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ton in California 3 feet high.
There are also some small men
It In llm HKIIAIJ. lirif rnU
Kxmili itr II cents wra drllrrrnd
I your donri arty cents by null.
TnmnN it-cm EE.
Vol. la. No.
VOI . .NO. 2.
ohn R. Lawson, Who Tela
Story of Alleged Colorado
Peonage Not Forced to Giu
Away Hand to Operators.
nly Possible Basis for Settle
ment Between Workman
and Employer, Declares Un
ion Official to Probers.
iolation of Postal Laws Al
leged in Withholding of Let
ters Addressed io Mother
lrated Wll'o lo Kvcvlng Herald.)
lcnvi-r. Colo.. Feb. II. Johu II.
imn, Colorado member of I ho In
maternal rxru'.lvt board of Uhe
nlted Mine Workers of America, to
iy nuked I ho house investigation
-mmittee lu egcuee him from reveal
g all Ihu details of the district con-
ution m( which the Colorado coal
rlke was called.
j"You gentlemen must remember,"
Mid. "that thiH strike la not war
it. and we do not tare to reveal any
l.ng thut miaht live away our hand
M me oteraiore.
1 1 1 u inuvr n auri H hiiw".u
"v e such Information regarding the
Invention aa he saw fit. and waa nut
(Med rr union eecrels.
Ha aald that the convention waa
.Id Ueplembe 44. lilt.. and tatatlai
' of alioul i'lui delegates elected by
' members of the total unions, and
ut the vole to strike waa unanimous.
Asked by Chairman Foster for hia
isotis for insisting apnn recugni-
n. the labor leader an Id. "Without
Ion recognition, there la no basiai
Ir settlement between workman and
iplover. The union prevents strikes
(I without it a few men ma sinks
jihoiil Jueltln ation. Then, unorgan
d workers isnno' obtain redrea for
uses or change of working coiidl
ns. If they make complaint, they
dim burned "
'laiwsun then told of the alleged 'tin-
nation or Hlrlke breakera. He de
red that there had been less dla-
.hancc In the noil hern than In the
ithcrn Ci lorudo fields, although
te troops hid nt been at-hl to the
nea In the north.
I'he wllneas was questioned regard-
i ; the district convention t which
( airike was called.
'The oieratora have been consider
in puxxb-d how the delegates from
j the cainpe got lo that convention."
f a the reply. "Hlnc . 1 u:. w hen
ut .'it'i of tiur men were dm
irged In aouthern Colorado for be
ging to the union, we have lwum
itlous. We kept our membership
ret and the operators never have
ind out how the delegates were
lo you object lu telling us, now
it these men are all on strike?"
Only thai this strike Is not over
and e do not care lo give away
The witness aaid. however, that lo.
unlona had been organised secret
and thu all the members were ol
id lu vol fur delegulca. He aald
I the cunvetitmn was composed of
ut StMl delegates 'ind that the
ke vote Was unanlmuua.
he wllneas then told of the efforts
cure a conference between uper
re and miners. He aald thut the
raiora had refused to enter a room
h any oltlcers of the I'nited Mine
I kera of America.
In thut caae," aaked llrpresenta-
Kvaiis. "don't you Ihiuk some
d may come of this investigation.
a we have got you all In the same
Well. It will do no harm," replied
.swoon then told of the efforts of
lelbert Slew art of the depart uient
I labor and bcrrelary Wilson to ael-
Ihe strike.
'hen the witness described the ne
latlons for peace at which com-
tees from miners and operators
i In adjoining rooms aim Uovernor
limine aa mediator. This confer
e fulled to settle the strike, l-uw-tld
of the aubmlasion of two
piMiitioiis by Secretary Wilson and
.ernr Amnions, one of which
r was withdrawn, the other re-
rd by the men.
-awnon det lared the men rejected
peaca proposal becauea It did not
'vide for Increased wsgea or recog
on of the union. The operators, he
I. accepted the proposition, which
declared waa identical with the
na the employers themselvea had
milled lu the governor several
; ks before.
he wltneaa laid of the meeting or
urs of Colorado paiera at which
resolutions were ador d regard
the settlement of (he airike.
tcpreeenintlva Austin asked Ijiw-
son how many men had been killed In
the strike, lie mentioned that Her
ald Mpplut was killed In August pre
ceding the strike and enumerated the
atrlkeia who, he aaid. hud been killed
In the fighta during the strike.
