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Ths Evening HtrzU.
Publish! i 4
TitR f.vt:a-io innuu. ixc.
II. B. MRNINCI Kdl'.or
I'nbltshcd every afternoon -rapt
(lunday, at HI North Hecoiid
Buret. Albuuuorir-ir. X. M.
Kn'.er-! a c oni-ee mailer
at the AnfTW at Alhiniuer.iiie.
X. M., under ihe Art ? March .
tnti rmmih l.y mall r tnrr:ir. . Mr
n wiTk l,y earner lie
"na year b mail or carrier
in advance . I '
lliwlnes Orlic
Editorial lt.xifi'K
TIIE acting rliy miiinee-r aeris
that the illy nrr.ln r.n addi
tional aprioMiiic cart. He says
It la ImiHMuitliW lur the etreol depart
ment lo krrp Joan dual oil North
Fourth street and elaewhcre with the
prvarnt equipment.
Ther la not a bit of doubt that the
engineer la rlahl. If Ihn cil la B"ld
to rely on airlnkllnc lo ke p d-n
tiut on Ita busiest eircete It will neeaiae in part
nol one now apilnkltn car; bill a
doren, and II will have to work them
all Ihrea ahlfta every twenty-four
bo ura
Ity putting , lie nllre aprinklira
equipment on NVrth Fourth atreet and
keeping it there, lo the abandonment
i.r aprlnkllng on all other atreeta, It
might be poenlble to keep down the
dual on that atreet. A North Fourth
atreet houeeholdcr told lha Herald to
day lhal halt an huur afler n Ihor
ouah aprlnkllng tha atreet ia na duty
aa ever. Thia ia to be expected. X.
atreet over which Ihire la a conatam
atrram of fnat traffic can be kept free
of dual with a aprlnkllng cart: one
mighi aa well expect to check an
April rand atorm with a garden r.oc
Incidentally If lha city government
'jnilertakea lo keep down the duM on
A'orth Fourth rtreel, by aprinklmg. t
will do ao at a very heavy anniul cot
and the rlahla of property ownera on
aeerul doxen other atrM n:ll hae
to ilitfer.
From every viewpoint of private
and public intereal the pavlnic of
North Fourth atreet la dealrable. It
a to lie hoped thai liie present rnove-ilriey
men! for paving It will be curried
through. The particular paving to
be used la a secondary consideration
Thcfe are a number of good material,
any one of which will serve.
timi: to m'hv.
HA VI NO pretty w!l .n-iiK.nsin.i-ed
thut we ciiiio' t lK'!e In se
cure a lumen. mn bail for Al
bunoerque by means l Ihe fox irnl
mid the healtutlon. II aeems to be tme
lor the hiiaines lnle-eni of this c:t
to take hold of the matter of equip
ping ihe nation-.! guard armory ao
that we can meet the demands upon
ua thai are here rlahl now. to any
nothing of the demands that will
cur in the future. j
It w ould be muni feat waste In nu.ke
temporitry repair in the armory fi
am lo pul It In puaauble but unwilh'-j
laciory ahaie f'.r lb- teaihirs tin
veiuion, now rtahl a ha'id; and the
lo go thrond 'he Katue work
ilurry and .x.r - next spnnu i
the canleiiien 'ere. We w
have ajieh iti doin itraaboiiv en
lo equip the nMnory permaneiillv,
we would hio n. tiling Ic't to
ti I
lor the outlay. ,-
Aa muttars stand today this it
cannot extend" on InvHutlon to eitnei
of the pohtlcBl parties to hold their
loiiventions here nexl summer. We
have no ball in which to Iioiim- a
large convention, and .mleM we pf:
vide one a. a loiitd eit ufcide nti I ve
both these large and important guth
eruiUM sto els-where.
The obvlouM thing to do Is to equip
the armory un ; do Ihe Job thorn. ikIi
ly and well and have done with It
t'll Un til s IV WOltKI Its.
