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the m.rnro maAis, Ansuairnit q itr, it. it., Saturday, fesuitaiiy ii, ien.
The Evening Herald.
tin l.tlW.4 k.
Evening Herald, Ine.
1' it l. M. Henderson. Managtr.
J.. I 'una J.ihns.in. Kill lor.
Official furor of the city of
Iubipti4 every afternoon st
eep! Sunrtov, m 114 North fcvecond
Mrect, Albuquerque, N. M.
F.ntered aa aernnd-clnea matter
at the poatofnce at Albuquerque,
N. XL, under 111 Art u( March I.
On. month bjr mail or carrier. I0
I'M week by carrier llo
on er by mall or carrlar
Id advsn a 11.00
Telephone HI and 111.
Ulll llr: II I : UK AT?
After mended de liberation, con
slilcriil inn, cunvui nthm, conversation,
i i.nnuliMtlxii ami cninmnnlcntlon, the
Amer committee einilnted to Ink)
ill the iiiiuicr nf the purchase or non
liniihniif nl thr present irlvul
uuii'il iiliint tuiM remilved that It will
etiteriuin no i r.iic,i.iilon from the wa
ter fiiiiiny until the latter Iiuk inn
wi.li.l lii exhibit It Itooka,
The water rnmiiuny, as we under-
mid It, hna elated from tha first
iIimI It mn'l interested In making
any r.. uxltiidi to the city, and re
fuses to exhibit Hi hooka.
We seem In have oircflmnavlgated
the circiiniference nf a circumscribed
circle, aa It werV. nt W have arrkvail
with n flourlxh at the' exact anil Iden
tli'al a pot. locution ami alic from
which we took mr departure.
o nnmcr haa been elicited na tot
to the iinry nf tha persistent gentle
nail who nl the firm session of the
iniunltiee kept niiitintonounly roller
aluiK: "Wlmt an vr here for'.'"
Hume more of our Idena nf Ihe per
manency of tha universe huv bein
roughly dispelled by rrof. l.ouln
Hokb, an Albany astronomer. 'f
course, an amateur astronomer might
he expected to see things topsyturvy
from the capital of the atata of New
York, but Professor Hoaa (no rela
tion to Una Murphy) la no amateur.
Ami he break the newa to ua thai
the handle of tha Ory-at Dipper htia
Ronn awry. Worse than that, It la
)ii dining steadily awryer. and tha
atura which compose II are moving,
ilci lures the professor. In the oppoalt
direction from the buwl of the dip
per. It la conalderft.hu of a ahork to
burn thiit this constellation, which
r c yti.cn auppuard Imniutahl aa
the n (.na, la about to lie disrupted.
' human possibility of getting
u in w handle put on the Immense
vlrHilal culinary utensil which w
hiit. contemplated In aw aim- our
tanleHt chlhlhooj, the days of
"Twinkle, twinkle, Utile Mar,
How I wonder what you are,
above the world so high
Like a diamond in the aky."
If lliia muy happen to the Great
IHpper, wit ar prepared for the
Aural The Ijttle lilplur may be cX
peeted to disintegrate, leaving nothing
that we nr.i aware of wherewith to dip
lb,, milk on, of the Milky Way. The
legs of 'iiwlopd'a chair will likely aa
nut be rudely emit, tied from under
that article of heavenly furniture,
leaving, the lady aspritwl upon the
flrniument. Theae ruthless alar gaaer
hi! proiiubly extiait the bark from
Hirlun, the dog-atar, and th beacon
livht of the north may appear aom
fiiii. evening over the Aula rule pole.
Miivbe they will- dehorn Taurua and
rob hat urn of hla ring; take the Hye
nut of Orion and 'the ferae out of
)( tm i, rudely auiider (lemlnl and
In nbnrt make hopeleaa U lnn-a out
.( all I be great aggregallona nf gllt
IciiiiK "iliitiiiomia of the aky."
Tin. NiKht Haa a ThoiiKind Kyea;
luit It in going to be badly croea-eyud
If I be ttalrniiiiinera keep on.