Prompted by Judge Northcutt he told
of the killing of a nuinlier of guards
Ituverting to the meeting of edi
tors. I-awaon auld lie had an Invita
tion to attend but was stopped st Ihe
door and not permitted to enter.
The cross-examination waa.hegun
by Fred Harrington of counsel for
the mine operators. The witness was
iuctloned regarding union activity In
various parts of the Male. He was
then naked about conditions In Ihe
Fremont mine In Fremont county.
"The Inrge companies never entered
Into a contract with the union In Fre
mont county, did they?"
"Not to my know ledge."
"1ii you believe Ihe union oraanlxa
lion In Fremont county exiated with
or without the knowledge of Ihe com
pany officers'.'"
"I presume they knew something
alHiut It."
"IN you know Ihe superintendents
of any of tl Fremont county mines'.'"
"I know some of them "
"lii you know of . rtup'-rlntemlent
tave tlrifriiha ever sending anybody
"down Ihe tanyon" because they be
longed to the union?"
"I can't give any specific Inatance
of this action."
"Inn l It a fuel that the superin
tendents of those mines have lived In
harmony with Ihe men until this
"Yes. for the most part."
In his direct examination lamin
hnd testified thut the men In Ihe
Fremont mine hud been dissuaded
from striking by the officers of the
l ulled Mine Workela, gild thst on
that occasion the controversy waa
over a system of screening put Into
effect by the cos I company. Mr.
Ilerrlngton tried to get the wltnesa
to admit that payment on the mine
run baais waa unfair lo the .tvto
efficient workmen. Law on. how
ever. Insisted that the relative
amount of lump and sack coal
brought out by any individual mlnei
was dependent rather on the mine
management and the character of
ihe workings than upon the effi
ciency of the miner.
At 11:16 the committee took lun
cheon recesa until 1 o'clock. It was
announced thut a night session would
be held. It wss not considered
probable that the investigators would
go lo Trinidad before tomorrow
Denver. Colo.. Feb. II. At the
'Opening' thht tnnmtng session l
tne strike Investigation It waa an
Pounced that F.dward 1'. Coatigan hnd
been added to the list of attorneys for
the miners John It. Ijiw son al
railed to tile aland lo resume his tea-
t.rtiuny. The Colorado member of the
executive board of the I'nited Mine
Workers of America told of Ihe ar
rival of the militia In the strike sone.
"Almost Immediately after Ihe ar
rival of the troops st Trliiidntl, de
tachments were stationed at -.rlous'
points In t.as Animaa and HiierUtm
toiintles." he said. "When the troopt
arrived, the leaders of our or,-""1'-linn
Informed the men on strike that
they were satisfied thsl Ihe militia
waa going lo enforce the law a. not
take part In the labor controversy."
The witness then told of hsving In
formed Adjutant rSeneral John Chase
that the Ilaldwln-Felta detectives em
ployed by Ihe operators were Import
tng arms. Ho said the general order
ed a captain to rapture the guna. The
guns were taken from an express of
flee by the troopt.
"lailcr." he resumed, "(leneral
Chase admitted that thia particular
shipment of arms. Isken from the ex
press office. was distributed to
"Hefore we go any further." said
Itepresenlatlve Hyrnes. "tell us. Mr.
t,a ton. whether or not you have any
proof that peonage haa exiated In the
strike cone."
"We have the affidavits of four Mei-
Icsns who were brought from F.I I'aaft.
The guards look their shoes away to
keep them from walking out of the
camp. When the mine ottlciala found
that the men were determined to
leave they ante the shoes beik to
"We have other cases of peonage,
but I think It will he heller for us lo
present the witness before you rather
than for me to simply tell of them.
The witness then told of alleged Im
portation of strikebreakers In viola
lion, he aald, of Governor Amnions'
original order.
The labor leader then told nf al
leged occurrences In which the I'nited
Htslea mall was violated. He pro
duced two letters addread to
"Mother" Mary Jnnea, which he said.
were not delivered to her during her
present imprisonment in Trinidad
The letters Were registered and en
dorsed: "The addressee Is a military pris
oner and delivery cannot be effected.'
