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Albuquerque Indian School Now
Closing Its Most Successful Year
Ii U U
I building Imve been added; the work
. ruin been modernised. Iho ground
beautified, Iho equipment perfected
umll l nlund IimIh)' an one of (he
bent cuImmI and mont efficient
school In the whole Brent 1'nlted
Hlnfi- I ml Inn crvlrc.
The rtl "rrflrlint" Is llnely to he
Iitveranrked In thin story limit the
Indian school. Thitt wm thing of
Kfftrli-ncy' with a rspllul "K" Ie
what almoin mil all ovrr Ihn big ln-
nlliiitlon. H Imprense you at firat
r; In ru e nml It lN ihe ntroiigrat Im
premlon m rarrle away, after a
I run fill Inapet (Inn if the whole x-
tetinve plant The wheel nr run-
ning smoothly. The ground ar
1 1. Iin ii, and well rnred for and attrac
tive; the flours and windows and
Ifelllngn an spotless; there la an ni-
monpher of cIcMnlinenn, of rlcnn llv
Ing and clean thinking about Ihn
I Iimt. Tim faces one sees on every
hnml nre bright ami nuilllug and
happy. Tin- w hnnl hoepltal alinoat
I empty. There If-n'l a hiiiiKf-fly In
Rapidly Becoming One of Best "'h'- Th"' ,,,,h ,hr r"-
, , cr flemonatratcd lo hi own an! 'aftii'-
Equipped and Most Efficient struck harder ihn nny other
'one ihliiK. in nil Ihp whole Inntltu-
,lli. n nlih la t'" tmlinn pupils. Mr
in Indian Ser-
Borne Facts Worth Knowing,
Are Being Trained for Use
i ml lllile, c didn't encounter a sin
gle fly in Ihp whole tour) of tnnper
t ion. one wonder If n mu"h - Id
lir Mid for any private house In A'
huiucrtiuc. If thai single fnrt dea
,i I'll! ll i , i iiii-iwi'IH III'.' ,ll ,
"efficiency" there are il-nly of other
There were nlentv of oher facta
AbOUt BiCT AlbuaUeraUC In 'huh atruek herd and ri n lh ef-
! ttrt tnn t J- 'ficHney lo ll during a trip Ihr itlijll
ititution Where 400 Indians ,,, ,,,,iiding, and ground. t men-
lion Ihroi nil would he unite tmpnn-'r-ihlc
wlthuul writing a hook: for Ih l
fill LiTeS. I school a Hi. out the hlggeat alligl
(thing In the way of un organisation
In theae p.irta and one rloenn't appre
flute fully how big l really l( unl'l
one umlerlakea to Bi t It eataloRiie.l
In ones head or a notebook. Then
I lie proposition begin to nnatinie IK
true proportion.
Think aliout theiie thing a fen
in I ii ii tee:
The Rn eminent allona n lump mini
of 1187 em h fur the miiiiitiiiamr ami
education " r year of 4M Iniluin bnvn
and glrln at thin m hool. The enroll,
mini la now a lltt'c over inpatily
They tine 4 (.11 pound a of flour out
there every day In making, hrettil.
