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The Evening Herald, Albuquerque, N. M., Wednesday, January 24, 117.
The Evening Herald
PnMMinl bj
the EVExixG nrn.u, ic.
OEOROffi tt. VALMANT. Maiir
Published vrr afternoon
pt Hunday at I2 North tocond
Street, Albuquarqus, N. U.
Entcrtd m oBd-elAm maMar
I th poatolrictj t Albuqutrqua,
K. M , BBJr lb act ( March I.
On month by Mall or carrier, 10
On T-r by mail or onrr.r
In advane 11.64
ItUi1tlM OfflCO m
editorial Roomi 117
thoihi r ivu )iikk n utnr.i,
Penstnr and reprewntatlve who
are standing firtn fr nice rile- of
pork" In the form of libera', apm-u-priatl.vns
for puSllo building in their
rcspc. tlve district, are encountering
opposition. A fltrht h Keci darted
on the bill In the bouse. nipportod by
nfflclnl figure and etatemen:.- f'om
the poRtoffli nnd treasury depart
ment. Motion to trlke out one af
ter another of the paragraph to pro
vide public building In town of S.OUi)
or tens inhabitant, and le than tl.-
0ft annunl postal receipt, have been
niade. I'.ut not a single item hu been
mil km from the bill o far. In spite of
official recommendation against
. them. There U an overwhelming ma
jority of b.th Republican and Dem
ocrats supporting the bill.
The opinion trerigthens. however,
as the bill I debated, thnt It cannot
)xif'ly he put into effect. Th-e I
growing sentiment f;ivor.c heme
plopped In committee In the seena.e,
wht'h, with the enormou vnluma of
work In anproprliMlon and revenue
Mil to be handled by tht body would
xave mm h needed time, rinre "Rtiu"
rule i tin not readily lx .'mi-owd In
the aonate and never are te It the
extent that they reaulnrly apply l.t
the house. Time will be so mtirh at
a premium in the ecnale. with only
9 legislative day remaining, thut
the mere thrrnt nf a filibuster a(Plnt
the public hulldinir bill would give
administration leader pa one. with an
etra session ae the poerble alterna
tive to elroppitve the public hnlldlngr
bill. Further, the opposliii t of the
treasury department to the bill Is
ao open and strong- thnt It thought
that the bill would be vetoed by the
rerident if paated by the aen.uo.
The bill carrle a1out $Slt,OOa,00(i,
and it wn stated In debate without
contradiction, 1 not Ir.rlu'leS In the
estimated propelva deficit nl ".
OOd.OOO for the fiacal year endlrt June
10. lli.
It la to be hoped that the aenate wit'
mueter backbone enoucn to aide-rack
the bill; or, fallinc In th that It
will be vetoed by the president, which
row aeema probable. The raid on
the treasury have been fnlna in Ion
enough and it I lima somebody called
a halt.
toomotjom of grays-ox.
A lively little row ia brewing down
at the capital of the nation over the
proposal to advance Dr. Cary Gray sen.
the White Houae physician, to the
position of rear admiral. Th presi
dent ha already aent hi nam to the
aenate and it I expected Uiat a VlK-
nroue fight will be waged against hi
confirmation. Dr. Grayson. It t
claimed, I being promoted over thf
heads of about 100 men. and tone-re
will h body I strong for alanding l
precedent, wnnta the honor conferred
upon an older man in point of service
The question haa aroused nation-wide
Interest. In fact, only i few i.ivhu ago
a leading New Tork paper wired u for
an e.prelon of opinion on thi mo
mentous nurstlon, and we presume th
a me reiuet wn made on hundreds
of other newspaper men Uirougniit
the rouiitry. We don't know whsl tin
other felloe dd. hut we itfnoien ih
reoueat. In the flrnt pla-e. hsvl.ia
slM-iit our early duyx on the huirN.me
dei k of a nw pony on the pl.iiio. of
K im-au, a.id our naval eitperler.re !
Inter year beom confined to a t-riils'
op the rfreal IjM-.s one Nunimer hil
on h vacation, urd a few uliort trip on
the Tnclfic when we did n"t get out
of sla-ht of 'kio!. we did not oinoVt r
Ihul we weia- t-iupetent to j;le ailMre
.n such an Important nueMior ra the
el(vn?ii.n t( the While Hnuw
bone lo the diHting-JiHlied and honored
pomtlnri of rear admiral in the ny
And. In the i-e'-ood place, bnd we rKi.
tered a proieKt. or voiced our approval
ll w.iold have evt no Ice with the pre
(dent who, if he ha made UP his mind
to promote !r. flrayson, proliaiily will
te his way. Vou may have notl-cd
that he gem-rally gets whul be
That fr. Crayson doe no! la -k
'tary ha been amply deniuiiHtrnted
i urlli the LiiHt few rs. Ilaaii'l h
stood hcsroieslly at his post while the
1rt of ccpid were fly.ng thi'-l. end
- .i. - .i ki.- U'.in'i he Kit
1VI no a ' " ii'. a " - -
ud rely wounded by one of there
i-.il himself? In fact, Ms servnes
during those trjing lime were of ii''ii thia tSe nnip.iiol MiHl lHor ."immli-
a high order that he won the till ' lee has puhlisl mother pamphlet
erupld . Aid " Ho If .hi, pre.,dcr,"Mor. IMii.ntlon Pay wh.c w
want U reward Dr. Orayeoa ny niak- with great rleames the difference In
Ing him a rear adti.u-ul, a fidil ad- earning power between the boy who
mlrnl, nr any old kind of an admiral,
It will ba all rleht with us. In fart,
"you may tint whn )ou'ra ray,
Wood row."
Tru. w do ant know anything
bnut Ir. (IravsoiVs nuallflcatlona for
Ian ailiMlMld !.. Am. I . U .. . m.I.'
