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j V
WANTED: A Good Doctor
Without Family Tiei. Ap
ply V. Carranza, Chihuahua
H In ixi HHIlUdi. lift crnla m
tamnih n IS rrnlg a r-k ddlvorrd
I yuur lMir ftf( iTnla lijr mall.
Tiunrx K-cmzKN.
vi. t. No. .
Till: I IMMi Mi ll l.l
Mtll Ml; I. Ml. I.
Document, Had it Been Rati
fied by United States Might
Have Saved Present Situa
Gave This Government Right
to Intervene at Any Time
Anarchy Threatened in Re
public. .-..-..I win- in t-yonlim llc-ralil
Vv ntllll.:loll Il ll
llilcrenl III I III- Mexican ituatl"ll
both preneiil anil hunt, wan lent today
liy the publication of the dcluila ol
11 inioHei Irciiiy negotiated mora
ihHii half 11 tcnlury ami between the
lulled Sintea ami the republic ol
Mrxiro which. If rutilteil. would have
uutjiorir.cd in,. I nilcd Staiea to "111-li-nine
111 auiort of 11 own treaty
light and the neurit. v of lla own 1 l
IxeliM whenever MiXiui may be till
al'lc to gllitlalllcc the Mime, without
intuiting the ohlntalion or nrceeaity
of a general intervention Ihe tlo
lucalic altair of that ioun,r."
Hiu treaty had been Iv.ng " I'"
Bevret archive 01 the aenate 1 "in
inillee on foreign relatloliii anno
January, I The Itijuni Htm of e'-
ret y waa removed yentctduy liy the
aenale anil the, dm umenl ordeied
'I lined lor Ihe line of nu inliem of
HimI body The to eminent .rl lit .UK
olllm forto worked on thr lioiuineiit
all of liixt nmlii and todu aeimtor
held lefoie (hem f n eh eooea ol It
whuh they read with interest.
The trvuty waa alaned In Vera Cmx
on I let'em Iter 14, I5 llohr M.
Mi lain, Aineriraii miniater to Mex
ico, anil M. iiiiiiio, relary ol
Miala and toielan affair! "I Mexirn
mid ahortly uilcrwurda iraiiKiniiled
to th. wnate by I'realdeiu I lui Itanali,
but 11 waa never lutltied l the I nil
ed Statea tn'iauae of ruii uiiiin im I-
detn the oulurt-ak 'f Ihe t'lvd
Aiiule fie fit tile treaty reuda ua
The reimlii ot ilexiro aitreea that
ahoiild It laionie iiiii..i) at any
nine (o employ military fone lor the
aei only and iiroti'tmli ol liernon
and on. i.i 1 u onHK.na ow 1 an of the
route aioinaid. it will employ the
leiiiiimitt lon e (or thai ui'..r, luit
on failure (o do ihia. from any i-aiiaa
whatever, the mnernmeiil of (ha
t'niled Matea may. .. .ih Hie eminent
of or at Ih'- reiueat of ihe oern
meiit ol Mexii o or of the ii'liimter
thereof lit M .inhinKloll. or ol Hie con-
net of I" aally a ielnted ha ul mi
t horn lea. mil or milnniy. employ
him h fori Im ihia and for no oihei
piirpoaen, and when in Ihe opinion
of th km rnmeiil of Mexico Ihe ne
ceanlty ceuaea atn h foite ahall be im
mediately withdraw 11.
"in ihe exeepiional 1 im.', however,
nf unforeM-en or imminent thinner lo
the Uvea or properly of iilueiia of
thR I'llilcd fiutea, the foreea ot aaid
reptihlir ara a ui ton no il to act for
their proteion without a'uh coiment
havliiK het n prev iiiiiidv ohiained and
am h lorcea thall be withdrawn when
the ne.naalty for Ihia employ ment
In a roinintina ation tianniiiulnn
Ihe convention lo Ihe net relary of
alale. I-ewin t'ana. MuiihI-t Mi l lain
warned that If Ihe a-nat failed to
ratify thn (reaty further imanhy
would rxM In Mexico, nei eult.itins
Intervention. He nuld
"I am pemuadtnl that If tin. tov
arnmenl of (h,. Inited HI a leu t.e linen
the reaponniluHty luiponed on it '
rtdnplioli and ratitication of tha con
vention, further anari hy will prevail
In Mexico until It will he terminated
Is Albuquerque
list fw It
The appninimc nt of a new poatmaMer
brought lu I kit In aome Inter, ntlim facta.
r'liat: That AlbuiiieitUo'a I fat olhce la ranked aniiuig Ihe tint
twenty oltlcea lu Ihe I'niied Hlatei In point of eltlclcncy.