SOMK of the men alio h.ne been
ukf-d lo serve on working com
mittee next Tueud iv. i barltlir
fiay. have dei lined berau -e the)
have served on other aolli iimi: boards
timing thr pieaent year, and "necuUM
their friend htitc to ai-e I ii.-ui eine
utound "
It La not uiifi.itiii.il mat aoiue of tlx
mi ii who huve been leading in Alhu
ooerque'a aolicitlng cnmpultrns duiina
the pHst few months should hi-filu'c
nboiii going Into u new 'di i inn ex
pedition ot the ordlnury kind. Ilut
tills particular cause is upart from all
oiherx; II la an exception; u poldie
liect-MHlty exiats and a iK-iisHiiy wlieh
ei.-rv colislileftltlon if good bllHioes-
and good heurl demands that we met t
and meet lompietely. Jt will or
should, be considered an honor to
serve as a woiker in the huritir
liay fori e. und the Herald believes
that every man and woman nppi o-h-ed
by a woiker on that ilav will look
on the worker with lespeei snd ad
miration and kindly In-link.
tiduuieera for f ha Mica ly ine
lieedi-d and they 'hi oe lii.-
airoiig.ist, moat eiii-i-' nui'd -i-ti-ctlve
workera e Ii i v
- the m siMxs outlook.
PIN ANVIAL revlewa. financial au
thorities, ncwsiiapars, ffH)f
journnla and almost all'
pour of Information iiw th'tt
th business situation In th 1'ntt
S State la ood at present,
rhere ara aoma. however, who hold
that in eliock lo business which ae-
nimpnnlri ih close of lha war will
ha mora aevrr than thai whlh ran-.e
with Ita opening: that lha ceaantion
of munltlona fiiclorlee and other war
iiH'ly imluatriea will brine; on a
panic; that Ilia readjustment will
mean a period of lha hardest kind of
Ii lines. The aam alooms viewers had
the auma fear whan lha war broke
lout and bntnea In thia country be.
Jean Ha readjustment to meet the (ft'
'ditloiw of a world turned lopay-turvy.
They foretold a panic bitter and lofis
. ..ntlnued: and continued to ti ll of II
awn nftrr lha real business Interests
i I the co'tntry had waded waist drrn
into prosperity resulting from th?
new rondlilona. j
A iliff-rent and more hopeful view
of the after-war prospects la held by
the woll informed editor 01 the t'hus
tinn f ienre Monitor, who in n revli'W
of the present business situation sees
nothing but prosperity for thla coun
try, whether the war rtida ot not. He
the fan inn I
various countriea of the world era
borrowiiK hundreda uf nillllona of
dollara from Ihe t'nind Sluiea. and
dcapite the Increasing deinunda of(
commerce, money continue in gneut
supply In that country and ratea are
low. In other yeata at thla a-iinon. '
when crop moving la at Ita helaht.
there haa genrrully been an iifMetit
demand for funds, and ratea .11 l.mes
nave ..red to almost prohibitive fiK
urea. Never In the hialory of Anier.
n an Mrli ulture have there been ao
abuT'lunt cros aa this stMn has
prodo ed. ind their money value I
the greatcM ever known. In addition
to thia there haa been a long period
of heavy trading on the atock cx
ehangea, and loans from the liacki
have reached enormous figures. And
yet the" money nupply ctinlinues
great that the bunks find l tlliiu I v
in placing II to profitable ndtiinlug-'.
However, ulthousch llur Nitia remnin
low und profits cot resioiidmglv email,
the banks throughout the I'nll'd
Stales are in a moat prcarrroiu condi
tion. Thia la due to the big buslne-a
re doing. There ia no doubt'
thut the new federal reserve system
haa much to do with the easy inoiie
t.iry situation. .Vlihorxh It bus not
lc r, u"e, ilpim fur help If. mere
if ne h.ia lent confidence and en-cotira-t-d
In nearly every line of trade there
li.is been marked improvement within
re.-enl weeks. To go Into det.nl in
this respect would be to en.iiin r.ite
almoNt eiery important industry
"That confidence has returned to
a gnut extent Is evident Itiimie. .
having weathered the worst :io..-in-uide
bl..r,r., is daily impK'uiu ami
the belief 4s entertained lh.it n'hii it
could ociiir now to ie it .1 s-.ri.ms
; i -H..K U. K .-n In the w-ir-tidden
ntinlrie of Furope there h.is been
I ..nie iriipro etni-nt here ami there.
