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il USE
Now Jeff Knows all About the Income Tax.
By "Bad" Fisher.
Interesting Report from State
College Expert on now Ex
plosive May Be Utilized on
the Farm.
rtate College. N. M.. An. 14. In
Pre Bulletin No. 13 of this elation
attention wn ca.Ied to the possibil
ity of making use of dynamite In sev.
etal fur in operation, enperlally
Mumping. A general dlnctiMlon of
the nature anil effectiveness of dyno
null, was Riven. Thla paper deal
wllh Irce planting.
In heavy adobe anil, auch aa re
iuli quite an excovutlon In order
lu secure iroier development nf the
iiiiik root ayatem. It haa been found
iiilvniilnacoua to explode amull
i hiiiKi of low grade. Mow acting
iIi:iiiiIIp (20 jut rent ammonia), at
a iliKtaure of from It Inrhea to 3"
im-lie from the aurfuce, thua form-
Iiim u hole for the tree and at Ih
came time loosening the anil to
rnt'r extent, both In eurtuce aren
nnd depth, thnn la possible when
holi'a tire apaded.
Tin- i hnrgea muat nf neceaalty very
with the rondllion of the aoll. There
la no "ruin of thumb" to be applied
III I ll In ease, The resistance offrrett
by the aol ineaaurea the quantity of
ilyiinnille hereneuryt aa doe the
depth nt which It la placed. In gen
eral, for the above mentioned deptha.
the hn r tic vary from pound to
I ' poiiiKla. A little experience and
untlerxinndlnv of whnt rotiatltutea a
dMiiitnlted tree) hole will aolve the
prob'em. A few alnipla experiment
always repay the alight additional
An Ideal tree hole, atrange In aay,
lent u hole, after all. phould the
operator line n charge aufftclently
hi i. .hk to blow the earth entirely out
from about the dyniinilte, he might
I emburrunnrtl by the (net that there
would be little dirt left at con
venient dtntance to replace about the
true. Further, I hire would be de
elded wate nf energy In mixing the
eiirth to i acatterlng distance. One
I tie nurfnre Rivea way. the expanding
r iii-en allp from beneiith the soil pa
tlclea and Join the atmoaphe
where apace in lens ronteated.
iil.nl hole la produced by chsrgln
in h a niHimer aa to raiae the eur
fine aol tu w height of four feet or
mull a mutter, and then let II fall
buck In place. Thla anil, when fall
lug bark, will become caught at the
mirface of the hole, and hy giving It
it few downward ptmhe with a apade
a hot large enough for the tree will
reeult and plenty of loooe earth for
Parking hbout the roota will be at
hnnd. In thla manner a lutge radiua
nf disturbed or subaolled earth will
be produced.
The method In eome Instance can color aa many men In projxirUun to
compete In roet with apnde holea, the population aa Hervla hua, It would
with the advantage of much more mean an army of upward of eight
eoil b-liig looaened. Aa far aa million men," aaya a atutemenl la
known, no harm reaulta from the aued by the Natlonul Geographic ao
fiimea remnlnlng In the aoll for aev- ciety at Wuahington, I). ., today.
i'il hour after the hole I made and . "and th',a de not lake Into account
the tree planted. . the fact that the recent ware In the
In genernl. the roet will range Imle countiy have made nuch futal
from rente to 17 rente per tree Inroada into the pentiiUKe of adult
hole for dynnmlte. fuae and rap. ! mate population. 1'robul ly If the
The Inbor nut a Inn varlea with the U'plled ttalea called a inuny men to
aoll from 1 cent per hole to & cento, tne color In propottion to the adult
The holea for the rhurge ere put , mule population. It would mean an
rtraight down, and are 1 1 Inchea or army of twelve million men.
: ini lie in diameter. A bar may b ! "Theae flguree how what a heavy
driven down and pulled. A pipe can
be driven. II core of earth being re- '
In removed .ri rul tlmra before the
ilolred depth la reached; or an eart"
auger run be uned fur thla pur pone,
ilenerally the latter method la tne
In aulolllnS for other purpoeea ve been la Indicated by the cen.ui
the melbod la Identical, exoept that,"' conuuered territory taken by Itul
the earth la not lifted ao high In the
air. nnd the holea are ao aiutred that
nil the noil of a given area la looaen
ed. Thla apaclng varlea from for
feet, algxag, to ten feet. The condi
tion of the aoll drtermlnea thla, tha
heuvier cluv eolla re-iulrlng the rloaer
apaclng. The method la expenalve,
and only to tie uned where cheeper
mrlhoda full.
