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The evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1914-1922, October 22, 1914, Image 5

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The Hilion Dollar Mystery
Jltuttrotiut from Scme.t in the VUotn frama of th
Stun Aurm try the Thanhousvr I i'm Company
( iifrriirl't. not. Iit
The Flat on the Top Floor.
Uralfe crawled from hie uncomfort
able, hiding place. 111m riot linn were
ftntri and (l.i in p, IiIh hat gone. Hy
a hair breadth he had eacaped the
rlrvi r trap laid for him liargrcavc
uai alive, h" hail ciiraped; lirali.e waa
hk ccttatn nf thin (ad a hp m of
hie own btenthing He nmv knew
how to account for the flickering light
In the tipper r"iry (if thp warehouse.
Ilia ancient enemy bad been watch
ing film nil the I'm More than thla,
Hargreavc ami the meddling reporter
nc In collusion. In iho flare of
llghta ill the end of Iho gun play h"
hail i a i k 1 1 1 the mlll of the roMirter.
Here waa u dangerous iiiun. who muat
tip watched wild the utmost rare.
He, limine, had been lured to com
mlt an overt art. and by Hip rarest
K lurk hail eec.ei with nothing
mure eerlnus Mian a rold (bill and a
galling disappointment
He (Taw it'd along th tup of the
pier, lla'eniiig, tending bis ila.'k iii cun
turned glance hither and thither. The
-ky in the mat waa growing paPr ami
Idler In liml (Mlt among tiie balca
of wool, bug a of coffee aiid lemon
crate lie slowly and i aiitloiialy
or mel bl.s wav. A watchman pa
tri lled the ifti e hm). of the
Louse and Urainn found II po.'slble
to rr-ep around the other way. thence
Into the afreet After that he atralght
I'tied ;ip, nought a ncmd band ahop
tui'I punhaacd a eolt hat. which be
pulled i..w u over his i )m
lie had li.-: I f a dnt n limine whlcH
be aiwa.. a k -(t m nudities. for n'K-ti
ml v cnturca us tin, lie tented them
furnished In nmull ho'ela which mucr
asked ijner-i inna of their patrons To
one of these he went an fast as hi
weary li -g could carry him He al
wa)a carried the key. One In bis
room he dunned freah wearing ap
pare! limn, apnea, and ahaved Then
he r ii e. (,., downatair. the- secuud
hand hat alluding bl eve, and the
upper part of bit fn e
At half past twelve Norton rntori d
the K ii U kt ln, ', r . a fe rt stauraitl
and the first person 1... noticed wa
l'rplne. read.! g H.i morning a paper
prnj pe. ntriiin t he water carafe
Fvuiett'lf hi' lnj ,ai rUi-U. for
there wns tiolhiiiR on Ills plate Nor
t'in wallied oxer ami l.i.l I, in I, mid
I on I'raiiea - -, M t ,j f, i,,. Inan
lik" d nil ;i i. M i uric. f. I ,
"h, Nirf..n. fit i.i(., h t di vrn!
Have vnii h.id liiiuli Nn ' Juln me "
"'1 Ibihi- ( '.i-i.e in r..r ii, y break
faj.t," ha: I Nort.di, drw -t.tr out the
chair I'rii'.i.i- hum h.tt i,k wMli b.
b.irk to the vull i-n tie hiiii.te neat
"I wm.il.-r i' ni in i.jn r men
ver eat a real, true ln.et-h break
flift I ft i, tb'l.k the bourn M.il
lead w..ti!. kill v.ii off AtlMhlnt
liew on Hie ll.iiti.:ne ),,r ? "
"I'm nut hai.dln.j: that." the repnrier
!'d ch rtuy ' I 'Hin t w ant to. I
knew li'in ritiier intimntelv 1 v n
liortor i f it. .el penp'e. and doii't want
fo be i'.-d ii Miit to Identify the body
When they tiud It."
1 h-ii yoi; think they will tind It"
"I dun t kin. It h a fiiriini:e m:iie
1'ni not i.ii the nii.ry. n.ind ou, Put
I waa in the huahfy of li:ffy a ware
hoime Int.. .tiii niriit and lell Into a
.Mmiii:tn i niiipijx '
"Vv. I r-itd aliut that. What
w ere Ihey alter ?"