Ir, neither to many or lha nht'ra
who are opposing hi promotion, Hut
we are Witting to permit President rentral powers wss followed In
Wilson be th Judge. He ha hnrtl"d Japan by a sudden and general busl
soma mighty complicated question "eew depression, which showed to whnt
wia. fc . extent the lndii:trinl boom In till
doring hi term of office and It la our rmn,rv ru of war
opinion that he I Quite well quaiifi..., ,rr,,rrll dvt).tl lo furnishing np
to pick nut a .rear admiral. jplle to the entente allies and ship-
jlilna- shnre were so affected that th
STATP tl II.IHVO I whole market dropped and the direct-
a-r iiai iit-iooi-p r" closed the esi hnnge for several
AT AMU tjt r ,llft I-. ay,,, Hoyers on a margin weie forced
jto abandon the market aliocelher and
The propositi of Mayor W. II. II. there was considerable unloading ir
Uewellyn. speaker of th. house of Kurdles of Values. It is felt that
many stocks under the w.ir Influence
renreaentutlve from Dona Ana county. hn(, reav-hed a stage of Inflation and
to appropriate (10. i0 for a perman-' Investors helieve that after the l
ent state building at Albioiuet jue nnd mosphcre Is -leored prices will return
improvement for the tate fairl f 1n.,,rm u''- , , ., .
' . , Add, easing the metropolitan hani-
grounds. will come a a surprise to .r,.m,r cnt T.toui hl. refennr
the majority of (eople. who had no! to the Oernian pence proposal, and to
Inkllnr thai h recommendation i'be temporary Panic caused . econo-
waa being anticipated. Nevertheless
the new will be received, we hope,
with a feeling .if pride and aatisfu"
tion that New Mexico la lo have, if
the hill pnee. not only permanent
iuarter for Its state fair, with build
ing and ground ample for inking
raro of an annual show of that kind,
but a place where a display of the
states wonderful resource will he
accessible at all time for Inspec'on
h- !k. hnJ. .1 . k. .i..t.
a.a a. a, a.v ...... . ,
off her annually.
Now we Imagine we hear some
gersrr getting ready knock the
proposition and advance the claim
that we are prejudiced; thnt we lie
boosting the proposition hecuuee It is
proposed to spend nice hunk of eia"
money m Alhuoueroue. Calm ourself.
brother, because yon are following
false scent.
The atate fair ha been going long
enough now to warrant the statement
that It is a permanent Instaution. It
also Is reasonably certain thnt Aliiu
riuerque will continue lo be tfho pla e
at whiih these- fairs are held In the
future. Tly reason of tho iplc ndld rail
road facilities hero nnd on- ai-ilily to
care for Inrge crowd. Alliciieniie It
the logical location for the lair.
Therefore, w hy not provide perinaient
quarter? The fair association hu
already spent enough nn ten.porurr
faollltle to have provided a fair
ground and a pretty good set of liuild
Ing. Thl money ha been wasted
until last year, when sleos vbto taken
to buy . tract of land Mr fair ground j
purpose ao that whatever money -.va;i, Bt ,IIie which Is mumy and tn.u.
expended on building would not be alblcsome. Nowndav, lo sHking at
total loan each year.
Rut how could tna resources of the
state be Advertised in
a Better tf
than to have a permanent exhibit I
her? New Meitleo la all one atate.i
and an eshlbit from each countyi""1 pcwsuny ten that y..u darkened
would help advertise th. whole .ue
One county would derive a ra-Jch
benefit from the exhibit another.
Travolera stopping off here, a thou
sand of them do each year, could,
by Inspecting an exhibit r.f thia kind,
get a mora compreheniive idea of our
induarrlea than In any other way, not
exceptng ft peronal visit to each
county in the alate. and no doubt thlajto rthosc who desire dark hair and
exhibit would be th mean of turning
many aettler '.hi way.
Of course it la too early yet to pre
dict what dancroun shoal there may
be aheafe for the trip of tho bill, ft ul
it ta hoped, not because of any benefit
that may accure to Albuquerque, but
for th good It will do the whole stale,
that the bill passe.
There ha been no decrease In the
interest In child labor since the enact
ment of the federal child labor l'i'.
according to a statement by the na
tional child labor committee. "We
were aomewhut afiald there would be
n tendency to withdraw support from
the work iif the committee under ihi
misapprehension that the fedeial l;iw
ended tho child labor problem." said
Owen It. Love Joy, (,-ein rnl sen reiarv
of the national c hild labor committee.
out it is evident from the thousand
of promise's to observe! child labor day
we have received that ther Is no di
minution In Interest but thnt on the
'ontrary people are keenly ullve to the
Importance of the Work which remains
to he elolie,"
Child Inbir day full on c'unitiiv.
January : this jiar and requests fm
nuitci lal have come- from nearly 6,'noi
organlKiitions which will cooperate
with tin- national child lul"r comm't
tee. Januaiy 27 will be observed by
synagogues and January 23 by schooli,
clubs, colleges nnd other orranbutlors.
Special emphasis will he laid on the
... . ... .
iiiiureii who win not o- aireiteii uv
the fede ral law the newsies, the mes
sengers, the lerks. the rnsh-gitlH, the
delivery hoys, and all of the other I.-
t-Air.n i i i . . , , .
l.iO.OOO children tho federal law can
iiejt reach becitu.. they are einploycl
in local occupations. A epeelal pamph-
let, "f'hlld Labor In Your Htate" has
been prepared showing why these is -
., ' ,, , , .
cupHtlons should be regulated and
what standards Ihe state should tt
tibllsh. In Ihe w hools where child
Iniioe .lieu u nh.ovi.l o ff..ii he
ipMie to convince' i-hildieti l'i,it it doe
not pa-, to fn to work too soon. Kor
r to work at M and the on h,
brain at 1.
Pewn.ro Mnva Pm mats
Business Depression
In Japanese Empire
hf Ktrealer nral4 Lmm4 Wire
Tolilit- Jiih. f 1 Thai neni.e move of
trie circles, expresrrd the opinion thai
i he present time is hy no means oppor
tune for the entenie powers to con
clude peace and thnt they would not
lay aside arms and slop hostilities
until thev have attained the'r object.