Aaalntant In Agronomy.
In IIh ItMrl'i ronrt'wr I lie fVwntr
if IM-maliiln, fciaU of Now
J. nun Romero, aa acting Kherlff fj
tbr county of Hernallllu, New
Mexico, and aa Truatee under
deed of truat executed by Mahlnn
K. Wllbtirn and Ida Wllburn, Hep
lember U'lh, 1 1 1 . and lUllle llun
aaker. J'lulmlffa.
Mahlon R. Wllburn and Ida Wllburn.
J. ti. Hchwentker, Alma Howell
Hchwentker. and It. 1. Ixinoho,
No. II0.
XotliK of rctnlcnii y of Kult.
To Mahlon K. Wllburn and It. I.
lionnho, whoae prenent location,
place of reaidenre and poatofflce ad
ilrenaea are tn the plaintiff uaknuwn.
You and each of you are hereby no
tified that on the (ih day of Auguat,
A. IX 114. there waa filed In the
office of the clerk of aald court
romplulnt by the above named plain
liffa agalnat you and the other de
fendant above named, wherein and
whereby the plaintiff aeek to fore
clone a deed of truat made by the
defendant. Mahlon K. Wllburn and
Ida Wllburn, hie wife, to Otto
liierkmann, Truatee, dated Heplem-
ber 1 2lh, llll (aald Otto IMeckmann
having elnce deceaeed, and haa been
succeeded aa Truatee therein by
Jeu llomero, acting Sheriff nf Iter'
tiullllo county), and to have the aald
Court aacertain and determine the
amount due upon a certain promta
aory note daud Poptember Ifth.
Ull. for Mifc Hundred Pollara
(ICUU00) with Interest front date at
the rale of ten 1I0 percent per ft a
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmm,mmamammHmmimmmmm .MBaa.a.jfjasasBta
fSr I fwsi - - I ("ir"" i
lrVfMc.tT tm vvtrriti-ncriT I sTtATw
(mi - ' . P if il
7V -icuUm to5l f
tCTf TMrV VCXA,XXVfx! f TcX,. -
OaOdaLAtXTt tTKrV 1 t Tom NCD eXT - w n I
L ? frW.XTA tS.2l k M-tfTrtlS I I
1 myf New Vju vts i-Abvffl IwLteA eyxo V-.
f " ' "N TO fet": CPVCtjICMT f touUOttt.1 ,i' ? .
ITo T stlf-Jr "L Whwwh vH V
jW-3i jlrK
i I I I am tTM tggam - am A tgg.
'i urn 1 1 il i1 1 r i r i1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 n
II II 11-11 llllll-S Mill II
U'anhlngton, t. C., Aug. 14. "If
the l ulled Klfltea ahould mil tu the
hand Auatrla-Huuiary laid upon tha
little country whoae army gave auch
a remarkable account of ltelf dur-
Ing the two wara II hua Jut paed
through before Iht third one tie
avrnaeu upon u. now lerrioie m
ravage of the wara In the Near Kut
garla In the early month of the
preaent year. That count (howed
that where, prevloua to the wara,
there had been a population of TVS,-
uo there la now a population of
only 101,000. or course riervla did
ot Buffer that much, but theee ng
urea are Indicative of the great ware
It had to face
"Military critlca everywhere admit
that In matter of diaelpllne, lender'
ship, adamantine aplrlt and elan.
there la no army Ita lxe In the
world that ran make a better ahow
lug than the Hervlan army made
during- Its were with Turkey and Hul
gurla. It la a fighting force that la
conceded to have every quality f
atrength that a military loaihlne
may poaaeao.
"It plan of organization I dl
num. due and payable six (4 month
after dale, together wllh ten (10)
per cent as atlorney'e feea, aald note
made by the defend:inta, Muhlon K.
Wllburn and Ida Wllburn. and en
dorsed by the defendant. J. .
