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Ths Evening Herald.
Tint KYTXixa hkuaiju.. inc.
B. B. IIENINa..... Editor
Fabliahed every . afternoon ex
cept Sun Any, ( lit North Second
Street, Albuquerque, N. M.
Entered ft second "class matter
t the poaloftlca at Albuquerque,
N, M, nder tho Act of Mann i.
On month by tnatl or crrtr..tOe
One Mk by terrier He
On ysr by mall or carrier
la advance ..IS 00
Baslaesa Of rice
Editorial Htomi
rntTi i i:coo.mv."""
ESTflRPAT the tleiuld repub
lished a MKt-ment printed
first a few days aso by the
It os we-11 Kvenlng News In which H. J.
Haaerman. president of the Slate . I
Taxpayers' association, Jlscus..cs from J
the alandpoint of dollar und cent
the matter of lax collectior.a in thia
atate, and uae Chavea county to how
that It la reaaonable to expect better
than SS per cent collection of thc
taxea lor the coming flmal year. In
a statement iaaued by the executive
committee of the Taxpayer.!1 nwraln
tlon ahortly after the organixatlon
meeting In r'anta F the committed
pointed out (hat upon the bueta of an
ti per cent tax collec tion for 'the
coming flxtcl year the wtnte faced u
po-nlilr delic-lt nf J2S. dO'l, more or
lca. In the amount ncceaaary to meet
alt appropriatiuna and rciitiu cinema
It waa contended then thu' with due
dillKcnee on tiic part of thu tux col
lecting of Hi lulu a return of ! leaat
i per cent wa to be expected; and
that with a-jch a return there would
be no deficit at all In the aljtu ruv-
enuee. but a amull adrplux.
A few misguided Indlvlduala who
have sought to Inject politic a Into the
Taxpayer' aapoclation huve profeKaed
to ace In thla atutement by the execu
tive committee a defenae of the so-
tilled lluraum tax law. Tno idiocy
of thene l-rona becomea apparent
Immediately one alopa to connldrr the
perixiiiml of the men who have been
Ice ted tu officer and direct the Tax
'aera AkcocIu ion of New Mexico
Tiie-he men. Mr. liagi-rnmu. Mr. Cut
ting, ytale rknatonJohn f. t link and
olhrra, are the men who led and in
fact made the whole fight In the lai-t
legislature againxt the enactment of
the llurnum law end who made a
epic mild nltliniuKh unauec emf til effort
to secure n adecpiate laxniioii ntut
utc. Their failure to secure such a
law and Ihe-lr recognition of the stale's
prefacing need fur tax reform cuusid
Inemi men to volunteer their time,
their knowledge unjl their ' il-or in tic
t onsiderublv public: service ii.volx td in
rnanuKin the affairs of thu Taxpay
ers' association.
So much for the narrow -aajtie pol
lllrluna of the peanut giucle who,
liuviiijf falb il to niiike a ! Ilticul or
gaiiixalioii. out ot the Tuxpayeis' uxso
lullon would , now like to hamper its
Mr. Hagcnnnn In his statement
published yesterday goes furl her and
shows by the case of Clia e county
that a lu per cent tux collection not
only la possible during the i.c t hw.il
year, but thai in some counties in
the state, at least, a belter than I")
per cent collce Hon has be' 11 trsnlariy
made during Ihe pa it three years. II
ia'a statement which clinches the ar
gument against the extra' igaiii e of
an extra legislative aesnion, and
tirengthena Ihe first atutement made
oy the anicociatloii s cxeco.;ce coin
miftee. iiy direction of the ii-ciaUon,
11 ii1 winch was itispited by u desire; to
relieve the people of tills ,-tule of U
very nenc-r.il iiliuin iiuiku i ix;;-i:c-rnte't
statements of the ..'..tie's 0
iiunc ail dil in ill i s.
In Ins statement, however Mi lla-
gerinaii goes fiirilici ami cl-ovch vein re
a very Important Mail toward i-on-
iitll In ttui lax lev K.-s mi. iy l-e effected.
