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t.Fj tvwtno WFRATn. AT.TnTQUERQUE. N. M.. SATURDAY JULY 17. 1915
ana) m i i i il i l mi
Sport News
; i 4 ...
.. mk a i a
hg e auto
1 Paso Motor Club Secki
'Sanction for Thrce-Hun-dred-ltile
Event to Be Ran
in September.
."pedal Dlapatrh lo Fvenina: Herald.)
El rittn, Tex.. July 17. The El
Ian Aulo clul haa applied In the
A. A. A. for a aainllon fur a 1V-
wule aula rare to ! run over th
track of tho Jockey club Ji Junrrx,
Mel., tha laat tftll of Hcptember
next. Tha track l one or the "orat
on th American continent and It can
b had for the purpnae of holding an
auto race. It la ald. by tha promot
er of tha propoaed meet. If. after the
race It u rvatorcd to proper condition
for hoi-on racing.
It la the intention of tha promoter
of the auto roe to hank the turn
heavily an a (a mrtka them aafe. The
plana hut Iretn aubmltted to a num.
t-er of men well veraed In the auto
racing (Jim on circular trncka and
and they ear roeort time cftn t.
made on the Juareg track if tho plans
are carried out.
Puree aggregating !,00 will he I
hang up to be comHted for In tne
novcrnl rore Which, In addition to
the proponed Ji0-mllc ace, will make
up the three day program In mind.
Transcontinental travel, to and from
the espoaillona at Han Francisco and
Fun lieo, will I e at Ita height at h
time the race will lie held If the
meet la sanctioned, and Rood galea
will be certain. In the opinion of
thoso who are active In the promo
tion of the affair.
Big League
Won. Lout. fVt.
f-mindclpfala .. .....41 31 .r.f.4
l'hlon.i ii S .r.JH
li.-oi.klyn o a ,f,J2
(t. lamia 4 I 41) .&
rittatttirgh J 39 .44
N'nw York ' '
Hopti.n S3 4S .44
Cincinnati 32 in .4 4 4
I r'.Atil'K,
Won. l.onl.
I'hlcngo r.2 S
float on 4 .
liclri.lt 4 SI
Vew York 40 30
Waahlngton f 41
HI. la.uln SI 47
rhlladolphm : 4
Cleveland i 4
M:t.t K..
Won. I.ot.
."hlongo 4 33
K annua City 4.1 33
St. I.miin 4 : 34
Vlttahurgh 41' 34
Newnrk 42 3
Hrooklyn 3 4R
Ituffalo It) 4K
Mnltlmnre 21 f.0
V t.
. r.ofi
i oaau s vv ar
ItUMlan IjMe a tedding well
tn.nvillat.-tr nartli of v,nrn.
w hero ilt reiae( forcn of
Tooi'X.H' nmin a(tilul the I'iiIMi
capital l lielng oxortir.1. a'ir.
lrjrJi tl w liii.-i hrcjiTynt from
l'i4rtirral. . Juai U Ii) ' luiH.n
ant titn-ntf' werit 'f llio river
lwi) luttf. Ihiii r.ioiil wiih
lutjr Ioh, tliei llitlann Htitm,
ami in Mil'.n wImto galna wcro
mim.I liy Umi t.criiuiiu tlx'lr
furilicr adtainw arnvtril,
A wlllxirawnl of tl.o l!ii.l"n
forcni lH-twiin tlio I'l-Va ami
4rc rl.m to tunr J!m-t aiit4
Oi u row In lln fa'T of f;ciicrn
vim Mliuli'iilHTir'a aiiackn tt nil
niltitl hv PHmsra.l. 4 out limit
lion of iIhi (iirman ailvamo tl
1uianit alMi in .ou-ixlol. ln
rrranlna; lmpicuirM la altarlioel
ly mllliury ulwvfm nlinwil t
HiIm mtcfiMil 111 tlio lUl'llo lri-lix-e,
l-li-lit Marvlwl mn Ma' 'lonwiira
army Hint wit tlimu.li 4iall1a
b Klvlnit Hlun of r-iM-cil activ
ity In iiuNiMmn of tlio emuinHI
.tan of lie Tititoiilo liirifs lo at-t-i
HlmuliniKviiinly all alnic tlin
awerinx MiMt-mlln front from t,i
lluliio lo lloiwaraMu. I imfm-lnl
r.rtM lliroiiirli lieiK'ti iboiara
tlott at tlio lower nul of tlila line
Auauian trooM wlilili Tt-t
tin. Jfikwr liatn iot-n ilrlven
Inuit lo Uh oilier l ank wlioro
tlMilr n-trrvt U In-lna; turntsl Into
Ilklitliif; m the Amdro-lmliMn
front liaa rtwnlMil In few rtcnt
chnngm, wiitriliiitr to UtcM ro.
