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v .1
71:2 Evening Herald.
I'uhiixh'd afternoon est-
cept Hundajr, ui i.l Sonli 8rro0d
Ktieet. AlbuiiPi V M.
Kn'.ered a e r.Mi,i-cli mailer
I the pnarorfic at Albunurrnue.
X. M., under tha Act of March i,
Ou month by mall or carrier. .ROc
.n week ty carrl. lie
;.! rr ay inail or carrier
In h.l. ti.it I" "0
Ptulnem Oilirt J
Editorial llocma 17
Money I nut patriotic: It dorml rare
much, aboiii nihnallir. Individual
.iiaen nm hav their pr frrrm ea
lor IMa country or that, hui when It
n in making Inveatmerila, wealth
cu.e Ita eyee to creed a and faith
ami run Thr nrn-nlly It tempted
"my a Herman bond If hr van m l
main, ami the hancea are ninny
i . man 111 lht country with tlermwii
j mpaihlea hga aecured a few of the
i 'ml of the allioa. And thia la ex
!tly aa It ahuuM h. bum th
I war ta on the niher aide of the orean
' It la not our war. H are not ad
vancing money In an) body I a urn-
want that anybody to win. It i
purely a rnumirrcinl trananttion, rap
ital aeeaina. Investment whet.- U will
be certain of the V return". ,
I t
c -
i ..
' V
EVRHVOXE In Albuqutrqi.a will
find aomethlna, of mot than
uonl Interest In tomorrow a
edition of thr Kveninr Herald. It
will be a 'hrlatmaa Ores-tin"" edi
tion, and whll It will be In no wu
irrtnt!n nr aenaatMuial It will be
anmethtiia different and of very ma
nual general intrrrat. bevauae of the
rcpleariiliiUve character and varieu
a.llvltle of the advertiaera In it
puiii t. It will carry greet Hint to the
people from every tin of bualneaa,
holrale and retail; from bank anc
public ul I in let and from public offl-
Twin. - -
Tha edition will carry a aimer el
ITmli.n of appreciation from the ac
live hualneaa Irteleata of AlhuU9ri,f
tt the rity'a bu InR population, for a
ar of hualneaa that liaa been ub
atantlal and that In Ita toWil repre
aenta a truly uriwperoiit yer In all
lutln-a line. Tlure will lx- a ape
i-IhI nutt ol a ii pre In Hon all ihroiili
the ad eitlnemema for an est loy
ally ifiieror.t holiday bualneta. It !.
Ill a word. AHuturryue buiiieiw n en
t.nd hualneaa liouwa exi.-'ndiiiR- the
aonmn'a beat wlahea to th people.
nd the Chrattmaa HreetMin rdi
llon with eure. It w.ll out r.nr "
Hie C'hrittniaa aplrlt lr.... vu and
lend to the hupl'lnt-ita of "ii. "hiiHl
inka dny.
i-itovKKKoi H i.m yi i iti i:
t. Mm M
Snnta Fe. X. M.. lev. S3 A t.-lli-r
of inatruitlon relutlie to I lie Immllint
ot the nw tchool levie. ih irnci' huv
Inc been made In the Ion tbia your,
hua been ent nut by Htte Superin
tendent White, lie aaya In purl.
"It muM be kept In mind that the
prooeed" of the mpeclul r.ointy hintl
levy d"e not eonetltuie nor lire eurh
prm-eeda to be vonpldrre d aa unv pun
of the county aeneral mhool fund.
The votm'y peni-Ml ai-hoiil Itinti !
made up of app.uilonineiita irntn tn-
tnle rurreat t hoo fond, one-thim
of thu auloon Hi rnea f.ret reaer e
ear.iiiiKa. jnd all aui h other reveiiiie1
aa have heretofore heen rovrred Into
thla fund, exeept thut there la now
no three-mill vounty levy. The
eounty aeneri:.i achool tund la appor
tioned by the county Muperiiiiendi'iit
of M-hoola na hereto! ore.
"Thla olflt-e will iippret i.ilr re elv
Inu a tranaiript from the word of
the eounty eoiiimlaaliMiera whl'h pro
viile for the iillowing of eatiruitea tt.
the vcrioua a roiol diatrii la of your
lounty. In a atntement ainnlur to the
one hi. h we hnve Indirat-'d ntove
.Tlf thla oftlre c..n be of any nsitin(ie
ii iinma auuKeailoiia or aihue with
reference to the hundlim ol ai lnol
tunda It wilt aive me pieaautc to co
operate t" thr boat of my ability."