They lie,. Iwu thourand pair of
rioaum fxi-r hVm uf ihn Altnuiuer-
inn' I'mii'il Kt 11 1 im Imliiin whiMil will 1
1'ifc'ui fannlay and mil on Julie !th,
I he four hundred Imya ami Rlrla on
thai ilt l.rtimiinR their vueatlon at 1
Ihrlr lioin''a In the uriou iuililoa
anil In many linen of profitable 101
lo iiit-ni at iraili-a for w hi h they arj
iUnlilinR There will le 110 Krailu
etuiR i i rrln at the n Imol lli'K ear,
fur the i-ry rooiI leahoii that theio
are to he no graduale. It la an In
leieHi.iiK llahl on thn arow Init rffi-
n In y of Hum 1 1 in HikI 11 ill it'll that the
hIim iit ol RraduateH 'thin yoar la du
liul In lark of wol a I'oinple'ed but
lirniKi' tin- Imllaii !... anil ulrla 1110 .ahix'a e vry year. HO. "00 poll ml a of
roinpli Una tlu .l hook work loo fant
To explain: Hupei inlenilenl Kulien
Terry, a firm advorute of the fillli'nl
Imliintiial education poHMihle for Ihs
Inijlun. aloiiR the iiiiibi pruclhal Imea,
him I.. 111 uilvamliik and ImreunniR
the imliiKtrliil wolk of thn Institution
a mpiilly aa pill.e. lie luta found
that the Indian pupllH uin romlnc to
the m-huol earlier, that they lomn
letter prepared for the work offered,
from the Indian day aehoola. ami
that tiny ii.iiiplite the elghl uradea
Hour, K.ii'iu poumla of auaar. 'i.iii)U
lioiiniln of heef, 4.0ai) iininila of mut
ton. 1 R 00(1 11011111U or ilred fruit. 2,uUi)
lioupiln of coffee. 12 odd puunila of
aoap - noitee the ennauinptloii of
a.uip 3.(1(10 pnlia of aoekn, IbOO wortli
of haln and eapa lillu worth of no
l onn. tt.000 worth of boy clolhlna"
Ami ao It Roea rlc'x on down the
Htm k of a huRK w.ioiewile Rrucary
anil aupply Iioumi. Ktery Item la In
IHR I inure. Tney Indieate that our
1'nited Hlulen IndiHn ax Imol la aomu-
i f m hi
room, or hook work, before MhliiR of a aehool.
they have completed and tnoroiiahly
learneil n trade. It la the iurpoae or
the m hool to m I hat vxery boy and
Kirl who lenM' II, li'M' eiinpprd
to ram a lu iiik al a trade. In or
der Ilia, Hum ohjert may lie fully tar
ried out It haa heen found rieiepMary
to add iinot'ner year ef "hook learti
Iiir" to thi rourae; o that the m hool
Im to work und the pra, 'Heal trade
due.itiou may finiHh tit the aatne
I tine. Ho t hnppena that the hoH a ml
a'rlx who would h.ie graduated from
the riithth Kinde thin year, ate alav
Iiir another year to 1 oinplete their
tlade education.
Vor ilot a I hi" mean that Hie linliaim
nir alow at leaminR the aeveral
tradea taught. on the eontrury they
are paltn ulirly apt ut iiiiliiwtrt.il and
iloniealK aeiein e wolk. Hut the
roiirea offered are m thorouKh thai
uioru time a rt'iu.ied for their com-
1'rol.Mlily very few AlhuiUeriUe
people fully renlUi' J .il how hl( and
how t-ffleifiit and how InleriM Iiir an
Imttlliition It Ih that him Rrown up
tilat heynnd Ih northern eity houn
tl.ii y line; or bow reinai kaltlt. baa
been Ihn Rrowlh in bolti alxe and rf
fuun.y In the Inaiituiinu duiiiiR the
Punt half doen 'ajf. We have
eouie to take "our' Indian aehool
pretty much aa mailer of eouran. It
In there, and there la a perfectly aided
boilled government with a larRu
treaaury behind It, ao we've rutin to
let It go at that. And all Ihe while
the aehool haa been K'iIiiR ahead. New
Irtduatrlnl r'.dueatioii.
The work 111 the Indian aehool It,
lipi.-nl of Ihe aoumleat tliouuhl In
modern education 111 thin land of
. la. Ileal eoinioou ai hool wolk tine
bulldliiR with elRhl tlaaa rnoina auf
ficen for th text book work anil
probably will continue to do ao for
aeveral yeala to tome. unlc the cu
pat Ity of the r. hool nllould las ma
lt rially increaMed. Hut for the kind
ol Induatrial eduiallon whnh Iho
aehool in teaching and will teach aev -er.il
bullduiRa are required and
are now 111 ruuinn of tounlru. lion. TIm
laM , Indian appropriation toll pli
vltletl for a manual 1 a iriinu hiiildinK
and a doinealie at ten. e bulldinK. llo' h
ar( In eourae of I'onHMuctiiin ainl w.ll
lie I'liinplel when the ai-hool opt 11a
in eVpte init-r. It la thn purpone !
aend every pupi! away flout the
aehool fiii!ppi-d to mu a In inn al t
trade. Th,. purpone la IteiiiR hi urn
plmlied riKht aloliK At the rink ol
repetition, the work done by the lo
nientii' alienee deparlinent, ,-ven with
th,. iiH Mgre eiiiipnieii whit h haa been
available, haa heen ao Rood thai them
la an fatter demand for the Utile In
dian Rirla In AHuiiieiiU houatholda
aad tint one who care lo work dur
ing; the lumimr inoniha haa anv
trouble of ntidiii ciniilo) un'tit. They
are tauahl plain aewlnR, plain eook
Iiir, houae-kee PltiR mid eleaulinewt,
with rvpecial emphniin on Ihe laa'..
