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Million busheh of
wheat added to pros
perity lince June 1.
Looks like the only liopo
of New York Bull Moose
ii also forlorn.
Vat, fl. No. .
TUB KVF.Ht4l imiAl.n
mi.. 1. .no. id...
-4. . ..-'
Total Yield of Wheat Beats
June First Estimrte With
an Aggregate of 030,000,.
000 Bushels.
Every Other Crop Comes in
with Almost Equally Enor
mous Gains Pointing to Un
precedented Prosperity.
tj lar-d Wtre lo Evening Herald.)
Washington. July '- Th firm Idee
of th slse thi ur of th greatest
li ni irop, t urn, wm given today
when th department of imrnulliirc
Issued its report showing the acre
age, loiidllion and estimate of tha
number of uushiia of corn which
tonditton n-porta Initiate Hill uv
produced. Mor definite liaurea ua
to Iho an of the ureal wheat crop,
the largest ever mn, also were
given, well na the '""I Id i of the
Mae of the potato, tobacco and rite
Iet.ill of the acfcago, condition on
July I, Indicated iti re yield and tottl
production, interpreted from condi
tion report., of the Vnrioua vtopa.
Winter Wheat Area plantd.
JH7.0UH mi Tea. compared with 3l.1'J.
(100 acrea laat year. Condition. Ii II
per tent of normal, coinixired wt'n
(2.7 pr cent on June t, al per rent
on July I, laat year, and t 1 pet
tnt, h 10-yaar tiveragti on July I.
IndKated ylld. IH.i liimhcla per
h re, comiiared with H i liuahfl ptel
yenr and IS huahrla. the average
for Ilia paat five year. Ketlmated
total product lo c&j.itou.onii liunhr.
co.npnrrd with H. Hull. lino liuahela,
the June forecuHt. ;.J3..'.H1.0l"i liueh
ela prodmrd laat yrnr. and 4II.0O0.
nn himhela. the average for the pnal
fiv yara.
Hpiing Wheat Arra planted, 17.-
nn.niin acre, compared with I7.4SS,-
(iiina rea laxt year Condition. ; 1
per tent of a normal commrd with
S b per cnt on Juiir I. 73 per cent
nn Julv 1 laat yar. and hi 4 per cent,
th 10 rar average on July I. In
dicated yield, IS 2 luiBhela ar ai r.
tompared with 13 d huxhrla laxl e.it
and 13 3 huehela. the averaga for the
pant tit )arM. Katimatfd total
prodiotlon. 1 7 '..niio.oiin oiiahelii, com-
lYreiatrt, V V.. July . Mra.
Ktlwlu Carman waa arrrMetl llila
ftfrraaan In ime1loii with III
niurtlcr of Mr. Uul-- llalley.
Mra 4 arntan waa lakcp Into
a n4tMly at 4mt liome. wlicre Mra.
Iiallcy. aiH-nt of Imt IiiixIniimI.
a, nialtrltHilt Ihi HI llM
tilglil of June . i latrge of
niurtla waa bxlgrd wualnM her.
Kreeiort. N. T , July . Th In
queat Into the death of Mra. I .oil lee
liailey. m) aterioualy murdered on
the night of Tuesday. June 30, in the
oilli e of lr. Kdwm Carman. prac
ticing phyalcian of Ihi village, wna
i-loaed ahortly before noon today. No
veiilnt waa unnonined but one waa
eapected later in the day.
Kllaw I Mar ilea, a new witneaa.
teatified luat Ih lore the healing
t loaed that he had aeen a woman he
waa unable l Identify', running away
from th doelor'a nfltn ahortly alter
the ahot which killed Mra. llalley waa
ehe wor dark akin and whit
ahlrtwaiat. Witntaea leatllying at
prev lotia aeaaiorta of Ih lmiueat awore
that Mra. Carman waa thu garbed
on the night of the murder. Whe has
maintained, however, '.hat ah a
dreaeed In a klmona and In her bed
room. In Una contention Mra. Car
man waa borne ttut on the aland to
day by her young daughter tllaa
beth. Th dial r let attorney Informed the
col oner after Ih Imtueat that he be
lieved a woman ahouid be Imme
diately arrealed and held for lh
murder. Th coroner anawered that
he would review the teatlmony taken
at today' Imiueat and might order
n arrral before night.
flaaton Huiaaenaull, manager of
th detective diviaion of a company
whuji nianuCttvtuiwg Ulcpbvng da-
awwwweixow xe iwvxiwv.vvxwkkx'
pared with 2 J.onn.onn bushel, the
J urn. forecast; UM I S.nnn bushels
last yHr and 145,non,nno bushels, the
average fur Ih mn( flv year.