Kuperinlendent White cluaMitle the
funoa aauuile for inn inten.i ne i
I Poll luxes, lwo-thild aaloon ll
un , and onie iiiher revenue b
li'MiUK cxi lutu il to the di;nii iiimI
I'.u.l il.ricily to the dtxtrlot.
2. A allure 01 the apportionment ol
tho county general -'hoil luoJ.
. Cuch arl of the p da ol
the county apccuil achool tn .-ia m .)
have been Mil'iivi-d by the louiry cmn-niiarloiicia.
Books are Best
Christmas Gifts
The periect if I !a of both tie
and I'lcaaurr. r rom booaa e
iniiitre the moat uaeful lhln l-i
the world knuwlelae; nud In
them e exerilae the moal
pleuaiint thliia liuaciniitloti.
The perfect nlft ia ot pirn n
ru; value. It aounila a chord
of aympalhy in tne alter and
hia friend. Hooka nlv II. I m
Hu.ini ih.iiK". There tan boo
that will co.ivey eurh poable
Ihoiiaht or emotion.
V can help you l hooce
that book
Voifr Monty Ihuk If Yon
Want It
nmmm of
Ol' ran aauxe tho l.nanrlul
a'.utua of any community by ita
t i ni iawiu nun naw. it
J.o' aald thut rof'l ap' iid freely ol
Chriatmaa lime, mora Ireelv than "i
any other aeitaon, Thut I true; bul
V'e!'ll,'M,,.'t .'l"' nB '.lty '''
:oL hute, na. a rule, and the uulk ol
tlm holiday bualnea in any city i
thut contributed by the wu" earner
the man or woman of averare or
aninll ini'ome.
When there i an unuauul voli
Of I'hriNiinua l.t. - In a cop.niun.'
It la u me unlit 1 , iihi tiuit lom
niiiiily hi had u '. .. of proapenty
The holiday biiibk- in ibla lit., lb.
ha leeii fui .ibcad ! Hie avei
am1.' .Mmoat evciy men ha V win'
deala eivn to a UmlieJ extent in apc
flel holldny line, repcirta a aubtun
tml Increiiae on hia rule of u yenr
I muat be ery caieful in my d
erillii(t." a merchant aald in n rep
rcaeniiit r of the Ileruld yi-stci
"be. hub' with ii llml'ed fin iat mna
tuck I am likel to be aolil out o.
tlna lilt or that over luubl M"i
tween mlvei tireineiiia in your pu i t
It baa Ixni .in piiuauiil aeaami and
aevcial of our beat line h:ie' been
literally clettoed out."
W be i fhrialiMHa at'Cka r" wholly
i... Ill out 111 thla way. and I ne tono
luolid w one of acveml who re
potted u h cieaiulig out of aim ka. II
la critjiti I bin buyiim hua been i
only liberul but airona
Therefore we iu predi t Willi
naaoiiwhle certainty Hiut tomotro" v
fhnaimiia eie will be un exceptional
ly buay one in AlhtiioriU home
und thut the ( liriatiiiaa Jj wul be un
tinuaually happy one.
in. i
! ,tro. X. M . tie-. J1 The Hi houl 1 "" '' '"'" '
,t llmi clom a for th h.ilnlii .i thla I fe'-l'tm of ml
efter.ii.on. A l.-w of the eiiul. titH ho our atiiie e,i..-t
icide in the atiite will apeiul ' bri.-t-1 I'1' Keii-rnl
at home. Thoae who come from 'hi
will reniiiin In S nr"i .m iinu.
k i.i the luboi.u. ir- 'IMU or its
I the :n i c!i
The inni reie ih now bcinc poiireil ' Toei c m t u i o
" r the lew power houae Willi ll ! be-jtlolia which I tlll lk
j built llliollt Hie two new aemi-jthia tine l-r-l I
el ol eliwuiea ulld d'lliuiioa. Till ' III. I ; .Ml. i ,ilo in
uipme.it wia tiled out uooill twojalve olei i-iiT in tli,
wcekaaxo und W;i mi etlicuni. Thi 'them were nm ao n
iim le etHtea
'.il Jo Bpet'ial
Republican Committee Chair
man Declares There is De
cided Trend Toward Repub
lican Policies.