Their pin-neat rtoruiitorit a ahow how
well they are Inntrucled.
The hoa are Inuiiht any otia of the
Everyone knawi the Ford. It has
that clean-cut, dependable look-
lightness and strength in every
line. It's the one car sold in num
bers the world over. It's popular
because it's a better car sold at
a lower price.
Klva hundred right) -ftva dollar I tna
prii of Ih KOItl runaboit; Ih touring
tar la an Ihlrty-flvQ; ha town car la citht
Ihlity-IHa f. o. b. A"'uiUermi1 rompleta
euinpoieiil. lel 1 a'l.i" and partleularc
from gl It'hrii Al'ltp M'1,Y C.,
Albuiuurqu, N M. l'huu 7i.
IIry Feeling, m If P.tjr Brmln
Wm Preeilng Down
Mm inn My:
trades which u lo make a coitipletn
manual Irulnim cuurnv. We vmile.l
Ihn harnen nhop, now houned In one
of the old mill,. buildinKn mun to lie
dinenrtled. Hera under the Riil.lnn e
of Uuy tillmnre, a Han Carina Ap.i.''ie,
a large rlnaa of boy ar,. belli luiiied
Into expert hnrnena makers, ah in
maker and ahop re pa I rem The nliop
now haa a contract for forty aeta t.t
double tinmen for deliver)- to the
Rovernment i ommlaaary next year.
Kvery Hem of nlioe and harnean r-1-palrlliR
rriiulred by the at hool In dolin
In thin nhop, which alno turna out the
ncliool eonniilerable harnran eoiiip
ment. Wo naw lablea, eablneta.
chair, and even hufTeta tinned out
from the cabinet maklliR department
which militated perfect lr unlng in
I hat trade. There In a ba ill. one ot
the fluent In New Metlco. built n-
tlrely by Ihe Indian carpentern nnd 1
ntoneinaaonn and brick manonn. at a
coat of approximately 13 ".All. ia
"I cannot tell
you he w much I
have u fl re d
durlnR th pant
twelve year"
Twelva year I
lonR tlira for
kny una to auf
fer. A irreat mul
titude of women
In thla country
know exactly
whnt Mm Hill
mean when aha
ay. "Heavy
feellna. a If my
brain waa pre na
il) r down. Ho nervmia
Bet my ret at tilcltt
mrs. trm. mil,
Uakair. Claaaaa
; : :: : : : " : : : : : : : : : : j
duplicate at another noui hw ele, n j ,,,at rh.?1 ' "
aehool. when liullt by cool, act. coat !"e '"'" 1 c,nn1 l,mnk
1 10. nun Kvery n.mh and door for the
new bulldliiRa now under way will he
turned out of thn carpenter nhop at
the aehool, the wolk li in done iy
thn boy.
It Inra in (hat the boy leaven
t hool, lea t a It plepaied to earn hH
HvinR on an eiiial footl'iR Willi hm
aehool trained white brother: a til
maylin on )unt a little belter footln'4.
from Ihe atandpollit uf Ihe I hoi ouv h
nenn of training.
Ilullilliian and f:tulniH-ul.
It la for the hounitiR of the 1m1i1u.1l
tranuiiK and tlomelle nleme tieparl-
metitn that the new buildinaa ngw un
der way are dealgned. The new nhooa
liulldlng hnn a lloor pm over all l
t by II' feet. The flint floor will
hiiuao the blacksmith ahop. wagon
nhop, carpenter nhop, machine nliop
and paint ahop, equipped with cement
floor", on the arcond floor will b(- 11
big hall for une a an armory and
band room, and aurroiimltng It Ihe
harnen ahop, hoe nliop and tall r
nhop: for there In to h.. a thorough
couinn In tailoring Thia IiuIWiiib ''.'
