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Governor Fear Removal to
Hearing Would Cause Riot;
Counsel Withdraws Request
for Subpoena.
Illy I. cased Vitro 10 Evening lleralil.l
Trlnldud. i:olo.. Feb. 17.
F.dward I. Coetlgan. attorney
fi.r the t'nlled Mine Workers of
America, this afternoon tempor-
willy withdrew Ma retiucsl lor
ik subpoena requiring I he sp-
peuranc of Mother Mary Jones
ns a witness liefore -the boose.
sub-committee Investigating the
Colorado coal miners' strike
Mr. Cosilgan. Just
lie fore
luncheon adjournment, address.
ii the committee, saying that
the Cnltcd Mine Worker did
not wish In cmharrnsa the In-
v estimators by Insisting iion the
subpoena, Ihe Issuance ol which
4 has been resisted y the mute
niilliiirv aulhnrltlea.
"llcli'evlng that the committee
will find a way to secure Moth-
er Jones' testimony In if
manner. ' he added, "I desire at
this lime temporarily t with-
draw my re.iiel for a auh-
Chairman Fouler r.plH'd: "If
co ii uu I desires to Immune- the
testimony nf Mother ones, I
think Die rommit:ee wil- find a
way to secure It In Some limn-
ner l.efore the final adjourn-
4 men! "
Warreg Tlaka, a young Pole, told
of being brought to Colorado from
Pittsburgh. He declared that he wa
not lold lhat there wis a atrlke In
the coal fields. When luncheon re
cess was taken ahortly after 1 o'clock
II wiia announced that the committee
would not go to Ludlow thla aftejr
noon but probably would make t..e
lrl tomorrow mornlnfc
Denver. fe. 17. Oovernor K. M.
AmmnM llaf rd!rUd hta feur of
serious trouble In the aouthern Colo
rado strike region If Mother Jonet
hnuld be taken through the atreeta
of Trinidad from her prison In tha
Him Itafuel hoailtul where she Is
held Incommunicado by the atate
troop, to the hall where the, acs
alotia of the congressional Investlgat
Ing committee are held. 1 resMinae
to u telegram from Chalrmun M. P.
Fouler of the committee, arking that
the military authorities be directed
to lake Mother Jonea before the
committee, Oovernor Ammona re
plied bv telegram and letter.
In hla telegram to Chairman Foe
ter. Oovernor Ammona declared he
would "obey" the wUhea of the
committee, hilt would much prefer
(the be examined by the committee
In Denver or In the hotpitul to
avoid dnnaer and trouble." and
mentioned hla letter which wa t
r-ch the committee lh!n evening.
While, Oovernor Ammona healtated
to nuike public the conlenta of Iho
letter liefore It reached the commit
tee. l wnt underaioof that the text
elaborated on the matter contained
In hla telegram and lold at length
the reuaon lor her eaptlvltv. and the
cause of hla anxletf leaf her unre
arnined preaence In fe city of Trin
idad Influence the alrlkera to rlol,
KTIlf'n with c'oimox
Trinidad.' CobK, Feb. 17 The
hntin committee Investigating tha
Colorado coal mine atrlke thla morn
ing henrd e fresh version of the Im
portation of atrlke breakera by the
mine owners.
Tharles Morgan, a veteran miner,
declared that he had been brought to
f'olorado with the full knowledge
lhat a atrlke eiclatea. having been
well treated and was satisfied with
eonilltioiia In the aouthern Colorado
collieries. Morxnn eald he was tt
yeara old. He la a native American
nul miner of a type thai la rapldlv
disappearing before the anvance of
the army of foreign labor. tin the
wlinesa stand he spoke qu'etly In well
(hoecn language. The witness waa
ouestioned closely bv the committee
on the sublet"! of furelan Imnilera
lion which he said was driving Kng-
lish-apeaklng workmen from the
mines Morgeti dis.-liiimeii anv
knou lediie of I he alleged killing of
n miner by a aoldler at the llerwlnd
mine. hli-h waa described by a wit
ne for the miners yesterday
I'en Kromhere a Trinidad mer
chant, told of being forced off the
streets bv lhe militia on the neenln
of a demonetisation be strikers He
laid he nrreated by the soldiers
then releiiaed.
Kain Irons, a striker aald he ws
obi by a militiaman IhH he could
not go to KtiRby poslofflce without
a p signed bv the mine superin
tendent. He an ill the superintendent
gave him the reeulred pusb.
Mrs. Marie Ierr. poattnlstreBa at
I.tidbia-. gave an account of the so
called first battle of Ludlow on Oc
tober 7. Hhe found difficulty In
ninkinv the eHimtlon clear to the in
testlgntorB and after a haatv confer
ence ll wa decided thai the con
eressmen would visit Ludlow before
further testimony Is Inken In regard
lo events In lhat locality. It waa
planned to make the trio this after
noon or tomorrow morning.
