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Aztec Fuel Co.
V? Gallup Stove Coal
UjJ ylf sj U)
Cleanest Coal in
the market.
C. E. Conners, Assistant to
Vice-President Hodges and
Storekeeper Scully in Alba
querque Today.
C. K. Co n turn, nxxlatunt lo Vice
1'resldcnt Hodge of the iSuiiIh Ke und
In charge of the stores department.
mill (IcihtmI Hinrckeenrr Thomas
to-ill I y of Topi ka. nrrlvml In Alhuiiucr
que this morning limn Kl l'.io, w here
they Inn, been on an Inspection lrl.
i ailed line It by the fire runday eve
ning w lilt h tli'Hlrn) ed the old store-
rinnii for the new storehouse, a
part of th new shop plant, air com
plete und It In expected that comdruc
I Ion of I hv hew I xi 1 1 l l ii k will begin
Mr. Conner and Mr. Scully with
other of Hi lulu of Ihl' road here will lie
prcm-nl ul thu fire department dem
ons! nitlun m the ufflc building on
t-iouih Hicond sired Una afternoon.
I KM H TO UNCI l "!":
Announcement turn hern made Ih'il
In connection with the erection of new
shop und tho (tiin r.il modernisation
of the Santa Ke ard, the entire
ground tri to he enclosed by a feiiee.
Lumber for the feme hug ulreud)
been received.
In addition to the fence, the rull
rwid company will run a viaduct
t'lenr ncroas the yard, near Cromwell
avenue, for the com mence of the
men living in th Highlands. The
feme will run from I he lower end
or the yarda clear Ui to the station
To 1i:mosth ti: mil-:
As an aftermath of the destructive
fire at the Santa Fe storehouse Sun
day tiftcrnnoii, which In aaid lo have
spread hvrauae of Inefft etl e wilier
prexxur nt the company h-ilmnl In
the railroad yard, a text ol the pres
sure in the city main near the pro
poxed new group of xhop buildingi
will la- made thin afternoon.
Arrangement w.-re nnnle lit the
council meeting- Ihmi ninht to have all
the coiincllmen and So titx Ke oflli n
witness a teat of the main at Atlantic
avenue and Hctond at -el. Chief khln
will auiierinlendi lit the tint.
The rail!. mil i.rili lain want to make
aure ihal there la water enough t"
maintain two stream ,it hiKh pre
aure before they begin woi k oil 1 tit
li ew building.
Kwe,lisi arluiiiciit IM-eMriteri.
Stockholm, Hwedcti, March j. A
roal dctrce diaxolv ing the MwcdlaM
Parliament w.ia read today In both
I1h Cured in lo 14 Vy
PruggiRtn refund money If l'AZr
OIXTMKNT falla lo cure Itching.
Ullnd, Illcedihjr or I'rolrudlns l'llea
Klrat application gives relief, 60c.
Chicago Mill & Lumber Co.
General Planing Mill
3rd and Marquette Phone 8
Your Floors. Put down Con
golura; it it water proof and
will wear for years. It takes
the place of oak flooring1
Tor Rug: Border and Flooring.
Water Proof. Weare for years.
With it you have an Oak
Hear at a minimum cost. .
Don't Paint
Strong Bros.
General Storekeeper Conner
Tells Something of Splendid
New Building for Which
Plans are Ready.
hen the pinpnxcd new xtoichoux
of the Canl.i Ke ill thin ily I com-,
plcteil A I iuiicriii will be able lo
bouat of the ni"i modern etruclurei
f It kind in tin. country. It wilt
nave every improvement I lml x
known to storekeepers ami tciinr
of xu. h buildings. Ami It will he of
lh largcxl typo that the H.iiitu Ke
oiinI rui la.
tiin. r.il storekeeper C. K. Conner,
of the Sun tu Ke. who In in the city
In '.lilii-i lu ll with ireui ration of the
plan for the new nhMi. xpoke today
of the atHiiilard lit whi.li lhu Hunta
l' wan koIiim lo iilin when It puts Up
the new a1orehoum.