He continued: "The situation has
lavored the commerce nd industry of
the empire. This will lnt till the tcr.
mination of the war. but In order to
secure a permanent guarantee of com
toarcial and imloiiratl nrnperity. ef
forts must lie made to founder meas
ures for post-bellum nrt-anKeineuis. ill-
"e " " '""" '
r,a,f .naatl.. a.... It t .. ... t.raaa nnt
to develop
forep-n irindM
permam nt inarhet
The Japnii' ee pr.-. w as prm-tii inly
unanlnioiis in the opinion tlmi the
peace propo-iiiiiiii of thi centra I pow
ers was not sincere and expres-ed
the belief thul It had heeu fori ed on
liermainy b Intcrr.al conditions,
."'peaking of Japanese terms at a pu.l
ble peace conlereni e, nevvpapet- iio-i-lared
that Japan would ne ver iieiec
to the return of Klno-c'h vv to icr
inany and to the restoration of a Hit-
Ilium naval huse on the coat of i hinti.
look Young! oInmI) Can Tell If Vim
l'ne t.ruiiilmoi Iter's simple ll(s-lS'
of hugcr Tew anil sulphur.
Almost everyone knows that K.-itc
Tea and Sulphur, properly compound
ed, brings hack iiaturul color and
Itooro to the hair when faded
V 1"
wnv to eel tills mixture lens to imiki-
i.oy drug store for "Wyeth's Hage and
Sulphur t'ompoiind." you will get a
large bottle of this famous old rec-
k, Improved by the ad Jit ion of oilier
ingredients, for about So cents.
Don't stay gray' Try it! No cm
P;"u,r "'r; ." ' du!" " ni,u,rZ
llf ,,,,, bruf(h wll lt allJ aratt thjH
Uhruugh your hair, taking one small
urand at a time; by morning the gray
hair disappears, und alte r another ap
plication or two, your hair become
beautifully dark, glossy and t,ttiact.
Wyeth Sage nnd Si.lpbnr C'uir-
ipour.J Is a delightful toilet requisite
a yotitniui uppcuiaiue. it is not in
tended for cane cure, mitigation or
prevention of disease.
Woman Found Under
Power of Drug at
Las Vegas Hotel
(Special f'orrefiponrtf nr e. i
Las Vegas. X. .M.. Jan. 'ii. A wo
man, believed to be .Mis. l.oc liven,
of Albuuerqtie. via4 oiuul al th
I'liiia hotel late Monday aicrnouii.
undir the inlliieiice of a drug or al
cohol, hhe was taken to the county
jail, and later, vi hen it was lea luted
she wait ill. she was removed lo Hie
lus 'egas iiospilnl.
f'niinty odlcmls who have iuteiest
e,) Uieiiiri'lv es In the cane uppe-ar to
lie working on the theory that the
vvoiiian w.ih liruxged by another pi-r-fion.
Inquiries at (be sherifl s olfu
'.iroughi fi nh the In' u null Ion Ilia'
"the elnnrr ba juit p-n iin- oin.-e
It in liclievcd lhat. working on the
theory that (lie- vmuiiiiii waw ill nu-i-ed
the odli ials are seeking iop the per.
son e-oiici i neii, i.nd are k'-i-pun tlo-ir
theoties to I lii-lnselv es.
Thi woman who in bcLi-vcd lo nc
Mr- llcvii. i tail
la 1 1
no I .vole a 1.1. irk hit Hint
coal, which Is somewhat "mr
style i in Thursday a woman
i.vvir.tig ihe dcHcrniiion of ih.-
found Monday evemiig, end
to register at the KM. u a. 1. 1
'a be iW.rk, sun ll:ii,! a susp.i !.
ile. lined to gic her a room.
It was learned yesterday lha l "
woman, evidently the Mini' one wb"
v. as found Monday evetniig. hid slu
ed at the I'losson hous. ,,n ilrund
Haturday n.Kht.
woman secured a root i
The same
:roin Mrs.
tloln, who coiidu.is the Mo.l'-l rcs
tauraiil, on Hiiudi. Whether she
stayed in ihe room on Mini. lay nibi
could not be learned. However, her
isuiuuse waa found in the loom sln
, , ,, .
had reined of Mis. Coin, and was
taKPn ln charge b Hie ..Hi. mis. T!i"
woman evidently is a servant Kill
.Several persons yesterday morning
"d tin. I she had inioruied tb. tn
that she had come here loosing lor
, .,.
,,,...,, vll., ,,n, said sb has relation
n Kutn i l-'e A sioi lar slaleini nl
was made lo Mrs ill. in who felt si trv
for her unit furnished lier
ih ii
fl niu-r Kuiidtey.
... .. . . .7
mfci,,,, kj,,, ,u,m. m 4 l.amploii
giuc-tilci. I. Kg-. AOc; butter, lac.
t iiiimiiif'itiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmumfM
ThcScrnp Book
lll IT
Somebody said that It couldn't b
Hut he, with a chuckle, replied.
That "Maybe it couldn't,'' but !io
would be, one
Who wouldn't say so till he tried,
Bo he buckled Vlght In with a trace
of a grin
on hi fare. If lie worried he
hid It.
I lo staried to sing as he taii.nd the
That couldn't be done anil he
did It.
Pomcboily Rcnffed: "oh. you'll never
do thnt!
At least no one ever has done it."
Tint he took off his coat and he look
on hi hut.
And the tlrst thing we know he'd
begun It;
With the hit n( his chin and a lot of
a grin,
"vVltnont any doubling nr iulddit.
He started t sing as he tackled thci
That couldn't he done and he
did it.
There are thousands in tell you it
cannot be done.
There are thousands to prophesy
There are thourands to point out lo
yoti, one by one.
The dangers that wait to aait
lint Jiim hutkle in with a bit of a grin.
Ticii lake uK onr coat and ')
lo It.
lUKt start lo lnif n yon tackle the
That "cannot be done" nnd vou'li
do It.
