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maj. rmd fitmj
Rosenwalds Daily Store
Wishing You All a Happy New Year
r ..' ".
hi the Old fear
ROSKNVAM nnoTHEHS wish to r-xtrmi to
tin- Halc of Albtiriiri-tiH in tlicxe c1wi(
Iiimiih of tiio old vcnr, n timj)lc, oM fiixliioiic ex
H'cH ion of (I:iiUm, Hini'oto ami wlioli'-iu-iutcil. for
your inifoiijro tiniinjr, llM."i. FiiinU.v nl to (lit-U-Ht
of our ability Iuivp ihi-ii iiiiikiiij u "Wti" for
I lull piit lounge. We lnvp xoulit to mnko thin Ktorc
an inxliltition of leal wrvtro; n uwful Ntoit; h ntoic
of tioiiouiv and "omul vuIihm ami Kiilixfact inn : anil
into thin effort haw put every bit of energy ami
every ivMoureo of ingenuity at our comuiHiitl.
The resjxniw to tlii effort ditriiiK tlie past twelve
uioiilliN liiis been nut li that we know we have at-liirv-
ed an in porlaiit nii-iimm' of hihtcm. With every
panning month iiiie we CHluliiirilifil here the largeHt
retail establishment in the KinithweHterii HtaleM we have had the Natisfa lion of xeeing lliin busiueKH
li-ow : but at no uliiyr of our rci okIh ami in no other year has the growth in palrouage'aud volume of
buninesM In cii ho gieat, o Kiibstautial and ho xatiHfai toiy an has been our portion during l'Jl,".
Theiefoie. it is with the iiiohI hinierc feeling of appreciation that we extend to you on thin New
Vear'n live thaukH for your rexponse to our effort h; tlmnkH for the material evidence you have given
ns that you appreciate thix Ktore ami the resource it places at your command; thanks for the busi
ness accorded us during the past twelve months. We hope the old year lias been ns satisfactory for
you as it has ls-cn for us and we trust that the business relations which have ltcen ho notably satisfar
tory to us have been eipially no to you.
, Xttc Year,
Rosen wald Brothers
For the Blew Year
A THE NEW YEAR opea wa wish to a word to tie
people of Albuquerque and New Moxico about the policy
of thii Hi or; the poller that hn guide J I' T'lntinnn
with the pulilU dining 1!1J and that will guide those relation
during J Slid.
Wo have assembled here under onr one roof some forty de
p artments; each imp complete In itaelf and for it own partiru
Inr lini; thoroughly stocked with reliable nterrkamllsc; a atore
In itM'If. Our policy hm been to make this a real department
attire, not only in rmoitt, but in the actual renlity of the arvip
ft ia prepared to eend. In thii koow a bare auerredii).
Ity rinse citmpurixon and tecrcili', rrilimt vbaervation of our
own euiptniit we know that we hnve reauhixl lb point where
thi atore will aland rompariann with the bent department sturca
of the eonntry. Where the methoda of other department atnrea
hnve berome atnndard or have proven effective we have not -itnted
to ropy ttumc methoda. Where our own Idena and aielbwlii
have aeemed moat practical we hnve aot heaitated to depart
from the routine ayatrm of detmrtment atore mamizc-
1 1 ment. We have tried rnnaiatentiv and will continue to try
conatantiy to make tbii atore one of the ntmont efficieney: one
of cloae adnptntion to local necda and eonditiona; k atore for all
the people; a atore for aerviea.
Ai haa been the enae ia 1D13 ao it will be la 1010 la trading
w ith Kciaenwnlil '. You w ill find ia thia atore eolid values; prlcea thnt are aa low aa any for which aound mervhundtaa can
be aold anywhere in thia notion. Without anything of boaat fulneaa, and aa a aim pie atatement of fuct we may any that onr
buying power ia fur birder than thnt of tho ordinary one, two or three department atore. We are able to buy at the right
time, ami in volume wbtth rnablo u to aeeure un.iual prlcea. We employ the best buyera in the rountry and they a.-e
nlunya in the murketa. Th ue oar atorka are alwaya complete; alwnya frenh; alwaya up to the aiinote; and alwaya available
at the lowest possible rctnil prices. Wr command extennive service in our buying and are able to give you tho benefit thereof
in prncticnl, siilistnntiiil savings.
