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The evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1914-1922, July 28, 1916, Image 8

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The Evening I Icrald, Albuquerque, N. M., Friday, July 28, 1916.
Pompeian Olive Oil Salad Dressing
nil. Mr i'i.nt'i:T wtt Hi i M
I JIINT-t I..h i.litx
I XI .1 V. tnual A to. L
miH.llii mill oui-ii
Mmirv In
m inK K'i nil: nT
I iiiiiu !. r tilii ti I iNv-n I
(i.UK'.lt IH.IIIIII.
(Tliilllr MiltM III
III IS M ltlll I III M!T
'liu-ni Kim-Iimw IiimmM.
Idol of I nn.
Iiiih- r shoit.: . :. I. .v:n.
J. h .l" nil'! ! :'
r'or Your Sunday Dinner
We will have another lot of Mome-prown
.Spring Chickens, per lb. 33c. I lens, per lb. 20c
Among other Fruits and Vegetables, wc will
Red Siimoni Plums Native Sweet Corn
Rod Satsuma Plums Nice Ripe Tomatoes
Wliitc Grapes Oreen Beans
Yellow Free Peaches Yellow Wax Beans
Paars Long Orecn Cucumbers
Las Cnices Cantaloupes California Head Lettuce
Large Watermelons Mangoes and Oreen Chili
Fry Cactus Butter, made in Kansas- 35c lb.
We have three deliveries a day to all parts of
the city. Satisfaction guaranteed on all goods
we sell.
J. A. Skinner
i'!M)Ni:s ;o & (it
n Mr. Msm!
Conic, LtKjk at tlic Most I orn Up Storr
in Fowi i
We Want You to be Able to Compare It
With What Will Soon be
The Finest
Men's $tore
in ihe State
Wright Clothing Go.
r urcpsors to imon M.rn, Inc. I I I
l I,
Dog Owner Are Acting
on City Hall Warning
W.i i Mini; ,li. in llii' . ilv li.ill IM''
I in;;, iili In I- llllllti T .- ill ;l inirlil
.ilnl I iv ' I tifiilf iiu.nMM llllll' ''II'.'. I
Iiti li'i" li"l I" lin k ili'ln i L i
i..- i ll I l"ll. Tin. in. : I limlii i .
l'i lli'l llii- n,"lnin Hull linn .1 . 1 . i
l Inn f.lly (if Hi. i,ii,i li.it. in . ii
Til.' Il'-I IIMI'M H'lU in f.l. i.i .i
.i. mini A iirii: I K ... . ,
im. I lul l; I, j I ,.,K ,,, ,1, , i,,i .,! ..
1 .I'l. till1 IH'H III .'MM- Will IIHl fit.' .1
I .1 i.ir fimii llii- fni i. ( ihf ii.' .inn
1 1" U is din- Aukii'I l-t 1
m i- i.f "H' Ii. i-i .l ,ii tin' i mi i ilii-
i.'v i-li'ih it frmii III. p ' ii iiliniisl.'r
T M Ill liHCS.
i-.n I'l.il;.
20- 8. 1'IIJST ST.
i T
i a
ioiH. tiiv . imhti.i .
I li M 1,1, IT.
For Vacation Reading
Popular 50c Fiction
lift Hie Im.ik rrailiiii? Iiiilnt. i vsinii'is mill iiiiiu.iiin'N
ii n- nil riilit in llirjr wiiy, lnl tin- tilings worth lulf iili
(.M'licriill.v IiiiiihI in rluili covers lli-n- my nihih NVw uih-h:
"The Witch "
"The Orell Mystery"
"The Night Born"
"Under Cover"
Ami I liiinlivtN
Your Money Back
You will like the way wo
protect YOUR interests
l'i iUKi 'A.-T. I.... ..I Hi Ii i'.
ll..i''.- ..im;l,l I,, at ltiil. tint f.
iimi li i Inn, i.... in ! in.f-.it in
ai.im .j I ' i : j t i; f.uiifi
tin -' I iK'Ui. i in I. .1 ., s ., ' I,,, i,
tin it, "i i,ii!:
M 1 1 1 1 1 ' , ' 1 n i
Kiii. :;
t v .i l.i , '.!.