VYii.siiN hoi. ii t.i: intuitu
WllMlllllaltou l't'csldetit Vllil .1-
(he oldi'dt exciutivr ,,( Hie 1'nttcd
Statea for Ilie Inst sllv eais When
he Is liiiiiigin aletl tor ihe m-iinl luce
March ii he will lie Ko ears oi l. i
pLin of yetiri. Unit n" n f-idi-nl ha
v-inssvd i.. lice the Ilia tikt.irat too of Hu
rh a na n in )',.
l!i iilciu.'ill) . the president is one
of the six oldest executives ever In
tin White House. previous to iviil
the men choaeti to hold Hie reins of
gov eminent generally re-u hed a late
period In lite before their election
John Adams, was r, when inaugurat
ed ill 1 7 7 . Jackson also was 41
when first inaugurated In i::i, Will
iam Henry Harrison wm the oldest
man ever chosen for the president,
being 6 at the time of bis Inaugura
tion In lvtl. Talor wis t and I'.u
chanan S respectively when they
were Inaugurated.
Aside from these, all pr sulentic
have been younger than Wuo.lr.'W
Wilson when entering the White
House. This has been particularly
noticeable In the last lifty years,
when all have been coinparath elv
voung. Theodore Hooseveit was the
younsept president ever inaugurated
in thl oountrv. being tj when lie
I took olflce.
Tin; l ITIM. I.WII
Norway, of all the lands I kn. w,
has the moat dehchtlal way of intro
ducing herself." sas Cliai I' s I'he.ps
flushing In the Travel Mag, iron.
"There, s..uKlin in the winter sun.
Iks a jagged, snow -topped wall of
mountains, Jutting dramatically into
tiie sea. I mi uehul.l Just w nut the
Vikings beheld when all the world
was jmintc."
According to Mr. t'u thing, the ila-
V o. of loi'I Lt IfiNf. n.'hS.H is toil tost aS '
one travcl'j into .Norway. The roy-.l
liali.ie in I hristiauu, "n large stone
shoe iiox, with uu Ionic purlico. looks
uown iiioti the inaln s'r.. t with quite
as much dirtiity as an:. roui thoic"
m a prospei v-as ci';,nty i,'Ut in Wl--lonsin
or Michigan.- of the capi
tal city be says:
"You can take in the mam part i f
Chi istianie at a glin.ee from the si. ps
of the pai'iianieui house, and like it
at Inst siLtlit. It stirs your iuiag na
tion hut siightly. et wins your inl
iniiation for its unassuming uian
nvi i. It appeals to he a piece of ut
iienH 111 art that the capital ol .Nor
way should masi no aiteinpt to put
on atvle utter Hie fashion of I'.ins,
lleilin or London. After this licit -uucti...ii
you ore iri-iaie.l l"r sim
plicity and ilciii-.ci a. y iiinong I lie
people? and you Hud it. in ibe main
:t IH all lloiiii'v and ca to uiqileil
a'e Pedestrians mki llie.r nine,
I'tlsineras proceeds hi a eslllel ftsll-
ioii. tinii are tev moU'i' c.us in
dodge, and even the trains are inilil-
inaniicii-il and nin ..nscious. The N.. -
e-mun cania . ..inoines the virtu
f a coilnlry town anil of a capital.
'And you take that iilv lo yoi.r
heart for its peotiie, t. nien.hir u no",
as soiiiethin pu'i.ii lal. nut as sot
thing livin. In people there lies
the I'hristiaim tnitn-ts treasuie. A
pi.qile ln.lij und liale and Ihrittv. n
people who ever since the das of lll'
VikiuJ. Inn e .i'eiti"cd t hi-inselvee
to tlin World l.v their staunch ships
und skillful seamanship; a pi cpl"
who produce I'liiiiiiploiis. .Vi.rvvav
leenis lo nn- nciier America In let 1-
II..T than IIIIV other CIUHUO in
l-iiii ope "
In Hwed.'iis i apital tin re Is more
lo see. uicril.tn to Mr. Cioh ng H
Is larger, older and richer, and has
more splendor
"Kitockholm li.il.-. for your admira
tion of its nvei.ids and wins. ' he
says of it. 'lint the people them--clves
lose n hnie in attraction
iherelo. .-"..i 1. 1. . -1 in' n opera house,
.1 palace, its iiiiinlclpal build nigs.
1...HI . beautiful aveiiu's, higbei
sp re, greater duniiy, gre ater we alth
of Hie old, distracts from leariiliiK
much about the peeqile'. Htovk holm
Is the capital and metropolis of a
cmin'iy a g..o, deal line Illinois.
Stuck holm in i In. ago when Chicago
Inn had nine P. realire a HtH iinoe
if lis elieiisln-d vision of the c.ty
licit ill if tl I. ''
r.wi'nu Tt itM n iivrtK'itriTsi
"I .1111 icn.iiiim niV ptislorrite lieie
l.ectill -e 1 l'l-lu-e til slllilliit in 'lie'
dictation of Hie hypocrites in my con.
gri-nution," the I'.ev. Kilvvin o. Cul
beck, pastor of tint I-'irst llaptist
church at Monroe, .iich., ilerlan-el til
Ihe cl.isn of ii re. -fill senium. lie
added thnt, before he left the city
he would preach a sermon Iclllng
what he had found wrong wl'b the
Uvea of the members or his congre
gation to whom he referred as "hyp
ocrites," He ha since been besieged
lo tell the date on which ho will de
liver lh!s Illuminative discourse.
The oung pustnr denounced the
business methods of several of the
city leading men In his sermo re
cently 'and a a result not a few of
the wealthier member of the eogre
gallon withdrew their support, once
the church organist, who has wealthy
connection, quit his place during a
"This rhuieli has the string halt.
It is more closed ttmu open." the
young pastor declared ill explaining
his reslullntioo. 'It has sheltered
hypocrite because oi the money
(hey give. A spiritual pastor is not
wanted here. ,vl or the mines ore
monopolised hy a ctiuich ooard and
tho pastor must ol.e its orders or
it's 'good-by pastor.'
The Itev, Mr Coldeck nlsn asserted
that Ihe wealthy meinbeis sneered at
ami openly sllcblt-d ihe poorer mem
ber of lb congregation.