The betterment' Is unit Med In toiiie o
I the neutral countries. Thl W"Uht
seem to imlh utr th.it. ilespite lb"
li .ndi. up of enormoiik war de'iis. the
, j ! eliiKi-rents of Kurope, w hen pence
de. lined, will tit om e begin 1" enj .
the tt,ci.Hitits of coniuier'hil growtn.
has i.een predicted that, with the
j establishment ol pi-to e. the Ihimiii -s
of the woitil 1-1 retelve a sh li run-
i.ai to that expei it-rii in in n war
nr'le out. because or I In- Midden shnt
c it ik doa n of the miinni.inH hi. tone
ii nd other t'HtublisbmeniK iintii.ni( l y
hoKiilluea. and the ni'ii-'siiv rcid-j'l-tiiMiit
if i Mi)iiii..r-hil and ind'i'--lil.il
alfnrs which will follow. l-lun
should this he irne II would diont
ir he ol sin-it dur.amn. ami 'lie re-
oei j.huilil lie npi-1-il . an.) (Mrtn.i
ncnt. COLOC
t J ly Hi k J
Knniiil lill.IlM '
JA I'ANV neive Is m:i am i. ; m to i.:;.
Mt:e lum nraed I ll le S. in iii I.m.K
i.rier her iiiiii-sif. n .le.,. ... w lo n
he t.in I iooK oiu lor It,, i.wti
- O -
ill"!' Full THi: ..nun., n i,(
li'.el whe h w'umla in I -:ngl.i id, the
liiduloii papers iloiilj. lei:-, woiili til)
wh.it they jeail-. irn iu i Mr. As-ioit".
M WCI-; tho litdlei would tune done
better at the N'ew Yoik polm i( Do I
- k to I he Hurt i runic.
TIH'V . oi.Hn t h . . e i...ie mu. u
Tifl-; Wi:T majoiiiy in n ... i.i
:hoMt Ut in itHlt' I Ml !. ie.it Iv,
due tor iiiiotiii! loiiii.i
TWu VKW .ti:li'u historia.is
have agree) upon the iiie ..i in,, tn.
trodll. I ion ol the piloting ple-s tllto
New Ik ico.
v'io .-AYH l'i;.ci-: in .in inipos
hi.. .'
l.l ;it'l-'.nAl, KtarvMiion lv prov
ing a valuable siiutegi-l on Ihe fur
u'n.i s an
a M . a IA 1 1
TTit Bwat ercupatlon
Of mtr eouilnt and relation
la Jlttln.
Thty Jit la town n4 bark tiraln.
Titer turn about and talk again,
Whila jittiog.
Soma dlatant Jlttraaa flapa tiar hand
At the Jltonear, to beat tha band
0. Jtttlnar!
And o ha drtvaa up to tha para
Uk aoma land life boat bent lo aara
Tka jilting.
T1iaea piartad tn to makln lota,
1. tka trolleyera tliejr hog and ahova
While jitting.
They meet tha aama folka day by
Rarh looka for each along tha way,
Wblla jittlng.
They run on atrcata whrra cara are
And Into many a rarlaaa apnt,
Whfla lining.
It make tha traction magnate rnrt.
To deafened heuvena It makaa Ibetu
Thla jilting.
Th neweat aToratlon
Of mtr coufltia and relation:
la Jittlng.
They jit to town and hark aatn:
Make bii-liiena brUk and alatk again,
lly jittlng.
rinnlgln Fllnaofy 1
There arre a lot more dacint
people In th' wurrld than th' nnda
clnt wana want V think there la.
Tlad t'olor .Scheme)
"How did you arrange to get Inat
on your motoring trip? Ltldu't you
t.ave a blue book?"
"Yea. and green driver to go
wltb It."
