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Suffered with
Throat Trouble.
Mr. Tinmen
used to he
n e r i it r
Wi rr n t
C o u n t y,
Tf n nrssee.
1'rom ex-
p n u re to
tin- element
he n-'tulr'f1 I
lie imp-1
u ! thatf
hi lien H hi
was entirely
ruined. !n
Spile of oil
the treat
m e n t ho
could fro
rtire. A f t (if
inic four
hollies fif
I'.fiiiui ho
MiiIiiki ih.it MR. B. W. D. BARNES,
lie was en- McMinnin,Tn.
I I f I y
restored to health.
Catarrh of the Ihront In nt only an
finrmylnif ill-ie n? tiolf, but It ex
poses th vli'lim to many other dln
cnr.es. We arc cnnitanlly breathing"
Into our thriKitn numerous ntmos
ln rli! fernm. tl't"ii ' germ of nil
.it, Till cannot bo avoided. If
Ihe throat I hcullhy I ho system In
protected from 1 ! hiIkiiiioii.i
germ. Put If tha throat In ravr and
punt lured wlih numerous lit i m ul
cers, by culurrh, then the disne
sp'rins have caey access to the system.
Kiip tlia thnmt will and clean.
Thin In the way to protect yourself
nculimt contagious diseases. Uargle
the thnvil a explained In the new
"Ilia of Life." sent free by the I'eruna
Co., C'luniiia, Ohio.
Mr. Hurnc aaya: "I had throat
trouble and had three doctor treat
Inn Die. All failed to do ma any
rood, and pronounced my health gone.
I concluded to try l'eruru, and after
iilti four bottlua tun auy 1 waa en
tlr. lv cured."
TO conference
MUSTEROLE, the Great
Remedy for Rheumatism
It fo-anril Wirt I X'lilne Herald.
orange, N. J , March . Hisltnp
Tlioniaa l!uniaii, formerly president
of Del'auw university, died here tn-
ThouiMndi a ho use MI'HTEIV'LK day at the home of hit daughter. II
a III ti ll what rll. f It gives from .re I T 01,1
ll stops the twinges, loosens up
I hone stiffened Joint n and HHiSi l"
make you feci good all over.
McDonald Accepts Invitation
for Meeting; with Governor
Hunt on Road Co-Operation
Between Two Statet.
(Hal ferreepeeee ( tks Heraldl
I xiiiKliia. Aim., Feb. 21. HoNernor
M Donald, of New Mexico hua written
to I hi' secretary nf the i haoiber I
i iiiiiiii rce In thin i lly, incepting the
Invlluilnn gent lo him a few days nin
mill aiinnunccil In till paper exnus-
'vely at the time, to come to Dougine
for e hurling anil conferem' wiilt
il.mim.r Hunt and other road imlld
hi( uhViula In thin atnle nnd New
Mexico, (lovernor Hunt had already
ucccpicd a Mini tin r ln Ititllon, ao now
Una meeting nf the ixci'titlve of I hi'
two newest m.inK In the union In thla
illy la iiaxured and the date will be
lined ty the tnmrd uf dlrertnra of the
ihamlier at their next meeting. l)ov
ernor Mrlmpuld auageala that eom
time about the middle of April would
he the earliPHi limn he could leave hi
buaineaa In New Mexico.
Tha biingwig oi dovernor McDoa'
alii, of out tiemhliorlng alilte, to thla
rny will bo a dlxtinct mini itane. aa
here nnd at I'lHtiee, where he would
probably v.nll before reluming home,
be would ae one of the blgleat fea
luiea of '.he Induairlnl prnaprlty of I
Ui I atate the great copper ameltlngi
here and tbo great mlnea la the War-I
ren dlBirh t, of whleh lliabee la tho
int'iropoll. i
ltlfhop How mull Wiethe palrlnrrh nf
Methodiaiii In AuhtIih. No olhr
binhop In thaerlie uf that (hurrli
er tearhrd amh an advamed age.
He had been affei ilonatoly known fur
a generation aa "The grand old man
of the faith."
Ptxty-ona yeara of Dr. nowman'a
iv.imra and nurnee frankly rei om-lllfe wera appnt In ai tlva rhurvh aer-
mend MfftTKR'it.P; aa aubmltiite I vii e. It !a the h. intent record Known
fur contlnuoiia rhiiri h vorR. lio
Throitt. UromhUta, Timinlltla, froup,
HI Iff Neeg, AMhma, NeurHlgiH, He.id
ai he, C(ngptlin, rieurlny. Ithpunia
tlm. I-iimbngo, Pnlna and Achee nf
Hip Hark or Joint. 8prlii. More Mua
clea. Itrulp. fhllblalna. Kropied Feet
and Colda (It prevent rneumonia.)
fur the old mrmy muitard planter
l.aigp hoopitala une It.