The letters were sdmltted at evi-
Idrnce. Representative Hyrnes said
thai when the Inquiry It held at Trin
idad the committee would ask Ihe
posimaater why the letters were nut
Lawaoa then wue asked regsrdlng
Illegal Imprisonment.
"I think the uiost flagrant ease Is
that of "Mother" Jones, a woman i
years old, who hat devoted her life
to Improving conditions of Ihe labor
ing men. Governor Amnions states to
me that they will permit her lo leave
the hospital It the will leave that
pari of the rounlry."
I . Lram It hv tha la Willi "
aaked Hepreseiitstlve Byrnes.
"No charge hat been preferred
agalnat her."
"Is she held because they consider
her sn agitator?"
"Tea. that's what they claim."
"Have you tny evidence of Illegal
Undertows Aid
Caught Burying
Own Victim
Slayer of Pecos Sheriff Nabbed
While Digging Grave; Third
Mexican Murder Nearly
Causes Lynching in Texas
(fly f eased Wlr u r:teotiig flpreJil 1
rcrns. Teg. Feb. II.- Arrest-
ed while he whs digging the 4
grave for City , I urn tin I T. Y.
More Imid. whom he Is supposed
lo have killed. Fernando Tru-
Jlllo w us vesterday rushed to
JmII lo prevent a threntened 4
lynchln-t. Mori-land nud sev-
eral deputy nhi-rifu were culled
to Huntu llosa, the Mexican set-
tlinient, lute Holiday night lo
l lit-1 1 h illHturlianee. Two Mix-
Irnni ripened fire on i:ie officer
ss they uppioiicheil. nnil More-
land fell dead Instantly. 4
The Mexicans fled. The offl-
eers failed to ciii-'.uic them, but 4
found clues which led them to
suspect Trujillo. who is employ.
ed by a local undertaker. He 4
reported for w-ork Moiidny. and
while digging Mori-land's gr.ive
yigterduv was arrested This
la Ihe third murder here by
Mexican in thirty days and
feeling rims hlnh.
Few Victims of Disaster to
Mississippi River Steamboat
Escape by Swimming to
By beaned Mile to Kvcnlng Herald.)
New nrlcuns. Feb. It. Five per
sons were arowneo wnen ino bus
slsslppl packet llctii was destroyed
hy fire near here lust n'sht. It w.-n
learned today.
The dead Include:
K. J. CoMKAl'X. ill yearn old. eon
f Captain XX. J. Comcaux und clerk
of the boat.
W. E. HAUItK. river pilot.
The three others drowned were n
negro woman passenger anil two n
gro members of Ihe crew. None of
the bodies hits been recovered
Those who succeeded In swimmll'i:
sshore from Ihe burning vessel wtre
hrought lo this city todiiy. Captain
Cnmeuux was badly burned, lie w.is
taken to hia home where he Is In a
terious condition.
To InvrMlgaln I1e l.lrw I'lan,
Waahlngtnn, "ib. 1 1. Se retury
l-ane lodlttf auggealerl lo Ihe Semite
4. stpropriatlon of li.mni for Inv -s-ilgation
Into the practicability f a
government oil pipe line fro:n 111'
Mid -Continent Acid of iklnlinm:i to
Ihe Ouir of Mexico 10 supply fuel till
for the navy.
Itmt Instances In which we
believe coal compsnles actually huvi
lien closed down on that account."
Judge Northrutt Interrupted to siig
gett that representatlvea of the com
panics could testify In person and Ihe
subject was dropped.
C'.U IIF, Of' HK. II ItlWI ll
Trinidad. Colo., Feb. II A deist'
of cavalry In command of Major A.
II. WlUla ns this morning located
lai'ha of fire arms In an urrnyo at Kl
Mum. Ave miles eaat nf this city.
