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(1T in n i
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Dot Farley in "The Price of
Cr me" Being Widely Ex
ploitcd hy the Warner Features.
Thai Hi). .liiuiicrtie Kihn com
pany, organised here ln ycals K"
mid nuw operating from !. Ange
les, I t living a valuable medium of
publicity lor .lbu.iic r.iic tin ill v. I
nlioun liy thte week's motion picture
journal, professional and tludc pub
lli minim. Kicry one t.f them includ
ing the widely circulated Motion Tic.
ture News, curries full pi go adver
tisement of Hie Wafmr I'ei.lurcs in-i-orpiated,
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uon. "The Trice of Crime."
"Tt Trite nl Crime" u i'n ra to
Iih Mlse Farley's melodramatic mas
! t'ln . In It Mir roba h Irani. rui
away In.m wvnal sheriff and -sca
uml otherwise conducts herself HH
an outlaw lady of cnnaldciable class
Sermon in First Methodist
Church to Start Important
Church Gathering. Bishop
Hu-zhes to Preside.
Republican Candidate for
Corporation Commission Is
Proud of His Running Mate
and Sends Love to the Folks.
Kcpuhllcana. near lie publicans
ami olhvta In All.u.uciu,u(j and
till oughout lilt; Blair lixlay received
a nice personal letter from liughcy
Williams, who la running lor he cor
(oral loll commiesion on the. atuiidpa'.
, Itcptilili. an ticket. According t
; Huuh. Ill haa been a pull on an eusy
.grade for him with plenty of help
at all 1 1 1 i .-a : and tlm general lnor ot
It all see ins to b thai lire has been
i a ofl snap for I In- eg-rallroader.
Hugh wants vvrhoii to know hi
! running male, U. C Hernandez, who
Iih anya ta a "mighty square little
J fellow " It la Hugh a impression thai
Hernandes will iru If given a
chance. Thv letter is an elfervea
irvnt expression of kindly feeling for
! the folka at noma ami while, no men-
i tlnii la niacin of oacuiatory ailvan ei
I lo the lialiy, the general impression
'of I ho Inlantlltt caress la plainly v -
1 dint. 1'ltu letter follows:
Pan la Fa, dpi. 7, 1 14.
I My lear Friend:
i Let m thank you for the he.i
.which you and the ''" have given
in.', not only In the cumpnign forj
I noiiuniilion Just past, hut before. 1
had a standing alart In llfu with an
' uphill pull; and. while no one mun
haa born always reudy to lend mo J
' hi 'ping hand, there have been so
many willing and kind enough to
mir a little pueh that It seems I"
have been, alter all, a pretty cat."
grudi'. ao fur.
'I hu work aa corporation cnmmis
aioner haa been en)oablc; and three
' years' experience has taught me a
gical drill which. In the beginning,
I really didn't know thai anybody
knew. If 1 am elected this tune i
. lei-l that I can give a great deal be.
til service In my next term than I
i have In the paM. I shull ccrialnly
try to do the beat 1 can.
I wish oii might know my run
ning mute. Hon. II. V. Hi rnandcx, our
ratidldute for rongreaa. He la a
' nilKhly a-iuare little f'-llow. who hnn
worked hla way up from the rank
Jimt aa I have; and who loves thin
old atute Just the same aa we do. It
would not ninke any difference where
you iiiiiiht look for a man, you would
have a lot of trnuhlafln f Indtnr a bel-
iter one than llernandci. When hi-
has served our people for a lltt'.c
while hack there lief Waaklngttitt
will nil be Just aa proud of him a
any state la of Ita i oiigrrMiiian. Kx
perlence docs a great deul for ua all
uml he has It In him lo gron.
I I if course. I wunt your gdpimrt for
both of u. We will ihi It; hut we
lire going to win! Thia old party ol
i ours geta right on public iiuealioii
' M.Miiii r or later every time; and It
. I rmht now. , ,
I wl)i you Would write me letter
i mnl let me know how the folks (eel.