Hchwentker, Alma Howell Hchwent
ker and It. I'- lonho, and payable
to the order of llallia llunsaker, one
of the plaintiff, and to have the
Court aacertain and determine the
amount of Insurance nnd tuxes paid
by the plaintiff. Ilallle llunanker,
upon that certain piece, tract and
parcel of land described In and cov
ered by said deed of trunt, and sit
uate in the county of Hernallllo and
state of New Mexico, to wit:
All tf lit five (5) In lllock twen
ty-nine ! of Huntng't Highland
Addition to the City of Albuquerque,
N. M.. aa ahown on the pint thereof
made by Otto Dleckmunn and filed In
the office of the Troliete Clerk and
Kx-orrtvlo Itecurdcr of Hernallllo
county. N M., on the l:th day of
May. 1M7.
And the plaintiff pray for a iudg
ment forecloelng aald Urn on said
property and premise, and the sale
of said property and premise In eat
lafurtlo.i thereof, and for a defi
ciency Judgment again! the endur
era of said note, to wit: The defend'
ant. J. O. Hchweiitker.' Alma How
ell akhwentker and ?t. l. lionoho.
and agalnat the defendant. Mahlu
fc. Wllburn, on of tha ntakere '
llnctive. ("ompulanry aervice I per
annul for all able-bodied men mid pe
cuninry for all who are Imup.ible of
eronal aervice. Theae latter mum
pay an Indirect tax nf an per cent
additional. The military force ate
divided Into a natlonul urmy nnd
the landxirum, wtv-h form the lunt
line of defence. Service in the mi
tiotial army beglna at 21 and end
after 45. In the landntrum it begin
at 17, ends at 21, begin ugum at 4
nd enria at !0.
"Yhe natlonul army cntte of
three bane; the firt Vnin Including
ull able-bodied men between 51 ;nd
11; the second ban ell between 11
and m, and the third thonv between
3 and 4u.
"'The flrt ban hna Ita cadre, a
achtMil through which every able-
bodied man of 21 inuil pan. No one
la allowed to change hia nationality
while belonging to the II ret bun, nor
can any member thereof receive an)
outalde appointment or become even
a monk until he haa aerved hia term
In the army.
"The term of service In the stand
ing cadre la two year In the cav
alry and artillery, and one and a hull
yeara In the other brain he of the
eatubliehment. There la a aix month'
aervice for those In the school of
the country who can pan un exam
ination for lieutenant of reserves.
There Is elan a lx month' enlistment
for recruits from whose homes at
leaat two others have aerved the full
"All those who poaxe rattle and
ultable curt are under obligation
to turn them over to the army when
needed. Tbone who do nut posses
cuttle and carts huve & per cent ndd
ed to their taxes for the remount
said note.
Vou are further notified that un
leas you enter your appearance in
Bald caune on or before I he 21 h day
of September, A. V. 1914. judgment
Will ha rendered agnlnst you, or u n
of you as full to enter auch appear -
ance hy default. The name of the
Plalntlfra attorney I Ueorge H
Klin k. and hia poatofrtca and hul-
nena addrena la Itooma I and . Htern
inoi'H, Alnuquerqne, New Mexico.
Wltneaa the Honorable Herbert F.
Ttaynold. Judge nf said Couri. and
the aeul of asul Court, till th day
of August, A. D. 114. ,
(Peal) A. E. WALKER,
County Clerk of Pernalillo County,
New Mexico, and Clerk of the Die
trict aforesaid.
For Sale X&acellfciiecTU
roil 4ALE old papers for putting
down capela, etc. CaH at Herald
FOU SALE -flentle hore. new har
nra and buggy, lj.0U; worth
doubls. Address 714 Vk South Broad
way. KOR BALK Good iO-foot lot In
Hlgl.Unda oppuaite abupa. Hal
round, ttl HeutB, Walter. .
Three Lines
e e
$5.00 DOWN $5.00 per Month
Beautiful 5 0-foot Lot in Highlands
John M. Moore Realty Co.
Phone 10
Pepartment of the Irterlor,
I'. H. iJ.nd ortbe at tiiinta Fe, X. it..
July II, 1(!4.
Notice la hereby given lhat Floran
Trujlllo of Plurltu, N. M., who, on
July 1C, 190, made homratend entry
No. 0101,8, for NIC Section
. Townahip 12V. Range t-K, X. M.
P meridian, hna filed notice of Inten
tion lo moke five year proof, to r.tab.
l!nh claim to the l.oid above dencrsned,
before Abellno I. I.ucero, county
clerk, at Iternullllo, N. M., on the
19lh day of rrpteinber, 1914.