"Vouve (t..f tnr. tbrre Nn on
peeriiH to kie.w Some iixk and hull
Mm alioiit there beli.n aouietbliiK
valuable 'i'l.re wan"
'What was it' 1 he reKirt In thl
pat-er iPx :i mil mh v "
"Ten tli iii-and biiKS of coffee '
Hr.i'iiP lay but k lii hia thair and
"If oi. want in v opinion ' raid
Norton, - believe the gunmen oire
out to Nhoot ii;, anoiher Kaug, and
the poll, e w inj f it "
"T'l'ii't .ii thliik I' about time the
police, called a h.iit in tlilt gunman
"Oh. 101 long aa they pot each other
the poliett look the other way. ll
aavea a Ion Iria! and piohage up th
r(.r It aided, whenever thev aie
ntbbed hi i In 0 big p..itlci;in III ili.(Kfh
to opt ii the (l..r for them, divat 5
tlio American voter "
"lake Mr Norton' order, l.uigl,'
aid lliaiue
"A Herman pancake, bmiered toaal
and toff ," ordi-'ed I h reiortvr.
"Man, eat fcou.et bmg ' "
"It 'a lioiiit!, for iiip "
"Ant ou'll go i t),a rent of th
day oil ti.hac. o I kt.ew pnn.ellnin (,
you hapa. I dun t bc- bow you man
ag to do It "
K'd l the leaet of mr troiililPi
Hy the wav, iiihv I ank ou a few ipiea
tlona Niillung for print, unleat
you ve got a ncv I k coiaing "
' Kire away "
"What do )oii know about th
1'rlni eaa I'ei itl 1
me ace li'in M.i her llrat
about a year ago at rei t-piinn aueii
to Naniinova. A vetv attradivti worn
an I pee ijuIIp a lot of her by'"
"Well, aha I'luimii ! I a aort ol
auul to llargieavea dauahier "
aaid aoine' hlng to u.a about
that thn oilier niahi. You iiti
know bre you re at In thla world, di.
lha (Jeiman pan ak. the toal. th
llj4r..l.l a.-. , r, 1.)
ofiee (P '.appeared, ii lid tiie reporter
paused hia cli'ar
'Iho prt-Milet vic'i-t. town tod.iy
and I in off to w.it.li the how I nup
I m i h e III Ii.imi to i rv. nin almut
the tarilT und all tli.it rot W hen ton
Mart on a new b-.ok let me know and
i ll be our pi CH;i Iiceljt "
"Thafn n bnrta'r: "
v"lb.iiil.n f'-t r!,e br ikfaM "
Iir;iine pi ki d up hi new ppApor,
Pllioked all!) Ii.l.l He Klli'iHiil, win,
but he only pielend'd lo read The
young fool a clever leit no man
la IritaHihlP He had t,t 1 1 1 r b-aat
;;i-nloii ; be hii onlv rhe newspaper
Mory still in fntr... manner be
inlirht Htumhle upon the truth and
It would 1'P J'lst If il t, t.i- the
reporter's hi-nila erectually
The rne.ror of early ni,.rtilu had
been PUbibied. unuT arid tpiii k tem
per never pair) m t),,. ,,K rt, an, h(
one appreciated thn fact better than
Hratne To put Norton out ,,f the
way iempnr.it liv waa only a viae pre
caution; it wan leit a matter of aplte
or rcpribitl.
V.o paid the recliontn g. left the rea
taurant a'ul (lropM-d Into one of bla
rliiba for a runt' of bl'.ilii: l- He
drew iuite a galiery ah-mf the table
11" wen e.i :ly, rn ked l.ls ( ;ie and
soiiejil tl,.. i.p.irtmentn of 'lie pru. (
hat a lece of luck i' whh thai
tilx.i had really married tiiat old do
turd. I'lrlgoff' He bad left her a
titled w nb w h i x iiiuntlo. alter her innr
I'a; e Hut Mi- bad b.,d hatdi.v a ko
peck t.i i all b. r ow v.
"'!: Ila'r'i'mii la al He aa
there It..! nlgl.i lint hiiihi hi'W he
a'.t.i ip.i'ed ti e r.ild and I. .id the po
lice tn uai'iiiir 1 he i(,iei.t mil Ih baa
be f ,i led itH1 Hid he talie that mil
lion or did he hide If There i one
thing left - to ret that girl No mat
ter where H.itKf-uvi. h'lld'-n. the
know ledK" tha' I - is in tit bnnda
wiil bi.i t! Ii!in in:' nil., the ojieii."
"No fi.i.re blind Uib a "
"What . on ciir n.iml ?"
"She hu. never M-en h.-r father Slip
con'oMicd to me tit;;! i;e ban not ev.-n
het-n il pie ti tM .1 h of l.lin "
There h a It ni p. map
To viii urd. f i.;i d ti.''' t.he licked.
liv the l.ord ll i. r I d -.' You've
a head o' vol -, oni! !o, T IhiliP.