S.l lit ;x Ke. X. M.. Ilfi. - Ill i
eiatenietit niiuie public here to-lu
K.ilh f. Kl . ibinniin l o; the iiiHte
Kepiililicii n centnil coininiiice. fun -.;iM
n Itcp'-i.tlicini :i-tor in lite -iiiti
iti l l:ill. but w.ii fu ira f. l!ow .riein.
her of the ii ii. I'. Hint (lure i. ii
lurte i tl ' I i " 1 1 ' . III Mile ,, the n'l'te
iiiul thin It i ii'iiiot be mined b that
pfllly UllleN KOOil ii'li lire nolillll.lteil
a ml ,food principle iul a iced. I(.
ul o deel.it'ea in luinr of an ciual ili-
l-ion ol oll'u'ia between l be Hji.tiilbb
i-pe ik.ux und KiiKiiah apcikiim i Hi
re n
The iutenient r.illowa.
' I'urina the lu-t four weei.a I h.uc
been ovel the at.ite tueit . i n.u nit, tn
und have met a large number of peo
ple; nit only .1 (lie unlit iciu : hut wul hupm-it
K' oil cilirrna. I bud that tne i inli
tiniis in New Mexico are lot unlike
tht' In other ai.ilea aui1 theie i a
Ui i lili el ticnd I 'said 1 lie pt ni ip1. -
of llle Kep.llii en (..If . I't o!
coliriie nllee- .h lallolllii tli kel MHire
Then, u ,
o.i I
.1 in iu
.lie i:
' Ol ll
in tin
i .ben:
. I'll. II
l W -
.i.l. i :ti
t m'l.
thhik thal'conilliinniii nip na thev are
an I lliu. even tbo iaht nml IoiihiIh
Mini plume of our mule life should he
repreeented on our lb ket a id in Ihc
aduiiniatralicn of uur eflair. und thai
a fur a poiMible, we ahiiuld divide
atnte ofhc eipially between the two
peoplea, alwnya en Jen orlna to )inr
inonuo thrlr llltereata nnd In maitr
I lo'in (.a on".
"Third: The puny platform next
eiir are nnno iinportuut than rer
The peopb are entitled to know lor
what ineii. :!' a'ld what churiictcr of
mlminlai rat Ion they a'e otma, when
they Mite for a man. it la their priv-
HeKe to belleie thai the plHtforin la
the atati'iiieiit of in Inciiib a lor which
I ri ia) man elamla, the pel lorninm r ot
which pi online thev ma. reiiaonuble
eiect if i in r.inilld.iten are elected I
lur people want belter a. bool. ami
more I ii 1 1 i i t rln I trainina. They wail'
the earning power of Ihe people In
rirnaed. They hope to ace bi llet '
hotnea; thei want more farm demon-1
atr.iloi a anil an tucrraae of produi tion I
troin our lleldB. Tbev dcire to aer I
our reaiiiir. ea deelopel, our railroads
extended, our timber manufai tured. I
our mine opened, our watera atored !
and our ritera iliv cried upo i l.inilni
thut ale now unproductive. Thev whiii)
tax law a that will worn ao I Mm thej
burden of Kowin.nent hall ret i'iiia!-l
ly upon ail and that the dollar of Ihe
poor man und the rich man nliae wib
contribute lo the auppoit ol the ataic.
Tin re ia a new era of urowih begin.
nmi i't New .Mexico, and our people
will nie Biiiii'-- next ear to the Ite
pu'illiKii parly and ita candi latoa it
we I'an make tliciu utiilerMta id uml
nall beiec that our partv i to.a
aa It baa lo-retofiu f. lieen. Ihe HH'Utei.1
ort.inlralon loi con'! lit-ti r I u iia -Imn
tin.' the world hat hit k nown.
We are r'it tle.1 t.i lb it i !a'in. i Mir
record in a'nte nfier aitc iim we a in
the nation aiutuin ho.; i.iippor'.a i.
