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I You need net learn cooking all over again in order
to cook with
Uso nny recipes you know and like, merely use one-third lea Coltoleno than you
would butter or
lara. r.
m m JLSr w n in I I i
If you. used b much Cottolono as you
would of other nhorterinK you'd have
TOO MUCH, for Cottolorw rom much
FARTHER, though it COST? far
; .. .' ,.. ; 1,11 ui '"liiiin"'
, el
Order nail of
Cottolene today: tint drop ua noetal
(or the valuable l-kKK Cook bHOM HtLI-S,
wiitt.n by five leading cooking authorities.
""71 x..." ' '::?
VI ' I-4 Sir"
Prosecutions Urowing ont of
Misunderstanding at -Time
of Constitutional Conven
tion Election Cleaned
JiiiIkp liuynohla I.eK-in on the
criminal docket In III" district 1011H
toil. iy The la at of the I'ouor-ailtiiiK
urea RmwitiK 011I ( the conaiitti
tlotuil convention election iti J 1
wore iIhiih'iI of when Churlea Im
1 ml nnil Muiliermn i.illuhte, Frd
Harvey, Fidel lloniabe. Charlea
Ciiandc nnil lleorae I.. Wi'ticl were
fined S r mid i-oate. At I hp time of
the election 1 lit' luiloon keeper of
I In- city. IhlnkniK the Imw npplyinif
to n Rener.il election hh not in form
1 on(riiil thrniwlx ch with i-tomnff
Ii. .mi 1 In' time iti' polla opened 11 n 1 1 1
they cloned. Some forty pri'rul toiia
tcaiiitpd uniti'r i rourt ruling that
(hp ralootm kliniilil havp remained
tliiil from miilmaht to midnight.
Tlility caaee were aet for trial liy
Jury hy Judge Itayuolda ycaterduy Hl
! moon, In rhIhr over thp docket.
Flevpn raaea were aei for hi'iiriiin m
thp court, thp tmt if which la ai hed
uled for Mny IS.
I'hi' folluAiiiK l't raap wirp
f trii kt-n from Ihp rpt ord.
A pron, Pl''. ami Joii'iti I!..rn !;
CHv n. I.. 1110I 11. inni'oniplii; Willit m
V Juapir; 11 iipraon If. "nil M.m
ChHln; -anilllo Io; Kvprplt II.
Iinka; J. W. i.miin: l.ollln Tllljlllo:
Johp Marin f'tiiiVra; Itafai-I I'lulu il
Hi llwii riiaia); A. A. umilpll; Kl
ti'Kii lima nnil H Can la: Kiank VpI
'iii nnil ) I i ic 1 Ii 1 0 t'tiavpa; Kiluarilo
Thp follow Inn map wi re ail for
trial hy Jury:
April l Thurloa (llmnl nn.l Hull-It-rmu
(liilluutv; Kril Jlarvpy; Kll"l
"toiiaalia; Chnrli-a tlrinilp; O'orp U.
April It Anron F. C'rno, rhnrnpil
wlih aiiliii'tlon.
A pi II 1.1 MIkiii'I (liavp. rhiiruiil
with kllliiiK iii-at calllp; City v. A. .'.
Ip ttiiia, ihartPil with illaordptly
i nn.lil. t, Mlnnio Carroll, (ImrKiil Willi
ki'i pIiik li.iwily li.iimi. linn inaoal;
t.ponu tlrarp, rhraicpil with krp(lnic n
Imwily liouw: l.lnt'ip Miiir.uli, ihar4
t'il ullh ki-ptnu 11 hawilv hoiitap.
April II City va. M. lonalp, tip;
piaii'il from pollrp potirt: t'lty va.