Mri, .NiifiM-riiiiH at lo k liy tlio
AuotruiM on tl'n llnllnn ailvaiM-cil
IMMliiaiti ere rnmlcil, all of
wliMi a ro di1urvl 4 lio Imti
l'llfhiinlk, 5;
Kirnl name-:
Plttxliurnh ... OtO
HriM.kl) it.
041 ooo i
00 03 tmo 3 7 1
Mi "Ji.lllan. Kniitletincr
Moriihy, lllun; Smith, Apple
lniuKtua and Miller.
I'ltlNlmiKli, M; IlilfTnlo. H.
Flrt Kiinu: It.
Iluffitln n 401 duo G
ritmliurch ....ion 3 lit lox 8
lliillcrlcn: Anilermin. Lnfitte
Allen; Allen, Ileum und Ilerry
lloxton. 3; (tiiclnnatl. 3.
Firat name: P.
elm innntl 02 nno linn
lliwton Oii'i (102 002 3
Huttoriea: Mrhneidcr nnil l
U.iKnn. lluKliea and (iowdy.
( Iili nno, 4; I'lillmli Iplilu. 0.
Ii. II. K.
I'hicliKO 20 000 lull 4 N 1
rhlliidclphlii ..mi" HUD Oli'i u H 2
'...lliricn: Cheney mid l.rcmuih.ni,
Alexamlir nrirt Klllifcr.
Armund Miinil.-ll am) hl l.ri !e will
come here frnm 'lo la luiii.u row l
vnot Mr and Mrs. Mike Mor.'lell.
4 la Vcnisn's Uki
"?T "'1 Tho eippctani
' I molher revolve In
. J her mind all va un
fc I den1ar.il by dutiny.
, , "if I And It la of trie utn-t
ImrHTtariea tlmt tier
IiikIiiU com fori be
our llirt thmiiil. Tlicre
l a nint iiUn-li I rt'in
cly fur tlu fi'-e.
kiMnvn aa "M'itlrt
rnenit." tt la api.licd
ovrr Ilia iRuw vm of tht
aliiltiiu-li. teller rulxied
In. an at one peneiratea to tclkre a t
atraln In nervef, cor.ti. l.i.enU and all
pnrta li rolved. It """ '
pliuit W.t tly ripand Batur.lly. Ai.d at
!m miu. tin Hiey ara luiri'4 bt U-i
almoin 4.f kra""'' P'" " .. dl",'r
r.rioind: Vl.auj.er will a-ld to ll. r.f..rt
of tlx piaiit moHier hi a treat and V
t-A lnBuK alnc a r.lrn and peaceful period
t,'U !... a wonderfully -nciW.I l.nprj
i,,0 ti- eomlnr child. ft a bottle of
M.HUra rriewl" of any drulat and yi
will rHe wl.y no many w.mi.n dmiare It
to b II BKW lirlpful remedy Uiey know of.
Ijutiar Bid, ..Wr CT f ur a epieodld
ft rre la "! '" to '"7
uertaut avUcr-'
Amor tha leflr" e Interart la Ik hnr
.m r. la part. ye w l nulfer.d
froai Wn'JutwIar" I" Satiiidajr and hd I
. ...trUluciita, Thla lima 1 wm l( k ly
J. A ..ura. I want In tell aH that I cji
prut Motuera frla.Ml' blirti auouali
i im ad it did e, at I 11 an y
I... ...d in. b-'.y- '' t, I yijj if(l
aaa a v4 wwd II. '
ItriMiklyn. 7; I'lll-liiirtli, .
Bci nnd Fume: It. II. K.
I'ltirliurah) nnil 300 03 S 2
Pronklyn . ... .noo 241 I 7 10 2
Called: ruin.
Kattcrlea: Conaelnnm, Cooper and
(iitanin; rfefler. Coomlia und Miller.
New- York, 3; St. lniK I.
Kiri't kiiiiic: It. !l. K.
