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WnK?Sf fa
will be rather a quiet
4th of July; but it will
be safe and sane.
IHIIIntl 14Ur4 rorlh fl
lioiiMt trade In S ehow
oiisliic ln't quite rulni-el h
Ihl nation. J
Vol. I. No. .
iU 4. . Iitl.
chi m ii is
Great Englishman Who Rank
ed Next to Gladstone in
Modern Statecraft of His
Country Passes Away.
Was Bitterest and Most Force
ful Enemy of Gladstone and
Man Whose Policies Plung
ed Nation Into Boer War.
lly Id-aivd Vt:r r.cnln neraltl.l
London, Jul, a..Ioeplii'ha.nhci
u in tlictl In tr 't niKht. The cause
ol Mr. Chamberlain death ' '"
iiou-ued hn heart f.iliure.
Ait). ootid hi- had been gradually
MnkiiiK aince Tuesday, iiii:iilui t
the i.miilv hinl vii-Ii rn-il in.it his
iimlli ion should nm become publKl)
ll iiowu.
Tin- IliKht II. mutable Joseph j
I 'll .i III 1 ii I In i n was thr . in. u r III Ureal I
llrll.uii nl tariff reform, nul the I
Heal Tol.ocati- i.f imperialism. V
ilui I i -cinht j i'.i'm, w ii h a In icl inter-
tiKtiiini. ho r. picsc iiihi i.ii iiinKii.ini
In parliament. In ll'i'ti h a career
stormy iii-tii it wa ndccl h a
stroke of par.ely!. The blow tell
when he wna In the midst of tren
uou cumpaiKii f"i the establishment
t i prim e tie.,, tatifl with pn ferem e
or the Hrltish toleeiiic, nml Juae if
i. r hi. enniiiltueiiu hml celc-uraicd
the thltiii'th anniicraary of hm Hrt
Hnc-e that day Ihe strung lighter
hn been nil Invalid, it iiHthetlt' on
looker ill the political kuih.' pictured
eiwa with hi loyal wife, a dauah
ler of W. C. Kiidicoit of Muaeachu
ee tin, who wa president Clc eland's
secretary of nr, hciilc him. IPs
hief c otiio.l.itlo'i were the grow tun
ii l Ml prominence of lit son Aim
ten Chamberlain, anil Ihe loyalty
hm rotmiltui iil HirninKham would
not dispose her leader. iilihuiiKh he
va Ho lo-iaer nl'le to re present her
ii.i.n .'he floor of the holme of com
Ho. lia. In eiu h election he w.i rt
turneil to hla old cnt. u nil nieiireil
nfierwiinl In the honae hut mice,
where, luoiil respectful silence. In'
mu le hla way lo lhB speaker' de
i n the mni of hi "on nml lonk Ihe
ut h of office. January j. Mil. Mr
Chamberlain wrote lo hm ce.tistit
uent, resigning hla K it ami euyinit:
cannot hope again lo do my
work In parliament, anil I feel thaf
our ellv and Ihe constituency need
the service of a youtmer man."
While hia greatest rliilm lo fame
waa hla determined and hriilliint ad
votary for yearn of a protective p.l
h y for (treat llrllitln. the t llmlel ol
tree trade, he will alao he remem-
tered aa the tillier.m nml moat
forceful niionrnt of Oliidmone In
Ihiit at.iteamnn'a efforta for home
nile for Ireland: na one of the foitn
dera of Ihe 1. 1 r.i I -1 ' n I n l t tmrty:
nml na the mlninler whoae policy In
Votiih Africa Itnohed hla rountrjr In
the reatrl war It had experienced
alnce the t'rlmean ronfllct, bill blot
ted out the two Hoer republic, and
made XoiHh Alrira "nil red "
Front Ihe day he left I'nlveraity
rolleae, ,i ni1"it. to enter hla f.nher a
rew fuctory at IlirminKhnm. Juaepn
f 'hiimberliiln devoled hin hKt ener
rlea In "Ihe principle of ronatrueilve
reform"." It waa in ISHH, Jnt S:'
yeara iirtrr hla birth In London. Ih:t
he received hla h.ipllain of public
life, na town roimcillor of fllrmlng
hnm, litter aervltm aa mayor for auc
tenalxe term lie save hia whole
t me to the ruttae of municipal rrfortr
nnd what hud been prevloiinly one tit
the wont foverned t-ltica in KnRland
berume a model for niurilcip.i; re
former" In 1ST he entered parliament, be
ln a l.x led' without nppoallinn aa a
liberal from llirmlnahatn. In hi"
early yeara In the rommon he ant
nmonc the home rule linrral with
w hoae aaiilrnlion he wna auppoeed
to aymiinthle, hut u few yeara later
he emphatically diaabuaed hla tun
rliilan In Ihe houar of any notion Ihev
may have had of hia belief In arpnr
ate unvernment for Ireland.