occupy the north went corner of the
bis plana, leaving Juat room enough
for the lotrnt ruction of Ihe new a-
'iii lil hull und Rvmnaaliim buililini.
which It in now i-xpecipd will be pro
vided for hy the pending Indian ap
propriation bill, and for whlih Ihei"
i preafinu need. inee the prenent an.
nembly hall In the elaa roo.n build
ing. I hrltiR uaed for teaching
The new ilonientic ai lem e '. ulldli.f
la located Juat behind the Rirla dor
mitory and la alno two ntoilea, with
lloor pace 3S b) 41 feet. The flrnt
fbior will contain Ihe kit. hen, ilinl iR
room, aewlng room, living room aii'i
lent hera' room, a hile the necond Moor
will hav live room In which the de
tail Inking the work will live. In the
preaent etUipinent the ilet.-ula nt work
on dmnentio aclence have been limit.' I
to four Rlrl. With the new Ionium
the detalla can be Increased to ten or
twelve Kirl doing the work Iwu
month each.
The third hulldln provided for by
thla year a appropriation In a double
cottage for the une of employen.
II ih appropriation aki d for "v
Ihe Uepartinent, on Mi. I't rry a re.
mint nilattoti, In appiove.1 by con
arena, the RyiiiiiualJin and aM'in'i:
hall l.u.l'llna- tan bu built wllhili a
tine other building Supei Hiteiiilcnt
IVity lieedn lo eoimdele bin "planl"
and make It up In hi very high Ideal
of Ihoiough equipment. Thin It a
library building, and thia he hopen It
will be poaall'lu to Ret within a )eur
or two.
I'm. In ally all of Ihe eld frama
huililingn with hit h the ni hool orig
inally wa tiMUlpped have been tlla
raided. lorn down t.r move. I back lor
aecondury uaoa. The tloimitoiies all
are of brick, with mole than ude
iiuatn air npucc, broad aleepuiK porch
en, living mid recreation iooiiib. tbo
latter lie 1 11 g apptopl latelj termed
'rough houae totinii'." onn of lite
obbr buiidinga in the not aula of
the plana la uaetl by the very liirie
boy. The tlormltoriea have capiuiiy
for Rill and IH" boyn, inch with
an Individual bed und without crown
ing All the beda ale full.
The girln' dormitory, where all Ihe
Indian Kiri. both big and little, live,
while one of Ihe older buildniHa haa
been completely rebuilt under Mr.
I'erry'a dire.tion. Huitlwotal floor
and aleel celling have been Inatalled
and Ihe whole building auriounded
by broad, deep, double-atory porche
which make for comfort, convenience,
room and the homelike atmoaphere
whnh pervade the whole tnatitutiun.
The tlormltoriea are model of 11e.1l
lieaa and the room given to Ilia
largrr Rirla, three to a room, are ut
Ira. live. The leeping porche on Ihe
aula dormltorie have been fitted
with drop aah windowa, inalallej ti)'
Mr I'erry and which have attics been
ordered for all ainillar porche built
In the Indian aehool aervtce. They
convert the pon lies for all practl al
purpoaea Into o many addltlonul
room. '
The dormitory for the larger boy
la a new three-atory and baneinenl.
tontlai l-b't building lonatl 10 ted on
modern line. It ha iv tubic (hi
Of air apace for sat h jt-cupanl, I
iliilpped with aanltary drinking and
toilet device, ahower bath ami three
hundred ateel ba kera, and ha a mini
lier of reel eat Ion and "rough houau"
Th tank of feeding four hundred
healthy boy and girls I made may
by a modern kitchen ami dining room
equipment, housed In Ita own build
ing. The whole at hool. leachera and
pupila, eat their ineala In one big
dining loom, six feel above ths
ground, and almoat completely sur
rounded by windows. L'nder It are
ths kitchen, with steam cooker and
a huge range, th bakery, where
every bit of baking for Ihe school I
done by Indian boys learning the
baker'a art under an txpenemed
baker, and hers four hundred
pound of flour srs used In two bak
ing of bread dull), and a double re
frigerator plant and storags room. It
wa In I hi building that w looked
carefully for a houae fly and could
not find aingle on or even alga
of una.