St. IjiiiI 1 omi 1 1 1 ooo iiiiniij 4 12 5
N. York oti02n(i2oiu'ii(iiil 3 14 4
I!.itierl'x: twillco, I'lTdiio und fny.
iler; Miiniuard, Hchauer, rerritt and
1 num.
Superintendent Seder Reports
That Twenty-Four Coun
ties Have Heldv of Will
Hold Prohibition Elections.
The prohlliltlonlala claim to he milk.
In proKrriw) In New Mexico, aa elne-
where. Accordina to the report of
the llev. J. I. toiler, riate tuprrln
trndrnt of the Anti-Knloon Ickhiio,
which wua read liefore the truFtera
of the lcaxue at their annual meet Ink
In Ihle -lty luat Tliiimlny niornln.
twenty. four out of tho twenty-nix
eounlioa of the Mate either hnve held
or are preparing to hold election
under tho l.reaent lural notion lnw
"und If reaulta continue to favor the
lrs there la proapect that ouiKide ol
the munlclpalitlea New Mexico may
become arid Indeed.
Chuvee, Curry, Kdy, I.unu. oiero
Quay. Itoovevvlt, Klerrn, Torrance and
I .Hon cnuntie are aim out entirely
free of n.iloona and large portlona ol
Colfax, Mora and Han Miauel roun
t'ea recently voting dry put thoav
countlea In the anme I.ikb. Huniloval
county la getitnii ready for a cam-palg-i,
and aoutlt of AIIliUeriUe
there la a treth of nnln in
which are to lc found only alx place!,
having llieimed anloonn. From Helen
to l'loln, a diatunce of 240 nulea.
only one town atill rel.ilm r.iloonn.
And o It goea over the atate. The
Anti-Saloon league la following tho
policy of applying the aponac to tho
noip In apota, while at the aame
lime working for a auliminHlon law
that will give the temperance people
the cliani'e to swing Ni-w Mexico in
to the column of etxhtrr atiiten
whli h nre now rommiltcii to prohihl
tlnn. The le.iaue la not iliacour.iKed
!y the failure or tne laat leginlature
to give tho Mate auch u ulimiei.on
law, nor hy the failure of the Santa
Ke campaign amiinnt the fiiloon.
They aay that every local option fight
dm.! good, whether they win or loae.
The treanurcr'a report hoa that
the league collected und apent
12.300 In "a work during the past
year. The money I rained hy the au
perintrndent In the form of atihecrip
tmna and offerinitu In rhtircho. kin
latere of practically every denomina
tion, Ini ludlng many of the Catholl
i lericy, are cooperating In the work
of the league.
It In feared that the Ii nt'ie may
p.no the rervicea of lv. J. I. Heder
an riii riiiti'ndcnl. He offered hti
rcHignuilon at the irtintiis' ineetinst.
eiWnu tho linpiiii. d hialth of Mr.
Si dcr, who In now in 'a lifori.l.i, a-tin-
prtnilpal rcanon tor IiIh ioiimh.
Ilia renjgnaiion wan not acted on.
hut wa referred to it committee
h.h In to confer w.ih Mr. Seder,,
with the tindcrnianding that Hie l.it-l
ti r ; i oi iiiuic l i in pienerit dutie.
nt lea.-t until Nocin''er 1.
llev. X. II Huffman, of W.iison
Moiittil. t h.iirman i f the la. aid of
!l 'lateen, aiel lc-. K. I'. S llllcler
e.'ei eli" ry. Tin ln-ailiju if' i ! commit
tee, whl h lian power to .o t for the
iriistien ilnrinu tin interim lat.veen
ItieetiliVtH of fho lalter hoih", IM tol.
I" aril of local cVallK' ll' al p cliTH.
Lay-to for a spell
and swing on this:
You'll start an old-pal-party via a pipe or
a makin's cigarette quick as a flash, as soon
as you realize it's a livo bet to let your good
money rub up against some Prince Albert
tobacco. Why, it's like beating back to the
bushes for old-home week, P. A's so friendly,
so chummy-&e.
You see, Prince Albert lets you hear the
song of the joy'us jimmy pipe and tho
makin's cigarette all the day long! The
patented process takes care of that and cuts
out the bite and parch I
HufM Albert
the national joy smoke
;1f .rV vv?.
ii.-i.V ,
' if f I ;'V'!
II. v..
lH1n.lt, 3; riillailclplila, I.
Haiti run:
and Slariage.