Ih-'M-t ,11.!-
I'.lllh . I . . i : . I .
Mini' hi Hit III-, xli, ii, . 4
I I !"'. f In K 1Mb ih it till i"
i tnn,, -h" il in I'...--, ih
'h. i...
-1 ii h.iw
:' Sllll I Mill.
j M'l.xn i; s iii n:H
; I w-niit if ill. rriiuriiiit. Iuiik vimk, iitl.
I nilum, ;,- ht inn. Kin l.i'iinila .
, iiii-iinii M iin.il. I'liniui i'luil --. , or
lit Mr. ma n ImiW Hinru.
Wc will give special at
tention to tlif work of re
mounting your diamonds
before, the l all rush of
business begins.
8 A.M.
Beautiful now Crepe
P 1 i 8 8 c in d iirty roncbud
pat terns; extra wido and
line quality; every piece
new and worth 25c n yard.
On S;tlc S.ituid;iy
Yard, 15c
"One Way Out'
"The Upper Crust"
"Hcpscy Burke"
"Looking After Sandy"
ui (MliiTH
If You Want It
.. , . .
Henrir haul bfa. Prion ).
iitn hiiriiia, an mnkf. Knrhcr I
M il. -In i-. nrliz. .i I,. ., I .iiti.nifi
hi I in -mi, M il..,, h,,. ,. ;.nif tn i nil
I' i in. i f r a Mn'iitlmi
M i .hi. I Mm A ' 11... hn In I. I I
t' i'l.. fin- Suit .iii,i. r.'j -.,.,., I
.-' i "i ,i I w i i k. I
U "i I hin li'i -1 1 n . f , . , hi rr . C Ih I
'" 1 1 Ii i.f Mi .. M.lt'i v M iii-i.ii in i-iii,.
. llii .-llii' fnlllnlly If.'.lli.l hflf.
.1 I'lci' M. t. Mfrhfin hfii- ifM-
! I'l.n nil lilt mn frnlll 'li' nrfii i.
jSmi'l l'i Iii lli'iil- r.i-,,.. f.i, .hlilMf Ai
l' kf minim nf I ii-tiv i-r h i
. I" "il :i.ilillllf.l .i -,
I vii.iit"ii A. M'H.I, .,-
I ' t 'In '.if iiii.li l r i ' i
1 I M'ii.h. I it',.
J I I -III, urn mn v
1 ' Ii f"i :ii,i l"i ii it . .iii..
'.i tn,. lit
, ' I . l'i . i nt.iii'. .
!. I.
r ii' th I.
I' i;"tii' t
Hi- Hi"! I l
"l'i M-tii iilriililv .:f in Ih.n l.iti.
l'.ii.iiir-iii- l.mUi N.i -i, I , ii. .-.
i 'I Vi'l I'm. .ti. "l in. , t .it , t
" ' I'" k I "M ILl lit ,n tl,. , r
I . -1 1 . .1 II. i -. n.,.l - .t -n .fit?
I'hi V.nn.n.il ii.iiM. mi h
1 Ih..
1 I.;. M I C:i n.,.- . 1 1 . r 1 1 1 . 1 1 t j ,
f I" -'' "Ml 'I l' f v ., it,' , I it ,. !,
, i .1 ' i.tn l,iv i .., r .i ,,. !
l-i v S'm :i Kii.,-.lit T ni.l.ir ih
'" '"tKlH l"l w ..- k i. t h. iili.-;
' ' t1" T- in t.i. nml iv ii j i: 1 1 1 .. nt t , i i
I Ii :- l. .1 !'
ll ll'lli. i'l If lilfl.- ., 'l.,li...
I-.' I" ' .",:i"l I il.- til 'i-tiM.; .1 II I- '.i !
'l-i ' i-'i'l t"li,ht iilit.l I t -'l nl i i
" "in f Stiitiitn. .i -nl. ni if
1 1 - " in l i"li i- .nil i.f l ,. . ,t ..