Ii lea than four year he wai a
ciiblnel mlnlatrr, e.ilerlnn OlitiUtone'a
Hovernment In k aa preal lent !
Ihe board of trade, and In leaa lhil'1
a decndfi hla hold on popular op. 1
hn waa iliumt na ireal aa r.l.ul
alone'a. After the feieral election of iSst
bf, beranie prealdeiit of the local aov-
rnment board, but liy the aprlnc 'l
hla and flladalone'a relation on
the l.itler'a Irish policy had hecm te
an atrnlnrd that he broke wifh Ihe
real premier, realgned hia place In
the rabinet and left Ihe lleru pirly
never in return to It.
Purina the rnmpalfn of mil Mr.
Chamberlain worked with (treat ef
fect and aubaeiiuenlly In I ha com-
lllb NT
mona he " to the forcrront In all
the niowttlla on the Irlwh Roertimrnt
bill and t laahed freiiiently with Mr.
ilnilaione. The home ruler ronaid
tred him n reneaaile nml thia ran
kiln he iiBirnvated by hi" rii'ln
lactlia. Juirlna debate on the bill,
one nlulit In Julv. 1kU. Mr. (llud
"lone tartly eompiireil Inni wlih "the
ile II mlvoiate." The next nla'tt, in
debate. Mr. fhnmberlaln retort.-d o
i niiHilc ally that T I. n't'oiinor
veiled nt him '.I Milan' .IihIiihV fol
lowed preentlv by a free fiKlit on
Ihe floor between neveral member
a rare outbreak In prouably the moat
Maid lealilatlve body In the World
a mpanied by vlKormi hl"aintt hv
the irnllrrle.
The Hirminahiim man with the
mono I,, nnd Ionic aiiillinr none ibolh
the dellKhl of the l-:niilih i itrlcat nr
Intni; the keen hend and the forceful
lonaue; the fn,illlcnlv fashionable nt
tlr. lopiied off liivailal.lv with a
while ii hid In the Oonl l.ipel. wa
now a commiiPdina flaure it I West
minster. n the formation of the
coalition I consert a ti e nnd unionist I
ministry in H'tr, he took office iinlet
l.i rd Kallslutry n cotnninl aecrciarv.
In thi" position hi remarkable pow
ers were neverelv lealed hv South "
rlcn the thiiin of sir"nii..us events
I.eKlnnlna with Jameson hare-,
iTiiiiien rniit, anil enttinir, wnen t.or t
Kitchener h.id wrn down the tnl
iiorn Hoer reslnlnn. e. w ith the Tre.itx
Vereeninlnii lint he stood the test.
Mi enemies, ion, savimlv nniilb'd
him nn bi ieir Ihe nilr.iii tool of thr
Hand Bold mine owners nnd his
nurse low nr.! the A f i ikn nilers w.l n
lendint; laeiip In 1'ie rnmp.ilcn ot
IS'ol nml tluritiK lliil Vnt he was
the object nf Kreiii popular demon
stration hif.iie his vlalt In Suttihi Af
rica late In I'm? on 11 mlson of con
'illniiiio nnd obserxation an. I :ilso on
his return early in I'ih.i.
The Wiir and Dip elciiinns i,er tc
si-t himself the la-.t of f..nri-H tlir
lelatii.tis l.itwe.,, i lie n...i).ci coun
try and Ihe colonies The iiimiiu
lion for the Ausi iHun i nmm.inw "alth
w..s one of bis product ions.
Practical Education in Details
of Effective Service Aim of
the Young People's Union.
Jlly f.mrl Wire tn Frrntnf llernld.)