The food furnlahed th atudent I
plain, but It la wholesome and liks
wks fffscllv. For vldroc tbci I
t iy
lien riot
I rnu Id not
Would have
sinking; apella and tten so wink that
I rould not d' my work " A great
m.my women In tie- United Hint. -a
will reeoKiilxn In thla description
tht Ir own experb-nce.
Mr. Hill found a remedy. After
takl'ig four hot lb a of l'i run ah
gained In strength and tlenh nml wrols
wotnan ngaln.
you enough
for my recovery.
Thla Is no ordinary Incident.
Terlv years RurTrrliiR. Knur bottles
of I'eruna. Iteatored to perfeet health.
If Peruna can do I bin fur one woman
run It not for nnntherT la It
worih your attention? I It
not worth trylngT
S) rhoas who object In liquid msdl
bin can now ebtsm Peruns Tablets,
Ihe fact that IhH vcit'n enrollment.
weiKhed when It entered school In
September, had put on 1100 pound
of weight when weighed ngaln ths
tliat of January. I he average in con
nideretl Rood.
The elann room building on Ihn
went able of Ihe pin;, in one of the
older 1. 11 i lil 1 n km, hut iiilfipiatn for the
preaent need of the aehool except
for the luuo-mlily hill, winch la too
ninull for the lucre. i.. I capacity. It
in thla need which will be cured for
In the new building provided for in
thin vearn nppropi iution bill. Ths
liulliling In large nml nlry. and ban
been Improved with nteel ceiling
The kindergarten 1 lam wan at work
11 a we were going through the build
ing; some fifty tiny Indian boy nnd
Rlrla being busily engaged in learning
the Hill H mica of a Maypole dance,
with here und then- a dinpoHltton to
Thete were I've patieuta In the h'is
pllal, a binliling win- b haa been 'milt
bv Mi. I'ciry nnd made ihoroiiglilv
modern. It nlamla delin bed Iroin thn
gi-iel.il group, rtua been raiaed 11 0111
the ground to a heluhtli of neven feet,
hi' Ii. own kil'-heu ..ud dining room,
nml tne aehool ph. 11 mm y and h in
been eiiiipp d with nI. ' pnig pot hca.
It will une for tweiny-Hix p.itieiiia. of
the five patieiila one wan recovering
from ptieumt'iiia and me other four
wer,. recupeiatlng Horn a 'Uleiita on
the uthlelie Held. 1 Ineily al ruined or
lil 11 i noil feet. Thc were 11 burly
clieer I :il lot of Ini.iii.ln ami repre
aenled the nv erage lioapital ullenil
am e during thn year Think ol I hit,
an average daily hnxpiial roil of Itvo
out of lour hundred Indian hoy ami
glrln. Notblng apeuka more ceiialnly
of the healthfulnii"i of the Inailiu
tion and the way M m.iniigeiuent la
being KOii'dud.
The otllt e bulltlinu, in w lib I) ure thi
lieiit ial olllcea ol 1 lie m hool ami I he
supi 1 intetnliiit h I'll. ale olio e. wl.'i
ihe ieiid ni l' cott.ea of tt'ai'hetn and
employe a, the Luiedry nml the com-ini-ary
building inakn up the mam
c.i,l.menl or the "IMant " The l.iu 1
Ui) la teruted eatiuaively t.y t'iu
puplln. It l i" i I'l'i'il wilh two l u'"
w ish, ra and th.' general r 1 u 1 1 iti-n 1 .1
a 1 Icrn atoini liun lry. In aumm.i
elo'tnt' Hoiia 111. uaetl. In winter .1
Move Inula lion- und biilldnu;
The 1 oiiniiiB.il ..uildtiig la an ml. r-fftin-
aludy. 1' ih moiliiii. ot Mi'
and iMiulppfil w Mi mi elevator T:n
tirnt lloor la tint d Ir food aupplica .111. 1
tiio set mill loi ' lollilllK, dry uoo.Ih,
Mllldl lea, etc.
(.rouiiiU and Water I'lnnl.