Tie Thoiiglit !! Knew
"What la the nationul hymn of
the Huaslan peopleT"
"1 don't know, hut It ought lo bo
that old Methodist ona containing,
Tliera la a culm, a aura retreat."
Tautology I nlntcnilol
"I underHtand." said the bookish
pcraon, "that your employer la
Ttrv meguceplinllc peraoli."
"Yes, but that ain't the worst of
It. Ilea got the xwellliead nilghty
brd too."
nint He) Slilppexl On
'V.MII you hlp on train, boat or
traction liner' wired the anxious
purchaser of a hurry-up order.
And the telegraphic ounwer came:
"On approval."
. id now they don't huve ary trade
i luiioc:.
The I)lle Highway
TIlii Is to ho a roadv.ny leading
'r m th land of the carpet-lugger
.c Hie land of the carpet-bugged, and
jack aKaln.
It in lo bo a prnbo letting out the
rr.nainlhg pun of the old war fester,
n both directions.
The most successful operation are
.irovlded with a drain, and thlu one
nlll have it.
'rhe Illusion of Ihe old up (north)
rd down t south I on tim school
nur" haa had a queer effect on
iiu.ianlty. It haa caused all roads
i run east and wont, so they could
level. South meant down hill
.m! north up hill, lu everv mind.
So they didn't build roajs up
ir j down, hut eroi'sw Lc.
Hilly, isnl It?
Hereafter, roads are to be built
nirlh and south, and p. ople w ill
be surprised to llnd thev can lie as
nearly level an those running east
gnd west.
When human belnps are compared
tn rheep, we khould apologize to
the ehecp.
They hnvo no such IIIiihIoiis.
The Plxlo highway will ke p peo
ple froru tliir.Klng a pluce 5'io nuies
went or enst is neuter to lliem than
a place 1'UO miles south or north.
A l ablo
One tlmo there was a Traction En
gine that said, "I am Carrying too
lltg a Load. I muit lighten my Hur
den or Wear Out."
As he Carried very little Excess
Itugguge, he decided to Dlncurd his
Safety Valve.
The first lime he fiot lp Steam af
terward, ho Kxplmled.
Morul Many of the Things we
think are llurdcns are Absolutely
Nei'i'ibttiy to Hold ua I)on to our
Where He lit Them
Heal Kitate ( rook I'nder what
b'ad did Jon chnrce the lohhy money
we rpctit In figlitlng the bluosky
Jlook keeper "Overhead expenhes."
oun Lady
AcrossThc Way
The young lady across the way
gays she certainly duos think th:
country needs a stronger merchant
murine ami It ought to he mostly
' aubmarinea iustcud of old laahluueil
I Oliei ro)(ittr
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Health Talks
The Ear Alarms Of
WHEN thera I a god nuraa
raring for the patient careful
examination bv tha doctor
Helta no rrumhe under tha covere,
no medicina exhibit and no feeding
Ulcus! la on the wna. and no aug
reatlve odor of Oriental iii.o'tsa In
the (tea illy sickroom attnosphei.
Kvan tha air I kept fresh.
The on sign o. rompeten'. nuraa
that haa never failed I this: She
keep the patient'- mo ith clean In
aide. Let ua sea tin. nut lent a tougit
and teeth and w -vlll lell you
whether your nurse was well trained.
A good nurse la one who know
how to nink her pitlent comfort
able. Indeeu tha' l n nurre'e whole
uiity. M ny Invalhls d o' know
what real co. ifort Is, b causa they
liave never niplny.d a thoroughly
trained juise. The 'rali.ed nurse
liubit grow jn jni. me you try
one on auaplclon she klm . spolla
you always aft rwaru you hanker
after her whe'her yon can afford her
or not. She mnkea you o cunifort
able and sweet and clean!
IM-Iiver ua forever from the old,
experienced, practical nurs who
tears to change the patient's sheets
or nlehty for fer Hie poor thing
will ' take cold"! Who surrounds Die
patient with dlvera and sundry hnr
rlera lo keep off drnrn ao the doc
tor has to thread hla way to the bed
rltlo through a nure of quilts,
rhawls. tov.ols nml old clothes! Who
talks of living tliauo "cnklng," of "In
ward fever." nf "turning" anil
"worms" and "attacks of neurology"!