Kansas t'lty. July :i - "The VoiinK
People union M a shop in which
we tniln iipprentli e t 'hrist ians." said
I.. I. I.euvell of nxiord. Mix, today
in mi mldreaa before the twentv-tlrsl
rniiventlon of Ihe lliiptist VoiinK
I'eople'a I'nlon of America, meetltiB
jolnllv with the l!n.t!ht VolltlK l'e.i
ple'n I nlon of Ihe South.
"From this hoi we srndnnte
yonnar men and women after they
have served their apprenticeship a
lout ne men t'hristians. skilled in
their work, havlim the Iniilnlue and
the knowleilKe of rliiir. h affair that
make for a miccesnful church." Mr.
I.euvell paid. "Thev are capable of
betiiB of scrvlie and of ImparlinK
their know ledke lo other ''
The church ua a field for the study
of life was iorir.'iye, ,y Itev tieorxe
A. UriKKs of lluflulo.
(Hi l,rafjfa Wire tn F-enm l-eral.1.'
Washlnutoii, July 3. I 'etailed re
pot t of income tax collections is
sued today by He, retar McAdoo
showed that the second New Yotk
cliMltict paid ;.."i.ti7u.tij, while the
total paid in the I'nlieil State be
fore July l wo I:', 311.1,3:16 . Tin
New York district paid l.'i.k s.u." 4 1
Incorporation taxe while Ihe entire
amount collected from that source
was ll3.n;lMI.
ftfMSffffSfflSlflfffflSffStfSiffSlflffffffeffSftfSie ffffffff ff -SfffffffS
Colonel Worries His Political Secretary with an Hour of
Stenographic Speeding and Spends Rest of Time Plotting
with Mayor Mitchell of
Democrat with Roosevelt
New York.
(Ilf Ifraard Wirt to Rveifliig Herald 1
ovater Hav. N. V.. July 3. otonet
Hooeevelt iialuy aave a fresh dem
onstration of how lie meant to tib-
aerve lite iloctor a ciecree lor a i '
week rest cure. lie alept a bare'
half hour longer than usual. Then
tor an hour he wa at work wuh
John Mi ilraih. hi point, al aerre
lary. latter horse were broiKhl out
nnd with hi duiiKhter, Mr. Iluhard
Derby, Jr., he kullfiped off for a long
The one rule which the colonel
Mild ha would enforce- for the next
an weeka waa that of aeclna; few
visitor, and none at all with whom
Constitutionalist Delegate in
Washington Gives Out Dis
couraging Opinion of Pros
pect for Peace Conference.
Calderon Tells Washington
Government Unlikely Gen
crals will Care to See Huerta
Except as Captive.
lltjr I .cased Wit tn Fetilnt llernltl.)
W.ishi.iKloii. July :l.-Tbe Ainerl-
rftll deleu.ite to tl.e NlaKlll nifdl.l
lioll ci.llf. ten. .lllili. e l.amar I'll'1
Ktederi k W l.rbin I'm -iciurneil !
II,,. i ipii il i ".lii .- mni i oiifi-ried w"h
riesnlcnt Wilson atid Secietnrx llty
iin. Wh.le tli,. 'i.iara l.-n ii.i' in
in re. i -s .iwiit'itm 1 ' irian.i's i.nn.i .!
of h.s Ki'to I'.iIh under the Plan ol
I illlol.i 1 .1 i , lis l.i senium delclMlc I"
treat Willi Hucria'a etiins.it it s, the
Amen, .in ihltii.itt will remun in
iflimul' ii. i.nd the title, .-touth
Anierlciin iiieill.itor will return here
lo ke,i in touch with the situation
;nv .i . 1 1 n ir ihe next move.
K'lesia Caldcroti, one of ihe consti
, in lon.ilist le.i.brs. expelled to repre
sent t'lirr.inzK If he sends ib levate.
declared today he did not belli e the
raiiviis of cotislit lit loimliHt chieis
Would iiulhorlne hciuIiiik delemiies tw
treat with ll-iettii ttnlesa they went
to d w'us term of aurremler.