The next wlinesa for the strikers
l.elio Pedrl. a storekeeper at old
Heenndn. lie snlil he h'' been Pre
vented by the company marshal from
enteritis the fegomlo mine property
rf the cti!ordo iie and Iron com
nnnv 'When he tried to lake orders
frcn the miners..
The witness waa questioned by
ItepreaentatlveB Foster and Ttyrnea
about the customary election of coal
company employes as officers of
school districts. lie explained that
In many Instam-ea nearly nil the vot
ers In Ihe achool districts are em
ployes of the companies.
Mrs. Auguata Kadllch was onea
tloned through II Polish Interpreter.
Hhe aald she lived In Hie Ludlow tent
tolony, where In January, she testi
fied, a aoldler threatened to knock
her down If she did not move from
the street. The soldier curaed her,
ahe told tha committee.
COM M1TTFF filVI. Minnow
IIAXC F, TO UK l'llli:T
Hancock. Mich.. Feb. 17 Another,
Invitation to the atate of Michigan
to be represented nt the congression
al Inmilrv In progress here, waa ex
tended today by Chairman Taylor tn
a telegram to Oovernor Ferris after
counsel for the strikers had given
notice lhat wlinesa would lie Intro
duced tn show "a sc.lea of oiltrnges
committed by the m 1 1 It In and the of
ficers In command ' while they were
here on strike duly.
ll wua suggested by Allen F. r.eeg
of roiingcl for the mining cmrnles
that Ihe slate officials should be no
tified If an Investigation of the mlll-
tarv waa lo be undertaken.
Chairman Taylor replied that he
bad already extended a courteous In-
nation to the governor lo be repre.
septed here at the hearings and that
It had been declined II" agreeo;.
however, that due notice should ha
lien to the state authorities before
any evidence reflecting on the stiue's
troops was heard. Counsel for the
strlkera then announced lhat Ihey
would defer examination of their wit
nesses regarding assaults alleged to
have been commuted bv the milllla
Former I'ongressmiin victor I.. Iter-
aer of Milwaukee waa given a hearing
today before Ihe committee He made
ll plain that he represented only Ihe
national Mo'iiillst party, the executive
committee of which be la a member.
"The Socialist party had absolutely
nothing lo do with Blurting the
strike,'" sstid Mr. Merger, "and noth
ing to do with fomenting it. When
Ihe strikers lot hard up, as Ihey did
as early as heptemher. We rave II-
nancinl help. l"p lo February I we
sent them t.'4.(H!t.!l In money and a
great iiiin!IIV of clothlnr for their
children. Vve would ha' e done as
much for any strike of n.itlonal Im
Mr. Merger sjilr tha rogethrr ith
Charles F.dward Mussel! and Charles
II. Mover he had made an investiga
tion of conditions In Ihe copper coun
try lust month and be offered bis con
clusions to Ihe committee for "what
they ure worth."
Testimony regarding attacks alleged
to have been made on strikers and
mem tiers of Iheir families waa heard
too v hy Ihe committee.
William J. Cat-bis. a striker, aald
he aas held up and searched for
weapona twice In one nlgtit laat De
cember hy deputy sheriffs In Copper
Mia Helm- Helkklla. wife of a
striker, testified that she and six oth
er women were stoned by strikebreak
er near ihe Fr.inMm mine' between
and T o'clock on Ihe morning of
December 11. rhe Mild a deputy sher
iff hud levelled a revolver at her The
witness admitted that aim wua doing
picketing duty at tha lime and that
she and the other women were then
In from nf a cmw 1 of strikers assem
bled near the mine wmle the non
union men er, going to work.
Attempt to Eject Timber Cut
ters from Tajique Grant Re
sults in Fatal Shooting.
(special Dispatch te F.vealBg Herald
1-UilalKiii. X. M. Feb. 17. Ham
Ifolloway shot and Instantly killed
HcriuUno Chaves and xpidonlo He
dillo. the latter a precinct constable,
on Ihe Tnjliiue grant near the little
town of Tajliiie, west of here in the
Manxano mountain foothills, shortly
after I o'clock yesterday afternoon.
The Bhuotlna occurred when the tw..
nut Ives und three others attempted to
prevent Holloway and his companion,
Joe Mi'Kiuley, from iiiiiiim umber on
tb,. Tajnpie grant. liollowny and
McKlnley arrived here al midnight
lust night and surrendered In l.iepuly
etierilT I ice lioblusoii. They clultii
self detenae.