Ml III il I IMi HHt Till M.
Mr. Andrew rarnejtie'a hero funu
)i in efTected good In helping poor Mild
worthy bo and young men who hud
done aome beiole act. In in like hcttd
vay in the world, not wlthHtundlng the
iluudvantageit f fHiverty. However,
lbern are other kinda of herolam be
aide pulling a drowning person out
of the water, or reaming the helpleaa
Irinnui of a h'u on fir.
The mother who toil night and day
to aupport a crippled h unhand and de
pendent children ia good deal of
heroine.' The parent golrig without
food ao that tha little onea may have
aomethlng to eat; the brave aimer or
big brother working all hour to keep
the family together when father and
mother hava gone to their final re
ail theae are heroe or heroine, and
there are many auch In our great
l ilie.
Their namea don't get In the hewa-
iier. or glare at reader In all-inch
fiiadhnea; and their eu- ii!l"e may he
Known only to God, to llicinaelve and
to iIii.m whom they benefit; but they
tire of the mime etuff aa tha aoldier
who lead a forlorn hope, who thruata
hio If "n lb bayortefa of Ihe foe,
that hi coiiiredee may fuh forward
to vi t- y.
Cv.i.l Cint iM ravr more a
I er; In 'Ne aire and aform of bull l
than he a In thoae dark latter dna,
when knowing that the aeal of death
Oil on hla brow, he alrugaled to com
plete hla inetnoira, ao that hia family
tiialii not ii(fer, and that hi debt
aboiild be p.iid.
All honor to the htrnee cf fire and
flood and war, buj don't forget that
there nre ihnuaimda Jinn heroic,
fur whom there are no fnrnegle ind.
nl. no popular applauae, ao reward
or recognition auvt the aweet pleasure
of doing good, the lotiaciouaneaa of
duly performed.
nivMt Ai, n-nfOH ah a fih .
The principle of medical Inapectlon
aa ai'plied to public achoola ia com
mending ilaelf to cnllegea and univer
aitiea. Harvard announcea that next
term Freehmen will be exainliied with
a view to remedying phyaical defeeta;
other high InatKutlona nre plnnnliig
t give their atudenta the anme ad
vnntuge. Yara o collegea realiaei
the Importance of the mnanUim and
of alhletlca, and the more progreaelve
among the tnhuve Bought to adapt
phyalcnl exen iae to Individual need.
It la a long mep forward, however, to
aiipplcim-tit. i bin work with a thor
oughgoing aiem nf niedltal exami
nation and aupervlalon.
Mirangely enough the modern world
overlooked for ciniurlea certain aa
pecte of education that were all Im
portant to the old Oreeka. The Idea
of physical fltneaa, aa an end to be
Bought syatemaOcally through the
achool and to be atreaaed aa one of
the eaaenliala of culture, waa widely
ignored a generation ago. Fortunate
ly, the vital link between mental and
moral and phyalral training la being
redlwovered anil atreaaed anew. The
public echoni ayatein that neglecta the
health of children, either aa regards
the comfort nnd ennltntlon of tjehned
buildlnga or the correction of phyaicai
defect will eooit be condemned a
antiiiuiited and unworthy. A a prep
aration for life, the achool muat ad
JiihI Itaelf to living needa and Inter
eata, muat at rive for tha development
of aound bod lea a well aa keen mlnda.
muat aee to It aa fur aa poaaihle thni
hoya and glrU, young men and young
women, are relieved of every handi
cap to their uaefulnes and continued
MM 11.1 11F.O 8PKU,IJ.