T.iK'ilVrill. nppralpil from pollip
onrl; Trrrltor a. Khrrlilan, rharap'l
Willi t'.nli''7.z)piiiii! 1 four riicl ; Juan
lip IMoa Cliavf. harpl with ilraw
Iiir linn; il. Toll, rharupi! Willi allium
liquor iihn-p rami; t'ny va Jop Tru
Jill", i harKi-il wllli dlaonlprlv rnlulip t:
t'ily va. II, Toti. 1 ha mod with apllitiK
H'lUor I two ciiKPal; HlatP va. AiiKialm
l.oniorrl. liarai d with vlolallon of thp
Sunday In; Stale va. H. Moll, rhare-
pd wlih xlolalion of thp Sunday law;
Olpaiino i'iitii. 1 h.irni'd with prnc
IK In niPdh lliP without a llcanap; Clly
va. A. '. dp Una, Jr., ihargid Willi
rtlord-r!y rololiu t (two rnmi).
Criminal nra In which trial by
Jury wna walvpd, follow:
May 13 Franilaio A. tlnri'ln.
ih.irk-.'d wlih ipavInK horap unhluh
fd; W. W. Hhoat. nppphIpiI from Jua
tirp court (two raaoni; 1 .011 S im hi'l,
1 harai'd with llinc liiior to In
dian; 11 iipraon rto. nnd f'paiirln (Ion
Knica, charKrd with ailllnn Ihiuor '
a minor: livpr K. Acord; Ira Itltlpr,
apppulpil from JukiIpp rourt: A. I'a
rpntl. charnpd with kppplnn a din
ordptlv houap; WHIInni p'hoat, hart!Pd
with iliaordprly romlurt; Mra. Carnul
ilarcla. ih.iriil wlih larcpny: Itodri-Kui-a
Cano, chargpil with diaordprlr
Jury Brings in Verdict of not
Guilty After Being Out
Five Hours. Evideaca an
applal niaaatrh fa rrpalaa tUrnUI
.Siicorro, X. M., April l - Jimt l
forp inldniKht, nftpr biliiK out flv
houta. thi Jury lirnuchl In o vprdh-t
of not Kiilliy In Hip map uKiilnat Al-
frpdo J. CIiiivpx. who had I n on
trial biip p Tui'xilay nioniiiiu. harKcd
Wlih ImvlliK nuirdPI'Pil CaHiinito lima,
an old mipii I11111I at J'uiito lin o. na
trlit Attoini'y Tltinianii mid JuiIko
.Mann rpprpai ntpd Hip alui" and An
tonlo . Hidillo thp drlPiiai'.
It took n whole liny In pi I 11 Jury
and n appi nil panel hud t. pp auin
inoni'd w lipti thp irlKii'il venire !
cutiip xha'iatpd.
TIipi p wi rp aoina Intpn atinir lnrl
dPtit to thp trial. Onp of th-Ko waa
thp cxanilnatlon of a, HuIp Indian
Kiel ahoiit Hip naturp o 1111 onili. to
Mi'P If hip w.ih nunllllPd 11a n wmipaa
Thp child hud iiPVpr hoard of Hod.
did hot know what nratame ol ppopic
who did not If II til truth, but aald
nhp would till thp truth.
JuiIkp Alpchpin nakod hi-r If ahp
knew what would befoinp of Iwr Hflpr
Mh dii'd. to which ah Iriilhrully ah
awpri'd that ahp could not toll.
Hit pxaininat Ion w-aa loiidip'tPil hy
nipiiua of two Intprpriipi. She
could only appnk Navato and hur
urn nn Aput'hft Im'l n. roiihl not
appak rinullHh, ao lipr ti'iliiiiony waa
llit ttiinnlaipd Into SpaiiiHh liv the
Apm lip and then Interpreted anln hy
i;. H. Sin pi. .lull. Ijiio. NaaJo In
dian, aal aloiiKHlde thi Apio he on hp
half of thp alati) lo chei k up Ilia 1 11 -ti
rprcta 1 ionH.
Thugs Attack Vicente Flores
as He is Walking Home on
West Central Avenue. Cus
pect Arrested
Cnder u wurrdtit (.worn nil ly VI
letup Florea of mil A llii.U-i hup.
iIpoikp Martini'X waa arti'aled on the
Hlrepi today by lcpiii Sin riff Churlea
Arimto. lie la an lined of bplinc one
of I. 1 men who tiai'tolcd and
rohhed r'loica III ttoiit of the I'orto
Iti.o hotel on upper Went
avenue IhhI iiltihl.