From Ihe story iiu by the two
A met Irn lis and other facia procur
ablu here, It appears that three weeks
ago Ihey stalled rutting Umber on
the grant, which la leased by K. l(o
mero of this place, Mr. Itomero's
wile, they ullcgc, having told them ln
the absence of her h'tsluind to ace his
agent al Talliilie. which they claim
Ihey did. When Mr. Itoinero returned
the grant comiiiiHsionera asked him
If the men hud pol'innooon to t ill Hin
der on Ihe giant. Mr. Itoinero, II is
said, Ignorant of wliul his wire had
lold Ifolloway and McKiulev, in
formed the commissioners the men
had no permission and Chaves and
Hedlllo were sent to serve notice on
tfyr men to get oft Ihe grant.
According to the prisoners, Chaves
and Xedillo went lo Ihe S'cne of op
erations at I yesterday and read the
notice to the timber cutlets, who de
i lined to move, declaring they had
permission to till Umber. Holloway
and McKlnley say the two nulivee
then withdrew and returned with
three more, al five being armed. The
Americans suy lhat the five advanced
upon them will drawn (una. upon
which Holloway tired twice, killing a
nun each shot. A man named Ran
ches, they say. turned and ran, the
other two, Juan chuveg and Plego
llureln. giving up their weapons.
I loth dead men were naitves of
Tajbiue. Chaves leaves h wife and
one child and Hedlllo a wife and three
Friends of the dead men declare
they were unarmed and were shot
down In cold blood, Ihe prisoners as
vigorously claiming It waa entirely a
ton Her of self defense.
Further light on ihe killing la ex
peeled at the preliminary hearing of
the two men uudcr arrest.
Captain and Four Saliors of
Italian Bark Freeze to Death
When Ship Hits Dangerous
(ft Leased Wire In livening llcrnld.)
Welllleet, Mass., Fell. Ii. Captain
Uu rn and four seamen of die Itiiliun
burk 'a minim prilMicd nben t heir
easl was thrown on the outer bar
ol Cape fod, near the Marconi wire
leas slalton, Just before ituwn tdn.
The ftl'SI Illllte mo, I set en Multilist wore
rest ued by life savers, one of whom. I
'u in l n ThI. In ol the tiihiMin's I lot- I
low life saving station, ni ii.nl ly m- I
Jured by the overturning of the surf,
noat. I lie skipper of the t iminKiia ,
as W iisbed o i l imn i il. I h i ce men i
were froren lo death in Hie Hasina
and one died in the surf boat on the
way t.) shore. The loss ol life Has
Ihe larueal in a wreck on Cape Cod
In twelve years.
Welllleet. Mass.,
men perlHhed when
Feb. IT. Fonrj
the Italian bark I
the outer bar of'
nsi an mi mi rm k on
I'ape Cod a mile nml it hnlf south
f i ahoon's Hollow life saving station ' a men ri'iualned In the ice pn ai
today. jilent's room until lime fur the acrv-
Kevcn seamen, all nearly union- Icea. when they were conducted to
scions Irom exposure, were brought J scats reserved for tbeiii.
aahorp by I lie 'lite mivers. The fronen When Vice FreM.lcnl Mursball
botlli-a of I'nptiiin ilarva and three . walked slowly to hla seat and culled
sailors with leit ill ine riugillg wneie
the men hud lashed themselves dur
ing ihe hours of darkness to avoid
being carried overboard by the seas
that swept the decks.
The Custagna, from Montevideo for
lliwlon with phosphate rock, struck
the bur during u blinding snowstorm
and alxty-mile northwest gale. The
beach patrol slithied her at dawn.
The combined life saving crews from
Ihe Xaunsel and Cannon's Hollow alu
mina set up their beach gun and shot
three lines across the f iiKl'ignii'a deck,
hut the benumbed sullors were unable
In bundle the breeches buoy tackle,
Tie life savers had to wall for some
tlmv before Ihey could launch their
llfcbniii and pull nut lo the wreckage
against wind, sea and biting cold.
The survivors were carried lo Ihe
Mnii iml wirel.w slnliou. All were so
greatly overcome by exposure that
they could give no coherent account
of Ihe dlansler.
Powder's Roar Heard
for 25 Miles
(It Iieaawtl Wire, tn r.tiln ll'rald.l
Plalrsvllle. Pa.. Feb. 17. With a
roar that was heard ih miles awuy,
the mixing house of the West Penn
Powder company, located at
5, six miles from here, was blown to
pieces by an explosion today. Hubert
t'aiigherty wax killed and another
work inn n mortally Injured. Two
other men employed at the plant
could not be found. A telephone
'message from near Ihe plant soon
after Ihe explosion Bald the plant hud
taken fire und wua burning.
The company usually makes two
shipments of powder each week and
the n lift tit tt v to have been removed
md'iy had not been sent out when
the explosion occurred.
(lir Ijcamil Wire lo Kvonlng Herald. 1
( tilcago. Feu. it. The Feuerui
league leaders said today they were
still hopeful of landing Jake Htahl,
(or the Job aa Hroo!n manager.