All WheatArea planted. 51.177.
noil acrea, compared with tn.lMOitO
m tn Inst year, t'nndlt inn. J 4 I"' I
rent of a normal, compared allh
S.7 per cent on Juno I, 7X.I pel
(ill f ,i July t laxt year nml 11.1 per
cent, the n-ear average on July I.
Indicated yield. n.4 bushels per
arrr. compared with I.'.. 2 bushels lal
year and 14 7 bushels. In average
for th l'iil flv year. Ksllmnled
total production, d.in.non.nofl liusbeir.
compared with 9fin.flrtn.0on, the June
forecast; 7 J.Sxn.onn bushel IhkI
year, and gxH.noo.OOO bushel, the
average fur Ih past flv year
Th amount nf wheal remaining on
fx mix July I In es'imatrd Hi about
sl.I.lg.onn bushels, compared with
I'..&l5.nnn bushels on July I. 1913;
and J3.II7.J.OOO bushel on July t.
1 S I 2.
Corn Area plimlrd, in.i.n7.onn
arrr. compared with lO.i.XL'O.onn
acre-j last yrnr. Pond h Ion. ti.'. ft par
. . t .. ... . . .. . 1 1 1
xg. per tent on July 1 dial year ami
vr; rzj:ru:,:r:-;
bushels prr arr. compared wlth
M l hunhfla l.i ill year and 23.9 buah-I
ela. the vorg for ih past (Iv
years, Kslliiiatod total production.
8.g,n,lon hoahela.
?.4M.f00 huahela
2.420.000.(100 bushels,
laal year, and
the average fot
the past flv eara.
Oat Area pliinlel. 14.x3,On.
acrea, compared with Ix.JHs.immi
acres last year. Condition Dili per
l ent of a normal rumimrnl with $5
per rent on June I, 74.2 per cent on
July I. 113. and J J pep cent, In
n-rar average on July 1. Indi
cated li'ld. 21.2 bushels per acre,
compared with It 2 huxhel l.ixt year
and 30 ( hunhela. th averaae lor the
pHHl fUe yearn. Ktimnld totn pro
ducilon l.2')t.(MiO.Qnn huxlielii. torn
pared with t.'JItl.iMin.nnii iniHhela. the
! June forrcaat: 1. 1 2innio,Ono huxhlt
I I net year, and 1, 1 3 i.oon.ono
i,,1Ki,,,l i
th average for the Pt fh year.
Unrley-Area planted. 7.:,:,.o(1.. ,
BirM. romnarvrt vtilh 7 4.0(M acr 1
laat year. Condition. pr cent I
nf a normal, comnared with .5 Pel i
rent on Juno I. 1I4. 7 0 per rent
on Julv 1 laat vear and HI 4 per tent, I
,h- in. v.!.. ..r.. ,,n Julv I In.
yield. 2 liuahela per acre.
compared with '.'3.11 hueheli laat year,
and 24 2 buahela. the average for the
paat five yearn. Katlmated
urniliictlon. i'l I nun. nun hunneia. coni-
t..r.i with -Kit nun (mo huahela. th
Lin. r.im'iiii' I7 (mil (ill huahela l.ial
year and I R2,0li0,(Miu buahela. the av- ,
erage for the paat fiv year.
lty Condition, 92 t per cent of
normal, com rail with I3.S lr cenl .
on Jun I. 114; per cent on :
July I laat year and .& per tent, the ,
10-year aver op July I. Indicat- j
rd yield. 17 1 huahela per acre t-oni-i
pared with l 2 huahela luat ear and (
IH I huahela. the average for t"e P, '
five yeara. j
White rotalot-a Area planted, 3.- ,
"nj.non acre, compared with 3. .
ouil acrea laat ear. t'ondilion. 3 j
per cent of a, normal compared with)
2 per cent'lutU year and K7 per'
cent, the in-year average on July I.