Klorea wua 011 hia way home ahort
y lot, tp in lit 11 1 k I it when two men
1 leaped upon him from (hp ahadowa
llon'l Slay .rn! It Darken So n(.
urully Thai Nidxxly 1 1111 Ti'll.
You can turn uray, f.okd hair
ln'iiutlfiilly diri nnd luatro'.ia nlmoat
over nlulu If you'll u. t a .' cent bot
tle of "Wyplha Sagn mid Kulphur
Hair Ilrmc'ly" nt any druu aiore. Mil
Hon of In. 1 Ilia of thla old, famotia
Kiikp Tea fiei ipe ure aold anniiull.
raa a well-known drUKUin here, he
caiiae it darkena the hair mi natur'Hly
nnd rvenly that no one mn tell It haa
hppn applied.
Thoap whoae huir la turnlns rray,
ri'lmnjtt Treoty llntllli'ntlona.
W.iHiilrmion, April 11. Kpcretnry
Itrvan nnd Sir Cecil HprlnK-lllcc. the
Ktitlah nmbnaaador, today Hi htl"il
ratlrleatlona d the treaty which will
continue for another five yrara.
KnniU ami (011I1I I'lay Toniorrnw
Npw York. April 10 Charlea F.
Sanda, of the New York ltnciiict AV
Ten til club, tomorrow will iiitempt
to recover the r.athinal amateur
court tennla chnmplonHlii title he
loot to Jay (loiild elKht year a mm.
TiJty yrart r.p, ivhen Golden Wedding
II 'b'ukt y was young. ' '
QUALITY that speaks for itself! A pure,
mellow, sun-ripcncd whiskey that's distinctly
out of the ordinary.
You learn to like some whiskies, but fine, old,
is akin to love at sight you become fond of it
with the first taste.
Distilled in accordance with a wejl
guarded special formula, and aged in
wood under government regulations in a
way that preserves perfectly its matchless
flavor and purity.
Think I Since the 'fifties Golden Wed
ding has been the great " home whis
key. It satisfies, because it'i f '
"Made Dijermfly.'l VwJi'
l ull ,
cnat by tin hotel. line of them he
recoitniaed u Maitinen, lie hIIcrp.
W IiiIp the other man choked him wuh
the handkerchief he wole about hi"
liecw. M.irllii'n went Ihleuh h.a
pot keta, iicciiidinii to Flori-a.
hli'lca (oilKlll ll' two 11 nn.l II II Ilia 1
heal he could. Hud filially miiu.iKed
to wrench lb" eitaiiuliiiK handkerchief
looae. 'l'he two foolpildii look to thi'lr
bee In. Morea auid they Kot only
iiiarter In amna throuaii lua clothea.
He reprteu the lohiicry tn I nder-
In I iff l l. k I.cwih today. He ..ml
hu r.coKiiiad th' aet-ond man. ii
well ua Murtlnei, hut ilolll t know hia
nume. Hp it.ivp l.i'W'la n ileacriiton
of the man und the aherift a olllce la
i nn I1111K for Inm.
t.piitral! imrointiiit laded, dry. acraaalv and
thin have u lurprlao nwiiitltiR Ihem
hpcauap after one or two appllealiona
the itray hulr vanlfhea nnd your
lot ka heroine luxuriantly dark nnd
beautiful all dandruff Roca, aill'
11 1 h 111 k nnd falllnii h.ur alopa.
'i'hia la (ha ne of youtli. flrav
haired, unauractti e folki aren't walit
Md around, an net Infav with Wyeth'J
Sukp and Sulidiur I. might and you'll
be itellnhtpd wlih your dark, hnnd
ouip hair and yuiii yoiithlul appenr
mc within a few ilaya.
Suits Men Will
This Spring
Trim, antic vtltli otift "ft
roll lapeia, pal Il po. k. '".
hiHh-cut ahoiildei -fr.e vcjte.
ahlny buitona eieiy Hire id
amui ka of London.
lever Imlr-llno ami pein II
ai ripen better than c. i r.
