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The Evening Herald,
PiiLlished by
: l- lt J H VAI.I.IANT, Msnsger
luMiahed every afternoon ex
cept u.ml-iy, lit 124 Nurili fwM'l
fiifrl, Aliuiirju, N. M.
rt.lere.l a second i l ias matter
at the ptiatotTIca at Allitiiiicro,ue,
S M., under the Act of March .1.
ijn month by mail or carrier. &'c
Ofio mi k by carrier lie
1 1 in- yi-.tr liy mull or carrier
In advent li.Uu
Pulfif Office. . .
I . 1 1 1 ' . r , i I Hootn. ,
mi: M it I or 1 1.
Cl I'.TAIV coiiiitv cfllccr are
to Il i.t tlllll t lit' 1111111
1v r-ilnry I. hI ms.il liv the
t I 1 . i r provide tul tni'K in
tli-I ill'.- , -.-joint ,,f Tit. in n.iiiiii ti
I r, lino ii -.f ir f,,r tin. various office..
Ttu hiit-titfi i . f i tii tirnt clnaa coum
tit -. 'i M.iiir uf tlifin. It In nude:
Wood, wilt tli-ni iml I i n 4ni.
Tli;it tlii- ( . j Ic will permit nny sin h
tit in -ml tn In granted I of course
nit i.t the iiurjiiii.n. Hut the ner..
f I he nun UHkltig fur such salurii-1
In ftvitoiindinK.
Take the sheriff of Thmulllhi
ci-iiiitv, f.r ini-tiitirp. We ilo nut de
sire In ihi Mr. Ilmncm nny InJiiMI-c,
lint p have never t heard of hi"
)i:iviik i ii pt ii i t-i ii criminal, i-r I--I
tli.it tiuiiti-r of hla liuvlrtK performed
itnv i.Hm ihI duty worth the num of
1'. per day tit the people. It In well
km-un Unit the very competent of
tlii- ilt-imty ho - 1 1 1 . 1 1 y n tloi-s til
w..ik ..f tin- Kin rift it t.rilro, while the
tli-lil wHk in done liy another compe
te!. I deputy. M-hiltt the Hlit-rlfT it)
man if Icirtirc, In u fur na of lit lai
lut Is coin erncd. Thut lie chooses
tn ink hunt M the trame of poli
tic Ih ninlter of rhtiire with him-Id-
need i.t mi work lit till. Ami f
nre nut mtiKlliiK out Hht-rllT Kiiim-rii
lur i ml i I il ii n I criticism. He In hut
in- of nuiny nit-rlf r In thin stale
who hi-l-l ofltre ui the same system
It Ik ii KVHtini Inherited from loii(
Unci t.f it net-Mot In oflli'c.
The Fht'tiff of one of the nmre
thinly Fi'tlli-il ro untie". If he doe hi
Inly, Ik entitled In it lamer siilnry
lliin Ih tin- therlff In n compact, well
1 -1 1- .1 county like our own. He
tukt-M tm in- r!kn. endures nmre hard
t'hiliH, does more work.
The nerve of a tlt-tniinil ft r IS, nod
tm this office m iiiiiillinK.
How mn ny men lire there In AIIhi
iiii riii., th" lYKet-t illy III New
Mi moo, who earn anlaric of IS. (Wit
it i-;n. You t-nti atnioet i -lunt thi-tn
nt Die flnuetn of your two hand.
Who tire those men? They lire the
t . ( It uneil mi i lulu, the ninot skillful
mental iii.ilirlni-K In thin city; expert
tn.ililieil for their post l-y yeiim ol
ti:ilnln finil experience.
The oftii-e of nrifT i! ..-it not re
tiiiite il;ilorute triilnlnK mill esn-r-it-mi';
nnr iloe it reiflvc It In H"
no i I'l-ilini? liM iiiniicntn in nny rounty
In tin- M-'ile. A mnn of to unil Jutlif
on nt, i ournve, horiePty und "horne
ii'ii.i'" wiil ninkn n Hood hherln.