I Voura very truly.
Ill iill II. WIUI.IAMH.
The Live Clothier
Try raiiilruHlM-r'a tavorlte
ltHlHj of hagi Tea ami
A I moot everyone knows that
Tra and Kulphur, propel ly com
pouuili'd. bliuxa Utck the natural
tolor and lujter In thv Iih ir when
faded, streuked of gruy; ulso elido
dnriilruff. It. lung scalp fnd slop"
falling hair. Years ago thu only way
to set this mixture was to make It
ut home, whiih la many and truu
Nowudayg we simply axk ut any
drns store for "VVvelh'a Hage nd
tiulbhur Hair liiiiicdy." Vou will
get a large bottle for about lo ccnta
Kvervbody uea this old, (jiiioUh rec
Ipe. because no one can poaalbly tell
that you ilaikened your hair, as It
docs It so naturally and evtnly. You
damnen a snonue or aofl bruuh with
it and draw this through your lialr,
taking one small strand at a time
by morning the gray hail dUappeura,
and alter another application or two
your hair becomea beautifully dark
thick and glossy and ou look '
Lett anything? It t Harald want
iii:iti iv .iju yt Kityt i
How I mil I'ni-ka Have Ilein Made
Mnaig Kidney Ilia Chtih tl.
All over AlbuiUeriUn you hear It.
The thirtieth an.iual confer, me nf Koan a Kidney IMIls are keeping up
the New Mfxn u Methoilint mlyfiiiii the goorl work. Aiiiuqueririe people
will op.n loiUKlil al the Kirtt Metho- are telling about It telling of bad
il. church Willi a s.inion by Itev lacks mmle aound again. mu can
liuliry Van VaUeninimh of Itoswell. believe the tcKiimony of your n
Many of the lorly-arven nuiiilxn. or townspeople. They tell It for the
the conference hud arrived today arid hciieril of th-vae. who are suffering,
the remaining niemhcia w.li reach If your Iwck achea. If you feel lame,
Albuiiieriue on '.oiuuht's trains. In- and miserable, f the kldncvs net
lulling ItMhup IMvvln Holt ll.mln- of im freiiuently. or pnsaages ale I'ain-
F'an Kiaucivio who will preside at the till, scanty and off color, use Ihain
ulitrrence and who will Punic In Kidney rills, the. remedy that has
thu church I'rid.iy night. lillio i,.d so many nf ynur frlrmi anu
Hughes la one of the inoet brilliant neighbors Follow thia Albuquerque
speakers In Hie Methodist chur. h, uii citir.eii g advice and glve p.'iins a
eduiaior who lias held, tmsiimns ol eham'e to do lh same for ynu.
high responsibility and his iue-n Mrs. Thomas itliikemore, it
will udd materially to the interest of Arno XI., Albuquerque, says: '
the coiilerrajca. knew I heeded a kidney medicine
The conference program for tomor- my back ached and I had other kld-
. i. . . . . , . ..f
row follona. i ney aiimenis. i "
I '..an's Kidney Tills una nnvi- never
Meeting of Bernalillo County
Democrats in High School
Auditorium Promises Re
cord Breaking Attendance.
Effort to Work up Row in
Party Ranks Proves Pitiful
Fizzle and Brings Laugh
from the Rank and File
Arrangements for the meeting of
the llernallllo county Iiemocratlc con.
vim ion to he held tomorrow night
in the auditorium of the new high
school building are complete untl the
convention promises to rival In at
tendance end In enthusiasm that re
markable slate convention held In Al
buquerque a month ago. The con
vention Itself will he a detail of the
evening meeting which will be In the
nature of the llrsl big mass meeting
or the full campaign. The delegates
will be called to order at 7:30 sharp,
hy Chairman l-ouls a. Mi Itae and or.
ganlsatlon la expected to be perfected
quickly as the-e are no contests and
complete harmony of purpose among
the delegates. Nomination of three
candidates for the state legislature
are to be made and following the se
lect Ion nf a county committee the
convention will resolve Itself Into a
man meeting.