Inodicaled eld. I huanela per
acrea. compured with 0 4 huahela
laat year and 7 I huahela. the aver
age for the paat five )ar Ketl
mated total production. 3r.. ,'"
huahela. o:niar.d with 23-n.M0ll
buahela laat year. and ai7.non.000
(tout in tied "it Tag )
vice lo rc nrd com eraallona. wna the
flrat witneaa called.
It waa lloiaaonault'a company that
inalalled a telephone device III lr.
Carman office aome lime before th
murder at the order of Mra. Car.
limn The wltnena lold today or the
II rt call of Mra. Carman at hi of
flc. Hhe lliat ald ah waa a dre-a-maker,
then admitted her Identity,
adding ahe hail many domeatic trou
ble and wanted lo henr what went
on In her huabnnd'a oflhe. The wit
neaa auld arrangement for the rent
al of the instrument wee made on
May l.
Oiv the antne day Mra. Carman
mad plana to take hrr huahand
away for two daya while the Instru
ment wna helnif Inalalled.
Itolaaoiiault auld Mra Carman had
to'd htm about feeing a nure ki
I r. Carman ,-he aald he waa
mad ' he went on. "when he aaw
that kina. that h almoat broke the
window by knuiking on It."
Mia. Carman lold him further, h
aald. that ahe knew her huahand met
many women both In hi home and
ouiaide, and ah aked the witneaa
whether he could luinlah detecllvea
In follow him. Hhe had aald em
phatUallv. however, ahe would not
get a divorce on account of her
The wttne aid on of hla Inatru
menla waa inalalled and that later
Mia. Carman told him ah had been ,
keeping In a diary a record of every- i
thing ah had heard over the Inatru
menl. fh aaid ah had aome dlffl
luliy In healing all that went on III
lha d " lor office betaue lb doc
tor and hia women patient aom
timea wihaprred. ha bought two
additional butterlr on thla ot-caaion.
hlinabeth Carman. 12-year-old
daughter of !r. and Mia. Carman,
testified that directly after the hot
waa fired ah ran upetaire and aaw
her mother, her aunt and her grand
mother Iher. Her mother, ah aaid.
wm la kiaiuba.
"L is
U.IL, Eh
fa II
Leaden with Tears in Their
Eyes Urge Colonel to Make
the Race for the Governor
believed slipping
Prozressives in) Other States
j Arguing that His Candidacy
in Empire State Will Wreck
Party Elsewhere.
(fly lned Wlr lo Ktf olruj flerajd.
.New York. July . For two honra
today the 1'ronreaiilve Iradera of New
York dtatu uxed every argument at
their command to Induct Colonel
ItooKcvrlt lo aarte thiit hu would
accept the nomination for governor.
Afti-r It waa all over. Colonel Itnoae
veil aald he htid nothing to any at
thla timp and would not change hie
prevloua tuti-iiii-nta ilw liniim to run.
It wna umieratood thiit the iUrM
tlon wua atill an open olio, with th
colonel rontlniilng to etuml out
"""' " i-"i"' "t '
he atate llcaet.
Among thoa h
talked with
Clarence I'.
oloiie llooaevrli waa
I'odge. thaliman of the
"' commlltte
"' Induce
of Colorado, who la
th colonel to tieit
Colorado and make at
and make at leant one
pee h.
I't'legittioiii, of I'rogrenaivea came
to New York from vanoua parte of
tha atate to
urge Colonel Kooaevelt
noiiiinat Ion. They auld
had no other cundldHle
. lo take thu
Irnnkly they
not even considered another
"' r he head of the ticket.
t olonel Hoiuse.ell a oppoaitlon waa
reinforced by the attnudu of Pro
greaalvea In other a la tea. Evr ainte
hla return from Kurope he haa ncuo
receiving letter and telegrama from
i'rogrt'aalvea in nil parti, of the coun
try urging him not to accept the
nomination. In aome cam a it haa
been charged that the New York
leader are willing to run the elm m e
of Injuring the party In the nation
for the sake of making a good allow
ing In thla atate.
Judging riom the Bounds wliltn
emanated Iro n the coiiiull room tut:
deoate waa a lively one, with Colonel
Kooaevelt on one aide and everybody
elae on I he other, lieoige W. I'er
kin and Peihape thirty olheia at
I tended the i o ifcr ni e Colon,.