Itoth In America and Knglnnd but
not ao alowly In America aa In Eng
land chiinxea have been and are go
ing on In tha forma of apelllng. Theae
changeg come about a I moat Impercep
tlbly, and conMal In dropping loiter
which appear to be auperfluoua. We
any "appear to he," for not all letter
which aee in uaeleaa orally are really
UM'leaa aa to their prcaence in a word.
t'ut 'natance, "write," "right," and
"rite" are aounrted alike, but the dif
ference In spelling tella the difference
in meaning. Hpelled In the ao-called
impllfled atyle. all three would be
"rite;" but the change, far from am
plifying, would rauae confuaion. Thia
ia a point commonly overlooked by the
nutocrnta of apelling reform, but II
ia a very important point both "
children In achoola and to their elder
e.ho prefer to know what a word
meana at alght (not 'alte"), without
having; to atudy out the meaning from
Ihe context.
The Kngliah language will not atund
at III, It never haa. On the other
hand. It will continue to move for
ward with a dignity and aobrlety and
crin of the ntne nf thing befitting
its antlniiliy. It gloriou hiatory, and
the Immortal work of gentua of
which It la the ahrine and the cue-
There aeenta In be no doubt thai
an Italian hua aolved the problem of
cnuaing expluaiona at long dlatane
by tb uae of Ihe ultra-violet ray
It la only a few montha atnee a poiu
iur mugaxine tarried what waa re
iturded a an Impoiuiible romance
baaed on Jum uh a dlwovery and
the Immediate realisation ahoWa uh
again how rapidly the world do move
The Italian aucc ceded in exploding
two torpedo, in a few minute' time
at a diaiance of two mile.
The poaaibilltiea which thia dle-
ery oen up In warfare are over
whelming. He will revolution!'
modern warfare, If Ihe at heme provea
generally prai'llcahle, by adding
new and alnlater and terrible weapon.
All other alleged newa pale Into
banality compared to Ihe allocking
announcement that Ixird Decle had
to uae hla wife brush and comb when
hla own ault-cnae waa stolen. Lord
Deceis VlH'ittV8'li deep sympathy
nf the entire civlllxed world In hi
htpleaa plight.
In Tienmurk the a hool teacher U
almost alws furnished with a
house, barn and a few acre of land
according to W. II. Hnilih.. a recent
observer from the V. H. bureau of
education. "The tenure of office of
tha teacher la for life or good be
bavlor, and It per cent of the rural
toHCbera are men who aettla down
In their reapwttve eoinmunlllea, rul
Ovale the small farm, act a choris
ter In the country church, and eas
ily and naturally become leader In
l fairs."
IlKHTU-l.nN i dead. It la not too
much to that he ha left Impel
iKhuble fitieerpriiii on the aiinds of
WE'VE Jnat been apprised
if a terrible thing;
Pao-.'li aurceeda
TDK I'iMilt ben ik hied Hindu I do
ing tha, beat he klndu but I'rof. Mid
hlndrit Hone aay he will llo H lot
Wor If they go to excluding him
I nun the Aiiglo-coiinirie. lt Atner
Idi for the Hindus be the slogan.
THR XKW night si'liool aeema to
have made a three-ply hit. Home
prngi cri e, our achool.
Al.V)H(, AI.HKItT. Just recover
ed front a six day' souse, was getting
along all right.
Hut he had a terrible relupae.
Alcohol read in the Kvn, lier'ld.
thai they pump nine million gallona
of water nt Wilbird every month.
THR FT. Iiula 1'nemployed receive,)
a sever shock, when as they were
about to hold n demonstration, they
were met with ihe prP"s.il that they
nhovcl snow for ihe eliy.
WE ARC! democratic aa they make
"em In thia country roynlty haa no
terror for lis. And yet we'll wager
every society girl In the I'. . A. reada
with greenlah envy about thna for
tunate young lndlea who were Jnsl
presented to King and Mra. (lenrge of
A MAHHACHl'SKTT. clergyman ha
discovered a new heavenly body. Why
shouldn't a clergyman do It?
IT LOO KB to ua like email business,
picking on a blind man, even If he
L'l a senator of the V. H.
STATtTMNO. The Rennte has
found something to do to the rail
road thnt la conceded to be Illegal.
We supposed there was no limit to
what you could do to a railroad.