Hecninl Iteielpla of the AlbiHiifH'.ie pontnrtlce h.iva doubled
twice over during Ihe 12 yearn the retiring pom mauler haa aerved,
aa the following Interrming figurea furuinhed by Mr, llopkina how :
!ti:ci:ilTM (IK TH K Al.lll (JIKKVUK I'' 'KT KKK1CK 11Y YKAHH
J.i nil a ry
J. i n n my
J a II ua ry
lo Kecember 11, IHOi
(u liecember SI, IS'lS
to lleeeinber SI, f"4
lo Iei einlier 31, !(
(o December St, I"8
to December 31, lt7
to I.e.einU.r 31. 1"
In tiecrinber 31. 1"
lo Heteniber 31. 110
to Hei-ember 31. I'll
to Oectinber 31. I II 13
l to December 3 I,
liy direct Intervention from aoine
punter In the ledriul i 1 1 1 i m tif Mcx
leu, or by an Intervention of ur own,
canned by gome audden mill uiiloie
aceti provocation (hut will expose uh
tu tli renponnlbilitlce ir a general
war, ii n l u emiiiiient that lew would
desire ! unite rtuke or cniisiiiniimle."
The lui't that thia i niivinitiiii wit
drawn k long K' anil uc.tr ratified
rcmovea nil iiiliillty of Un inr be
coming inmiive now. but it" publi
cation will prove Interesting In i lit
Unlit of (he (Mimiil Mexican anuu-
1 MM.
I tin llcliimn lo New rk.
Washington, Muri h 7 - K li Din,
thu exiled Mexican revolutioniM, went
to New York toilny and v. ill n-turn 1
nexi Wednesday, whi n he expecta tin
HfllPtv tlll'clgll lellll lollH COItlllllllce lo j
llMl'll to Ilia VllW Of enl thlinhlllg
coiigiliutlnniil govriinicni in M-xi o
lia Anxelea, Till., Man h I. AI-'
hirto Terra 111 a, aon ol (leneral l.ola
Teiraxaa, (he head of (he fnmoUH
l lllhii.ilnia lumiiy. aaid (inlay he had
no feat a at preai lit lor (he life, ol
hin brother. LuU II.. who ! held for
random by the Mexican reocin.
Yet added to thia In hin niniMl.innl
iiialirirutlon Hint while he In plan- j
nun to (ake lua wile and four chll- ,
dren nliioiid "niui Ii dependji on dm,
Irentmeni metetl nut to m broihi r."
Terraxux confirmed the report that
hln father haa onciod Hie rebela ,.t"i.
tiini pecoa lor (he releaar ol I.uia. j
m t w-t a
Mexican Jbxcnangc
Rate Hits ihe
New High Point of 350 to 100
Reached Today with Banks
Flooded with Demands.
(Ily IjumnI U'.t ii I-M-iiIiik Kerulil.
Mexico Clly. Mar'h 7. The rale
of foreign cxiluihgc hem leached (he
new hlKll jioinl today of 3M' for
The ha n kit were flooded with de
inanda for nuch exchanne bimed
Inrael) on 'the uiiiiouiiceiiit lit by the
government of (he eaiuhliahiiieiit ,,f
a lank of limiie With unnalable bonda
II n collateral.
The hunka today were oflerimi 330
tor 10". und predltiioiia were current
that the rate would reach 4U to tt"
lo Ihe near future.
rrlcea of InotlHlufls and all impori
ed neveaalliua
are riatiiK lorreapond-
(liy !.raac! Wire I" i:ninf llcruhl 1
WashliiK'on. March 7. Andrew
Kiiruneih of Hon Krnni Imco president
of the Int rtialioiinl Keamen'a union
tuld the hoiiHe marine committee to
day he would lei Ihe C'htnen- neam n
come ahoie III the fulled Hialia and
re-Miip at lioller vvageit. rather Ihaii
to keep them ulioard lit the Chlllei-o
wiiae atantlard He waa irenin for
favorable action on the LuKollette
acamcna bill. He cald that hla union
.ilvwitx had rcfiiMil In inlniit Aaiatna
to m"lliherFhlp. but thai If leltlMa
Hon which would build up the inn
rhant marlnea were relused. hu mn
no reanon why they nhoubl not wcl-
come the t'hmcae. the laiacar
the Japunene.
( all for Itnuk Mnicmciil.
Wnnliinaion. March 7 The com
troller of the fUirein)- today lanileil i
cull for a atntement of the eonditi n
of all national iiankn of (he t'nited
Slalen hi (he i loan of huninena on
March 4.