Tin re nre humlreilii of jntrh men In
very i ounly in the utitlrt rendy to
like the J. -it Ht lioO a tin-nth; m
wiiiii-mh the riittilii-r of rftlili-nt de
nty hheriffa who hre diiinR the work
of the elut irr nt Ihitt suliiry.
And vvhiit Ih true of the eherlfT'
t.ltiie Ik t'i it certain ei'.i-ht true of
the other hlKh-valurleil rounty of-fiet-H
im hi. hnve hod them In th
Ilo... The only twn of Area which re-
iiiire H'l'i lal truiiiln( nre thone of
the t.n m y i lerk itiid the hool u-l-ei
ii,teri.-tit. i iur iiolul' lung ttilk
i on. plat t nt ly of )jiili( the mitn or
votiinn to win. rn Ih t i tiet oil our in out
Vie. ion imijj i anion, our hi IomiIh, the
i iiKiufl. i nl mm of l.no a yeiir In
til t I'IiHm lountleii; tid Willi iliul
t oiii.;ti etice i0iom to hy county
ti i :inuf m and fherlffa from t,u"0
to t'. imtl n J'cnr.
The ul.suriiity of this j.topo-ttlon
vnulil eei'iu tot. a..iiriiit to need
i. mini nt or euKiteMli.n.
Vi-t It U worth wliil to hnva n
del mite r-t.'itement from tha randl
n ile for Ihe leu mini nre fur w hum
you 'ii.ii-(. tu vote; a ilenr nnd
X.. it uri'l r-iuinlina with him.
FItANi'ISf'O I'urhajal, ucceaor
to Vicior;iiiii llui-ita tetnio
r.trlly il .ieldent of Meilcii,
1 etxiiitiully a jurlft und mini of the
Inw. I lorn In the aluie of fun. I'M h
i. U.ut IU -nra bko, he wua active la
the .r. utlce of hi iTofioaion until
lie .Hseid thirty tar of nue. Kenor
l a i l.i. Jul 1 alii.ut five feet reven
Im lu a tall, Vi-luli 1(0 .outn! and
ut of (lark eoinplt lion.
From hit. e:irly youth ha haa been
1-ll.t rol. NVhlle of a wealthy fam
ily, lila J.eo.le In the muln belli!
l-iautern, lie alwaya hm eapouiwd the
inline of the iiiaanca aicutnat the ("on-m-iulivea
mdJ particularltr agulnat
Ihe Utid owneia, or. Cientlf U-irtl. it l
aid Ihi fee 1 1 ii hta part haa been
due IiiikiIv to the fact that In hi'
vrltia flow the Idood of Ihe Vua
Kir the l.'at twentv yinra atenor
i urliH !: I h m l.ein on the bench, nrt
n the loci' I onrt in i'amieche nnd
I hen i,n the aiiirttne coin of Mix
ico. A few i-uf Itko be Haa elet ted
chief Jntlie. The thief JnalKe I
It" ted for hut one term nt n time
mid he 'innot aucceed hliiiM-lf. AI"JU
n er ii no Si nor nrl'Ujul Hita nuaill
t it . tt-d t hu-f Juitice.
In nililiiii.il In hi Judicial (i.rin t
nor I'nitniliil at rved the rchuOllc
i.v mlii.e ii a t halrmiin of the tii'
' ointniMeion Hhuh lirroiKhl niioiit
iiit'i l.rt wei ti I'r ui' Ik n M-olt-rit nnd !
1'orfirio IMai and H h it It reunited in
Ihe hitter tlliihl to Kpiiln nml the
levniioti of Ihe former to Ihe preal
dency. Thla iommllon niet nt Jiinre In
IHI nnd by It effort the wnr Ma
dcrn hii HiiKinx on I'ltii Haa atop
pei and Fratu lai u de l.-i llnrrn n
choacn provleionnl prealdent.