You will fipd in thia store courtesy, you will find fair dealing. You will find every tniatnke. of oura readily and giadly
corrected. You will find thnt antisfa:'tion for every customer, no matter bow large or kow email the purchase, ia a rate te
which every one connected with tbia atore must adhere.
We asaert with confidence that in 1011, aa in the past, you will find thia atore a atore of aervice, a atore that will etsnd '.he
test of every-dny busitiesa relatione and that contact will make your relatione with na ateadily firmer and more cordial.
We wish yon all a happy Now Year and a proaperoua one. We expect In course of the year ahead to be aide to contribute
to your prosperity, your comfort and your hnpplncae and we respectfully invite you to give aa the opportunity,
, vvjou,'1!:! With all good wlahca,
Rosenwald Brothers
I'l HE FOR ftfi
Robert J. Lunsford, Expert in
Fuel Development, States
in Report That Prospects
Are Fine.
S.inta V M , 1 .-.. .11.- Tlmi New
M xi or "unlit tit Im . ih-m n Inn
."- ll I't.'lUlH" UH Mil Oil :l!ll! KIIM Ull
lllll'IIIH Hi, lie. I- tile 'lll"U hiMtellil -It
ii ii np'tl in Uglier. .1. I .uti! I il, i.
I'IMVi'il .el'lil.t iv the M.lie lillnl ,.t -III'"'
Ml I.iIIim'iiI'iI IS u MFiill'i't lf
i'li lii u iiklii., Hint f"r i'ii:ht 'i ;i
w.t .-ii' i ...I t il ami his u lit of okla
hiMiia. in pail. Mr. l.iri 'liuil h'i.
' New Mi li o. with h'T ureal aria
of l.'.'.iiaii H'liuire in:le., m m juil
iii it i li-rt unali-h Min.i:i with ie
i; inl In tin- trend of ile elniiiie,ii fur
ml ibii-l miH, ami rhiiili) In tin- next
I.I' til illti.y 1 1 f Ohperil fluni tlie ills-
i iiw i'v ami ii v i'liiitnein ,,f rn r ml uinl
itH le-iiMll'ee.i.
"l.i'nniiiK at a map ni t'n l'mti.-il
Mates it will he seen that. Ih'kii'uiik
v.rh the e.iKtein In 'iU aii'l iI!hMik
the trend iliimitsli New Vnrk. I'enn
t 1 :i li in . Vc"t N' :l 14 1 li lit i 'Inn. Ill-
'.ulia. K e. it M k , llltlliilH, Kinsas itiiii
i k In h "ilia, an exle'ini.n of ile'.el'p-
IIK lit s llnlll p lus I h I U K I New Me),.
I' II. AlKil liel.tllltlK III the U'll'tlleril
pclil, It will lie 'a tn fee tluit an ex
linsiini of lii'M'liipinrnt ftiiin W)o
inliii;, M'iniaiia anil t'olnr'uto v ill pu
tlnoiiKli Ni w Minii'o. I.:keW!M. an
ixu-jai'ii of the I'aiille rouMt lielils
hiilH fair In rem it at leasi a pnitloli
if the stale. Irani either or nil
MllKli'H o f view, one IM led In tho
mc'l iiHion thtt thi-le rhmilil he nil
ami tan t. 'int. ii) in uliiindam e with
in tin Imrdefs of .New Mrlir.i
"Any eatendeil tieatiiieiit of this
slllijeit Wulllil lie too lellllthy for II
i ner nulilli utlnii. Snlfloe It la In sa
;!i,.t tho writer lias mn 1 1 e nuiiiimi
f trips tiy niiiKiiinliile ihrmiKli pni'
I imia of New Mexito .'oiitrig (rir oil
Im Hint inns. ImriiiK tlie months ol
in tuner and Nn einlier of tins eir 1
ttuvt'led iiiatl .'.li"H miles In Hie
Htute Inr that putpnse. toiind ainnei
i.ii' loealiltes where the stl ni'tiire
wire alniftiil ideal Inr ml an I can, suit
. ...in,! H.ei.iK,. whi. h HlmWH the as.
mii i n ti.ti of oil. M u ll of tit" finer
I ni ni. i' mils Hie. liowi'M'i. relume tiiini
t ianpiii tat in:i fai'ilitis. anil lntni'-imc
sums of iiiiiiiiv will he t'eiiniri'd to
srry on eienive pn'i-pe. tnii ami ile.
elopmeiit nuik.