Ho proves thut II will la- pfiblc for
Chaves county, Ihroii-h a jml.' inu
u-. of the aurpluti wj.ii b .1 vc II ti.iv
In Its county salary funil. t reiluie
to a iiiiiiiinum or wholly ciuii.naie tin
epee ml levy permitted I y I vc f.,i
yoada mid brldgrH, while 11 a
crippling the l ouoly In it ma I 1
bridge toiihtrui lion and 11m .mi n.i
jrogiuiii during the coining e.r
lhis, be shows, will renull In 11 Kn.ini'
te the taxpuycrx of Climf.i c0111.11- ot
I Hi. Oil", anil will make, it p'iKSibltf i..r
the- county commissioners of that
coonly to reiluie the lovy for tounty
puipoM'S by iH) per cent.
W bat is poxnlblei In Chavea loulilv
Is ponsililu in others, If not In a ma
jority of I lie counties of tuts state. It
may not be potable for thu comm.K
Sloners to effc i t us great H r' llin lian
a is poMsll'le In Chuves unty ; bui
a reduction Wl ,e poni.le in e-.ciy
(unity l.y lbe slinpla men 101 of jnuc
tleul eeonomy sunsisted by Ihe presi
(lent of the) T.ipa)i lic' ur li Hon.
In the county e,f He riiMlillo, for In
atarica, e n a 1U per ceni reduction
, - .
Willi ,1-sUlude, wbUs a X9 per cent re-
Idiictton would cmiik the AH.u.oe rtuc
property owners who curry Ihe county
burden to throw up their collective
( Thus the Flute Taxpayers' nwcli
tlun. futluwlng u Ita service In dem
onstrating the futility of an extra ses
sion of the lcglslatore bn performed
another servfc-e to the state III direct-
. In attention to infant of savlna
money for the taxpayers without In
any way hampering or reJu'lng pub-
jllc efficiency,.
Thla kind nf ecrv Ice la Nfhnt. Ihr
Taxpayers' Association nf New' Mexico
I nil designed to do. It It what It Is
doing, nnit the (art that It ia doing
that service and that It affairs are in
ithe hand of men who are known to
j net results In the public service arc
among the reasons why Ita memler
rhlp la spreading with arstilving ra
pidity through all sections of the
T IS not a very fur ten from the
matter if public service waste to
industrlial waste, or from public
economy to Induatrlnl economy. A
correspondent in yesterdays Her
aid I
v.lu j
pointed out thut lust year Colora
feeders alone took SSO.'ioo head of
lambs from the ranges of thla state,
fed them and maik' tej them in I'cn-vt-r.
Kunm City and Chicago 11 1 a
nieignlficcnt profit, while thousand
upon thousands of lorn of hay. alfal
fa, native hay and other feed stuffs
went to waste In New Mexico for lac k
of a market and of stock to which It
could tie fed.
Mere la the rankest kind of Indus-1
trlul waste, and wustc whhh it scemw
curious ahould have Flipped past the
practical men who are inuklng money
in thu ato k growing bustles In New
Mexico. It la pel hn i the liicl I hi I
livestock growers have been so pros
perous 1 ilium- the past few years th.it
they huve overlooked this opportunity
for grenter prolit.
Hut in the IVn valley, the Mcullla
valley 11 lid eUewhere, wheie in.-ter.O
of u product of prime demund alfali.i
bay la becoming more or lea: n mar
ket burden, thla itifton of wii.te of
Iced la being given cloae intention
now. It will be a tim-aiion of parw
mount Importune ut the meeting of
the Stale Hanker' uaaocliiiion In l!o
well next week, and It will continue
to enguge the aitviition r.c llnuii
'iul leud- ra "f the hki IniM jml dir.
illua until It reaulta In Ihr ilimlini
lion of thia piirtieular form of 1 rt.l .1 - -trliil
w-nrte, and the ni.iiullil.ii i. .1
(e.ing ImluMry n thlx -t:ite whi- h
will rival. If doe not ulMrlp In
niiportatiee, that of C0lnr.1l".
lJ n, 11.0 k 1
Hocxinil rtildlM. -
'" I ci.- relets to tut
US "llllotie Vaii,-ie." put We've
got a .in rape. We have a Jo.i
mid lie r.aoii t.