Judiie I'arbajal hum one of the two
Jiitlirea of the aupreme court of Men
It o who re f imed to alien the decree
ilrilnrltiK llnerta a un i i-hH-.h In pow
er following, the tiwaaaamnl Ion of Mil
dero una hgiil- I 'urlnij.il tendered a
minority opinion, which held that
I.ui-ciiriiin wna the ronatlttttlonnl
prealdent and that Hiur'tt had no
rlghta to the office of prov lalonal
prealdent. He wna threatened with
Impriai.nmerit by Huertu follower,
hut thla fulled to Intimidate hi in und
he na not moleated.
ThroiiRh out hla life he haa been
regarded n nil Irtipurilal man. Thia
fei-litiK ntnoliR the Mexican hrt heetl
partlculiirly atrotiK alnce hla eleva
tion Jo the aupreme court. It waa
hla fnirneaa which la ft year won the
admiration of liencriil Huerta nnd
Induced him to determine that when
he, Huerta, inunt ri Iniuiah bia ofllce,
t'nrbujal waa the man for it.
Mi:i.ii-i; ami win-: at.
MKI.ki i.-U: la ii dry larmlng
town. It had g boom and
the I m fade. I. In thla It
hn much in common with u majority
of new low tie. Now It Ig having an
other boom; only thla one Hill not
The Melroac Iialrymnn-Furmer of
last week curried about two pnKrs
of large ndvcrtlHc mrnta by men from
Katittsia nml MlHaourl iin-I I'hlcagii
and cIhph hele, iiaking to be permit
ted tu buy the whtutl of lurtoer. In
the MelroBe dlatrlct. Theae ndve-r-titu-menta
nr the most rlgnlllcaiit
tiling l.i Ihe way of preaclit develop
menl In New Mexico lh..t we have
noticed in many iiiontha. similar ad
xertlHi'tneiita are npiaiirltu in new-pHpc-r
nil over the pining country.
The ..amp nPHapnper nirry atlver
llHeminta di-matntinK the ptivllege of
buying cream, egga, poultry, butter
fat and pinto henna.
When a country rem hr the alage
of development where the buyer of
farm produce break Into extenalve
ailvertlalng In nil effort to ml the
top of the bualneae, that nmntry haa
reached aolld fotimlution i-onditlon
and It future development 1 per
manent. The wheat crop in the plain coun
try this year haa been fine. It will
make money for the men w bo were
In Wy enough tn have planted wheat.
We du not believe thut wheat will
be ttie main crop of this aectlon. The
climatic conditions ore ton uncer
tain, or have been U) tu thi time.
Hut the feed crops, the clulry prod
uct, the poultry output; these are
tm longer experiments. They have
been demonatruled. Farming in c-oal-ern
New Mexico Is no longer u gam
ble. Tu the intelligent farmer it Is
now a sure thing.
MKT' HNIKiiKK belongg to nua
a, but he 1 now a resident
of Franc-. There ure some
very great .tcienliHta in Fiance, but
since I'uateur died Met. hnikoff haa
been regarded ug the inort notable
t lentlfif figure In that country.
When, then Tote, Met. hnikoff -x-prcsM-
the opinion thut before long
tuberculosis la going tu diaiippcur
from cU Hired lands and ultimate!:
from the whole eurth, the prophecy
Is not to be pooh-poohed.
Yet It Hill be. One cf ihe charac
teristics of thla uge und probably of
every other la to pruiae und glorify
the i-xpt-rta and then dlecredit and
diaiegurd what they say. Duct In
sist on thinking for himself. He
Hill not lei others thing fur him,
even Inn those others are better
iiuitlifit-d than he to think about rer
lai hing because they have given
aptt ti stu;iy to those things. There
in man Is foollah und lllogicul and
unscientific Mi-li-hnlkofT la not in
fallible, but he knows a great deal
more al-out tuberculosis than the
t-rug man knows.