The Indian an It " 1 riouioU .111- nip
idly btcoiniiig I. .1 ut it ill. J 11M a f.n
yc.irn iiiiu th. vvli'de group of initio
iny.n could la- t.il.'it Willi a paiioraiiiic
taillcl.t. Now it in tfirlb ult to l:e .1
Rood view of .it of tht- groups t
buililiuga be an-. of the lrci will' ai
have been plant! 'I III long ,iiciiiii all
Over the grotili'l-. The lawun .IT''
beaulifiil and uic t.elJiR exteiidi'd ra-i-I'lly
over the uio.ie parking uiimiii.I
Ihe main building-
Till in 111. Ob' i' adulti b a modi . i
high power null 1 iilaut aiiiplleil 11.011
wiIIh, with n.- .ie tank for buib'
liidn ami Riouinl' and operated at .1 1
approximate cm of 141 n moot!.
Mark that ti" Thin m linol thioii.h
u well m.tn.igcl iidividual plant 1
11 lile lo auppl) w.in r for lla four hun
dred nluileiita. lit - uck nnd d.iii), tu t
to ungate iibotu llva ai r. h i.i lawn
and trt't'. Whi' 11 la goiuu aome tut
u water aupply bene pat la.
TI10 i biHil I a rui.
Tb8 Indian . n .! farm, nlnl. not
Such a Sale of Used and Brand New
Pianos Was Never Known in the West
Learnard - Lindemann Cos
Big Semi-Annual Clearance Sale
How- can vim lUToid lo mini, the Rriateat opp irtiinllv to auve In Ike punh.iio' ol 1 gtiaranlred. reliable
piano" I'ei. lie know tint when I.1.1I n.ti.l 1 .111 dem.i un I 'o. ailverttne a rile it i In truth a aile They
know th n tin y 11111 pi. 11 e contlib tii e In Hie word ol la irnanl 1-indem.iuri I'o mid 1h.1t l.i ainaul I. inde
nt. inn I'ii. elii tllM' onh the ttntii We ln v 1 r have b id am h an m 1u11111l.1i 1. ,11 of tilth iiunlllv pl iimn
writ,, al oiii'e It la iia aniipli, a'lfe and Ntilaiin toiy to buy of un bv mail
If von live out
aa It .. oil 1 ., I l.-il 1
will not iol
of the i ll..
ill pet ami We will aeml Ihe piano )..u aelet'l on iipptuval. If If dm nit n,iiri') tlie
you a n til
moat of them la am h Mi'lcndi.l coudilpin tli. y
coiiblirt be told from new.
riMt i.m:. smitv ti.titH.
Ult. MIX. 4 II It K I'. II I N U limns.,
jivsi: mtvtu. 1 1 suit kimiimi.
Ill IKK, 4 111,11V. MM I'll V
vllioM. Wl ll.r U, 4 till. r:-
nr I T4 .
J) . "lll. 1
This Extraordinarily
Beautiful Fiano-A $450
Piano for
Newly dcHigiit'd with haudaouic aolul wood
carvlngn on pllaania. truatea nml piiueln. Ileaiill
ful Kremh innr.nietrv Inliiving on fall hoard ot
pe.ui and rate woml. Case Mitmlanlialla, eon
rtrinieil and double veneered in genuine Haunt!
oak llelithl 4 ri. hi., Icilg ll .'. II. 1 In., depth
i fl. 4 In.: kfit'ti und one-third octave; thr-'e
etilnui in u.'iiKon und copper-wound and nv ch
aining b.iaa Mckii pliiled brio keta, ped ra,
RUardn and cnntlnuniin hlngen. Tbre,. ped.ilx re
pealing action with bran tlange, full Iron liau.e
covering w real -plant Mild built up pln-blm k ol
five different luvera of hard maple, direction !
grain a ltd li.it nig in auccealve layeta. Cotiliniioin
mimic tick nml folding fall-hoard. 1-piece i"p
Conrert ilriind nlyle, liealera everywhere iiiole
thin at It. Mi and even .".". It' u woiidettiil
piano for IJI.'.. im let ma to pleuae you.
m:.i- it.
l I.MON,
A $250 eOA
A $375 P
a $400 coin
' A $400 C ) I C
A $425 C? I fi
A $400 C
A $400
A $600 HID
ft IHnt fcr
..mm I IP; I
Tn g IIUl book clcnil for TTent
mnther mors con plete Inatruetlou Is
given In Ihs uan ef ''Mothrr'a .'rlenil."
