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fiear A.
On "European War and Present Events
in the Light of the Book of Daniel'
ma un bniiiiiiii
Hit Appointee has With
drawn, but Boatright, Un
discouraged. Keeps Himself
on Supreme Court Docket.
Joduo Kdward A M.mii. couiincl
or I hu f r I'oli.e ;.li.Miiiii In the
nliinciion ptocccdinun 1'i'ur lil l
latter agaliint Maor lioatiiuh'
ticoiuo II Thoimm ut (Ik- 1 1 1 1 1
bo itnifif Itiod In fi.ci c Thollian llll
h. chirr place, filed answer yenter
l.iy In the niiprcme nun l tin- np-
111 it made ly Million Wood, mull'
l fur Itontrlghl hihI Thomas.
A will he remeinberi d. Un- dln-
' r li-f ri.url tilled lh.it M'-Mlllin wn
'ho ilo ru in t iller, and itranl. d nil
iijuncl Kin icntriiiiiing Thoman or the
nnynr from lriiij; i not imnooiwion
mill the .H.l.il of ( 1 1 1 1- W.U milled
y Iho rniirtii. Since ihi.ii Thnma"
loin w It hdtu w 11.
Oonpilo Thomnn' wllhdr 1WI1I. May
.r Hoa'tlKhl Id rmit ihk in hut up-
iieul. It in cnnletidi d tli it Ihr In I"
1 they exmnid 11 1 the lime m not
fTected hy Thoman' w 11 till awal. and
ho mayor wanln In fixil It out on
ihnt line. What Thomas' "ronigim-
Hon" bm olloi ted. however, I the
uppcr-rlveting or Chief McMillinn
oh until kui h 1 'me nn I ho iimyor 1,111
to! the council l '.inrtrm nnotnei
ippolnlee. Thomu him given iii any
n nimble title to the place. Mini t hiol
Mi'Mlll u remain uiiiiiipc.i' hably tie
si m srr
lllnt.o lu I II An
I niiiet a.
ii unn mnm i n m min
,y an a
i ci
Ideal Hair Brushes.
ft. ut) Itrunli 7)
f I i-1 llrunll 0t)
II. Ml I'runh 81 lil)
;u Hindi Honey and
Almond Cream
I'ononla Face Powder 3U
iilic I'hellulax Wafer. . JtOf
Jilc Mnterlne llt
iue pi.und Milk Sugar. 33
3uc luund l'honphalu
f lt)
209 Pounds Candy,
five different kinds,
per pound 29c
F h o n
C. Gablein Tonig'ht
Former Governor Curry Ex
pects the Roosevelt Party to
Cut Material Figure in
State Election.
"I have boon to Santa l'e Jim hh ii
npiitator at the I ; 1 . , 1 . l 1 1111 .on, mil
lion," nald fottller ItoMlflol' tifot'ltt'
furry or Tulaionu, who In in Albii
iUeriiiu ror the Uuy. "Tiio real mat'
ioiio-il;on la commit iioxi wcca at
'lei-n when the I'i om i lc paC
ini-elH. We are going to hao 11 real
contention In n tilth the reptenciila
1 liven of the people will etprenn the
winhea or Hie !- l I 11 14 I our candi
date are going lo cut a inaterlul tin
lire In lha leniilt In tlio Halo. I ilo
not a) that our cumluiittc (r onii
grcn will win; hut I l 1 1 thai
ho will make u nhowlim ol I'nmiin
nvo atreng'li whhh will nurprino the
Ute "
"Although there In compurutlve
iuloi In Mexico now," naid iluvernor
t'lliry. hiini' bunincnn Intcitntn me
now In that country to miir extent,
"there, will oe lilllo revival of bunl
nensi there until more ,.idfne of per
manent pc.ier in ul hand than wo now
haie. Cupllul Ik naturally afraid to
n in. There will he little In -the wa.
or re-opening of milieu. The whole
northern part of Iho llepublie In 11
dctuaiatcd eoiintry anil it will he a
long time, even uniler mo1! favorable
condition, tit-tore there in nil) notable
rehal of hiininenn."
liovornor Curly will go to l;i I'.mo
ti tuiilit.
The More You Trade at Butt's the More Money You Save
Rexall Foot
For Tired and Aching
Helps to overcome the
odor of perspiring feet.
