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" j - v:
-ii. Vf '
... r .jl 1.1.
Executive Was Royally Enter
tained by Arizona Governor
and Citizens of Douglas.
if .' v " ' "' ',: " --.II
oM0REYS , .'
j "vegetables - j
J. I; , ",aejiiasai i j
F , :'
'jr Not Only N;-i' .:';vv;r-:; .j
:;-!X Canned Goods '!v-'U.7; '-
Nut Canned Goodness ; : ' -i
The fairest gardeni in all the land yield" their V ..3 .V'
finest raJuU (or tht Silitaire market batArt. v''
. '.' i We x.?wx ihtm from different localitiea, earh one V S1 .
f of which i (411ml (nr win one product, jutt at l'"-s'e . J
, I Colorado i famed for climate. V
I Ym imtanrr, we go to Maim for Solitaire Corn, to Hawaii for
J Solimiir Pineapple, and o on down ih line. W could I
aJi rnrlN'' bul ,,"v "uld "ol beup to the J -OT I
rl huliun reputation lor quality. el iViVr
'.. I "Tic i??jf Grocer Can Deliver" Jj&fSi.
' I f rr era a Urn mrmhm of thr SoMalrt jfif-flf' fit '
' A u"ll' I'lff Tm. .VMrra, Hunttm rJ '-lfs 'l-a
-LI ft hurra, l.ifup kmstiH. I'mmii hul- tOCTv T iu. - Vi?Liil
t 3) I fci.. V.. ...). Ii,..n,lu,.t (Jliarl. T Tt -. yT " I
P X tiw Uit. 'fracrwa, .. Annie, rlf. J 1 I By! Tf'l' I
!'! '&-V THE MOREY 'ITT Tvl .i
hW A ,
&.'zr;&-r7 xj-m i. .1.-.
Say Reform Wave Also Has
Hit Chicago and Declare
Tight Lid Has Done Harm
to City. , ,
Distinguished Tourist Spends
Day Seeing Albuquerquj
and Regrets Loss of Valua
ble Historic Monument.
Chir.iiiu hnMng lln ,nmi K,,rl ut
a r.-(..ini ic tli.il intiili- liB.-ir iVIi
In th rl.'ili'.n hT, Mnur Srllvrt
P lIIK il llixl II, Kill, W (It'll V 1'Ulleil ((
pay hla n-KiM't t I'utiur II. Ilnm
miii. niay.ir i.f I hl. uxu. nt the
lailn In, H I. Muyui llarriHi.ii Hluppoil
,r i,n tiiii wiiy I r.it I.i.kuii.i ii
Kn run hv WpUiii-hiIu) nlK'it lo look
ovr ihn reiM-r Hlinn a iniii?sn iin.l
In w imiiiihI hum of AlliuuuiTiiiii.. 11., !
ni iinunio yuaiciuu), ri-luriiinK
hfri i,n Iruln Nil. 1 lant evenlna.
hm )l;i)i,r IUi Ivurn.'il Dial ilia
I hiiiiKu rxccuiivit n In tuwn hu
liuKlt'iivd In I hi' Alvnrndu tit Hfltuinu
Iho dint iiiKulxhrd UMliir unci tindur
IIih n t'i'iliiiii nf ihr lily ii n, I the un
if I he fnniiiiiH Iniiyornl r il i nr.
Tho two nuiyoim tm-t In th lolihy.
Most Skin Tresis
Readily Overcome
The Active Principle of a
Famous Remedy Work
Mor txnfili tif marfli.il tti war
ft. H, H. uvi'i ruini-a kkin triMiliic. Th t-i-,lanll,,n
In lh- fiKt llml K. H. H. ik
In ihf- hl,Hl anil lb" tl.,il in rl!f a n,.,l
Inlrli-alo and rxiraurdlnarj luuia nf arl'ri.-
ttli.-n rnu isuni) tn rralla that tbo akla
and lltf rt' h Ix-nratu are rt,m(Hs'il u( a
,'luk of llBjr bluud Timarla jolt ilfl Ibn
TIht ar windrfiil modlrlnal pr"pi"r(l
It H. H. M. lUnl fulliiW UK rourM of 111"
liiiMid ir,'ui jiut nnturally aa tb biihiI
lii.urUhlua ,m1 climi'Di.
It la really a r.niaralla remedy. Ii
rortinttia mi" liiKri-ili.-m, ihe aitive nirHM..
f.f tiUh la In felltniilal the tUaui In tie'
liiallhjr erli'-ll' i.f li iu ituM-utlal biurl
ai.nl. Ami III ui'dlrlnal elrmrnla nf 11,1a
mall'lllem I)immI ,iirllUT are Jtial aa raaen
tial lo rtl Iwlaniril hiaiih aa Hie mnn
lioua elfuii-nta i.f the uirala, graiaa, faia
ami aiiura f uur dally I'mhI.
