the wolf
napped at a negro domeulic,
rnuKing a painful wound In the
arm. A number of grocery boy.
bulnea men and aervant from
boulevard home Joined the
chime. A riot cull wn wnt In to
police hediunrter and an nu
Inmublle with half down pntr"l
im n hurried to the aceiie.
The wolf hud run .i block
and allacked another pedcat rlan,
Hamucl J. Iliirilln, a deputy
coun'y collei'tor, before T. V.
Wright, a policeman, ended the
rhaae by ("ending a bullet Into
the anlninl' head. Thi? police
pronounced the "kill" a tine apei .
linen of the gfav uolf hill were
at a loa to know how it loiiml
It way into the heart of (lie
Lame Explanation of Cheerful
Repudiation of Plank Adopt
ed at Baltimore Convention
Made by Executive.
(tljr lacd Wire lo Kvi-nUig Herald.
Wiikhlnglun. Keb. . l'reldent
Wllmm let It lie known today that
r-iim the first he regarded a an un-
wie policy the Itiaertluu In the tH-m-
ocrallu national platform of Ih-t
plank favoring Ihe exemption of
American coaalwise ship from the
payment of I'unama i-aiial tolls.
The president feels I hat a plulform
declaration on auch a subject Is in
elation tu clrcumMtances thut arise
all over the world as well as In Ihe
I'nlled Stales and that only the ele
ment which the United Mtalen ran
control In the situation ought to be
binding. He fee la that a change of
clrrumelanceg ha arisen In Ihe in
ternational BKpect nf the situation
which neceaanrlly would change the
ittltude of the American government
nd the altitude of the country on
the subject. Mr. Wilson told culler
today that the whole situation and
the point of view of foreign govern
ment was to some sene involved In
the settlement of the cotit rovery lie
Intimated that platform declarations
should be limited to question of do
mestic policy and hoiild not em
brace relation wHh foreign govern
(fly IjraMtt Wire tit KveMnc Herald.)
WaKhinglon, Keli. . only nalive
of I'atiama and American hereafter
will he employed in the higher grade
of crvict on Ihe Panama canal.
The rule will apply lo all employe
leretvliig more than f T& a month, or
mote than I" cents an hour. Alien
may lie employed in those gradua If
Kiev have occupied similar poaitlun
during the construction of the I'. in
sula c iiimI fur two year or more
They may also be employed tempor
arily In emergencies. The eight hour
law will be applied to all per dletn
and hourly employes above the grades
Of laborers.
All oltlcer and enipoyes on the
canal, except clerks, bookkeepers,
sicnor.ru phrrs, typewriters, surgeon,
phyaictans, nurses and draughltnen,
and clerical poaiilon paying 7S and
less per month, will lie exempted
from civil service examination. Km
ploye of Ihe I'anama railroad ,my be
traiiBlerred to the canal stall without
f.ihe slainUvllle pica,
Hartford. Conn.. Feb. Olle
Manileville. a well known contractor
and an uncle or rVhuyler Colfax, vice
premdent of the I'nlled Htatea during
t'reaident U rant's first term, died here
Bged .
Secretary of Interior Suggests
Conference of Western Ex
ecutives at Denver on Rec
lamation Questions.
(lly I eased Wire fo Fven.ng Herald.) , (fly ltiwil Wire to Kt-'iilog Herald. 1
lencr, Keli. . Hovernor Am- llancoik, Mich.. Feb. !-- letter
tnona hn received a rommunU ntloii trvm (Vernor W. N. I'. rrlH, declln
froin Hicreiiiry of the laterlor l,iin. . , ,, , , , .,
UM.teatlnx thai a meeting of gov
ernor of Wentern tate be held In
I be inline, Hate future to iIIxuh In
det.il the Uetlon of IrrlgHtloti
mid reclamation nf arid land of the
Hecretnry l.nne aiiKReated llmt the
meeting be held Kiniullaneoiialy with
the Htatrrn 'governor' conference
which I to convene in Iienver. prob
ably In April.
The governor ha replied to Hecre
tnry Lane ai.gKciitlng that the con
ference b held in Iienver at the ll ie
of the aentirn governor' conference.
,, , .. " ,. ., ..I -
euaaeeil. IMI Hie llirr.,,,,
the firm or mil week In April lo
iiccoiiimiiiliiie Governor J. M. I'urev
of Wyoming, who tmvv la In Kuropo.