"linweM't. no lioi.in nl Ktealer i.on-
Hi'iillell. e ( . llld tea- 11 tile neolile of
Nik Melirn tliatl Ihe del einpoielil of
her ml nnd Kit. lias wmilil lie m
I'licup. i lenu anil i o'lieuierit fuel
piped to tuKna l.'r inannl.ietin inn utnt
llonlcsll, iihi a. while ml wmild uild a
arent olinne i.f mi.nev annually to
wliut now II ii st iu w.iv into the state
1 lie oi and aim in (iMiiIioiuh soi l Im
". lino. nan last vear; this year It will
reneh II. 'uu.tHMI. Aniile Irom tile
direct reau. . Ilierally liuiiilreiU of
inilllonN of ilollnra have horn tuverteil
in (iklutimiiM lieeaueo of the aaperiiir
advniilaRes offered l.y nan. .11 of these
area) national iviiiukiih, New Mt-xiei
offers fortiiutluiiN na profuse as her
h'.IU ami iinHiiitaiiia, that aw.ilt th
tomliiK of cufiital f'.r llieir Uevelopt
inenl. uinl suiue t'ay inoii, in my opin
ion, the oil fluids of New Mexico will
ao attract un world-wide attuntinn.
and I'.wiib mil be liullt in u day. citna
111 it year, and what will really i-nnsti-I
JIe uti empire In a decade, us the re
sult of the opetilnis up of eomtuerelai
11 aad na .lelds in urimi pnrtinns
of 'the Htu'.e.''
lUton. N. M T SI. -rriiiii!t.
iif iUv l.tit it 1 111 of t'oui t ttt-ri 1 U
ICrw It eu l.kiu l pi intent Mt y
i iiinnicii o t lie ir st un'iu h. a tnin c
thi'in was .liiiiMH Ui nl. K"U' ,!iHrru'ttir
lu ro ami ut lau"ii lat Hunimt r. win
f.ii'fH u term uf cililt in imuilha tVr
oihti'M sriiti'iu-m wfif:
II. i-t. uitaii. tiHwtnll wi'h a (U'Uli.
UtUpitil, frnm ifll 1 0 Ull HV.
At xatidiT aihit '. I.in cir. , from
inn In nno and a hi. if ynar-i.
I'lanit Tilln h, mMM ry. Ir'-m utiv t
one ar.il a half yt-arc.
Ili.hWi'll, X. M., Her. 31. Word linn
linn reieheil here from l'lim I.oiIkc
that ii force of men has heeu at work
mi the improvement of the road I 1 the
Inilire c.iiniiieiiiliiK nt the I'htllipa
tain h. since n tnlier 1 0.
t'ulvei'ls are lieinv; plaeoil whete
neressaly lint relocating the rmid has
elllnlnateil i.pvernl eroHnlims and re
Uuied some had brailea.
Tuos, X. M , I lee. SI. There lire
many pvldeneea that ll"i haa been a
year of prnKpeiity In Taos, hut the
moat striking; one ia the fai t that In
one day of the t'hrlstnuia rmlldays the
poatofnee liiiHiness exceeded the entire
holidnv business of last year.
The New Year s disti Hnttlon of cal
endars In AlluiiiieriUn this year 111'
lieeii unusually Ri'liernlis and ninny
very nitrattive onea have found their
way Into oltleea sml honiex Hume ol
the niont Mttrm live ever een here are
those (liven to his rriemls and eiia
tomerH by John H. Hell veil, retail 1 oal
dealer, Mr. Heaven secured four or
five fopyriKht phoiiiiiriiiihs of Mcetier
in the hli'.lier ISiicky mountain rcalmi
of ( nli. rail. 1 and I t. ill. lanyoiis 11111I
iiioiir.tMin areiies inude tatuons liy 1 Ail
run I advert IsIiik. and these In imignl
lleeiil t olnr prims (nun the eeiling Inr
the. Heaven 1910 ralclinur.