JOT l'.i:'.M'i: it is pre.lut.-d Hie
Mi.illi saiim lull! wili wind 1111 the
fair ill a blase of gluiy. It's no lulr I"
tucsumu u.i one- aill be lit up.
ONK Wo.VUKIi.s if Mr. mean , ,1,..
I re for peace, had fliivthiiig to tin
with hlii ouying u second uutotuo
mobile? - O -
fit OKKKI.'INtJ to sell bis farm in
Texat ?
l) VIM' ltKCKivV the- I iimiiiii.iic
has iUit paying dividend!!.'
fill 18 IT Just the oir scusoii 011
TMIJeSH u -ill oilier multi-rs. perhaps,
Were among tlione die uiveil ilh
The Cxar now b 1U.1 his forces
In solitary stale
On a hunt for . Hn r piuecg
Tiiccy cun ovui-miie.
II' TIIK CKIl.MA.VS w:ll Jil'l ijllll
o'i" 'ting for u spell Hie Alius' artil
' ' . 1 illollierlllg lai tii h m ill Hoik
T'l II. VY cx.-i.Hy fur vve :nnii.
pel mil It I hi 111 liu. to 1. 111. his per
soii.il ill, is Inn k throiiuh 1 hi all"
1 1 l i. .!!, 1. II u s.llel.1 Ml-I lag.
Blata of ihio, rji of Tcnedo,
Lucas Cinin y ss,
Frank J. Chei ey make oath tba
he la aenior pntmr of too firm of I
J. Cheney eV o , doing bun nisa In 1
City of Toledo, Ciiunty and ."-'tai !
iit'.rrsai'l, and li nt said firm will a. I
Hie sum of i'N'K lll'N'lil.KI) !'!. j
i.ak.i ror ea' ii mmi every case "i
I'atiiiTh that eanno! ), cured by lie
use of IIAIJVS (ATA l:ll Critic.
KltAMi J. t 'II KN K V.
Sworn to before me and aubsei Ha -l
In my pra-ene-o, tlita tn day of le-
crmber, A. V. lt.
(beul) A. W. OI.KA "S,
Notary lublie,
Hull's Catarrh Cure is taken In
ternally anil acta directly upon Hi
blood and mcie ou surfs es of tba
system. Kend for ins lnioniula, fue. I
y. J. CIJKNIiY CO., Toledo, I).
F"ld bv add Irucrgisls, 7S-.
Take Hall a family I'Hl, for const!
I'lionee 3, lie d liarn. SI I West Cop.
er. for fust iI.kn ln'iy. W. I,
Triinblu A Co.
For a mild, easy action of lb, bo-
,ry Jiouns Hegulets, g
jujigtlvt, iii at all atorsi.
File) TliU For Rcfcrenrfi
Hen and nature are such symbol of
oserh olhor all the while.
JVatrblng ona and watching I'olhar
mnkea a fellow wnut to gnillo.
foil have read, of mimo, the liai-eni,
telling of the awful floods
UVIien the people left IJielr hnmeg
rlad In mighty scanty duds.
All ot thla becnnn gome niill-cjam
In a al!i y for away
tiusted Ions and gent her water
. rushing onward to the bay.
And Trt noticed in gome ieople ot
explosive way and miens
.That they act a lot like rivers, when
gntnrliodr spills the bean.
1 tare beard their lingual flioeluatc
feti-blng loose to beat tho band
!When existing clrruroslnnceg aecmrd
too rntuh for tbem to stand.
They're Irrpersonated frmliet In tuy
presence, without douht.
For a flood of languago followed
when the damn went out!
ruttliier It Dlffcrnttly
"Do you Uiink riOlicua haa swelled
bead ?"
"Well, I wouldn't vise that harsh
term. I'd merely gay be haa vari
cose brains."
ew Light n Old feign
'hy don't yon want people to buy
good at your storo?"
. "I do! What d' yo meanT
"You tell them to goo your good
before buying elsewliere."
Snre) l"rcaif
Liquor drinking Ih good for poo
pie who work. It mikos them mora
efficient. Tlint'a why saloonkeeper
always try to get bartenders who
drink a good deal.
Might Try It
I Tow do yon got tin snarls out of
French poodle's ftirT i,'.
tiporln, lit.