Keeps the shoes clean
and dry. Guaranteed,
or your money back.
5c Nipples, 2 for. . . 5c
5c Seidlitz Powders,
2 far 5c
! 5c Menthol ated
! Cough Drops, 2
! for 5C
! 25c Straw Hat Dye 5t
; Straw Hat cieaner Oc
e 6 5
General Passenger Agent of
the Santa Fe Thinks ths
Traffic will bs Heavier if
Anything, as Result of Plen
tiful Cash.
"We ilo not iinliilluite that tlio
Iiui'a.i1 war will In any way aftert
the two eu.f Ili.niK o he held in 'ai
1 1 . 11 ri In ut San Kr.nn ini'o and Kan
1'ieiia In 1'Jl.i.' aalil J. M. fonnell,
KeiKiat lun-MiiKer imetit or the Salil.i
l'e, yilerd.iy. "1 Mi Iho contrary. It
liM.kH na If our luiweimer trallK- to
('a!fr:na will he hetter than ever thia
M is. n liei ,i u-e Amerli'Mia who
ahroail nery jtar will he forced lo
mik I'l.i'in of ainiinonionl In (heir
onn land. The tide of thin travel will
iiulonmll, ally hi t for I'allfornla, which
In c lunate and tittrai iiouk hrarn ron
niileralile renom al ni(. to the Kronth
and 1 1 .1 1 ut n Clverla.
"A till grain Junt reeeied from
I'. .Monro, ireideiit of the I'anamn
ruiine Kxorltloi coinpany iomtlely
xtateia thni tho expoxilion will open on
hi hedulo time Kehruary 2i. lill.'i and
that It will he fully completed hy that
time, .
"Varloim nations of North and
South AmerUii have already Jinked for
Un reason In eXlnlut npiiee and domes
tic participation will prohnMv ho In
1 reaned ilirmiKli war. ui there In 11
Koneral hellef l ha", a latKer market
lor American manufurture will he
dented fn South Ann to 11 and the
ct 11 n. Tho oxpimltlonn wll afTord a
1 :.'' hoxea I'olllP.
Cathartic I'llln .....
1 :''n' Tooth llruslicn. . .
2 t".c packitKen Fa
1 1 in A tiaarctleg . . . .
3 2,'ic lio.llen I'.exull
Liver rilla
.'io hottle Ittxall Shnv
Inn Ixilloti and 2'."
can Tall inn, ioth for
tic 1'onipeiun Mitn
BaKe Soup. ; for
lie Wool I'ufrn, : Tor. .
lUr bultlo Il llin
klo'a lamuu Co.
A 5c Soda Check
with each 50c Sale
lift X1T Pantrol
Kolrlen o..ci 1 iinlly tor (hp ilii-play of
t)or ftootl.
"AlreaiU ;'T'i iniiirM ami con
vention havp been nthoiluleil fur Pan
Kmnein.'o during I (la and punitive
liile:i have li.-on iinniftnoil fmin Feb
ruary 1" M November IS.
"ur ploni to hanillo tint ir ilTle arP
-ionii ii'hI in aililltlon to 1 2,nnn,
m w.-rth of new rtilmont now bolnn
ilelnored emliraro h" c 1 1 1 1 11 ar out
of inanv nnroeenietit at ilrim t an
yon." Mr. ( onin'll oiitiUiini J. "New
lent huimea nml lookout ure 111 imtrno
i f cormtriii-tion ahout th- n f Iho
eanon, liotal.ly at the In i l of Her
mit 11 ml IIiIkIh Annol trail-. An nil-
lltion to liiiKht Ainel iHn.p. i,lc i,r
Iho t'unyon hoteln, la hilrc i.inlt unil
many new rim trail
opened up.-'
Mr. Connoll nlno pointed
' o to be
iho ad
'iy win! Id
I within
MintaRen which thin com,1
derive riofll lnre;l"ei t .1
It hordern.
"It mean."," he n.ild. ",h..i
ill of h,.
Amellcan dollar, which lintillally in
into tho loffern of the Cmillnh.
French, (lerman mid Italian hotel and
renorl keopern. will hl e r lie npent
In America one or the mim Ihinsii
which npell ro-per.ty for tin. fnited
frluten at Ihln time."
WaMiiiiKton. Ana. 2H - Merchan
ilife Imported into the I'md-d Stale
d-.irimr .Inly iimoiintod to flfiO.ns.