Twenty-eight high power rules were
found under brush snd trash at 'he
l-nttoin of the fifteen foot srrovn. The
rifles were new and apparently tin
used. They were seised and confls
Itcsponding to s telegraphic Invitu
lion of A. I. Branson, president of ihe
local chamber of commerce, M. D
Foster, chairman' of ihe congressional
lommitlee Investigating ihe coal
strike In Denver, this morning ad
vised the former that the committee
would use Ihe chamber of (oinmene
for Ihe committee session that will
legln here tomorrow.
c.mmitii-:i: to I'imitF.
llsncock. MUh.. Feb. 11 The
i ongresslonal tub-committee which
la here liuiuiring Into emiditlons in
the copper country decided today In
hold hearings at Calumet to lines
tigale the Italian hall tragedy there
on Chrlatmaa eve. In which 11 per
sons lost their Uvea.
An Investigation by the congres
sional auh-commillee of Ihe Italian
hall dlaasler al Calumet on Christ
Hiss eve. was asked today by n. N
llllion. of cuunxel for the Western
Federation of Miners.
Mr. Hilton explained that as the
next subject of Inquiry Involved the
deportation of Charles II. Mover
president of Ihe federation, and
II. Tanner, he thought II neceastry
to rehesrse Ihe events lesdlng u? to
the Mil) rr Incident.
Chairman Taylor announced that
the committee would announce lit
declxion after the noon rerets.
Nantucket's Chief Charged
With Negligence at Time otj
Prtll i Bt aw Tt7 1 inU Canlr Tin'
vviiioivu v? iittu wa net itii
and Sacrificed 41 Lives.
(lly Ls-asrd Wire to Kerning Herald.)
rhltiidclphii. Feb. II. The trial or
b-myn Merry, captain of Ihe .Mir
hanf und Miners sleumsliip Nan
tucket, charged w ith negllgeni in
the collision with Ihe old iMuninloii
liner Monroe on January 31. be-
ian Imluy before the I'lilieii Siatu' J
liH-iil liuipcctort of ati'um vcasi-m. i
Forty -one Mrsous lout tneir lives
In Ihe collision, which occurred off
Ihe coant of Virginia. The t.i.il la ;
i-itiir held l.elnre l:.-ilfitril A Kar- I
grut. liiHpector of hulls, and I lavld
II. Howard, Inspector of bollois. 1"!' ;
the I'lillailelphiii dlHtlict.
CupiHlii llerry was reprelented by
John F. la w In. a I'hlladi-lptiiu ml-
uilialty lawyer. Alla-rt l.ee Thurinaii
ni-rretury of Ihe department of com
merce of WuhIiIukIoIi, waa also pres-
In opening the case the local Imiiril
I inspectors nnnounei-d Ihnt "every
pliam- or the coiiihioii wouiii oe in
Mhtigated, not only to estubllnll re-
sponHibillty. but also w ith the view of
lilalninu the i nai tnii-nt o. coiigrel-
slonul leglnbitlon t guitrd aguiiiHt a
recurrence of u similar uccldent.Tho
onst ruction of the vesHois, rondtici
if crews und passengers, safety ap
pliances and the rulea of the sen are
among the things thai will be In
iuir d Into.
Captain Iterrv was culled and ne
pleaded nol guilty lo the chiirgeg '
agaitiNt him. Among the chsiges
are that ne did nor reuuee specu .
during the fog and did nol take time-
Iy action lo avoid the collision: tha? (
WHICH flfiui.O
1L1E 0(1
he did not aac-rtuln whether thefU)e (enlral pncilli; form a natural
wireless operator or the Nimnicset
waa on duty und that he whs careless
in nol giving orders to the wireless
operutor to uncertain the proximity
of other vessels. The i-hnrgen staled
tnat he did not shut down his en
gine until one minute In-fore Ihe col
hm ii:ii:Tl k nitir.iKS
I'iilladi-lliliia. Fell. 1 1 Captain Kd-
ward Johnson, commander of the old
Dominion liner Monroe, wbiih was
sunk off Ihe Virginia coant hy the
Merchants' ami Miners' steamship
Nanluckel testified today ill the trial
f Captain i ismyn llerry of the Nan
tucket that on Ihe night or the ms-
aster he was iiiiviBiitltig his vessel
with a steering coinpnxs that wat nol
true. There was standard iiunpass
aboard the Monroe, he uiliiutti-d, bill
an hi II was the custom of vessel mas
ters In Ihe coastwise liude to navigate
hips with a steering compile.
Captain Johnson told the story of
the rollinion and of notlfiing the
liiartermaster lo get all tin- passen
gers on neeg.