It will he the Hml or the new ahop
liulldinK erected. Mr. Conner aald
that Kunilay'n fire, which ilialroyed
th,. old atorehoiiNe, will not ncrte to
hurry mailer particularly. The locai
nlorea are now hollaed In the old tin
hop, and the alorekeeper will do him.
Ineaa there without undue Inconven
lem until he ha the model new
building to make him happy.
The new atriicture la to be 0 by !12
feet, the lament tie, hi already
noted, on the Kant a Ke ayalem. The
old atnrehouae could be lin ked away
In It. Il will have every convenience
poMible for handling all manner of
aupplie. .Mr. Conner ha looked at
the neweat and blKKent atorehouaea on
other ayntem In an effort to learn
Juki Mhal lo put In the propone I
mini hue to make It the nc pliiM ultra
ol it kind,
"It will be the laal word III atom
hoime,' aald Mr. Conner today with
n note of eiithiiHiUHin In hi tone. "I!
oiikIii to he the atnndard for llfteen or
twenty year after it I ere;ted."
Actual work on the construction ol
tho Kton hoiiKe, which Kill be the
tart of the erection ol the new atiop
HI on p. will probably be commenced
ahortly after July 1, .Mr. Conner aaid.
So far the uctual plana for thu build
ing have not been completed.
In-.iiighlnmen are now at work on the
plan for the new alorchouae. All
the plana will have to be aubmltled to
one of tho Santa Fe vice president,
and after hi approval la obtained
there will remain the conxldcratlon ol
contrada for the coiialriniion.
Mr. Conner, In apeaklng of Pun
day'a fire, put the Ion at $ S 5.0110 at
lenat and Kuitl it IllisM be a high A
It 11,10a. Koine of the auppllea In the
old building were aalvaged and uch
a were dealroved by ruxh ahipmrnt
from other HtorehotiMc.
Men Tlirouith Whoe Hand l'a
Million Head of Cattle . mi nail v
l.nllirr In Convent Ion.
(R Ieard Wire in rmnna- Herald. 1
I iklalioiiia Cllv. fikla , March 3.
Iliimlred of ratilemcn from all aeo
tioita of the weal began arriving lute
today for the convention of the I'un
handle Hmiihw eatern Hlockm.'n'.i
axaociatior., which will continue three
day. The nxpoclat Ion haa 'n member
lilp of T1. It la cui limited II
mi inbera handle about 1.000. 0110 bend
of cuttle a year.
(Hi I.nird Wire In I'vrnlna; ITerald l
Chi. UK". .March 3. Mua Allccn
llcppncr. ncciiaed of perjury In con
iicitt., il wltti ihi! Helming-ciink alien
ation aui. waa found not gu'lty by .1
lury today before Judge .Mclxinald
Mix lleipner wa a witiio in the
-.nit of John C. II, lining, a bellboy.
ikhiiih cii, i i.ii.i. k. 1'iiiik, former
u.'in-ial iiianagi-r of the International
llareter (onipiiliy for alleged ullen
utloii of the affection of Mr. Ilen
ii I nit The llennltiK null fell through
and rexiiliid in a indliallon of Mr.
I'unk. loiter ctiiixplracy chhi'K-
were filed ug.illiM acme of the pat
tlclpaiit In the ulieiiutVin ault und
liltniel llollohlie. Bltomey for llell-
iiiim. waa found nuirty or contplrlnil
to defame .Mr. I'unk
Mira lfeppner bad wild that aha
uw Mr. Kunk and .Mr. Ilennlng In
.1 ChanKo hotel. In the cptmpiracy
trull Mr. Ill-lining text 1 1 led (hut ahd
hud liner met .Mr. I'unk.
lit t raxed Wire to Eeiln ller.1,1.1
CUiciiiiiatl, March 3. The I'tilted
Stale ir uit court of appeal today
alltriiied the ilc u.un of the t inted
Htulr iitiii't court for he Wextern
Ulalib t of Me hlgun III the caaa of
the I'niUd Slate againxt the T) oiiib
I'ubllalilnc company, John Nunimi
vourl, the buniiii-xa manager and John
Kal.liltil, the editor. 1'nejr puldlnhul
a rolncr'a newxpupi-r. the I.Htotou.
at llaiiciak. Muh.. the -ene of the
preaent bitter atrlke of the c pper
in hick, and It ana alleged they print-
led an nhw me cartoon.