(Ily l-anetl Wire lo K enlng Herald. 1
4 WimhliiKlou. Man h 7 Home-
ateadei'N on Irrigation proj.v l
will have twenty yearn Itmiead
4 of ten, an at pr-nent. to pay for
4 (heir land and water riahtn un-
der an iiuuiiniHirtil.nn bill fa-
vorably repoited (odav l.v Hie
houne lirimttlon committee
fJ'I T
f It ft 17 Ii S SlllrXJ C
of APit'Ueriiie h.ia
3 . 7 1 "
SH.oiU 7
i . 7 a 3
4J,1; JO
Cx.iuti kl
Speaker Signalizes Birthday
by Addressing the House in
Vigorous Reply to Zueblin
Pepublican and Progressive
leaders Join in Paying Trib
ute to Speaker's Fairncsi
and Honor.
Ily la-afil Yv lre lo I.H'tiliig llcrnltl. )
Wunhitnttoii, Marcn ". Sp'uker
t'lark alKiiallied Inn 4lh l.lrlhilay to
day by d'-noiincliiK from the ronirum
1l.1v hy iP'nouni'
7iii hill), of Wi
on nthlrena by Charles
,'ini hett r. Muna.. fnr-
mcr pioleor of aocioloifv in (he
I nherniiy of I'lilrain. inmalllna the
upenker'u coiintinK of volea on the
r port of Ihe committee thai Invenll
Baled the Mulhall lobbv chara .
I eiin rain. ISeiiuldleunn and I'rogrea-
.ven t heend ami ai id tribute to the
penker when he had f riinhed Mr.
Clark hud rend lo the houn" a pub-ll-hed
article iiioltiiK Xinblinn at
tack on hln melhodn and the nlli ed
nrbitrary dlctailon of ihe m kir
anil alfo lemoirat)c Leader I'nder
wnod. Clark branded .ueliHn'n alalem-ntn
im "untrue, l.iiixiii ami inn i iiKcmin."
ninl a reflection on the Integrity of
the hooae lie iln.-d Ihe MKiiren of
the Mulhall vole ioliitiuR out that
any meinl- r winhlnn lo vole had
four opportunltiea to do no. and
"I huvn lai n lied aout nt much T
nave aort of amten lined 'o It
lleprenentailve Mann of iinoa.
lieuiililicHn leader: Kepren ntatlv
Meonalil of Michluan. I'roarenniv e;
litlireneninliv e Ituller of I'ennnyl
vuiiln. Itotniollean. nnd tdhera Joined
'n . iirroboratim: ihe pellk t and
p.iv'nit tribute to hla fnlrnenn mid
Mr. Malin'a n!luoti In Ihe npeak
er'a slxtv fourth birthday iirmluced
ntipl.iiiH. and whouiiutr lie naid no
mil. could intention Speaker Clark'M
honor Intetrltv of fininena in
Open Warfare in
Camps of the
Strong Cordon of Police Re
quired to Keep Peace Be-
tween Rival Factions at
(Ily la-nnitl Wire In IM'iilnii Herald. 1
S.i' rnlu- iiti. fill . March 7. l-il -teen
hundred member of tvvu n tinier
of unemployed "tlenerul" Kclly'n
force and u aecedina faction welt
cam lad today In the rioutheru I'acillt
yaltln awaltina nil uunwtr from the
Cat raineiitu olllt laln their tlemand
for food and traiinporialloii in coll
ide Journey Inward V .ihIiiiikii.ii
i A heavy cordon of police wan
thrown ai'ouud Ihe tumpliiit uroiindn
to keep the mun hern from m atlcring
throiiKhoul Ihe clly and o kei p peace
between the two facllolln. The tie
aertlou tit aOout 1"" men liom the
Kelly army tu tbul of Ihe opponit.un
hua alinont eiiualixetl ihe aireiiKth ol
the two 1,11'tlomt and canned coualder
ablv billeriiean.
'fllv la-aneil Vlr in i:veln Herald. 1
Svw Vork. M'.ich 7 ThrouKh a
nrotena of frenh air and much luli-
hlune. Ir. Joneph Kt hinankin, Imuau
jphvnicitin a l.chunoii honpiiul, an
' iiuimced today Ihut he. had grown
akin on l.ntie wound raiined by
burna which oiherwine would have
required the operation of akin grill
ing I A four year old hoy from w hone
net k and cheni thirty niuare Inchea
tf nkln hud been burned, wan kept
mi an open porch wuh Ihe lura
wound ixponcil lo the air and (he
.aunxhine When there wua no aun
powerful electric hghta were used to
rend liahl lulu ihe wound. Tha
l:ghta were
I'm wniind
Ihe air.
w ua
uned al mailt
Hlwnyg ixpoacd
(H l-aea1 Wire In Creninc Herald 1
9 WunliliiKiou, March 7 Krenlf revo
A'nlionary dinlurbaiicea have developed
In ll.tlil and (he badlenhip Mouth Car
l lit han been ordered buck (mill
(iuulil.inaino lo I'orl uu I'rlni c. The
nature of (lie latent uprlnlna waa not
illr.ii.m d In iin oltlclal dinpali hen.
