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Sport News
M..a 1
mam of foundimg
Curious Old Rules of Seventy Tear Ago Formed the Bant
of the Sure Enough United States Oame as She Is
Worked Today; Notes of Sport from All Fields of the
Western Hemisphere.
New Vork. May I An enthusiast -ho
basecall fNn arise suggest that
in September ;i of mis year the
inseliuli magnates commemorate in
some fashion Ihr seventieth anniver
sary f the adoption of the playing
rules which form the basts of ih
present MM of ih. game. Theae
rules, adopted by ihe Knickerbocker
)aMMtM of ,w fork In Ills.
k.i.i ua follows:
The bases ahall be from 'home
lu second base. IS paces: from first
lo Ihlrrt has I. nCM equidistant.
"The game to constat of XI MM
or men (runs); but al the cMattaN
""mi an equal number of i. indn lln
nlnfa fur each aide) mil be played.
'The ball muat M pitched, not
throw ii. for the bat.
"A ball knocked out of I In. Held,
or outside the range of first or third
baee, la foul.
"Three balls being alrurk at and
mlaaed, and the last one cumin. Is a
hand out; If not raught Is considered
falr and lha striker la bound to run.
If a hall be struck or tipped, and
taught either Hying or on lha first
bound. It Is a hand out
"A player running the liases shall
be out If the ball Is In the hands of
.in adversary on the base or If thu
ninner la touched with II beforv he
inuker hla base, being understood,
however, that in no Instance is u ball
to 1st thrown at him.
"A player running who shall pre
vent an adversary from catching or
gelling the ball before making his
base Is a hand out
"Three hands out. all out.
"Players mual tuke their strikes In
regular turn.
"All disputes and differences rela
tive to the gutne to be decided by Ihe
umpire, from which there no ap
peal. "No ace (score i r base can M
nnido aaj n foul strike
"A runner cannot be put out m
making one buae when u bulk Is
iide by (he pit. her
"Hut ..nc li;.s. alloneii whin u hull
IkiuioIs oui of (he Hi Id win it struck
Ant.ro r, Taylor, (lie Australian
cyollsl. who recently completed n
successlol sn of competition bj
winning several Antipodean i tiles, l
en route to this countrv. Taylor lelt
Sydney iihoul the middle at April and
will lour the United Slates during (he
coming summer and aiiltimn. II. h.n
shown excellent racing form l hla year
winning ihe five-mile uml immilc
' ' ha in . .11 ships from g high class Held
in Mulch, in addition to several OMM
minor title events.
An interesting sidelight of the re
cent Willard Johns. .ii It. iv v weight
bout at Havana. VlHia. was Ihe up
in .tan. c ol Kelts Cirvujol, Hi,, t'u
Mf long SkaMgsM runner, at the ring-i-.de.
I'urvujol's reputinioti as a run
ner in the lulled State in bused
MM bis fMl In finishing loiirlh in
Ihe Olympic Marathon held in St
laiuis In 1U I. Allhoutfli .Icfeuted
by Til II Mil Illcks. Alfred Corey und
V I. .Newl'.n. all under American
...lois. the CvMg ran I wonderful
race whet, his handl. uiu- art consld
ered Mild hud the honor o! Ming the
Hrsj of the foreign entrant,, to finish.
I'rei lou.s to ihe ran- CMVaJOl was
u mall currier In Cuba, who Joxgeii
0' r his route al n steady und up
parenil tlrelers trot 'He llrst St
traded attention when he inn the
length of Ihe attend In remarkable
time As u tesult of ihls real a tew,
friends raised enough mo nay to send
him to the l ulled S(;i(es for the Mar
athon in connection with Ihe Olym
pic gamer, or 1 I'nrwijol lauded
In New V..rk with Just enough mone
to pun MM hia steals, not reallsinx
ilia I HI l.ouls was uol a part of New
Vork city
In order to reach tin- scene of Ihe
luce he was obliged to spend his food
fund and united In Ml l.ouls without
ii MUM. Il- Mai not euten for IWO
days previous lo the race, win, h hi'
tun In heuv v sireet shoes, g colorless
rofton shin and hla only pair of
troueeri cut off at the knees. With
out assistance or mi attendant the
unknown Cuban dog-trolled along
the couNe. stopping frequent l la he!
food and water rrgvtn Ihe spectators.
At one point he spent fully half un
hour in a roadside apple on-hard.
Despite these delays I'arvajol finished
In fourth place the freshest or all
Ihe runners. It was Ihe general
Pinion that ha. I hi been properly
attend, as and et aonavS he w mid have
won the ItSs Olympic Muriithon
Today Oajrvajol in guide and rnii-
iii l for Havana lending hotel HI 111
irim and bronasd, he can tint mile
after mile with little appurent ef
fort, hut udmlls thai he Ir loo old
lo ill n in Ihe next International mat
uthon lie espceafte regret In u caa
ual wuv thai lie wus not prepared II
nani hilly uml otherwise for his HI
l.ouls race, which he si III believes he
mold have won in easy fashion. Car
vnjol is conversant with athletic In
both the Cnlted Stales and BuMMi
and will apelid un evening dlfcilsslltg
In broken Kngllnb Ihe performancea
of ihe st. us of the cinder track one
chattier of his athletic career Is
sealed, however, for f n rvn Jul will not
tell ii..w he managed In return I"
Cuba. He simply shrugs his ehoul
dera and rrmnges 'h tuvie whin
liieatlnned on I hla pjir. of his invg
aloft of the Cnlled Mile.