O'flHAI'onXESSY hna Just found
out that a Crisis la Imminent In Mex
ico. THE flOVFRSMKNT la going to
give tha American Hen a rush order.
All right, hope It succeeds. We have
never been able to And anything that
would make a hen hurry If ahe didn't
want to.
K1XO flEOnOE aaya hard work la
desirable. John D. Itockefeller say
the same. It seem thnt all person
who don't have to work think It I a
rare privilege.
HAXDIT Castillo seem to have as
many live aa a whole drove of cat.
A gentleman a lady meets.
t.'pon a windy day:
As soon aa he's found nut they're silk
He looks the other way.
0OwOX00 0-0
Washington. I). C, Fe'u. U lr. M.
K, I'enmngton of the united States
department of agriculture In an ad-
dress ut Ihe food question banquet of
the rhtludelphla produce exchange
spoke as follows:
'.No other civilised country wastes
toodstuffs aa we waste them. If all
the crops that the farmers raise were
utilised; uh the meat animal that are
killed eaten; all the fish that come
into the nets marketed, hundreds ul
thouaanda who are now hungry would
ba well fed and the agitation on Ihe
subject of high prices would Hut at
tract much attention. Conaervatlon
of foodstuffa, in It broad sense,
meuna not only Ihe saving of the ex
cess production of flush seasons for
the season of scarcity, but it meant
aleo the ytemltc, scientific csr
that prevent wormy apple, or wind
falls, prevent the fermentation ol
cut load after carload of corn, pre
venia the rancid butter from the dirty
form, or the rotten eggs, or the taint
ed chicken.
The toil of the farmer results In
tha production of foods. Faulty
bundling, trom the time the apple Is
ripe, the gg la laid or Ihe fish caught
tor In essentials our fihermen are
comparable wllh our farmers re
duces enormously the amount which
finally reaches the consuming center,
and lowers to even a greater extent
the quality of a large proportion of
that which la saved from the crema
tory or the dump.
Uo to any of the market terminal!
In this city on a summer Wednesday
or Saturday, between It and 4 a. m.,
and see fur yourselves the wantage ol
vegetables because of decay, low
quality, or market gluts. Look at Ihe
spoiled poultry during a warm aut
umn such as we have Just experienced
thousands of pounds of II. What
sre we doing, aa broad-minded. In
telligent cltlsvn to acquaint ourselves
with such facts and to assist, intelli
gently, those who are more directly
charged witn such responsibility?
For centuries w have conserved
litest by smoking or salting, tUh by
Flunking and drying, winter vegetsolea
by earth cellar. Our great canning
Industry ha so Improved and de
veloped Ihe elemental principle of
the houaewlle'a "preserving" that II
t.na literally reultd In altering the
face of the earth. Man now live.
healthfully, where he could not live
heretofore. Canning foodstuff hna
also served to equalise the seasonal
supply and is truly conservations!.
Latest In It development and broad
est In it benefit and conserving
power, has come refrigeration again
a great Industrial development from
the houses ilea spring boom, or cellar
or tee house.
To refrigeration, more than to any
opolise radium. Why not? It want
to monopolise everything else.
WHY Ilr CI.KItkrt "Tbi child
.U ( HAZY. I my little
girl, i send you a penny for two sil
icas powder for a gioun up adult who
is slk."
"You will please give the little hoi
penur worth of epcac for to throw up
in a five month old babe."
"I have a cue pain in my child
diagram. I'loaae give my aon some
thing to release It."
"My 111 lie baby haa eat up It fata
erg pariah plaalher. He nil an an
dote a uulck aa possible by the ea
cl'ieed Utile airl."
"1 huf a hot time In my Inside and
wish I wood like It to be extin
guished MIH KUW The elderly matron
TIIK I'l.At K. with the bundles who
waa Jimmying to a point In Wlacon
sin and occupied a sent near the mid
dle of the car hud fallen asleep. n
the seat In front of her sat a little
boy. The. brakeman opened the door
of the car and yelled nut the name of
the station the train was approaching.