T he very h!m j'liclty o' 'h,. p),ja
i . - v- ill
' . '- It -"I
- t-
; - ' - V
- .- ' - V . i i -'
LaLkJ,." .
A'.terept to Rob tie Duy Warthoui.
w .11 out tut 11.1. S.'llif. (,,e to '.,ae as
her Ut'ii'r. a inHjge banded to her
I'l m i r i i , d: i e mi - lor I me if -he w his
ra a until to a.iveite, tha' her fa
ther' a lite bangs upon the atcniy;
pill" tl USI (Olitlile It! tin o'.e least of
ll'l .biles fp. Puller ll .ill 'ep,.,.s
Upon ho "ll" Idler ,'ila lo h. r l.ied
in the countr y sb r . I... I.f s. , pg
wi'h h.T w'ndow open pi bbi.t ,,t-
t.!chi-d to a le ta. tos-ed Inlo tae Will
il )W I '.! tr:M Hue. to p., oi.e, 1 11
1I.1 It iimmI! Anli the j::il In our
1 mil -1 I tip- ft at v HI bt- i-iiia If htiH
really dot :- n it know where tiie no 1 1 y
la Hulaiiuvo will tell ua (ileal head,
little woman, ureal b.-ad She ilo.-a
not knov In r fa'her hand w r it ,ng "
'She h.'ia it-ver p-t n a tiiap f it
Ail that M.s.s fallow t.i-r leceived
waa int. 111 y The original i.efe Ml oi
the d- orstt p with Florence has been
lof Tti)-t 111 to luatkt! .ill t'leae 111-
l'l!t leP
"Tomorrow it ah', Iht 1, limned!
aitlv after dinner, a (avcih will
await her Juat aioiind the corner.
iiangc ia tiie beat man I can tl.iiik
of Ilea an urtt.t w hen it couiea to
plav 11, g the old 11, all parta '
' Not tun 1 1,1 te'm miiiT liar
gnave isti I over foin ttve "
"Ai.otbt-r gitod ptiini I in going to
atreldi on' here oil the d'van and
lli'oe for a while Had a devil of a
time I.imI i.'hlii "
"When aha'l I wak you?"
"At all Well have un parly dinner
aeet In. I want lo keep out of every
body' w ay iy bv ! '
In less than three n unite be waa
fcou 11 d asiccp The won, ,,n atd l.iut
at hi 111 In wondtr and ri.vy If only
he could drop to aleep like that Vt ff
aoMlv al.e pieed b.-r bpa to hia hair.
At eleven oclotk Hie following
nittht the ball l ght In the Hargieave
houae waa turned off and the whole
Interior became dark A ahadow
. . Ji !
. .711
crept through tno mar Duanea witn
out any mora aound that a cat would
have made Florence a window waa
open, aa the ar.-h ronaplrator bad ri.
lotted It would he With a amall
Hiring and atone aa a Ming he rent
the letter whirling aklllfully through
the air. It aalled Into the girt a room,
'i he man below I card no aound of Hie
atone hitting anything and concluded
Hint It had a truck the bed
He waited patiently. I'reaentlv a
wavering light could be dlHtlngulMied
over the aill of the window The ulrl
wne nwnkc and had lit the candl"
T hla knowledge waa awilb lent for hla
need The tragic letter would do the
rent, that la. If the grlrl came from
the anine pattern aa her father and
mother airniig willed and advent".
roun lie tiptoed back to the lilaca, when
a tio Kent him ( loae to the ground j
m.iii a uor.cn ieei away he aaw a
Khrwiow creeping along toward the
front door Presently the anadow
I ood up ae If INtenlng Mn atMpei
train and ran lightly to thn atep. up
theae to Iho door, which he hugged
Who wna thla wondered Ursine
Patiently be waited, arranging hit pm
lure ho that be could keep a lookout
ai trie coor ;vy an: oy tne iioor i
apen.d cautloualy A man holding i
i taiidle appeared llralne vaguely ,
i j . I
reci. iti. i.eu inu uearr ipijuii o; tun
butler The man on the terauda and
lenlv blew out the lisht
liranie could hear the low murmur
I i ea. but nothing mote The con- ,
vernation iBtted acarcely a mln'ite.
liiu door closed and the man ran !
man ran
down the Mepe. acros Hip lawn, witfc j
Hratne cloae at hia beela I
"Jntit a Moment. Mr Hargreave,' i
The man he addteaaed an llarenavc
turned with lightning rapidlt and
atruck The blow caught llralne
above the ear, knocking hinl flat
When be repaint J hia feet the rumbl
of a Motor told him the reat of tlii
Mory a a
Hy the dim light of her bedroom
candle h lorence r-ud the note whnh
bad f j ii ti tl entrance ao etrangely and
mvati rtniiaiy into her mi in lltr fa
ther! He lived, he needed her' Alive
but in dread )-nl. and only -he could
i.tve hmi! She loniied to fly to him
at once, then and there Ib'W could
he wait nil tomorrow night i.t eight?