In iici orilaiice with the e retal a
rommutilciition. Hovernor Ainmona
today eenl out a lnlement to eal
ern governoi the text of which lot
"The general conference of gov- jiirr.iw of 1'hlcago. had a conffienen
rrnor of the county w ill be held thl (vilh p t another lime rcpre
!fr at Madlaon, Wis. In June. The ,,f i,P nrKauixailon In
executive committee ha agreed to 'thr (H,,, ,,f Michigan called on me.
lake up ome ncatern quetion at ' , Hn,,ther time a dehgatlon of five
Ihia liieeilna Bud It I therefore ', r ,( min,.r waited on tne. At an
thought heat to have the western i,,ther time Mitchell Mahon of lietrolt
governor conference in advance of ani fiarence Harrow wilted on me.
the general ti.ectlng that the con- AI lini,ther time Jam" MacNaugh
feretice iiggeted by Secretary Unf i,,,, maiuiKer of the Calumet and
could verv proierly hold at Ihe l'mel,M.n walled on me. The clergy
i f Ihe ncatern governor' conference 'mn ther repreaenlutlve have from
and Ita re-null. If found ncceiary, jnme to time rome the office to
le brought lo the attention of bc trl mi n(lW to Pttle the strike.
general conleiflice.
"The subjects to he dlscuaacd
would be of vital Importance to this
tnte and the entire wet. There ha
never been anything so vital lo the
agricultural growth of li e llocky ! result of all my lnvellgatlona ahow
Mountain country UB file .mulling of ithul there la one hone of contention,
waler riglita and the development namely. Ihe Vetcrn Federation of
of Irrigation system. If this pro- Miner. Kllinlnale that factor nn.1
noed meeting could bring about not, Ihe dlxpute would have ended long;
only a greuier cooperation between long ago.
the federal and state governments. , , . , .
... . "There I auppoved lo be anion
but hold out some practical system ' . , , . ... i
, . ... . , " . , . . . my document a ilninlcate of the ln-
for throwing safeguard, uhoiil irrt- , . , ' . , , .
., ... . . Vent gallon made , Ihe labor de-
gullon securities, the very greatcm ........ .
, , ,, . . purlmenl nl aihuiKton. T nl-1
poaulble benefit would come to the ' . .,, ....,
. have complete Men. .graphic report
...I , , .. . . , of the Mitchell. Million and Harrow
It I. urged that - great man In- ,nr,.rtm , ,,, n,HO Poml.,a
tereated partle could come to lien-. . i..il
ver. vt iuen l ine cciner oi low jioi ay
Mountain. ditrlct who could not sit-
. . .
ford to go to WuHhington. There-
lore u Very much larger attendance
could he had nt Denver and ll I
therefore suggested that Iienver
should he rhoKcti Inatead of an east
ern city."
Governor Amnion wn elated ol
the Interest In extern land which
Hecrelary Ijinc evidenced by hla re
questing a conference with wctern
governors and declared I hat he be
lieved a niovt amicable arrangement
for the reclamation of desert land
would he reached between Mtate and
federal government.
One Killed and 14 Injured
When Twin City Limited
Hits Broken Hail at Minne
sota Town.
flit I .cased Wire lo Kvcnliig Herald.
Pinux City. J-'eti. V. A luokeii tall
iv reck d Chicago, St. !. ill, Minne
mioll and iituahit train number 2 at
illgcliiw. Hum, tud.iy. one person
Wa killed slid 14 Injured. None of
Hie Injured are believed to be fatally
hurt. All Ihe cars except one, and
the engine, left the track The all
steel qiij i.lncnl lilulouliteill , sav ed
many live.
PI. Paul. Minn., Keb. 11. Tile wreck
of the "Omaha. Twin City limited"
puaacliger train 011 the Chicago, St.
Pa nl. Minneapolis, and Omaha road
near lligelow today wa caused hy a
broken rail, according to a atatsment
given out at the ottic of Ihe rnud'a
general superintendent.
The all ateel train with the excep
tion of the liM'omoiive, turned over on
Us side. Sleeping passengers had no
chance to prepare for the shock, lies,
cue parties w -re at once formed by
the train crew and uninjured passen
ger. They succeeded In dragging
many from the overturned train.
Ilesrenne Cutler In llc-itie.
Portland. Me.. Feb. . The rev
enue cutter Androscoggin, with I""
Ion of coal in her bunker prepared
lo sail tonight for titty of Island. X.