John II Slllitnan. formerly vice
tetisul at Haltillo, left Washlnkion t"
day for Mexico a President Wilson "
i uvnv to attempt t., induce , ,.niitu
llcnitlist lender to mediate lln ir li'
fernce with Huerta and to hrlns
about harmony net ween C'nir.in:i
and Villa Mr Silliinni had a final
conference with Ihe president. He
Would not ilie.'iia his mission. While
l:irran.i Ik cativissiiiif hia Renerals
on tneetina the llllerl.l deleKllle. Mr
Hilllniiiti Is expected to till the ton
rtlttltlo'ialtsta of Ihe iiiiportiin.e at
lai hed in thai proposal by the Wash
ington aditiliilst r-it iin.
Mr. Slllitnan will be raised to the
full rank of consul later, it nits nti
nntimol, but not nt thi time I.e. ..u
u Ii in aci miifht be construed as
recoitniiliii of 1 1 ii- r t ii .
t'reawlent Wilsoll Rreeted Ihr
American deleautea warmly. "I'm
proud i f the w.y oit re presented the
I I tilled Stales," said he. The confer
ence was brief and an enuaitement
wn made for a lonucr one later.
Ir. noii at lluffalo.
lluff.ilo, N. Y.. Jul 3 Pr 1!o-
tnulfi S N'.mii. minister frmn Argen
tina mid one of Ihe ttioili.itorK In the
Mexican Hi'iiuiinn, i at a hoi,- here
today. lie Pliintied 11 sikhiseelnK
trip around the city and expected to
leave f. r WashiiiKton on an evening
I'liuil for I IIi-kkI
fhlcago July 3 -
(Maine Salea.
The necond trial
of Truax tileene
Truax tileene and fotnpativ tor
the lib-Bill sale of cocaine resulted III
fon'lction ami Infliction of a fine ol
tii'iii in the mui.ii i..il court to. lav
The Jury iliai;ree. lit the iirsl trial
New York to Run Independent
Tendencies for Governor o
1 !,e had
not made apolnlmenla pre
t oliuiel Hooaevell' conference last
night with Ma ol Mllchel waa th
cause of inu.lt conjecture loduv
One theory of Nasaiiu rotinty pollti
liana wits lhal t'olonel Itooseveli nnd
Mayor Mitchcl dim UKsed the oilit
ity of the nomination for governor
if an independent Itemocral wh
would receive Ihe aupport of lh
l"i..aresUe" In rase the regular
I N'mocratic
nominee should b un
In tin ronnecilon was mentioned
aa poealhle nominee. Ihe colonel
kinsman. I'raiiklin i. Iltiosevcll. us
atatanl eetretury of the navy.
Sale Postponed Until Seplem-1
ber Tenth When Road is Of
f erred at Forced Sale at
Santa Fe Court House.
Lack of Bidders Unexplained
but Believe Helpful For
the New Railroad to Albu
querque. ("relal IHsyalrk in rrrralaa Qeraldl
Santa Ke, .V. M . July 3
Thi-lf were th, i.nlflcrs when the
New Mexico t eiiti.il railroad
was offered for sale lit public
auction to the limhcsi ladder ut
1I0, Ii. .tit floor ttt tile III. ill COlirl
house Ih'.s a f It-i tioou at :! o'clock. !
.Mil r wnilinti f. r a reaeon-
able lime for .1 IcspoliHe ,i the
1. ill ..r l.nls, the sole Was for-
niiillv potpoiHil until Sepii'tn-
bet Huh ai - fi t lo, k in tile llf -
ill 11. No explanation was of-
feted by un cue iua I::
speak for the alisen.e of bid-
dels, ns It had b.-eii iXic.-ted
Ihe liitndho,eit. and others
would he preeeni to make Luis-
line statement had it that the
At. bison. Topek.t nnd Santa l-'e
would hid oil t'ie Ifiad. No one
n pi ,hcni not the At-hison old-
1 lallv wiis pr'sent.
The pifHtpinia utent of Ihe sale k
i coiueded lo be very fiiMtTiible
tti iiirrMim out the plans of
Colonel W. S. Hopewell, who
liar prac I iciilly c ompleieil nr-
I'aliKi llienls w th Kreti, h llnaii-
ciers for Moatiiia a loan of 1 1 '
nun. mni with which to buy the
I'ential nnd build extension to 4)
Allill'lUer.llle. Iloswrll mni Hun x
Juan cotintv. x
Seriously Resents Being Sus
pected of Horse Theft and
Indulges in Wholesale Mur
der. flly l,ri-l Wire H Fwiilna; Hi aid. 1
I trail' In 1II1
Tot.. July I.