Tha lower court found them guilty,
fined the iiiiiuii I l.liuil and tin t"
men lloo c.o li and ( lie tlieiu a Jail
iriitenca of 10 d.i). The ui.per court
affirm th! decialon. holding l li- t
there wag no error prejudicial to the
defendant and that they had been
fairly lrl-d.
The charge war Ihnt nf aendltif ob
aci i.e literature through the iiiaila.
New $9,000 Motor Combine
tion Engine Ordered Deliv
ered at Once at Last Night's
Clean Un Week Finds mem
bers of Council who Think
Property Owners Should do
Own Work.
Electric Light Company
Ready to Spend Two or
Three Thousand Dollars if
City will Pay for Current.
Increaed protection nyialtixt fire
waa iiaaured the city by action of the
counael liixt night, when the pun haw
i, I unolher powerful niilomobllu en
gine waa Voted.
The nppnratua will coat 19.000. and
will be fcrnl'lied by the Amerli-an-I.a
I'raine coinpiiny, whoae bid wa
lormally nccepn-d In the resolution
paxxed luxl nlghl. The new rtiKine
w ill make available two powerful.
:noii rn mai hlncH for builllng wllh
fire that threaten to become xerlollx.
It hax not been del Ided whether to
xeml the new engine to the MlghlandH
xtatlon, where u hnrxe-dra w n uppar
utua ia now atutioned, or put the new
machine in the Central xtatlon and
tranxfer the one now In the down
town atallon to the Highland".
lnnMnew City .Market.
.Mayor Hiilera broached the iiuea
lion of extiibllahlng a city market ul
Inxt nisht'a meeting. U. U. Urant.
he aa.nl. had offered to permit the
uac of lot ut Gold avenue and Third
xtrcctt aa a market place. ThH
iriayor thought It would be a good
idea o eatabllxh a market of the
anrt, to be conducted under munici
pal aupervlxlon. The plan, he xald.
would provide nn excellent uppolt un
ity for truck rrowerw und poultry
lilxere to make fpitck xalex. und af
ford convenient means for botixe
w Ivex lo xecure the ranch produc t.
Connc-llini n Clarke. Koldy ami lah-erw-ood
wire apiiointed a committee
to invcxtlgate the market iiiicxlion
a ml r'-poii at the next mo ling of the
Clean-t'p Week.
Mayor S llera appointed Council
men Cmn. Thoiiiax ami City Attorney
John C. I.ewia u committee lo mak
arrangement for u "clean-up week
Il wax auggexled that it Imitllt I
better to arrange for two wecka of
clean-up, and the mayor further aug
gexted an ordinance providing
lor municipal action on untidy yard!:
If the ounerx failed to clean them.
The eoniiiilltco will i-onxidcr that
among the other poxxlhlhticx of the
clean-up crusade, nnt report ut the
next meeting.
The llig F'.bNirle Wi-li-omo,
The mayor announced that tho
lighting company had made a propo
rtion lo erect un ornamental algn
in roxx Central avenue. If the city
would cont met to pay for the curren.
uxed In It. The xiuo would coxt.
the mayor aald. about IJ.liurt. und llie
cliy would be called on to pay about
US a month to keep it goiuK. Th
mayor xuggexled "Albuiiiertie for
Itt.aini'sx and Cllmntc." a a rood lo
gan on the l-n. No action waa taken
on the propoxll Ion.
In the interest of unVorm Improve
ment, it la likely that the parking nf
the aidewalka in Itoblnaon u.uk will
be done under the orrcciion of the
park conimlxxlon In dixcuxxiiiK tha
xublect laxt night the mayor aald at
would' mean a more ultr.n iive efreet
if the work were controlled by the
Want More fc"er fur Train.