Kant l.ss Venus, N M.. Iter. 31
('oiistrintioti and repair of new and
old liiitlilliiKs nt Kl 1'nrvenir, the re
sort roiently leased l.y Murttarlto Ito
mrru to Kansas t ity .eopli, Hear
here, has ci.inmeiieeil The new hold
ers plan to build fnrty new bnnna
Iowa there this year. .
Itnswell. X. Mt, I lee. HI. The
Kvililim News of this city is rehpiili-
Bllile fir the stnly that two unlets
from the stale military iiiMtitute have
been uriested, chai'Ked with inlnutioii
f the i lly ordluaine whii li pr.dni.it'
studeiils ol eiliouU or state Institu-
tiniis irmn it'teiirni Haluons. The men.
Hi Is said, registered at 11 hotel under
usMinied ruMiiis and mailed Ihem-
MelM's of the bar priN l)i-r4es,
llelell, X. ,'ll , llec. 31, - A'l I'lectiiill
w ill lie held January I I upon tho
iiiesiniii of isxuliu $11 "im worth ol
In. nils Inr the building of 11 i.iiinly
lillill sell. ml in Instill t No. :', .(na
niilily. The elortmu has vn ealleO
ly ll;e county et nitnlxHintu rs and inl
ine duly iii en.
The bonds will l.e.r the dale il
Janiiai'p 1... liilii. ah.i will run fi.i
IWMily years, l.ut me red "Malile nl
the pleasure of the dlntrlet alter ti .1
yeoiH. Tiny will dr.iw imt cent in
terest, payable eeml-unnu illy.
Silver t'ltv. X. M I :: I W.irk
has heeu romiiieneed on the ilur.en new
iiunuaiowa to lie erected heie by the
lieiii i-.stnte and linprnv emetit Co.
Want Train rm llltli's.
S.intii Te, X ,M.. Iee. 31 A Hum
her ol residents of Hororro voU'it
have askej tlie state corporation com.
riiisalnn to use Its ginnl nlticea to sc.
rtrfe the stopping of train MS und I
ut riernardo. on the Santa Ke line
through that county. They also nsk
that Hahatnllo be made a II a K atop.
I'enplo nt Julrk, V'Hleniia rotintv,
aak that passenger farea to that et
tlnn be fmureil on Its actual inlleiiKe
from A I b hi 1 1 1 c 1 iiie. Instead nf through
W. II. Adams, who liv six miles
nortti of town, says the House IMnttoer
XeWH. was in r'ltturdav nnd he reports
that he haa .4kireHlicd rinse In L'n.imii
pound of bean thia year, wheh will
net him between t."if0 and 111 hi. In
ihIoh aeeral hundrd dpilais' worth
ul feed eluff, and ha ul:.o ruieil Iiim
H n meat, and, all In all. la ilim onh-
lv Bill I! Hi th
N. V, Jeter, one of the I'urry roin
inanity s prvsperoita stork 1. iron 11
waa in Saturday on biiNlness, and he
reports ihat he hits JU't niiirkeie.l hi.
broom corn crop, wliPh lirmiKht hitu
nearly fiiud, and he has plenty at leed
to winter Ins 1 mini lera Mr l.u icli el'
1; eslock.
Cupltnn. X. M floe. M If the
I111111I11 r of lllllillS received liy th.
loral papers aiiLt real tiile men 1'iini,-.
nny index, the number of li'inn-si ( kern
w-)io will coiiih hero early in the rnni
lii K yeur to make their residence i i
future will lie ureal.
fnltln l oliipany I lies I'apcri.
Sa llta I'e, N. M lec. St. The No
lan i'atlle company, with heiidiiiar.
frn at I.iimbeitoa. 1 1 in Arrilm lonniy
filed ui'Ui'lca of inenl ...i mi 1..11 jester
day. The apita slm I.. $ 1 ."00. '"in.
of which .nun is paid 111. Ktiwiirrt
I'elsker of l.uiiiliei ton is the .o.Hnt.r
A rather llnllelhi lint.
Santa l"e. V M., I iee. 31 The local
w eather Inireau yester luy Imucd a .ntl
letln on cUinutoiiiKiriiJ eiiiiilitions il.n--Irifc
Xoveniber. Temperatures ranK.iiK
from 14 to VI were recorded.