I In. rued ately ai.e bt-Kan lo plan how to
i In iimveut the wntchf.il Jotit-a and
j the careful Susan. Her father! bhe
alept no nmre that tilght
'My Iiarling liaughtt-r. I tnuat pet-
you t nme at eight o'clock tomorrow
nitiht to Ts ijiuii. atrrnt. third floor
I I'onrlde In no one. or )ou aeal my
! litatli warrant
' Your unhappy FATHKH."
W I, at child would refuse to obey a
Milnuo lis like tblB.'
A light tap on the door Mirtod her
la anvihing 1 1 matter "' asked
' h" t; il l v iio-e of .lofii a
No I got up to get a unnk of
j water."
She heard h: fm Islt m d.e a vv a .-
; ib-wr. the t. 'ruler She inrust tiie
- It Hi r iffo the H'',.tt ('f In r ll tsH,
1 '(hi. I. I. i.v in-atlv folded iti the c!ia r
i -it Mo- toot i I t: e la d. th. n cilmht d
, I ...i k inlo the be.J I's.-lt .-ie ma: I
..-t .-i: ei.-i, t- Nor'ou
Wa- the i h Id s 'iii.i!.k' a rn. nance
i v. r the flrM ve.n.tr man !, had e.-r
1 ii -"t ' In lo r lo art of l.t arls tin- girl
j d ! te t i.llovv
j II. r laih' r'
It was all p. i rriblv af d r:gi-al!y
lip!.', lo u.ati li a vvotaatis II. ml
I .in hum tna' o a n li ti-'!i No ,',-ti
ltd the p. Ier Join b.,i x 1 1 . . 1 1 v
w.'.ri.etl iii r never t-. i-o an whi te,
.i-.,ve te'l.-j.li, .tie c a i 1 .1 o ! 1 . I ! e I -i . w ! t ll
'I,' t'"t I Olisull Hit! one or the ether
' Ihi lo And now alie I, i, I i i.u t . I
I t" dm ivi ih ru, Willi ail Mo. i winning
I i t .t r m i
The next morning at !i!.-,iRi,,st there.
, ,v;,s t-o'hiiig un.is'ial eiiliii :n her ap-
tptarance 01 noii.i'.. r.- I i.d.r the
si it w d si .,!:-, 0! tones s'-t v., a p;pt ;
her e i-rvil.iv pel:' a line b:i of arimg
f ir 1 I, who bad vet to pee H:e aage '
liut it Ih bo rn in woman to . '. ,io
' It la born in tnai- lo It and FbT
lice was no rtre pttt.tt lo 1:... t,,:..
She wa going to save lor Ta'ht-r '
She'ri.id with Sin-aii laved the J
pIMMo pewt il a little, l.iuttbt d Pull 1 1
and did a lliousuiid and ni.i Ihings!
vnillig girls do when tl.ev have Hie
xitcept'oii of li.elr eldera In v t. vv '
Ail day b i g Jm.ee wrnf iib.- i! M.. '
Ml ( Id bolllnl Willi b.s tiohe lo lint I
1 1 1 it There waa point I In i u, Hn-
ait. bill be lonld lint lell what It was
Boiiieh'ia or other no mat't-r wl,nii
rip'tn Florence went into there wa,.
Jorea wl'hln earshot And t-h" tlared
li ui alio the leaal liiital,iice or r.-a
tiveneaa ll waa a larpie order (or an
young u girl, but ahe itl'.ed it
She lather expede.l b.tt tin- re
j " lt-r would aptear aome t . u.e daring
i he ufltrnooii, and aiiir tinili I...