NI'W llll l!0ll I'l Vr TI! l
TIIK t.lll: T tllllX.oN I I XI
No railroad elevc lopiner.t in the
northweert In the Inst de.nde bis
opened up greater possibilit ic for
the rapid development of that part of
the state than the recent completion
of a 1 1 l.il"ll,i'l"i cxien-i.'n Ini.e tin
Coos Lav country of soul hw estci n
oicgon. Here was an isolated sec
tion of I'll CI III' ot t"l1ltolv. P"S-
se-asing a hiirbor I li.et mill some d i
rival lhat of San I 'I a nci-co, and tup
ping a I mil ran in timber, minerals,
and farm lands, some t" nille- south
o( I'm tin ml. I p to the tune lhat Ihm
extension vv-K opeiti-.I. It had he'll
completely shut otr from r.i Irmid
c oiit;i-c!i..ti with the rest ot the world
and was rcaelialile oi'l.v sea. o- l
a elltlUiilt overland toute thn.,,gli
mountainous coiiiiii v bv st ie limn a
point on the main line of the ri.Iroad
into California
So Olomislllg WIS tll.s gte-t tel-
rlloty that Ho- railioad oni.i the
Southern I'u.'illc. ip e i.led lo stre tch
its linen to the li.iv and 'ml tin- ls..
lut.i r th .t tin. I i mm i I f' l ' in inv
year". Wilh a bi-t piobli'tn l.efoie
them, the i.-iilroad ci.i.M ru. i i.-n c-n-gtneeis
il. l i.. 'd to build a som from
the niaiu line at Lugem. uiihoiigh
the ellstnn.e by the l in- of i t re-
sistanc.e-' was at leust i:u miles and
the mountainous tetntorv luoiight
back recollections of the hllildinvl of
the ol. Central l'aciiu nenl) hall a
century ago in the cativ divs of the
west. Ulieie were many rive-rs (,, be
crossed, 'mountains to be penetrated,
and uncertain, marshy ground lo be
tilled In or trcstled.
Hut modem railroad I'tmineei ing
balks at nothing, even removing
ii oiuila.ns when nei e.-'s-irv. iiwing
to the lay of the land, tin- siirv cv .i
and engineers decided that the easiest
way wa to .'.in the spur d rcc.lv
west from Huge-no f"t iiboin litty
n lies and rim southwest, gradiiall..
approaching the const and nearly
reaching it at Coos bay There w rc
the Suisluvv and l iupqua rivets nnd
the ha itself to i r..s, but lhat could
not he avoided. The contrurtion of
the line was starn. I f..i : i.vv it h. The
ri'-ult if this woik Is how apparent
slid the Co iiay e xlelwion was olli-e-ially
opined list August Kl'lu the
l-'eliiisrv r.'p.ilar Magi .il"-
riiMi its to imn in. -rri
one of the most remarkable inci
dents of tin remurkibli1 election last
l.lll was the .'. pin-' v.. toI ol tlo
farmers- tt. ki I ill .N. lth Oakota. i
Slate vvhn.li -a-..' ,ts cbctoi'l "
.-.r. Hughes. The l-ariner--' N.-i.-Partisau
league In than two venr.-e
old, e-ilb d a stale ci.iiv eiii i.it., ll. 'in
itiated Lynn J. ci.vi'T '...r governor
and named cieiidiclaieB f.-i ..'her : i"
ollicers an I the mpi'n.e i- :, l:i
llle ..tv pi .mat lis tiuv e.llpl 11' .1
tin. noiiiinatioii of the a- i and. dat' s.
and on election day nil bague .and.,
dan s vvcie e lei ted with a single u-iiption-'he
one Hie 1 ii no .Cl .its en
dorsed. The i e v ol u 1 1" u.i i v pt.'Ui.iio
oi' the i'arniets P ai.e i all- l.u siatv
o.Mid giain elevator-, flour nulls
and pack.llg bouses, slute l.ail iilsur
allie and a alaie-ope-lated IIII..I
iredit eysiein. The state constitu
tion will have to be amen. P d to pel -nut
the-e expel iments. nnd lin- si.11
sei.ate his a consel -. at iv e lo.l'.lltv.
so the project iif creating a .New Zea
land III till- Iiorthwest wi- hi e 1"
progress -lowly. Tin- a--0111-li.n
sneers of the f iini'-is 111 gelling i-.n-
tl ,, ,,f I he entile- UoVi ' HUH I.I Ilia -I
hilll-l V of tile SMI'i' illaslr.ltes Ihe
(. (ifl "! 'H
Mvn hi- imi
'I i.wnh . ii!
11111 n fi".l th ..r.-tuji-il.
Thi until V
v kii"vu ;i tl' I-'la
Kin'-t "
w ii.-. I'd ii K 1 n (iittl
... f,..l.,r. ii, 1 -ft 1 el a.l.l w ill lib and
down lin- slate preachin.i I Its- pold
ieiil ami iiiiliisirial pi-ou-ram to whieh
thi' farmer vole has m.w- oiiin.ii!. i
tic slate. Iteuinbiiic v lib one- auto
mobile III the I II lll-li. -ful m C iUv .is-.
at liii-t Hi'i cars i.ml I inaii,ei-
vvere us'd. p.eiv i.itiii'r win. ome.l
tin. li-.ijni- paid I " la pu-h -.I- pro-Ul-.llll
Tin- leflisai of Hie leKislalllle
HI I'.iir. lo e-lablh a si ite.ivv lied
tt-llriih-il elevator and the repeal of
a small tlx provided two v s be-
lore t'.r tin- i.nrpo-e. nri.tu-ht the
l iil'liiet t-' li tiitue delltiilelv .tilo Un
political lii'lU. The tact u s pill sued
by Townliv and Ins as-oi aal.-s were
those of II. i. .in Johnson in lm tiisi
inndulacv for ovcrn..r of c'alifor
ton. The faiiii'-iV ode of North I'a
leotii is nn t-xiieriment in state own
ership that will hi' watched Willi
(tra at interesi i 'h it Hon Itatci Siraj -
If In I.e. he's.