The elderly lady aroused herself with
a Jerk.
"Where are we, Hobby?" she asked.
"I don't know, grandma," answered
the little boy,
"Didn't th brakeman any aome
thing Just now?"
"No. he Just stuck hla head inalde
the door and aneexed."
"Help ma with theae things,
flobby!" ahe exclaimed hurriedly, "thlg
ia Oshkoah."
NOW THAt"aum"-1 and ammuni
tion may be shipped Into Mexloa
freely, the quiet and good order pre
vailing In that country may Buffer!
aome interruption j
POXniTIONB at Sing Sing are un-l
autlafactory to pr)noii reformers. Tha
Inmatea are not entirely . leased with
them, either. They interfere ao with
one's freedom.
Secretary Daniels' order, turning
the battleship Into
fTI.II'INO school for the enllgted
Vi:ill(i men. 1 bringing out
aom amuaing at ores,
aaya Current Invents,
A Filipino aallor In- the hiatory
clua had to write a short account nf
the life of George Waahlngton. He
knew nothing of the hero of the
Revolution, but he aaked a coal
heaver, who wag able to give him
aome Information. Thl la what the
Filipino wrote.
Qeorg Waasingham waa sore be
cause A m merles I persona la not free.
He sale to F.ngland on North Dakota
ahlp an aay to king. "I Ixpress
declnraclnn of Indypendena for
Ammerlcal'-pergotie." King say noth-
ing aoin and nir. wansingnam ten
admiral Pew-ey to shoot turret gun.
Illme-by TCtng say he will not rule
Ammerlral persons again. "Let
Oeorj do It," say king, and Ammer
leal person la free.
oo 0000-0-0-
OCO0' ox
other single factor, must w look fori
, the elimination of decay, the preserve-
I Hon of quality and the conservation of
I perishable ploUucla. Like "smoking,
which mean the preservation of the
meat by the combustion product of
that bacterlul life Is killed by heat,
refrigeration mua be aptclully and
accurately applied If It maximum
benefits are to lie obtained. It must
be combined with "good handling."
a the broad phrase goes; that la. the
perishable article must be put under
refrigeration while It I sound and
National and state and munie -
Ipsl agencies are now endeavoring to
inculcate improved method handling
foodstuffa at the source of production,
and frequently refrigeration Is an ab
solutely necessary part of such meth
ods. . The railroada are adding re
frigerator cars by the thousand each
year, to haul the- perlahablea safely.
Refrigerated terminal are being built
to reecive them, refrigrated ware
house in whl'ii to hold them until
they are needed.
Only ope thing Intervene to pre
vent refrlgeratl
a a conaerver or i
both quality and quantity of food
product from being the greateat
price-equallxlng agency that we at
present posters, and that la the Ig
norance of the consumer of the source
e.a time of Ihe production, transpor
tation and storage of our food up
pli.a. The cupidity of the dtshoneat
trudeimen la fed by thlg Ignorance.
If the consumer doe not wish to eat
refrigerated product he should not
be compelled to do so. Hut he will
Ilnd thut hi winter bill of fare will
show an overwhelming preponderance
oi aaii pot a, corned beer, carrots, tur
nips and potatoes. If he Is to con
tinue to have the cream of ail the sea.
sons the year sround he must accept
them preserved by sterilisation or re
frigeration more especially Ihe lat
And to obtain to the full the.
benofitadu hjm, he must have a more ,.,. on Mh. U) 2t and ,,, (,e
Intimate, more exact knowledge of lu,.ool of Mines celebrutea Ua fiftieth
whence, and how came the food annlveraary of Morning. id Height
the ma ik els. He must lend the aid A committee from the trustee, fuc
of his knowledge toward the solving uMy ,j eum has been at work t o
of the food queallon. part of which (ne t,unm t, ,, llnir all( the gen
Is the saving of wast and Ihe equli- ,rk program provide for a reception
nution of supplies." ln. nr, duy ln ,hf lyltlasiuiii;
Trimble' liver. Ill W. Copper,
Phone I.