The general public Is Invited to at
tent both convention and mass meet
ing, but especially the latter, since
several prominent speakers are to he
present whose addresses are certain
to prove Interesting. Oovcrnor Mc
Oonald Is billed for the opening ad
dress. The governor has not entirely
recovered from the severe cold con
trailed In northern New Mexico last
wek, but has signified that he will be
here If he is able to travel. Heerelary
of Htate Antonio Lucero. one of the
most gifted speakers In New Mexico
will deliver an address, and Adolph
P. Hill, iH-mocmlli: candidate for the
slate corporation rnmmisslon will de
liver hla first public address In Al
buquerque. Mr. Hill Is a atrnng
speaker and there la much Interest
In what he will have to say. ttapec
lal rate will be taken to see that
ladles are provided with seats.
Caucuses tin Nominees.
Caucuses of lha. delegations of the
two city precincts Hill be held at "
o'clock tonight when reports of thu
committees on legislative nominees
w ill be received and dim unwed. The
two deli gallons are working in har
mony with the Idea of securing bus
inesa men of standing and capacity lo
make the legislative race. No other
clement enters tnio thu situation as
regards the cnndi.latcs.
IslTort to Mart I tow llsslea.
The attempt to start a row by laked
reports of the primary meeting in
precinct 2i Monday night mid indus
triously circulated by lie publican
machine Interests, has resulted in an
amusing rlzxle. The effort broke down
when in respon.se to statements that
prohibition had been injected Into the
situation aa an issue, the men cited
as doing the Injecting Indignantly dt
riled that they had any thought of
making un Issue or any kind. The
move to start dissension In precinct
i't by reviving the spring municipal
campHign light also fell Hat when it
became known that the men who led
the April bolt were working hand and
glove with the rank and llle In the
iff. ut lo line up a legislative ticket
which will win in November.
While considerable Indignation was
expressed yesterday at the effort
bring out a prohibition Issue In thr
pre convention situation, thia ciiang-
ed today into amusement at the full
Ule of the plun.
Thursday, Friday Saturday
September 17th, 18th, 19th.
Wc offer the following values, many of them
worth 35c and 50c, all at the one price 1 9c
:tni a. m. to 9:30 Joint sacra
mental service of feipanish and r.ng
llsh missions. Hisliop Kdwiii Holt
Hughes pr. l-ldllii;.
9:"J0 n. ui imanlis.ition of Kng-
lih missions, followed by a buKlmiM
i. KI p. m. Devotions led 1.y llvv
I'Y-iatilidex, followed by the organ
isation of the Spanish iiiuteloti conference.
J. 3D p. in. lluslneiMi meeting of
l ho Woman's Home Missionaty so
needed any kidney medicine since.
My relatives have ulso used 1 ....ink
Kidney Tills with the most aulislau
torv results."
Mrs. HI;. kernels is only one ol
many Albuquerque people who have
gratefully endorsed Doan'a Kldne..
Tills. If your Iw k achea if your
kidneys bother '". don"t simply ask
l-r a kidney remedy ask distinctly
for tliian'l Kidney Tills, the same
that Mra. Illakeiuoie had the rem
euy lacked by home testimony. 50'
al all ssores. Foster- Mllburrt Co.
:'j.' '.hmere Itouquet Os
Hoap for ItlC
i.".c Woodbury's Favlal Ifta
neap IJC
Dc t'aatilo rioap, 3 f
for lUC
S.'iO Violet lilycerlne HoaiilM
1 'for IUC
2. It- fold Tablets if)
Ik May Hum lit
for IUC
Itf.c Teroxldn Cream lfta
lor IUC
Lyons Tooth PnsdiT a A
for IUC
;'lc Pulin.in'a pry Ceaner saw
fr IUC
Jjc UeX.ill Tooth Taste
for IUC
lie Menthollnu sat.