TIm'm' Idea a art' In (lie new
-fmart Clothes
Men who want ilila rluhi-lo-
tlip-mlnuip atyle, eoinbliipd
with liner fnliriia and the rc
ault of a lire-limp experience
In careful tailoring, will want
to aep out Milt-t!lM'h KhoW
illM". Toilav'a (lip day. ( oiiip!
- J1 y' "' I
Y . I!
1 W
(J Tr
All lomoiia Indel.ted lo the 1li
Clollunu iiitiipanv lire hereby iiotified
to .all on the iindi ralmii-d at -91 NY.
CpiiIi.iI Ave, city of A ;bii'i neriiip.
on or .pf..ie the fltai day of May. A.
Ii lilt, and aitilo their n ill ai'h
aald company.
F,. I'lSNrTY.
Hpcelvrr of the II .h I'lothliiR t'oiu
pii ny.
IIF.MIY'H Mtssr:t.l.ltS. I'hone
M4a e
?G. Hlanljlutnt (En.
AMI ( llll IHII V.
rrtiuni nf-lti1ti Aottim f ajrikclv tt mm,
emm and thlUlrvn. CvM iu mu4
Ihtut. Llt tnvH'L
MN'faKIl (1(1 Mi CO.
10J S. 4Ui SU
rnnnrtiurnri' r lh nnval ?rail Mt-nn-iuU.
which hail l.n-ri llt..l !..r N t-in -cr
lit, hiiH ln'i'n iinht iMiiiftl until I'.Mii,
owinK I" Hir 4h.it h nf t ht- in ti k r
i'inikHH. Thn iriifun for tin ii--
tnhio'il th'hiy f Km t-iirititattttfi Im that
1 h nvvti uf lh' 1 K'i iiMi-d In the ;ti r;l
-vri'iiiuiiy iiniFt not It- iipmi-I ilniliiK
ih ritU nt iiatinnal iunitn)tiK.
Hiileltle today by rhootlnff
Hy tiraatsl Wire o lltrnliiB Herald
New York. April ! lidwanl J
K nailer, a irominent utioriies', once
asaot luted In pia.'lli p wUh l'ieilenl
'heater A. Arthur, i nmiiuited auldde
today nt hia olllce in l.on lai.ind 'uy
hy ahoolinu. A loiter addii-npcd to
hia wile Haul tic 1 Ii 1111 n. nil trouble
mil failiim health hid mule hia life
no louder worth Ininn. He waa )
Bul old.
Collfill' rnifcnj-or Suliiile.
New poll New a, a. April ID, I'rof.
Henry H. Siiviikc, foimerly of 1,11c
eltv, Mo., head o the II. imp ton Wom
uu'a coIIpkp near tlna city, committed
i do Sen,. in 0M'iih,
New York, April lu The flrat
prni-lh'i' linniP of the ecuMoti yealet-
iiiv ut lai kew nod. N. J., for ciindi
diiipH for the American ten in that
" ill ib (nil the luietnallou.il polo
.up iikiiiiixi I he I'.HKll.'-ll chnlletikeia
dioucd both phiira and pouiPH in
Xi'i llellt collilltloll
Hurry rne Whitney, r:i(iialn of
the f.iinoiiM ' lliu I'.iflt" Icmii that
broiiKht the cup I unit l.i.clund lo
Alio ru n In I 'Jim nn.l aiicceaet iillv de
fended n in I I'll mid l'.U:i. waa on
the field to coach find referee. J.
.M. WlllelblllV. Hie aeleeted lllpllllll
for the American team thla enr.
and lu'H ii iiui .l illuii ti, played In
the iu.it, Ii.
AiHitlier I'm In OH.
Il.it Ilea. Hie, i ikla., April HI. An
tioiincc me ni waa mude here today
that the nine lino companies In tha
I ik la ho ma K a ii an a llelda hud reduend
the prl.e of crude oil from It to 95
cciiIh a barrel.
Thla reduction ia the aecond th
week mid Ita la due, it la a.nd, to over
at the
Masonic Temple, 7th St.
entrance, Tuesday, April
14th at 8 p. m.