Dinner I served to th girl who
come to the evening classes In the
Washington Irving hlRh achool. New
York City. Instead of going to pub
lic restaurants, the girls come dl-
lectly from wcrk to the achool. and
speed the Intervening time In the
"gym" or reading rooiua.
T moat economical, rlcai'tlng and
germlcldaj of nil anUaeptlc la
A aoluLIt Antiseptic Powder to
b dissolved in water aa needd.
A a medicinal antlicptlo for douches
In treating catarrh, Inflammation or
ulceration of noee, turoat, and that
caused by feminine 111 ll ba no equal.
For ten year tha Lydla E. rinkham
Medicine Co. boa recommended Paxtlue
In their private correspondence with
women, which provea ttr superiority.
Women wbo have been f.ural gay
It In "worth He weight In gold." At
druggists. 60c. large box, or by mall.
The I'axtoa Toilet Co lioalou, Mag.
What the French Maid
Told Marjorie
ltmoliig 8Kit anil Stain.
"You have come just In time to
see 'no clean aome garment of spots
and stains.'' exclaimed Marie, as Mar
jorie entered, tossing her muff over
on the window seat.
"Tou ace 1 first supplied myself
with all the necessary nrilcles, and
they coat lena than a dollar. If Ma
dame was to send out these garments
I am sure the bill would he over IIS
for dry cleaning Ir very expensive,
you know."
Marjorie nodded, and listened In
terestedly. "What thing oo you require for
ths work?" ahe asked.
"The material needed nre very
simple, only fuller' earth, block mag
nesia, horncic talcum powder, flour
and borax and a few cleaning cloths
ami brushes '
"Thia white broadcloth suit Is
frightfully soiled, nnd looks almost
hopeless, doesn't It?" asked Mar'e.
holding up a beautiful but very sell. '
costume trimmed with skunk.
"I would bo worried over the re
sult. If It wore mine," replied Mar
jorie. "I think It will come out all right
I 11 m going to put In a clean tub and
completely cover it with corn meal,
slightly sslted. Then I shall rub it
Just a if It were In soapsuds, of course
being more atrenuoua with the very'
soiled place. After It haa been thor
oughly gone over the meal should be
thrown out and the gown put back
into the tub and covered with clean
meal. Then I shall leave It there for
two day a. with a cloth over the tub
to keep out the dust. Then shake It
thoroughly In the air, and brush It
with a clean, soft, bristled brv h. It
will need a good pressing and will
then be a white a If It were new."
UaHncl.. w n tinif.t, lmnmu.il with
,nformaUn, nd decided to clean
nc bue ,v,.nml ca , lhe
',,arn Wl,y.
j ..,I(1W c. vou romf,v those grease
spots from that lavender gown over
there?" asked Marjorie, pointing to a
lovely gown lying on the bed.
"Urease spots on ailk or wool can
be removqd by Ihe application of
French chalk. Place plentw of the
powder on the wrong aide of the
goods and let It atand for a few hour a.
Then brush the powder off and put on
fresh. Lay blotters under and over
the stained place and gently press
I with a hot Iron. Replenlnh the blot
ters until no grease is visible upon
them and then brush the spot free
from powder."
Well, these things are mighty use-
fui an, (hey win u go down in my
: little book of 'tfuggesttons,' replied
i Marjorie.
Don't Hee4iaic A Legally la Xi
aary If Tng-ue Is) Coeusl, iirrwlli
llad or HtonuM-h Sour.
Give ''Calif ornie Syrup of Figs" at
once a teaspoonful today often save
I alck child tomorrow
If your little one I out-of-sort.
half-alck. Isn't resting, eating and
acting naturally look, Mother! se 't
tongue I coated. Thl I a sure sign
that It little stomach, liver and
bowel are clogged with waate. When
cross. Irritable, feverish, stomach sour,
breath bud or ha atomuch-ache, diar
rhoea, sore 'hrout, full of cold, give a
teaspoonful of "California Hyrup of
Flga," and In a few hour all the con
situated poison, undigested food and
sour bile gently moves out of It little
. hiiwul. wilhouf lirltilns. anil vou have
a wen, piayiui eoiiu saiiiu.