A telegram warning him So "keep
ha n.la off," Pltc.ier Tom Hraton was
reirlved by President (lilmore today.
It was signed hy W. A. Maker, presi
dent of the Philadelphia Nationals
and suited that fcaton had agled In
the Phillies' terms in Jnliuaty. Fed
eral emissaries, hoWevei, probably
Will licet Heal on soon and discuss bis
standing with him, since they under
stood he has cotne to no definite
agreement with Ihe Philadelphia I
til I more expressed no worr over
the report that the Xewuik t bib
would be put In Krooklyn to compete I
with Ihe Federals there. "We are!
going to give llrooklyn it' ijor league I
ball. Newark's learn Is a minor
league orgaiilralion." he said. "For
the third lime let me deny that the
American aoi latli.n offered Wcegb
man the HI. Paul franchise to be put
ln Chicago," requested President Chiv
liiMlon of Ihe American association.
Wecghman also requested that a de
nial of Ihe story lie repeated oil Ills
Chlvingtnn declares that the move
In pulling the Toledo team In Cleve
land W ill be a success. The asem !a
tloli'a schedule makers will arrantec
to huve Ihe team play In Cleveland
while the Cleveland Americans are
away and Chlvlngton figures that with
a doxen or so Sundays available the
attendance will be greater than that
at Toledo, where he said 104. mm per
sona aaw hint year's guinea. Twenty
live cent baseball" will prove a draw
ing card, too, he predicted.
The Federal leugue Is after three
Ctilian players, about whom President
C.iimore has heard good reports.
Ferdinand Coiite Is representing the
league In negotiations with Ihem at
Havana und Is expected lo cable Ihem
aa lo Ihe results of his scouting tour
In a short tune,
l:ilit Hurt In Colll-loii.
Kprluglield. Mo., Feb. 17. Fight
persons were seriously Injured and
nearly fifty alight ly hurt In the col
lision which occurred at midnight last
night al Nichols Junction, four miles
west ol here, lietweeri two pafuo'itiier
tr ains on the Hi. Louis and Huh Fran
cisco railroad.
No Eulogies, No Music and but
One Floral Tribute, from1
c - a . rw. . I
senate, hi uubequies oi
Senator Bacon.
City Leased Wtra lo Fvchlog Herald. 1
YViiHhliigioti, Feb. ". Funerul J
services for Senator It icon of tleur- I
(ilu. were held toJu in the seiiiilu
chamber. Tnere were no ipcechei
ol eulogy, no niuslo ,uid mi flower! .
exiipl one design the tribute of lliu .
senate Itself hlch rested on Ihu
coffin. The ceremonies were Inspir
ing in their very simplicity and the
place In which Ihey were held, with
,ne dignity of those anHembled to do
. . , .
r ula "' HUilea llll
pi esslveness.
Two hours before the body wua
taken Into the aetiate chamber, il lay
in the adjoining murlilc room. Later
the body was taken uilo the seniitl
ihamlier mill placed uu the bier, dl
tecily In front of the i.-c president's
ilesk. M'-iuhcr of the dead eciia-
'tors family and Ike ..ffl.lutliitt cler-
the senate to order, the short and
simple seniles begun. Iieparting I
from Ihe customary f,,rm. Mr. Mar.
snail, in a voice full of feeling und
lowered aliuoat to a whisper, said:
"Heiiator. Ihe hour has arrived cit
which In accordance with the orders
of the senate, the final ceremonies
over the body of Augustus tictavliis
iiucon, late a senator from Georgia.
and an unusually distinguished mem-I
tier of this body, are lo be observed.
in contortnlty in custom and In tok
en or our common faith, the chap
lain of Ihe senate will offer u prayer
to Ood, the Father; flod. the e
deemer and tld Ihe Comforter."
The Itev. Forest J. Prettyman,
chaplain of the senate, offered play
er. The P.piecopal . burial service
was pronounced br Hishop Alfred
Harding and a benediction offered hy
the chaplain.
Members of the rnpilol police force
bore the body buck to the marble
riM.m where II remained until escort
ed lo the railway station for the
i Journey to Atlnnin. w here It will lie
In state nt the Ceorgln rnpltnl until
taken to Macon for Interment.
ll was announced at the White
bouae that President Wilson would
not attend the funeral services be-
cause nr. Grayson did not think It
wise for Ihe prcxldent to risk ex-
, posure at a time when he was recov
ering from n troublesome cold.