Per I'hlladelphla traveling sales
man there has been built an automo
bile wl'h a hody composed uf a series
of shelve and pigeon holes fur sam
ples which unfolds and make an ex
tensive display.
!... n I 11.4 ll.ru til W nmnii I
for flrst-rlaM hacka and damage
.W. U Trim lile Co.
X Significant Changes in I
; Australian Wool Trade. I
III-: folloHtna article on tin
Australian wool trade, bnaed
i. ii lioliliiroukh. Mort I'u.'a
review i,f the 1 1 1 1 -1 4 aeimon Biid
IhiIiIikIii d In the Yorkahlre i ibaerver
of Mni 1 1 4. coiitulne mi h un
e. l lletit tttiiti-ioeiit of I'leneiit mil-
tlilltitm nnd tleavrllx-a nu well tliej
rhanaea that ai taking I'late In the
liroilintioii mid ioailily tne market
itiK of the A net I il I ill 11 Hool i lip, that
It aiKnlficnnt paraKmpha nre lulled
me attention of American wool
grower by 1 toted Htnleg Ingram nt
lira. Hold, I'.nliiud. who n"ole In "
epecial repotl In part ua followa:
I MitttantlioK fe.iturea of the aeaaoll
have been the udmiFeion of free H oo
into A mei i"i mid the greatly In
t tease) volume of rtporta "f froae"
mutton nnd lamb. The ubatuntlal
proportion naauined by the exporl
tintle of Auatrulla In mutton und
lamb urn-at attention. .Hid the In
crrnaea of 1911 are o atrikln that
we tiuote them. Compared with 1
the export of mutton nnd lamb
ahow Increnaea of nlmot 70 per cent
and 31 per cent, repectively. The
growth of the export trae'e In meat
menna large a proportion of aheep
Hill be wanted by the fieexer that
any Inoreaae In Auatralia a Hool pro
duction ran hardly be looked for.
At &he riak of bring- etboae we
mint again Imprraa Upon the trade
the continuity of the change that la
taking place !n the character of the
dip, more particularly a affecting
the choicer aorta- Many develop
ment have a bearing on thla. and
(he moat Important la the extenalon
of railway throukh the favored, por
tion of weatern Victoria, with which
Ih aiHlutetl thn beat rrown high
priced clip. Theae railway act u
an effective wedge In the aplittlng P
for agricultural purpo-e of eatati
Hhlch have in the paat been entirely
devoted to the production of thoae
high-priced wool that hove given
the dlatrlct auch a world-wide, repu
tation. Added to thl cnuae a grad
ual evolution I going on In the gen
eral bulk of the elaple. the reaulla of
which will be far-renchlng and dir
fleult to gauge. The high price rul
ing for mutton and Inmb undoubted
ly nre operating and will operate to
ellnilnnte Ihe merino aheep, und U
diaplacement and eubalit'itlon of the
crneabred muat mean Ihe diaap
lieurance of me.ny more etundurd
brwiulg of merino.
The coat of production hn ln
rrenutd during the paat ilecude ami
I still Increaalng, with higher wage.
and greater cemt
gt-nerully- The fly l't ,," nB" a"
Htimed ulurmlng proporlloiia, pnrtlc
ularly'ln yueenalnnd. ultecting not
only t-e growth of the wool but
cnuHing great mortality and having
.. n,,.rk..tlv ml vera., effect on the
lnmlilnif. In the rnae of ordinary
wool of any good ' iuallty. the
tilmve have been to ome extent com
penauted by the extra weight cut per
head; but turning to Ihe finer iitiall-tli-H
,70 nnd upHurtl. the Increawd
coat of production ttiay be fairly n
aeaaed at double that of the lower,
a there la no ronipenaation In added
weight of fleece to be looked for.
only by the moat aaalduoua attention
tu breeding and aUlll In tm k br
can the welghU of really flne-halred
fleece be maintained, the tendency
of auch Jway being to become
lighter und the aheep effeminate.