Koimwelt waa iol.l that ill In own
parly there war an ov er helming de
mand for hi:n lo lead the party, nnd
atraw vote taken In varioiia at-clion
of the atate were auhmlttcd lo him In
an effort to prove that he would gain
auppnrt from both part tea and he
"I haven't got anything to aa)
bout the gov ernorahip or anything
law concerning politM,' aaid tho
colonel, when he camo out of the
room. "If 1 have anything to a
later to alter my prev mu atuleinent
you will all know about It "
Homehody handed to the colond
a ni'wapaer diapati'h Uoling Henry
Bavaae latndor of KiiKla-nl aa renew
ing Ilia attack on Itooaevelt'a claim
to I he diacovcry of a river in Kuth
"Indor," Ih colonel ei lulmed.
"I a inrrfectly preoateroua abaurd
Ity. No cerioua acienliat dream of
accepting him a anything more than
a buffoon an explorer."
Colonel Itooaevelt agreed today lo
make hla apeech In lloaton, originally
act for July '.'I. on Auguat 17.
Mr la-awed Wlrw in TTventrvg tlenld 1
Waahingtnn. July Half a nitl
lion riollara lo pay exenaea of the
national government exhibit at the
Han Fran. iaco eapoBilion wai today
Voted Into the aiindry civil bill by the
aenat. It providea for a building
and allow not more than l.'.n.mio
for the uae of the aecretary of w.tl
ill entertaining loieign silt at.
Senator Vardanian made a fight on
th appropriation, objecting partic
ularly to the entertainment fund.
"Th world haa gone mad mi the
(Ideation of ociety." ha declared. "I
wlah w could go ua k to the digni
fied impli.ity of the daya when
Thoma Jefferson occupied til White
SW4ia(e Votes Kabnil llrilef.
Washiiigion. July x. An amend
ment offered by senator Mollis to
the aunilry civil bill, appropriating
200,000 for Hie relief of the Salem
ftra aufferera was adopted by the
annate today without a dissenting
Kalvsdor KHks on Treaty.
Washington, July A protest
against the proposed Mcaraguan
treaty wa contained In a message
from President Melendex of Salva
dor, mad public today by Senator
Smith of Michigan, who will lay It
helm the foreign relation commit-tea.
peace pacts
nn irr m
utLitr 111
Thought that Result of Tor
reon Conference is Only Sur
face Settlement of Carranza
Villa Fight.
Reconstruction of the Chihua
hua Civil Government to
Proceed at Once. Fate of
General Angeles in Doubt.
fly leatHl Wlr lo Keening Herald.
K laao. Tex. July . Hecoii
alrucliun of the conalilutionaliat gov
ernmental machinery In Chihuahua
will begin Immediately aa a reault ol
the a. tt lenient of the Cnrrimga-Vllln
illapute. Ciirraiia olilciata. oueteo
from ofllc in Junr- and other ni
hiiiihiiu title by the Villa faction
when the dlvtclon became pro
nounced, will lie reinstated, wa the
atiiti lneiit today by I arr;ipi ngeni
here. Thia menus the reetorlng ot
fednal tt-legratdi and railway llnea
III I'hihunhuH to the men appointed
by Ciirrimui. Moat of thean ar"
. . . - ,.r
among Ibe iwenn-i"iir i Hinnw
fli iiila held a virtual pnaonera 'n
( hihu.ihua City by the Villa aiilhorl
tleH alnce the breach
Aa a reault of Ititeriml peace ne
gotiation, at leat three Carraiiaa
pence ofndnla will realgn owing to
the demand mnde by Villa a dele-
ii.ii.. in the conference, lannro r-
beln inlniler of eonimunii atlon
the CarritiK.i cnhlnet: A It red nre-
teda. one of Carraiiiui apeclnl
agent In Washington. nd Uenernl
laldro Trevlno. chief of afT tu the
onaliiutloniiliat leader, will be re-
noted from their pot.. according
to well Infoi nn d leader ill r.l I'a-'O.
If la rcporled tiiat Itafael iibar-n
Capmiiny, apeclal repieMenliillve of
Carrniiwi In Waahlnition. alBo may
realgn, the Villa faction la bitter
naainat him) In return for thcxe
conceaaiotia on I'arraiixa part. Villa
haa acknowledged abaolulo auhordi-
iiation lo him. in"orliiig lo
......... ea I
from Torreoti. Whether or not lien
eral Kellp.. AiiK. lea. i hi' f of artillery
under Villa, will be expelled from
the conaliliitioiialiat runka, a or
dered by 'iirriinji, waa a matter of
conjecture among both factiona here.