Comb tho fur dry, with a
fine comb. That will got the snarls
cut of tho Uog llaclf, if not out of
the fur.
Foor Doesn't Alwnys Itefcr To
Her father, who wo a poor
preacher, furnlr-hed abundant means
for ber musical education. (juotii'
fion from a Kctcut Xovcl.
Colons A Surgeon Is Called
"Shall I stay whero I am?" asked
the tumor.
"Yes, If you encyst," grumbled Its
T hare read a good de.il about "the
concert of tho powers." Is tlmt a
tuunlcal affair? I htivn't rend of
tno islnco the war broke nut In
IJurope. f Jf. C, Offa-mit-a, la.
A concert of the powers is a musi
cal entertainment in which martini
U'unlo is not allowed, and in which
xntra-banda never piny a part, lly
tooking at a list of tho Kcllnys,
r..:rk;s and Sheas now engaged in
i!.o big continental sliibdy, however,
ie will nolo that tho Harp is ona
o' the leading Instruments wUtn tho
Sowers aie not In cocecrt.
Because Tho ut-l"ps re) It?
Is It right to call cunfettl cut-up
paper? '. X. '., h'rw Orleans.
Not Accidental '
"Why did tho boss firo yon?"
"Well, it was no accidental dls
charge h knew I waa loaded."
Flnnlgln Filosofy
"It's alsy V rhooso beehnno tli
regular sinner that swears now an'
thin an' sonio voulil-tsj mints that
kx ps people feeliu' like sweariog Oul
tU' tlmo."
M haeljemean?
'A Flndlny, O., paper advertises "a
chicken plunt." Iioos thnt mean
rhlck-woed, hen-bano, egg-plant or
"Xot Neither Way"
"Is your boat on tho bad list?"
"No, and there's no bad list on
tho bout, cither!"
A-lc 'Fin Voiirself. You T1ih-.I!
Ak A. M. I'ratt, barber of West
Fal"in, how tiiuny checks hu receives
U week.
Altm r Pratt went to William Fow
ler c to l.is work Monday morning.
Abk Aimer If It's May time.
At-k Kay l:oii-.h and John Davla If
they wr lonesome Sunday lilnht.
West Salem Ileum in L'uion Llty,
Ind., .'Uilc.
Ileal l'ii-ty
Wa know a man wio ri.illy but
religion. Ho went to piuycnn rtlhg
once w hciil ho bud a boil 011 hi . in k.
ThcLOunj Lady
Across The Way
The young liidy across Co way
rieyn it'u ulwuys cosy to frltbiso, but
wi. should renn inl.e-r tho old suylng
thnt tlio.iii v ho Iiv j In g'-iid nouses
bliOUI'l liut ll'U.l tho brolli.
. - 'Wti'' A
- ' - '.ClU'f
rw, -.
hhaLU WAIN 1
Health Talks
DeJs and Backs
IT ALF of women's Ills may bit
I summed up in one word-
4ai kache. The almanacs, the
tiostrnm maker's literature, the vari
ous fake "doctor books" published In
the Interest of big quack medicine
firms, and the circular thnt come
wrapped around the soven'y-nin
cent bottle of faintly medicated
boose highly recommended for
woman's Ilia, alt dwell upon the sorl
otisness of tbia symptom in woei and
in plcttire. Vet we dare gay the sit
uation of the trouble In good many
raMta at any rato is In tho bed she
aleeps on.
Tba Joint between the sacrum at
the bnse of the spine and flia hip
lonos on ctther sldo Is easily strained
by lying In rxd which sags under
the weight of tho body. In women
iiuiih more than In men the liga
ments and muscles which support
these Joint tiro under strain and re
lax, permitting slight slipping or mo
blllty In those Joints. The result is
backache, which Is distinguished by
the fart that It Is mod Hied bv changes
of posture unlike the back pains
which sometimes accompany Internal
derangements In women.
The woven wire springs so com
monly found on beds almost In
rarlubly stretch after a time and sag
under tho weight of tho body. And
then som of the cheaper mattresses
peo;ilo buy under n mistaken notion
of economy are nothing but hillocks
nd valleys after a few weeks' use.
