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It In ln JIKIIAUl, llfty MM
aaonili or IS nula weak dnllvvrwl
I jour door) lift iftiu hjr wall.
ALL THOSE desiring to D9
Mayor of Albuquerque will
now rise. (
Tmnrx k-citizkl.v,
V4. s. No. ..
i a. fKt. gor.
James McNaughton, Manager
of Calumet and Hecla, Tells
Congressional Committee
Evils of Union Rule
Says Operation of Copper
Mines Under Terms of the
Western Federation Would
Wreck Industry.
tlf Lea) Wire tu rvrntna; Herald.)
Houghton. Mil h.. Marci X. "Ai
li n it a 1 vin gencial manager of the
Calumet mi lift la company no atrik
rr will lie la kin back In Hoik unit'
ha give up hii mcnilicrsliip In thu
Western I- t-dt-ration of Mimic,' u
( lured Jamc MacXaughtutt today be
fore the congressional Inveaiigaioi.
"The Wnlrrn Federation and II
mi'mbtri akch hate tried In avery
way posslblo to put the mining com
panies out of businra. Tiny stopped
cur business, they Inter. ded with
non-union men going to work and
caused riot. Titers are a grout many
Inker who woulil nut be ukcu lark
under any condition.''
H aald the federation taught a
"gospel of hata."
Mr. MacNnughton admitted that
tho complaint i( atrikcra' wltm-tutua
of amoke and gaa In aome of the
cop par mine were Justified. The gai)
i-aiiia from ulaalln-j and the amokv
from the resultant explosion and
miner' lumpa. he a Id. lie denied
thul go generated from the rock.
Mr. MarNnughton explained the
system of run i puny houses, rented to
employe at II a room a month, In
cluding repair, water and gut uatt
removal. , The house owned hy the
t'alumel and llerla ale appraised ut
flal.liUQ. The Im ome from rent litat
year wua IUJ.MJ and the expenditure
for repair a 161,.:.!,,, the Wilms
Pensions arc gien einplo.tr alio
have lieen In the service twenty yearn
or more, nTtcr they reach lhi ags of
alxty. Thu amount range Hum ID to
Ilk a month and extend over a
period of five yei.ia.
MucXuuiehtoii admitted that It wa
the company policy not lu employ
men over forty years of .me. rvtiu
though they hud formerly worked for
(he company.
MacNaiighlon denied I hut a "black
list'' was iiiMiiiinlneil hy any of the
companies with whhh h- wng con
nected. til general Ina'r jetiuna to
mine bosses, he Mld. wire that :t a
man waa discharged from one mine
It waa not the atlair of any other
Asked if he had ever heard of a
man buying a job In the mine, wlt
nea aaid. "There waa stub a taae
year ago where wo found a mine
captain had occepted money through
an Intermediary mid he ni promptly
dim. hinged. Hui'ciUently another
captain wua charged with having re
ceived money fur giving a uiun work
but hi acriiaer could not produce the
proof and n.i a tlon waa taken."
MucNuughlon outlined for the
colon, itteu thu wclture work hitng
done hy the Calumet and Hecla for
It employe and their dependent and
told of the ayalem of free fuel dlatrl
hutlott among the poor.
Th wilneK denied that the nior
taliiy from urcidcnla waa greuler in
thee mtnea than ehirwriere and Uot
ed ftaurea to allow the pel'-entnge of
death waa le limn in the Montana
and Arina illntnrt.
QuoKlioned on hour of labor. Mac
Naughlon declared he did not think
men employed hy hi company ever
hud been required to work actually
more than right hour a day. lndr
the new ytein they go down and
romu up purtly on the conipun)
time, partly ill their own.
Th wltnea aald the company ni
not Interealed in any alore and the
men were free to trade wherever they
w lulled.
MacNaughlnn waa vlill under direct
examination when th commute re-
Illy l'astl Utrc tn Kvenlng Herald.)
Chicago, March J.-Healing of lb
Klein board of trad case before
Judge Landt In ih federal court
her may never i'omr up, I, wa mad '
known loduy.
IHairlit Alttirnry Jamr II. Wilker
aon left for New Voik and Washing- j
ton today and It was understood that 1
th tiueniton of a compromise of tha
government's case against ihe alleged
improper butter pile fixing method
of tha Klgln hoard waa Ihe principal '
object of his trip. The hearing waa
columned mo week.
rat ALL
Significant Statement i n
House of Commons by Sir
Edward Grey Indicates Lit
tie Hope for Help From
restrained Tone of British
Foreign Secretary Serves to
Relieve the Severe Tension
in Washington.