Mrs Wilson nml Miss Helen Wood-
row Hones, however went lo occupy I
seats In Ihe reserved mil-cry. '
Herlilo, the casket In the marble
room was it ciinnl of honor c.nupoa- i
ed of one veteran of the Cnlon urinv ,
I and one veteran of ihe Coiifedernte
nrmy. Senator Huron was a Con- i
j federate officer. 1
One exception tu the senate rntn
uigninst flow-era In the chamber was
mane, ami n wreath from the presi
dent nnd Mrs. Wilson was placed on J
the coffin beside ihe senate's tribute. I
it was or orchids, hyacinths, nilgno
nctte and dalsleg
SN0W 8AJ "Y1
vt MA vJllILUKfcf.
i illy IjnmmnI Wirn In Cvcnlne TleruM 1
jersey uy. a. j.. rel. 11. hnow.
Which Htepben liinb of Jersey city
heaped up when loaning: bis side
walks, saved the live or his six chil
dren today. When fire destroyed
the house he dropped Ihem. one ut u
time, from Ihe rit Into the siltV.
None waa hurt although the young
ist child is only a icar old.
IbHulan king llrcaka Arm.
Kruseeis. Hclgiiim. Feb. I i. -Albert
I . king or the lielnlana. stlfleici a
broken left arm when Ihiowu from
hla horse while ii'l ug In Ihe forest
of Selgnies. near Hie battlclield ol
Waterloo, today
A bulletin ikmiiiiI tonight by Ihc
klng's liNsiciuim h.ivs Hie fracluie
has been reduced and a immun e thai
his majesty also sintered severe mus
cular contusions of one of his legs
His condition Is 'scry satisfactory."
One I scad In SliHI.INMt lire.
Albany, X. V . leii. 17. line man
h nil. several iiiimmiik and live injured
was I he toll ol a II all. anil lire i aii
today In the Meihtin block, u four.
story brick sirm -lure Albany firemen
ba. responded t,, eighteen nlaiina III
rurty-eight hours
. VliaVnt hlorm- on Allaulli'.
Queensiow n. Ireland, Feb. 17.
Hiii h violent storms have pen ailed In
Ihe North Atlantic during the last
week that mmiv puaangcr steamers
and cargo boats, amble to batile
against the lnuh waves encountered,
huve pul back into ports on this side
or Ihp Atlantic, some In a builly bat
tered condition.
Ilulie Wndib ll In Ibid MiaH
Han Antonio. Tex.. Feb. 17. Ituhe
Waddell, the famous baseball pitch
er formerly In ihe major leagues,
who la In a hospital here suffering
from a bronchial e f rcctioii, Hua tr.
purled today lo be In a serious con
dition. filrl'B Murderer Must 1st.
Atlanta, Uu., Feb. 17. The convic
tion o Leo M. Flank or llrooklyn.
V V , for Ihe minder of Murv Pb.i
n. a 14-year old lactorv girl, was
utilrmed today bv Ihe lleorsiit sn
preme court. He s under sentence uf
National Organizer at Wyom
ing Meet Vehemently De
nies Charge of Seeking Soc
ialistic Democracy.
(llf N'Bwil Wire to Kieulug Herald.)
I'.aspcr, W.vo., ,!. II. "The caiii-
pulgn of mbreprewnletlon by iho
Itepiililli an lenders merrily contin
ues." declared William K. Ciulmiis,
national i.rnn n Ixi-i . iiddresaiiig til"
i oiilerence of Wyoming I'rocreksiv e
here. "They are taking full nilvati
lage of th" lint that they have the
press and the l'ro4reHr,lves have not.
Instead of changing their principles
to meet Ihe popular demand of the
times, Kcpiibliciin lender prefer to
deceive themselves Into thinking they
tan deceive the people by false news
colliernim fusions, by mlsrcpreieiil
btlon of Progressive principles, by
Impugning the sincerity of Progreg
Hle lenders."
Mr. f'lMliiHis cited the article by
Conner President William II. Tail
In the current itn-tic of the Huturd.iv
Cvenlng PoM as a case In point mid
continued :
Me churgea the Progressive with
trying to create a 'Hoclullsii- liemoc
racy' when otir purpose Is to create
a social Iiemocrucv. Willi artistic
mlsrcnresentatlon he charees us with
.....i - ..i-
who want 'to take rrom those who
have and give to Hi
lo redistribute the
Be who have
property of
not :
country.' Whnl u lir
"In the past eight
spoken tn thousuiiils
months I have
of Progressives
ln thirty states and 1 have not met
. .,. .h advocated such anarcliv.