The cuieatlon of the jiter organ
isation of Auatrallon ale mut oon
bo a live one. the amount of wool
plured on the market during the Inat
three montha of the yenr being far
too great and conatilutlng danger
that may, at ome time, reault In
heavy loac and It matter not nt
what particular point of the chain
that I on may oceur, the r.rower
eventually he rhouldt-red with at
least the greater part of ,i. It I
therefore Imperative, In hi own ln
tereat. that he demand concerted
action on the purt of elli'ig broker
In Auatrnlla. If aalea were definitely
coiiflni'd to acuporl town and oper
utlon epreud over a allghtly longer
period, together Vlth no overlapping
of auction, and i at r I it limitation of
weekly offering, the trade could rely
on a rrgular cpiantlty being forward
ed, while h!ppera and other con
cerned In the handling could make
better and more economical arrange
ment. There ore difficulties In the
way, ad m II tent y, put none ao grr.
that they can not be overcome, while
the benefii to be derived would be
many and weighty one.
Practically the great bulk of the
rllp la dealt with In Ave veiling
montha, and with the growth of win
ter auction an extension i f the mu-lti
erica would meet the roe. Thla
would mean an average delay to the
grower of a fortnftht at Ihe moat,
which ahould not be a eerlou objec
tion and would reault In a more lia
ble market. The fellah "gelling be
fore Chrlutmaa" ha been largely
laid, and any lingering prejudice in
favor thereof should be diuiiputed by
Ihe result cf the ferond aerie of
191J-14. The catlsructory results of
the second series are, moreover, only
repetition of the experience of sev
eral yeurs paat; and while It may he
li,4 thil t H du. ra..M. H thm 1 I 9.
"P value auch can
not be miii cf the HIS clip.
Great Triab
t TltHI, tF
Ii HAUU PAVA'iK. Ihe Knglian
poet, led a life that for the
moat part w.ia tilled with trug-
dy, brought about mulnly through
ihe Infamy of hi mother, who ren-
deled lilln Illegitimate by a llioat re
muikaiile colileaalnn in order In ob
tain a divorce. Tin on eh her mitchln
iiiiona llH bard Wiih, from hi birth.
. tit l ito oliacurlty nml brought up In
nilaery. The whole atibaeiiuent cxit-
eiw e of Ml vug wa a a.rugale between
the uiiilenlable geuma lh.it would hivr
elevated him to hnpniucaa, a It did to
fame, and the un -easing peraectitlon
nt hia mother that aliaaed and degrnd.
ed him.
Thla treatment by hi unnatural
t'Srent led to di-politency, drink and
divaipution, loo ofti-ti the fatal tempt
er of men of gen int. It w In one
of theae period that on-nred the mis
fortune which mat n great blight up
on his life. .
un November Jn. 17:7. Mr. Knvage
Hent from Untlnii, where he hen
lodged tti.it. he might pursue his ;ud
It with leas Interruption, with nn In
tent to iliac barge another lodging whlrh
he bad In Wralmlnater. Accldentlly
meeting two gentlemen of hi ae
liiaintiince. whoae names were Mer
chant and flregory. he went with
them to a coffee houae and sat drink
ii.g until It wna lute. I.itiiior having
Anally gotten the better of ihe party,
they atarted a quarrel among them
selves and with other, swords were
drawn, and tone James Hlnclnlr was
killed, ravage, having likewise
wounded n mold who held him, forc
ed his Wny with Merchant out of the
house, where they were arrested by
several soldiers who had been called
upon to unlet the disturbance,
Kavage and Merchant were secured
nnd guarded that night, and the fol
lowing day they were removed to
Newgate. The trial came on at Ihe
Old Halley nn December 7. 1727, be
fore 'ir Kit hard I'age, a Judge of the
court of the king'a bench.