At your drugclel'. In ISc and Cue
Jar, a H"i-l largo ImikiHI alae for I
Joaeph F. Pword. Kulphur, Oklu.,
Chaves County Stockmen
Unanimous in Approval of
Measure of the California
aerial rrreoeee ae lleralg)
Uoawell. N. M., March 1 Htock
men of t'huvea county at a inotln
in the Commercial club luat night
iilianlmouHly endoraed the provlaion
of tb Kent leaae law bill now land
ing before) cniigrena and Introduced
by ronireenman Kent nf California
wllh the approval of the Amrlcun
Niitlmial IJve Block Beaoclallon.
The ciidnraement camo at the doe
of a rather prolonged geaaloit, dr
Ing which all the pending legialutlon
on the aubjpct of the dlppoeltlon of
public lands had been thoroughly and
competently dlacuaaetl by the vurloiia
anenkere prem-nt. The endowment
voiced by cx-doveriior Herbert J-
llugerman and aicnnded by Hon. O.
A. ItlchnrdHnn. waa uminimniiHly
tinjwed. It wua wnrrted. an followa:
1 It ItciM.lved, That we fnvnr
the ndnptinn of the bonne bill
No. 1 o r 3 9 . known na tho Kent
bill, aa the bent meamire which
hua aa yet been brought to our
attention, for the prenerviillott
'and control of the remaining; nn
upprnprliitpit ginernment rang,
and fur the protecllnn nf the live
lock Indualry of the t'nlted
finite, and we heartily urge lla
enuctiuent Into law.
ITty Ijenard Wire to FTTOlnf Herald. 1
Wn hingliin. Win n a. . iunei
or liavld Ijimar. whooe chargea tha'
Vnlted Htivtea Bteol corporation ,,,r
aa received lllngal rebatpg from
tuilrnada during the lat aix yeara
ere being lnveatlgutPd by tha Inter-
State commerce; commliwion tuday
naked for aubpoenaa for George W.
Perk In. William E. Corey, former
reeldent of tha corporation; Senator
Oliver. O. M. Freer of Columbus.
Wulter Hcranton and William H.
Charlea A. Peveranca, attorney for
the atpel corporation, waa delayed by
tha railroad blockade and croaa-ex-
amlnaton of Umir did not begin un
til late in tha day.
Tin-: rQi'iTm-i-rH ;nh vfr
The etatempnt of th KiiiJt"l'lo
Life Aamirance aoclety of the I'niled
Plate which appear cln. hire, give
evidence of the company'a continued
progrena. Inrreaaea are ihnwn In a
acta. Iiuoirance, nnd payment to
polU'yhnldera. fiver t2ri.lino.OnO wag
Invented during the year for the ben
eflt of policyholder, at an aierng
annual yield nf 5 20 per cent Of
r.Stt dnmentle death rlnlma raid
during the year, nearly per cent
were nettled within one day after re
ceipt of proofa of death.
Friday f
March - - -vJ
nin .iu:tit kk-
never took a acation. Thiiiy-aeven
of hie yeara Were punned In preaching
and In educating atudrht In the
I reed of Melhoilinin and twenty-four
na n binhop. Hi career In the Meth
oillnt mililntry was begun nt the llnl-
Ae.'Pt.t no n. at lute. If vour tunore conterence :n in
drugglnt cannot atipply you, aend JSrlhe founded and became prenl.lent of
or ,Mic to the Ml'STKItol R Company, I the lUcklnnnn neinlnary at William-
"L ,. . port, I'a. Later ho became preniui ni
t'leveianii, i.nio, nnu we win man you . ,n rwl-auw unlvernlty. It wa
jur, piwipaiu. during thla period that be aerved for
vear aa chaplain of the I nlteu
Ftatea aenate (li4-5). lie thua be-
CBme ncnilalnted wllh Abraham Lin
v.. in Mnnternl In verv e(tlr limn. I coin. II early became eunplciou oi
It hit done away with my Itheuiiuiilc attempt to anwinnmata Lincoln and
iiuinn n,t echen In a a oinlerf ully I waa one of t he til at l am him.
abort apace of time." It waa aa binhop mat ur. unwrnnn
gained world alile ceienruy. lie ira-
akd 110. una rpilea vlaitlng Metnonint
i liuri he. throughout the world. tie
dedicated 1.1 Oo churches nnd attended
every Important conference held dur
Ing bla active years la Mexico, inaiu
China and Jaunn.
ma closing yenra were apent at
Oranaa wllh hi daiigther, Mr, n. D.