Ni,t iriie ri if Diln.Tala or rtYuira la Uaed
tn Ma prfiArnilon. Afc fur H. H. 14. and
jitat Iniiii upon l,aiii It. And If y.Mi 'li
aire aklilful ithl, anil -nun'l any
biattr t'onii-ritiiif the I,Iimm and kln, wfl'e
to the Mr.ll. l la partm.-ul. 11- Ho ld
hp. III.' IV, f,r.l MKt lll ix. Atlanta, lia.
Im di alhxr a"me a-aloua rl.rk'a tin
tiutiii' uver a.,aietinna "Jiat aa (TimmI" a
It M H Hi lil '! Villi e ' "Id
mineral dm. Hwara f all auUiiluir.
Auaiat upua
Niilil inn inn or or AIIuiUercuc to
Ihr mayor of C'hliugo:
"The niiiyor of I he llKgel lilll
i Uy In the went welt-mitea tne mnyur
o (the Lmui'al hlaj city in tin- wvn
Mayor liuirieon iiiudi u hiunhninly
ttil dial reaponxe na he manpeil Mayor
fruira haixi. it nil luriii.iiilii'a were
ahunteil uhiiIo fur seni.il onerMi
lion, utter Ih CltuaKo exii utive had
Intloihii i d hie friend, A. Ii. Wai ken-
n titer, a promlm nt I'hlcug'i huai. eaa
"They act my anl inat wev'it," aald
Mayor Heller".
"(Jot your goat?"
A tuMion ininpalRii ilefenled mo
for re-i,li( Hon," ixpliilniil thu
"Mil what Krounde?" aekeit Mayor
Hnrrlnon, Inlereetedly. The eleillon
In t'hlmao didn't tt Iho way ha
wanted It, nml he prolmhly hemin to
have a fellow f.illnn for the rolomd.
"I'll the KroundH that the lit ian't
nmrul enujKh." mjiiiI Mayor rVlleta.
"I hae heen trylhit to niuke our Uttlo
rlty niermpmtttin -tint N'rirtornillliin,
and I way overwhelmed hy a reform
"We nre Koing thr,, men the annil
Hung In .'hi:iio," excialniid Mayor
llatriiion. "It'a u fovl thmii one of
the hlmteat of foo thuiKa' lint I anw
It roiiuna; rind made up my mind to
Ho with It, feeling that In am h a mut
ter I rhould try to Kle the people
what they want. We nine loa.-d
e i i.x thlnir up und na n renult the
women and f reipu iiIith of the hall
world are aiatteruiK all oer town
An unwlee move hul the puMK' 'in
tlmi iit deiiiaiided It."
Mayor Ilarrl.,ii anld he wiia Im
ni.'iiMly pleaaed with what he had
men i,f Alliu,iier,iie. He had heard
the i lty praieed all over the wext, and
had made up hla mind to pm in n
dnv aei'lng It.
"At A.,, ma and I.uguna Ihey told
me I muKt lie Biire to a,e I'olonel Hi I-
he adiled, "and I Intended tu
eall on you hefore leaving. '
After parting with Mayor Pelli r.
Mayor IliiirlHon and Mr Waekenreii-ti-r
atrolled limit the lily. Thin
morning Ihey took another aiglitHee
I ll K trip Hml apenl lime In the liiir.ey
niuai hid und atoie, lookinii ul the
myriad thlnga of lutereat to he aeen
in I hone plui ea.
"Tine la eerlulnly a hig little illy."
auid Mayor llarriaon at noon, "lint
my intereat on trtpa like Irrn la in the
enery, the hlHtoriml. the iiunliit and
eurioua. rather than in the indiiHtrial
and development feuturea of the
country. Ity the way, wh.il haa he
come of the old Sheridan hoUHo?"
Mr. Ilurrlnon referred to the holme
In, old Alhuiiiero,ue where General
I'hil Sheridan made hla headiiuui tera
during the day a of the Indian rain
palgna. When told that It had heen
torn down In make way for a mod
ern structure the mayor expreaited
keen regret.
"That a loo bad," he aald. "lint Ifi
jut like the people In Ihia country.