All three companions were Indicted
for the murder or .lame Sinclair
Savage by giving him, with a drawn
sword, one mortal wound In the lower
part nf the body of the length of hnfl
nn Inch, nnd flregory nnd Merchant
of being present and making no nt
tempt to deter Ravage In committing
the deed.
At the trial a number of witnesses
who Here present at the coffee house
when the murder waa committed
gave testimony, and several persons
of distinction nppenred In behulf of
the priannrra and gave them the
character of good natured, t)Ulel.
jMaerfaaa-iaaeaarfeaaeerfeieaeeaeiMwee 1
' Z
X A Pair of Very X
X Undesirable Immigrants X
Two unbitblen' Immigrants came
Into the I'tnted mates some ear
ugt; today they are the objects sf th i
cuinliliu-d iitt.nl' of the letlerul und
nevetal tatB government, which
have turned lo Kurope und Asia for
help in their light. Not only I'ove
the two unwelcome vtsll.tra devas
tated vast t-getuble traits In this
country, but one of them has ortg
muted and introduced a new human
ailment that i doing great da mug
tu the buainiea of summer resort.
The two Immigrant ure Ihe gypsy
moth und the lirowiilall moth. The
wurlare l-lng waged against them Is
described In a communication lo the
National tieogruphlu society at
WaehingfVn, It. C, by V. U u, How
ard. The gypy nioth, according to the
writer, nm hrought to thi country
for experimental purposes by
French uroieaeor of astronomy In a
New Knglund university, lis l.n
portal ion is about the only case of
it kind on record. The browtilaii
cam to our shores in Ihe normal
course of commerce. From IttuS
until 1900 both species were confined
tu MusMucbuaetta. where a bitter
fight was w.iiifd against them by the
state. From 1 '.mo to l0.i, however,
they were unmolested, except by In
divid uw I property holder. Since
l'.iuj Musnc huMetta has been Joined
! her fight by New Hampshire,
Maine. Ilh-xle Island and Connecti
cut. Into whi'h aisle the pests mi
grated. And now the I'nlled States
government h.'i stepped In to prevent
the further hpread over tbe fttcsj of
the country,
""blnce the young of Uie moth pre
for the leu-.e of certain treea for
food, the t.. tea are removing theee
tree from the furcsta gubject to the
moth attai k. In some cases III
problem may mean ultlmute refores
tation. The female gPy moth does
not fly. but the gpeclrg preaa
when the Inaet t, while In the cater
pillar at age. ctawled cm trolley cur,
automobile und other vehicles, und
upon the cloihi-s nf pedestrian. Thia
condition was remedied by driving
the i M ftinti the highway for a
diamine of f.Q to 10t feet. Knor
nii'iii wire screen, coated with a
sticky suiu-tiuice to entangle them,
eret ted to the windward of Infected
woods, demonstrated the lurt that
many young riilerplllur, suspended
by their silken thread. Were curried
hy the wind to a distance of six mile
or more, and the attacking force
are now ron cntratlng their efforts
along the border of spread. A an
added precaution to a spread of the
pests, all prod ur Is shipped from the
Infected region nre rigidly Inspected
for the larvae of the Insect. The
fcuuiltt brow mail moth la a strong
flyer, but fortunately she Is not bo
hard lo control. F.urly spring and
full (praying and the cutting off and
burning i, the characteristic winter
nest have brought wonderful re
ault. The principal money 'loss rauscd
by the latter pest occurs gt the sum
mer results, where the prevalence of
what has come to be known a the
"browulall rash" kee people awV.
The hair of Ihe bruwniail reterptl
lur r flnejy bartJ una brUtU.' unJ
of History
II ltl HAVAtiK..
peaceable men and by no mean In-
cli'ied to be iiuarrelanmr.
When the judge made hi charge, to
the Jury he showed that by the evi
dence Ihe murdered man and his
party were in possession of the room
when Havnge and his frlemU entered,
nnd that they had started the fight
without provocation, and kllb-d Sin
clair In the manner as had been tes
tified. It wna murder, not only In
him who gave the wound, but In Ihe
other who aided and abetted him.