Xl i in I Mr- I'llililf- Mf lu.i lii'.'.
'' ! t 'I'- , .1 f. J . , . 1M .Mill' .. .1 !
I' i. I lent ' i I.t.-; T!ir i
I i "; 1 - i " ilii "i ti i 1 1,
i.. -i . In " , .. . t rMi I ii , -i
Illl :i "M . I.'.,, ,, il , , -
' ! t ..lilti.l All Mn .., 'f . nil.
-"i. ''-I" I.:;. ui,. .irn i ... i u I -1 ,-, I
I ' f I 'l I II., in-s In . Iii V. - . 1 1 .11.
'.. I"l .,.1 l.".
M ' I - . , i ..I.l tll't in. n In-M til
. i I .- .1 I . 1 it, .i iiih .. ,, ,, ,, ,
I "M. f I.l -t mill,! ,lt .si, i t h '
"I 'ml- - M" ,1.1, limli i Ihf ,,w,.l
in.; II. .1,1 i " . I K in iu h" ,t i .
I'ln ill. !. II r.i i. lit Ihf i'l. I' Wl'l
i -n I.. I- ..I u ,'. ,'
-Ill' I 1 1
... I ll ,lt ,. ,
ll.l If nt I,
III,' tin
"II l.itl.
Tn.. . . i i.
.1 t I.. -i .
. In. h
' "till! I t "illl u. MK h.i
i. hi Ti.li-rii -. ' .i ii I'll f i .
I I', i . f l.i i II I, l.ll Tin i
ii In- k.. in;, i In- i.. i nt -
' "III nt w ni l.' i..u nil n '
II I Illl III Html ill I III. -t.if ,'
.."in Mini, l,,. 'I.t ,. I
I ,- Il il i "Mi in i-ti n
' '" iii.-n ii mi mi 1 1 1. 1 i -1,
I i in
Mii-h.i: x ii II..,.-
.llijll Illl' l.l l ,,,L. -
w.lh 'i'.
I l ' . i i t
. I... ...
r.i I'.hk
1 1.
' , ,n - - h.i i i u .' I. ,n
tl II Mil- III I i, i 'I - .
I -I u lill- ,l inn , m,I i
i - "HI in i ii 1 1 1 l ,i I
'. in Ml Xn " II. ,,,
' i l'-f ifiiln. In, in., ill
I lIlKt flit .' . 1 111 1.
' Ik'' II f -If I l:i in t l.i
Is Tiil'in. ,'i'Hiiilit t'f
' III. .
f l.
hi- il I iii:
"i ' i... i i,"i - it i nil ,i , 1 1. -ti , .j ,,(,
x i l.i. I.t i. ., ii,. .., .tiiin - i .1 . I i In
I . ' ' -i.
t ",i nil li I l,ii . hi-1 ih'
- ' i ' . i 1 1. iiit Mum ,:i A i .
!' . "hi In I if n i r in i, mu
' Ii I nil i. I illl I Itf "I I , -
in "i tj-ifi ,int,.i,.'i'if ffiiiM
irn i- I..
:-.it if -
i n
linn ,i4
tin -l.il,
li ,ii. I l
Mil. ,
.1 nli.. !;., ,
i.. k r.'-t.i ..I s..,
I" ' II l.ll .1 IMt
l-i ill H' l'i .'iniii I f
; I in t In ill, 1 1 t i it i
' i II ml nf I .... ni.. i,
:"in ii Ml ' . ..ftin ml'.
. . i It 1 1 1 1 nil II" .-i Ml I
.1 IW.I illl ' V I - 1 1 I
I It'll I.t f ."hf i
, llir hlntllfl. KiiI..i
II,, . . i ,
tin I
M - l.i,
h ,
i i . , t . -
In i ..... Mi
i"lltf .1 in I..
,1 1,1 . ' I.'
Militant Auttrienne Is
Put Under Peace Bond
V" V , ; i , ! !.,, hiinl t.n N..t i i
l' i ' M . 'llii Hilil', i. .,- f I I
"' ' ' ' ' ' ...it' lni.1 I'vi i.iHh i hf .