Who la forever wanting "somellilr.g
to raise the gus"!
A good nurse never knows a single
thing about what Mould be a good
thing to take for this or that I rouble.
Kite has no remedies to suggest, buy
ing received no instruction In pre
scribing while she was In the hos
fir fl-4t .' I ni,.irr all .o,r,r,r.. prrftnxi. t" ttrnlth If ytwur qi.rthnn ! ef
pewrfj im. n-..f it i-t'I tif ner.if tltruiitt tl-r rnton.. , ; if n..r if i.il hr nniue-ft
arU'.s il.'- i' I.iih it, tl'1.inrl riui lnfn t rm Uiri r ffriiiu nil nm fiirairil.
for ii.tti, ittmit f.taj tr titiiM, J,.i nuii'i. Ad'lrtH nti itfftva tv Or. W.ttium Hrtitij, cur a
vf f'.i eu mic .
Vest Pocket Essays
.'.V 'Jl'ORtil
J LADIVOSTOK U n little city of
' lean than tU.oil'i people which
has hud nunc advertising In
the li' twenty years thuti one hun
dred coraine-rlul dulw. working
night and day, could have aecuied
for It.
Somo cities ate founded by
piunifrs and some Jin-l grow like
Topsy. I! tit Vladivostok wus fnuiid
ed by ilka!'. It v.:tn built In order
to provide a Vnck door for th" Itits
f ia ti empire Ihiott; h which vur sup
p'les could bo ttlinped in time of
Vladivostok Is lec.itc'l In the south
east rorner 'f :'itM-; la, iini oir.iortahly
lieur ti Ji.pau ::nd dl..iotiiiirliik-'ly
far uay from everything eke on
earth. It Is threcj- weeks from San
KrunclMco by water and ten day
from 1'ctriJKiinl Ly rail. Theutrli al
vonipanies which liul.e oneinKht
stands in Stlieiia have to travel
2. lion miles fi.un tne last oeta house
to rr.n h It, and in the uimer h-u
tho Sea nf Japun out In front of th i
harbor freeze up live ( t thick, the
only umtiiienierit it going ilu.vn to
the di pot to see the 4::io ruin como
In from 1 i trogi ad, B.oou ttitlen away.
Owing to all t iesit facts Vladivo
stok lias not grown eMiavaguiitly.
U U klxty years old an I ouly had
LS.uiKi people ut the In I census.
However, when these people travel
abroad thev do not have to explain
v here their town Is. It Ih In tho
leur real in tin- trouble gone when-
v. r lai-t'ln goes to war.
Vladivostok U the terminus of the
Siberian railway and has a big har
bor, a navy yard, railroad simps um!
hull reituiiran'H whore hot tea can
l.e aeciired. It i t u.h modern as an
American city and al the present
time ita aire, ts tiro full of American
sailors, and I's harbor is full ot
German As A
Wim.i: Crrmnns In high of
licial I'O-iilnim deny thai C.er
nniiiv in dies lo diitniunte the
wirld. Iiiuiu.ui linguists admit t hut
they believe (iennau to In the com
ing "wot Id liinivtage." Tiny think.
In other word., Uiut the usu of tho
Centum hum lace will Im-reme lit a
lum Ii aster rule than thu number
of people nf i,i i man d"Hceut. Dim
I lav is 'I'ndtsi-lie produces Intercntlng
ligiircs to piu.e that there Im renaon
in the claim tl nt the Cciiiiiin tongue
will one il.iv le HpukeU in nil parts
of the world.