And our uutiMiieea muat lc nun o!
mKh character ninl of an. h reconla
Wl!l make It poaailde for IIM to come
befura thi' peiiple abh an ajiareaane
aiupain for development a' d
urowih. It ia tin time for a ileienive
iiitnimlei The acta of ihe la.-t leaia
latlll'e an tur na It Weill, vvcle aood on
the whole. A year of urouth ha-i de-t
velnped more need, und another .tat
will pon, l out iiiiriuaed diiiiiiinl lor
w iBilom iti our rminela.
''1 believe thut the t,'cpub!i .in p.irtt
when il aaaeinhb-a In it con v en t ton
in xt year. wul!. ihrmiuh na ib Ivt H' s.
I roiiiu:ita'.e H proKiaoi i"i n- minut
lc work trilit will itpln.i! l.. the u i
,cna' ami .u.unii juil. n ct oi ..ru- pen.
I'l : and tluit It will p'a. e in noiiii''a-
tlon a ticket made up i" no-ii ol i I
ui ter. Mtainl.iii; nnd ub.i.lv ii Iium' in
Inntlon will be u-i Hieiri ! e ..f !'i... !
fa.tlt Kin olr llllll. to llle volei. imilll
hi'e eleilioll :l! be an .i !'..! n I e i ,
KUalantee lo the pb .. the lion-j
eatv, IlilelliKetil and eiln.int malum. -
tiien; ui tin pniili.' ..fT.i.ts o .n;r viate I '
If we do thai we wil win. If vve l
iloll't W e llll'. e ol. t IN' ll I' what!;
happened to un l.ci.ue t., Im.-w i ha'
.. HI.
I lie met! WHO Will make Ihe ll'iln-
Inat.oiiM tire teiiilinti iber Mtorea. t. li
ma t ho! i- til-Ill. li.na Do n ll.'i-kx
inn! liefhiw tin ir cail'e nt i Ii i- tune
Thev are .mt ibinUi'w uiiicn u.-...it
poiltiir loll llle lone a! hall. I W lieu j
Un l .llounl ii. In::. T.ie -late
Ic-iKer :a v.l nun b :il e nli u e lull
t lie V on r !. all . !' I. I !le
I'll'es 1 lie cull ',1 I ) II ill ..I ll
W ' ll !.. ll pl',1 el , t ), , .t-
Sill 'I'll p ' I pile l;l.M I O ... V.
Ii. -,. e .. :iil v i k i a lilt
in. i. ii . a: mil ,
Albuquerque Town
Lot Auction
The Beautiful Reynold's Addition, 300 Pairs of
Choice Residence Lots, Will Be Sold At Public
Auction, to
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Dec. 30, 31 and Jan. I
Sale Begins at 1 P.
Particulars and Terms.
Buy Them.
M. See Hand Bills for
Pick Out Your Lots and
). II. GRIFFITH & CO., Managers of Sale
301 Boston Building, Denver, Colorado
COL. G. r,1. BAIIKS, Auctioneer
W ll
IT bin, bow el el. I
iiill lltu a 'id i :
What in m i il. il
' is definite plan
: i ia llv iIimk'h'I I
I I i-ll II la r i- I to a I in.
, hoped tha' in
lit. il li-'in i' 1 1
T'l' ie ... , vv
n I ..i i in - A in i lie.
J J aj J J aj J J aj J
! V
i ii.
. 11.1 I' !l
pi I- I'll l illl -S
plant i the moal .omtilei,
dale of a.iy ailllllal- ai-bnol .
Two new allldeiit- ha.e
.'t"dieM at the ai Ii in il a ul
regiaicr at the uiiriui s i f
Bi'iiietcr, ..'jiniarv ;
ami U.-tn- I v ol
1 A le i a
taken OP
e W ill IP' I
till nl J " lot
i than
The new collene paper to be know n
hh the "Hi hiiol of M.ni'i. limd Ja.i,'
will iippiar eiil v in .lainniM aid will
lie devoted to the l.ttercat of the
achool ant the loimiiM inluair.
rri'l-nlellt .lonea Will t.lile lir IHl II1UK
dinner w.ih )i. dinuhni. )li I'mm
V) ne. .el. in AMuniiu r'i"
no iv
:ll .nib
an I Hie.
.lie t!'i
ir is a i i l l i '
I'M. hi o! lili
Ii! i and . i ! '
. Il'e'rd.nl i.
i.U the j.i -ii
ti i i'ii i
,,ie, l:,.
ib t .
i l.-i
V i r l.e'i.! i ,n
Hate. Alt .it:.,: '.