' ' I I 1 1 .1 K Ii I i.l ii ml Mm m.
" ' I '-'' i - . ..i-'ir. tl in l'"i f lu l,
v' ' ' I Mi Til lilKhlni I In
' " ' l,f I hill f il Ml- l.n-
i ' i ' .. -i ,ii"in,.j ih.. ih'ii' i'
' ' "i fiftt t n ili, .ii i. i
' -' i I ,li I n t I" fill- A '.-' I , ;
' In- im I'I'I I' I ' " '
' ' ' . I'll. I'lf (If .11 f
When Others Fail Try Us
Bill's Shop
Albu'iufique's Successful Gar
ment Cleaners.
Capacity of Dining Hall Doubled
by Addition Recently Com
pleted; New Cottages for Men
Are Being Erected.
I lliii. .i ii.iv i:in. !i ip'W .ii i i
Alilnfit r-nll't' II-.! i.t .llj. in I'lni'lll ii
iIH Kilns ii In I in ii in Tin. Inti'si
'in. lil IS Mill till' ;'I .I "M Ii. I i.
'.nit li.ill. "i.;. Il Will ill', I'. If llii' lli'l'-
nf III II I" llii' l. I'll' lit- 'III
I-"I t. nil .illuttil ti.ii In l',i i iii. l...ii
Mi'i. . "ll.iui'i ,hi. l.i'iM4 I. mil f ir
Hi.' in. ii -t mil -lit-. f..r i'fii Miih lli
I ml. I n .. mi :,..t.li..ii .i in,. Siu'tn ,
'i In f I- iff I'll it v II Miff In i ' ii',. i, oikIH
ii-l'l ti"H.il iiiliiil-. .mil il,,. im. liii..f
..I i II.. I.-. I. tin. All'll i I ii It.l ll'.i'.cl
Hi' v I" I'l'iv i'lf ;t 1 I I'llilli'i.i 1 1 Ii MM fn:
i .i - iii nn i . til" 'i m fur iii-
11I111-..I ini i. Him in. .irnl . -. ii ii..ii ii
j ill- r.'.i-t .1 ill mi. in.' I'm ii' ' 'illiliinl;it,i'lih
jill t)lf lli'l tllllnl n 1, llii' Mf'h n. t.i
I W .11 I ' III . i.l'l. In. MM In llii- ,., mil.., ;.
I.I' lilt If V
i M'fli in, ii , i iiifiii u hi k i- ifiiir
jili'llf lit I In- null.'. ii. I In .1 n ll-'ll
I lif Ii.iMi i"' M . with tlici- .-1 ii ii.Mi. i?
I ll'-WI-. lire !.. !.. ilinlifi ill Hlf
ti'l nthtf i'i.n i lii.'iii i-N :iif tn ti '
Till' flilllf lll.itlliK NM-I.in ,,f III.'
Il-t ,t It Illl, M In l.f Ui,Mf i.l. Illll Uli-
"I I lli't llavv l.i l.i' i ., ,i t. il li
IIK1KI .'.'. Hlf il:itf nf i in-mux. ii-
,.. ,i,. , ...,, . . ,. ,,'
"hull r;ii'iv sti inn fimii Hi.. 1 1 ni. I
In . In, il;u,t nil Hie ),, ,. tiil.i . ii,,
iiinl ii. w mi. nf ni.f,i-. Mc I ii r '1 .
the l.nilfii iifiiti.if mi, . c f'i'.il niiiiiir
lll.'lttfl.- lllSpl'fil i.l'
A ll.' I!' .Mllll-IUIM. f"' till' t'Xl'llli
l.f IIM' i'C W'.IIMII. ) i llf llllllt ,'lt
imiii I'I.iii f"! it li.iM' imt yet lifcn
I illl 'If I l'i I Mill ! lif ,i, f ii, ., f, rt
il.i. I in. I ii-'m ihf i i nml u muni
lit ihf I tnvi'i''it him. iiNfil tin- u,i.
r.il n IHM.f'tllMl mi ii It'Tlliltf il.i.