In lSuu. If Mr. Trcllsche'a statis
tics lire coneri, Cermaii wan spiikon
l.v L''.L'ii.iio.i persons, Krein-h by
::i.4.'.fi.M.'U nml n.gliKh by L'lt.rc'U.dOii.
lu 1 It 1 4 Ucn, an was apoken by
lof,ilil.OOO fi .ona, I-'reni-h by
tj.tniii.iiui) und i:ngiiiih by li;ii!io.oiit'.
h'roin Ulese (u: i:ei. It Is apparent
that Firndi l.u-, l ist Its position as a
rouvciiiciit universal" lunguago.
Neierllu lesi, i arly all cdip uted
Kuropeuns i . i ---. U French and find
thut luhi;i:o a gnat convenience
when traveling In countries other
than their own, Fnnlkh now nii
penrs to ba Ihe dnminatlni; language,
both In the lumber of peoplo who
speak It and iu ilia rate at which the
use of It has n read. Oerman haa
"grown" nearly as fust: but not, ap
parently, find enough to Justify an
assumption fhnl it may paas Kngllsh,
Mr. Treltm no aaya that fjernmn
ouglik to bu tUo cuuiins "world luu-
Views Of The Press
A Competent Nurse
pital. Tha leaa a nurse knows abotfT;
th fine art of nursing, th mora
ready la ah to prescribe tor thoea
who ask her advice. Old granny
nuraea rival even an Invalld'a raaual
acquaintances In this habit nf know
ing just what ha needs. You know
how It Is with your near-frlenda when
you are alrk they all have a stir
cur you must try. That la, they
think ao If you are th type that la
easily Imposed on; not If you are
reputed r person of firm opinions of
your own.
A competent nurs never gives a
baby anything for the "colic" unless
1. la ordered by the doctor. She ha
pot been taught the aclen e and art
of Infant feeding alio knowa nettl
ing about th proper food, except
how lo prepare and fe.d the formula
the doctor prescribes.
Syniptiima Of Hookworm
rniac ti ll mr v hut are thi' tymp
tom$ of Hookworm?
Answer Anaemia (weak or wa
tery blood l. with all the results nf
anaemia tired, run down, poor, no
account feeling: listless, shiftless,
anililtlnnless, existence. The Infec
tion occurs usually In the form nf
"dew Itch" or ground Itch, the para
sites entering through the skin ami
after a few weeks lodging In Ihe
duodenum, where they remain for
years unless properly attacked by
treatment The disease occurs In the
Pout It very frequently, but Is rare lu
the North.
Pyorrhoea Alveolarl
uoul4 be pratt.fvt, stiyt If. 8. C,
or ioar opinion ain ptmrrhnra.
Anaicrr I'ract.cul augg allona will
l aenl on receipt of your name-and
address neatly written on a properly
M.nniped envelope.
- ; I ITCH
American ships unloading locomo
Inert, automobile and other hard
ware for KiihsIu.
Vladivostok Is popularly supposed
to be situated In the frozvu north
C0sr Tv. ic
( eofr,IttJ
0u Know iT
f,,M lN 7S BtLAM IN
li hi n thr ri.i nlnli' n t nit hi V"
oprmii' ap ! Nibrrttin
n hvat iiiiiiii
and to do a hearv trade In snow
shovels on tho Fourth of July. How
ever It l-i not much further north than
( hlcago nml some day, when the real
estate agents heuln opening up tint
Flberlnn wheat lands. 11 will liecomo
a great metropolis and tourists will
get exeiirsioti rates thither from
Arneriru, with atopovera lit Kum
clmtka, the Aleutian Islands and
other popular Hummer resorts. It
dues not do In these enterprising
days to regard any land as a wilder
ness. The implement, suiters crowded
the explorers nut of western I'unuda
In five years end at any time the
eastern Sile-rtan baseball league may
begin making contracts.