Councilman Ixherwood railed the
council attention to t-. fail that
the engineer of the trains were run
ning ao alovvly through the city that
emu 11 bova were tempted to atr-al
rlib-a. Tho councliiiian aald II wa
umieratood that the cllv ordinance
refulred a xpeed of no more than xix
index, and he thought the trains
tlould be permitted to make at bind
fifteen milca an hour through tha
city In order to keep the boy a from
enu.ingi-ring themselves hopplnu on
and off the car. The maur h.okad
up the ordinance and found that it
required a aig-mlle xpeed only north
of Iron avenue and south of Tllera
avenue, und that It didn't need any
amendment. The attention of truin
inen will be called to the tar tha.1
they are not required to atlck to a
Mini pace in cioing the tity.
Offlcirx1 ltcarl.
City Treaxtiter W A. Kleke report
ed the receipt of IIJ.Ti'll from Conn
tv Treimurer Mandell yexterday.
There wa a balance of ill. (71 on
h-ind I'-bruury I. and $1 104 on I'eb
tiiary ix.
City Cleik Itoehl reported the col
lection of l 13 In license and oc
cupation tax during the month
Chbf Kbin reported the net f,re
loxx for I ebrm.ry to be IV A toil
of I'.i'-u u loxt. on which tnli in
xuratiie r ax pild The colee;ton of
lnilO In fln wa" reported l.v lice
chief Tlioimi Me.MHIen Arrext dur
ing lb' moiiih rniml"red HI.
A petlixj.n w filed by Mr n. W
It Jtrynn axklng t lie tity to open i
xlreei through lota owned by the
IH'csn cxiale In the Sou' hem fntt of
If t & 4fcii'aa"
I he cllv. A petition waa
flbd tor a
at reel light ut Heyenth
i ml Tijera
streets. A petition for contracting
.the fire limit in order to permit lh
erection of a frame building vvus ttlao
John Roberts, Well Known a
Former Clerk in Governor'
Office Close to Bandit Chief
Santa Fe Man Says Place for
All American Citizens is on
the North Side of the Inter
national Boundary.
The place for every American
,li,..n hn cure a farthing for his
life la on the north aide of the In
ternational border. Il haa no bum
tiers In Mexico."
Thia was the cmpha.Hi: statement
of Oeorge V. Armljo. former uougii
llldcr and will known politician who
waa in Aliu.iierius thia morning; on
bia way to hi hums In KaMa, I'c af
ter a vlxlt to Chlhuuhua. where hi
has biixineaK Interests.
"1 did not get to Chihuahua tity,"
xitld Mr. Arm. J. i "l was arruia tu
a. i. if vi.u want the truth. No Am
erican is safe south of Oio boundary
now and for that mailer nu foreign
er. slda is as !'"d a another.
They are all bundlla and the foreign
er wllh a dollar in lus pocket Is Ha
lle to as-wixelnaiion t any Um. I
do not mean by this lhal sll Ihe peo
ple south of the border are bandHs
by sny mean; but the bandits are
miming tiling Juat now . Iw loaaneei
a aupreoi. and there la no chance
tor the foreigner.
"I had some bulncea In Chihua
hua which 1 hoped to b able to at
tend to but after x..me Um In Juures
I determined the better part of tutor
wa lo come borne. The Kenton and
lUuch c.ixc are iiilie aimilur. us
neiirly us 1 could learn. Both men
ere murdered by Villa or under hi
lliect order. li. 'tit, iti. I aa told lo
Kl iN.xo, by fir.t-hand wllnexxeg. had
-Bid before he went serosa the bor
der on his (utxl diiy, that he wu go
ing to show V.lla where to head in.
Tina M'lnr lis rot what h went
after. Vlul the feneral feeling" la
Hml Ihe man waa troiil.W-imi and
I tint Villa killed hfr-ii as picM-ming
(he leaat bother. Ilnuch lindoiibled-
sArnerica'c Greatest
clothes for mrn an wnrrtinlt'd (ill
wool. They ttro tho newest slylo
conceptions in wcmvc tind color, and
ore typical of highest SmiIo textiles.
is made in a rel sun-lit model
factory. The wearer of these J 1 5.00
clothes is assured of clean work
manship amidst ideal conditions.