LOAN 150,010
Resolutions of Sympathy with
Colorado Labor War Close
of Mine Workers Meet at
Chase Prepares to Recall
Troops from Southern Colo
rado Field. Hearing at Den
ver Drags on.
lieMMil Wire) lo I vcnlnu lli'tnlil.)
Teorla. Illn., March 7. At the
'oiiveiiilon of th" lllinola bialtcli
of the I nited Mine Woracrn of
AinciUu today Hie follow ing f-
uiution waa carried hortly be-
4 fore hnal adjoin iinient .
4 'The coal nnnern of lllinola
are in hearty etmpJlhy wli.i
the ntriklng inltu rR of Colormlo
and when we an home we will do
all In our power in i-Hrry the
it fi iciniiim in favor of the II
4 bum to the lliti i initlolial com-
iniltee lor uc in Coloiailo," 4
ritTi;vr AtiMiT 4 0iim;i
HITIMItiN lt Mil I llUt JO Mb
Tlinnl.nl. Col., Mai ch 7. A I rot ml
aiiaiiiHt Ihe Infarct ration of
Mother" I
Maty Jonea uudni military Iiiinnl at
thu Ban Huf.iel huapilal, waa v oireu
thin allernoon ui a .iicctliiK uttended
.)) more lllan 15" women at Slarn
vi'le. Tlioie attentling the nieetliig
were wiven of atrikera and atrikr n.wn
tiathixcia Iroiu thai camp and the
niirmuiidinK dlitilft. The meeliliw waa
held in Itedman'a hall. According lo
n porta received hete a copy of the
rcaoluliona atlupied will tie forward
ed lo liiarriiur K. M. Ammoiia aklnif
Ihut exit uilve lt order the releane ol
the woman atrlWi t.'inler. A iiua
liiuvtintt of nieu will lie held Immedi
ately tollowniK t.ie women- nicttliiil
ut which lime a similar ruaoluliou will
b udoplcti.
Hi: Mil M. AT lK l I II
hi; u.s s i:kii.Y on
Deliver. M.iri Ii 7. When t.iu day'a
ataaloii of the coiigl csoioi.ul atriKu iu
vtKiigalion opioid today it wan an
nounced thai licnei il John Chanc. waa
in the city and prclinlily would take
I lie wltncaa atatid during thu day. Thu
rat vwlncas .ailed 'ol the milieu w.ik
Hi, ran- W. Ha vena, all employe of Cie
Mala land hoard, who produced lit
orila nhowlna vanoiin .ilea and leaaca
,,f I. mil to tin. coal oiicratolii. He
ivna nuealinin d clonelv by aever.il
membirn of the tomiiilltee about Ihe
ayalem by which the alate iliaponea
ol lla coal lulidH
In renpoiiMi lo ouealniiia by Ki.ina
K. linvf, In crona examination, ine
witnena lad linu Hie nt.tte had re
ceived more than S",0"" In rnyauiea
nn 64" a ren ol land Included in tha
lK-lagUa prop. ny of tho b lur Amer
ican Km I coniiMiiy. The ntute In paid
royally ti 1" i eiita a ton on all coal
mined I mm nn land. Mr. toive
brought out the ntaicmnnt that In thu
t54" acren at Helnjiua the alale hai
alreatly retcned inoro roallic in.in
the hlahenl pro e ever cli ilK. il by Hit!
I'nlled Stalei uovernimiK in Belling
IuiuIm nun litlii
The atrikera then failed M. f. Lapp.
former rherllt ol lloubler .niiilv. ami
row- warden of ihe Colorado male re-
toiiuatory. Hi- told of the nogMicrn
Cob ladn nliik.- of li. and Ihe var
n ua dinoiil ir with which he h id in
deal In Inn ode utl capacity, lie raid
thai during Ii"- acme period ol the
ninke, he employed from three to
elev en dcpiiiu - to keep I lie pein e in
the iiimea of lioulder cmJiiiy. I neao
ileputlea wen- paid by Ihe county at
tha rate of $4 a day. Mr. Capp then
related Iho all' d oUer of and
II each for deputy aherilT a t oiuiuia
aloiia. in iriwa , iniuution Hie witiie
wan i-hmely iu alioned nguriiina Inn
t..ui,,i. uiin i iic ninaera. i niunn.1 for
ihe operator m kllig o entabiinh that
h,. r,.t....i ili.. Uliiona in the labor
mruuitl.. Laid. Mr. Capp declared
thai he never had laeu-d a deputy
herirra ci.niiniw.mn lo mine guard.