. .nno (i I ii
. .li'io n 10
Ilunh und
mil .;
it i:
6 I
1 latjbn
Flrnt game:
U iu-lilrmt,..,, . . .020
''levi llilld nno
4 Icvi ininf.
(110 1)00-1
noi Mil 2
l:atleiica: lloehlnm ainl
Walker, Joiiea und n Xe.ii.
ti :
2 1
IP Mod,
Firat game:
8; Chicago, 4.
It. II
000 10U 023 14
010 2011 0i) 4
Ilutteriea: Konter und
Scott. Unix and Sehilk.
ri:ii iiai. i i:fii E.
nitlniruli( 7; Itunalu, 2.
Second Came: It. II. K
lillffalo fllO fllfl Olid -2 7 f,
I'lttnhurgh ....111 11 2n 7 1
lliit'ellen: Marnliall ami WutHon:
ItarKrr nnd Ilerry.
Firrt game:
Hrooklyn ....
CM' Hgl
7; llriHikhn, a.
It. II.
210 002 010 12
300 010 2(11 7 11
Kattrrlra: Marlon, Kinner.m, l"p
hnrn and Klmoji: I'rendergaat. Hendrlx
ond Wilaon.
Columln.a, f; Minneapolla, 9.
Cle l.in.l, ; Ht. rani, .
Flrat garnea:
I'enver, 1; Ilea Molnen, 0,
I.lnn.ln, : Bt. Joneph, 2.
illy Kmnlni fler.1.1 tai. 4 Wire)
St i'aul, .Minn, July j;. A aninll
pnntelMiaid hog aihlrekned lo (lovern-
or H. II iliiinoiiil huh i mil ll I ri l ii HI a
(artrldge to which wna attached o
fune wua opened hy Secretary C M
Amllint In tha llivi.rnril'l of (Ire. Ill
the ruptlol thla tiernooii.
Atta her nay that If llovernor 11am
mnrid had not been out of town the
Infernal m hinc would have gone ill
reulv to tl".. governor. The governor
lieing away hla aeiietary opened tin
rw.i l.iirc. and upon ma ot er ing It x
mnteniii, nmtficd the nt. raui pun
T ic apputaU " taken In charge
Oy Ijcleclive
New Summer'Silk Ties-
Direct from New York, Price
50c.""1 -Ask to See Them.
OH K Vy,
-J .. ..f . s A J.-.i--' ,
j'.ist haivis you home-made questions like these:
Were you ever pipe- a
nappy e uia you ever f ?
hit a brand that just J
pushed pleasure against
vour nalate? The kind V
that sort of teased your V-5"VV
smokeapDetite for some tw "
ri' .u 1
iiuire lire -up, men an-
other and so on, right
lo the pillow-period !
tir. ii -i .... Tk a "
vvt:u, inais r.
no matter how you hook
it up pipe or cigarette. It just-jams-joy into
your system! You nail that fact hot off the
bat, because it's case-cards information! And
handed out to youfor personaand immediate
attention as being about as real and true as
you've heard since Hector was a pup I
P. A. is sold in the teppy red bag for the
price of a jitney ride, 5c; tidy red tin, 10c;
pound and half-pound tun humidors and the classy pound
crystal-glass humidor with the sponge-moistener top that's not
only n py'us thing to have at home and ut tht; ornct, but it keeps
P. A. in the highest state of perfection.
R. J. KF.YNOLDS TOBACCO CO.. Win.ton-Salem, N. C
.v.'. .. , ,s , icvr; i ... .-
-. - d . j .
f. w..;.....vT;7- -
- jr
R..I !t-vff ii't
rrtmnrv mnd ttmmrfy rty
est! thm war in 5nit.fi in
IfiJJ, win tn warn a t1 of
ii mtimmmrn. tra in hm lnr
m muAar e An lit, an,t lo
day h m-A no dttmrvr, nt
trumr ftmnj Ihsn hi otJ
Jimmy pipm- Irm-io haw Jtiit
Sa'i fay a mainhtr of thm
P r t ncm A Ittm r t ' old-tunm
jumrtjr-pitmra ihit, "
4 -,
v- . -
. . A , - J. i f i. irnn a
V. ,'
Vi,.,: ...? v L
' If
lOWr: o,i.,r' .