To any woman, or sny man either,
who Is troubled with Ixte kac-he or
lajiue bark without good and sufficient
cause, we would suggest a ear ful
examination of tin. bed fur signs of
Inanition and collup.10. if the
springs or mattress seems to be run
down or In ncevl of a good tonic ..end
It to tho (Salvation Army uini In
dulge In A new one. There Is no
lr. Brady te ill antirt r all qwitxoni prrtaining to llralth. If your jhc
Hon it of grnrrai Intcrt tt U v ill be unsti rred" through thete columnt; if not
it stiff or ansnvi-rr.J prrsomilly if ttimpnt, oddrcf d cnvrlopc it rnrlotrd.
Dr. IJra'ly uill not presrribc for Indit-iesuJ discs or make dlagnoict. Ail
drcti alt h ttcrt to lr. V.'ii'h.m Ilrady, care of thit u-ipiip r.
Vest Pocket Essays
LCCHH7.IA POriGIA wna a lady
who lived In Italy four hun
" tired years ago and w hose repu
tation Is now being tlry-cie-uncd after
Imving ta-rn alluded lo with scorn
und horror for sevirnl centuries.
I.urrexia was tho daughter of old
man Ilorgla, who was a dig noise In
liaiy und vvns a ('unlinal at a timo
w hen the clcriry illtipcinv d so mucli
morality to the peopln that it didn't
huve nny b ft for lt:c If. At thut ( 1 1113
a daughter was ho valuable an linnet
that tho axiu-seorti considered listing
tliitn us perioiinl property and tho
limn who hud three or four hnnd
totno claitgliters could very eusily
intike a luxurious living us n futhcr-In-law.
When Lucrexla was eleven years of
nee ber father married lur to a
t-pnntnrd who bud plenty of money
und a good political pull. However,
no sooner hnd ho done this than be
discovered to bis ludlgnat Ion thut
bo could hnvo gotten a better offer
from nn Italian lord. In those days
pooplu did not stun 1 on petty formal
It les. Ilorgla promptly annulled tho
marriage, and murrlod bin daughter
all over .'ig:ila at u liumluonio
Ilorgla, bow-ever, was climbing so
f.iHt that his daughter was doubling
in value every year. Thla mudo tho
voung lord very pusn' us a husbnnd
and pres-ntly tho nnirrlago was an
nulle d. This lime ilorgla got a Dunn
for n son In la w and was very well
Hatlsfled, for he neeilnd Dukes in lilt
puhlicul business, he hclnx popo at
a tlmo when tho tenure of ohVo was
very precarious and eventful.
However a Hpllt In thu party soon
took place und tho liiikn got on tho
wrong Bide. For thla ho was soon
murdered bv- Ills brother In law and
then Luinzia's father, with a glad
cry, ntlvi r 1 1 d her for miii rlacu unco
Views Of
Ncu) Uses For
VAI li: TV of icmiill pr.icll. .a
u . fur wlrelc- 1 .1,1 trh lty
I .
n ib-vchipc.l by I'rofi -i-par.l.
i f Tult.. Ci llciie,
11 to lllll lli'il li- 11.,
lor It. i:
H 1 : . 1 1 . (
to . .
t t T 11
II h 1,...
1. in, lire cu'ii.oii
: e. il IrtL.t Or H I
. . -rk In;: en a v 1;
' .jc-r.
- : ".'i dopn.i li" .
c on, Nikola 'I
: tlm w ircl 1
r I'.l 1 mi In! rv-L v ;
p- .eh i.bil'ty of '
1 ; iriclty In w.-' i.
near wi.en 1;-M
or by miirliini" .' i.
1 1 1 e.l, Mr. Te!a
I i.iied tUat-s i;.v
llll I t'l
hi. .bill!.
' .. Hlll-
lu::; ' -.11
w i ;
le ;.
in.. -.;
tl.e . .
w ire
tin " 1
nut. 1 .1!