While on the aiirfu.e everything
BeclllB peaceful,
conviction on In
Iho adjustment
Villil la ael.di'lK
there la a growing
th Bide here that
Is only temporary,
hi brigade noil li
ward fioin Torn
on, oateiialbly to re
cuperate, Instead of turning south
ward lowardx .Mexico City.
(Mill N . Will. .lll TO
Al l. Ol VII.I.A H III l MH
Torreon, M. xe o. July X.- The Car-ranxa-Villa
recoiieillellon i-oiilerence
completed Ha l.i-t ae anm luat niaht.
iilthoimh 11 had heen announced that
ill matters at discussion had been
ectilcd aatial.ii torily on Monday. It
was understood that yeaterday'a ses
sion was called for the purpose of
drawing up a at item. . it to be mnde
public. outlining what had been
done at the conference. It was pre
dicted by Itoipic floiualea liiirxn, a
Villa man who hna been acting a
one i.f the ae.ietaries of the con
ference, thai tin1 statement would
bring about a oiiiplcie tinderaiand
Ing between lieieiala Villa and Car
raliita. and that tie latter in ali proli-
In I he
Would in edn to every arlule
IToi I.
Curranxa commixalonera are
d lo leave late today for Hat
tHf l-asaal Wire in r.vetung lierali '
Chicago. Ji.ly g. In an in-
4 dcavor to lei. h the ttedaid of
hu son ut lt.i:on. N. M . A. I
Thoinson. a nilllintiaire n.inliui
A. ... . . I . . ..... ...... A
n.ao ot lot.i.i .. iiiiii., .v.. trv
4 at .!: this . lorniug on a spe- !
4 lis I train of Hire cars.
Mr. i hollii n was at Mnn. 4
treat when low that his soil
Adam waa in a precurlous con-
dition reached him. I'r Wither
Post of thia lily wa tele
graphed lo priK'eed to llaloii
and he ac oiiiplishe.l the Jour-
4 ney of 1,1:1 miles in . bonis
arriving at ii.ii.un this loiei n.
Mr. Thon.i-on a special waa
waiting when h reached here
and It will ait.-oipl to lower the
record set b tha phvsictsnt
4 special.
Proposal of Niagara Falls Me
diators for Peace Conference
Will be Definitely Declined.
Obregon Reports Big Victory
Before Guadalajara While
Alvarado Reports Progress
at Guymas
ft ! rard Wlro n rvenlng Herald.
lMitah. Te.. July . The ttm
MitutioiinllMa aro unlikely l
H-tfil lilt offer of the Magaiw
lixtlinlora for a iimlt-reiHf with
ri'iinx-uliillvfa of I Inert to hi
ramro a pr"lloil gtivcrotfU'iit
In Mrtpti. 'I Ida aiiiiouiKt'iiit'ol
t omiiut from iiimih-mIoimiI mr
t'ea reaclinl tlif Inirtler Ix're l'
tlay. It waa declared by arrival hero
that the gencrula of tho conatllu
tionallNt army, to whom the iiueatloii
waa auhmltted for itdvice by ilenernl
Currnnr.it. hail, with the cuccptlmi of
the generula of ttbregon'a dlvli-n.
who have not yet had time to re
port, atrongly oppoaetl euch confei
ence. ( arranxa'a iinawer declining lo I
cotiler ha not yet been acnl to toe!
mcilliltoia, lull no iloilhl wag ''
preaeed by Ihoau In cloac t uch Willi
the ailuittlon a to what that anawer
would be aciorilliig to travel' If
from Saltlllo.
The conatltull'iiiiillal poaltlon Wft
It waa aaid. that an nareemenl to ac
cept a proviaional govurnmeiit i.ilMUt
cauae the outbreak of other revolu-
In'tlonary iiiovrmentn. They , '.it to
toe n :iiuiii. ..a ...
agreement to allow Ihi lai llarra
become proviaional prealdetit and ile-
rlore that the agreement lr a pro-
viaionai governmeni wo,..., Ke.
have been entered wlih the follow-
ers of 1 1 in t lit it tore a tinseo
' revolutionary movemenla would
spring up tn its ma ii y different iuar
ters. The constitutionalist assert lha'
the reforms for which they are strlv
ItiK only can be placed In sncceaafiil
operation without P'as of life by
government under military rule such
aa lleiillo Jiuirex operated In Vert
"Crux in the 'ail's.