! nlillt.i..-. ill ! i I I ii
il I : el"i I n.n t'
I ll C Ot t II IS l .i l
: a ta i tie i ii in iii r . .
j ilii-a u. f - ami l r in
. i I il il'K ! I be da I I
i un .a 'inn. ;n a ii a?
f I.
I IWM IMi TIIK tt All.
1 1'
talc a id 1 lo
ll n. ii ! be a i i
Ali.iiiiiu..i.o M. I.e. .' I'laio. , 'mi v. I in.,,-1
have l.een made lot the en'. 1 1.. ,:i in. -:i , a i.'lvi no .iv.i
or tin. Mill.. I ' 1 1 1 1 ! 1 1 .V T' .li In ra' :i-..i l Ml.'ll II! ili al
Htlnll When :oil :.od. Iln i 'i In re ill j l.l iic III It lb
Ja'.UlllV. Tin llieelllltt 1 1- I". II ''I ( ale 1 1 out ,
vorcij fio.n llit- inail!'. ...nn-l'. w. ll on' :. .a':.-.
vbi'll It tni'iv.i.. v. ii- be'il. that ni'. re Kivmi .it...ii-i
lone iiih. In- d- iili d lo e.i. h event. j'b- t.epublica
Tin lolinw ri sc i.nnoilt'e baviit'ii in'i.-t ale
i barm i.f Hie van., i. .ia'- "I !(n '''" -I il'i
work I 'i.l ' "I 'I" 'I
I'li-KI-i'tl I'l'lllllllv; . I. 1 'n... !i.tV I I h"'l 'CI-iii; in
tM to I' l !lllie lil'fl i.1.11' ol HO et (IV : .-I'll. Ii !j e--e
llllii llil.ll.4e p!"?l"lilll I'l H.IIHI M.fi-ltH O'l
fall.- i '.. .I.K1..U. i li.ill loin. . M'- l.'"a '.' I I
KblrnUc. I'alc Kre.itl: Hpa i ,.m-1 new fu.i i ia i
ll.ltlee lu eeleet woroa pit tin- i "Meal -lit .' le.lli
M;a Helen HiUHaaou. chu ii iiiu u: At ,.n cl..te make
Jewell HlKKCII. MiW llil .VllirpllV j 1.1 .11 'i is ii1
Tho skiii uml
I'M! I II' V ! :..
a. '. p' I I I ' i.l . I
sen f !',..' !,.i,
;! Ill l! ioI.i- ll .' ' i
ma ;a m i' r. cly a
ruble I'll .i.ll- Ii tie
i I!- -.ctn.l !:.n . '
tlv tn 'lie .1 .-en -.
:nv nvilii; Men'o
III. ii nl
i .
p. i ii i .1 I
ntwell I'liiy
iell V
i'P. ml. i,i
111 uely
tO "SI', in thla rnuntr will ever
know to what extent we hav i
lieen final,' ma the war in Ku-
rope. Jt ib known that we louind
ball a billion dull.lia to the alliea
aid the tact I nut Anieruai.a have
hnuuhl more tliaii bi.udied ii 11 1 ton
dollara' wi rth of liennan war bonl
la alau well known. The recur la ahovv
tbui wa huv ao far taken a bnniirec
und fifty Million doli..r worth ot
Canadian war pupei. and ihcie have
been lauluted aulea ol the !. iillie
from other cnuitrb ' the Kiunil
total la not known und i wi'l ""
One financial n.i-i n n ion in thla
rounity thlnka we have a' .orbed
mom than a billion dollar' vorth "I
aecuiiticM lor the wurriiig cm t mna, but
tin. firm admna the liure ui only
an r.timiiie. It woild not lie uur
.rlacd. it aaya, to leaiii utter the w ir
that thiiolut amount ia lar in ecea
of a billion dollara. Iieran the prt
aia iiurtlea return from Ivurpe with
li y
( !i.i!t toll '1
In linr.
t.oii, T. -M
tnill I'' I lol
Id i . I Iat
IMtr . k.
iHiorn-al aei t. ..ii iienrv 1.
I llll a in. ill ,!', I. una! .on aer.
b'piiiiiia i 'hail m an ici'ta
, M i l.y il a II a ln Alb
At I f I .,
;l in. 11 V i n !