By I-cihI Wlro lo F.voulng Herald 1
Havana, M-n. I l A si rung earm-
ipiake fell al '.' u clock Ibis morning
at Santiago created great eki iiemeiu
among the population. No ii porta'of
damage werr received.
Real Sensation in
Bond Vs. Gore
Blind Oklahoma Senator Has G
Attorneys to Defend Him
self Against $50,000 Dam
age Action of Woman.
'lly tirawrf Wire to Fvriltig Herald. 1
liklahomu t'ity. ukla , H. li. It.
Testimony of a seiiMit imial ha-
lure Is espected In the healing
of Ihe I Ml. Dull damage sun
against I'nited Slates Senator
r Thomas 1'. tlore. led In Mrs.
Minnie Bond, which opined In
the district court lure ! !'.
Senator (lore was surrounded
by a i nips of sis alioruoa.
Mrs. Itoiid'a charges ale baaed
on un alleged attack mi ht-r by
the senator lu a WashliiKlnii hu-
lei, some months ago. M (lore
denies all Ihe ullcgutlnit" and
f t limits thai the t harm s have
been created by his pulilii iil ne-
Nlne Jurors, subject to pcn-mplory
challenge, have been selected al the
trial of Manalor Thomas I' (lure In
the l.'til.Oiii) slander sun riled against
him hy Mrs. Minnie Bond, which
opened here today In the district
Attorney General Brings Ac
tion to Wrest Control of
Central from Hands of the
.lly ln-e-sd Wire lo livening Herald.
W..II I..U.. I'l.t.i I.'.. I. 11 Vllitr-
lli y lletielal M lit V nobN llli-d a Slit-1 -man
law suit hi re Imlas to uri ak I he
Mi.nl lit.rtt I it i -I f It ' u cutilriil o er I 111-
'central I'aellb- railway and Its subsi-
Ulinry I'm Ill": coanl slate ll'HS.
j Cancellation of the Hmilhcrn l'a -
llli-'s ""-year letiao and u perpetual In
junction were nski-il.
In addition lo the r-illroailH otln-i
defeiidalits mi nnil are Ihe t'liioh
Trut company of New York ttrilHtce
for the Southern I'ai-lllr under a mort-
Bg mid holder
of Ihe stock of the
William Hproule,
fi ntlal 1'acllli l
' Julius Krultsuhliltl, Koliert iiieti:l,
'.Cornelius N. IIIIhs. Walter I. Bliss.
Ili-lil y W. Deforext. J. Horiice llill'd
; Ing. Chiirlea W. Il.irkness, Henry K.
1 ii lit 1 n Kl 'n. .lames .' Jurvls. I igdi-n
I men. Mini I.. F. t.nrce.
i The petitinii. wlu'h bears Ihe names
' of Attorney Hi-m-ral M' llc nclds and
, .1. W. rr. kh-i ImI asniNl.int In the
,i line, alleges thut the ronds are op
' i rated under the same maiiaai-mi-nt.
1 that there It discrimination l.y them
'III favor of each other, imuiiiHt other
a lid eonilietltlve mails, and that thi-KO
conditions tire In restraint of trade.
.It charges also that aliened combina
tion exists In vlolulion of he so-railed
I'acltlc road laws, which were de
signed by congress to secure a con
I Iiiuuuh. connected line from the Mis
souri river to the I'uciilc coust with
udvantagea to all other rail
It was declared further thai
,nt tnuitlii-i u I'acltlc nnd the Central
p.ifl0 are competitive lines.
lt l(,inted out thai the lines of
through connei-tlon ut tigden for the
Cnlon I'aillli- nnil that a rest oral Ion
of compellve conditions would give
Ihe I'nion I'lii-itb- u throiiah route for
traiiscunlliii nnil t rattle mid for trntlle
to the orient by slelllllHhlp connec
tions al Hun Francisco. The decree
j sought, the petition livers, would re
store competition to jiortloiis or all-
tin m i, Ariftotiii, New Mexico. Texas
and !ulMlana.