The first duy of May le market) in
un ulheMc sense by nn unusual nun.
Iter of Important nmaleur and pro
fessional contests In all parts of (he
ounirv In nddlllon lo the long list
of college basebsll and track meets
in the aouth. weal and east there are
evente scheduled of more fhun ordi
nary importance, on the Pacific
ci test the ra mi in i I'io ,i o open golf
. humph nshlp will lie won. weather
permitting, and the exposition polo
tournament will end. Al nnapolla lha
l ulled stales nainl academy crews
will crori oars with Ihe University of
Pennsylvania oarsmen, while amateur
trap shooters from all parts of t.te
country will lie competing for the
amateur championship title at New
Ktnul decision on Ihe part of a
number of Ihe leading Kngllsh pio
fesalonul gidfers relative to part lei
paling In the l ulled Mlutes open
championship Is expected within the
next few days. Rdwurd 1t.iv and
Harry Vardon have (.trendy an
nounced their Intention or competing
In Ihe open title tournament at llul
turol June 15-ld. fleorge Duncan.
James. Itrnid and J. II. Taylor have
Intimated that they will make the
trip to the atalea. and should all five
compete In Ihe open event II will
prove one of the few real Interna
tional routes of the year.
These ffve player between them
have won the Kngllsh open cham
pionship seventeen times In the past
twenty-one years. Vardon has cap
lured Ihe title six times. Taylor five
limes. Ilruld five times and Hay onM
Vardon also won the Cnlted Sliles
open In laou when the title tourney
was played at Die Chicago Hold lub
at Whealoii. III. In Ikl" Hay and
Variloii lied with Francis oiilmet In
the final round ul llrookllne. Mas.,
being defeated m ihe play-off by thi
youthful American golfer after one
of the most sensational mulches ever
plsvid on an American course. Their
participation in the lulled Wales
championship would lift thai event
I.. Ihe International plane held by the
II3 tournament when the leading
professionals of Kngland und Prance
met the MM American amateurs and
professionals at llrookllne, Maes.
The proposed lour of Australasia
by the Inland Stanford university
baseball team Is likely lo lie aban
doned for the coming year at least.
Advices from Sidney state that owing
10 Ihe war su.'h u trip would prove
11 financial failure. The California
c.illeglans outline. I .1 schedule pro
ud. ng for a si.'.v of some thirty odd
days In Auslrullu With the possibility
,.f a side trio to New upland The
.New Mouth Willi" lluseball associa
tion did not. however, feel Hint con
ditions wuriaiiled Ihe encouragement
of the lour In normal times such
series of games between Hliinford and
the Australasian tinlvetstty nines
gfgfcld nliiloiihteillv pay all expenses
of the trip, but the unsettle. I atfulrs
,f the . , in n i.n ealthr proved a
ettiiiihling block in the present nego
St. Michael's and White Sox,
Ancient Rivals, Will Pry
Off the Lid; Both Mines
Stronger Than Ever.
(Special P. ihe Kvenlug Herald I
Santa Pe. N. M.. April JO. TM
buaeball season will be opened hero
Sunduy afternoon by the two local
rival teams. Ml. Michael s -College and
Hantn Pe While Hox. The teams were
organised In and have been practic
ing since Mur. h. hut on account of
ihe rainy weather the opening game
has been poeiponed.
The White Hox have te l le, te.l
Uanlel C, urtii M their muuager
The college this yeur has one of the
fastest tennis that has ever repn -sented
thai Institution.
The White Sox have their stars ol
laal yeur und several new players,
among them "Heinle" Klmmerman. a
former Kbiibus Stale league outfield
er. and U H. lackey, the former
1'nlveralty of New Mexico slur pitch
er. The lialierles for Hunday's game
will be Km Ihe Collage), Perran and
flrleg.i; and for the While Hog.
l-uckcy und I'adilla
A large crowd Is expected to see
the opening game, aa Ihe two teams
have In previous years played clone
and exciting games, und Ihls year
they are atronger than ever
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Albuquerque Gas, Elec
tric Light & Power Co.
Waldenschmidt Arrives from
San Antonio, Texas, and
Hustles Into Aotion, Ticket
Committees Start Out.
Another hurler haa Joined Manager
Iteed'a forcaa. Waldenarhmldt ar
rived yesterday from San Antonio.
Teg., and got to work with hla new
Carpenters alerted vlgoroualy on
the grandstand at Hopewell field yes
terday. and today committee hegan
selling tickets to fan who will in
hahli the airy pastime palace un
opening day The aland will have
room for between 100 and 00. and
the bleachers will furnish aeata for
1.100 more..