Caldwell, wife of the president of the
Wclla Faran F.xpren company.
Hesldea Mrs. l aldwell the bishop is
survived by the following chlinren:
n TiTrmrrn 1 TJUTT ClMrs. George II. Hmlth, nnltlmorc:
DtA XiJCUACA flitt" w Theodora O. Itowman. Los Angelen;
1 1 I ' .V. -t- m-A rnnmn l llflW Till II Hi
rV hnnl director elwtions will I x-olsg; F. B. Bowtuun. Denver nd C.
held In the district ouKlde of the
cltv on Monday, April . 'ounty fu
II. Ilowman. Tentiesaee.
The blnhop'g body Kill be taken to
perlntendent Monloyit Is now sending J nrn (!!, ind., the seat of the
out notice.
WIlM-r li Omdiict Inntlrute,
Upv. Or. Mendel HUbcr, tormer pa
tor of Temple Albert, who conducted
. i the pountv achool institute last year.
will again ronnuci tne ineuiuie
Or. Xilber la now in New or'
tie I'a ii w unlvernlty. where tn lunerni
will be held on Friday.
onlrniior Held In tV0
Taking I'ot eiliot
lla II
County .hool Superlnt.'ndent Ala
Wiry He Oull hmnkiitff.
(From Judge)
'1 see that Hrlnkcrton hss at bint
quit smoking. Ills doctor told him
more than a year ago that It was una
..i miiii. i nri.tiiii ii nt Or. tll-1 for him. and his wife hag been try
her a an cpi ime of his Invltullon toug for a long lime to persuade him
conduct the institute. Dr. Hllbrr I to give It up. KMdenily he has at
made a decided tinpreanl'in aa con-1 last been willing to listen to reason
ducmr IumI year. The Institute will j "I don't know wnether It con
be held ut the high schol June 16-37. properly be called listening to reason
Annilier w Nclnml. I or not. Hia tiretty atenograpner com
A bond issue of 11.000 la to be voted I plained that cigar amoke hurt her
on by the elector of schoil district I throat
No. 4S, which 1 about two mlleg weal
of Unreins bridge, next Saturday. The
money Is asked for tho erection of
Ttn MotlHTa Kairlte,
A cough medicine should be harm
one-room building to replace the pres. I pal I( ,t,ould be piranant to take
ent structure. County wcnooi euper-i,t BhOUil be effectual, chamberlain
Intendent Montnya aula touay inni (URn Remedy Is all nf this and
there wag no reason to expect
issue wouldn't carry.
The Fifty-fourth Annual Report of the Society
embodying its Financial Statement, Schedules
of Investments, and full dctaib regarding its
progress during the year 1913, will be sent
to any address on application.
Admitted Assets, Dec. 31, 1813 $
Increase over lliU, ll2.0i0.4lS
POLICY FUND (or Insurance Reserve) $ 43S.283.82l
Othet Liabilities .?i?i
Total Liabilities J12iiZM25
Surplus Reserves:
Including amounts held awaiting apportionment
poo deterred dividend polKiea VEB.71
Set Aside for Dividends to
Policyholders In 1914 JIM?'K?
New Insurance Paid For In 1913 $ J.4247,363
Outstanding Insurance, Dec. 31, 1913 $1.471, 093,57$
Payments to Policyholders in 1913
Investments Made in 1913 in Railroad '
and Municipal Bonds, Mortoaoes, etc... $25,948084
Equitable Policies are simple, direct and liberal,
and are issued on all standard forms, for the
protection of individuals, firms, corporations,
and the employees of business and manu
facturing organizations.
Particulars will be sent from the Home Office
or any Agency of the Society on requestt
AaeiM-y Mang"r.
lit luirmtt llulldl'Mt.
Vcnnggls Ferrari, a contractor, was
laced under arrest by Chief Thomas
McMillln thin arternoon, charged by
JoHeph Lnnxii, a burher, with shooting
ut him. He ftirn!.hcd I-'11" bull lor
hia uppeiirance before Jujtlcc of the
1'iuce Crulg.
On their way home laat night.