I "Throuali its conlrn of the Central
' I'm-lllc railway company." rays the
petition, "the Southern I'aillli- com
pany prevents Joint trallic or prorat
ing arrangements between the former
and the I'liii-u t'ai itw. The Southern
Paelllc so adjusts its fremlit rates and
passenger fares (ln Irallic nrtKiiial ing
In the Cential I'iu-IIIc territory, north
of San Francisco so ns to diH'-rutii-rwite
in transportation eastward over
the Joint I raiiHcoiit iiii-iilal route of the
Central and Cnlon I'm-lllc railroads
and other euslern connections thereby
preventing competition and denying
e'liial advantages and facilities ut to
rales, lime mill Iranspoilullon."
The petition further declares Ihnl
In operation Ihe management favors
Its "Sunset route." Its Joint rail and
water service between the eastern
M-ahoard and the I'acitli coast, alb-wing
as lilt l business as poHsllib-li-
go through the I'S'l'ii gatenjy and
over the Central I'ucinc.
coVMhi iu:i
ItHt r.KVFI(l. MtTII
Washington, Feb II. Tin- gmirn-tiii-nt
s case against the Southern
l'a illc had bet-it under coiisidi t ut ion
li sckti.il iiiiiiitlis. Attorney lien
l l.il Mi Konolils is umlclstood to have
I rought the suit, not only to break up
a i oinlilualloii which he conn lids is
in restraint of trade, hut also in Cut
hope lis Slid cesf III pI'oHiM 111 mn will
l-li followed b aeiUlslllon of the Cen
tral I'ucllii. mail ny the I'nion I'aeiilc.
giving the latter a Ihrnaah line ot its
own frnm the Missouri river lo San
Fralc-isi it.
Mr Yoakum. who was fiii'itu'i
ihailiiian of the iMiurd ut director of
Ihe Frisco, ill Ills 1 1 1 1 -1 1 - II man the
feiteral district court is w'tli.mt J i r -lailiciion
and that Ihe f.icls mi forth
lire iiiHiifllcieiit as a Iihh: ui Hi imtl
( it her reusotiH are also given.
The petition lelales that he comes
j"ly protestalion. not i onft-.Hsiutf
acknowledging all or any of the mat
ters or IIiIiikh lu Hie bill of i i.inpl.i ml
to lie true in sin h niannt-r und fot in
aa the same alt- therein sit lorih.'
ten present or former directors "I
Die Fi Iti'n were named in the re-civ
ers' suit, tiled January -J, as lialiic
10 the railroad for a loss ol 114. ion,
011 a sustained aa Ihe result of the pur
chased of the SI. I. mils. Brow nsv ille
Mexico railroad from h syndicate ol
which Frisco dlrei-tors had been pro
moters. YOtkl M AH iMI.SAI.
St. 1.0111, Feb. 11 Tile dismissal
Of the suit of Ihe re. elvers of the HI.
Louis and Sun Francisco lo recover
114. mm. uoti from former ottneis and
directors of the road was assed by
B. F. Yoakum of New- Yolk. Insofar
ss Ihe suit apptws to him. In a peti-
tl.in till. I lu Hie federal district court
hele Ind. iy.
Two hiiiirs Liter, J.itnes CunipbelL
Thiun.is II West and A. S. tlrelg. all
of SI. I ."ii is. and ili-rcii'liilite. tiled sim
ilar moiii.ns.
Onialut Allorncy Imlli led.
I.lll- olll, Nell. Feb. I 1. -Til.. Ill IK II
Matters, a . r 1 1 in i li l . I attorney ol
inn. ih i, Nib., w.ih tndav linlh ted bv
tho special feiletal gland Jury in two
Indictments, comprising in till !1
counts, for his relations with the First
National bank of Hutton, Neb., recent
ly closed.
The first Indictment charged that
Mallels al.b', president l.nel.l.ln of
Ihe bank, who has been Indicted, In
Issuing and putting forth cert llleutes
nf deposit of Ihe bank, without hav
ing paid any money and without tin
riiilhoriiv of the directors.
The second indict ment charges I tin t
Mallets devised a scheiun io defraud
Hi., bank. Approximately $xu,""U s
Inv olved.
Pigmy Skeleton 3
Feet High Found
on Coast
Remains of Gentleman 200,030
Years Old First Antedilu
vian Specimen Found on
American Continent.