f 19c
2ac Toith Hrushcg i(
fr IUC
.'ic tied Kubber Mpplesasa
for IUC
25c Ivory Knap. ia
i tor IUC
J.'ic Wltchllsel saw
f I9c
ilic Tint Armour's irapes
Juice IUC
J.'.c Castor oil f
for IUC
.'.'ic U.ilil ir flllver Paiiil in
for IUC
Kyrup White Tine is.
and Tar IUC
2.'ic. 1 ounces Aromatic i jw
l as. ara UC
U.".c Towdered llolax saw
f 10c
2,'ic Itexall Tear I Tooth IA
Tow.lcr IUC
:.'.c lied Cedar Klages saw
fr IUC
2ac 3 paikagea IS.' Ill- IA
eloies IUC
Hie Kidney Tlasters saw
tic Kesall l.lver Tills f
for IUC
il.'.e Itexall Liver Halts ia
for IUC
lie Heldliti Towdera ssa
lor IUC
25c IMamond-Iyoa-lyes a sw
I for IUC
2ic Tutmann Dye. sew
1 for IUC
2:.e nine nil lf
?.'.c Cathartic Tills saw
tor IUC
27,r Teroxlde Hoap. a f
for IUC
The above are some reasons why we solicit and merit
your Drug and Drug Sundry patronage.
Baft's Rexall Drug Store
119 West Central
Phone 65
This is a case for careful, well con
sidered legal action."
.kcd as to a rumor Hint the ha Il
ia Ke county grand Jury, now In sea
Hlon. had returned or would leturn
Indictments against the Journal In
t onne Hon with the Hernandes
charges. Mr. 1' ly said that he had
not hint to any.
8:00 p. m Address by Itisl Kd-1 Trope., buffalo, N. V When Your
ln Ilolt Hughes. I. i., LI. I , Ioii'.kk is uame i"""1"""
lh Hpanisli mission conference. lhere,ame.
will le au Interpreter or thia address.
MiMiey Market.
New Vo.k, Kept. I Closing:
cantil paper, ?.
liar silver, i 3-Sc.
riJNUlVL DIltirTOll
Idy Asaialant.
Huh svul t-iural.
Ptmna lr and Klg'X. S40.
113 S. Third
Kansas City I.Ueatm k.
Kansia lty. sept. 1 Hogs Fie.
relpts l.oliu; hik'her Hulk, Ix.litt
; heavy. $Vt."i : packers and
butchers. .ii n.". . Hlhf. M JtJ
v; Pigs. I7.IMIV 7 j.
Cattle Iteveipis 1 0.0OU : strong.
Trims fed steers. I0.lr 10 U;
messed lieef st.ei. H0Ui.7i: west
em si eels, l. 7i ato kers and
feeders, (.2al -': calves. t.uw
lo ;.u.
Hbeep Kecelpis l.'.OOU ateady.
I. ..in hs, 7.kt.l s i'': VMrlings, 15.73
wethers, 4u ' ewes.
ad and Nt-ltr.
fi. Louis, Kept. I Mad nomi
nal, 11.7V; apclirr lower, 3V
i 40.
Itch! Itch! Itiht-rt'-rah'S! fcralch!
Scratch! The more vou V latch, tha
woia the Itch. Try Doan s lliit
ment. For ax-xema, any skin Itching.
Republican State Chairman
Refuses to Talk of Hernan
dez Matter but Says Formal
Statement Is Coming.
Italph C. Kly. chairman i f the )
publican st iU committee, whose res
ignation irom Hie Hisltloii has leeii
demanded by the Albu.UcriUe Jour
nal. Ill toi.nccllon wun that paper a
charges of misconduct In county of
fice against It. C. Hernandes. the lie
publican isndidale for congress,
came to A.bmiui rnue last night and
la In loiiteren. e here to lay with a
number of liepulih. an leaders, local
and from other set ions of the state.
sir. tly still refused to discuss the
rharges against Heiuandcx In any
"Mr. Hernandex ia preParinT !
statement which will he iucd in due
time," aald Mr. L'ly. "Further than
that I do not care to discnx the mat.
ter other than to state that charges
of ofiiflal miacunduct against Mr.