! wlr.!-
-.1, tho
1 i-rapli
. lur'nK'
;.lo lint
". Tli 0
.: ti ut o
.': cull
l.i r s,
,i-' i by
i- lilo'.IS
be lint '1 I -eti.il. Mr. Tcs'. i ll
thnt tl.e
Hln. 111. I I,,
prep. I' il' I'
w In !! 1
.t delay to mill.:
' t to defend it i "
1 "ihod.c. Ill) I
iiiitid hi... 1 uiu'clvc! n pl.-in of ii.ihoi'.
ul ili.fii;.'. by which wiieh- s ul
Murines i icing a wide i n.'.-i' 11 nd
batllei-liij. 1 ss we'l. niiimihind and
theicfoie ii,volvl:ig 1:0 il.ini.-cr I 1 tho
livts of tho defindln,: people .an bu
AUo tUH KWULlb. 1 lilititi LIINU, 1 i I1VIHS 1 nnht DIIVIEo
mistake In Investing money In good
bed-springs nnd good mattresses even
If you lisvs no lame hark. You wilt
get more pleasure from hitting the
hay It your bod Is alluring.
Ho often, so very often, a doctor
baa to order a couple of slata slipped
under a sagging bedsprlng In order
to relieve Ilia tired, aching bark of
the put lent under his care. It Is sur
prising how peoplo wi'.l lie In a verit
able crntei- and wonder what In thun
der tnuke their back ache so much.
rihort And Sweet
Queries, like prayera. are most ef
fective. In our opinion, when made
short and swet. At any rate we
senn but scantily those duodecimo
volumes which some readers Inflict
upon us. Another shortcoming of
ours Is the fart that we generally
neglect to read the other side when a
correspondent wrltea on both sides
ot the puper. And of course we can
pay no attention to the anonymous
quory, even though It is signed "Sin
cerely yours. A Constant Itemler"
as though slnrerlty and anonymity
could over bo compatible!
Adenoids In noble
7 If rt'rr nrcrMijry or el bnbg lir
fern moNfns old fo nuM on operation
for adtnniJtt drmandt a vorrii'l
father. Jfy doctor says our tiro rtl
rircn hire thrtn anil Itiry shnsbi be
opcrofe-d o at once. They are six
teen monfAs and four ynrt old
Aimwvr Your doctor Is probably
right. It Is often necessary to
opernto on bullies a few months old
fur adenoids, nnd It Is a lot safer than
to let tho trouble go untreated. It
tirglrrtcd, thft child's face, cheat and
general development will soflcr
more and began looking over tho
lly this time pronpectivo sons-in-law-
wcro a little shy owing to tlin
consistent bait luck of the former
IncumlientH, but tho son ot tho liuko
of Florence took a cUuuco, ami at
PAailMO Ties Ouke'i
Bank Poll ms
fuT SoHt PtgreTuici.
5LftP OotT IN wf
into Tea Tms (vt .
Veal win
She teat mrrrly an ob' ilicnt
twenty-two I.ucrer.la bernmo a blush
ing young bridn for the fourth lime.
I.ucrezla tins been gre atly rrltielsed
In history for her Induntry In ci Meet
ing husband nnd the clrruniHtiincen
tinder which at least on of them ex
pired, liut it Is now admitted that
(die was merely an obedient daugbtnr
und would huve married tho wholn
Almnna'ii do tiotha to please her
father. SI10 lived muny years quitn
happily with her Inst husband nnd
she Is entitled to at least as much
respect ns the modern women who
marry long series of husband:! with
110 consent but that of tho dlvorco
The Press
Wireless Electricity
directed by wlrtdcKs to n point of at
t.uk nnd their nrins lib-. -hurged 11W1;
by wlrclottii In the control nf experts
on shore. Telescopes tu uid in Hits
fort of del nsivo warfare hnvo been
ill-vised, mi that tho Inventor looks
forum d with conlld-ncu In thu ti:no
when in vii.'b.iis can bo r pi lled Willi
iiln. o.st bo peril to tho defciiHlvcj
S'u li 11 triumph of machinery over
war may lmt he 10 1 liimerlcnl us up
pejirs lit first llnniglit. Strlklm.: 111
the t iifr lion of Mr. T.-sla 1.., It Is
no niiTi! iiiminig tl.;iu .'-01..C of t'io
w-oinlers Willi which thu modern
world is iilnaily fuinllliir. If repell
ing (in invading fleet with mi
nium, id warships hci ins incredible)
to us, toi would Ihe pri cent effective
ness of eliclriilty with and without
wine, In tho tidephoiiii and llo
giapli, tlin electric nirei tnar kystom,
or of gaMilino In the i.lsty lull, sun
hour nut.. mobile, nnd ho would thu
"movies" nnd hruny oilier trluuiplis
of machltiery nppeur to our great
grandparents. Juprka Cupiul.