K. tu assist Ihe Ice-hound naval tug
. F
Governor of Michigan Doesn't
Intend to Inconvenience
Himself Any Moie Over
Strike Situation.
Kreonlonal Inveatlgnllon of the cop
per airlke wn made public by I'hnlr
man Tuylor nt the opening aeaaion.
The letter follow:
"Kxccutlve rhnmbcr, I.hiikiiib, Mich,
I'ebrimry 4.
"My Near Hlr:
"Vour letter of February S la be
fore me. ! have never made a
comprehensive report of the,trik
situation. TmmedluteH afler the
Jmrike n called, '. K. Muhonev
i nil Angu Kerr came to the execu
ii, ..m... Viihup liitit,,.ilt:itelv ore-
reding their call or Immediately af-
.,.,..- In
ter that i oflered my aervice
the mlmr and mine
i-rator by
' sav of medial I,. n. TIiIf a declin
ed by the mine nnera?m.
"I'roni time to time oilier dele
rntion came to the ruecullve office.
Ijiler on Mr. Mover of the Western
federation of Miner and I'larence
"In January I vllted the copper
country and made invealigntlom
with reference to specific points.
During Ihe tmt three: months the
i . in, .....p.. t
gallon In the cupper country
I ...... .. . , .
i regret thai I cannot nnn In my rile
' . , ... ....
the typewritten report of JiiiIkc Mur
phy. who a my repreenltlve npent
two week In the cupper country
curly In Ihe strike, trying to serve
a mediator
"A I view the xii nation, I cannot
afford to go to the copper country
ainiln, nor can I afford to Bend Ihe
attorney general unless the f'nlled
rltulea govt rnment d iniinilx tt. Anv
Iniormation it t my i ffh-e la nt your
dispoHiil. I prefer, however, thai
your committee wan upon me nt thU
office. You will go to the copper
country first, get whatever Informa
tion you cn. then come prepared to
see me at 11 time which will he
iigreeuble to both part lea and uncer
tain what I have In lnre for vott."
CONt.ltlM .TltW III H VD:
Hi:ltlM IS DI.I.M l
Hancock, Mich. Keb. . The irnin
heal ing llcprcscntat :v'o, Joseph Mow
ell of I'tnh. the member neceaaary t
make a quorum Hie congrenvional
invest Igiiting n !". una reported
Htorm bound on it" lower peniii-ulu
ihia morning an. I proupcitH for i
meell.ig dwindled the day ad
vuliced. Chairman Taylor declared
that it wna unlikciv thut Iivuiiumk
would begin ictoii tomorrow.
Today's Program I
at the Auto Show
i still
4 I p. m c.i.l ml opening of Ihe
first annual a .11 .niiolille show nt
state urmorv . A H uiuerniie.
Music bv the Huiii'arlos or-
steteoplli on pu turea of good
rouds work in Niw Mexico.
llrand prom 1 1 .1 e.
Tiicsalav lloail-lir Day.
" p. 111.- I'll losraph of every
auiotnoblle in l''Uiuerue, '
W. II. Walton lie in the picture
w Ith your on-
1 p. 111 M im' liy Don Carina
Hliow on in fi ll blast.
Orund enbililt of Ituick.
lluyne. Chalnui -Det roll, oak-
land. Ovetlnnd. II iipmnhlle, Kord
and Stanley steamer roadsters.
X p. in. .Mum. by Don Carlos
siercoptn on pi. turea o good w
roads work in .Niw Mexico
ilrund proiiiciiaile.
Only Enough Powder to De
fend Pacific Coast 30 Min
utes; Ammunition Shortage
Really Criminal, Declared.
(tr l-aeii Wire lo i-.rctiliig llcralil.
Wanlllllglon, h'ell. H. Tin- senate
todny punned the fortitimtloii appro
priation for iiililli iv and ammunition.
I're.ni.-(ln. s r the I'mteil .latin
for war Was delialvd ill the M-liatc
during cotislderat ion of the fortllt.a
tiiuiH loll, to whl. li the M'liule com
mittee has iiiltb d m arly I ..iiho.o.jo
over the house iipi.t'oiuiat loit lor tiuld
artillery and uiiiiiiiiiiliion.
rienutor Itrvan .-iid the Increase
wer nuuli to meet nurlv a .os
slble the estimate lor un army of half
a million men.
"Jf there are only TH.iKin men In
the army now, why sh-mld we have an
army of Iralf a million men?" nxked
Heluilor Shep.ard.