Ijtnica alleges, be und his wife were
onfrontcd at Mountain mud and
Flrsl street by Ferrari, who accused
Mrs. lnza of gossiping about hia
wife. Then, 1-unxu aiscrt. Ferrari
drew a revolver and tired at him.
Mrs. Ijiiixm. It Is said, prevented
further ahoollng by throwing herself
between Ferrari und her nnsband.
The police leurned nf the shooting
six m after It occurred, but uf. 11 tm k
place outside the city limits action
was delayed until Ianxa nwore out a
complaint thla morning be fire Jus
tice of the I'ence tieurge H. Crulg.
the mm her' f.ivorlte everywhere. F
ale by all druggtats.
(Silver City Enterprise.)
Pacific: Mines Co. The shuft In
which sinking waa recently resumed
has reached a depth of 70 feet, below
the third level, with a t-foot ledge
nuuvinv nhmit 114. The blah grade
routed. It la a sure sign that your lit- I ,!,, io f.-el wide under the Suit -fool
tie one'a stomach, liver and bowels I level continues to yield some of the
need a gentle, thorough cleiinslng at 1 best ore ever mined In the district.
once. jothr development work on tno prop-
When beevlsh. cross, listless, pale, lerty Is hlghlv wotlnfactory. About u
doesn't aleep. duesn't eat or act nut-lions daily nre shipped lo a custom
nrullv. or I feverish, gtomuch sour, I mill.
lieaawoon Mine
Mother! Ifc-in't IKvltale! If 0a.
IVvcrMi. ('uiMIMtNl. ilvr "Cal
Ifornla 8)nii of ITtfn.M
Iiok at the tonguo, mother! It
(ft j tiraaesf Wire to frenr Herald 1
liridgcport, conn., Mnrcn . juugo
Jom.pli r. Tuttle, In the criminal su
perior court, todny overruled the mo
tion on the plea, to the Jurisdiction
and the motion to vacate the warrant
for the arreet or Charlea Mellen.
former president of the New Haven
railroad. Mr. Mellen la charged
wllh manslaughter In connection with
the West purl wreck la October I.
On Saturday, the 7th day of March,
11. at If o clock m. tn.. In front o
the city Jull on North Becond street,
1 will sell one sorrel hone about I
years old, will weigh about (OS
pounds, white face, right front foot
white, eonie white on left hind foot,
nuilill marks on buck, branded OO
left hip.
City Marshal.
Harry F. Lee, cietk of th federal
district Court, with Mrs. J.ee. will
spend a week here befnr returning
to Paula Fe.
breath bad: hua stomach-ache, aore
throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give a
teaapootiful of "California Syrup of
Figs." and In a few hours all the foul.
onsllnaled waste, undigested looa
and aour bllo genlly movie oul of IU
Utile bowels without griping, and you
have, a Well, pluyful child again.
You needn't vouk elck children to
lake thla harmlces "fruit luxnllve;"
they love lt delicious taste, and It al
ways makes them feel splendid.
Ask your druggist for a DO-cent
bnttlo of "California Syrup of Figs,"
which haa directions for babies, child
ren of all ageg and for grown-upg
plainly on the bottle, lleware of coun
terfeits sold here. To be sure you el
the genuine, ask to see ihut It la made
by "California Fig Syrup Company.
Kef use any other kind Uh con'empt,
rrlendg of the lai Mr. W. W.
McClellan crowded HI. John's Epis
copal church thla afternoon to Join
in puylng the laxt Irhnte to the dead.
The service wan conducted by Arch
deacon W. K. Warren and the music
by a quartette composed of Mr. K.
Ij. Uiailford. Mrs O-nrg Everitt,
Mr. Thomas Christian and Mr.
Charlea J. Andrews, wua beautiful.
The pallbearers were o. N. Murron.
John Itorrodulle. Fred Kent. Oenrge
I.. Brooks, Kobert K. Putney nd
Oeorge S. Kluck. Interment was In
'all-view cemetery. MaSef floral
trlbutp from frlenda here and In
other mates were sent to the church
und to the cemetery.
The drift on the
third level recently enteredthe south
nre body which has been exposed by
surface primped Ing. The indication
ere that the ahool may be continuous
to the upper workings, giving them
over 500 feet of backs. The mill Is
worMng at full capacity.
Maud Mining 'o. Contr.ictnra have
Juet flnlnhed sinking a new working
shaft to a depth of 'no feet. Cross
cut and drifts nre to be started at
Socorro Mining and Milling Co.