a man who advocated sucn anarciiy
To hla recreancy In not keeping sol
emn pledges upon which he wits
elected In lfllltt; to hla egotism nnl
RtiihhornucRN In demanding In lnC,
n ronomlnni Ion which his record did
pot merit. Mr. Taft now adds such
statements, the deliberate net of
"uur party does advocate new
measures of social and Industrial
Justice, now actual tuws throughuiit
much of Furope. nnd progressive Isl
anils like New Zealand and Austrn
llii: measures nlreudy uwil by iniiny
!ndutrlnl ooiiernt ive concerns In
America. without Impairment of
their profits und with Immense ln
I reuse or mutual good w ill Is It
anarchy for the Western t'nlon to
pension Its aged employes? Neither
Is It anarchy lor a political party by
some aiine method, adapted to Am
erican conditions, to pension aged
worklngmen, to secure him from the
misfortunes of accident or unemploy
ment. Nor is It anarchy to proliltut
child labor ,r the ilixcrlmliiutlon
against sex. either In Industry or at
the ballot. Itecaiife we ndvoiale
si'.ne human Justice to charge us with
iiniirchlsilc iihsuuIib ugulnsl the In
tegrity of property and Ihe security
of society, would be cheap deuiHgog-
ery In a bar looKr.
former president of
let ulotie a
th Ftilted
"Hut Mr. Taft In Ibcse raise state
ments represents in virulent form
Ihe disease or bis party. ll Is the
eternal fluht of privilege against pro
gress. WvomliiK knows whereof I
speak. The Hepubllcnns of your
last legislature founhi Hovel imr Ca
rey nnd bis progressive measures at
every turn of Ihe road. Had ll not
been for I icm.icrat le support the
feet of your governor would hnve
been hobbled nnd your state would
have made no progress. Led by
Henntor Warren the llepubllean pur
ly i.f Wyoming is hopelessly reac
tionary. It does not even put Up the
cheap pretense or being progressive,
lust us Henntor Warren's vast hold
Inga or Kraxliig land nra used to keep
back the small settler, and Ihe In
i ream- of your population arc so held
that you arc denied proper roads by
which vim can get out i-r your cities.
I so the conservative Kepiiblcan parly
III lis national policy would increase
the vast holdings of a few. und would
slop the roads by which ihe Ameri
can multitudes may reach Ihe free
fields of common Justice and life "
II Leased Wire to renting Herald 1
Aun.ru. III., Feb. 17 Miss Tracy
Hollander, a prepossessing ittl-ycar-old
girl, was murdered here lale lut
nielli und lo r body drugged Into
ccmeteiv und throw n on il grave Hhe
was beaten lo dealh with a heavy
Umber. The police have arrested
Anthony llcdrocg, a discarded sweet
heart of Ihe girl. He denies all con
nection with the rlrie.
To I'lun National lllgliwar Aid.
I 'lil a so. Fell. 17 A reioliuion
asking congress lo authorise the etc
ulloii of a coiiiioImmiuii to determine
how' national aid should lie given m
ihe bioldins of highways was adopted
today ut the niinual confei ence of the
AsKollalloll of Male HmhWaV llirec
tors. Tbt asMocial ,on til, advie'uied
the use or convict labor in highway
building and repair woik.
T. II M.nilouald. stale engineei of
Iowa, presided at Ilia vonfervio e.
Lost Parlu of
Grisly Relics of Ill-Fated
Cromer Expedition Found in
Wilds of Peru; Ancient City
tly I -cased Wire to tfvcnlng sterald.
Xcw Vork. Feb.
HOTS of the ltflcv
which left here lust
explore Dili llnrted
17 .. Ment
cxpcdHloll, siimiiiei' to
rcKiott of
South Amerli n. returned todnv
i'ii the aU'tiiuHhip ll run, mid re
ported ihey hud found the bones
of uu inhere of the Cromer ex
peilnion who eiiicicd the wIMs
f reru nearly two years ago
,annd . re never heard' from.
The i router expedition was
henili'd bv W, II Omner, a
former West point cinb-t and
William II Page. n t'hlcapo
high school teacher. The Ites
lev expedition crossed the con
tinent from Lima and came
down the Ainiiron from the
headvvalers to Its month. Thev
round hip and tbluh bones nnd
other traces of the Cromer par
ly on Ihe vviiv and erected B
croHs to their memorr.
Those who returned tndiy
were Captain J. Campbell Hes-
lev. an KnulMiiou n: Franklin
It. Contea. J. K Holbronk and
.1. W Initine. They reported
the discovery of a new Inca city
in Peru onliod Platerlvavoc and
ImIIci1 reirinns hitherto un-
known to white men.
Traces were found also of Ihe lost
Sella n expedition. which look the
same noil,, as Ihe Cromer expedition,
and I 'a it a in llesley tlinnehl l pat the
bones might have been the remains
or ciiher party. The HclJ.in expedi
tion was in search of rubber and It
Is mi til to have been financed hv F. F
illiin.lll.h or Chicago. Henley aald
lhat be encountered on the trip euv
use cannibal tribes, armed with poison
arrows, and on on,, occasion his pally
was atiackcd by them. A few aliols
drove them ofr.