UI i 1I tlit
1M' l 'f lU'i
I p. II I
iMi tl,l an , , ,
1. I .It L.tlaul,
'Mix j
I .J 1 1
.1 -I
rilr. k.nd ani!
X'C.C-tMMH un1. il
on th ri nK U'tl it,
I i t t Mi.-rniMiti :
Hill .ItHM ' ''I X '! l 1
1 li ITIlH'll Mi-W,i
Mil.- ' t.,Uv
Special Courses of Study to be
Discussed at Pan-American
Congress in Washington:
War Creates Intrcst.
,n I lb
ha peilillrd out
bonda to
f i ienda.
Hut whether Iba aum
.r two. II la cerium we
much lo tin" in
0un mt from
ia un
the atruacie an
tleultilt BUI.ilp .
t li
Uln I hil badlv na In nn'ii re-
Tin toller Waa :l -,.-loii af.
l.i.i- u-'d bv tne pavitiK i 1 1 1 1 ,c tm .
I v a . n it Btainlink' wuli ait un up und j
m aoiite unknown vvj Ibe llil.-tt'e w.m
ota tied, inilliedlatelv !..lmwi k vvb.t
the monster Biattc.l on ita w a, without
an eniiiiieei
a i.
i. . i.ii.i'
nl I
jiilvei i'i.y. N. M. Iec :.! - 'orct
'. Tlliil'a. of fl. I.oUla. ia the buyer ol
I lie National Copper coinpunv a pu.p
eitv. B'.id here umb r mutt onlei ilia
wail.. The pliie vviim It .'i'H lol' 'In
r-ul plopell e.unt iihIiiiiK i lamia '"
tiiilpiK ill-' ucrce-, on winch mil- Ii ill
v. 'opulent wm k liaa bei u done, ll id
j mi for the pcfo.imt piopniv. ia
and eiiiiipiiicni.
I i.miliiei H I'le biiiiih hme been apent
on tne plopel'ty. II loi iiicl l ii uwif
. ' b) tit. Jiuia interenia,
I' ol
1 1 ' i ir : i s" . nu ihv.
I I : 'lli. I li ll .'.i' -i 1 1
l-li. d that ll' ll ml
ol i I Bi n.. , I lia I I I a
ninl itv . Wei Inn. t
inn He inun i n.l n '
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III, III cement reliro.f. h, i ..nfel . ,e.
1 II fiW leKI'lt Mild
' oniteat lol) uml cupiitp.. , 1(
This is our Christmas suyostion
to you, Mr. Voun Man.
The price will not break you
;uul she'll he pleaseil.
--- ---i
113 W. Central
Phone 7SS
'"fiie Ebfjle stamped on
the dollar is the most
migratory of bircV.'
You can keep most of your
eagles in your jiockctbook,
where they belong', if you let
us make you a suit or overcoat,
made to your measure, for
val uhl) lo forclti, llinle. I
ill Cuiop1' done 11, ore In il'.l.
teri'.t 111 loieiilli 11 I'le Ibiiii anvi O...
e'-e In I In' laat cii'iiv lln ll'l-
no -i; ia ,.apecm:li iuanili"t la t be
alK"l pot la ulld U.ol" unit" on I llllll
( T. 0. WINFREY, Manager
120 '. Central Phone 198
The Most Puzzling Gift
Problem SulveJ
Send Flowers
Sl'lll illll'lll l'tl'PKM'S ilsrll lll'lll'l
ill llllU l'I S I llllll ill iilllllil0 I'IhI'.
A .'lll'Nilop lllll'! ill iiilrl S, 1 1 I s
III' IIIKI-S III' il I II 1 1 I illllX o'(,Wjii
i.llll isj Miil Jliil iii j;lll' ('III isl -
iiiiii jiil'i.
'ill- III, Wei s inc In .nililnl, l icsli
iiiiiI lii ioil. '. liikc Liiciil l iii'i' iii
I III' W.I V l lll IIm'III lll llllll t ill
f will
I lu lu
.ll IIIIV llllll' ltl
' 'In isi in, is i,i .
ilcliv it iniy w lit'i'i'
! ninl ini hnliiio
I'h'ii lli uml Hmitii I't
Ik: .i

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