(By leaned MTIra to Kerning Herald
London. March S Hlr Kdward
Urey. the Hrlluih foremen ccrelnry.
la day dlK muted lh Mexican altua
'lop in the houxo of common In
lei.l) to a quiKilon aa to the death
M Ji.i.r.-i of William H. Ih-iiloii.
I'.d'vard aald:
"i muxt auk leave of the hoiiae. to
m ike a eomew hal more extended
!. inent than inn properly he com
pleted within the limit of an an
av'er to a iuet'n.
"All effort have failed to procure
mi inveniigallon Into th fait re
upectli.g the dtKth of William K. lieu
ton "The pergiaient diflu ulton put in
the way create the tronget r
numplinn of a dalra and an inten
tion to conceal the irulh on the part
of thore In Mexico, who are repon
iilde for hat ha happened.
"Communication with the govern
ment of the I'nlt.d Htate are at 111
priM-eedlng hut these communication"
do not lmily that the governmetit of
tho I'nlted ftlatea haa any reeponal
l liry for the ilenth of llcnton.
While, therefor, w ahall wel
come any lion that th I'nlled
Ktalea la prepared to take to obtain
JiiMtlee. we have no title to demand
a right that the fnited Hlule
hotild Itfelf rrxorl to the in of
'Ho far the I'll, ted ft a tea lia
honn at leaal an much Internet In
the death In M J. o of a Itrtllnh tih
)ect a a It ha in the caae of outrage
on American eillgen for I undei
Nt.inff that eeveml American have
lain killed In Mi-xl-o And the
1'niHed Htnte ha ahown every riewlrv
in nee Ha Influence to oliliillt proter
tlon for Itriiiah Kubjecl In the Mil
ban territory con' rolled hy tr re
bel a.
'I would therefore auin up the git-
n.ii'on hv aaying lhat If Ihe fnited
Hates think It proper to take fur
(her step eHher oil behalf of It own
Itlxrna or of a Itrlllnh iib.le'l we
will gladly wall the Telllt. Hut If
for reason of la own ttve I'nlted
Htatea doe not think It desirable to
tuko such toil, we must, of course,
n wi v e to otirselv e the rieht In bring
nbout repnniMon whenever It I in
our power to do o
Th recent ih nth of a Hrltlsh sub
ject and the refusal hy those in Mex
ico In allow Ihe curcuinirtnncoa to be
ivesllgatod make It Incumbent upon
us to do what we can tm our own
behalf. AsiiiultiK that the Tutted
Stales doe not llaell desire to lake
any responsibility for Intervention, it
had Iten tiraed on me that We should
lake immediuta action, without, how
ever, givwig mo any suggestion or In
dication of what action we can take
at ihe moment.
"I must repeat what I said Inat
net'kthttl there I nothing w can
do under present condition.
"We have no intention of engaging
In such a fiinia.ttic attempt aa the
sending of a force which to be ef
fective, would have to tie a very Inrg
force. -into any part of Mexico.
"Hut we don't Intend to let tha af
fair reel, and na soon aa hy any
change of clrcumttancea It la our
power to take further action, we shall
make whatever s'rpa may he practi
cable." OpKing to another nueatlon. Hlr
F.dnnrd (1ry said that Ureal l:ruln
had not re-ogti!red General Villa aa
a hellgfrent.
farther question brought the
statement from Hr Kdward Urey that
no assurance had been obtained
from Provisional President lluerta
regarding the prnte-t;on of Ilrltish
aiititisla V Mexico.
.iu:vh ktti:mkxt
l.KShrAn Till-: Ti:KHIX
"A1 tHhlngton. March 3. Hir Kdward
Cliev aialetnocit to Ihe house of
eomrnnn. aa received here In new
despatches, wa read hy 'resident
Wlloon to hi rablnet and waa gen
erslly regarded aa lessening tne ten
sion which had been felt over tha
iuith!IUy of extreme pressure being
exerted on the I'mted Htnte hy Eng
land for drastic roure.
Th killing of Outav Hauch, in
American t Itixen. reported from Chi
huahua, did not remove however, the
gruvlty of the situation a viewed hy
the I'niied Htalea
No definite word had been received
from Oenrial Carruimo up ft tha
lime of the rnhlnvl rueeliiig, ag to
what Ihe rebel chief Intended to do
about the killing of Il.iui h. the In
M'stigution of Benton's death and th
denial of the right of the I'nlled
Mates to aollort prole lion for for
elgnera generally.