Claimant name as wltnce: nvld
Trujlllo, Joe Trnjillo y Armljo, Tco
doHO Chavex, Frum iaco Trujlllo, all of
I'lailt, x. M.
Albuquerque Evening Herald.
Denartmeni of the Interior,
U. M. Land Office ut Kanta Fe, X. M.
July 14. 1(14.
Nolle is hereby given that Joaa
Trujlllo y Armljo of placitaa, X. M.,
who, on July 14, 109, made home
atead entry No. OleSSt, for Lot I,
Kectioji 1, E- h'E'i HRH, Heciion 4,
EV of Lot 1 and 2. Hectlon 9. Town
ahlp 12X. nange r,E, X. M. P. mer
idian, haa filed notice of Intention to
make five year proof, to ei.ibllh
claim lo the land above deacrlbed, be.
fore A'oellnn I. I.iii-ero, county clerk.
Hernallllo, X. M , on the llth day of
Heptember 114.
Claimant name aa wltneases: David
; Triijillo,
Floran Trujlllo, Teodonn
1 Chavex, Franelurn Trujlllo, all
riaclioa. X. M.
, Albuquerque F.vrn'.iyg Herald
Defrtment of the Interior.
I'. H. I-and offl- e at Kanta Fe, New
Mexico. July 20, 1114.
Notice la hereby given that Kllsa
Frnncla llnan, of Heboyeta. X. M
who on November 13, itio. made
homestead enuy No. 0144 34, for
HK', aectlon I. townahlp 14X., rang
W X. M. P. meridian, has filed no
ties of Intention to make 1-year' final
proof. In enlabluli cluim lo the land
abort deacrlbed. before Jeaus M
Luna, county rleik. at Los Lunaa, X,
M, on Heptember ltlh. 1914.
Claimant name as witnee:
William C. Kennedy, of heboyeta,
X. M.
Pntrlco Jaramilto, of Bfboytta
X. M.
Dealderln Trujlllo, of Beboyetu,
X. M.
Faturlno Itomero, of Heboyeta
X. XI.
rnANcwco deloado.
"Evening Herald," Albuquerque,
K. Ma
Herald Want Ads
Three Times
214 W Gold
KMPLOTM1CXT (illlie. 110 Weat sil
ver Ave.: I. i. Pox 73; I'hone 154.
I- borer II.;.", to 12 SO. Uoi;J paying
bunlneas for aule.
t'TATE MANAUF.n wanted by Illi
nois corporation. Fkt.iblinh oftlce,
manage sulcmen. Every mcrchiiti'i
a runiomt-r. Termunent connection.
Monthly alnry and cotnmlmlon.
Hank reference given. lnventment
of 1400 to tl2i0 required to carry
t.M k. Should eanllv net l7,iino an
ually. Kudburtiv, tild Colony Illdg.,
WILL. PAY reliable man or woman
112. 0 to dintrlhute 100 Fit EK
packages Perfumed llorax ifoap
owder among friend. No tnony
required. Ward Horax Co., Ill Inati
lute PI., Chicago.
Foil KENT Very Ueairuble roouia
for hoUM-keeptng In modern home
only well adults need apply. Utter
ance required. Phone ((.
Koit HKXT nie very deairable auite
of outvlile office rooms In ,N. T. Ar
mi Jo building. Apply Geo, F. Al
bright. Phune 440.
Fort 11ENT S-room
flat, lilft":
liudaon, 4t!t
cloae in. Apply C A,
and Copper avenue.
Foil ItENT Irge room with
Bleeping porch. 4 21 W. Marquette.
ron IlEXT Five large room for
IJxht housekeeping to one person
or in auite. 117 8. Uroadway.
Full 11 EN'T Two or three-room
furtilkhed apartment, with or with
out sleeping porch. Light, hot and
cold water. 11 East Ce.ltral. No
Fl'lt.MTl ltE ItKI'AIKINH, packing
UphiiUterlng. cublnet and mattre
making, rug klzlng. Phone 24. 117
8. Third Bt.
FOR CAhPET eseanlng. furniture
an4 stove repalrlns. W. A. Ooff
phone III.
WANTED Every home owner to
Erie Carbon roof paint. Stop
Isaka, last I years. Devoe ready
paint, 1 gat. cover tod q. feet Thea.
r. Keleher. 401 Weet Central.
Tliat ltuinel It.
Uhe had a lovely lialblng suit
Computed of gauxe and net.