By la-nscil Wire to Kvi-nlnc Herald. 1
l.os Angeles. Feb. II. The skele
ton of what appears to have been u
prehistoric pisiny. less than three feel
In height, is un its v.uy loilny from
the asphalt licils n' l4illlea to the
Smithsonian Insiiiiillon In Washing
ton. If th(. genuineness i f this find
Is veiiiied there. Ihu lillrci skele
ton will ltke place in the history of
iinthropology aa the first renin ins of
antediluvian man found on Ihe North
Amerhun continent.
Indications me that I lie skeleton
belongs lo Ihe f'l. iHlnrrne period,
roughly placed at Jimi.imuI .veins ago.
First was found Ihe skull last Frfdav
and since Ihi-n the remainder of the
bones, s.i id to be in an excellent slnie
of preservation, have been scruped
from their casing of asphalt with the
most liiililit,. and palnsluklng care.
Nearby was Ihe trunk, atlll erect,
of a trie, the summit of which was
overiaid by twenty feet of asphalt.
Close to Ihe tree trunk were the
boneg of g mammoth bear, of a apn-
cles nli-cndy classified as belonging IU
Ihe I'h-istocf tic period.
Silenlists of the I'lilverslly of Call
forma have contended that North
America und Asia wire at one lime
Joined and that, geographically speak
ing, the backbone of the continent Is
the Aleutian Islands. Across thia neck
of land, they believe, came Ihe eohlp
pus. Ille iit I Iwo-toed progenitor of
Ihe domestic In. inc. The find ut 1m-IIi-iii,
if it proves what it seems, will
strengthen their contention that there
was niit-f an interchange of life be
Iween Ihe two continents.
New Deal for American Busi
ness Started by National
Chamber of Commerce Says
Speaker at Meeting.
(By Iti-amsl lre io Fveiunc Herald.)
v iishiiik-ion, reii. tl --.M.iio than
.-."I deli nates. represent ing every
stat,. in the union, wele gathered al
the npenl.ig of the ci.tiv i-ni ion of ih
i h.tinia-r of i 'oioioerci- ,,t Hi,. niti-d
Stati-M I. slay, when I'resnlent jtari
A. Wheeler of t'lu.au,. iii his address
putiireil ih,. vast ..iin..u mn on win. h
the oi 4aniK.it mn s liased The cliam
tier now ciimpi'iM's r.u p,-r cent of the
IiiihIiickn i.ia.inialioiis of the cuinlry
be suld, tuiilt on a iiu-iiiliership ol
over a iiiurt. r ol a uilill.ni. The volet
of American business had found ex
pressum thut could not l.e denied
Mr. Wheeler lie. lured, and the denth
km II oi h.iiiiving in Washington had
been sounded.
V hi ii American li'isiness w ishes
to speak." he said, "it can go to con
grin or to ihe executive und en
This Is the opiuinn of American husi
loss on Hi: p.. 1 1 1. -ul.ir sulijeit ' !' li Is
is ii n.-w ilav wlu n our itiethnds arc
being i-coru.iiiised and the organised
funi s nt I H... i mid of agriculture anil
of loiiinince meet hele lu Washing
ton. n"t tor war, tint for peace; that
Ihe opinion ,.f each may hu-. e Us plac,.
in Ir. lining tin- law i,n w hi. h all shall
I't'esldelll W heeler pointed out that
one of six referendum voles taken by
the Chamber of I'ommt-rce had found
Its way lo the statute hooka In purt.
at least, in lb,, new currency law.
l By I -cased Wire to F.vetilng Herald.)
Sslllu I'e. ,V. .VI , r'el. II rol'ow
ing Investigation l.y Inspector O. II
Tucker of the Interior department
tupl II F. Coggfshall or Ihe Sallt.i
Fe I'. 8 Indian s li.n.l, has been or
dered sutpended, on a charge of In
ubordiiiatloii. A full investigation
is to be made.
Fierce Bandit and Six of His
Mtn Captured and Put lo
Death, Report Received by
General Villa.
(By Iard Wire- to Keening Itrald.
-:i I'aso. Teg., Feb. II. Maxlmii
CuHlllo and alx of hit followers were
captured and executed Monday near
Chocolate pass, about 45 miles north
east of I'earson, Chihuahua, aciiord-
Ing lo telegram received Wudnegda
morning by (leneral Villa. In
J iiurcx.