133. tho department ul iimiioi.rc,. un.
Iionnied loilay. import in July.
i-i.i. ami j ii iv. t'.ii.', wen. tonpoi
titely, 1 1 .1!i. in; 1.77a and I ' 1 1 i;iifi.7.Ti
Merchalllllne Valued ut 1 1 4.0 Ii 2. 2
w:ij expollid lim month, an coiiv
pared with 1 1 li '.mil, 7 i m July of
lant sear and 1 1 4 K.KfcS.S.... In the
name month of I ?t 1 2 .
To .hM MitcIiuiiK.
New Vork. Aim. 21. The National
Annoleatlon of Importer h..n decided
In appoint u lommlltoe to iinnlnt
liiemhein w hono conumnini tun hae
been neixed ut ecu hy la lliKerentn
Thin eoinmlltoe will l llanied within
u day or two.
Morrin I. Korrin. necrel.wv of the
iinnoclutlon, aulil a miinht r of aeixed
nil am n have been located. The nolx-
tire cover point In all puu of the
Votrrnn t.nieral llrUS" I lend.
New York. Auk. Sit. Hi luadior
fienerat 1'hilip II. Uriiua. ., rivil war
veteran and well known in national
Kiinrd cli lea, tiled nuddenly yonter-
lav In lirooklvn. lie War horn In
thin city In 1-"'.
nT mi sou
Fresh Fruits
Concord Grapes
far jelly
Corn m
Bell Pepper
Fancy Tomatoes
Egg Plant
Young Onions
Bell Springs and Sun
shine Butter
Chase & Sanborn Teas
and Coffee
10 lbs. Fancy Potitoes
for 25c
11 lbs. Sugar $1.00
Phone 172.
W'.i-hiiiKti'li. Auk. 21. IVaio loom,
ed today In turbulent San liomimto.
where the pn anient. Iloiilan, had
pioiinned to rennen and leatletn or all
elcmciitn tiaieed lo dii-arm their rol
lowern and releuM politl al priMoti
etH. The ureemeut wan leachcil
after conferciii lielwei-u tho con
teioliuK leadern and the Ainernan
pcai e coinminnioiiern. Ilordan will
ho hllci coded l. Hailton llaex an plo
tlnioluil li 1 i I lit. w ho wdl rolidip I
the election.
lliilinc, Ala., Auk Four per
Mini were killed and three other-i
Pioliahly latally injured near Savoie.
I.a., when Kiinoline in a tank car or
the New nrleann, Texan & Mexico
i.iliroad exploded The i-xponion in -i
Hired new ml hour after tho tank
i ar had been derailed In a wreck,
Vrr k mi K. '. SMitliift
Fort Smiih, Ark.. Aim. .'S. Twelve
pirnoim were Injured, liom' fatally,
loilay when Kannan City S..iilhern
imeneiiKor train No. 1. niithhiind.
wan derailed near Murhle C-tv, nkla.
A broken rail canned Iho nccldelit.
The HERALD Want Ads get
the best results.
s-iiiio .Mhiniioriio li-oplt" Have
lsu-mil That la Pan-
The alliihtent nymptom of kidney
troiiblo in f ir too aeriuua to bo over
looked. Ira the amall. ncKlecttd
tioiihlcn thai no often lead to nerlou
kidney aiini'iiin. That pain til the
'mall" of i ur balk; that urinary lr.
re-ularit, tlfne headachea und dixzy
rpella; that weak, weary, worn-out
fcelinc, may be nature warning nt
kidney weaknein Why rlk y"1"- l"
hy neKlectlliK then,, nyiniitoma? Heai ll
Iho cauin ir the trouhle while thero
yet la lime In Kin tr-ailnr our kid
ney at onie with H ied and pro -n
I Idliey remedy. No need lu experi
ment llnun'a K:di.. y I'liU hae ben
me Oennfully un d I . Ihounandn ol
tanea of kidney trouble for over St)
yeara. loan' Kidney IMIn are u i
and' rernmmendod throuuhoiit Iho i-lv.
limed world. IJndoraed ut home. Ilea I
Alhuiuer(us tentlmi ny.
Mr. J. IX Cole, Kit) S. I'l o.ulwav.