World Language
RtinKfi" for tlio renaon Ihftt "flermnn
In an pcnnoinlc nml pnllticnl aensn
lias ii n antlrely UKlerent mi I for uiity
it rohi'tem from DiikIIrIi." What
ever this cryptic utterance may ba
worth, it Is a furl that (ornian Is
better sulteil thuti French for popu
lar use. Fram h, lulo tha most
hen nt if nl .f luiiKUiii-s, is also tha
most snhtln ami rilinitilt. (lermuu
bus a lilKhly I'niiipliinterl strueturo,
but whoever hus siilllrlent forca of
mlnil to muster tha rudiments of
Oerninri niuHers tho liuiRuak'fl. Iln
does not, us hn lieromrs fimilllur wllh
thn toneiio. em ounter IhiIUIiik moiles
of pipresslnn similar lo Uioh which
luiike French ho charming when It is
rem) und r.n uluaivu when oua at
tempts to apeak ll.
KiikIIhIi, liowevrr. liss no enm
Iilleiited Rraiiiinuticnl rules. It
modes of roiiKt ruction are clear anil
alraiKhlforwurd. Its pronunciation
has no tllfllciilt sound except, to cer
tain nations, the lisping of "th."
Ida Irri-Kuliirlty nf our spelling la
confusing to the foreign student, but
nearly all InlelllKciit Kuropeans con
ceda thut KiiRllsh Is the simplest
IiitiiruiiKn to learn. If tha "world
luniriiaifii" of ths future la such on its
merits aa a moans of speech, It Is
aafa tn tay that KmkIIhIi will hold
the poaltlon. If the "world Ian
KURKir' of the future la decided by
force nf anna, who ran say what It
will be? I'erhups KuhhIuu, though
tha thoiiKht Is a fearful ouv.i(o
1 ihciliT Vemovral.
on Page Seven
I w . I
i sv lu. j r- war j i
Penny Wise
Tha cot ef livinj? nnkps vfrf
woman look to see where she enn
ave money, which, of courBti, la
eonaible and proper if not car
ried too far.
In tho caB of food it would b
foolish to cittetr.pt to sulrAltuto
sawdust for a breakfast food
because It is choapor. Everyone
know3 saodust hns no food valuo
and ita use would be n ponltlve
detriment to tho health.
Alum baking powders mny cor.t a
little lean than cream of trtrtav
powders liko Dr. Prico'a, bu r.
many of the highost food authorl
tiee both in this country und
abroad havo declnred them t bi
Injurious and not sale to use.
To attempt to cut the co.it of
living by U3ing low-grade alum
powders is unwise economy.
Made from Croura of Turtar
Atawrlktr4 rrti Cerrt4tii4'ttr1
I.irnlii. tit i. ., TIhuih u tl I t
trl- 1 1 urn all p il t of t h Irui. ,
y' 1 11 !' iHltlrthHt tl In j 1 1 1 1 H l! It-1
m.ttiv ,imI lit Unlit, .iir 1 nil with iv
I he I II II ! ll
l und not
ili t unit mu.
i ii- rw lit -a 1 t im (i vfK.
KMC f I hf'lll I I'd i hl'M If
1'hsi whit h i iti i ii i ii (h'
llie Mi'iulti ,tn i.turiiPtl
.nlitM-P-i ol
(nit th mint niuJiiTity rrtiit.iiintit; ii'
pin It :i(lilri-)A ii r- fiiii i' rht th ml dt
li r rt.rfi In hi Itnulty i.t;il'liitni to
I Mm MiMti In i f ui iiHif.
Th'r i'iir t itn-i hi f ftm thi
fii.,riti-n ih.it aii liik.-n tn KlikwitH
(r ixiiiiti'i;it hii tut tot !Hiiiui rfinii
m.i if iinui th' t'Mti'd HtHt.'H r..r i;'i-
ItldM. W ntlcn il. 'i llliMdt'il ftOiiltl-
In ttiin 1 1 1 r I KiikIiiihI nml uf
thi n- tm mi . 1 1 1 ,i m inn iii-iwi'i'ti
limuliiml a i nil tTtiui n thfr u n-i .
of irAn il i n ic it -wn Hhdiltl t h-l!ii!i-h
ht'wrtinunt ) n ittrhmtl
Mu ti "I fh f li'tt ih Kii'iiirn tl
AllH'l H .ill hUIirihtt"4, M-iH - f 1 1 l.