ill1 I1
Cartoons Of The Day
The Kaiser ronnta his pigs. Is lie
' e
HA! it, .ffi'i
r W f U
A Nnmncletn rsrlnnn, bnt-d on h rrrrnt con ' us of live Murk tn (itrmtnf, whUh lit
tu have ulUndni Ui Keivr Kreniiy. Krutu liymurMtoi, (. inHnrtm,
Peoples Legal Friend
Mv E. R.
A nerclpt Is It Final?
It the fnllnu ina trur: In mak
ing on. iinlorsrm. nf for re i-ciif of
porf putimint. ..if date and amount
ore- all that it nrcr.inry, and sii'f. r
no lirrumntnnrrt thnuld thr holder
tiritf hit Minn; at that uould run
rrl thr u holr amountt
A. Tho mere fact that one at
taches his slgnnture, together with
the dad and amount, to a r.-c.-ipt for
part payment of a debt or claim, will
lo no harm. It cannot show morn
than It purports to show. Further,
a receipt, either for tho w liolo or
only a part of tlm Indebtedness, la
merely prima fYi.-b- evidence and Is
olways opi'ti to explanatory or con
tradictory proof. It Is merely a
question of fact as to whether tho
debt, either In whole or In part, has
been paid, bt.t a p.-raon who attacks
n receipt bus .he burden of proving
that It is not cured.
Man '.I'd Women's lrorrt-ty lllghta
0. !n ntarrlri trust n hire thr
some prnuiriu ri'jhti in all the
Ktutilt A. .No
Consideration In A Contract
Q. In mnklnit a nntrnrt, it a.
rhcefc rranrrfi 'l nt "rnntidi ration" t
A. If would afford thu evidence of
tho consideration.
The Wur nc-Tenuo Law
tV. Ill Vnd' f Ihr prrm nf tenr rre
rnur hue , hot i.t thr p -naltv for
failure tn atta h re t" mm- f-l"i.l oil.
thr rrouirid dotumrntit i!l In thu
tar f (j nniv, uho uould be lialii.:
far pno.r or thr makrrf
A. (1) Tlie war revenue lniv pro
scrlls's a fine not exceeding fifty t,,.
lars, or linpriHonment not "xci'dliig
tlx months, or both, In the discre
tion of the court. :') It is the duly
of the maker of the hole to cann !
the stamp by writing his initials ami
the date across the face of tho stamp.
Tho pnyi'e limy, however, net as tho
ngeiit of the maker for this particu
lar purpose nnd ram-el thu Htatnp
with tho maker's Initials, besides
writing tho dato. Wh re. the stamp.!
utiioiint to ten cents or more, tlmo
parallel lines rniiht be used In can
cellation, besides writing tho Inltiuls
nnd date.
Q. Man a lonrrrn use thr title,
'.(on 111; lir Hume if not in
iorporaletl A. The urn of nny word or phrase
of I Ills character. If tint rue, w ould bo
11 mii ri presentation. Tlm statute 1
of tho various slates sometimes deal
with tills iiuestlon, cither l-xpre-Esly
or by implication.
"Signed" Hut Vot Froveil
Q. M'oulil thr pn tencr of thr u ord
".Hian'il." u hi n Hi'. in w miner! ion
ir . .1 ;i r.voi.'.-i mi in, in print: il mat
ter, he 1 011. inti .- e idt m r that that
person had attuathi mined the arti
1 1.' 11 hu h hin tonne followed A. No.