The inrssaacs were sent from Ca
sus Oriindes, he suld, by conatllutlonr
allst officials. A detachment, of re
bel cavalry under Major Juan Rama
niego surrounded Castillo a band
near the pasa, It la reported, and
captured seven of them. Including"
Castillo. Three outlaws escaped and
are In biding In the vicinity of lh
ii..nr.ti Villa aa 111 today that na
Imped the report waa true, but woul-l
.....k. mi official statement until
he had heard from Major Hamlepogii
There l no chance for i.asmm.i
band to escape, even If thia meeisgw
Is not confirmed. he sain. i
whole western pari of Chihuahua la
being -dragged' for him and he to
bound to be captured. The penalty
for his crimes Is death, im i "
if i, i. n.,1 dead already, he will ht
executed aa soon ut captured."
III'. I.A I, A MA lir.ntlevei
1't.rls. Feb. II Adolfo de la' La-
ma. Mexican mlnlgter or finance.
o...i ....i,... rrnm Cherbourr tv"
Ntiiru --
v...... Vn,u on l.ruird the KroBprlniK-
sin Cecllle. Before leaving lie said:
-I am returning to Mexloor to oa-..i-
mvseir to I'rovsrstonai rregldent
lluerta'a administration. I have
plan lo meet nil the Mexican pllllba
al obllgiitlons and I nm convinced
that the plan will accomplish It"
i.urpose. I probably will -return to
Mexico City by way or i.una nn
Vera Crux "
. ; e , ' I
I By IsHised Wlrn to burning Uerald.)
New York. Feb. II. On applica
tion of William It. Hearst. Justice
U-onard A. Olegerlch of the New
York stale supreme court, hat Issued
an Injunction restraining the Asso
ciated I'ress from suspending oervica
of its report to Ihe Han Francisco K
aminer or In uny way disciplining r
punishing Mr. Hearst because of hit
refusal to comply with the defendant's
decision to chaiiga the tltln of a cer
tain edition of the F.xamlner. The
writ la returnable on February IS for
Mr. Hearst tome time tince begin
ihe Issuance of an edition of Ihe Kg
aminer designed for circulation In the
adjacent city of Oakland, and the
title of this tpecial edition wat to ar
ranged as to make It appear It WSS
the Makland Kxamlner. The worde
"Edition of Kan Francltco." which
were interposed between "Oakland"
and "Kxamtner" In the title Hue be
ing In small type.
The member of The Associated
presa representing the Oakland Tri
bune complained that this wat a vio
lation of the by laws of the aasoila
llnn under which the right of Mr
Hearst wat limited lo the puldlcai i.n
nf AssiM-laled I'resa newt In tha Ha.l
Francisco Kxunilner. Mr. IU-arft at
tention was called lo the m iller with
a r.-uii'-si that the misleading he-idli't
tie discontinued. At this request wt
not complied with. Mr. Hearst ii
cited by the hoard of direciort In le
rem her last t' aiake answer to a
charge of violating the bv luwt of tha
sssnt citti.n. The ma'ter was eon
tinued until the meeting of the board
of directors today, and prior !u tKe
im-cttng of the bourd this Ir-Junctlon
waa issued.
(By lcacl w Ire to r.ventng Herald.)
1. inc. .in. eti. 1 1.--Amalgamation,
with the Kcpuldiien parly la not lit
I.,, considered ba Xrliraskj Progres
sives, w ho iik I here today, lt w at de
eided. alter brief talka by Medlll Mc
I'nrmi. k. national l'r..gri ssiv s loiu
mltteemiin from Illinois, former gen
ator Heverlilg- and W. K. I'admue of
Illinois, nuitonul organiser fur ilia
I'lans for complete state organisa
tion were outlined by F. I'. t urr k,
chaiiniiin or Hie Nebraska stste ith
Hal committee, who declared that
party leaders in every county and pre.
i iikI would be appointed
god FrlgailUsr (seneral IHia.
Washington, Feb. 1 1 Brlgsdla
ileneral Wilt I 'avis. I'nited At a lee
army, retired, died here today after a
thre years' Illness. He wat H ye If

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