511 E. Central Phone 507
Tlli:V TKMIT Yor T K AT.
Met lit noon.
i u iiii I i ointiiiilcp ioationed
until Monday further h.-utmn, on
the I'uiiaiuu. cutiala ex, loplloi) re
peal. rienator fhaiiilierlnln rwelved
n letter from I'leMident Wilaon
eiidorainif the piopoaul to aend
un Amerlian urmy iinlnecr to
mil In reclamation und flood
work In China.
I'ctmit waa hcttuii mi the ud
miiiiat rat ion bill to cotiaervp ra
dium Imida.
Met ut noon.
Iichutn waa licit nn on the otn
IiII.im penaloli bill
I'oatofllce coiiimlttee conaid
ere.l pinna for pul.tic heiirliiKK on
pro,oaalK lor K..criimcnt owner
eltip of teU-phone iinea.
Judiclurv ciiiinnlttcp dpllher
ntpd on the 1 'a i k reaolution for
the iuipPH hmciii of Juali.a 1 1. '1.
WiUht or the DlMint cf Colum
bia aupi cmc com t.
In-li.ilp wua tcioime.l ott the Ii-k-lalntivp
a (.propria! mn bill.
1'aik r.'M.liition for linpench
meui of Jio.ii. c i. T. WriKlK of
the dielrici piiptciue i-.itnt wua
favomiil) rcpoKial b the Ju ib ial
commitli p.
Army prntlueeia reported
rtKainat u pro,oa,il to deepen the
rotoiiinc lor nuv iKat e n from
WuahiiiKton to Cumberland. Aid.
Secret. ii lea I ll it ii und McA.loo
uracil u I-'iI.ihiu appi opt uit ion to
arnil dull k hi a lo the iiiiernii
lioiial aumtui l onf.-rt n.) ui
Montevideo in I c t cnilo i .
Slit I TiMHUttiO Shown lci r a-.
New Yulk, -,ptll I n. Tlu- uiiillb-J
totinugo of the lilted Slal.a Sic. I cor
poration April 1 totaia 4, :,.!,. ..'." tout,
a decrcane of 372,611 tuna from th'
prcccciliiig month.
S ritnt Mill si-rliumly III,
Ia Ana. lea. April IU. N thaniip
waa reported today In the condition
or V. A. Kcrippa, the uacd mlliioii
Mire, 111 of pneumonia ut Ali.idetiu
He la alill crltlially ill.
Florence Hlffln, five yeara old. !
40J South Second alreet. Jumped llom
a waiton of the Spl UiIcr Tranali r
company ul the coiner of Set olid
met and Iron nveuue Veaierday hI-li-rtiiiuti
and received a broken lea
The child with a number of other
children waa etmaned in "ateulinif
ride" on one of (he tranefer coin
pany'i low wukoiis which waa dtlviiia
paat. ' Ho many of (he children
limbed on the wi..n that the driver
atopped hta team lo make thi-m Ret
off. Florence Jumped and received
(he I rm 'ure. The child waa carried
Col. Sellers' Call for Depart
ment Reports in Advance
of Meeting Hints at a Fare
well Message.
When Mayor Selli ra called on the
heada of the vurloux ilepartmciila for
annual reporta ut the council meeiimi
laat nlKht, he laid cmphaaia on the
fuel thut he wiahed to have the re
porta In hand I, Sninrday, April 11
IniiHinifch ua the . . uncll doea not
ineel in the tlnul aennnm of the llac
year until April L'n. the Inipieaan
haa Bone out thai I If mayor Inteti-ia
lo piepure aoriie a. t' of il farewell
.ncHK.ttic in wbicii bin udmi'iintrati'in
will be reviewed.
At Hip end of the flacal year 'n
1913 the mayor re :.ed the city',
iifYalra for the ft ' ceding twe"
inoiitha. Now h,. l i xpeeted to fol
lew the preiedetit Ito hinmi if cie
led, piirtlctll.ii Iy
bullae of PX.'cutlM
i. the cloaitiK of th
iai ration.