Thla I sn externa: smhrorslinn applied
to th slalomlnal p unci fta- th puipiiae
(f rtluelng lb strata aa lismutt, curd
and tendon.
In thus bring m;; relief and svoljlng
pa in great good I aeeompllahe.l. It
serves to eaa th" mind, Indlrm-tly has g
most benalictal rlt - t Kptaa th nervuua
svntrnt snd thuu-nid of Women bsv
delishtsdly tu.d biw they wer fres of
nauaea. hit 'I no ic H"nlng ai kneas snd
wont through Hi ordeal with moat re
mai kabl suceeaa. ' Muther'a Friend ' ha
Iwi growhig In P'tmUr favor for Dior
ttutn tony yean. In almost every com
munity ar grau.loiother who uaed It
throiaelves, their daughters buv ua,d It
snd I bey certaliilv Biuat know wlut a
blessing It I wh.n they recommend It
so warmly. Hirliili as eiiTiul aiiii.atl .
It Im uu olhr ef'Ct than to ea Ilia
mualn, rolda, t.ndnn and llgamama
Involved hence la l rfacily aafe to um by
all woman. It I inel very suvx:afull
Is prevent calling ef breams.
"Mothrr'a Ft, ud ' la prepared lit th
la horn lory of llm irli.l.t KeguUUC t
lrt LJUl tloU'l "V. iik, . .
uk lurtiu un tlie in.in.igi Hu nt of Ihe
mhool would like It, ntil! I laii'.e
enough to supply hay anil much of Hie
tin. k uaed in the a. hool The nlfnin
lit idn are apltitdnl alniida arid are be
ing in! for Ihe Hint Utile thin ween.
They ure Komi for a leld of a ton
and a hall per acre lor three cut
tinge eii' h ai anon. Thee.- beliN are
being tn'tc.tMil ti.i tloollllli! ol ,id.ic
ent alkali laud. w.iKbllig nil! lb,, .ilk ill
ami building up th" land with nil.
The farm In nrm.i't-d from one of iin
Uin Ciiamle tin. Ilea There art- tturo
lUe ,n lea ill Ihe tarm, llliiHl ol who II
ia in allail.i.
A li.re reaelvoil' at the pllllpln
plant in uaed o th,. lawn and 1 1 ee ir
rigation ol the ground and ulao a
HWIIUIIIIIIg pool bv the I. on.
The ai hool haa lla own tbiii planl.
with eighteen invviv all JetM h, .-il'd
liuiiaed in a I hot oug li l mo. 'tin da i :.'
building, buill b the iiidtau luiya.
la eilUlpptd Willi cemell' 1 1 1 1 I I I
tinutli,., ih,. ci.vva leciliiig ibroiik'h a
lied ala ii'-hmii invented at the m boot
and vvhii h ia innu' idopied giuir ill','
t hi oughoi.t the 1 ml iii ii mi linol a'ivn'f.
The milk loot la all , eini nt
With I tin new building under i in
m i in t ion. ,md pioposid, lb,. Indi in
m boid'a pl.iiit will be iuiii.h I,. Jor
In, my )t',ira to i ome
An it aluiidh the r- hool im one of . -ie
IP"H iiitt'itNiing and one ol the it ef
fllliielil RchoolH ot Ha knpl III Ih'
world, an li littilion that will ntli ol
nioie and more attt 'ition to A :biniii -iUe.
and whit h In ciiiipmtiit. in.iii tg'.
Un til and rcHiilli in a credit to Super
un. in lent Ceiilit ii I'eirv and the m.'ii
and women who unKiMt him.
Tranafer of Iota by the Houthwealern
CreKhMerian sanliurlum to the hoard
wt rertudert ut fount v r'lerk A. K.
Wulker'a office hint week. The board
etn bda ami 10. block I a. of the
Terrace addition, for ii tminidcrnlii i
of lJI.
A tillbMalilliil I'lillitgt' la lo be erect
ed nt out c adjoining the I'rcahy t' rian
aaiiitarnim. That ( ullage will form
.in .iillunit to the I. liter innl It ulinu In
uicilli al iitti'iitiou. but w lil be owned
uhholiilflv bv"lhe board of lnlliiHteri.il
tell- f.