.pit He t'oiild l.o more repmi Hie de
plre to at f and laik tt. ht r 'Man rn
could r -1 -1 brealhitig Then was no
tihp denvii.g II, the woild bad an,
'filly turned al a new anie. prepcnt
in K a new fat p. a roseate vial. in It
lather aiib.bn d bi taav banter
"What new a" abe apki-d
' None. ' ta'her tVapondil.glv 'I til
Krry I had hoed by thla time to
get auiiiew l,f r, Itut II bappena that'
I taut get any luriher than (hia J
boue "
She did tint aak him what he meant
bv that
"Shall I play eoinevfclng for you?"
be id x
' Pleaae
tie drew a chair be aid a the piano
and watihed ht-r flngeia. white an Mist
Ivory kpva. futter up and down i In
board the la)ed I'hopm for hint,
Meiulelasohli. (.rieg and ( haiiiinade.
and ahe played Hi. in in a il t pi in l, t; I y
acholarlv faahtoii He bad Pipetted
thn liatia' choolglil choice and rum
Hon. 'Txania." the ' MiHtniigbt Hie
nata" (which not half a doivn grpat
tUnlala have ever plaved col rex lly I,
'MoliiiHlefy I'.ella," an I liie like. lie
b.nl plip.iled lo make il Iliatlvr of
i ' - it
1 y
i V
I "I
Tf,ed t Th w,r0
. . . '
hleiMlf: ItiMeai. tin una distinctly
and deiiitl.itully enter'.iiiit d
'You dun't," he a. ml whiinalcallv.
when fhe tlnally atopped, 'you dun't,
'''' '
bv any chance, know The Maiden a
She laughed. This piece was a
ataiiiPng Joke at acre" I
"I have never plav., it
if mav.l
i,.... . i ... .ti
I,,- in 111.' I,,"!' tt.I'ltM- .(
i Would inn like to hear if " mi
i chievaiuslv
; ' 1 1 "a fit forfetnl!' he murmured.
1 nrplnr- hia bnnda.
All tie while tl.e litter burned
, a.r.'iiiiM her heart, ai d the aui'le on
lnr face and the gay. r . of, l,er fongue
i were foiced ("ontld-' in no one. ' i he
'i i " it. mentally, "or you Real my
! ib nt li w arratit "
Wl.v do you ahak" your head like
th;-!"" he aiked.
Hi I I Miake my bed" Her In-art
fiiitiered wildly. "I whs not colpcioui
of It "
' re you going to keep your prom-
! ' What pronilae?"
i "Never to leave th's honae without
Joins or nivself hidnt; with veil"
; "I rouldn t If I wait.-il to. Ill wa
1 n r .lo! es la out there in the hall
I lV minute, t know it is all for
t u; n -,e Hut It bothi re rue
loins wan tiieo m t e ball and
when he aepheil the pt-'uiatice in ber
j vice pis shotiblera aa'-s depotidetitiy
i atiil be siirht-d deeplv siii-iit'.v
At ;, iiuait- r to eitil ' I'l. .-pee, b.-ii.g
alone for a rninute .1 r,'.- to u it,!
. at'tl 'fft-d ll down tie n ::-'er
' Jo'li'S ' tl'e CTll' ' i-i'i .;iv. "1
'. 1 !' t-if-et'i.f.g tint :.g ' '
1 J "'i'H diit bed into ' ' r .!.. Mt.ffed.
; ami il.i.-l'i d mil in ., -,. tic.m.tf in- tiie
o'liir doer Hi- r-i 1! n
li.i'aral!) thai the ! Vila it,. .! had
- ' at.- t.i t!,e p. -e W p. be re-
r,-',.. I n v mi-, . cuks.. i ,-r."l
to ' ! ... be bull.'! ' I art in e t H '
1 ' !, -I '.:,! ih" ' il I i- r 1 ' -v . .
1 -siit: lie 1 , a . tor He ! . 1 1 1 e. t r
. a s;.. t-d vv'ii -,eeoo.i 'li M 'i '.
to tin- Im-w (bit ret! .-Mati a ev i'.t
O to '.'te Iteef
be loobtd Far if
:!:. . tavii 1!
gf e
I-. H,e l.-v-l. S
I1 . elepi.oii. f.,;.
"o ?.'' IS ll" 1
I: i s " li: te a nd dr
"l i e pr'1,1 ese
He I . n the
T.a t1 h
H w ho is
' I'll s ,s I lit-:, I
ari. " ti
V h ll-'-'l
The ( h
r. 'I a
w a
:,l! was ,'i " - w . r n :
g It. 1 ohet-.-t- ; .
. a w I.I p.-r. I b. -
" t en in S ;.u:
elver f.-ni (n-r
H goff Ih Fb ten, .-
has ) 1st . . !
Shall i t.-l! I.. ,
he ret 11. 1 s ' " ;
an' hr .-1 i d " .1- j
1 tO Coll .' 1 ' te ;
' 'ie ret 1 'n 1 p f) k !