They have no Idea ol Ihe i, .ua of
hlatorlrnl building". It ia a lita
mln.ike to dealroy aui'h huildinga or
ruin their hiatorical lulereal hy Ilea
lorallona. That la the ai.rt of thing
tourlnta rome here lo aee. It In lea
aenlng one of the ihnf mw'ta of the
aoulhweat to allow hielorPnl huild
inga to dimippcar or aufier reniora
lion. Mayor llnrrlnnn left on train N'o.
t to Join hla eon, tarter llarriaon.
Jr., who yealerday uroceeded him to
(.unttl j,-.
Hefore returning to t'hl-
rngo Ihe HarriMina will viait the
Tana country.
JHy Mire lo fAenlng llerwld
New York. April 17. No arrange
menta for Ihe poMtponemcnt of the
wedding nf Vincent Aator and Mine
Helen Huntington, aet for April SO,
have heen ma ile, notwithstanding Mr.
Aalnr'a illneaa. Thla aniicninceinent
waa made at the Huntington country
home In contradiction nf reporia that
Ihe ceremony had been Indefinitely
pout poned. A postponement may yet
be found exiiedieiil, however.
Mr. Aator paiued comfortnhle
night and w.e pronounced "about the
aume luday."
Says Traces of Old Antagonism
roused During Joint State
hood Fight Are Rapidly Dis
appearing. "I wna royalty entertained y the
people of Imuglua and had a very
pleueulli, ioteteatillg 11 lid .l . i fit .t lit
vlalt," aald tlovernor W. f. Mclmnall,
who una In the illy thia morning re
turning to Hanta Ke from hia let cut
meeting willi (inventor Hunt at the
aouthern Arizona city. Htate Kngint -r
I'rein h wiiii ur, uinl anled Ihe govei
nor lo liouulaa ia returning hy way "t
I'hoenlx, lielng ileairoua of aeellirf
more t,f Arlrotia road construction
I ha ll wna poeaihle during thu two dnv
viait at Oouglna.
"The Aaua I'rieta Incident waa un
duly tnagnltied hy the reporter,
aald the governor thla morning. "ilo.
einor Hunt and mvaell, with oulte i
party, went a, r,,m the border for a
little alKhlaeeiiiK. Adjulant Cenetil
Harria went along not aa any kind ol
an official eacort, hut merely n on?
of our party. He wore Ii Im aide arm",
the olll, era the conference being '.n
full uniform. He waa not actually
placed In Jail, hul waa told he would
have to rint-ove hi weapon, whlcn
he did at tlovernor Hum auuMea.lol,
That wna all there wna to it.
"I think heller feeling between tne
people of the two Male will reault
from Ihe meeting at llollglaa. Yoil
know there haa been aome leiiihint
of Ihe old feeling left ninth waa
arnuacd during the Joint atatehood
light when Arizona got the idea lhn
New Mexico and not congreaa ri
recking to force the Joint tatelinod
iHaue lo a concluaion We talked
road" and general condition and
reaihed a much heller utidcratnndiinr
u limit road coiiNtructlon than li.ii ex
lated hefore. The whole affair wa
very plniKitnt and Ihe enlertainment
ottered tlovernor Hun and myaelt
waa nioul eonllal.
Viuir l.lvir la Full of l ite; INmeM
( lugginl, Monutrli Hour. Tmiuue
i'ofit-l. lui'aih Uiil.
f!e 11 ln-i enl box now
You re liillnu! You hne a throt
tiing remuitmn In your "ud. a 'n.l
luate In your moiilh. ymir eye hum
your akin I yellow, with dar rlnc
under your eye: your lip are pardie I
No wonder ymi feel ugl, mean and
lll-tetnperi d. Your jyii in la full ot
bile not properly pawned off and wha!
you need ia n cleaning iiii Ininle.
Iion't continue being a bllioua mil
aance to your clf and thiKe who lo.'o
you, and don't rerort to hurah ph'
Ira that Irritate and Injure, tlemeni
tier that moat dlaordt ra of (he a!om
ach, liter und bowel are cured
morning with gentle, thorough Ca
enreta I hey work Willie you eep. A
10-, i nt 1,,'X from your driigKiHt will
keep your liver and bowel Mean:
stoma, Ii ee, and your head iMr
for nionth.' fhlldrcn lote to lake
Cimenreta. becatie thev lute good
and never gripe or l, kn.