The Life Line
Hy I.M.'KV klllkXIXN
The Girl With a Slock Laugh
She- l.n't smart enoiifli to vury It
11 little, now nnd then. She gives
hen.. If 11 way by letting II come with
the tamo volume whether she's
luiir.hlng at a good Jok , or merely
lit hoineoiie's hil'ilul Ion of an old
saw. I'lalnlv, idie'a snatching guy
exciisu to laiieh. Vlie thltik It's
1 ail i vat i mr, i'oineoiio bus spoil, d
her by l.lling her so. It Just docs
lie pond 1.1 hear ymi hingh," has
ipoil. ,1 many 11 young girl's natural
i pi. lit. moil c ; nfie-r thai, she tries to
.1.. ivcrvone food. SI10 likes tho
in!'' of 1,111,. Suin-lilii... And (hn
lulniit.' she lie-ins to act, she npolls
herself. Sin's too young (o net
cleverly enough to delude) us; even
ptofe slouiil in tresaoK have been
known to full at the gamo. "Sin's
mil tirul," Is In,, nii-c.it thing that
can be said nf a young girl. Tho
gul with a clink lii'ich has banished
her thli f charm, und offered us In
lis place 11 laugh that wo all rcci.g
iI.k as urt lt'icliil.
Al' only plated 11 ire.
going to senxl them to the front?
A ..
a i. j m. n i
jrx i- f v.
M .T L '.I -1 " "Wf 'w
t'Mn A Gambling Iian
Q. U'acre mnneu It loanrd for Ihe
purion' of hi 1111) inc. in a fiamhllna
tranmetion. may it br rr. oi-i rid in
a tuit lirounht lJ the Jem, rt
A. No. If It was loniicl for that
particular nnd specific purpose It
cannot be recovered. It has boen
belli, how.vcr. tli.it where n loan la
negotiated fr the purpose of paying
off past Indebtedness, resulting from
rumbling transactions, tlm borrower
will is- liable) In an action brought by
the lender.
Current Poetry
Fame old ten days,
Sume old train.
Sumo old country,
Siuno old rain.
Sams old farmhouse,
Same old trunk,
Snmrj old back room,
riatiiu old bunk.
Same old brooklet.
Sumo old trees,
Paine old fishes.
Sumo old Ileus.
Same old tnrkle,
r'-imii old flies.
Same old bottle.
Sumo old lies.
VomVcrt Kf'Jfrsman,
I curse (he stylos of women fair,
Which lildo their features to the
nos ;
They're burdened fur too much with
When they di'ilay theiuacdvcs In
those Summer furs.
In cotitrnst to this lavish hair
Wu have the youth who tries to
I's with a visapo iiully bare
When bo disports upon Ills lip
Summer fu.i.
So why not lei nsprlng men,
WI10 mr their scanty tendrils
Itcniovn both fuzry evils, then,
lly tailing from milady's throat
Sonio of hers?
-Stan Adler in .Yew lorfc f,'ern-
lug 1111.
Among tlin other prohibited things
which wo do nut euro to do Is tlmt
of I ut tin In the depot walling room
Conernllv speaking, It is tho man
who has 110 story to tell who luught
at your.-;.
Kvery time n girl rats nn onion (dies
lma. liie.-4 she 1., engaged in a wild
fMie of our correspondents says
she ban a riven lum is d which haa
be n ion shli tably marred. It Is tin)
cnm-om.m, i.r 1. pinion that nny green
lion bed Is 1 ni lih iahly marred.
There I-, ins to In. but one 1 11 viol-abb-
ml. 1 in lonnection with the orec
linn of nnmum. uls to tho deceased.
II is that a widower must buy his
hr.t wile u tombstone before ho mar-
I i.'S illMih.
fllailye I". atlieringhnm. who In go
ing lo etiieitaln nn out-of-town man
next Sunday, was out today posting
bills iiiinoum ing tlm event.
The telegraph ntinoii.iees thnt
l''o! lias I h found in Slum
we in sum.- ti. ,-,t. f,,,ivvlng tho Usual
custom, it will bo used uu ih
of a lumbal comedy.
When you bear n womnn criticising
"society ' III lor town. It H g 8KU
her application fur ititmbcrsltln has
been luUed. "
llurvo I'liisons wnnts tn know what
1 mltvo Is. Kiidlve is lettuco that has
C-i.ttlH into tioclely.
Tl 'i ntii.iber or nun vim believe a
troupe of peifiiriiiinir dogs owns I bom
a living Is coueitieriibly lu oxcesg o"
tho demand. ,

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