'y HL'I b il ad I. s '
d Susan r-i'te.l ;
of hia ' 1
MV l.od (hose I
her' Tb. i'i.' t'l ' j
r'ed B'.vil. '1 t p
She w 11 io 1 ...I! ,
f:l'l,t r t. t .,- I .. ,
dreams, v . ! m 1 , r .
i.,.r.. "
"No. rn.ol.r'i
,.,,t t,,r ;, renin.
t , ,-,,:! v(,. win
Yea p1 .- '
(, lw,f r ...,
1 . r 1 . . 1 r t . (,,-.''
1 J m:es lo,.
..t,, a ( ha r 1. ,
fan- 01 bis hiir l
"What i'"'
bv the hop ; rd '. i
le s pot.'
w t'e!( hep have 1
I'l r-i. t-
aei i Her till'
' ' ' I "
biolalwavs bo.
Vnct.tr tv ii' . itrr
was n. t ii n
) l"J' H" place i it vlsi, . h- n '
I lived he wits . x 1 ft I x '.-.! I..
j lake note of .!- - - llilncss Si .- o i-
rutin r Out ol Inc.
the dm r i f He 1!
fmiiiv Th..
opt in d bv a ti
li ii-k She w -and
there and f
1 w h n b i "i d
I fla She '- I
r w a-
ho VI i.f I-.,,, '
have lim.- ! 1 1. n ;
". tint fi r 1 i , . ., ,-t
-lt litre hint bad ' i w i II dre--1 -1 man
at a table He is. ltli h)a load upon
bia anna
Falbi r' " aa." hiai't-rt d
The man iti-. ' hia tareworn face,
an VPIV Well (lot!.- ' at Of Iv the closes'
pi'iuilny wovild I a vp be'ravtil th.
paste of th" tfi.a'er. He amae and
d tea.
W lilt
strelt bed anu I1 .1 the moment ihev
lose. I about her I i irenc t v .-rn-m id
a peculiar a til ver
"My child'' in 'mured the broken
man "1 In v i- i t u,e when I waa
about to con..- I., von I have a t van
up the fiihl " A "'h choked tl in
What wjia If foiojered Hie child,
her heart biilii'i ilh the miner) of
I I.f thought Hut' hi e waa had Mislead
f a lad llvii I. - houldei ahe at I,
a giant e abo.il 1 : riH.in There waa
pof.t. a table, s. nir clu ri and an
i lim lnoim i lot k ' e (nee of be h was
denied and the Ii mda hopeli-.-l v. un
gled Wb) at Milt a Inolnen' Khe
almuld note a n '' details tl siitrl.ed
her thiii abe (I .nod lo look rt.
the era, ked n. "i 'l In II abe aaw
aeveral f.uea a.'I ma-ked Th"ae men
wen- peering at h-r thrcuKh the half
cloaed tloor behind her.
"You mtist riturn home and brln
rue the rt.ot.t-v " aei.t on the wretch
wlo ihirt d to pet ri Irate Mich a mock
cry "It la nil that Manila b'tvtein
nie and death "
Then Mic knew! The liiial.iif dally
warinnira nine home to b r Sin iu
deratood now She had ib-lihi 'itely
walk-d Into the npid. ra tu t put .
ptcad of terror an extra. ird;:,nr calm
ft 11 upon her
Very well. f.ith'T I win go and
get It " lieii'iy Mie released berat-lf
from thorn- horrible arms
"Wait, mi h 1 1 I . till I Fee if they
will let you go They may wifb to
bold you as heatatre."
Whfn be was ioiie ahe tried the,
donra liny were baked Then ahe
cropel over to i in- window and !ook -d
out A leap trolll llierj. would kill h-r
Sht turned her g-.e towanl the Ian, p.
w code ring
T in- lain.- father return- d. deject
ed I v
"ll la its I aaid. 1 hi j Inait-t upou
aetidtig aome one Wrt'e down the
d.reciioi.H I aave to vou I am very
W rite dow n Hie direi iioi.m oural(.
father, v on know tl.etn be'ttr t!i.n
I " !: Mie saw no i s-ape. kIic was
di 'termini .j to ki p up tlie tragic farce
no lot-in r
"I am not v mtr ta'her "
"So I Me.' hhe repl:f(J. at.Il with
j the an ai.ng calm
Hr.nne. In the other room, ahook hia
head aavngeiv Katlitr and daugliter .
the aame pteel In the nervea l oold
tl.ev be.Ml bei Would th.y break
.,. A ,, f ,,, ;(,,,., i,1P !
