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The Evening Herald, Albuquerque, N. M. Wednesday, March 7, 1917.
I ' - I i I Ili.i I Ml
With the State Press
At thn mriiiiirli.l m-niiM-n in honor
of tlii- litir (Imitrn'ir ij l:ca hMil in
tfuiiiii l't pnturtliiy unlit, thr lollnw
Jn inMr wa ilrlivr-il by lin. o.
A. I jirriixitlfi:
Tho Ural rivllicfri mnn in t foul
mi thr i1i-Niri InmlN of Nfw Mexico, In
1..3U. au Ahur Nui.. C'vlivtu dr
llilra iiikI lh llrtil native-born j-ivr
Imr i Irrli'U dy thr i. .iplr f N .!
Irn, iii'iiMy 4Ui yrum later, wan Km
quil t.alii'Hi lie Hum. It unla llkn
roiiiiuirx, yi-t it N fuel. I'ruvlJcrira
In Jiit In till her iIiiiiikh.
"Thr Hi xi ill icrndmu nf thut ml
M'litiirnuii anil riiIIhiu race who nrt
Irml thp B.iil. lino iiiln(i'( mil the way
m pour. Ami. laat. hut nut Irimi, he
Haw dnoineti tn r hlx life Mid III
lrnrily. I.Ik tho ai-eat law mver of
lararl. hp led hlx people to thr ahnrr
of thn proinlxrd hind, hut unlike unto
tha ureal -latrii.rth hi wax not per
mlttfd to hme In Ita enjoyment.
Hick nntu death he took the oath of
nlllre in an InvalUI'a 'hamt-r In Ihla
Miy, thut roum he never left in lire,
hut there fiiiiKhl a vnllunt and courun
eoux Unlit aanlnxt the rtrlm dextroyer.
dlxputlnn to him every lli h of
around. Iltmlty, houevi-r. the nn-e of
death munil-d the l.nale rail and he.
like the wltherliiK Mower that henda
Itx heaiititul hi'iid. wriipplnu the druii
lor the iiiiildlnK of nn empire In Ihiajeiy of hix i uii. h alxuit him. laid d"n
run oi new on.i, wnom thever-jti axant dreama. and left forever
more the xrenex of hlx xlriiKKlex and
lin t oi the liee people railed to rule
ax i lnef exrrtithe In the land of hi
fuihMx. Kf.eini. rniii'iii de llai-a
oiiilon'd In hlx own hlioit life H great
ih.il ni in inline of the iuiUh.h. unj
of tlm iiuKidv thut Imn iiuirked I lie
li.nlorv of ilmi rare tliroiiah the puns
I i-HM of the r ot ll-i x.
;mi title rfiul oal in hlx frlilnlx.
he h.iil ji Iiiimi of thrin. ax niiiiiy of
hn .it n n. i.. i hot (uiieial hml op
poitiiuHx lo ; hix xoiiiiit JiidKinrnt
.iii.l well liiiiinied mind niiide lino thr.
miileu: ami nhi-n of iminy who
oiii-lit hlx i'ohiimM mill Kiil'lmxr In
pinnte ;Hli piilitio :irtii:i': the lie
xiriiil.ini ot ancient no. I ilmt mmnxli'Ml
uno-Miy lie'iimk prole In iliii.nt itiiini;
(Mir., mill unt il nixlii il the t.iinlU -i
iik In on. Iih Muni ah h. In. ml mill
H piooilHr ilelirriltrt lliinlv liv liiln
V.ii. inlie to lie reili.roir, if Willi. u Ilia
fioWi-r to io Ho; III N.-iiHe of illt. in
pi iv ,il.' iii ptililii life, nu of the
111" tllllt knew no rOlliplomiHr or
itinHle n.oKinl to linn thut tin'. ml the
I'lvhirir the whole duiv anil nih.
tiiK I' -m. mid .ill tf'-rt to niiltit r lino
In liipill ' fioni 11 or to rolnpl oiulee.
Hi lf nt'-nlillrl, iiKi-lm. llntet'il. when i
'ii'lil'lli'l ill- Unci Inol axrerliltnrd ,
li'i the M'h of tl nt luv mid hud
tnkiii til- leli'Mr;'!' Ntmi.l on urn j
i in he i mild hne xunl with a
.i - .i h:i r of old 'I li fork III ' !
fli III its Into li;lw- fix xoon us I
' no tino. prrh.ip in IiIk wtioir
llle. .1 , he vhllilt thlx tl.l.t of i ti ll
mill more xnikiiiKi.v and toiirfiillv
tli. in ,1.11 Ilia Die lilxt poll'liul i:iiii
p.l II W'hl'tl he Wilx r:ied Upon liv
h'x polilir.il IlirmlH to head thr lri.
in i it ii lliket he knew that he wax
lio: h'ii .iil e-u;il to thr luwk. na.
lie knrw- more ihuii tli.-it. he kurw
ilri the mi, Ii i t il. ni; would rot hnu
his lil-. loll ho knew. also, thut hi
p.lltv needed ;l, wiililed hnu ik a
le.ldi l . he hellevi d thill ll wiix his
lnt to mier hix party x cull. mid.
true to himxelf mid lo Inn family tia.