Sheil .M.iniiu.k
elKhl ilher 11.
with 11 s.hoii
. 11 n''i;ro. ku:ed
irroe here today
haiifllc'd nxe
cause- he sil.-pecte f tllcy 11. 111
1 harued hliu 1II1 b. l-i Hull
Twice thin week, W h' It lllle-st-
rd at email town near lure on w
the 1 hiirui'. M lilimu luoke jail.
lie airivi-tl In if todiiy nml lifter
the ktilniK w.ia urrei-it d. but
! escaped lioin a train on the w i
to Jail. Tosses are roan hum for 4
riincc- w iiiiuiit
'ie-min. July '
t llllls IMII MO.
' I'riti. cos illiuin
I the new ruler of
' t I Mira.o with hi-1
lltfllce of the 1 ril -t
te. she has none
f Wie.l. Wife
Alliani.i. foduv I,
1 hiblr- 11. In con
ical situation 1!
lo Hut hal ' st.
Il I Kcnct.il
believed that tto
departure of tli
print css foic'sbaii-
i.w the al. die. ii
ii 11 1 tl .
Hl i-t I'llloe Wil
Ollcf Of Pe
liounced this
iinil-riri hi.iks
huiUfrcille Wi',
foe C'll tet llol l,
tenfton lo the
law which pi
off of fire-c 1
or rxiilimne
lice M.M.ilin
IIMII.il.il III. It
ordinate e of
bo riK'dK
iliu Al-f'l-
,w and culled at
proviHitiiiH of Ihe
- Ill Hit the set 1 not
ken. firework.
' ny kind with
in the city Imni. Any patriotic
youth who lei that he 1 mimd
restrain hia d. aire for liill.i-tl-
Inahle nob
II du well 111 Ko
culslile of th,
break loose.
The fall of '
ly heavy It
year and this
drpiirtmeiit u.l.l
t'lty limit to
.lion l unusual
lbllilllereiue tin
Klvea Ihe police
ed rt-tiaon fttr rX'
men! of
k.if and
in I HI enf.ir. e-
law reeuu.i lnif a
Kutirth of July.
Interchange of Products in
this Nation Reaches Enor
mous Total of $10,000,000.
000 for Year 1913.
We Own One-Third of Rail
road Mileage of World and
do One-Third of World s To-
tal Postage Business.
fly Imsed Wire to l.tenliif llernl.i l
I nl v i ' 1101. nil a
world leader i"
prodiii ts amour
I'nlled Slat, a to
1 hurt of lis imni'
Sii.-h is the 1 o
o the tit-nan no
ter a HtU'iv of Hi
inter, ham;
i.w 11 people.
t lie
i-iiMi trade Is
lialc possibilities.
, la-inn ol ofl 11 I il
1 of , t.u.'lier. e al
stal isi nil ii'.m r.u t ,
i.f tne l inieil SI.Hi's lot- I'-'rl made
pnlili.' today. Aiiiern .111 home tnolej
at present
estimated ft 1 ut ".-
niiii.tiini.tiiiii. which ta e.iial to the tn
tcinntlona; ex. hanm- of the world
mid nptnox. mutely ten lime the
nluo of Us nil forelun trade, now
allied at II. .null. mni.
The iibslra.-l st.os Ilia! the pres
ent American expert tnnle of f'-'.-r.na.iiii'i.iMiii
icprescnis abi.ui $ Ti pe.
t a pit ii. A per c(i pita basis riUal to
that of ArBcntlr.11. It ay. would
raise American export power to ".
Mid. lulu. noil ami one riiiiil to that ol
Helulnm w ould bt Inu it export to
f . nnO, mill. linn year, while It
grcttale ffirelitn IMde, when Ujioti a
per ciipilii basla na larae a fa iaila s
would be c-f.iisi.lf rably mcr IM.ioui.
nnii.nnn Tb" I 'ii it eel Si. iii- comnier. i i pow
er and its sti.nm inteiiiiiilon.il power
I., f ir'lu i- i.mphasiio'il In the iilisine t.
Il shf.MS that ihe lulled Sl.l'e wlih
I miles of railway possesses
1 nc-third of the win Id a total. H
I, a. la In the inlleaKe of its lelenr.cph
lines, performs more than one-third
of Ihe world s mad s'-rvle,, on I' own
loail't. while II public cb-bt of II.
foul, nun, 1001 is c th.i'l that f Itiilv.