"It was one or the most exciting
and perilous Journeys that a white
man bus ever undertaken and passed
through alive," said a member or the
purtv. "There were times when a
wrong move meant death, not only
among the savages hut uixo along the
Ireachcioiis lliilavao river, full of
i lipids an. I w hirlpools. We had to
divide our it ik I-1 h Into four winches
us protect ion ukiiiiimI both suvuges
and wild hcaats-
OM ItYtlll l Vil li Willi i.ltlM'
Chl.ago Feb 1 7 -Friends and rel
ailvcs of William II. Page, who with
W. II. Cromer left two years ago to
explore the wilds of South America,
vveie overwhelmed with g."li f today
when Ihe repoii of the Henley expedi
tion was received by Ihem. Mrs. Page
is now living in Keiiilworih, a S'lburh
of Chicago
The lust messaue received from the
Croiucr party came to In. Charles s.
Pane, a brother of William II. Pane,
In February. I'.U.'I
When Colonel lioosevell began 111
Journey Into the A inn on ronntrv an
appeal was cabled to him bv Hr. Page.
Mrs. Paue. Ileulamin Page, anotbur
brother, and C. F Cromer, a brother
of the cxe;.,rer. to search for the
missing adventurers. A rumor that
tbo Cromer partv bad been attacked
and killed by cannibals near the head
waters of the Auin?.nn was circulated
laat fall an. I I tic family mid friends
of Mr. Page look on the llesley dis
covery aa .out li nun loll of their rears.
t.iwsl IIomiIm I'rgeil.
Columbus, i, Feb. 17. flood
ro.i.ls throughout the country would
mean the saving of enough money
en ib year to build fifteen Panama
canals. This was the statement of
.-'I. tie ili.4b,vay Coiiiml.sioliir James
It. Marker In dlxcisstng his plana for
,i pul.llcltv campaign In connection
Willi ihe department's good roads
inov mcl'.l. "The cost of hauling one
Ion, one mile on a good road by
liorNc-ilran n wagons Is eight cents."
said Marker "The average cost In
be I'nlted States is cents. Five
billion ions or rrelgbt are hauled an
nually over roads. The uvcri.ui
haul is ten miles. Tins makes iho
Irarflc amount in r.o billion ton
mil. 8 Al J1 cents a l"li tulle the
annual emit Is 1 1 I .fnm niia.iiliii. At
eisht ccnis a ton-mile, the good road
com the saving would be 17 .'.ml. lion.
.fulled for Kinging Poll-b Hynio.
Hi Pelcisbiirg. Feb 17.-- For sing
ing the Polish national atittieui two
voting women of Vllna lllUHaian Po
land i. Itiroiiess von llosenlo-rg aged
.'1, ami Mile. Kol.lllnsliv. uued 22. to
day lagan serving sentences or one
inoiiib und .'a d.iyn imprisonment,
rei.po lively. In a lorticK. 1' was
aliened ill their trial that papers of
.1 ".laliecloiis character" had been
found in their iionHcsslon, bill noth
ing on- proicd ugainst Ihem of a
"I . v olul loti.irv ' nature except Ihey
bad led in Ihe public singing of .the
Polish hymn in the porch of a Vllna
t.cls Hivonv From l-fty llyllii.
t'swego, X V.. Feb. 17 A Itnal
decree of divoiie i. ..I. i, lie. I by It. na
l.eaiy, f'ormcrlv a ew York show
girl, tr.uii Maurice II iLcttyi Flvnii.
fullback oil I lie Yale f. loll. all team ol
111.', was filed here todav. Mrs. Flvnn
rcccivfN I-1' a im.iiih alimouv.
Thev Were married by an alderman
at the New Yoig cily ball January S.
Ii:t. Mis. I'Iimii ilvtigcd that the
Yale fullback abandoned her eleven
days later
Mote Water Line INiilloii,
Wasbiuif ton, Feb. 17 Six more
lullrcaiix api'licil to the interstate
...inin. i 'e uinons..li.ii today lo be
pet mill. ,! to Keep their water lines
ail.r Jul, I Tbe Puii'tma iniil uct
for'. I. Is stub ownelsblp llllieas Ihe
I""" ore 11011 comneiiiig or the com
mission sImoiIiI rule Ihey are abso
lutely iicccMm) lo vi.iiiuit rvu.
No Damages If Conspiracy E
isted, and Past Character
Irrelevant, Instruct ions
from Court.
f Df Lcnscd Wire to Etrsnlng Herald
Oklahoma City. Feb. 17 Tha ca
of Mrs. Minnie K. Pond, who la ailing'
I'nlted States Senator Thomas f
Uore of Oklahoma for ISfl.OOO dam
ages ns the resit of an alleged attack
n her In n Washington hotel, reached
the Jury singe today. Attorneys for
both Ihe plaintiff nnd defense rested
today and Judge Clark Immediately
began the rending of hin Instructions
to the Jury.