I 11.11 l-Hi:H I I II WliMI V.
A iheer:ul. Iinhl-be'iiited woman I-lin-
Joy ol a mini's life. Itcauty will
fade, u v I fnurea will i linnite. 'nit
the . h.ii in of health and i h e I fulm - s
will enndre to the end Hut how can it
woman he ,i rful and bappv when
i tunned down b s.ill.i' fell. ale de
lanni lliclit, W ith a b l. I.n lie. Iie nl-ti.-he
lilt.l I . f 1 1 II oil llle verm of a 111 TV -"II-.
hi .i I .low II.
I.v.li'i I Pinl .haiii's Veve t n,-
I ,,l ,s Ibe sttil, ,1.11, 1 Ol, .I'll' f"l s.n "
I a. Im. i.'-. I mi iiik tin- let v . u s
thaii.-ti.iils of hollies hive been pill. Is
happy by this woman's ureal remedy
for Woman's UK
eViinl lo Iriide tli it null., for a tfi
u;.iii ' Ti) the WANT All way.
Suffrage Amendment and Submit
ion Resolutions Attract More
Than Ordinary Attention; Juv
cnilo Deliquency Bill Up.
I Spei ml Correspond lice.)
Paula IV. N. M , Jan. H New- Mi x.
Ico women have mnde ev Idenl Iheli tii
tereet In i he pioieeuinss of the P-ciilu-ti.re.
The stiffranc amendment su.i-mle-sion
resolutions, now- bef-ue both
houses have the Miippnrl ol various
state ornanlratiotts.
The New Mexico l-Vd-ration of
Women's i IiiI.m is elire. ilv Interested
111 onlv one piei i- of li'iisl itioii. tliourh
favornti' a uuuih''i- of them. in. tiolun;
suffrage. The bill III otleslion Is
House bill No II. lutlodll 'id nt tbe i
re.llest bv Mr. Ilullles, It relates to
JllVllllie delllniuea' V tt Is belllU bo.-
I'led for bv the h klslat Iv c - ..iiinutli e of
Oie spite feill-r 1 1 loll. m..iiihi',I i.f Mil,
ke'lhini, chairman. Mrs. .Nini iiteio
Warren and Mrs. ilroru' I.. Il'-en
XI the ln-l -l.ile ieitisla. in e the fc.l
elation worked for four oo-asuie-s. ami
one of lllem the e.(ii.i! tiaht-i me. .-lite.
was p.isse.i lu moiliiied form. The.,
will work for the mo- me as'irc this
time, and 'v con' ent rat ma their e-l-
forlae oil It. espe.-t to seeiire- ls passu..'
At a llieetiuvt vesterdav in Ihe
lots of Ibe In- Vari! is hotel Mrs K-l-lam
addiesse'd a lepres.-ntatii i;.i.her
tnic "f club members of Si i i . woh
espe. nil ref ie-IUe to llle i'ei.1. I'll u '
I hit for Sorfeaiic
At .-l liiieliu; lulled at the rrsiib u. e
of Mis N'. l: l.lnd-ev. v. .1 .1 lieu
tenant novel nor vesterdav afternoon,
the siitfi.m.' nr. .p. .nan. la was the
lllU.ll topi.- to be i oii-iite'le.l. The sen
llnitot of the lad.es Interested. II il"
v. -loped Is to woik f..r thi- pa.-uiai- of
the sulfi.,1.1 ami ridlnent vvl'll nu i'-.v
ami il le'iniination. A vote of tvvo-
tllllds in il. h .oatltv is I Ilea i.ilhel
hard tusk nppar. ntlv sit befoie them
bv the- -dat" eonstltlltloll. Il-.wevi-,
With the help of both of th leading
political parties, thev In loo , hi. h ..
Vote ean ba' sea itred l-'ililn in 111-'
aitt.al p.i-s,.a:e of the am-u.imeut -it
the ne-t elcitlon. thev nolll'l l e m a
pus. in ui if thev reeeived ;i ninlori'v
Vote- to inelnoria lle i-on-tlcss for uu
eilial suflrii-c law.
1'oth hoii-es now have siiitrau.' pro-
pliMllM before tl'l'UI. With til" dltfei-
eiu ! that the se n. its law. otfere.l .--tcrday.
would extend to w -'ineii in ad
dition to ih.' in-lit to vote, the riKht to
hold unv l.ffi. c on the .sllll" .'asm .is .s
now erijoved ba, men.
With s'uhtlv different nlm- Ibe
N'ation il S'iffriige Assniiaimii and tl.e
.one. 's c imres-loniil I'nlon are
work i tut tow iii,l the oimmoii incil.
.uffriicc for women, nnd e-sjio. mliy In
New .Vie':,, . lAple-slolls a - to ll e
llio-l due llll-illis l.i be loll. .we. I Wa c
Hi-.eti I'V represe-ntatlv t's ..f both ia -KaniAit
n.ns at Hie mee tint; h 'ld it M. -I.iiiUi
i'.- h"il-.'. The e om: I - - e ui , I
union i ' cnnlien.ls -i r.-soln' ...n li'in
the -l.t.' lettl-l.il ill elite-- I . . I to tho
tot 1 1 . -1 1 . 1 1 eolii-less iiilrinc n it, on il .f
llak!'. "--le b M 111" lit." rill I ii Mil- to
!.. ; r. 'a nted at Hoe :f sn.n. :.nt.i-l
In. Ill the .- t.lt.' sllbllilss a.,1
i nii-iiilnient
;;. pi nt.H.ve l.olie- pr."' nt it the
inie-iiivi v .-.st.i da-.- nfte-rnoon wit''
Mis I', i- .1.' Ita.u Mrs W K. lo...!
s... lu I' 1 1 ke i . Mrs Kite Hill. Mr-,
l ' i) ti'.-iril-'lf. Mi- I' P A-phihd, M. . -A
Atkinson. Mi. il. Twit. b. Mr.
U .It n. in. Mr N i it --fa- ai lei,.