' " " t
r'.:'.hon. ut.d there was revenue which
j w is wi Mh more to him than the
j inoiiey iip.-jf e listened, motioning
to l In- oi hem to be hi 1 1 li t
I "Write l o- d rei tauis ' commanded
I 1 , .- ,o -1 , who n,ni ,1111'u . 1. 1
i bt oki ti mall - 1 vie
j I kie w of no bidden n,oi,ev "
: 1, u .t . . 1 .. 1 . . a ... . a ...1 t ku .
T l.i v iir 'alber d ea t'rs night,
ii'iinri' 1 a 1 a w!:is'e to hia lipa.
I Tr.-,,-'.'
1 nice mor.. ti.. moment 1 blow;
"Sue Hat Titovv." HrItif Out of ti e
r t:i w ,11 in;.). 'a 'nl .,f vm. . p. r
In 'i . I . w M'i,. . 1- no' h
i r. ' ' - 's 1 verv ' . I- k'
I !' 'l.-e'" Y ., I., '.ol ... w .,
tl-.s v !.. . ri.t n t , , 1 . .. " t.os: . ,r
d.e k.- w 1 1, at I.. e,i t 1 er
ta'her a s l ' 1 i free
I .,-ar , . ... v the W-l- ,- ' -nil,"-
H i .-, m It. a;- .-',.! .. . e ,,-K. d
I. 1. I'-.' I'1 - t v .. oi. .-!-..
mill t . t ,- .; a ' ' : -..-.I .1 (.. the
P r -I'l" ! '.': 1 w - ' ' :t . x
I io.lt d ot .... ii
it war i ti ii.im.eh. .'
tl.-'lt -I-'' . ,,hl t ... I ,-l
bold ot ,1 I I. a t I II e-l
r t , 1 ','t', . .' t' .- vt . .,. a
- t- r her.
.' s;, :ne ni- i
' ' e caught I
I .! ' ' he d I
V -i i w a.s p-.i j
:i t,..a tnofnt'iit i
c t a s ii f-i i ,
l't I ... t at, . . -l-.t
I I e cbi, - .. . lit
I .. - !i'ti
A . i.. -h. If t.t of Hie I
. v ,. I
I '. r tl.e la'tip I t
' '-i.f ' . he. fi'-l'lrf
ro' ti. ;: to H ,tt ir-'in
i I .'. ; T la- d s.r I
p iri r -o d no i; hard'
T '
lie ,,. v . a
b : t;. r a . I.
I I oi-i ion. .1
1 . .
w r. )
it 111- I I . . x 1 1 . I II.
, Ills wt.'.sli.' the mi n til Hie other
!' - - . t . '
I s- - . ...... - " f I
hi i W ,
-I The circulation of
this paper is not con
fined to this locality.
J You: ad in the classi
fied columns will find
readers from Maine
to California.
t j As easy to sell your
property hy long dis
tance as by ersonal
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lliiallie I (i-i'li. N.i-lv Ms. I in rue
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ai lie llllUtl.
I .. I a lo i I Oil t le ae . a a . . J jM
t I .1 ! a ll' ' b in I lie I . - - I ' r
.i i, if -I iciu vo.ir i i k L- , tl ... t,.
fMpt'i'l 'ii' -to pa-.fc;.. .-I ' .1. to. -I
e,.,f .,i will lai .ItH'' t't.l..
It - I lit lie rl s-.i t H
no in
I ' ! be i a!.i I l l. -i l in lo an
r i -il ! il. i I h- ! e '111-' i ' 1 1 i la- k- -I.'
I i ' .: tt In ' l Ii" w ' ;. t tie
ill. i I '..."it .1 I . : i - I 1 1 ,i -o I l.i l oi . '
n V HI u i- ' l e . III.- s a t I . ll ii.' ill!
t - I - I I.. I C ' e I i -' 1. 1 III" ll.tie
'I In' n I ' 1 .'.'.''"!'.'..,
nation snows reuiMc iic:," '; " '"' ' "
4 le-ll.il I i I,, e l..r the ll In ' ii nl i. -'
Beirinnine to Lose Enthuv-' -:
siasm for Extreme Proiriam
II Kit K MI'LIr YlJli Ut
i Phraseolotry Now Utterly Be -
voiKl romiur Lomiircnen-
sion Sayi Report ta Leading
J ' "
Lawyers of Nation
1, te.
1 J.p
X to. 1
a - I;'
rr V ivpaa tn PSaaxI ol Ail
J. C. BALDRIDOE I.BR. CO. 423 S. lit St. hon. Afil
ha. iii tisso!ts b ttit- heal ot I lie
loslllls. .i lit ! f alt-H arid lleals I be Mi
II. lined aw.. Ill ii int-in to a in- wheti
,iiih llit ro. . load ami t!iot. i lea I
tlit- a r ..i'n.il'r, Hleps lia-lv Ol-
h iui arnl a li t linu ol i It ant'iiiK.
ontloliK Itio-t i old, s mitie ilialel.v .