"So n lo lie ptepured for war." re
plied Mcnator liryan. "While we had
only n. anil men operating mound
Santiago In the KpiinlMh-Aniei lean
war, we hud some iiuurtcr of a million
lueit eiiliHIed. With this allowance i.t
guns America would tit i 1 1 have c
guns per man than any llmi-cliiM
power. We would havt about the
name proHirtlon as MiilKarui and Her-
It. We should remember ll takes
in to make these gun."
"Think of the great 1'iciflc const
without powder t,o Inst thirty minute
under attack!" exclaimed fenalor
Senator Smoot said the Isrk of alll-
munition was almost criminal. "Kvcn
Mexico poHKesses more mobile gun
than we do," he said
Mcnnlor Ahiirst attacked the ap
propriation us extravagant.
"We are now spending- cenlii out
f every dollar raised by Ihe federal
government for wars, past or vhlch
we think or pretend to think are in
the future."
Ci-iiiiiiir Sutherland challenged hi
Mcnator Ahiirsf retorted there were
putrlots for profit only" in Ihe conn
irv who "tilled Ihe country wun
alarms of war" because they had ar
mit plate or powder lo sell.
Senator Chatiiiierlaln, chairman of
the military commitiee, pleaded for n
most efficient iirmy as I he lust ineih
oil of keeping .eai e.
"I don't think I am 1,111 of place In
.:nr Unit Ihe situation now con
fronting tins country is a delicate
one. he nilileu.
"I hope we never will have trouble
but we liliulll lo lie prepared for tlo'i-
lile if il ever comes"
President of Tennessee Institu
tion Charged With Embez
zlement cf Tremendous Sum
of Money.
Hy ts'awd Wire in '.veiling- Herald. 1
Memphis, Teuii, Feb. !.(. n.
Kmiie, iiiesldent of the Mercantile
bank, one of (be leading Ilt1.11ul.il m
Kiltutlotis of the H, was ciiurued
with cinl.czlcn.eiil 111 a vv.iirant
sworn out today bv . N Kstcs. uiimy
.itlorney. The uc oiitils of Hie bank
Which IS 11 stale Inst ll UI1011, aie a
h-ged to be short between tT.',".""!'
and I I ,lHi. lino Tell dlrrclol s of Hie
Merc.-iulile bank, one ol the 111..-1 im
pol lallt lllillllcl.il 111st 11 ill ions in tlic
city, today tile. I a petition In chancery
courl, cluilglllK tlllt Ibe tin IIS was III
kolvellt US Ibe tcslll'. ol tie al'i-neil
n.i-a pi'roirlai ion ol tuore than $..",
(lull by C. 1 1 1 1 1 1 . I- It.nlle, pics. .lent t.f
Ihe institution, who. li 1-. I1..1 k.-.I, tuul
elitailU'd ' bv a svstcni of hiili.llllig H'c
lank property and exchange it. su. h
a way 11 to iiec. iv, the iliie.-tois and
to corn eal Ins in.iii ipul I' 1010V' lb
total amount of which it whs al . se I.
he lost III speculation.
i. C. H ilton, slate suiurinlcnilent
of banking, arrived liere toiluv from
Nashville, and Was appoint, d rec.lv .i
rot- tlic lm 11k. In accordance with a
ili.iii.si bill filed by atloinevs rep
resentiiig (lie hunk's director. In
vestigation of the condition of tl.e
bank s resources Was started iminc
diatelv. There was little excitement evident
in financial cud. J. C. ottlnger.
preaident og the Memphis Clearing
House association. Issued a statement
declaring none of the Memphis asso
ciation was sfTts ted hy the (allure-of
the Mercantile bank.
The warrant wa served on Mr.
ttauie. nl bis hoii.H. lie was taken
I. dole Criminal Judge I'almer. where
lie pieaded guilt). Despite hla protest
that he did not want unv bond live. I.
Ju.li.-e I'.. liner placed Ibe amount at
I J.'.li 111111. but Mr. ICaine declared he
would make no effort lo gel the se
curity and accompanied a deputy
Bhsrifl tu the county Jul I.