They emphaaixe this by culling at
tention to the fact that r.ny provi
sional president, lo take action of
any sort, must convene coiigieaa lis
ut present constituted, and depend
on that body to ratify his ads until
an el. i lion shall have been held To
obtain reforms or antiHlaiiory hcIIoii
through a body under Hie complete
dominion of llnerta. the cousin utlon
Hllsla say would be to expect tile im
p. isaible.
lie ill rat ( 'ill l .nix. i. It la said, lias
given aaaurun. es I hat If the TumpK o
gatiwsy is opened it ml ho can ob
tain through that pint arm and am
munition nnd supplies, he will take
.Mexico lily within a very shit time,
establishing peiue on a firm basis
under military rule until It la pos
sible to hold a fair election.
l(, M Hltli:s I on
ttlMI UIAI l; Willi M tU7.
New York. July X.-Ambassador
I ni in ma of Hraxil will an He tn New
York today to confer with K.luar lo
Su.iiex. ininiatei Iroin Chile, l., din- i
t'UHa new phases of the situation with 1
regard to medial ion proceedings be- j
tween the Mexicun futlcral urid coii
stltulioiiallHt envo. Mr. Suarex al-j
lived ycsicrilav. The cimlcren. e I j
the result ol it teleiiiam re.clvcd losf
in k Ii I by .Mr. Snares from the thud I
ll.etllator. iiollilll
gelillne imniHter
S. Nuon. the
Mr Snares
will the teleglam slat' .1 if na. altlioal
.ei.. I. it !.. i... i. . . ii t ...nn: lata wou.n
scud dele;.ties to meet the llui-iia
i-nvoya to thi mediation conference,
and that when no y arrived they
would have a .1. finite plan to sux
gcM and Ihi le woultt be no dclaya
rem hums an molt ralamling to In
utit'e pet. i' in Mexi. ...
Ollltl teO III 14 lit Is. IHO
Nt.g..lcN. illlll, M.'Xl'O, Jlll . "
hi a mcHum to I'urratiit dated yia
ler.l.iy at Ahualleo, Jalisco, lien, -nil
tiliicgon reporta an important cou
t it ul kiiiii I ist victoiy in front of
"Wt have deatrovetl a fedeial t-ol-umn
thni lefi liuadtlajara to meet
us. The tiKht lasted thiliy-six
houra At this time the enemy is
fleeing in diaoi.ter. leaving ten trains
of aitillety and ammunition. licii
eral Ineguex is in the rear of ituadsl
ajara and I believe, none of the en
emy Will escape."
Oeneral Alvaiado. the constitu
tionalist t omiiiMintcr In front of
lluavmaa, repoiletl today that the
entire firth battalion of the federal
garrlaoii al tlif.t port hud ilcytcd
and gone over to the eoif.tttultotial
lat force. Tlie battalion constated
of (no men. mostly Yaij n Indians,
who had been under command of
Msjor I 'a lil. j Mattia of the federal
Alvarado added he hud aasuralire
that two imr bsttaliung of thai
aarriaon wile preparing ''
I II I Tllol sM i .h
w men it i i.t ahm x.i n
I'.l I'aao. 'I' t.n liil, -Klve limn
fund f.'ilil.llt, wire d.feili'd H'lllil.i
III It tatllle outaole of iiuid.ilnj.ua,
calit il a. id lini l ofulia ol' Julia, o
at.tie, a. coiillfiK n .i iioK.ti received
today from iiiinia Alviro (llTeg'-n.
w ho i . i ... 1 1 . 1 he l.alll,. io tieneral
In hl repoit ihw w.Mirr'i diviaion
coinm.uiiler ixpl.nn.d ilmt th en
1'inv left iinail.il.il ir.i to milk.- it aor
lie aumn-l the i oiiai n ni noi ilim i r 1
in v I li K the Imlil alii th.i! aflei
thirly-alx lioma of 'mhtina wee
d'lven l. o-k The battle look pia. e
twenty-five tiulea iiortheiiHt of Hu.ul
alnl.ira The n port aimed lb.it the
federala aliamlo'ic d ten troop tr.unx
and InrKe iiiuntiiiea of nun, am
miinitioii Mini aiilna.
fly lieaaod Mire in IX-nlmt llerald.1
I'lttaburgh, Julv . IntciiH,. ex.
ilemetil foil.. wed the flr-l tin yliKllt
diaoriler of the airlke when William
Hiranit. it foreiiiiin In the electrl"
Worka. v aa atopped liv a crowd of
men n a li iipproai bed the ahop by
nn ohaenre path Mia akull wna frne.
lured by it liiick and lie waa other
wiao In lured.