Fro nd of Carranxa here hail tel
egriitua saying Ihe t'tinslllullitiiiillst
cabinet -ns In seswlon considering all
phase of the sit nation and that I tier e
wn hop for a suUiffiictory otil
come. imiTisii MiMsrt n win,
Washliiston. March 3 Hlr l.bmel
f'nrtleii, tlreot Itritaln' minister to
Mexico, will confer with President
Wilson tonight nt t o'clock BI, inter
will leave for New Vork to sail for
England tomorrow morning on the
Olympic. With Hlr On i Pprltig
Itlce tho rtrlth nmhawndor. Hir
Lionel, eonferreil hrli-riy early todav
with Hecreiary Mrynn ami errancd
the hour of his meeting with the
president. Hckf'otiry llryan will
illne at the llrllifh etnlsy this ev
ening before Hir Ulolicl leaves for
N w Vork
The flrillsh minister declined to
comment on the Merlcan situation In
any way.
"I am sorry." he gald lo all ques
tioners, "but my government doe not
permit me to give Interviews."
Immediately nrter his conferencn
with the two Ilrltish Diplomats. Hcc
letury llryan went the cabinet
meet lug with the latest Mexican dis
patches, where the killing of Itaiich.
Ihe American, the Tteuton case nml
'he proiuible attitude of tlreut Hrlt
Kin in the light or Ihe latest develop
ment vvere discussed. There wns
no outward Indication of any cluing"
In the situation a a President Wilson
outlined It yesterday.
When Ihe cnbim-t meeting ended
there were no announcement.
Hlr Kd ward Urey' statement wns
spok"n of by some rnldnet members
s "hlch minded" and It wn appar
ent Unit the declaration was generally
pleasing Hecreiary Itryan said the
"late department had little Informa
tion about the reported killing of
llauch. .
Here Is Our Old
Friend Lopez
This Time the Famous Disap
pearing Bandit is Patient in
Milwaukee County Hospital
(Itf Is-maod Wire i Rverunf lltxra,.)
Milwaukee, Wis., M.trh J. Ilalpli
I.opax. Mrxlcun bandit who shot und
killed several men at It I iik tin id. I'tah.
and for whom a nation-wide earh
hag been conducted simo his eacape
from the I'lith-Apex mine, may be a
patient now in the Milwaukee county
The police, through information
furnished by County I'hysn Isn A. K.
Young, are conducting an Irvesilmt
lion Into the identity of ihe pallent,
who gave hi name a Joseph Mnntcg
and who sa he la a Mexican refugee.
While the pollie are skeptical, they
have wired lo I'tnh for a picture of
the bandit
(Hy I toward Wire to Ktrenlng Herald.)
Wnshlmnon, March J - liuitiiry to
la y of Colonel tleotge W. tioethais.
ihulrinan of the Panama canal com-
Mi'.saion. who Is now lure. establihe
that despalclos dated Panama on or
ilMtut Tchruary 9 last. gtallnK that
W. I. Hhlpley. chief clerk of thu
subsiste.ice department, had been
ttispcnded on the grounds of Incom
petence, were erroneous.
Colonel (odditis sa Mr. Hhlph y
was not vospelided al that lime or
it any lime since. He also speak of
Mr. Shipley aa an entirely competent
official and sa he I now satisfar--oily
discharging the Important du
ties! of chief clerk of the subsislcnce
department of Ihe canal.
It appears that Mr. Hhlpley had
spoken of resigning In order to ac-
tpt a hustnesa position, which had
iieen offered him, and this may have
given riae lo tho other statement In
reference to him.
Colour' tioethais also entirely ex
onerate Mr. Hhlpley from any con
nection with the alleged transaction
hli h led to th suspension of John
Hurke. manager of the commissary
Tlili-t -l wo, Im lulling IliiMdan Monk.
e Varying sa-ntruii for Alb-gitl
OilMtM-a Against AuMria.