Secretary of Labor Wilson
Joins Ranks of Democratic
Official Chautauqua Bat
talion. fliy I cased W ire lo I veiling llcralil
W,o.ii!iutou. r'eii. :i. s . ii'-
llllV Wllsoll of the ill-ll It III' nt nf
lalior is the lecture pl.nloi in s
latest ai uuisit ion fiom Hi., ranks
ol government nlllclalH With
HitTord Cm. hot he will wo over
the 'Vprinit 1 in nil ' through
I'cnnsv Iv a 111a I'lin hot will up
hold the principle nt Hie I'ro-grt-.
ivi 1 ... I . of vv hit h be Is u
catelulal,. for the sctinte; Sec
niaiv Wilson will n.li..l.l I lie
la-ise ol lirnioiraci whosp senn
toi ial nominal Ion )tprescnt -it Iv e
A. .Mitchell Calmer Is s.. -king.
I.xi.ile the I. nt thai the lec
tin. of I. ..ill will 1 1 1 1 1 11 to III''
.i .1 II i.-a I phases of the I'cnnsv I
vanui camp aigu. Ihey will be
piild affair
Great Gathering Including
Representatives of Billions
of Capital Wants Supreme
Fleet. t
I Of !,ra0 Wree to reralnv Her aid. 1
1. on. Ion, Keb. . I'ununlilled and
unanimous endorsement uf the policy
01 maintaining "11 supreme navy" wu
Voiced today by a great miisa meeting
ol representative business men of the
Hy of London, The meeting was
lo Id 111 tile liullil hall under the pres
idency ot Hi., lord mayor.
The call for the meeting had been
signed by about l.niiu of the leading
bankers, mi reliant and ship owner
ol all political creeds. The purpnue
wa to assure the government that the
culm us of Iiiulon would cordially
support II In any meao ite necessary
lo Insure (be supremacy of the navy
Jiud the seciiiily of Itniisli commerce.
Thos. present at the meeting repre
Hi (lied s.-vi r.il ..llllolls of capital.
sole summon of
Charles I. Manning, Whose
Wife Was Shot by Para
mour, Charged With Being
an Accessory to Murder.
Hly I .cased Win Fvenliig lief old.
New.. 1 k, V J . ! Ii. The tale
ot rii.iiini l. .Manning, for the lov of
kIioiii H i. I II. 1. 110 . 11 shot and kille.l
Ii.- wile .,i. I II.. 11 I ii. Is. If. II' I.
10 I'l l.. I oil tile 1 out. HIS ol .lie lell 'I
V 111 Ii Mlo wrote lo Malllli'U be' 'l
lie took poison oil Sal unlay .
Will!.' pUI'llsll.ll 1-Vlla.lH 1. 1 be
gills Oil. I. Wllllll M .1 II II I II I tllli.e.l
over to the poll. e. ill llo w .1 V llliplt
cales blln. the pllcc III llit.t't .1 loilay
'.llal ll iott..:ntit c.-tlalll Iclil.lni'l
vvir.li warranted tin in in holding
Into as a posMMc a. crssoi y both Pr
ime and after the fact.
New at k, N. J. I'll'. . -"Charles I.
M.i. cilia. ".. survivor of I'm ov
ii.i'eil , in v. III. Ii Miss ll.mcl Mcl.l
.ii.iii. mother nl his I S-iiionl hs'-old
sou. .iil.it herselt wttii ...is"ii tttur
slie bad coiit"sse.l to shooting uli.l
kill.ng .Ni.iiiiiiitg s w II". was held toduy
as ii, a. . i s..ry to Ibe killing of Mis.
Maiming. Mrs Manning was shot by
Miss II. i. In. .hi Ki l.'.o. The girl died
ll. a liosiutal the following alt. rnoi.li.
From Ins cell. Manning today made
arrsiiKcmcnts for the iiineral of hi
wife, while Artnur J llerdman, the
I'onii'tcn lunipUe Inn keeper. laimed
the liuily of hi daughter and arranged
for iih burial
A charge of murder against Man
ning wa decided early tuday
Miss llerdman In her dying atate
ment, ativmi'leil lo exonerate Man
ning, iiul Chief l.oiig .i that evl
ilrm.i had lain obtained, tending lu
How that he w is accessory and that
he took Mish llerdman In his aulo
lii, bll to Newark before the murder.
Manuals' "i.idu Ho effort to escape.