Hit mux, like faexar stiiudiiiu on the
liaiiks or ItuiMi'on said. ''The die y
rasi ' n nd he Jumped into the fray
"While, niv frh-ndx. at the very ro
ep'ioll thai lux lown people Have hllll
i n li s iitiirn from the invent on
that h i, I iioiu in iii-d him in thix ritv.
I i i.utd m'l- w. all i oiild nee that.
-it lino. Iieath was Mttiiix on lu.
i w.i- oil mi early lta last lleto
Per thai, at thr r..iirxt of the iSepuh.
Ii ill ielill.ll i'iill.li.ll'i-i I hail fine
t i I-: -paiiiioi in ndiin-sx I hr Iii puhti-
tali i ill II I V -'Uvel.tioll of Itio Amliil
1 1 1 1 1 thai met llnri- on that dav , it
w.i-4 i I'nini: and the weather waa
ihi!: mid d iHiiUret-.ihie ; at ahmit noon
1 Unit d r . Hovirnor de Itm ii and hix
patM iloe :it nn allto'iiohile tti the
Init. l wheie I w.is xtopp'iit:; the K"V
rrimr Mih w rapprd up in a hra y
i.iriinat. hi" xtrp wiix xlow and ineiiH
uied. Ins mo' wax pale and plainly
showed fciKhx ot f:itllle. it wax path
el a to look at hnu. 1 Kraaped hi
hind mid miiil to In in 'k'ompmlre. I
,-liie lhat Vou ale veil. ,rry iin
f i u 1 nt .' hix answer was. It is pruli
a! .!). tun it hin- lo he done' Thene
tew iinl fullv explain the kind of a
"S'u-h. I. idie mid ai-iitPno'ti wax
the m ill whom tin- will of a fr I -
!' mim iI ! tl.e hmh -latum ot , hief
ii !t-.e of out Mali', he ha: in h-m
tin ill mi ulx o gleam'"", loo was he
vempl t tile trials and tllhllla-
tli. lis th.lt ustl.lilv elliailt! thr !lr
of Klral liirn III- had inalU rnriiiles .
tin-i, howt vt vie w.th lux ttirnds
III M nflrl IIIK ll-iwls oil Ills i't.li' III
1 1 1 meiit for the maiiN thoitis 0v
lo pill t t alonii Hie I'll til "1 hlx
.1 lioloi". xj hi his pilgrim. '.:- on
e.irin. lake unto in,m ureal men. he
or hia lirllliunt triumph, a martyr to
hlx people in the dlxrharue of pulillo
diit ; and to jtil pathos to traicedy
In the hnal xtaainK of thix iliiuim
planned mid ronxuinniated hy tho
hand of I't ovldenre. as the xilent and
respertful oitrne in rompniivinn the
hmlv of the dead Knvntinr raine In
xitht of the executive mansion, the
governor" ymina rhild ieiiuei,
whose lepeateil iu,ii rax toi her papa
had lieen mixweied with the H.sxur
a lire that he had j.uiie on a h'liK Jour.
ne. upon xteiiiK the i-mn-ite draw
lirar. rlapplim hr little hands, ill her
-weet .mil happv lumu-rni , xald:
I tiimiiv. kooiiv, piiiia ix rominii koine'
Jtlod lill-xx the illlioreiil child.
i"ln tin death (if Umrrnor le Ihica.
hlx family unj tho atalit hate u
ta.oed u i;a-.it t,hs, u oh imidr dollld
xad herause ot the rirriimstiim ex 1111
drr wh:h It i-iiuii'. that meri IfuJ
I'roi ideiicr, houeter. that eternally
wali h''s ni it the drxtlnps of men.
and wh rli otdainx all thitiHs lor the
hext. had preMcninly arcurrd the state
and itx many inteiexts iiK.i.ii-i that
law. ny piovnlirik ax the Kin-rexxor of
me iiitid aoiernor. a man whose wis
(lorn mid patriotism we ran all atMv
and oiiliilriitly rel And while thai
nine iiioNiilrnie iil hoi fi-r one In
stant lose x.Kht of the dieoonxolate
and li'liavid widow, or ot the help-P-sx
ititiint children lift orhmd !