Mis H. Orinsl.v, M.s. Paul A e
alle-r. Mr. M 1 1 !v rd a'.d Mr-H.-i.'l.
Concentration of
Outpost Troops at
Dublan Completed
lly risrli.f llsr.il.l I.iBJfl Wan!
Ll I'm ,. Tel.. .1.111. :i The col.
i II I it i en a.f A met an on! po-1 1 1 ""I'
ll t I .'lo!,..! I ltd til has In n cniriel -
. !. all silll'lu- I'.llliUll.ent. stoli s an.!
nam: i-.'e b.'ve I'l l ii I., i.le, I 0 1 il ii till
lii : . f t , ... b 1 1 :i ii . ba . e : :i i . ' - I ii"! b
llI'V.llil Hie I I.l i, ', Mi to if -
I',,! U, ale. II f. iiveil al lb"' l .l.il.'l I
, ,,i,-', ,,, h- . ,1 r.."i. l".l , N'
Irool. ,,.,,v eo,i.,tl I, "lib ,. Ibe puiti
!,,,' epi'd,'lo, h.,,1 b, , ,1 lieiillli at
I .l' I ' VV , - a I .1' 1 lie I I
President to Spend
Entire Afternoon in
Office at Capitol
Ttf r senli.it Tleratd l.istrtt Wr.a
ii-ii.ii. .ui l.u. : l l-'i i 1 in i ' 1
tchd.hs- Ins plan ,,1 ; i a ti.-tii : "Usi-
I.CSS ti the I ip,!,, I. l i I'll' lit 'l,-"ll
nriiiiol.il todav to spend On- '"I'1
attvinnon it, Ins i.iIh e outside the s'-ii.
Ul lllll III 'or. l'. CIVillK ll'le.'.at lolls III
addition t,. bis usual cni ssioii.il
laib-rs lalole l;olii.- to the cupiteu.
Mi. S ,s.,!i -hook band at the Wh !.-Ilou-c
vv it ii i, ite bun. In d nidi pendent
ml producers am. ciiiU'in-d vviih n
c oiniiiittee from tic I'liuicln-s of
Christ In Anii-r-., a.
Building Permits
P. .II. .vv in,: is a list ,.f btni.lin ; pir-
llllts issued lllll ihK the week Jllst
closed by HmldiiiK lm po tor Purl
How di. h
Al 'Inn pveritl, lull Ninth Piist
meet, icilli.del and leiollslrUCl build.
Coll Illllllllle. mil South .'.run
flreot, flam,, btiin. s by I I leet
II. M I l l, ,,t.-. 'l j s Ii P.lnh
SI ra el one. I I I "ll.l!!", I -' "' 11
A liltlu WANT A 1 1 tio.v nnd th'-n
in lead by every c!as of nit u and
Women too. Try ono.
Need Help? Try a Waut Ad.
$100,000 FOR STATE
Speaker of House Ii Backing a
Plan to Appropriate Bijj Sum
to Establish Permanent Tair
Oroundi at Albuquerque.
I ""pedal i 'oresi ponilcm . I
Snnl i l e, Jan. . 4 th,. leKi .l.i.
ture npproprnti. J I iui.ii.hi for a p. r
nvir.elit state btnldlla; ut A , buoiicl .iie
and Improvement., f,.r the- lair
groiimls :
No le -h nil nulhoiiiy than M i..r W.
II. II I II vv-llv n. spialeer id tile bolls.-
. f I I pO'Hi I a I I V I' -, W haise pos.tl'.il of
stri-nitth nn I inflio n e- w.iii Lie pres
ent lil-islatnic ll.is liee.) ,ir, li'-.elv
Woven, belli-ve fllil It ilionol. Moe.
;aivir. Mr. I lew ill ii is v.oil.ini: f-u-
,.111-st tlil.'. II-' -tale. I t. el. IV III l.ll III-
if. nl. w for I Ik- 1 1 . ru I.I. Mil be .
Ilr.im.m, a lull witch In- will i. -i-nt
at tbi- ! -...n .. bn h ii"i ..m, pro
v id. , 1 1 ".i ioiii f,.r a stun- . hibit ai
A l.!,el .(lie but tilth"! !' - T t-.e- Sl-V.
er.il i , .untie" .. ul'pl.'pl I ill- f"! .oon
j ll i Vhl'nl 'lllilellnt!.
a 'a i a i"i i I ... I I Ii' S I i I a
t.l.t ll'Mll'l ,.e ., tate f 1,1 It sllolll.l
b.a open not onlv f.'l- on'' v . , v but
j 'lf' r til- III I- ... a I it -.1 ,,1 i pe-n
j f"l tl.e- I'.-m ilullli; davs ..f Hie .Hi , ,
v ' . . ., ol ,. w M l . I 'e. t '
Ill "f all I hi- ..a,i,i. - , ,, i
-ll"W u -t iine ton, ft v:-... pi- r
ll'uoeiit ist.a.li.m -l.'.-ll.l be lo , b.ilk'c
.'t tlo k.!"llit.l-. vvhi ll -lo.el.i !.e ... I-
lift. 'I, I I ll.l -I il Ill, I l ,.1.. ' ! Hi
ll .1 ' t loll.
"Tile .Oil sill,,,!, on of New M-V-
. O po-se, siill.' it ''".- e-..--es t . . f
SUp.e a. !!,;,' ihl- I e i I .. I I . , of I'l.'ll llle
llllll'lllt', of Its ,.'., ' It !',,- . a.f Mil I
wile , vl. ,,! iii,lw- a pi 1 111. , neii! .mil
, I cpl .' . lO.lt IV e di-pl ii nop. i- l I I. e. 1 111 -
.ir.I'lie-- I . lo, ties ;n,, , 1 1 1 ! I 1 -. e-.ialv
is ili.i h o lo irilb iMtnlJil .i le
I ' 'l.pl. . Ii ',. Ill' H o.l, I I- . ' the
j'.'lt'-t. -1 a i , i 1 ; . u,it, linn", ' .-
I I'll- ' I vinv -!'ii ki ai.-iM.; i,.. I to
i ma n, ii i tui . - I ,itn virv ii,,,.- i'i
W I'll l it 1 . s.. h . law ' le ll "
I aid Ibe n... lot -,ii"l t is no new boli
; I'V with llle Tvvi-nlv e-ur. alio I o'l-
I V ... at. I ,,, ll , I ,,..u ;ll,. H. at', .
tion I lu.-.i- iiivi-n it sin. a- that Inn 1,1
a 1 1 i i i 1. 1 1 . . 1 1 a , I im oiitlnal ill) .! e. - ,..n '
Ml I llf MlHl'.