AcruM-il Man t.els lloarinu.
Vaughn, X. M, Iiec. ?.l llnrti.ir.i
Muiioi. accilned of killl.1 .Iran Hanrin
val here ten day ami. is to hae n
heaniiK I.. das liefnre .Instil e of the
I'eaoe II l. I 'lark. The killing is said
to have followed u brawl 111 a salnun.
fellowship (1nH llaniiels.
nla re. X. M Dec. SI. The Fel.
lowshlp class, Jtidxe William H. I'npe'a
orHiiixitiun, will hold tta annual ban
quet loniorrnw evening ut the lie ar
il as hotel. There ate between mty and
sixty member of the class.
Closed All Day Tomorrow
New Year,
Opening Monday, 9 a. m.,
With Our Great Sale cf
FURS, Etc.
For Details See
Evening Hernld.
Rinla Fe, N. M iec SI. The fol
lowing notice of applications for pa
role has Uecii Issued by the state peni
tent lury:
New Mexico Plate Penitentiary. Santa
Fe. lee. .
To All t'otn erned:
The tallowing prisoners have made
application for parole. A 'lion on
siiinn will bo taken nt a meeting of the
hoard of penitentiary rommixalimera
im January 6, 1H16: Fred Anderson.
Sunta Fe rotinty; Mary I.. Ooodln,
I'nlon county.
I.as Crimes. X. M Per. 51. Tho
inemlurs of the bar resident In I.as
I'rucea Km i' James II. I'lixtnll, recent
ly him i. il nt ) to an important post In
Oiitral America, the following letter
ni ln di'iuittuie from this city:
' The timlci Mitni'il members of the
bur of Hnna Ana county, having
learned that you are about to assume
the position of diplomatic representa
tive for Ihe government in Nicaragua.,
take this means of conveying to you
their beany coiiuraliil.itl.iiis. Our
asaoclatioiiK und relation with you as
a member ol the bur of tin district
have always been exceedingly plena
nut Ymir knowlcdue of the law un I
dcrp itcndemlc cnrrsln have made
you u poiotlon of high atittiding in the
comiiiiinlty ns a cltuen. a scho'ir and
an able lawyer. We trust that your
new position will be agreeable, and
we tender to you onr best wishes ami
hope of your success In your new field,
and look forward to your return to
this community. We sincerely hope
I hut your new duties will not require
you to relinquish your vltlxenshlp
with pi"
The letter was algned by Jnrtge V.
I.. Medler, II. U Young, president cf
the cnui.ty bur association, and ten
other local attorney.
Mr. l'axlon now la In Lexington.
Va., his former home. Uiter he and
Mis. rnxton will vlall Washington for
a ghort time and In May will leave
lor Central America.
be given apeclal emphaala. In order to
obtain some reliable figure on the
cunt of production da the different
typee of aoll.
Another feature of the experlmelt
will be to get half a doaen or more
furmera over the valley to co-operate
in thia work. Tliey will each plant
one-fourth to one-half acre. Instruc
tions will be given them aa to the
method of growing augur bee la. The
station agrunurnlut will visit these
furmera from time to time during tho
season und give them all the personal
Instruction possible.
Through the chemical laboratory
analysis of the beeta will be made at
different stages of development, and
a I mi Irom the different types of aoll. In
order to get aome detinue and reliubiu
Information aa to the percentage of
augur In the beeta at different elages
of growth, and Irom tho different
lypua of aoll.
Aside from the larger feature of the
experiment, amuller l"l will be
planted on the station form nt differ
ent limes, in ardor to ascertain, if pos
sible, tho beat date lor planting the
ed. Information on the November
lieceiiiber, January, February, March.
April und May plant Inn will be se
cured. In the chemical laboratory
Mnnlyncs will be made of tho tests ul
different atugea of growth, from all
of these different pluntings. At the
end of the season a report or a bul
letin will be prepared un the subject.
This ia the uutllno uf Ihe augur beet
work that the station Intends to carry
out during the season of 1915. The
data obtained by thu end of the season
sh iuld indicate the possibilities along
thia line.