(p !l Wire In RvrmUtsT flrail.1
Hudapeat. Hungary. March I. He li
tem e was pronounreil today on thirty-
two itutliHiilans. thnrged with incit
ing rebellion against the Austro-Hun-garian
government. The principal
prisoner. Father Alexius, a Russian
monst from Mount Athos. was run-
demaed to four and half years' im
prisonment. He wa aitld to be the
leader of Ihe movement und was al
leged tn have carried on Ihe propa
ganda under tha guise of effort
to convert Ihe liulhenlsn peasantry
to Ihe Kussian faith. The movement
w aald lo have been financed In
liusala. The other thirty-one run
V ivied peraona were arniented to
term ranging from six mouths to two
and a half year. Twenty-three oth-
til were' acqulttsd. Kvltlem e waa
given In th course of the (rial lo th
effect lhat It wa ltiisala'g intention to
eventually Absorb a great part of
Member Declares His Opinion
That Body of Dead Briton
has Long Since Passed Rec
First Naval Battle Since Rev
olutions Began to be Fought
Today Off Topolobampo
Hy la-asttl Wile I. iciilng llrrnlil.)
Kl i'aso, Tex., Match It. A memba.
of the llcnton commission today ex
pressed the opinion Unit thu in. (au
ditors never would go to Chihuahua
to view tne body of Ihe slain Hootch
maii. "This la my pcr'onat opinion,"
ho. said, "and I ftoi baued on ollicial
Information. Kenton wa killed l-'ci -
'luary 17 and this is Ihe Until ol
j March. The body must be In u h
condition by thi time that uny wound
lor wound in tho flesh would lie ou-
llli rated."
Thu commission was still tnatsiiiK
timo here today pen.iiim tne outcot.iu
of negollatlona with ilciicrai Carr.i.ixa.
Marion Letcher, consul at Chihu
liua, who i'Uiik! here yesterday, may
return to hi post ahead of tho com
mission If there I too ii, lull de a,
as business accumulate rapidiy l.i
the consulate.
j Chihuahua, Mil., March 3. tiwn
eral Villa, today clue red up the itiyj-
't' iy as to vlicr tha order came from
which halted the lit iilon commlsaion
a 11 was about lo leave Jim res last
Hundu. It ha been credited both to
j him and to Umirf.. Currnnxa. Lut
Villa said Hie r"Uct tame tio;,i
'Carrnnaa to him, and lie traiiHmi'tel
'it Into an order to the Jut', v yj.u-
1 ilson.
I 'The llenton cane anil all foreign
I relations are now in tlie hands of ih
sji rcme (I. .el and will reiiiain imu,"
1 aald ili nci.il Villa
The general raid lhat he llilemli d
; to educate forty poor children In the
l ulled Si. iti a at puidic expense, ow iii j
lo Ihe tlfniora.il' d l ollditlon of Mex
ican schools. The bo nib dropion t
aero, lane and a . t 1 "J shr.ipiu Is n.ivt
arrived, hu said.
I'll TV llll ltls Kll.l III
Itl ltlllT HttM NotiM.I S
! Kl I'aso, Tex., March 3. A ial
to tho Herald from Nogalea gives a
rebel report that fifty ledtrals were
killed and a nuiniier of prisoners
taken in a baltle at A' una, state of
Hun Luis I'oliu.i. I t Kitunlny.
j lit neral Krancis-'ti Carera com
mnnded the rebel and the federals
aero led hv Colonel ljutiitaiia a the
report. The fcihial dead Include
Major Antonio It. Vurt'.i. C,tlaln
' elonx-tlcs, I'aintiilt ami lieutenant
llenuv Ides.
IV ( H ItSK (II' W ll
Nogalea, Honora. Marb 3. The
(list naval li.it lie in the history of ill 'I
Mexican revolution as expected to
day ill Topololiainl'o, Hilialoa. Ite
potl received lv lielieral Cuir.inx.i
were that the federal gunboat Mor
log and rjuerrcro had arrived on the
hiulior. where lay the gunboat Turn
Pico, which reietitlv went over to Ihe
const it HlotiH lists
It wa asserted that the rre tf the
Tampic . had plcii'y of ammunition
tul UihI from the Interior of the land
I ba ked harbor, It would be easy to
I fight off the two federal vessel which
iMist rnier through narrow chan
I nt1.
(Hy la-nand Vlr,. lo K.vrnliif llt-raltl
New York, Jl.mli Heavy with
drawals from boo. I. d wuit-houaes of
raw sugar were in ola yesterday ut
New Yttrk us Ihe ri suit tif the Sfi n r
cent 'lit 111 dimes provided for III tho
turilf act of 11.1. tlffftlve Mai.h I.