Allslrla. 1 1 11 11 1:., 1 v. Sin. ill. Id tllan.'.
Aii-otiilii. .1 1 -. 1 1 , i;it n I'.ili ni iiinl
Is Inu thnn oneslvilt licit of Krnii. e
nnd 1 nc.ionrih that of l!u"iu.
W bile
IllOIC ei
lliel, bl
,. In ell It mpor 'f.
iiitsi. ,, A inerl- ;i n
tenib -n v 11 ev !
I'liuil 1 1101 to I'm I
trade arew from
I!" Ill the I
10 ct Ihe
11 Ill'U.lltl.
10 fori U'n
has In
A met i
:,an.iiliiMii,ii t.
re. in' of I . fl v
f j .,,,1.1.11,111111, . .ri
per cent, while front
In. reaseil front
.'. 4 .' "..Mllll.lillll, n u nit
I '.in.'
1 I :t It
11. mni mni to 1
,f nin.lv pet efiit Hi the peti,,U
r.ce 1-eTu farm product rose m
Milue fn m I .c o billi
is to ten billion
Mitpill flolil b"is
.-,tlil,illi,IUlU lollU
Ij.r.mi to nn'i
ii from 2. nun. nun
petrole-ll n from
i -car. Th.. coal
than :?a. ii. in. nan t,,
oil. I ol..et ffflill
nn. linn tone;, pis i
It 1 emu. mill tons,
1'L I .una. loot to 11. J .ii. nun mni K.ii..-is,
end m a n if id nre from 1 1 mm. mm
OCtel o ,,t,'- -J III) . .111,11. (Hill,
Pie Is'.illt L'll.
. 1 , H'l II lilt V
- Hri-iif i
Illinois Farmer and His Wife Tell Dramatic Story of En
counter with Burglar Who Invaded Their Home. Hus
band Finally Lands Chance Blow Which Floors Intrud
er and Sixty-Five Year 011 Woman Chokei Out His Life
lit lraaecl tri in ff-ntnB Herald.
- ,,, i.. i.. -l .v a,.,,,,,,,.
I in Hi n.r, en. . "
story ,,f a fmhl to Ihe death In the
dark wuh n masked robber who in
euih'el their home ant l.v today w as
told by Mr. and Mr. Joseph tirim
Wocd, an axed couple, who live on a
fill 111 two liillex c-iiat of here. Tb
rolibcr died ii she Was Ihroli l.iiei
bini. Ml, liriiuwood said, lifter he
ll. id been thrown In the floor by her
husband, she U a In me uml power
ful Womaii, allhoiiKh (.' year old
llcfore Mr, lirimweeeecl o Into the
filiht her husband and the lol.l.et -the
farmer urmed with a club uml
Ml'ittri it
ill a 'pi
x ..I II.
I . I ,i I.I.
to. Ion: William A.
1 0 let
i v
.. Hi
i rise i iiin -
i I'.il m euiiil.v
ii' .vKiiik lb.it
-li.lllt of I
-'I'll' . I 1 .1 W I'll -
ii 1 1.. . mil
1 . 1 . 1 1 1 - 111.' IIIO!
J. oh" Mil Ii. ill
till .1 iH ., the
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. ti
I. i-ii. i . ,
ill .i w mni
ol ,11 .
lle.llt I 1 1
l:t ow i fi I
Ki. I. -,,
-I . in- h. .ii
I. Ii . i.i
.1 1 1 1 v i a
OH $175,000 BY BIG
flly l-asv wre to Frenlnc llrralil.l
'iiopi r,
.Iillv William II
I . I 1 1 . 1 i . In ol of III,. New
I el.t f., ll all colnpaTIN .
ilb 1 1 1 1 -.: Ilie mail; to de-
Ollll' I'.'HI lllCMlom I. lit Ol
I'ln.il uuiltv toilav hv
(III- liilel.il If, nil.
'hum W el e el II. e s u n.l I I .
n n Hi,, i nil, .1 Slates nt mv
. hal .'