Jainea II Hloml. whom Mr. Capp had
,,. ii, I in. having Ihreatcncd him
during Ihe nu nc or II1", wan put
the aland In nu operator. He ntai
lliui he waitiiMuiney for Ihe Northern
Coal and Ceke company dJriug
early alagen ol ihe ninke.
lla related a toil he aaid Were
exnerielice ol t norlheiu opecilor
with tile rimed Mine Woinct
America, tie. I.ung thai (lie lunu la
walked mil in vlolalion of (heir t oil
llael. He then recounted lh in
Junction and c utempT proceediiin in
the dlKlrni mi.r( which lenulird iu
Ihe lmplloniin nl of a number of la
bor leader at tha order of Judge
lireeley W. W Infold.
Illood wan iin tloned by K. I". t'o-
tlgaii. co;iiiel l"r Ihe ni r. aboiu
I lie nlory told In former (IhrrirT Capp
and Ihe proponal alleged in have been
miido lo h.i.. I"r ihe uppolntment ol
deputiea. Iliucd lealilled thai nu on
In Ihe employ of (h Not I hern Coal
and 4,ke company, h largeal coii
ein oper.ii nn in (he northern field.
Man Who Gave Death Dealing
Alarm Described as Both
Tall and Short. Fat
Congressmen. Eager to Con
clude Michigan Hearing
Threaten to Work all Night
(Ily I en-atl Wire m F.vtuInK lleriild.l
Calumet, Mich, March 7 - Cernoim
who lenllllcil before the corolier'n ln
.,tit hi lurt Jiiiuiiir) Unit a nuili weui -iiig
n Cilixeim Alliance" button
ntarteil the ChriHiimia eve pi.t.lc lure
In lt.il an hall, today rcpccicd lln lr
.tanerllollB before I teprenelll 1 1 v e I
Taylor of Aiknio.ig nrnl C.im of
reiiiinylv nnla. eongrei-Moii.il imeiti.-
gatoi n. The dent l lpt lonn
iiiriiil an grea'ly an they
the eoroiier'a Jury which
of the limn
,1,1 befol'e
body ditlc-
tin. nil I Inn line of t
lem hing an open vertllit.
Tinlav'n proi eeilimm were held
the aimory vvh.ih the Caluniel
uh. I
He. In M.lilliu toinp:ili leanen
local niitliin oraiiiintnl'ini.
i. N Hilton v in prem nl . to rt pre
(.cut lh Weatern ''del a I ion of Min
era, Iml he wn not allowed lo iiien-
Hon the winenea the full i inniun-
ite at HoiiKhlon had itareed that An
thony I.ii.h. proculor of llnuah
lon toiinlv and the committee mem
ber Khoiild do all the i,u.-Hloiilntf
Mr. Jn.-icphino lanliela Icniireil
Hint ghe vt ua near the mnPHe of the
hall when n man who ntoot) nliiii:-
Ide her cried, "fire, fire." and Ihi't
nlarteil fnr the tlo,,r Mie mini m-
uim ii lane mun with a lolia nver-
cout iind that lie wore ine ouniui m
the CtCaen- Alliance" on hl coat.
JolvJi llnrcar. 13 vear old. ilenrril
ad Ihe man he aaltl h" hrard t rv
"fire." an n nlmrl. nloul man "lie
wore a lona overconi with the fur
rnllar tnirieil a mid had n "iMixeiir.'
AHImice' biiltoll on lln briavt." -t I tl
the vv linens.
Mr. Mi.rv Konl.olos mud a larue.
nloul in. hi cried, "f re. ruh." nnd the
panic started Hbe mid lie wore a
I. nil. ,11 bill nlie could lint tl list 1 11 lllrtll
Ihe leltcrillK oil t
Mr I'.lia l-nh heard n mule cnl.e
'Tv "lire." Iivice in I'llKloll lll'.d llt' ll
ilx Slavonic equivalent. "Vitlra"
Mr Ann i l.tintlg. who l"t n Ut
ile boy lit Hie rilHll. Wli M'Hlive licit
ihe 111. ill win. i ricil "In-e" wore Hit?
inn gnia of Ihe Ciliyen' Alliance.
The muriiliiB aennloii of the con-
uresjilonal xtnkc inv .-angai ion ended
with Ihe propeci of a elunh I. tween
the eoiiiui'llee nil, I Ihe altoinevn for
'he oiieraior Hu iilicrnooii. Chnir
mnn Taylor iniimnteii lo AltorneV
I'een that Ihe coniuiii H e w ill flni- li
loicthi If the aennloii ha lo eonltnii
I inch!