Tim custom hoimc officials reported
lhat twenly-two v. arehoust s entries
for delivery were made, while the
limit- paid on thu withdrawal ag
K" gated f.iO.ilioi It wa Bald iu
Lie irado today the t.irltf redutl"ii
hud bten dist tiunteii aatd probably
will cause no fiuth r decline. In th
price of refined sugar.
' (Hv la-asisl Wire lo I'vt'iilng Ht-rald
Washlngloii. M.irvh t A new
baby gr at Hecietary HrjuliH hone
today delayed a toiift-renc with the
Lrittsh uinlui.-s.olor and also the cab-
ilni't meeting Mr Hryan telephone
h s office and the White housii lh it
he would be bile and anuomiced
;lhe birth of a ghl lo his daughter.
.virs. Hit hard L lUrgreaveg or L n-r-oin.
.Nb. Mr Hrv.iu now ha
giaiul iblldr.n.
ill nn nmnn nn
District Attorney Unable to
Gather Sufficient Evidenco
to Make Case Against Coal
Difficulty in Getting Court
Room Equipment Delays
Proceedings. Members Anx
ious to Finish.
tlljr Iaacd Wire to Evening rterald.
Iienvcr, Colo., March 3 No com
pliilnt ilKaliist the coal minion com.
p nits of southern Colorado on
churges of peonage will be made at
present by lilsttict Attorney Hairy K
Kelly, aciordlng to u stall uicm mailu
lust nlghl. The district aiiorney
found llisiililcleiil i vnrence, to warrant
taking action In the report of Wuitci
Ualcy. special ussistiiiil, h bo bus Just
returned from au liivestiKatioii ol
charge brought out at Ihe recent ' .
lons of the coiigrt ssionul strike In
vestii;aiitifc conimittce hi '1 iimdad.
si iiihi; i w im it. Mn:
.VNMlti-. It) I IMsll
Wnlsenhurg. Colo., Mai vli 3. 'l he
iriko itivesiigation in Hiierfiiiiii
county opened here tod.i) The con
gressional (-OOllllilte.. ,,1'rli', .1 ... 11
I o'clock and proceeded at on. e lo the
I Clllll-t ll. 'IK... . , ..
.....v- .ia iofiiu uciay
III opening while altucheg ol the court
house skirmished for extra tables and
chun. The district court lor liutr
fano county provides one table lot
counsel, but atlorne.v in be plesel.l
heuiing vv atiicd two tables. The spec
tators' scut rilled rapidly with a
crowd representing several naliuiiul
Judgt. Jese U Nortln utl usked tho
cominitit-e to si i u. del hum imig lot
fiich sidu to pi csunt ita evidence.
J. unes Lritvsier of i.,iwi.... i,,e n,
sirikeis imlii.itcd hut union vviiiic.,k.-
Would be ,ii, -.liuio ,1 on several sub
ject and it could n,,t , deu-rniiiied
In udvance Just bow lon It would
take lo pieselit their disc
Chall Ml. IM Foster toid '.-OJIiSt l thai
lliii commiitee li.i.t spem luore tluin
threo weeks ,u Colorado and as iiiu
loiis to Kei ihrough.
"We t upeci u complete all evidence
here, al llenver and itolilller by rit
iirday nlghi, II it Is physuailv possild,
to do so," the chirm,,n niinoun'td
"Alter that we may go to Hlcamiuml
Springs lor u bm I session. VV,. ilo
not tare to hear t umul.itiv,. evol. to ,.
mi generul comiitioiis Ic.iding up o
the strike. The committee vv ihcn to
hear evl'lente on k iln- matters In
cluded In t. les.diltion u'llhorlKlto!
Hit) invesllgaiion. It wo cm linish
:iie W.il.seiiiuim inveximuilon by to
morrow iiiwbt we will be gl,., i,.
Counsel f..r Hie Milkers cu!e, Kred
H. lieniiis in des.rilic mine condi
tions which were uilcged t have eii
leied into ihe causes of t tit strike
Me said he was u native Alio in an
and had ti.nl long experience us
miner; that In the uH t, ,, y.IB lh,
companies sieudily reduced ( lie
umouul of "(lead work" for which
pay Is allowed. II,. dci lurt d tl,.,l
Vhllo he wa, siipt rintetub nt ol a
lilitle a weigher cnipli.Vi.il I,,- the con.,
puny president huh t heating the din
gers. Il question ,y livrins the
witness adiiiiited be had liiiown U,e
weigher Was robbing ,(. men hut di,J
not dist hargi- ,iiu out, I ),,. rouiiil lo.
was also robing the ton, pii).