We make a apeclalty of rihoe Pnl
Uhea, l.ncex. Hui kle. Arch Support,
Htinlon I'rotecior. Heel Cuahlona. etc.,
and offer Ihe heat on Ihe mnrket at
th lowest price. I". May't Bhoe Ktore,
311 Weat fentral Ave.
Straw iM-rrieaS for So
I'ISI'slI TtlV
Ur-rn I. Hi I.V
(irtN'ii and Wax liiwtia, Hi,. -Joe
I -a eve nMmkrw, i for . . . . S-'V-
t alliornl. U-tlin-e, g for .v
KliulinHi. Ih UK
Native AfMrugu. hiiiitll... .V
New I'nlaHKM, a llm ftir....2.V
Sjilnut Ii, Ilk Ilk-
on. ji ht iti: i.i i:i
MIOkl l) lll.llllT AMI
S0r Mun, whlr hey In.
1 llm fur IV.
fll.ll lltl AMI IH7.l
2V- lo II.H1 n
I'MlWr lt AMI ;iti)i:
hi I II,
riant llntn Xinv.
illKl r.FJ .
A. J. r.lALOY
VVnaa 179
ax a, uvut aia,
TTTfflT1'""'"'-? 1
wherever iho directions say butter or lard, always remembering to uso one-third less
Cottolene, for Cottolene goes much farther than either butter or lard.
You really have to save money if you cook
with Cottolene, for according to chemical laws,
a certain amount of flour can only contain a
certain amount of shortening. If you were
to use as much Cottolene as the recipe called
for of butter, you would have too much
Cottolene. This might do no harm, except in
cakes, which might fall because of being too
light and delicate. Yes, this applies to every
department of the cook book, even to candies.
Will Ask Mayor Boatright to
Leave Chief of Police in
Charge of Office Next Two
Aa the rrault nf an informal meet.
Ing of hualnea men held yealerday at-It-moon
In the t'oniini rclul club, at
tended by Mayor Kle.t ttontrlRht n:ni
at in o thirty promlneiu bii8lin men,
a petition ia being circulated In ihe
hiidlneae dlnirltt today und la being
h, tilled 0n every ban, I, aaking the new
mayor to retain fhlef ,,f
Thomaa MrMillin in .trice.
The men .
at the conference yeHcidny atterno.i i J
were unanimously in tivor of the r
lenllon of lh thief aa a biikiiice
propoaitlon for All,u,iierque and an
(old the mayor who did not commit
The only adlon taken was the en
doiaeinenl of 'he chief and Ihe algn
Ing hy thoao preaeiit of the pet, 1 1 in
which la being cuvu'.iicd aoiong Inii
ir.t a men today.
Mayor UoatrUtht haa not yet Indl
cnted that he doc a ti. t Intend to rc
apponll chief MtMiliin.
Greatest Motion Picture Pro
! duction Ever Brought to Al
buquerque Will Be Present-
ed Tonight for Last Time.
! The production of 'Quo Vadia' ut
the (.'ryalal theater lift night ran It"
aa the moat elaborate motion plclu.
production ever seen In Altiuqueniue.
The pictures ur cIchi. Impreaalve in
their dignity and ,' and wonder
fully true In picturing the ll(e nf Die
dnya of the Mlenkiewh s novel. I.uat
night Ihe theater wna packed to Hie
door for every petrol mance and "
tertitln In draw a large atteidan"e
tonlghr which will be t lie Una! appear
ance of the picture.
i '
The HERALD Want Ads get
the best results.
Use any cook book you please the one you have always
known, or any new one if you prefer. Merely use
Our FREE Cook Book, HOME HELPS, will be found a valuable supplement
to any books you may now be using. Write for a copy also order a pail
of Cottolene of your grocer.
"I run't write,"
Mr. Alula fhatcz,
In the ih feline ol
of Alameda, to n
charge i f Iteming u worlhea chccc.
I in. hiii ii . h aa aiie can't write anything,
Mm. I'limta gay, ahe cant aee ho
inn one can imagine he wrote it
The che, k, alleged to have beeil
drawn wan on the t'itixena' bank lor
tt. Mm. Chavea has a eavlng uc
couiil at Ihe hank, but It la tint n'
)i i t to check Ihe bunk otlicer aay.
Mr Ciiavex pleaded not guilly befoni
JUMlce W. W. McClellau. he will
he given a heating next Wednesday.
The "Uiilctits' oepurtmenl of
Thiiratluy Mmiiinit Mualial club will
meet tomorrow afternoon i,l thu I're
byteiinn cliur, h ut 1.1a o'clock. Mr.
Mcloii:'.ld will be Ihe leader nnd will
give u talk on how to appreciate
mtieic. Program
Wall In K flat
, . Durnnd
Mary llarrm.
Venetian Boat Song . . . MendeliunihB
Klleen Mordy.
Nocturne In K flat Chopin
llaxel Hawking.
Love Song Ni'Vlri
Horolhy Cameron
(a I I'relude In It flu! Chopin
l) Wit. lies' Ounce M, Powell
1'nuline llorruilalle.