'That aa to the character of the
prisoner." he said, "good character
la of Height where the proof la doubt,
ful, but flies up when put In the scale
against plain and positive evidence.'
Thus far the Judge's plea was sensi
ble, but nt the f ouliiaton nf his ad
dress he used these words:
"You nre to consider that Mr. Sav
age Is a very great mnn, a much
renter man than you or I: that he
wears very fine clothes, much finer
clothes than vnu or I; that he has
nbundnnre of money In his pocket
much more money than you or I; but,
gentlemen of the Jury, la It not a very
hard case that Mr. Savage should
therefore kill you or me?"
Mr. Savage, hearing hla defense
thug misrepresented, and the men
who were to decide hla fate Incited
against him by Invidious comparison,
made an attempt to explain the case,
hut the Judge ordered him tn be
11. h. iPk than il-lln-,al.4 nr.-
on their vlrdlct. and determined thstl"" rilmthf. IIHpr I U.-t.er,.
hlh K.v.. ,A llr.sor. .r. eillltv ,,r. '" 1 h' UOH-.
of murd-r, and Merchant, who had
no ord, only of manslaughter.
This ended this memorntite trial.
The murderers were rr-nducted back
to prison where thev were loaded with
. - ... - . cn.ltie up II loixtiiie oi r-iiHt t .'
rona of f.0 pounds weight and ""';,,,, , k,.p ,u.r ,ek. dark and
, n,.e.....u .r.-T "--
to the court to receive their "'
Mr. Savage had nw no hope, of life
but from the mercy of the crow n
which wo. very earnestly .i.loclted
nip irieiiti, uttu win. it, ititii iti,.r.
difficulty the story may obtain belief
was obstructed by hla mother.
His merit nnd his calamities hap
pened to reach the ear of the f'oiini
e nf Hertford, who engaged In hla
support w on e. l ine i"" ' - - " "
is excuetr oy imi. nun nu m- n.-...
which In kindled by genen-ally. She
demnnded an audience with the
cittern, laid before her the Hole aer-,
lea of his mother' cruelty, exposed i
in improuii.11111 in n m.. .gray hair disappear; but what de
which he was charged with on Intent ; (hi lnlM w(h Wv,.h., SllB
io muruer. ana ........
Interposition that Savage was admit-
ted to hall on March 9, 171, and he
nnd (Iregory pleading the king' par
don, were set nt liberty.
where they come In contart with the
hnnian skin these hnlr enter the
skin puree, break off and cause a se
vere Irritation. It I not always nec
essary for. the caterpillar to come
In contact with the skin, for nt cer
tain time the hairs are floating In
the nir.
The more recent recruit In the
war against the moths are numeroua
speclea of true pnrasltea. which have
been Imported from F.urope and
Asia, t hief among them Is the t'al
oaoma beetle, whose epcclnlty Is the
devouring of leaf-eating cutcrplllsra.
Although slow to get a stun, these
beetles are now thriving In this coun
try and are expected to exterminate
million of the moths during the
present summer. Another recruit is
the Japanese egg parasite, the Sche
dins kuvanae, which undergoes its
entire development In single gypay
moth tg.
What $56 Carefully
Invested Will Do
Kansas City Star.)
A fiscal genius with a capital of t't
cleans up ItUO or so yesterday und
left town, and seven Kansas Ci;
rinunclal institutlona will shure the
loss among them, The modus oper
1'resenting himself with ti In real
Money he deposited thai amount In a
saving account at each of the seven
banks. That waa in Ihe morning.. Im
mediately after clearing house hours
he returned and presenting at each
bank a check for 1U deposited tt to
hi saving account -and thea with
drew hla orlglnnl depoeit of In
real money.