1 1. . ii t la, aw.'Ki t . 1 1 1 1. tit nit imnlilig
..r l-reain woh head aluftetl. noa
tii.4 t ,,im il liawkin and oaovma
( titirrb oi PI. with on illinium
li.'M. toUl inui.'lis illoppilii; 111!" Hie
till .at and i a i ilr.ins- i ilistus-
IliK In-t 11 III i- lit dit -s
p a- ii i ; i r li - j ,il ore e - i i ' I - v
I l . -, 1 1 1 1 i !., mi a lei .1 i -iit i "i'l ol a
: .1 1 ii -i; fii'i, .!, ii-pe tr
I. a I i--l.al la . e. a.-l ' low
'Th' .l,s. I.snloll al:-,tW I'lO'Utl I tl e
I li i.il .' i's all' I l,i'.ll I. ' la, ll B"'l
,-t ti. r . . -i i i i ,. - ., I" ttee tot
t o.isimt! .--!, ..! t lo I a -.! .i "
t,.t- I ... I ,.ft. ail, I. I III . li i ' . U I Hi '
I , p. -. . ' 'I., Iff. I, -it'- I' "til ICS- I
.. hi .. I ,.l , I I . I ., I . - a . .1 ll-il lo . I . I- '
I , . . : hj "1 the I I, ". -I
i i..i l. ..tl...; . , Mi Jap ' - -1 1 1 e ,,,
I i - i Ml 1 1. li lo i he ,1. t. ,.i i le. hint"
-' it.- e! 'hi- I. lie li ef ..M.ini litoi i
' - -1 . 1 1 1 ' 'I I -. lit li. ' i- -Ma I- 1 ! is t I
l.o 1 t , ' I , h-jl. ,! ! . I,., I ,l., n I . '
ti r.H ' f-.lilK'l Iti ilr li 'lie toal'ti
III '1-1 I till I'll. - el ! lit , . . ,-t , t III !- ...
.i l il o t pi-.l t 1 1 . a Pktt be t "111 lolled
a H-1 it ' ' I - ' ' 'I I ' ' Mie t . . I I I H ' li"l
' .'.'..'! . .
ami Mie p..p.s.. 1 1, 1 1 I i. 1 1 e ; 1 1 jit lee
I H" i: :i It h.t . r ' . . i. i i a t .'
pel It . I I ' 1 li. I m ,'t .1 Sta i . .i, lb.
,i '. r t
The ' It' III 1 t t '. . ,,
"'M ll ..'. ,.t III.
Ml Mil l', 1,. t I,
. , 1. 1 01 1,1 I '. .
;- ... I .. lei ..
'lie I., I ,. , ., I I ., 1 . 1 1. pi
.-n I., it 1
.IIP. ,'
t 1 1. .. 1 in -- . 1 ;.i -.
- o t .' "i "i i-, i ... a v . 1 .. a
' -
'oil t II- .It,-,. ,. a e, hi. ,!,,. ilf.tlMi,.
' - I ' 111,- . ' -I- .
' 1 1 1 1 - : 1 -1 t . . , t
' vv :tl, it. ' ..
i 1 .1 I ' to p! v t
. 1 I 1 t k :i.i el 1 '
lei. t-. tl.'
I I" ill. "Ole
-I pi. I.,-. ..I
. I .' 1 I
f -rih.il .1.
I Me a I an p.. nl . ,1 out in,, . 1
i l- 1 I, . ! l:em .-hi-.v it,,: ' . . 1
,' to 1- -' - 1 ! 'I a- !.. to . . ,
.1 1 .1 'i . ; t . ' ' ! pi ,-i 1 I Tt ...
- 1 1 ' ' I . I ' 1 1 1 1 1 I .: .1 I. 110
' I ' I ' ' I ' ' . '.I hi 1 , 1
' '. to I..W ..s .1 -,,l I " I ,. t ...
I. a ' t. . 1 1
t pli;
it P-'P
I 1 I,
,i. inn M, . oi
I II w I w
VV , ? I
M ',...
.. run n I,.,.
M .l. VV .1 .
I I II. le I
i II ; i . 1 . '
. "III! it'. . ,
I v. . . - I .
, I
.X V . ,
1 I ..
: "tn i . - ..,
i - ' ... ! i-
T . . n , v - i . n.
' e tfi t M i .Tn
CCRRllJ im Lt'MP
(lal.M'P lA'MP

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