NOTE FOR $1,300
Tin- l'ilf-1 Xational l.anli han Marl
ed nil In tlie district court .ikiiii-I
W. II Amliewn nnd W. K llopi well
to re. ou r Il.4n7 and lnteie-l. ilae
0. , a Hole aiicKcd to have liee,, r.itc'1
liy Atnlrews ,.i Hopewell laet J.llia-
11 IV.
The nod' ih allei i to have la eli
for 11,1(1(1, due iii I .ni tie.lUll.M II .
well nold ll to the hank, gun' a Hie. , I j
palliellt, ll In alleged. lalUMIIM I'.
1. ve u the haiik'n ailorrie.
n II I n ITW ' ' -'x '"" ,l"M"" TUTTING STATE SHOW
i H ft n ':r-,':;!.,';vd,w,;::v;. at san dilgo good
u imi ii l l l ,M, ,. ,., , ,, mi-' IDEA. SAYS WYLI)
i a-ina ' v .1. i
Tie 1
I Iwlv .
I TI..- , :
I l iiieh.
I. th.
oil 1 1 1 .
-I ape
I. I I'll .
lie,,, ,
II, ,,-
Finance Committee Pursuing
Pldn to Provide Funds for
Systematic Relief for at," '
Least a Year.
.'-": ! t 1 1 iii-; t'f "
;! s .,( t !, 1 1 t h'-lll'
;.M t . i'ii -. -' :n; ! t fit "(
t un. it 1 I Mm l i.:n
il I im. t Vn ''.it tan I U ti
1. it 1. mi. An iHi.hi n in 1
I I. .Ml tint IV "i: U : ' i
I 1 hi N 'll -c-14 ' i M i 'i ; f. .. . I'l.J.rn,. r. . h
Moil lit mt; uf. I''t it," , . M . .. h ,i ;
1 . i . 1 1 1 1 i i ' .ti ' .
f t lM- i I .i.ll. .1 tM- hllt ;"r.-.(i- ti.i.l-K' i ' ti(. ! i
i ! 1 1 Th it ih' " i:i,i itt. i, . , ,n ,
i M. I. vvl
loll, .1 .' W i i.
II. 1 o-.m '
I.il' , I I,.. II,. ' I,
M. da ll I -Ii
I lM. Wi l,. I
! i i I I II in
1 I,
o, 1 lo ,1 ' o
t 1 1,
II. I 1,11.1
.1. Ill
: lo I'
In I .
i , le
I !
' HuMim ." In Kooil at Hie f'ailill u
agency," YV W. Ktlonu aulil till"
mornniir. "and we are pi.o tleallv nold
out. l-.v ii i.oilv ih wailing lor tin
new I! It. moileln We have lott of
inipilrlea ah'iut tlie new rmulel and
we iiino have lota of tei t iinonlala lot
ll.e i iK lit -i ) lilliler plan."
Mr. strong declaied thai he w.,
Will nalinlled with ioiiiIiIioiik ,11 celi
eiul and thought that New M i
Would III. exlieiiilh prosoetoila thla
fall, "whlih will l.v good Im- the ai'-
toiuoinle ileahrn.'
The ngeni v Iimh two lined C..IM
which are hi he nold t a haiitain
Mm. A. It. Maiitiiti.
Km tola in the city wore n ! In '!
I), In on, tiling of the ni'i'icn iie.nii in
Mm. A. II Stanton I mt tiiaht .,1 v .1
lord, where for the last i.rl.l'in
iiioiilhn the had ninde In I home, i- ii
oerul arrangcineiila will la .iiiimNii' e,l
1 1 V .C
Tin .
ll el. I
.. oil a :., e.inc poll ll on
oll.leji 'Mie p.o-iie in now I I M,
.He of the in ivillilllii htllll'.l I ,, ..
nil lalioli.-' will ,ellili j , v
,...i i ll'( at a i lint,. .11 I ille I vy,
o .pie t ' I k ' ' ( , ale o tlllX Thl w rt,'Kr
, Ml. lli . lloll. the e.l.,l. ' i ,., ,,,, ,,
-all.. I. To I,' aide to pin-.
I ! ' 1 1 1 H 'I. at i' '.ol. ...i ie 1 1 r I (
-ue has . .1 a I.I i In ,1 a ilcp,.' ,.,,r
lion - pel inlia lih I In lire , I ....
' "' " iippio Th, .ma I.