'New ., ,. ,- ill one .l.il.- . ,,e
-e-. tl.ill benefit., 'i'. in'li ll M- Ullolllaf
flotn stale Ian.. Thetia ll.is ill vi I'
iiern a stall' fair in mv i.,iii,ii. th.i'
has not Jn-tlfied the e-xpeio-. m total
r-'iilts. Ilv il'ilmr n,, ibni; f,n a
s, ale bl enoiivh to . .i!lv - how- vvhilf
N in the Mai,, ihe r it,,, ,,f , inn,-, v. ill
be lllllell 1. 1 e.lta r.
"I le-r I ire 1 1 1 1 . . e , nl n l v.i'1 ilw.i. I on.
e flt espei i.ilp and 'll a ll.le I wav fl.'lil
Mia' ll.'l'llli:. if .lite f'i- :i ll.l ,a ill"..
. f l eeiltraHy oi at."l p. '-ill loll. IT. list
a'ontinile to bo .he- si f l.ilis. Hut
If ha- been mv observation that iho
I pi" of lii noil. III. bav.a i.lw.ivs , ,,ii-
trii'iifed thili shall-, and il is liluh
I'tne for ih. si;, i,. to ii ,i,i' .-.bit a
.1-1. f.cr I. :i.l :,-ii the on, .nl
of the ', II .1, n
1 1 I -i'-MIt Hi' t let I , I. 1. 1. I I'l . l.i
r..,, 1. i , 1 1 . I '. w b' - tali I - .le
n.il.etniti - - i,,l , , I..- , , fi ail
1 il" .' i f I lo ,1 , i ,.i of Ibe
S" ,ie. sho.-bl bold tlo-. vow, Oil
lonntv ba- iilvvav'. 1 ii -no I'i 1 1 .1 bv the
fa I-. -i.' .l M. l.le-we I'v,. and be
ill" ' de. I t" , elate ,li I .-, in VV lit, ll
' s ttiel.s Ita. I I.e. n .itu.pt.,! Ill" le on
I ii -oiiut ..I' t b,. i v 1 1 , i e -. a ' be I i.-n i
llu I in,.!. : ,;,( ,,1 i lo- --(.I . rul., .!-
tii.il . i.li u. Some .'1 th.- most -u .-
. ' i-'ii i! . ii I t h. M. in. i v , i .
a t f : . 1 ,1 i,. . : ' 1 ' i it" . i . - t .ml tt
"-iiMl.il,,. to "be t-" ' ' i "I. I" I iie -'I,!'
A- a pi ii. -.il no a-tn e. Mi -.bv..-Iv
n lint ii"i .t:il.- wllal opi"' ';; t"li Lis
.' i - I. ,,.'1,1 ... !. tl ,,!,! ,1 ,.,t ic
, i ,!1 l,"1 -' a- VV ll, t,te ,,,a lii " I - "f l',e
I. .It .11 HI -I," ;M f , ,1 Co am .- V. .Ill
fits tilt tl it, I. j, ill I . i.iee e 1 111 1 Ins
vent't -,..n, .lb,, ! I- L"'H.s- t" l
lU ilt .- I - f tl llll,,,-- I ,1 M,.- I",-
U I.I ll I II- I a llt,.
II" 'l
I 1 " iv ll. i
I '-f " ; l"."l',l". '" V'tl
It,,,. I',. I "..till" , ". ,,, ' . tl... ... I
I Another hull
-.' 1 -a I., be 'll ' 'I
lleil'l,'- , a ,o,'
! I., I I," b,,ti; , i.'.V , I I '
W i.V Ot .1 ' ' b V I'' -
tin i m - i i
-l.,i.. .1 o-.l
b . . .I , I
l' 1
Restored to Health by Lydia E.
Pinkham't Vegetable Compound.
Aurora, 111. "Kor seven lone months
I suifetiMl from fcmnlo trouble, witn
cvere puins in my
' ' i I I . 1 i ...a. .....i .... i i
liacn m,u ai.ie". uneie
1 licamc so Weuh. I
c-oul'l hardly walk
from chair to chair,
and ot no nervous
1 would jump altlm
Hli?litcst noise. I
waa entirely unfit
to ilu my house
work, I wait Kivmif
up lioiic of ever bo
in well, wlicn my
sisti'f a. ki'd mo to
,2' -!" "l
1-. r- 'IH
fuieC at iM-ve
try l.ycli K. I'inkham'a Vei;ctaliltCom
pouinl. 1 took six bottle t and talay 1
am a healthy woman ablu b do my rnvn
houiework. I wish every airtfirinR
woman wouM try I ydia K. HiJvhain'i
Vegetable Compound, anil fiml out fur
themelva how pood It is." Mr. Caku
A. Kim, fJtl North Ave Auf'am, 111.
Tho Rre-Ht numbe'r of un-niidUsJ tiu
tlmonialt on lib.' nt tfm I'mkham I.ali
oratory, many of w'..lch th from timet
to time published by s rmissin, uri
oroof of tlict v!u.' of i.ydia K. Ilnk
liam'a Vcyetahln ('ompouii'J. in Ida
trcntmenl of fetualu Ida,
Fvery ailintf woman In the I .nltccl
States i cortiiaJly invited to write to
tin I.ydia E. J'ml-.hatn Mod it-ins Co.
(conHilcntial), Lynn, Miuu., lor sptvliJ
advice. It is free, will bring you (.caltll
and may save your lif

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