Hand tailored Inrouhout. these
clothes have our endorsement as
to satisfactory service, additional to
the makers'.
I) ha been killed by Vlllu'a orders.
"John itolrt-rta, who ua clerk to
Former Oovernor Oeorge Curry h.l
Curry a executive In New .M.-xu-o.
Ix in i:iilhuiihun and la. I uni told.
Vlllu'a right-hand mull, HcNig a ea-
piilde accretury. Jlonerta nil imin.i
that he I very uxeful to the chief
and ! am told that V.'lta keep him
cloxe by him at all time"
"I do not know how Hubert likrx
thia cloae proximity to midden death.
Ko far ua I um concerned he Ix wel
come to the Job and the honor.
Kan Crwwfiaril, TIk' Man Witt liilnka
rlmk" to ApiHr In Ix-wd Atv-nne
t liun-li Miin h I7lli.
The people of AUiuqUiT'tue w II' huve
Ihe pi l liege of life lime ou March
Ihe Uth at the Laad Avenue Mcih
odiat church In huaring, the unliiue
nilmlonary, the African j-aplurvr. the
aucceaaor of 1'avld l,lv ingtone, thv
llrat white man lo find the banyin
tire under which thu beuit of the
greut explorer was buried.
He wa bora und reared in bcullund.
Early in his lire he came in conuct
with thai peerleas prlur und
thinker. Henry Iirummond, and thin
saaoclallon, perhapa mule than any
other one Influence, cuuaed turn to
give himself to the uplili of darkexi
Africa. He h-i b-n In Africa for i3
years. He Is now on u furlough; be
has spent some tune In his native
land and he I now touring this coun
try and Is on his way back to his ht
loved Africa not expecting to ever r
turn to c-ivlllcatlon again. He will
spend the real of hla days wending bia
way through the bill gnixx, "thinking
black, but acting white and uplifting
lhat black benighted people."
Ha employs unlnue and r -Iglnal
method in his work. He has trans
lal;d the New Testament, the I'miIiuS
snd Pilgrim' I'rogreita into the Ian
guage of the native. He spend"
much of hla time In opening up roadi
and building village on sanitary
Those who hay heard him, sll say
that It la a privilege and a treat to
hear him. as be Is a speaker of mark-
d ability and holds his audience
spellbound from beginning; to end
with his thrilling exii. riem es.
Adjutant .1tTal Herring to It fJuesI
of IliKtor at I omiuniT ti. hnwkt-r
In th Armory.
A regular good old army time. !
the way Captain W. I'. Ilimex of com
pany !.. .V Sl. N. II , llexi'rilles I 'if
milker w lib h the cinni.Hii Is to give
for Adutni tlcnci.il lleiruig and Us
Albu.iueriue friend in Ihe nations'
guard armory tonight, Tho adjut int
general and a Miml.er of lorul men
will make some Very brief Speeches
and thereafter there will be some
thing doing all evening
Captain linnet eneil lo recruit
his co nip 1141 y lo above the region tilnl
i J t X.T
Lj? li viabs liSa hSl
Tho f.l)rics in those
rcmitrkuhlo AI5.(MJ
York, America's fashion center.
Irankil lirrtLN styles are metro
politan and representative of the
most modern cut in clothing for
men. If it's now you'll lind it in a
iRANKLL flfltLN.
sold in our
l irTf-LN guarantee apearin$ on tho
sleeve of cuJi coat is simply tho
backing up of the nioker ol his own
Plfxluct, You are safe when you
buy a I RANKt.L I IFILC.N.
, w1' TO t-evf. f.-tcil) liavi
I tiyi o'UIAri,JE rr
Pier Ave.,
strength by tnniglit and the ad.Hitont
general will hu vi xauutMng to ''
u limit tho future of the nntioii.il gu n. I
In New Mexico, ' TI.e rimn. mi l.l
progrum ptomixi to lie a duiuly.
l llMllKC,tioll. t.ai. MII,MM I HT 'K.
m-t Slomn. li If You'll lake "rM''s
l)apex.ln"''i) Tlil!