AIIuUeiiiie, aaya: "For Hume I ice
one of our family aurTelod from hi
I back a the rennlt of kidney il,.'l Je"
I tci. rin of Doan Kidney I'll n arid
ei Inc th.it they were recoiiiiio iid-'d
for ui h Irouolen, h Un-. Ihem
lio.ui Kidney Till Htt relief I rom
(he ai he and palm, and drove uw iy
the lamcneau over tho .kidney. "
Trice ,')', al all dealer. l. n t
imply nk for a kidney remedy net
loan'a Kidney Fill I ha name tint
Mra. Cole roeoinmenda. Konlrr-Mil-turn
Co., Prop.i UuSalo, N. T.
Entire Force Will Gather in
New High School Building
at 3 o'Clock to Hear Out
line of Year's Work.
Supermt. lulent J,,,M Milue of the
city m ho 'ln ihln nflerli'ion announced
n genera I meeluiir of all ten hem In
Iho city n holn lor tomoi row alier
ni. on ut ,i , ( I,, the new hwh
a hoo IniildiiiK, when member ..f
Iho fone will meet the netcrnl ward
lilinill'len and a general outline of
the work f..- the n. hooj ,e.ir, which
opinn Monday mornluK, v,i.l be din
i unned
Tho meeting will ho an inf'ino.il
on" ami will bo a act iiciUaltiled
moetitiK Tor the new tncmi.eis of the
it v faculty.
The limit n hool enrollment today
went will pant the 2tiu mnk and Mr.
Milne nayn he oxpcctn It In (irow coii
nldernWy lomorrow. The etirollinelit
ulrendv In tho larxent on tocord.
Sunday afterrioon from 1 to Ti
o'cIim k the new hnth m hool building
will bo open to i it l.enn w ho w inh t
nee the nlruMiire. Member." of the
hoard of ed n ation and Ilia tern lilng
fone will he In attendame to enow
vlnttorn throuah. A largo number of
citlxenn took advantage of the Invi
tation to Innpect th new building
Ihl afternoon.
School Gardens, the Best
Methods of Teaching Be
ginners and Athletics
Among Topics for the Day.
J'laclii al ipiiano of at hool Work
ure iic.'upyinti the aecond duy'a aen
nloii of the u ii li :i I colilerclb u of Iho
liiurdeiioiiiiiiutioii.il u-ui hora ul the
i:iuUXiUUUi. iudunlrlui achuul tuduy.
Si hool Maiileniug. athletic und plac
lical pcdaKotiy are prominent m the
day a pliiKium, und placlh al phunen
of Ihu liilnnion aclioo work will oc
cupy much of the utteiilion of the
Uuihci toinoriow. Sunday will he
dci olid to iK'i"tioiial nerUen in the
tuiioua iliuichiB of Iho city und the
colitcleii.e win coa ui cm Mon
day. Today i' l,im and ihe !
inuinder of iho i "iifci i ii,u wick I
oulilued u follown,
Murniut! Seanloti.
k i'i 1 i l utlollll, bupt. J. I'. Uunn.
H.li- Hun Could viurdetiuiK und
uthi r ImluNtrlon Uu
1'lux.i tchooln.' Key
The Vuluo
Iniroduced Into
. S. F. I let min
or Athletic
l'riii. It. i; .McContiell.
1J.U lluw to Tfjch a fluaa ot
LlegimieiK - Minn Nlchola.
10 1 j - How to Kcai Ii
lUlimou'-ly Minn Anita
fun l'coile
lit II.
l.ifo for
1ij:." A Sutinlactol y
L'outitty Women - Min. Ant
11.1 J lttl.lt) Talk J;ev.
,a I). Tall.
H. A Ion. o
Afternoon pension
2:00 lllblu Tulk Ue;. S. Alotiro
2.30llow Much mil What Ag
gresniiv Work Can We U. Auioiitf
I Im I utholii; Fcople'.' Mini Tripp
3. HU Tho llillueuiu of Salib th
"nominee: (at The Teuclu-r Minn
Alice llynon; (In In the l;aidiim
Si hool MImi Milliii nt N ""(!.-, ()
In tho Community Mma i-. W.
3.30 F.mcl i n icm, Un-llif'-ctanta,
t'tc. I Jr. A. li Shottle.
Moiiilng Sennloii.