Stale troopi ra wer hurried to Ilia
plac,. and three nireata were made.
Captain Adalna iminediately widened
hla llnea and mounted trooper
throughout he morning were patrol
ling every atreei leading t the dif
ferent planta.
Released on Surety Furnished
by J. M. Sandoval and Nej
tor Montoya. La Opinion
Editors Released Today.
F.lfegu lini n, owner of lat Opinion
Publics, was hound over to the grand
jury at l I.unu thla mornlna by
Justice of tho Peace Uallcgoa. on the
charge of criminal libel, for which
he waa merste.l by the Valencia,
county sherllf here last flight, the
charge growing out of articles by
I'li'-a in the Spanish newspaper re
flecting on the manner of death of
Iho late Solomon l.unn. liaca fur
nished bond in the sum of ll.nuo.
Nestor M'iiloa n ml J. M. Sandoval
of A ll.ii.uer.iie being the sureties.
The three editors of lat opinion,
arreated Monday night, were held In
the Valentin county Jail until II
o'clock this in. .ruing in default of
bond. Klfcgo Itiii'a offered to go on
the bonds of the three men but the
j Justice of the peuce refuae.l to ac-
Icepl him hh bondmiian. J M. San
doval and Ks'iuipiilu Illicit, the latl'T
i of I'eua fiiauca. finally mude the
bond for the trio, who are held In
I 1 1. 110(1 cm h.
lly lena d Wire In I-rriilug Herald
lieiivcr Julv H Harold K. Ilcn
Wt.od. under selllelli,' of .lentil fol the
klllina of iIiiiiki- K. I. piiniid. waa
denied .i ilin.l tti.it today lv t he
stale sllprelne coiif. l 'optia :l. w..a
fat.illv wuiioded (lie l.igl.i of M iv
i'l, llill. when lieu Mood hhot Svl
vcnt.t I.. V
ail.li.iin. It
The . olili
'Mill, .1 St I.O'IIH
.... 1 1 ooi.i of a lo. a I
dei ialon b
Id that ll'i
il 111 Jet
wood hid r
noi I ti twl.
I he si. tile of felloe
deft id. int. ii'iei
f' Ull
M.fitt :n
set ..r ih
a tliMiiiss.il of Hi.-
. bai King II. nw I w it I-
of Von Phul. tiiietiiiind
u.i i ha r it I ti g the unit. I.
land alio do.ttttcil. on a
tntoi maiioii
the ii 1 1 r 1 1 I
to bale the
r Ol' Cope-
I' fol
f ailed,
d ll
o .
li.er J.o
and ih..
low ed.
third It
;..ii.l Th
sc. mid ti m i I
In his iipp
al. Ilciiw I
..It. rnpl
r ii. nw
I. aiion
a iidntne.c
liHN'.l U.
fot III..I
the iitsj!.
Jeop.uily pica,
death si oleic e l:iipM d by
lower cmiit
dered lo be
l. aft'l'ilie.l nnd II ia
airiMil out I hi week
gliiinrig 1 1. lot.er -
1 ! I 4 .
IIIMory of tie" tsar,
II . ndd I'' Henw midV a.di at.on t" I
the huprefne totirt of Colorado for a
third tri.il t. Iloe.e.l hit coitvl.tioii on
June 11. IHI, of niuii. i l:i the I list
degre,- for the killiig of lieoig,. y.
Copelalld. lit. WIS sentenced lo
death tin June : '. Isll, HeiiAood
tiad heen . olH I. ted of set olid degree
murder ..ml I n.-r hu.l been semen, e.l
lo the petiiienUiirv 'or life. The su
preme couit levels. I Ihia Verdict and
ordered a new trial.
Harold K Henttood shot Svealei
I.. Vou Phul, a St. limits aeronaut
and win,, salesman. In the luiininii
of a laahloiisnie Ih iimt hotel on the
nlgiil of .Mv 24. lull. Stray oul
lula struts tleoig K Copelalld ol
Cripple Creek, Colu., and Jamea W.