I In some food you eat hit hack
taste good, but work badly; f.-rnienl
lilt stubborn lump and cniixe a ai'-k.
xoiir. ga-ixy Htonuich? Now, Mr. or
Mr. 1 1 'peptic, jot thix d..an: I'upe
I ihi .c.Bin d ik i'l even tiling, bvivimi
nothing to xoiir and mwi you. There
never wa anything- o safely ipili k. xo
certainly efli-ctive. Nu difTereme how
badly your xtomiicfi I dixoril. r.-d oii
will get happy relief In five minute,
hill what pleaxe you most 1 that It
strengthen and regulate your ntom
ach o you can eat your favorite fotnl
without fear.
Moat reined!,- give you relief some
time liny are slow, but nol sure.
Tape' niiipepxin" I quick, poxlllve
and put your stomach In a henbhv
condition so the misery won't come
lui -k.
Tou fee! different 11a soon ns "1'ip's
Plapepxln" eoioes In contact wllh Ihe
stomal hdlxtrc Just V ahlxhes your
rlonwich gets sweet, no nxe, no
teli'hing, no eructation or tindlgcxteil
food, your hvad cleai nnd you feci
On now. mnke the beet Investment
you ever made, by gettlnz a large
lifty-ci nt ae of I'ane'a tu-tpepxin
fioin and drug atore, You realise In
live minute how neeillex It I to xuf
fr from indigeiion. dypepla or any
stomach disorder.
The committee nppolnttd to bring
Ihe ndv niiti.st of this cllv to Ihe at -
tentlon of the Mooxe ofii, !hI who are a 'he dy for the generul par in-eekni-r
a atte for the t wo-iiililuin- inentary cltotlins III rranta.
' 1
t i
I l,Ht
iu. k 1,. ,
A A X I V w
J .. -1 M. 3
$15 Cloiltes
Created on fifth
Avenue, Now
We warrant
every item
store, and tho I ranml
V, f.
tuinll.irliiin the
will meet at the
order is lo
...... ..... mi oir 0r111ucrc1.il
I ..1..1. . . . , . . . .
ret t.
ii.niKiii. .ioxi 01 inc 11 .t tn on
Alliuiiicr.Ut and the surrounding
country Is already at blind, and will
I.e turned over to the committee I j
Sc. 1 clary Thoiiuia Kg in, of the Coin-niei-i
liil cluli.
In xplt.. of the strong effort other
commiinllie ere making to w uie
the xanllariiim, und Ihe confident mr
of Kl I'ii,) i,u, the lower Hlo (Jranile
valley liooKlera expeclnlly, tho be-,. I
men feci that they h.ive reiixon to lic-lii-ve
their '(Tort to secure the hmhi
t.'iriuiii f. r thix illy will he S'iccexxful
''. . Ciishman Is head of lh nun
TIh Hcmtle.
Mil nt main,
Woman suffrage t-onxtlliition-al
nmendment awaiting a vole,
tli House.
Hiifrragixtg and nntl-suf fragu-la
had a hearing before. Ih4 Jiull
nury committee, ' '
ltnda committee couidcred
bill for leaalug of public luipl
for grsisliiK.
The IIK.OOO.mO sgrlcull nrul
bill waa tuken up for debate.
Connrrer.e committee lieutd
Alfred 1'. Thom . endorxe , the
principle of federal control of
rallv-iy -uiinllsatlon.
llennng berfun la'forc the rule
commute on lit pi esctil-iltve
Maiiuhaii's tbargca Hint the I hi
iimo. Imlulli und M Inneiipolix
boards of trade are oieniting In
t 'cation of the Kherinan law.
Chairman 1'ortmu of the
liemiKratIc aongreional 'om
mflli e denied Ibul thu roirupl
lir.u tii . . act hud been t'tol.ited
by iiMfxttif; I lemocratic con-gri-emen
for Ihe laxt campaign.
l-irn.b rJe1bHM Art- Sit.
ran, March S. Tne. Krctich roiin-
1 today decided on Sunday, April :i.
'ix., I

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