Naturally there Ii
luicieat amoni ih..n
.I'liynr to prepare a
review aa it la be'
.in the comma'
lenda emphiai"
- preaetil udinln
a Rood deal of
who expect the
nnaauae. Such u
. i' id Mr. Sellcra
haa in mind will aeivc to gr. c a il
. lit Idea of the al.it" of the clly und
ll h Hi, lira ui the moment when the
Ueptiiilliiiiia take l..irve. aa well aa
nitie to contrail tb Albti.tueriiu,. ol
iwo yeara aao wlih i he Albu.uinu
of today.
4'iiiivb'ilon Ibirn ol Kh'Ii'iii''.
The man who h.m uaed Chamber
laiii'a Cough liemcdy mid winched
.md lilt uml reallrcd lis rpinai kubl'
urutlve propcrtlca will tell you (hat
It haa no aup.uior t. r concha und
olda. Tha remarkniila aurreea of
i hia preparation, anted by the per
nopal rpcomini nd.ii . na of people
who have been cured hy It haa mude
ia one of the inu'l popular Im-dl
clnee In uae. Try It when you have
.i touRh or cold -iiid realize for
ouraelf what firn tluaa cough
medli lne will do. I or Rule by all
AiumImt CaiuliilHte foe I'r.-niler.
T'.klo, April In.- ount shiaeiiobu
Okuma, former foreotn liiinlnti.r. waa
recommended to the emperor today
by the elder ataleainen for the nl'ice
of premier In place of Count llooibel
Yaiuuniuiu, whue tubinvt raliued la
You only need to mate piece of
our Cuke in order lo be templed to
buy a whole one, nnd, moreover, y.m
will he n aieudy ruatomer alwiiya uf
terwarda. The variety of cakei w
make tire an pure, freah. nholeaoma
and KallHfyiiiK that eveiybo.lv who
once trlea them nlwaya pral.nce litem.
Here la the place to hp aitre of Rettlnc
aatlafiictory confectionery nil tha
year round. And our prices are ant-
lafactory, too.
SOT Routt. Flral M.
Chicago Mill & lumber Co.
General Planing Mill
3rd and Marquette Phone 8
The type of man who knows
when to drink and how much
the type
nrcmc trot hi n ess
that tippreciiitcs
t)f lames .
man who ilrink
the su
Peppcr . to vet
i i i i i t i .
(irutiRt as a ruie, uoesn t eare ior smugnt
goods. He wants
pure liquor irjvcs.
r ,rt.i
more oi a kick man
E. Pepper
77ie National Whisky Born with the Republic
isusfd in practice by 4(,0(i() plivMi i.ms wlm have
fuMiely eiulorsfil its purity ami im-tlical worth,
l'he original letters proving these endorseiueiits are
on tile in the ot.u rs.of the tlistillcrv. If ymi want
to know tlie unquestioned merit of this celebrated
old liquor, buy a bottle on niuraiitee tf e'juif'l te sat-
tsfaetion or muiey t,iek. Ketailers are
hereby authorized to relund money,
and we, in turn, will refund them for
any return due to dissatisfaction. Sold
by good dealers every u here. If ours
docs not handle it, write us direct.
Albuqutrque, N. AT.
Exclutivt Dlttributor
i 1 .
u m
I .-. ia ft,- I
ri.i: Title i, tiivm tohs
AMI KVt.lM t ltM
2U7 l.a-r. Central Ae
Hlilcra In
Everything Electrical
Motor H.'iwilr nnd I h'lirical i
Irion SollilUnl. T
t.mi ,ur prunn on Meeting.
limine MlMllll llllllM. I
For the best t
Phone 912
We have h ci.nilel r.i:e of Wall
Taper und I'ainU. Can do your
work nil a iiiinutea Iiulna.
t'. K.
M S. 2nd SI.
gt H U.
I'lione HI.
J, D. Ef.lLlOIIS
New and Hcimd Hand I'unib
Hire. KIU'Im'ii ublmnia til .nil
up. I irewnrra, and up,
M W. Oold. 1'liona 11 .
We will develop any KiaUfc 111m
fr Ilk.
ItiST t Alll STI IHO
U haiuUi Scnnjii.l bi.

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