' 1 Hit v niaa
deael I.
Attack rn Warburg and Jones
in Sen it' iianking Commit
tee CaL 1. rth Formal Sta
tement, tro; i White House.
Voices Assurances that Major
ity Party in Congrets is Free
from 'Demagogues and
Grand Standers.
fir l-eward Wlro lo Kwti Herald 1
Washington. July H. Declaring It
would be unfair to regard the Iemn
cratic party aa th enemy of big or
little business. President Wilson to
day gave out a statement In support
of Paul Warburg of N Vork and
Thomas O. Jones of Chicago. hla
nominee for the federal reserve
President Wllson'a statement fol
lows: "It would be particularly unfair to
th liemocratit: party nnd to lh
senate Itself I., regard It as the en
emy of business, big or little. I am
sure that It does not regard a man
aa an object of suspicion merely be
cause he hna been connected wlt?
great business enterprises. It knows
that tho hiiaines., of the rouniry haa
been chiefly promoted In recent year
orgnnlxatlon of a great reform which
acale and that th vnat majority of
tha men connected with whal w
have come to call big business are
lior.est, incorruptible and patriotic.
The rnnntry may b rertain iha.1 It la
clear lo members of Ih senate as It
la clear to all thoughtful men. that
those who hav'o tried to make big
business what It ought to be. are the
men to be encouraged and honored,
whenever they respond without re
serve to tho call of public service.
"I predict with the greatest con
fidence that nothing done by the
lieinocratic majority of the senate of
the fritted Stales will la of a sort
to throw suspicion on sin h men. Mr.
Jones and Mr Warburg, in iimnitcsi
Ing their willingness to make per
sonal sacrifices and put their great
experience nnd a til I It x at the serv
ice of the government. without
thought of personal advantage in tha
by enterprises organised on a great
promises to l.i- so serviceable to th
iiiilioii. ale setting an example of pa-
(( iMltlllinil tan Pago) Tlinf )
Atkinson of Cnl'Tailo Springs. Von
Phul and fnpel.aml died. Kenwood
opened II''" with a revolver aflei he
hid been knt.'keil down by Vmi Phul.
The IV. II. i.l ijttHITclcd .over Ittlels
win ten Phul by Mr Isi. .ell.
r.iti.nii - .nger. then the !rt. ol
,l..hn w. - . er. I'envcr st.uk nun
and l. aim .
The 4ittgf.lv created a trcmctidoii
m ns.it ton in 1'envir. Kenwood and
mi Phul in. Ill Aere well known
itiett at.out low u. atid the prio set
wire prominent in (.n.tii.i.il arid ex
' luaiv soi tety i Iri.ics. I.e., th-ie
two WI-I'KS after the about;!!,:, i-ipiini(
er was granted a divorce.
With pubic Inieiest still hiiih on
ai.-oiuit of past itud exp.-cle.l re.'--liitii.iia.
lleiiwood was plac d on tilii.
in.r deleiiilaiit's pr.,tc"i. the
irteat. the rii.tt1 t
atioinev i (i .I to Irv him. not for
the killing of Von lit ot l '"r th 'I
f t'opelaiid Mr SirliiK'" herself
took tlie stand for the iteleiiae. lie.,
wood was coiivi.ted of minder in lha
second degree and on Julv II 1''!'.
lodge lir.cley W. Whilford sen
timed I. mi to life Imprisonment.
Jnt before aetiieii. was pronoun, e.l
HiltW.ioil t.t.a.d before the Judgu ti
in an impa aioned siH-e. h it . ijmoI
him of prejudice and untaii nest
Apiir.il was Is ken to lha stitire.p
oiirt. which on February 2, nil,
granted a new trial, on the in i'l
ground Hint Judge Whilford i t re I in
refusing in tin Puis manalaush er
vcrdni in hi lniructi..tis to the Jmy-
A f-atiire of the aei on. I trt il wa
the appearance of John W. nprilig-r
as a witness for the defeiif Mrs.
Springer did noi testify in thia lr i
Hen wo. id was found guilty nf iniinit r
in tb first degree and the )uiy lixid
lb,, t.viialty a death by hanging.
treat! appeal waa taken to thu 'l
preme tourt. iu an attempt tu t.vt
(CuaUnrnM tsa Ims Twu.) i

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