thi.iiKh f.n h m x h.r hii'l M pii'iit
l"i kl" I'.I.IMI lllli) ii'h." I llliiilll! IIU'MI
Af .....I II. I. 'I.-'I Willi ' il 'il .III. II'!
ff t .jk . ' i K 1 II. i f.ini. , run, nil
t " - ' "i i.- "i . .I. i. n- ' If M,'i
i" 'I ! I'.i i "f .'.."i K.i -.it .ir.-'i
-"l'l"'!l- Tiny Mill il.,. M, I II I 111.' -
il ..it.- n-'! I .in. I Il tin. illt . iii-f thf
I'M t I- II if, J. .ii ,i ,.ni.
I ' Mi'. -h"i .-t'.i.' ill Wis I'i'iiti.il
I .i '. f Ii il"
.rntr-i I ."n-. t.i,nri,i,vil.
It till . Mllll.N, llllltkllM.
Las Crimes Cantaloupes 10c
Texas Watermelons, lb., 2 Uc
Native Oreen Chili, 2 lbn , 15c
Green Corn, dozen 35c
Green and Wax Beans, 2
lbs 15c
Native Tomatoes, lb 10c
Las Crurcs Peaches, Yel
low Freestone, lb 10c
Eating and Cooking Ap
ples, G lbh 25c
Cucumbers, 2 for 5c
Summer Squash, lb 5c
Pompeian Salad Dress
ing, large bottles 25c
Belle Springs and Ranch
butter 35c
Gentry 's Ranch Eggs . . 45c
A. J. r.lALOY
Ffc:n:$ 172-173
You might as well
liavp the hest for
your money. . Try us
and he convinced.
222 South Second St.
Phone 623
LjCl) TJ) Green Chili
1 1 1 1 I TImtf' ri'itwnn th? lliln U Urn Imrt
q YJJq ( q tiaiiiieil UiHI M keO.
-. - J
Crescent Hardware Co.
Harsh Simplex and Advance Duplex Steam Pumps
318 West Central Avenue. Phone 315
If you art in the market for
Real Estate, Life or Fire Insurance
Room 3, Over First National Bank
My Specialty Is UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS Property
Superior Lumber ft Hill Co..
Phone 377 501-521 S. lit
Eat Matthew's
Velvet Ice Cream
Phone 420
Ci'iii'H nf I ) I .". hi i'.i. Ii.t I'li'iiii'in
liM Will I'.iy I". ,t i . ,." -.ml t
t'iif ,tir niii-f, i iiiiii, t i ' ..i I i t ' i ' ' t
(.nil i-: .-'.in. . in. nt. i;
We Want Your
Wo are sure we cuii fit you out to your entire satisfaction
if you will only give us the chance.
Our 8hoes have proven their superiority to hundreds and
hundreds of people. We want you to know this. We want you
to wear our Shoes. Test them! Compare them with any you
have ever seen or worn.
Our new Summer Shoes reach the top notch of style nnd ele
gance. They exhibit finer workmanship than the best of pre
vious seasons, as you will acknowledge when you see them. In
fact, it is difficult to see how they could be improved upon.
Wo hope to soon have the opportunity to prove to you that
our Shoes are just as good as we claim them to be.
Put us to the test !
Men's Shoes and Oxfords . . . .$2.50 to $5.00
Women's Shoes and Pumps. . .$1.65 to $5.50
Children's Shoes and Slippers, $1.25 to $3.00
Babies' Shoes and Slippers 50c to $1.50
Albuquerque Foundry
Machine Worl;s.
I iilini-,-, I iiimilf rn Mni'liliilnt
,i-t iiku in Ifu-i. HriLw, Hrnnif
AliiiM.i'iiin. St rucl ni ui Hti-fl for
Ki.'lh'fx ii nil ll.iiKliiigH
W'nrhn iitnl i IT! i - !hil'Uf rgi, f . M
If yuti wMit special protoctlnn fni
store or rmlrlnncit, $2.00 a mnntli.
fur iKKlriiMireii, will lire you an
inui'h ON $7.MH) worth of protnrtlon.
We patrol the wostora part of town.
J SI ;. s un, hi,

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