The ticket galling committees will
over the whole city. It t eipecled
that the plant will be Jammed lo ca
pacity when the opener starts Tues
day afternoon.
K.I ln so and Truces will open
at the Paas city thla aft -noon. Tuc
aon and Phoenlg opened Ixat Tues
day and the count alaade ) to 1 in
favor o the capital city.
The full schedule of Ih leMU !
to be released today for publication
in ihe rtunday paper.
Opening Day Plans.
Plans r. i opening day are taking
ahape. It Is proposed, according lo
Colonel Hellers, lo have the Indian
school band at Ihe head of (ha line,
ami hundreds of fans, with tooting
horns, sre expected to fall In behind.
The two teams will, uf ( ourae. be In
the parade, and it gnay lie thai hlgn
school maidens, clad in white and
caroling Joyously, will ride in the pa
rade In cara.
It Is hoped that Mayor lloairight
will leud ihe fane. He u M throw
out Ihe first hall.
The club management anls the
business men lo close for a couple of
hours Tuesday afternoon ao thai lha
clerks may have a chance to take in
the opening It lan't neceaaary lo
make II .. full half-holiday Mayor
lloairight aald that if he were asked
to do so he Would l.roclaun B tmlf '
holiday. Hu far no one haa reuuesied
the mayor tu lake urh action He
would probably not act on an Individ,
ual's request, but it Ihe Merchanla'
association endorser the idea lha
proclamation will follow.
j 'EM OPT j
IHt!T HM.l l.lt "SHOOT" i ill
qi kiuji k iun,i: hhociation.
All mem lie rs wishing to participate
In the first regular shunt of the Al
buquerque itlfle association are re
queeted lo lie prcaent In front of the
nan Jose Market, not later than 1:00
p. in., tomorrow. Sunday, May 2nd.
Members will M taken to the ranges
In guto-trucks.
Firing will be al Jim yards range.
RTAMM, Pres.
(Alletli K I. ! I Kit. ItanM tinker.
Accidents will happen, but the beat
regulated families keep Dr. Thomas'
Kolectlo Oil for such emergen- i.-
Two site, lie and 10c, at all store
lleporls from HI r.iso aa thai Ihe
Pas City fans expc( a. lot of good
work from Stony M'Otynii. the vet
eran Mg league I wirier. The ex -Cardinal
is Mid to nt a long way from
being played mil. and (hat he should
star fnr severs! are aa a minor
leaguer (
The Uiants dropped seven game
straight, and It required only the
HrooMlyna und the Phillies to do Ihe
The Athletics' pitchers are alt tag
lots of baaaa on balls Ihls aprlng.
Peanuok gave Ihe Hed Hog no laea
than eight and yet hla learn Won.
tine way to atop fans from pacing
ihe fine of u ballplayer properly dis
ciplined by the umpire le for the
league management to nick Ihe of
fending player Main aactly th aum
put up by said fans for Ihe original
offense, and keep it up as long as the
fans want to pour oat their coin that
way. One or the things for baseball
followers lo learn Is that the umpires
are there to be supported hy Ihe baa,
ball public as w.-li aa the league man
agements. The umpire s chief roaaou
for existence Ig ihe need of some offi
cial to stand Mlweeu Ihe baseball
puullc and rowdy or childishly con
tentious ball. Right here and now the
Herald lose the mark and amiouncM
that it i" behind every umpire la tha
league on iiiestiung of discipline. We
want tu. umpire-bating, and, pertlc
ularly we sunt no appeals of players
to the public riom decision A play
ci in expend a lot t,t ginger on the
gam without getting himself chased
from Ihe Held. The Athletic demon
strated thai a learn can play Ita way
lo unrld championships without msk.
Ing ltetf a nulaanc U th umpires
aad to fans wise enough to know what
la best for the spoil.
Manager Herxog of the Cincinnati
National, ha purchased Pitcher Fred
Tone, from the la.uisville team.
Ilruoklyn appear lo be weak In
bane running. Tht was responsible
for Ihe Ins of several games last
year and ha already mad ita appear
ance this season.
ciareme Kraft haa signed to play
with tha Newark tMrr. of th Interna,
tlonai league.
Wagner of Pittsburgh Is starting Ih
season In th .100 etas of batsmen.
1-ast Thursday hla avang wa ,111,
Th return of Barn to th Giants'
lineup haa again crowded Thorp off
th regular.
Prom $40 to $60 of our profits is what
every retail buyer of a (Ford will gat, if we
tall and deliver 300,000 new Fords be
tween August 1, 1914 and August 1, 1915.
And the Ford is surely the moat useful mo
tor oar made, aa it fits into the demands
of all lines of human life, Is low in priee
and oosts leas than two cents a mile to op
erate and maintain.
Runabout MvW; Tear lag Oar 0: Town Oat SSMi
Oenpeaet $780. MeUo tare, la the United SMtas ef
Anvsric only Ail can aald f. o. a. Detroit rally
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Quickel Auto & Supply O.
1 11. 'M TM. VMH Ot'MWU M. MatX.

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