8 . 4 j -
a . t J -!i:4
K Hi lie I
I lev otiolin- Kev. II. A. Itaa-
Tilk Itev. Ilnfl iii.Hi.
liepoit i,f Committee on He
Work Mnut Tl'pp, Minn
Webnler, Minn Front.
1 0. 1 ')- -lt port of Committee on
Ten hern' Training School Mr. Hon,
Dr. lleald. Minn Dawn. Ml-a Wood.
I0..1M Thn Country liul und ller
I'roblcm Mm Anna It. Tirt.
11.00 -Jlow lo Im rcane 1'ernonul
Cleanlmenn Allo'iu Ihe I'eoplo Minn
JJiinkei .
11:30 Si hool MilniC Mr. J. C.
Itei real ion.
11 ai) a. ni. Womhiii in ihurchea
of Alljuiiier'ue,
4:110 p. in. Sacrament of. tho
LoiU Supper.
: i tieiotiona Mm. J. II Heuld.
H li I He of the Fiuiinh and
Spauinli in tho iichool Mna Mabel
lO.jaliuti iiumcii i f Teachera'
lieiidiug Co i; iff.
1 1 On Outline Cnurne ol Manuul
Traiulng I'. It. Jeiiiiuina.
e(erila) sciMoiw.
The opemng nxlnn of the confer
vlii e mil moet liiieientlug.
The veterann of the ncr I' e, with
hair nilered by long )eur of iiii-
eifinh labor, rubbed liouldein with
ine novice w boa fui en nhoiie with
nt biiiiiiklil and lulerent, mniled
porhupn w ith amir i urionity and ap-
pi r beniuou.
Tho npei j f.aiure of the inornin
erniiin waa a diw iinnioti ut Ihe proti
lein of coiiiilry lifn hy Mm Taft,
who I an expert In thla line. A
moat of lh tvacher wuik in lh
Yellow Peaches
Belleflower Apples '
Concord Grapes f
Celery , f
Cauliflower t
Head Lettuce
Egg Plant
Green Corn '
New Dill Pickles
Nice Bananas 30c
New Shipment of Crack
ers Today.
J. A. Skinner
205 S. First St.
Phoi.cs 60 and 61.
amall rommunitlen of 01 r male tbi
nubji i t wan one of deepest lulerent
to Mil III.
The paper and diacunniona of Hit
day were inn.e and gay, the ipien
lloiM profound und pnn Ileal. Tim
Itiirodiietlon of iuiluntii.il traiiiliiK
Into ho w hool tiaa iiiiiltiphrd proh
Iciii.m at the name lime that It ha
proml'ied ever ually to contribute to
ward their aol.illou.
Mm. Kuntcrday'a flung In phymcnt
culture gave exhibition liillla both
aiternoon and evenuiR, tleinonnt rat
lin: bv their ileeiiiaey and grace the
po.mihilitlca of faithful work in thla
line. The Importance of the train
ing of the body a well an or I bo
miml han been long renliz.d by our
minnion worker and augKCktloim nro
gladly welcomed.
In the evening Judg McTie en
tortnlned and Inetrueted the confer
ence by n lecture on the "Archueol
oxy of New Mexico, llluntratod hy
ntoreopllcon vlewn.
Kdgiir l.ovelnno lant week nold "
Jim hrown the Fate Wnmiirk iiiar
lor. acronn tho river from Fort Sum
ner, and 2a0 head of cuttle. A
leuned nchonl gectlnn H Included In
the ileal. Mr. Hrown recently bouuliL
2u head of entile from lllik'h And. I
mm. Ilo will noon t. in tlm iock
htiHliienn iiu.iln on an extcnmve aae.
Of a High
We have just received
300 Imported Wool
ens which are up-to-the.
minute, and there are
many exclusive patterns
among them. Coi.ve in
and see for yourself.
Merchant Tailor.
Till! t OUT OF IJVINti
ia at ill going up, but Ilread I one rf
the tital licenbl'le and remain in
reach of all, In pite of h'.Shcr prle- .
Hut it I iiu.il.ty that counta in Krend
utei,ani e, the mini tailing: property
in the loaf. Our Una J I known lo
ba Xi m moat ecotioiu! al. for the very
r. a noli that It goc farihrr tbm other
blend and g ie more "tllllni" tatin
rail Ion lo lhoo eating II,
207 South First Street

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