Viiii'lH ;mn t. irii tul- tn ; tin, m ulm
itiv dniitit !-ks liiiir in- i.i fir. .in
'jttt Hliaitf Iti this i iim-n the wt. li
ft hp nfiuhly Hi'iulM hi .idilri'N-i Kn lhal
I he liu'llt , t :i ll In fi i IIimI. tttll t-M 11
IT t.i'tr in n dtM- ifiy iflnit i
rii.nl.' tn fiinl th Miii'd-r. Nnthitivi.
hivir, K"'i "H iini ii hi ltl
K mi in
rhnll.;illilH l.f MiHli-t l!
tn it rl-iif ,
in in ii t i
:ti liatinriH unil oi (h i hm i,i!
ii 1 1. nh ii i ri'ft'i v i I hut us
tin li'llittK Will !i'' ih- tn.i
t.nii i r . t -1 tiidt i. ii thiii is .t u
I (it.l i 1 1 1 1 1 ti' iln ,ir- sM,i
i h- r i tiij i k m im n! n im r
i i k
ntT th- i'iii w.iv f ut tfitii: l. ttt t
irin inria tn 'n riiKtii., i ml
'I llih't i n r In ht.llii- 1 I If In f- ,
iilal i mil liy with a Ii'iit-M tn
11 Hi-Hi
!'! Hi'lulniii tin- tnatti r i fniihi t
I UIKplH '.I I I'll hV I III' Tr lH.il nt thn
Small Business Man's
Best Friend
Miitiy ii HiiiuU himiwMH ;h (irowii
into a biif I, a si in us liv It :i n i i 1 1; j;mi
Imnhiiii i'(tinif( liiinn. The lunik is ui
int'sl iinillilt' ;tlili' lo Ilii' small liiisi-
llt'HM lllilll.
ll s:ivcN Iti rii ftinii Inssi s iiiitl I'UIh
Iii a a in I lit wiiv ol xiihthh.
1 1 is I lie iirim iii'l iiiihi i ii'h Im'n!
I i iriiil nml noiiihI jiil iscr.
Till' hllltlll llllsillCNS lllilll will 1'iinl our
Krl l il i' lli'l iili'llly lll'lil'lll.
State National Bank
Albuquerque, N. M.
Coi iH't' Scrum! Slice! nml Central Avenue
U nih il Malt m Ih pitsilm if San hi V l'niUray Ih poHilin ij
and Pound Foolish
( I' Tin in .i ut h'TjH-H in mMi.w any is-1 -
Irl h l-i hi- i ivi-.l In ut iMivt Uim
fount iy 'illy iitit'.ir'lH run rrarll
i In i iini t hi only wiiy of niiikum
mil' that ilu .i m to iHlilren thrm
uiult-r uni l tn tht It Ik. an nntul n
II ol In nil. I'm' toMiiiic ii u i n l -r natlniin I
nf ;i rn ami dhktnn thai they hr- fir-
.! 'll l
.It i nl:. .nt ilmihli t h' rnrtiM nt
of I i-t i-,ir mail 'il the ntnl m-i.-Mott
of thi i it v tiitihl n h no I la-!
mil' hi Tun hun tit 11 .UiIh air itow
n-aiiHti rt'il.
'rite pu'ili ;in iioiHih over lw-nt
ii r i - I am- I.i i hi- t v la-l w vvn I wi-tt
ami 1 h i r i . tn J;ulci t Im It -ipM-Hr-
llli . 'tf llH"t n'l.ar l.l !' an
Mil' ."pdi-i-h anl i'.-,Miinirtldl. Thru
Ih I Uml llh ill KflKllfll, I nltlHiii
"f Iol':)a'n-i'akTii; f Ml pilt ;itloUH I
l.i'M I t hi'it '. " a i Hi hi I' i k.
Cives Hut pearly
while completion
tn much desired
by Ihe Women of
Oriental Cream
We will tend a complexion
chamois and book of Powder
1 leaves (or 15c. to cover cost
of mailing and wrapping.
Al Uruygiitt and Ihrpartmunt Slant
- l.rr.l J ..I.. M N. V',. k l'H

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