And really It looked tery cute
I'ntil sbe gut It wet.
Three Dimes
Dunbar Bargains
Btore room. Central Ave., be-
tween Third and Fourth ets.
t-room modern brick house,
11 N. r. ave., 121 water
4 -room houae. 111 No. Fifth
4 St.; modern, 111 00.
4 -room house. Highlands, tit.
4-room houe; eat Ilaxeldine
avenue; modern, 120.00.
6-room hoime for aule or rent;
Went Coal avenue; modern; lot
50x142; fine n tunic and l.iwn.
Itanch, 10 acre improved,
well stocked, and for t.ile ut a
burguln; 7 mile nut.
Fine cor. lot. West Coal Ave.
4 -room house, West Iron Ave.,
Price. 11.100.
4 All kinds of terms.
tl4 Gold Ave.. Corwer Third BL
8T. JOHXri. ARI.ONA The Ameri
can Hotel. Headquarters Ocean-
to-Ocesn Highway tourists. Mod.
throughout. Dining roam service
unequalled. Fine shade and lawn.
Arlmia. 20 guest rooms, modern;
tcurlsts' headquarters; dally road bul
letin; guldr furnlihed to points ol
Interest; dining room in connection.
BANT A FE The Moateiuma Hotel.
American plan; serrlce first class.
electric lights, steam heat, telephone
in every room. Special attention lo
auto parties.
ALL KINDS, both new and second
hand, bought, sold, rented and re
paired. Albuquerque Typewriter El
change. Phono 144. Ill W. Gold.
Vulcanising and lire Itepairtng. All
work guaranteed. Albuquerque
Tlubber Com 114 Weet Central.
Lojcr Fox terrier, white with llik
head ami tail; two toes off one
front foot. Pnd r return to Tony
Johnaon, k'apital bar, for reward.
A MII'l'I.K Aiii:i XI A N want, a
comfortable room on the Highland
with a quiet LiptilV. refvrably a
Ciianlnh-peaklng fumlly. Addrr'
Nelaon, ln. lu.t
OKU HUTtJMIXItoN. Ill West Lead.
Four Bhoea. 11.01,
FOR RENT Tlotuet.
Koit ItKNT Eurnlnlied tent hoi.
with sleeping porch. 101 fo. Wn!
ur at.
Practice Limited to ,
And ;
Tb Wawsee niaii and Nocch Teatg
Salvaraan 4M" Admlnlatered.
Cltlsena' Bank Building.
Albuquerque .'lew afeilee
Pratl-J llmfled to TuDerrarosU.
OIBce Hour. 10 to 11 a, m.
llione 1171.
tills Weet Central.
Albuquerque Sanitarium Phono III.
BpertslUta Kyo, Ear, Mos, Throat.
But) National Hank Bld
T. r. TATrs. M. D.
Bpeclallat In
Eye, Ear, Xoao and Tbroat,
At Comb' Hotel, Albuquerque first
three day of every month.
Prsctlce Limited to Eye. Ear, Nose
and Throat.
Sll'j West Central.
The Murphey Sanatorium
Tuberculonla of the Throat and LutigM.
City omre. 311 Went Central Ave.
(Mice Hour: to 11 a. m.; S to 4 p. m.
I'hone fi2S. Hunatorium I'hone 41.
W. T. Murphey, M. I).,
Medical Klrecto.
ikli ex. swismamas, m as s
I It. J, KltrT,
Dental Kurgwry.
Rooms I and S. Burnett Bldg. Over
O RIelly'g Drug Store.
(Appointments msde by mall.)
ptiona T44.
IT-HI Harnett lllilx- Albuquerqea,
FrwotJcal and I'p to Dale) Work.
ltih.iu I, l.yrlo Theater lliiilillog.
TcI1Ihhu) lUfS.
MONET TO LOAN on salaries,
hounehobl good and llveitork with
out removal. Nile bought and sold.
Colon Loan Co., room 11, over First
National bank. Phone llll.
e ctcn lists, men's nnd wo
men' clothing, ru. curtains,
draperies, etc. 13(1 Weat i.olO.
Hume 411.
Promptness Our Uotto
Welldrilling, Welldmin
and Irrigation Plants
Adr for W cta'e (iaa 1-Jiginee
J. V. WOl.RlVri, 4li W. Ciiim Ave.
Ilea, plMtue) lolnW. Offi iUott lltt

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