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I -..inn
a l.irv
Of ,,s ,
ill-ICll II. .11
.Mill mam
I. lie.
-I l-s. Se:ilclii c w as de-
t oo
1 llpll V
A i:
I 'oopel
1 1 1 i.iiii..iiti
Willi III ' I., o
unit oilier t
' I. mile J
I. Ii". n jitnl
i nl
nlo bank-
r no ai'seta nnd
f!'.tcln vii'in iir
all Shi k, J.IIIK'S
llnesl Sharp.
Wire Indicted
U and l:.ib i son
took the StilUtl
ill linn iiii Sis-.
e.oleil KlliltV ami
MliillllKl the
aw uli It in I .
f former ' hief
.eased Wire In l-lrenine lli-rnbl 1
1 -
New I ink, .lull a Thiee petsoii.
'two women 1 ml n mull, ate dead a a
I result of 1111 early moriiliiK fire In an
Il-'ast 1 'tie 1 1 ami 1 e.l nnd Twelfth
"licet tenement house.
I Mih. II. in 1, all Nn kftls. 4'i. nml her
j i eir-ol.l iliiniihicr. were bin net) to
ulh and .la.'oli l''llikesetii tiled ill
1 Si h islicrm r. a policeman
hin, l.-.l nave. I n family of aix
Oil lb Mill
l swiimlnu them ncross
hiism hciwccn buildlua.
Sends Special Message Today
J Recommending Immediate
Appropriation of $200,000
for Relief of Salem.
lly ! see I Wire in IHeiilng Herald.
WaHhitiKton, July II. - Preshlenl
V'ilSol Sent il special Inessimc lo con-
ttics toila, ntif-itm liiiiiiciliicle' icp-
pl-opl lallfill of I.'UII. I for the- re lie f
of tho-e iti.itlt, boMii-lt and destitute
III the Saletll tire. He elielosetl a
H'hifrim II in lioMrnor Walsh siiy
Ins' thai line'- ih.iusiiiul lull, .In
were 111 need
ill III nies-ICe'
In I.I that tin' o. t tt
Kul I'lt.lliitil al the
l-'ra licisci lllsiister
pr. f f tP ni.
"Ill View of the
Plesiib'llt Wilson
ii iif the national
time ol the Sail
had liitniMhed a
i-real numlier of
end ib-siilnie in Salein, I
nil eiiinisi'v
aipropttal ion I
llls'e the
il l.v the
ol I. 'I'll. -
l!..l'l -It'ef.
lliret I loll
e onelUiP ,1
i ,
tilled ll'oler I 111
c, t
tnry ol war."
Ilv l- fiH4Mf Wtisr n rrnnr llfraliV)
W f t i im: t 'ii. ,! ' i i .'! 1 ri v M ix t H"M
t ".trt .iil .it! t in c it t utiiM ,i(Ttt-Iti-
tli,. ii i. ...,.... ii i iti I., rcri t hi
ll, u l m.ii k ntt Ni, ,ii il. i l.y l h
fi ii.ii. 1 1 n i -la 1 1 n 'mimtt'
w.im i iiIh i in ,i (V.)ii:in U'!' I't
-I l i.i t (he xt-Hitl'-
1 I h(. robber with an
I e ptc k -cln led
the dark. lunK-
Ireetiinl and i..,ind
IliK lill.l
hli.kiiia Their heavy
was all that icunled their
Al b ruth
awiiiK crash,
ami he fell.
one of ci-inwoois
d on the rolctcr heael
Ml eiiimwood. who
hail be
of feel,
bun by
n awuUe-neit by the ruslilna
lenio-il on the I ohl.cr. seo-.lllK
the Ihiont Kb., c hoi e.l him
While her hllH'falld Vol
litcht and went alte-r u
the man. The robber
up. Mi'tu-k a
lope to I, mil
died a her
husband canic b.n k.
Paper found In the
pocket bore the li.ilne of
I hit i.
Tb .!
Il.ii i-.li.
MIC in I .. I
Commissioner of Public Ser
vice Names the Five and
Points Out Uses Made of In
terlocking Directorates.
Vast Combine has Whole
Group of Lake States in its
Grasp According to Sensa
tional Report to Council
(fly lieaaed Wttm to Kfflo HertUd.1
I'lilciiKo. July -. Hy meant of In
terloekliiK directorate, control ot
public.- utilltlea in fblcagu and the
surrounding atatea hag heroine en
tialUed 111 the hand of half u doneii
men, accordion to a reirt mud
public- today by Mot.tadue Kerry,
ChlcoKu c.-ommiaujntT of public aer
V Ice.