II, I I I Me 1,1 I i Hot Ml I ic Illl-I I
Weill holllc Ivvo J." Ml ? , I I ll oil:- , M,
111 hand. ,,:, io wulil he an o'U
I.. II Well, a vv, llai, ixpclt wliol,,,- .i..,,,. ,,.., Hie w.i.ili- I
llj to, I lie I ..li.liv.
I I I I..' I I,, .,ri lie, 111 lis tll" ( "Ivic
' 1 i- i, . i ..,,n ii. p. mi,, i pi in- i
;, v. a M ,e I, 1 to .1 Ih I In I ll"
p. ; ,,,( , ..Jell ll I.V I lie Ii 1 ll 1.0- 1 l
. a-. h..ve I " I II ll .lolleil Thev i'l
V olv i .1 . .0 pi I m,i . II. a, loll-. '
' lllldn II llliler I, v.al,-, ., Jill "cell
1 '. li- ,i an, I ,,' I Suf. .elglll trail-
w. i. .1 hv
oee.l I IIU-
.11, ,11, I ,".
Mode r
,, I he 1 ' -,
l I,-
The perm. in. m !,i ,i- e -oiouiiii
. . I I 1 1 'le
o the I ttic It, tll I in. Ill pa'l" VV.II
III. I I lillH lilt, II I, to 1 , , I' pltlll
lor a l'lii.l that will no ,i. oi k 1 1,,. l ( tl,
iliai.ty woiK in tiiia ,i tor a ;. ear ; v ,., , ,
at h io-t. A n, ei tin; w ," lo l.l !.,
Illi:lll and I,, :o, e -1 iii,i t. eiie
I a I ei i nt ,.p. i . ,
I , Im
I'll y lol I II, I .a
loo' I,
I I,'
1 1 A
I I 1
I.e. p , ,i, ,
ii. I rs Mr
pi i al I'' a:
I i
i. r '
I 'on,
Hi. in
lie ot
in ,11
,, . I lit".
p, 4 I .
.1 avoid
l.i tempo, anly a tit,.; ,
he l.-a i.',lle. pe-ei,te,i
till Itp-i 1 1 n u I flat it, ,!,
f Ic I. Ill y ol Hie Ieal.'a. ' I
ft. lie lit i flow id that ill. I
oi.l.t iiiia na-r e 1 loin I . .. I
f I ll lld-i of pel ",,11. W ll
ItH not :ee t il all had lain
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Slaadipg, Relieved bj CarJji.
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Broken Lines of Walk
Over $3.50 and $4.00 Shoes,
Now Selline for $1.90 the
Mt. Alrr, N, C. Mr. Snc-h M. Chip-
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bill none tiij me any Rood.
I read fine diy ihoul C.trfTnl, the w0
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had not taken bid stout nr. Iioiius until iu i ,,,,,, ,
w a aniiiiti curod. ii (ha me mute
pnod Ih.tnaii ihc oilier mcUiciiies ( lud
Vied, put lo;;cllter.
My Irtends beuan asklnrr trc wliv I
,K)kcd K) well, and I Md Ihcm about
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Do yuit, l.idy reider, uII:t frnn fi,,y
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uc!i a) lie-iii iche, backache, sidc n !'
Jlfeplei.si.cii, and Ilia! CvefUutint-lw i.ki!
ill 10. let in ijr);c you to (five Clfdu!
ii.il. We Ifi-I conlnlent H will lu 'n y.Aii
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us past hall cciuury.
fvcijin taking Card iti to-d.iy. You
won't regret lu All drurts.
What if ai l.i ' i ' I Iii he the lioimt
and waLa n nloh II lloln ll"l ill lilh
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lo ill! n "fftee pan aent lo r-.utta I' '
it'ler the ouih who la alleged to InCe
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lane m-c, pluolc.l now will iiiul.c
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shipped lulu Arizona. V. . I I I-.
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Sill l'llu''-u mat -.aa .i,-'s i
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lar new
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anurces ('( ll.'.' "i.timu arc liont nvatil pruviJniJ b1iI,
w till win-. It to Jc.-tiiv cuL ot
I I . I. ii , "t 1. ;v . .. . I J.' '" It ',.! SV- . .T.,tV
P. ..-.t wi.,.h ,.,r V'tfl'Vi' V-
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A,l,(,l . - ilril-l' .V.T K, A-.-. (Sfe srt .'r.4to-'rr3 P'
' "'s 4 tv'-i.;.
aaa. a. a.n..ar1.t.l a V' V' i I IM tt
f. J. JUIINiUH, Agent

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