Alii. I M t,T n i n n (
Jit.M s t s. II I I'll m;o
Trinidad. Colo., Match 3-Aigu-m.
tils on the r. tt.iti m ,.,i,. , r,u
IIIKlltUt.,1 .y ,,. tll,,.u vj,,,,. w,k.
era ol A Ho i i, a I.i sc. nr.. h ,
of Mother Jones, thu lioisd Woman
strike leader, held military cliaim
at Hin l;fi, hosnlt.it be re u . r..
aauln poMtpon.d In the tlisiri.i court
loda). 'Ihe illness of Judge Advocate
Major K J. Houghton Wits llle r.i.-,.n
assigned for tile le,,u,M ,,r p,,.,.,,,,..
nient. Judge A W. M Hen, llle all
liouiH'ttl that th,. argiiiMciiis would
heard lomnriow .iittriioon and
that tomorrow morning be vioiild
hear argument ,. , i... ,.
made by Attorney . H.,wklll ,,
Ihe mine woikeis Hi.u .M.,n,er Jones
bti produced In ctniri. The linlii.iiy
authorltiia lmir uiuioon. , .1 that tiu v
will not produce Mother Jo(M ,u
court without u, curt oi bi The
Mover cum. will i.o mu l, ie m th.
I'g.il urguiiiciiis.
Peon. i. III., M.inh 3. --The I mi. J
Mine Workers of Illinois loduy de
bated th,. ipiesiiou ol a loan ot 1 1
'ool lo the iineriialional union f,,i- us
in Uih Colorado sirike. The resolu
tion i,,led foi lite ioaii but many ut
llle del. gales Welti llllWillolg I,, si. ill.'-
lion it on their own r,s,oiilli,liiy.
The) wanted u auuiuitu-d iu a rttv-r-riiilum
The linn is agreed that If III,, wage
scale coiiteren, e had tome lo soma
agree incut so Ui.it the miiicis of Illi
nois could hive known what wa t.
for them the) Lit that Uu would
be in a Position to Vote Itio loan uh
ut further debate.
Flunk Haves, International ico
two horns today
over Ihe coilll-
-c.tiili ill declared
n for tlisi ourugo-
I'onmlcr of lb,- (.come Junior Itopuh
llc al I'ltt-vllle. t .'iivlitotl of ijiies
tlonaldo Moral Con, lie I,
ff Is-gM-rl Wtesi tn Rtenlnt Herahl )
.N. w link. M in h :i -.William It
tieorgf. founder and former head ofl
Ihe ticorgc Junior ll-iiiilillc nl Fit e
vllle, X. Y.. was fiirllier scored hy I lie
bulling of three Inform il Judges In a
repot t made piii.lic today. The prea-
eti inv est ig.it ion w as t nil, lili led under
the oint auspi. es of committees ri-p-
i.m. niieir the rcv llle Inatiiiiiion and
tho riational association of tieorge
Junior repuhlie. It concerned Itself
wi'h three ciiarge. I.i of which th
lodge Hiinaliu d i m u tliinl a charge '
thai ti.org.. w.'is Ihe f uller of a gitl'l!
child a n rdii t of "not proven" wrial
i el in in d. The charges sustained
weie that lieorue had made Improper I
oM itores tu a girl t ilisen and thai h I
went lo another girls room al li.shll
and fondled In r
The Judaea who passed on th
charges were
, ...
tiiirt-iM ii. i riii.M.', jr., I
HilllUol Heilblliv, stale supreme
Justice, mid Miss Lilliuii Wald,
ciul wolker.
a '
An erroneous report from Ithara
Kiindav night said that ihe Judges In
Hits Ii, in lug had rendered a tlecisioti
itciiitttiiiK (Iconic.
W omen Tell House
Committee Where
to Gel
Lively War Of Words in Wash-
. iitl e ti a J
ington When buffrage Aa -
vocates Threaten Wrath to
III? I ,ra:l Wire to r:rnlng neraltl.l
Washington. M uch ;i. Womun
suf'rag sis and unti-sitiTruglat hud
another war of words today before
the. house Judiciary commttlee over
the proposed coioiiitulional itmentl
iiieiit to enfranchise the.r cx. The
heavy artillery of both aidea wua
brought Into ai t ion.