The operator mtorncv have u .t
nuited ih'ir poMiion, luit aa (he pe
titioner, the WeNtern Kedcral.oti of
Muier. were glvn three week" In
which lo put lu their " the oper
ator Hunk liny an
min h time nrnl ihey
number nf w II iie n
After the Itilroduct
which f-'lurilT Crime
f-ne. Ihe npcrntni
entitled to a
have a larije
,-er to pi mine. .
in of ,-t iiunliV
nllered a de
alled Wllnetuo
to how that Ho- touti were open
and thai eii:al Junllee vvn avit lallo
lo both allien J lint !,.( Jil'-knl.l.
riKhi r und Armi', nnd l'ol'-e enn (
Tfl'il'll. Ull ot Callllinl lenl.flcd. ihe
lailer proiliicliitf two doxen bl.nk
i.tckH, i lull and Inlhen that he n.-ml
he had taken r.'i'in rioiiriK nir'kcra
Caitaln .Mend of (he Citliimtt in I-
Itia company, testified Ihnt In u r .
uile at lied Jacket he had neeli a
mriker vtenriiiif u ci.r of denote
hcri'f IhiiIk'. evideitily taken from
depntn in the eailc rlol'tig
IIMMI II I l Hl lll . Til
llounhton ,.,h.. March 7 Mi-m-l.er
of the houne eoTiiuililee who ,,rc
Inv i'hi lg.il mg the nirlkc ol ih in.ith
et ii M ch. ii.in t opper min' in evpei i. d
lo eon, hide Ihe r hearing In ihe i up
per coiinirv l.iilny.
Two meuila.r of the eonnni' lee
Wi'lit lo Cllllllliet lnil.lv lo llllllie i.ll
Invciluntlon of (he Itnl an hall il'v
aater there on t'hriniiuan eve 1'iiml
Willie.- for the opi r.itorn vten
heard lit re hv the other t oiuum' ,-e-meu
William llcaclie Mlianla.
Imrnzxo. Albania. March T. - fr m e
William und I'rinct-n Hophie, (he new
nion.ir. h of Albania, arrived here
toduy The populace gave Ihciii uu
enl h ll at ic. web-olnn
had any aiiihoiity ,o iiiakeBtich a pro
pil. l.aler in Ihe aenniou proof wa un
mitted of ihe di.itli of the man w h"tn
Cupp had di-i'l,tied tried lo puii haaa
deputy nhellfta colnuiinMlolin flion
him iu In half of mine opeiuior Th'
I'niuuilttee thru ordered all leilmoiiy
lelalivM lo (ha( alleged traiinai'tloii
airl. ken from Ihe rt id.
of Steamer
Charlemagne Tower, Jr.,!
Rescued After Terriffic'Iq"i in Kansas City for
Battle with Waves. Reliable Physician to Assist
l ife Saving Crews of New Jei-
sey Coast Helpless to Aid in
Face of Heavy Seas.
in Ijeanitl Wire u l-.rmlnt tlrd I
New Vol a, Maiill 7 - -The elahleell
...en of the ci. w of tin i h.tilcini.i:t. '
Tower, .Ir.. inliitl in a Ioiik boat, land
e.l n.ifelv ihi u'teii n al the Cedar
Creek, N'. J- life Million.
Thotnpnoii. Iliw male of the Towr,
after he ea .ndi-oc wilh the nthtlt
of th" crew id repair lo Ihe ma
chinery ul
leil:i WI
The entt
pu'iiiiir I.
Hitiiplou liii.nl
. iu."'y nnd not W' H done.
IM lit had ilKinn noon after1
.-.a .mil Hit conilitmii.
ii.Nii' ii.il wuh heavy renl:il i't '
Hie it leek. Tin- lllp npi.in j It'll In
Low and Mci n. he n il'l. ami the plate
were shaken loowe. J
Waier c, Into the VC-'I i,"
thr.Miuh a i"ve. Tht tt am pump kein i
her goiiin for a while
Willi Hie mil
nf In. ml pl'lnpn 111
crew tried tleper-
alely to Ituhl bin k Ml' liruhlll water'
but tlx It- hi i ii v ule w a n nn v a 1 1 ,li ami
l llll.ll.y rem li' d the ell'SUlen.
l.Ni i;o r ii s !
a i-i uu oi s ov.r.
Meanliltt I'.u k. J J.. Mar. ".- Ktght- '
e. :i ineiii ier. lie linlitia the captain
of tho crew of the nicaiiit r Charle-j
ningoe Towet. Jr. whl'h n.'iik near
hire, are adrilt nn the ocean In an
open bout. The hint M-t-n of them,
thtiv were K'llna nut ( aea 111 a noiilti-.
eanlcrly tlileciion. The neamer naiiA ,
in li'tv lo t i.r wilier. Ihrec-nuarl-iK ;
ot a mil.- Il'iin nhote helweell Ceil.tr,
Cnek .itnl Forked Itlver lif niving.
rt..lloei. iv mile nullll) of here. '
II. H Tholllpo'ii. of llloi.k l.v ii, litnl '
II. ate, and tiller n ,e 111 I ' l if the crew
i.i ie InoiiKht nhore.