The ledge In the bottom or soo-foot
level is ylelillhR excellent mill ore 7
feel wide. This ereat ore gone has
been persistent fro msiirface to the
present lowest workings which are ap
proximately 1400 feet below the apex
of the vein, on the Incline. The mill
I treating 10 inns dally.
The Oaks Co. Face Tunnel "A" of
Fust Knd Tunnel ilroup hus entered
ore of mill value. Work In other por.
Hon of the property continue to give
good results.
Alberta Development Co. A gen
eral purpose building; has been erected
vulues are repotted from the main
drill on the Vein.
at the portal of the tunnel. Develop- ! atatement that the full number of
. .. .- , '....n.a have not Imn SllHolllted
mrnt worn is ueina purlieu ,i. im' .--- - - -
inv. U. W. I". Itunt. fie inu not
uon the reimrted tarring and feath
ering of a student, which was, na a
matter of fact, tarried out with mo
lanees and cotton batting.
Judge Cooper nuotea the statute on
the power of gra.id Jurlea lo Inquire
lulu Ihe conduct of public officer. He
reason that Ihe president uf the uni
versity and the faculty are not public
oftlcera In any sense of the word, but
that their employment is under con
tract. Judge Cooper ailtt Ihut no one will
entertain a doubt aa lo the sincerity
of the petitioner.
Court IHmIIihw to Call lira ltd Jnry lo
Take I Alleged Tarring of
a t mien t.
Tucson. Arli- March t. Judge Wil
liam V. Cooppr of the superior court
has decided that a urn ml Jury would
have no atiower to Investigate the
charges prefprrpd arnln.il the mun
ugement of the university by Plate
Henutor A. A. Wnrsley and ho de
clined to comply with the petition of
Hen. Thomna F. Wilson lo Call one.
The snpplMin tilury fact filed by
(leneral W I limn consisted only In the
Dyspepsia Amerlca g curse. Ta
restore digestion. normal weight,
good health and purify the blond,
i.ne Hurdock Hiood Hitters. Hold at
all drug stores. Price 1 00.
I nl sin llWicf WIm'ii Mom' and llca.l I aim dinsnlvea by the hrut of the nos
Are t loggiil IVoiii a t old. Mom triis; penetraleu and heals the In-
l.loiilically lis Same hup.
IMirting I apt ami I I lew.
hIk I'riHluctton Kii'ii In
IniiiiY, lo Aujc Iit, and
han Fraiu i-4-o, I if.
I'ltlt i:ti:
i (! iu $1.00
pit-et M'li' fMii W l'iloe.
day, Ma.i li 4tli at
urlalu al :30
ty Cautrriuil lilwliargt1.
1 1 1 a i bi 4 ki aiiinlieM.
Try "Kly's Cream llslm."
Oct a small bottle anyway. Just to
try ll Apply a little In the nostrils
und imuunily your clogged na end
atopped-up air pusnugea of the head
will open; you will breaihe truly;
dullness and hcc. he disappear, tly
niorniiig! the catarrh, cnld-ln-head or
ciilarrbul sore throat will be gone.
Knd such misery now! (let Ihe small
hull In of "lily's Creum Dalin" at mi)
flumed, s nihil meiiihrune which lines
Ihe luise, heud and throat; clears th
air puaaafees, stops nssty dlsi'hsrsen
slid a feeling of cleansing, aoothing
relief comes Inimediuiely.
Iion't lay awako tonight atruggltng
for hre ilh, ,iih head aliifTrd; nontrlln
ilosed, hawking and blowing, ('alarrh
or a cold, with Its running nose, fotil
mucous dropping into tho throat, ami
raw dryness Is distressing but truly
Heed len.
Put your faith Jut once In "F.l's
Cream Jtalm" and your cold or ca-
drug store. TUls wel, trugrsut lanh will surely disappear.
In the nine foreign countries shown on the
may there is a total population of 214,878,502
More than one hundred times as many people
as there are in the territory of yonr telephone
Tet all nine of these countries could be laid
down in your telephone company's territory,
with several thousand miles to spare
Your telephone company operates 222,572 tel
ephones in an ara of 777,703 square miles.
In these seven states there is one telephone to
every eleven people
In Europe there is only one telephone to every
forty-three people v
In Europe the government owns the telephone
?L i" 0 Xav ..wnilti J
In the United States
through their Publie
control them
the telephone users,
Utilities Commissions,
The development shows which is the better
U?q Mountain vStatca Telephone and Tclcrapli Co.
'Ua Corporation Different"

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