Th coat of the cottage, vv hit h will
be Knitwn uh Itle "M lllatern' .Melilori.il
I'olt.iije.' und will prolinl.lv be the
1 1 rut of a number ol I. miliums vv II!
be caiiu.-lvc t.f lot nnd fiimp.hlngM.
ut. out fn. nun. 'lio i, will be at find
loom lor mil v ten mlii ateia Kverv
.oom will have an opeu-nir nleeplng
I't.ri h and all i-f the n ppoiiit infill of
Hie ci.t:lKi' will be the bint that Hi I
nee ami nklll can ttev lae I'nlil the
eul.i rgemeiit of (he blllMllig l will
not be ihe policy of the board to ad
mit Nlli h raaen aa nr.. llopii' Ha. fei'i
ini: that Itn flint duty in the InleiiKln
of I'coiiouiy and humiiutt.v. In lo en
Icavor to ret.ti.re to normal lu-alili
thoHi. who me but eltghlly nlfe.li'.l
by Ihe tll.ieaHe.
The raining of the new fund, o(
Appropriation for Home for
Ministers and Purchase of
Land Mark Notable Addi
tion to Presbyterian Sani
tarium. Appropriation of ftuiiiiii by the
general annembly of the l'ro.i) teriuu
ihurch for a auiuiuiiuui here, which
wa reported in a telegraphic il.s
pati h lu the Herald from I'hicago
eaterdav, marked a totward step m
a project which haa juat been started
by Ihe I'lt al.) lei iuii board of lulnia
terial relief and auaten.it mn The
project a the ealabllabiiient of a San
itarium for the tnr of uiiuiatera of
Ihe t hurch and meiuhcra of miiilatrrn'
faiiilliea w hu are aullering from lu
bcrculoala The aanitariutii In r.i be
in effect an adjunct of thn preaent
lieabv terlun sanitarium In Una city.
The board haa felt no keenly the need
of (licit an Institution becuuae of the
ravage of the diat-uav among Indi
gent llilnlatera that it la acinling u
personal appeal lo all Ihe mimateia
In Ihe country, aaking llivni to toil-tribute.
That tile am . eaa of Ihe project la
aaaured la Indicated bv Ihe lads that
the ground for Ihe proponed sanitar
ium ha already bn purchased.
which IK. lint) hilH been ci.llecl tin
wik. I III i ltaige ,,( ;,v. William II
Kotilken. of New Vork. and It fn fr-e
hope of the m iilnlem that Ihe entire
fund may bo collected without anv
aHHh.tMtiee from Ihe Jay igembera of
the I'hurth. The new sanitarium will
be ereeteil by the board of til III Intel In I
relief rxt'liiniv e of the fltliluil which
It him pit'iliitil ItH. ir to collect for
fund in n il of old ami inc.ipncitateil
uii iiiIh ra of the niin.h i.
We ofrcr ontv Hundred i.,ia He
waul for any mw ol i .itiiib that
caiioiit l.e l ined by H ill a i iit.iuh
I 'tile.
K. .1 I'll KM; V I'll,. Toledo, II
We, the iimlei iigncd, ban- known
K .1 t-i, ....... ..... ii... i ir.
! ' ml believe bull pel Icily honor. lliie
1 1.. ..II I . . ...
ii mi niinini .m 1 1 a iihiii i miia ami nnan-
ially aide to .any out any obliga
lloua iiiaile by bin Him.
Toledo. I
Hull a ( 'nbii rh t ine iu taken In
lerintllv, hi ling dlleitly ppoii the
blood and iiiii' iiua Hiirfii. i'ii or tht. Hya
t.'iu. TealimonuilH p. .ut tree. 1'iice
ia ii'IUh per bottle. Hold by all diun
g nil a.
Take Hall a l uiully I'llln for coi.atl-putlim.
in' .. I
m r mm n w-i
- n r III
!,- -r is
A cool kitchen on ironing dy is iostllo
with a
The hft in centered where it will do the
most good.
No waste burnt kerobene a cheap, clean
Defter cooking at less cost. 71 ie New Perl ejeboa
broils, bakes, roasts, and toasts.
I, 2, 3 and 4 burner sizes.
All hardware and genera! stores,
lleeamad a, rlas,Jol
Dssava- fvsaHblo AllHMuriui Ovan
Butts Ctuissi taslt laak CU

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