mourn the loxi of a kind huxliaml anil
loviiilt latin r, it ix itriilil iiiK to know
that the worthy fepresentatlveH of the
tate. iii w in xxsoii in thix illy, have
taken the nen-xxary meiixurex to pro
lei'l tluit i.iterrxt nix fmiiilt aa-nnxt
waul, that I- well and most appro
pi lately done. The slate of Xrw .Mex
ico in too kreat, too proud to xee the
widow and the inlant children of any
one (if itx governors sufler want and
"in coin liixion. niv friends, ax the
elate of New Mexico ix ax Krent and
ax proud ax any other xlale. let It also
he eiiinlly grateful to Itx (treat people;
Spmla lalsed a monument at Thermo,
pylux to l.ennnlax and hix hrnve few,
who In Id in l n Xerxes uml hix le
Kiniis, mid on lh. ii iiioiiiiioi'iit i Krutr-
fill people Wlote this itl'tiT I lt loll : '(111
Ua'.iii-t and tell Sparta that we all
dlrd here in ohi-d lem r lo hrr xarrrd
1-iws,' xo upon the hiiuildv xlah that
mat kx thr rrxt-naT place of the late
m inor de Ita, a. P t an eiinUly
grateful people wide thlx pitaph : 'llo
traveler und U'M thn world that I died
here, upon the 'iltul of duty to niv
( i un!r "
Xame llrxn", lr(alHr.
Nn, W Ilium we have never killed a
man. Hut laird that doesn't mean
that we never felt Ilk It, with delin
quent uhacrlhera enriching thenmelf
while we atniger under the price of
print piiicr. Wxiton Mound 1'nnta
Hrnph. The lntllloiit (?) sienoirraphrr.
Hhe wax a vlxlon of lovllnexx. he-In-;
hoth fair uf far and taxllly aown
ed. A wore of year would eaxily
have meuxured the aeaaona ah had
xeen. Nothlnit In her appearance or
IxIikuuko ImllcateJ that Noah Web
xlvr'a xtron xuit might be her weak
new, xo ahe wai employed iy the head
editor nioxtly on lookx, h It an Id.
Iielow la a true transcript of the fair
typlst'x verxlon of what the editor xul.l
ahout the withdrawal of the American
troop from the Mexican border:
"ltol.se Hcent lloanie" The pom a nt
Washington have deexlded toe recall
hour ttalt trnpex from the Mexican
hoarder and reeplaue thorn with our
xtnndard armory, (ieneral I'eralan. In
I'oniinand of the I'lniytlff exhlhlshun
hax Hen ordered to I'at roll the hoard
r. He will extnhlixh hednuolterx at
1-. l asso. The dlvlxionx will bo xcent
lioani ax xri(n ax trlln'rlplx can hee
aeipiered. ll la leepoalted that den
eral Hnllv :ar. the .Mexhan leedor
under I'am ho Vllly. Ix oiiepyhiK the
poxtx esli, lilishe.l hy the puuyilf eh
hthihun ax fast ax thc air vacated
hy hour Holxe in Itlrw. Menior 'r
Kant id hax Rar-ranfede proterhun
two nil far runnerx a'ter the Mareu an
t rupee with drawer" Itowwell Xew
We ("xxoiul the Motion.
Iteprenentiitlve I'leper of Wiwonsin
i hax Introilin ed a rexoliition In Ihr
leuisluture of In state roiiHrululalliiK
the women on having aided ecoiminy
by making skirts shorter. Most men
are xtrnnjt for economy In fin t we
me i willing the la dies t-hould he, rum
almost mixerly. Maxwell Mail.
Here Our Old lytrnd. Mill.
i.iur dear reader. 'oal ll Hill. Is
with tlx Mgaln. For the xake of pro
vnling J, .lis ax ilrputv 'Inspei torx' for
a it ti in In r of p dltli lanx, oil and Ruxo
llue IHIU1IIIK Into the Ntate In to he lux
iii half a ' lit a gallon inspection lee
which, of lourxe, iiitixt he paid by th.'
consumer Thlx Ix only one of the
meaxures fostered by the llepubllriin
leader for the purpnae of xtrenuthen
nig thnr party. Hndi mraaurex. how
rvri. cannot xtrenRthen any putty, and
If the hill gets hv the legislature, we
ure very xure lioiernor Llndaey will
not he rexponxihle lor plin liig an un
necexary burden mi the people of hix
Mate for the put pose of feathering hlx
own or any other political nest. I.x
Vi gax Journal.
MxNKrx In Particular.