Tho princlpul object of th s experi
ment are to ascertain Ihe beht kind
of aoll for augur beets; approximately
the cost ot production, the yield per
acre, thu btst time of the year to plant
the seed to get the best yield, and the
largest perivntiiKe of augnr, and to
find out the percentage of sugar In the
beet at different stages uf growth and
from the different times uf planting.
ritate College. X. M. llec. It. The
New Mexico inrnilltural experiment
station i now plnnnlng on experiment
with atigar beeta. something on tne
following l.nea: First. In irder to
ascei linn the best kind of soil for this
plant, there will be one-haif acre
i, hulled on adobe aoll. one-half acre
in loam nnd one-half acre on aamiv
soil. These three half-acres will he
planted after the ground has been
thoroughly plowed and subsoil. 'd. har
rowed uinl leveled, atlj aa early as
possible. Th idea in Ihe growing of
the.Be half-acre plot will be to grow
the beeta on a commercial acale. The
cost ot the labor iu growing tam will
Silver City, X. M Dec. SI -T.e
baekeihall squad of the normal school
here now la fully organised and has
sealed down to hard training. The
team laet year captured the stale
championship and hope to repeat the
performance In the current season.
Three of last year's aipiad, Irunlop.
Olllett anrj Ijknharn. ate playing ugaln,
end there Is every prospecr of turning
out a fast and heady team. The new
material la very prnmlNina.
The Normal basketball aeason npe.
here January 1!, when the Texas
Schi.ol nf Mines team plava. On Jan
uary Ihe ritate College nvr will
meet the Normal here. The aecond
week In Feerunry the Normal team
will go for a tour, which will Include
game w ith the Pt its Helm, of Mines
at Hocorrn; the Htute 1'iilveisity at AI
hU'ilerile, tlie Normal I'nlverslty at
Fast I jib Vegas, ami the AlbuiueriUe
iiuaiieae college.
Iloawrll I'at'Uxrr.
Koswrll, N. M Dec. II. A fac
tory to make an null-dandruff medica
ment Invented by a looal hur'.ir. C
M. Arnold, goon will be located here
Corporation Commission to
Hold Many Hearings at
Which Interested Persona
Will Be Asked for View,.
Sunt Fe, -X. 'M.. Dec. II, A gen
eral readjustment or local claaa rate
on Intrastate freight shipment up.
peare likuly. The atuto corporation
commission, through ita chaitman. M.
8. drove, announced In a letter which
la renclilng officii and other today
that Ihe . .jimiv. ssi.hi will hold a eerie
of hearings throughout tho atate at
w hich Interested person will he asked
to give their vlowa. The announce
ment follows:
This coinnileslon now hag under
conalderatlon the uucstlon uf read
justment of claaa rates locally within
the atate of New Mexico, and It hag
been decided to arrange fur confer
ence at certain point In thia atate
for tho purpose of dlacusHtng the ltu.
atlon with Jobber, dialer and oth
er interested, in order to enable thia
oommlmlun to aeeure full Informa
tion In connection with the proposed
ratea a affec'.lrtg certain cominunlUea
and conference have accordingly
been arranged aa P Hows:
Hanu Fe Tuesday, Jan. II.
Albiiijir.ue Wednesday, Jan. X.
Kerning Thursday, Jan. 10.
Silver City Friday. Jan- XI,
laia Crucee -Monday, Jan. 14.
La Vorue Thuraday, Jn. 17.
Itaton Friday, Jan. H.
Clayton Saturday. Jan. I.
Tucumcarl Monday. Jan. It.
t'lovla Tuewlny. reb. 1.
Itoawell Wednesday, Feb. 8, and
Thursday, Feb. J.
Carlsbad Frldav. Feb, 4.
Dates for Alamognrdo and Gallup
lo be announced later.
These meit'.rtg will be informal,
and it la desiroua of having a large
an attendance a possible. An Invita
tion la therefore extended to you to
be present at the nearest point at
whlcli the meetln; will be held, If you
are Interested and find It convenient,
to attend un the date indicated.
rapitan, X. M.. Iiec. 11. Announce
ment wae made by Mr. W L. llumm,
county aupvrlntendent of achoola,
while here thia week, that the County
Teachers' association will nieet here
late In February.
Several of the leading euueatora at
the atate have ben secured lo make
addrceceg at thig meeting.

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