"Why can't you umend the consti
tution so that In various stales, on
petition of a letlnin number of vot
ers, Ibe people may have tho bulbil?"
ilcmaii.li .1 Mrs Antoinette Ktink,
who with Mrs Mod ill AI.Coinil.'K wa
III charge of the suffrage apellker.
Iti preseiiiatue Mondel!, Itcpoldi-
i mi. ol v iiiiiiiii. urged the ext. -union
of woman surtriige and d." I.i lid that
111 Wyoming the Women Voted ill us
large pioport ion us men.
Mrs. Crystal Kastman Itctiedict told
the congressmen thai the women vol.
ers of the country would visit their
wrath on the 1 1. in... rat ic port)
the poll, if it ", lodged the Issue "
Th,. 1 it-iii. cratie party was threat
ened wllh pi. Iitl, nl wrath of I Im !
women by otlnr speakeis.
Mrs. Mary Heard of New York flat-j
ly l.'l.l the committee Unit the "pally '
ahull will enter into possession of th I
government on Mm h 4. I'lli, Willi
believe that woman soiTiiibie is a mat-
ter of ii'iiiouul importance and of I
I t'anst t-uilaiil ii.ilioii.il I ci 1 1 . . i t.iui c."
I ooit .oiiin Htt lares That t.rniii
Ittairtlt li I rand I armt-rs of jn,
Ijiili.lion Aiuiuiilly hy I lM-ratioiw.
Hy IsM'il Wire to Kyrntiis Herald.)
W nhlniigli.il Mucih 3 - The CIiii h
eo and luiliiili boards of trade and
the M inio upolis thiiinber of rum
incite were i.iralgiied today a vio
lators i.r the iinti-trnnt laws, for fix
ing the pi lies of wheat 1" tho farm
ers of the n .rthwest and the price
of flour to the coiiKuni' Is, at a bear
tig la-fore the house rules committee
lo dot- de on Hcpi'l !- Illative Mallil'
huu's ib in. in, I lor a coiiKrt.s.-ioual in
vest ig.-li loll.
Mr M. malum charged that eleva
tor iio-o. by selling to t hcinsclv ca
gr.iin Uo-v' held in. tig'-ni for f..n;i
i f. di fraiide.l tin w h'-ut growers of
the li.ikoias and Montana ulotie of
J..I liiMi.ui.ii a ,r I', l. l., 1 IiuIkIu
i'oii iu aboliMli fut'ire tru.l.n; feder
al Inspection and grading in public
. rehouse, tic urge.-. t;,A the Olih
means to rilu vti lump ri who lo-t
lurge stint, through iiiair.pul.tt ion in
iIiiich The state of Minnesota's In-
M -It. .11. HI of the evil he so I.I. i,d
l.i en vo l at nail(;ht hy a lobby.
I: ,n a. Hint iv I'.lli.n of South I'a
li i. uiioi ied Mr n.iio.h ,n a in
v . s' ij.,1 .,,i r . I , i r i . , n mid Haiiiuel II.
Ur.elv. I . .1 iii.rlv u meitibt-r of th-;
i liu i, go hoard of ir.i.l.c told ihe com-mine--
ibe Chi. ago piiidu wanhoio.,
no.noi.lv fixt.l the gr.nn prices for
'In- world The Cb'cago board he
declared, dealt jll 23 fill 0011 bllsheU
a ,!:.v While Ifcctpt ineragl'll S.Vullll,
unit a '.ir
H 1 cact it tts l .enlnt Herald.l
lira ml Island Ncl... March 3 -llovvai.l
I. .Meeker, a prom nt bus
iness Inlill of l.eweilcll, Veb. near
ill's pl.M e, vv lot disappeared luM w ct it
in I'lif. uu.. was tod. i" foiiiul In lien-
Ver. Il.-t ot'lli llg to a llos.ige ri-ceiVt-'t
It era bv bis father, who had employ
id special delevtiv c lo luteal. gale
III" disappeai nice of hi li.lt. Meek
r lot. I a large sum of mone)' w II It
him al lh" lime he disappeared. Ills
prMMeine in lietir Is unaccounted
Great City Gradually Finding
Its Way Through Over
whelming Masses of Sleet
and Snow.
MWaaf-aWtkjr A. vi.l W Jg W f V
' Milk
Trains and Sunshine
Serve to Bring Relief to Mil
lions of the Snowbound,
Hy loosed Wire, lo Kvexilng llcrahl.