With all hi capital thus but k in
hi pocket and un established credit
t seven different hanks he proceeded
early yesterday morning to declare
dividend. Making the round of the
seven banks before hia check of the
day before had returned from the
clearing house he handed to the pay
ing teller a check for 191 and naked
tu have It cashed. Whereupon some
thing like Ihe following affable ex
change took place:
Heumlng Teller Ah, yea. Hut you
will have to be tdenttllej, you know.
Do you know anybody tn the bankT
Fiscal tlenlus Why. no; I'm afraid
I don't. Hut I do business here. I
have an account In the savings de
partment. Here I my book.
Heumlng Teller f looking at book)
Oh. to be sure. That Is quite satis
factory, air. How will you have It?
The Itscal fejilua took It In tens and
t wen tie ami a few odd s:nal bills,
totaling, u waa an Id. something like
1700 at the seven bank plus his Ini
tial capital of $'ii.
It la believed to be foreign capi
talist who had heard kansna t'lty wua
Inviting investments and giving them
Ihe widest opportunity to make vrl
vet. .
(Roawell Morning New)
The annual report of Ihe I'niversity
of New Mexico I inosi gratifying
on crt in unt liurtUulur. nuinH,
ii .ii
J A Shortage in Patriotism
that It h only a few r.ver tn pupil.
It Is further shown that of theae Ho-
well furnlahea four', more than nny
other point n the slate olttalile of
Alliuiueriiie. When l la rei -ailed I
that several hundred student go from ,
New Mexico to alien Institution, Ihe
showin la not one tu move the patri
otic cltlaen with pride. Nu si-'- li
the union hna n better college, though
some may be larger. A a rule I lie
larger the college the lea Ihe oppor
tunities of ti e Individual eludcnt. Ho
long a New Mexico fail to support
It owi III thi ahlning particular our
pntrlotlem and good sene are several
picas out of Juaiiflcntlon, nnd need a
general enure of tunic before we re
sume bragging.
T. P. Ilanlry telegraphed to fhlel
McMlllin lut evening that he would
arrive hi re from Ki t roll next Tucedav
to act In the raae of fhaibs lluaen
thai, who came here from Detroit two
weeka ago with Mr. Hanley, hla dl
vc reed w ife. Tht. rue against ll"a
enthnl, who Is charged with unlawful
i oh;, t II ii Hon, Is pi he continued until
the husliain! get hrrc. Hosenthal I"
out c il ball.
Hair that 1oe tt color and luatre,
or when It fades, turn gray, dull anil
llfelea, la caused by n lai k of sul
phur In the hair, our gi ami una her
made up n mixture of fag,. Tea nnd
beautiful, nnd thousand of women
. . h vnlll lh, rvpn , r.
,, ,,, haAt. f ha.r
I attractive, uae only thla
,,,,. rm,B.
Nowailava He get thla famous mix
ture by asking ut anv drug atore for a
50 cent bottle of "Wycth'a Sige and
h'u'phnr Hair Itemetlv." which dnik
en the hair so (naturally, o evenly.
that nobody inn p,.smIi- tell It Im
,,,.n n,,,Pd
Itealdea, it lakes ofl
cliUndriiff, stop tal it. hing and fall
ing hnlr. You Juki dampen a sponge
or soft hrtifh with It and ilr.ivv this
through your hair, taking one small
. nil Sulphu.- Is that, be.lde heiuti-l
...,.. .. ...
I fullv darkening the hnlr offer a few
application, it also hrlnga buck the
gloaa and Inat re and givea It an p
pearnnce nf nbtindunce.
t'tlasgow pow forbids the opening
of aalouna earlier than in a. hi.
TTTr -
Expert Advice
The officers of this bank gladly give those who
desire its advice gained by long experience and
'study in investment and financial matters.
By consulting us regarding these matters you
will place yourself under no obligation whatso
ever. The First National Bank wants you to feel thai
this is your home bank and that it is striving in
every way to be of service to you.
"- a. V. V .
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