The court Instructed Ihe Jury I"
Judge the evidence and credibility nf
the witnesses, both for the plaintiff
und defendant. Judge Clark referred
to the u ll ued conspiracy against Ihe
senator, and the Jury waa lold that
if there wns a conspiracy nnd It wua
known lo Mis. Hond, then aha was
a party In ll and waa not entitled l
recover damages.
As to character, the Instructions
said Ihe past character of Mrs. Hond
or tlore hud no bearing nn Ihe case.
The ccurt said If the Jury believed
an aiwutilt was attempted, then the
verdict should be for the plaintiff.
If there was no attempt to assault or
If there was a conspiracy In which
Mrs. Hond was a parly, then Ihe ver
dict must be for the defendant, the
court held.
Following Judge ("lark's Instruc
tions to Ihe Jury, argument wera
started and It waa expected that both
sides would conclude during the after
noon and that the case would be given
to the Jury late tmliiv.
Heclsion by both the plaintiff and
defense 10 rest their caee eliminated
the testimony of James R. Jacobs,
one of the I iklahomans who entered
Ihe room In the Washington hotel at
the same time the senator and Mra.
Hond were there together, and who
wa expected to-be one of the plain
tiffs chief witnesses.
Scores nf telegrams wers received
by hetiiitor (lore today from friends
expresilng svrnpathy and confidence
In him. A ehrnclerlBHe mr-og WsS .
from L. M. Nichols of ttrlstow, Okla.,
who said "Tills la no tittle for a
pillow fight. T.trn on the hot stuff."
fty I-ca-cd Wire to F.nnlnf Herald 1
New York, Feb, I 7. Oovernor
John Tetter of Pennsylvania, presi
dent of the National league, has call
ed an utl punned session ol the Na
tional league und an adjourned meet
ing or the board of directors of the
league to be held at Cincinnati, next
Sniiirdny nt S o'clock. The final de
tails of the tra nff'r nf former fe
end llaseman John Fvers of the Chi
cago cluli to the Huston club will bu
Wchh-Kcnynn Ijiw Invalid.
ie Mulues. Feb. 17. The Iowa
i supreme court, In a decision handed
....wo lodiiv. declared constitutional
the Webb-Kenyon low prohibiting
the shipment of liquor Into dry terri
tory. . I
Washllmum. Feb. 17. President
Wilson's veto Is waiting for the Bur
nett Immigration bill If It pusses con
greaa. providing for the much dis
cussed llterac test, according to the
best Information today In circles
lose to the White bouse. Teflnlte
news of the president's npposlton In
ihe test came as a surprise of manv
who were led to believe he favored
It. by Ihe senate Immigration com
mittee's announcement thut It would
go ahead with the hilt keeping the
literacy lest In Its place.
Senators of the committee. Ttemo
crats and Republicans alike, declared
a tain today that Ihe literacy lest
would be retained notwithstanding
the probability of presidential veto.
Thev expect It to pass by a large ma
jority. Whether any attempt will
be made lo repass Ihe bill over a ve
to, none cared to predict.
WrMiTM Horsemen Aihipt rw Hull'.
Chicago, Fi 0. K. Horsemen repre
senting four mobile wean rn racing
associations are here for their annual
meeting. A new rule which would
limit a new record only to the win
ner of u iac and nol lo heat winners
will be i. Her., I at Ihe biennial con
gress of the American Trotting aasu-
latum. A similar rule rrtnuiy was
adopted by the National '1 rolling as
social ion.
'I'll,, (ileal Weslesn circuit re-elecl-e.l
!. A. Keller of Decatur, III., presi
dent, mid W. L. moilinger, Irun
Mountain. Mo., secretary and treas
urer. Forty horsemen, representing
tune stulea, wer. prcsuni; ,
'lo lling dates f jr the 114 rum
paUn wire a warded to Cleveland by
I lie Oreat Western circuit. The
l(..ld Mill luL u ,.l.... L. ....
: or July JU and iHiraea will total 4il.-
"' for the six days' races. Ihe
rest of the schedule and Ihe amount
lid the purses were lo h announced
uu i-i .
Itlll U X HlHTllxl,
W ashingion. Feb. 17. James J.
Hill lold chair. nan Adiunson of Ihe
house commerce commute today he
1I1.I nol feel that business should be
apprehensive of the administrations
trust legislation pn gram.
Upton's f 'tutlleiigc- J eter ftoartl.
U.nilon. J'eb. 13 A spe.-lul dis
Pali b Irom tiosport says len.iliely
tr us nio. k t. Mir Thomas
Mpttu'g challenger for the Americas
'tin is to lc tested as a center board
yacht Her hull is nol to I- of steel,
illicit, aieu out cumpoaue
Wood us u factor.

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