Xew Vork, March I. Fresh food,
aupplle and milk from dulayed train
i were moved through tha now drift,
restoration of tho tire alarm and
above all, sunshine, nunc tn New York
an, I envlrnns l.ul.iv In the wmUm Ih.
great sn.rin of nunday and Monday.
i " nmre fleam were reporteii and at
; ,.,, , mercury t.d t . cmder.
i"1 ;"""''';' ". " h. predk-
Hon for tonight.
Of the eight barge adrift off Tlra
Island, five were in tow for New York.
C.tv today. Thi ouleted frara for tha
i safety of 32 men aboard, who were on
their way from Norfolk to Newport
Ilallroad schedule were improved,
yet still tar from normal.
Tho da ma go to telegraph and tel
ephone line in Now York and New
Jersey will be many hundred of
thousand of dollar. Two thousand
pole were blown down or broken by
the wind and wire covering a dig
tivnco of Sou inilu were snapped.
Husineaa In Ihe financial district
continued much curtailed today hy
reason of the storm.
Xew Y'ork began today to dig Itself
out tr the snow. The weather I fair
arid the temperature rising. WUh a
fool of snow and Ire packed hard on
the heavy muting; of snow left by two
previous slur ma. the city 1 assuming
something like normal condition after
1 thirty-six hours of hllxxard weather.
Mret tar mid railroad Iralilo Im
proved today. All trunk linn with
terminals In New York, New Jersey,
Hoboacn and Wechawken began mov
ing trims to distant point for the
first timo in two day.
In tlie city and Ita suburbs Iwelva
persons aro dead a u result of tha
si. ii iu. Three of Ihe live lost Wera
those of Ithorcrs employed In remov
ing snow on the lmg Island railroad.
They were run down by a motor train.
Two other men, one a snow hoveler.
were killed bv Long Island ml I road
t ruins. Two other victim of tha
storm wire killed by fallen rlecerlO
W it es
The los to business Interest, rail
road and the cost to the city and
public and private corporation and
companies for snow removal will run
into millions.
l'ldla,b-ldila Ituplillv ltctt-erliur.
Philinlcli.hu. March S. Thi part
of thu middle Atlantic slate I r.ip-
Idly recovering from the effect of
Hund.iy night's blixaard. The I'enn
svlvnnla railroad, which resumed par
tial service las night announced that
Its piissi'iiger traffic over Hie New
York IMvuuon would bealmuit rorm.il
by nooll.
'onai a oil no V. Ilitvardi Hald to Havej
Hail llit-li lli klng from Igncirant
I eilovv Countrymen In America.
(Hy lt'actl Wire to Ksnlng ricraM J
l.o Angeles. Csl . March I hf
foila to na. erialn the whereabout of
i 'otistaul mo V. Hiccardl. aaJd to ha
the fop of a lliiiiim aenalor and w)l
known here as an attornay Wera tin.
so, c. srtf nl and the au'horliir now
belie ye he la on tho AthtQliti mean,
be,,e.l for Hot, to
Kuiardi vv.ia cliarged with having;
eiiibetbd I.", mm Iroin W ill lam E.
sli.iw In a warrant Isaued by tha dl
it t aiiornec. Iiaeldeg th. otfensa
ibe police declare ltl.car.il left l.oa
ug,lcM own. g thousituil of dollnrg
t .a-..,.,- f.r..,-i I .tnu. 1 .... I .
I... .. ...I,,... ...mi. 1 ,17 wtuill va
mailt poor Italian fa pi 1 1 lea
Mia. Kict-ardi. who wag Ml Mav.
la lie Culver of !ndinpoll, 1 In
M Tii'g.t sa-rloiisly Jll. sihe filed
-til for dU-or.e here lust Kulurday.
all, glllg cruelty.
llcsH.ii.lhlllty for Wrea k lived.
Hoiton. Mar. h I ItraiionsiblUty
..r the wreck of the lank iteauur
Oklahoma, which hiok In two off 'ha
t e. t of Xew J.-racy on Juuuary ita
w tu ih loss of 2 Uvea, is placid
wholly on Hie f.tlliii lo put In fore
a l.gil proviaion lhat would control
.'iitl atandardixe th construction 1 1
at ei in veas.1. Tlie repurt of Ih fed.
ri .l Inspector W'i filed hertt today.

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