Morning Mood lirieg
Winifred William
Duet. Ctijim Atilman Iioaainl
Oorthy I'liniri mi nnd Klleen
For discharging hia revolver on the
street in Han Joae night before but,
Jo.e Cnlicirci hua been held for Ihe
grand Jury. He was uiriiignid for a
hearing laat night beforn .luailce of
the Peace Tedro It. Tartaghlla ut Hun
Joae. The Justice la engaged In n
citiwttle auaiiiKl the diaorderly element
of the suburb.
Him-rul of Janieti Y. rttll.
The funeral of Jamea W. I'ettit who
died at hi home here yealerday morn
ing, waa held Ihia afternoon ul 2
o'clock ut Htrong Ilrolhera' c Impel.
Itcv. I. K. Allison of the Central Ave.
nu Methodlet t hurcb elllt luting and
tb service being under Ihe auspice
nf Harmony lnlge of Odd Fellow of
which fraternity deceased had been
a member for nearly a ouarter of a
tentury. Interment was tn Kalrvlew
Mltas Fthihln Munlt.
The funeral of Mia rMuhln Mnnlx.
ahoae death occurred Wedtiestlay n
Old Aliiuiiieriiie, look plui'e this
morning at o'clock In Ihe village
i hurch at I'ujarllo, the f imily home.
Intel iiient waa in I'ujaillo t emelery
For example, just try this:
rnrnriQU RALLS.
Take a pint bowl of codftth picked very fine, two pint
bowl of raw peeled potatoes, aliced thickly, and boll in
cold water until the potatoee are thoroughly done. Drain
off the water, maah, add butter Ihe eiae of an egf. one
well-beaten egg; and thrae tablespoontula of milk. Flour
the handa and make into balla, fut two ovinia of Cottolene
into a frying pan, and when hot, fry the balla to a nk-e
brown. Or the codftah balla may be fried In hot Cottolene
after the manner of fritters.
Interest and Rivalry Among
Crack Shot of Company G
Over Rifle Competition;
Ccmmand Highly Efficient.
Oreal iniereat ami rlvnlry haa lieeu
aiouaed in Compuny l, New Mexico
National 'luard. by h,. recenl nrd ;
Of Allllllilll, ll.-ner.ll ll..,,',nu i.r.....l.
" ,',,",
, Ing for the ainrt of comictinn In rule
i praclit e. Comiiant tl haa iimim .. -
pert anoia, un, It la confidently ex
pected that they will land u lalg
allure of the prlxe money.
The recent federal inspection of
Compuny li revealed Ita high aiuinl
ard of eltlctency, and under Ihe aid
Instruction of Hergeaut liennia Itiuii',
of Ihe regular nrmy, the command i
siill Improving, riergeuiil llurna ia the
instructor detailed to New Mexico b
the war department.
Company ,j nw. ni) ((lfi niri,mi)1M
number of in. n rei.-uitt-d hy ihe w ,r
tlepurtmeiit. but leiruitlng will ion-
a .
nri ii
Our One Dollar Table Linen is
the best to be had f or the mon
ey, full 70 inches wide, good
weight and all pure linen.
Guaranteed to give satisfac
tion. Napkins to match at
$3.25 a dozen.
l'hone 2Sj.
tlniie until the maximum of 112 en
Hated men are in the lank. The
near lien of the nininer niuiieuveia .a
proving a airi ng di awing card i'l ct
llactlug recruit.
Captain W. I. 1 1 men atatex that
while no nnlera have been lawued for
the t mil m p melt i . It 1 moat likely thai
Ihn New- Mexico guard will maneuver
at aome of the 'egular nrmy poala or
manetit ering ground The date o:
thu ncnmpmenl luia n"t yet been 11 '!.
County Rurveyor IMI linaa waa au
thoriaed hy the county cminlaaloiiera
today lo expend lino more on Iho
breakwater aho.e Itarelas bridge.
The coiil met for sinking 25 polea for
the extension of the breakwater 80
feet was awarded t J. II. rancheg.
The payrolls for Ihe surveyor
were up proved .. it. Springer was
made temporary chairman of the
board In Ihe ul, Hence of All red
4 r intHft' lil. win; has gone lo Kuropn
on a pleasure trip.
The highest mountain In Montana.
Ira Ii He I'cak. Willi an aliunde of
nearly 13. mm feet, is in the lleartoot'i
national forest
Norway has 144 tree planting xoe.
lelie. The llit was founded In !"".
mid since then million trees hu e
been planted, more than two million
having been art out last year
313-315 W. Central

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