The revenue culler Itasca waa ta
nallcd froin h'loie ..f the predl, .. ment I
of (he clKhli'in tin II. and pill to n-,1 j
to f .i i h i or i lieni ?
There are two biK -and barn near J
wh-'lc Ihe ltalnll' went to Ihe not - (
loll , M. nil,; mi l Ihe lile Haver
woic n.'l liiunly ha i .1 n ii I'peil 111 In HI" h- '
,1, K II,. : t In.;, In. I n, w., Hnallvj
l.i ii in In-. I nil' '.in. upi-el and the life-!
i ' in w ..dial iitdmre. i
CiptU'li llnloiil .-lliiMiotl of the
ToWel .Hill M V.Iliein I Ull look a loiiit
lto.ll It WIS , Ol I I II osl ,l d lll.ll
I I I . nil" an,, i I to lr i.iiiilliiu oil
Ihe llll I.ll and lelll. llllfd itllnulc.
Inn., lis ilia ' iil iiblit ne.i would ul
anbv Sniw w.m I. ilium It kicw
th ilii-r a'. .nil :i a. in loilny and Ihe
I blHl
1 1
iii v lew . In ii i
Incil Ull. tide lol
.'lull llld 11"! I
,il. j-., I. .mi. I by '
I.IKl he, II I I
UKC I lie o.i I
o II I I , I III,.
Ill,, li'lcflin
It . belli", e
ll'nl t till
.,.,11 I
. I.' I. I
e slealll
p'liu lb
ed 1 llcv will ,i ii
i, to iiiii nn al ion
lie, II i ..lill'l. I, ! ,
.w ' 1 1 1 I I ' Hloi'lil.
.IlltollU Ihe llle-
v ir.
o.i h.i
nlln e t.mt
lillllil''at .o
i i i. si rated
anil com
m lug 1a
in coin
ti. n In dilili nil liinl onl:
pp-lud afiei d.iv
Tin at If l.all.Hif life boat of the
ll.ii ni-Ui't llfe.jit ing i-iaiiiui ha I ri
out "f coinill1r...i..li for the l.mt thtce
wee, awaiting I'epnlls.
The Tow.-r w i i w ncd 'v
ml het u Tl .1 nr-pnl I I ! loll , oluf
v l Ii v In Ii li.ii lei. M 'l -. i.
V, ..I I. I. l.i. I, I ,1 il ,1. Il l H. .1 ! his
in li v .
iiii :i-.p ..r ih, i-i.
S. .. In I llat l 111 ill w
o I He, i -.. , i oi ,t iik
.It'lIT 111 si V
Was new l"
to Hie , n w
'IV.'I'I -llol'C
i .i I-I a Ml oUi'J ill t.
iu.se he did Hot i ale t
i har and ha i e I lie n
r.nk g. nu
ll pollllll. 'I
l.i pie. t h.
Illlo I lie I
ha mis
an In
Wit.' old,
III lief, lie
t'.i nu r s.i nil
Tin I i' W , I e on I V I
snip ami on,, wn.- s
a ti'l ol lie r pel soli. I I
Tli;s Ian,' e.iin,. u.sli
lllsMl lllilt.
1 Ihe e.
ot Ih" i
ila) ut
One of Siamese
Twins Dies in
Supposedly Simple Surgical
Operation Results in Speedy
Death of Child. Othrr Re-
tv I e -e.l Wire o I v enlng Herald 1
Dan. Mart i 7 - Madeleine. Ihe
' H'.'iio Twin.'" who waa ep.,raid
on Wciliitxlny from her sislcl hu
xuniic, Ii..' incut. of a delicate nuivl
i tl o pet a i r n. died toitnv of coliv ul
nioiia. Hiiiiiine In recovering rapidly
Hum ihu effect! of the operaUona
and the phiMiiana av (here l every
pi"-p.ct of her lunig.
in Examination of Benton
Bryan Says American Commis-
sion is in "Status quo." Cam.
mission Says it is Defunct.