J ii hi report Mr. Kerry Indicated
that Iho close relationship shown
mining; public- aervka corporntlona
may constitute a grave menace te) the
public.- and urnecl a further Inveatiga
ttoti by the atate public irvice coin
mission to iletermlne whethc-r the
i lly suffer by reasons of the ventral-
led I'oTllrol.
Named in pu; llculur In the report
are Samuel '.naull, John J. Mitchell,
Jtimn A. Patten, Henry lllalr and
Ira, M. Cuba, who, aald Mr. Kerry. i
ercle control over the Commonwealth
Killeon rnmpanjr, the Venple'a tlaa.
T.'.ahl Coke company, the Chli-Bio
r.levaied rallwaya, thH C'hteaao ant
fn. e line and nunu rou utility ccim-).'i-ue-
In aurroundihc town.
A chart which accompanied the
re port wa said by Mr. Perry to show
Dial three men, Snmui'1 Inaiill, John
Mm he ll and Jamea A. Pnttcfi. con
st II ule a majority of the executive
committee of five which dlrecla the
business of the Ctiinmonweiilth Kdl
Kuti lot. i. any; that the some three
constitute a miijcirity of the board ot
direct.,, of thct cli company; that
Mr. Insull nnd Mr. Illair, who 1 a
dire cior It the t'ommotiwealth, are
a majority of the executive commit
tee of three which controls the ele
vated; that .Mr. lll.iir. a chairman ol
Hi,- board, is the cotit rollitiK factor
In the I'hlc.iKo Hallways company,
v ho it operate riteist of the surface
Inns; that "Samuel Insull, with men
holelinif salaried cxeec'.iive iioNittoit
in the Ciemmoiiweiilih KJIsoti c otii
panv. eo-itfol the Public Service
, otntany of toeriherii lllinoi and Hio
Miililb-west t'tllltle Collipanj ."
! show mi: that II. Y. Sum pre
Idenl of the l hi, -an, i Ti lei boiie oiiiii-I-iiiiv.
I director In the surface' line
i oinpit-ilcs. Mr ferry Indicated a re-l.-if
ionthip between the telephone cor
poration and the nt!ier uliliiy com
Panics while other dire -lor of tne
telephone company were shown to
be director of the f ', nt, m.,ii w call Ii
in, I t be- c tn company, ' '
Comment ins the facta show l,
Mr Ketry an id:
"No fiietn are In Ihe possession of
ih,. department of public st-rviie
vclnch would Justify the stitiemelit
that the price lucid for c-nrn-ni liy
the several tr.insportictloi tnpiniea
' t't-'i-ie.ea c, hut the circtttnM.i ne c-a
i.nile-r which these ccitiir.it t werce
made, wuh uisiantinllv the salon
lin -1 a Inn t ts and Keller, suittiest
reed for iit'iuirv.
"The New Haven Ciilru-ol e,,m-f-anv.
H. H. Claflln rnmpniiy. Ihe St.
T.i.ui iiml San Fran, U.-o and enter
li.se nearer home are freah in Hue
II, 'I,, Is of tile public "
The report wa ordered hv the
council im will be considered i.y
colli 111 ' I I .'M (.1, iMlim ..il ..H.I
il V
ll !
111. hi.
f.lt I .eased Wlrtt to Freolng Ileeal.l 1
Itbeiin. rKame, July t -Corp. mil
Hiihrlel tlodefroy of the Kreti, ll
Kimv in lotion rorp. was k.ll. cl and
I'orpural Kmlle Mierat lltsllv in
jured today by u fall of .i feet in
In a monoplane of whl. h they h oi
lost ccmlrol.
Amsterdam. Netherland. July J. -I.
lent. i. I) Spamluw a Ibiti ti iiuli
tarv aviator, died toduy from the ef
fee t of Inluiiea recened In an aero
plane accident ut the Soeielcrboig
ueioclr- me yestc iduy.
fall for Hank statement.
WushttiKton. July a The comp
troller cf the currency today IraueU
u call for u ult,l,-iiiMi,i .il Him ......
s I .. ... o :,,,..,,J, t u . ....
, ,w u( ,U.,1BM Tuead.iy. Juue
1 SVth.

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