Mother can rest easy after giving
this harmless "fruit laxative.' be
cause It never fail to cleans the lit
tle one' liver and bowela and iweeten
the stomach and Ihey dearly love It
Pleasant taat. Full direction for
babies, children of all age and for
grown-upa printed on each bottle.
lie ware of counterfeit fig syrup.
Ask your druggist for a uO-cent bottle
of "California Hyrup of Fig:" then
sea that It Is made by the "California
Fig Hyrup Company." Don't be
New York, Feh. 1. -One of the
sreata-ai sal heriimii of engineers In the
- .,.... - .. f v, v..rit I. i.k-iv m be
big meetings at Ihe university on the
eecond day. al which eminent acien
mi, Wni speak, with a banquet at the
Waldorf-Astoria ln Ihe evening at
which I'rof. Jumes Furman Kemp
will preside, and well known alumni
will apeak; and trip about town on
the third day, winding un with a
baseball game bewteen the 'varsity
nine and another college team In the
afternoon on Mouth field. In-tails of
the various function are In process
of preparation and all the alnmnl w-lll
bo notlflej when everything la com
plete. Columbia la determined Ki also
make the occasion the grenteat In the
history of the university, and to this
end liean Frederick Arthur iloetxe of
the Mi hool of Mines. Kiiglm erlng nnd
Chemistry. Is going to start in a few
days on a trip In the larite cities of
the I'nlied ftmes. going na far west
as the Pacific const and visiting many
cities where grmluatce of the s hool
of mines are located, to ace them per
sonally and Invite them to aid In the
celebration. Hla trip will take about
six weeks and h expect to tell the
nhimnl who hnvc not been back to
the university since their graduation
What they will see when they com
next May.
fion't ne harsh physics. The re
action weakens Ihe bowel, lends to
hroulc ronsilpailon. Uei. I loan'
Uegtilets. They operate easily. fSa
ut all stores.
r -rjr
Commercial AccocrAs
This bank invite the commercial accounts of all
persons who have business transactions involving
daily deposits and disbursements. Its facilities for
handling1 accounts of this kind are unsurpassed and
the increasing volume of business passing through
this bank is proof of entire satisfaction on the
part of depositors.
You are cordially invited to open a checking ac
count and to make use of the facilities afforded by
this bank.
Figure with us
Mouldings and
I Superior Lumber
For fthc Drst la Fad of All
Tor strictly high grade California Red Wood Shingles. Tegs Flooring,
4 and i-ln. h Native Whit Pino Flooitng, H-lnch Clear White Pine
Celling, Ituberoid Roofing and liullding Paper, try
t rifiM 70. LET TIIKM nCUKK
Baldridge Lumber Company
Evreything in builders' supplies. PABIOD roofing with
a IS.venr triinra.ntss.
X boitii rnm.
A ,
Fee's Candy
Is Now at
Owing to our present limited
quarters we were compelled to
warehouse the bulk of our fur.
niture and in order to reduce
our stock, Removal Sale Trices
Still Prevail.
Furniture, Carpets, Draperies
and Stoves.
Poll tax for th city of Albu
querque la now due and pay
able at tha Cltliens' Hank,
Third street and Central avenue.
I Clerk bVImmpI Hoard.
Albuquerque Foundary and
Machine Work.
CnrfDc-n- Foundrr Macxilnlwul
Caatlnga In Iron, Braaa, Bronte,
Aluminum. Structural gteel for
Bridge and buildlnga
York Met Offices Albieeore
M. M
: : "
on Sash Doors,
Everything in
& Mill Company
CERRUX08 war
YOCIl NEXT MM 400 M. tnil. I
V4 4
KVieruin.William Paint.
rroNE . I

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