M'V laa-etl Wire (o IM-nlns Herald 1
Khiisik City, March 7 -Attempt to
olil. tin the ncrvlrcn of al te.ini nntt
Allieriean pbl.-lan who-e Held In far
((nun Iho Mexican in i der are bclnT
i made hy the coin run tec ai.wiliiteil by
tlcner.tl Cii;r.illit:; Mexican cnun'itll
, (lonallnt leader, lo lii'.etlgitte the nim
! of William H. Ileiiinll, uei ording lo ml
announcement today by S'-nor Cablini
Vlm iirra, nlnnier -i il .mi ni hi m of
Ihe cmn-tituilntialiht. ya-nur N ixciri t
made public the following I V-grnm
received lodat and luiie.l "ilcneiil
Itaiiion I'launlro," pi'i'ldcllt of (hu
Mexican inv eiii:.it i.in "iiimitli-e.
I'leane Inform hv wire if (here I
an ex peit medical leial aulhorliy
Ihciv who would come nt once lo ex
hum, . holy. Mow mm I. he would
i haritc. Iteferrina to Itenton cane."
"Il I eililenl," natd Selior 'i
carra. "HiBt Ihe eaminl"loii in ek
I ti k ihe nervlcea of an expert who will
he entirely unprejudiced and for thia
i cam il have prelerred a phyaleian
(I mil aome other Hum a border city."
Hi nor Vlxcarra nabl that from tha
It l.-xrii in It wn apparenl lha( Ihe con.
alltutionallKt coinmilnii intended to
exhume (he body of llenton. I in und I -alely
after receiving the telegram ho
made mi offer to ! leading local doc
tor, chief phvnulun for a public util
ity corporation.
Itclllnll 4 lllllll-loll Ullll.
i:i Dam. Tex.. March 7i M.tr' n
la Iclicr. Anierl' i.ii iiinoil ill Chihtia
hua. who iiin.. here I ii Sunday (o
is. oil the lO'iiion liivcfilK.ition com
mittee to thai tin. returned alone,
today. The ominlon han no In
li il' liniiH and itn un uiher believe
that no far u they are ei erned (hu
lnvetiuaiuiii la over. Meanwhile Iho
l onimlmion appointed by Citrrania t
iiHi-ertaln all the clrciimKia nee of Ihu
S' oieiiinan'H death I al work in
Mill III "Mlalu.
W.iKhingioii. Mar. h 7 - Sc. it-i.irT
I'.IVill n.iul today lli.il Ihe Allgio
Auiein an i oiu uiiHmn ai'l'iuiitr-ii to ex
amine the bod.' of William H lien
toll, tin- I til I i-li Hiililecl, null wan In
"l.n u nini." In udicial circle. II w.'t
lilideiitliioil the t i.niinivnlon w ill make
In, fill Unr attempt In accoln ldih , t he
tank tor which II w.ot appointed. Sec
retary llrvan iilno nuld noihlng had
been recciieil t oll'-el lllllg the iuvtll
liiilion heiiig m ule In ihe Id moil and
Dam II cant a by the Mcxliali Colmll-
.11.1 1 tbl
llllllllon. Tile h.MC-
lurv ill, eel to receive 111,- colnttnf-
.1 I Moll' I'.UillllU III the II, 1. 1 I' c ue.
tierieral t'anauxa ulr.iitly Im t"
dared that any information In lh
Helltoli lane miil be dcllvcted to
Ihe :ri',h auth"iitlen theiiiaeivca.
Slvly I cdcrnl K'llcil.
Hrovv nsv ille. T.-x.. March .-nxiy
Mexican ledelal. tin liltlilig MX olll-
i t l r. Well- killed ill a llllllie W'eilllen
ilin In the hill bnwecn Mople Mo
i lei. i and Cub. r. ila In the Mate of
W..I.I 1.1 oil. .11 .'orillllg to t-eWH 1'-
'lelleil toibi' III Mat., il. oil al mn-
n( II in loli.i list In-ad pim lei
i The report Mated Hint Ihe feilerala
i iaeu;.cd a nirioig poition oti Iho
i hll'n but w. re d.nloilg.-d lifl.-r it.
j ho'.trn' llghllllg. Sklliolnhen are te
I polled lo liavi. occurred near Alt -.iiiiia
in w I i h I' ll fciit. lal and Ihl' O
I iclicln were killed.
Bandit Holds Up
Three Thousand in Gold
Handed Over by Cashier Un
der Persuasive Influence of
Six Shooter.
Illy tngaed lr lu r v.nlng lleraitt t
4 S..CI aluento. Mar, h 7 A hail- tg
!4 dit walked Into the iiuk DerU
4 Inati.'li , f ihe Stcruiii.'i.io Lank
1 i.f ili, a i n al noon today cov - 4
cr.-. the canhler with a revolver
and ati'r taking IJ.uaa In g' l'l.
:vei and urreticy, made hi
esei.p' H-- ftrai drew Iho
cash,-r attention In promt-
! I li w u note Alter forcing ihe 4
c. inhn r in urilork the vault, he
: pla ed linn Ir Ihu luvntory aipt
lo, keil hi in (here .

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