Hernandes are falee and will be ao
proven. This la not a case lor new
paper conversation. I know the
charge brought by the Journal
against Mr.
1 belleva
Santa Fe County Convention
Nominates Strong Ticket;
Roybal Second Candidate
for House.
rianlu Ke, N". M , riepl. I. Sanlu
Fe county Democrats, aficr several
adjourned sessions and i' lifcien. es
of delegates to the county conven
tion, have named a tukel of legisla
tive candidates which 1. 1 ol.al.lv will
carry the county by laigu inajurllles
They are Arthur Selisniau, for years
a leader In the party in thu state and
one' of the leading business men of
the capiial, and Jose Incx K'-ybiil of
To)iHi.ue, memlier of the slate board
of penitentiary coiiiiiiihsioIicis. I'olh
men are popular and recognised as
men ( hiKh Integrity. Their selec
tion la highly approved and will
bring out the full strength of thu
Democratic vote.
'he road tax collections. So fur
twecn l;;.0"u and It, "aa has t vn
garnered Tlx l.il.ei sum. in '.'asi.
wiil be (olleiled la lore the Htrc.mi f
p.Oiueiila ceases. The Imgi-xi sum
ever collected before (nun Ih.i lead
tax was II lii.li.
Ili'loie beglnnuiK this cml 'Ion.
Chairman J'.bn Heavin a ". I I'o ol in r
members of the road hoaid dctei min
ed tha. it would be done syhleiii.i'-. al
ly. It was. Kvery source ir .olc -lion
was tapped, and no t.iv.rit.s
were idiijed. No favors were h;.ih.
.n. when the collector went alter 'he
tax. he either Kot the mo i 'i th"
cuiliily will the work e.,nv,il-"it
to thf cash. In the ollslde itlslrl't.,
virtiiHlly all lite taxpayers win nit
the road lax.
Naturally, as a reuli of the rco-ipi
the road board has I. ecu aide In do
o i' d deal of work thai utlii'twi"
ot M not have bu n alte.upiel Tim
mcr.t'V mioie the i auyori lo. d P"sh'
ii'c ithti it oiouKht al'oiit Hie will, rli
hi. rad lioin tin' etui:" t r..' .rid
s rcil and the county In. . I: will in
al. i the hoard to do ni'i' il e.'in n
uddlllon to t.'ial
Mr. Heaven s..ld today lit it the
knowledge that the road tax was '
lug put in o roads and that all Hi.i
money the hoard got would bo ex
pended for the benefit ol the taxpav
ers led numbers in the . iij to s. icl
their rii.iicy in voluntarily. In the
past t lie 1 1- has been little ot that
spirit exhibited by the e...le.
f'lilcatrii Utesliak.
Chicago, Hipt K. Hogs Ke
1V00U: alow. Hulk ( sales. X ,i
xu; light. $ S 70 i a 40 ; miked. ti
is 4a. heavv. f R i :. : ronxli,
H n..i x jii. fin: H.Jji ta.
Cattle lle.iipu 17. . Hi in-
lice us. I 7 un ti 1 1 nil. slert, IS J."
.'.':: rlo. keis and feeders, t. Mi')'
.3Z; cows and hellers, $J7'iw l'.
.u hea. I -'.'.i I.' .'j.
Hheep Ke eipta It J .00 o . hteadr.
Between $3,000 and $4,000 in
Taxes has Been Collected.
Funds Well Spent on Improvements.
Hernandes are malicious. I foil .elert beior
More than, twice the amount ever
will be taken in bv
board aa r:ult oi
New Mexico
Beer & Liquor
1306 S. Third St
All leading Trends of IU--r,
Wine ami IJiiuors.
triMjila lHie4ed ! to All
l-arta of tbe t l.
Phone 556
them lo ! 6e(amelory. the cuuiuy road
ad find it for you.

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