Presidents of Big Corporations
and Horny Handed Sons of
Toil Gather in State Capitol
for Hearing.
l Ily I .cased Wire to rrveiilng HeraJd
Denver, Feb. . 4'ol'irinlo a l il'or
struggle today was l kiia'erred from
Ibe coal mine, m.ll'i.i barrack and
striker' lint colonic to '.ho senuio
chamber lit tlla Bl.H" capltol where
the uh-commlilee of Ihe house com
mittee on mine and mining upend
the congressional Investigation uf Ihe
coal strike. I'rcsidetits of big cor
poration lined up on one side of the
chamber while on the other ant labor
bailers whoe names have becoin-.
nationally known in connection with
Ihe Colorado mine conlrovrisy.
HI ate ofricers. atti.'nevi, stenograph
er and spectators Made up the ret
ot those in attendance when Martin
D. Foster, chairman, called the ses
sion to order, read the huuae reso
lution under which the Investigation
was authorixed and summoned I'rof.
Kusaell D. fleorge, state geologist. In
the witness stand to give the com
mittee a preliminary outline of the
mining industry In Colorado.
The state geologist, with the aid
of charts, pointed out the varioun
i on I fields of the state and explained
the character of the coal and meth
od of mining In each. He waa given
i lose attention by the committeemen
who Interrupted with frequent ques
tions. The congressional committee In
vestigating the Colorado coal strike
appointed A. W. Hucker. former
represents'lve from Colorado, aa la
gal udvlaor to the committee. AI
Ihe opening of the hearing at 10:10
o'clock It wn not known how Inn;
the committee would remain tn Den
ver. Member of the. commitiee
slated thut they would try to com
plete the preliminary Inquiry today,
departing for Trinidad late tonight.
It waa ronaMrred more prohuhle,
however, that the Denver hearing;
would continue through tomorrow.
It. fore opening the hearing the com
mitiee called upon Governor El. M.
Amnions. The governor haa agreed
to appear n a witness If his testi
mony la wanted. At the ,-penlng of
the session Martin D. Foster, chair
man, read the resolution by which
the Investigation wa authorised. Ho
then asked the parlies to the ron
iroveisy lo select attorney lu repre
sent them nt the hearing. John C.
Osgood announced hat tho operators
would hi relTeenled hy Fred C.
Ilerringtot. Frank K. Clove, J. V.
Hiekland and J. CI. Northrutt.
It wa announced thut the miner
would be represented by Horace II.
I law k In. James Clark. F. W. Clark
mid Jam. II. HrewBler. Oener!
John Chase obtained permission to
have Ihe National guard nf Colorado
represented i.y Major F.dward.
Houghton and Captain Vf. C. Dank a.
Ihe Consolidated Colli and Coke
company was represented by . I.
I l.t ii i , I'm m is Iv Ilotu k appeared
i"..e the attorney general of Colorado.
During a pans" at Ihe conclusion
of I'rof. leorge testimony, the oak
Creek Coul com puny and the Houth
Canon Coal company secured per
mission to huve the name of Oeorge
C. Mauley entered on the records a
their attorney. There was some de
lav while utlendants searched Ihe
slate house for other official wit
nesses and the chairman observed
that the cm puny would be forced
to Issue subpoenas mid compel the
iilleii'.liince of wilneiMe unless they
coui.l be produced more promptly.
Finally. James Dalrvmple. chief
slate Inspector of coal mines, made
his appearance and proceeded lo
answer question by the cumirlttce
t g ilding the duties of his office and
the conditions under which coal Is
mined in Colorado.
He explained thai the new mining
livv was a decided Improvement over
the old. which he declared, "hud
nothing behind it "
"Then under the old law. Ihe
state laid down regulations and the
operators could observe them If they
l.lt like If" asked Chairman Foster.
I "Vet." replied the witness.
Mr Da!rymple thin entered upon
u detailed descri prion t.f the Colo
lailn mining law und the safety reg
ulations now In foree. He said.
"I don l believe any mill In the
stale complies with the new law III
Us el.llletv."
lie explained (Hat some of the
mining companies had Hot been able
to secure the require!) safety appli
ance, but thai some had shown n
opposition o 1. 1. serve the law.
"What are you doing about those
companies" ' he wa asked.
".Nothing. 1 haven't hud lime," waa
lb reply.
I The witness added that th law II
.lowed him five depullea but that ha
' hud been given only three and there
' lore hut! nut been able to make the
I thorough Inspection, required hy the
1 stal ule.
In response to questions Fie Bald
that 111 men hud been killed In
mine accidents In Ihe lust year.
J Itepresentatlve Austin aked:
I "Mr. Dulrympte, wtiv didn't you

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