Truth la a Jewel, hut If we till too
lum h of It we are liable to Met out
block knocked off The Union lie
Br -tanrii1tl Prl
WuMhinKioii, Mr h 7. To mcnur
.iff mhimII lew nn and vtll.ijii-H to nur.n
tutn niitH'tiiil i;uur,t iimtM t.ii war ie
l.tiMnii'i.t, in a rirrulHr tnijnv him an
ilhuturil thv f'iltiHhiiH'iit uf dt'tafh-
'd pluttxint. T" M hHTv nf tht'sr
liltltiniiN. ritir.ini; lioni iic.irliy (uwiih
HttttlMllfMlf VOil, fi Ml JI ft'1M)tUH
, in ti rMlnn'Mi m uuiuy.-! in ;hat purl
: of t hi miji
The imnitiHiin .'ri'iitih for ti iiohil
Ha.'MiiH in fix. l ;it :m iim'ii Mtii- otitct't'.
iflrt t-r n.m i'MiI h in n.,tii . one nn -
'K4WIMI, fotlr I m io . -. t)IU p.Ui.tft.
, in --t rl;.f iiiid m 111 ffii prlv .i t'. Thi
plan -Afiulil 'pp Iv ii four Hiuail lor
j tn.itt-tii whii h t nid Ik dt ilp'd nt com
i.in ma mi tiMTM mi a- 1 lake itn t ' .
J 1 1 1 1 lh' nllii-r platoon, m ili roni
I pain on ni -li tz.it inji .
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axr vv
i ai.
-x .V'v
Dear You must use
Pompeian HAIR Massage."
- TWt.voui hxir ixaiinjujiit. thin lix'xirji
in) hfert Vint i iml riilltr l
cuirered with jlv llulnlfjll
"You piuxt uxe P'otiiieixii HAIII Mxx
41'e Youl tixli will ik. n lliill up anil
look hexiihv xii'f ttixi'iivx Vuu Iiihiv.
ha' it did o mr ' miiI ho viir
Utllilrull Itilmif Srnlp ralluii llxn
re all i-omliiionii thai wuh a lulle- in m,
Ix rorteiieit
Pompeian II Mil Maair will ln I inn
drull. will rextoie lo I he ieal it oaiutai
healthy couiution aud me ixii uim
and life
Pnmneian HMH Mnaaaae ii a -m-ii,
tmlier liquid. Inula oiaaiiii tl u ulrauaul
a ma hannn a liurant liRht idor which
aiain liapiear nl ail Nra itiikv
Kaeti noilie. egeepi 'iSv taa. ha a xliaket
inp to lliai iu -xn I-riiiLi (lie lupild
avei the imit cr unit nn Uie 'aii tlanc
it ''tineenienr and acononurai
Kverv lav x dea inaiiei the condinna
at 'he -iaii xnil tculp or T.et a ilS,
X' . 1 1 ootiie ioiiiv Iroin ioui Irugitixl
MKM lxve ruur nartei eert now and
diet- ppit i-aretui M-im-jrue MA. II
Maai;e Soon voiu na,! vili Uie
mai ion. h i a priMiieriiua aiouefuiakia(
aponaraia-e Siait torta
Alao the niiamt makera of fainooa
Pumaua MA.ViAUk 'jttm Kit Nf.
Tlx I nlniMirtaiu naim.
A paper ncur lirdxliui . In un ac
count of a niarrlicue foricot to men
lion the name of the lirldeiirooiii. Me
wax drexxcil In the conventional hln -k
and evlitrntly wax iniNtaken for the
uii'ii-ri.ikri Wrxiern l.lheral
lkMiiuct 1 1 a I ho Hell.
The hen Ix doiim her pari now to
ward cutluiK down the hi:h cot of
livinc. Hod hleXH her feathered heitm.
Colfax 'otinty Mm k man
i:cry Community Hax Ian.
Kverv coiiuiiunlt- hax itx Alia Mar
tin: It Kvcrett True; (nt Killer. It
Jikiix anil .Miiauie. The iharacteix
uini' home, to u dully In the fri t II"
-ki ti lu x of our noted (ut tootuxta
.Notlunu in modern newxpaperdom I"
of a. dletinrt technigiiii ax our com.
lea. Hamlw iched in hetwren the nrwx
Item of the day. the carloonx come
to ux aa a relief from the xordid mink
of ncandal. and the tritcnexx of war
new. Ahe Martin. Kverctt True,
JiKRx and M.i!Kle. are all distinctly
America n character They live 111
our midxt. nnd In the cartoonx we find
a -atiHtyliiK depiction of Ihinitx that
we have often wanted to xuy hut have
nol had the power of xo dnlliK. The
American cat toonixt xhould he Inter
poxeil iii thr pnux ot art alotiit with
the Kt-iatext of the exponent, of hruxh
and c.'invux. Ciiri-eitt ei-iiix and the
Mttle m entrh lllrx of life 'mile to tl"
mole ronclxelv and foicefnlly thioiiith
our ciirtoouh than nuv othrt mrdium.
- f'lm Ix Journal.
Starts your liver without making
you tick and can not
livery druala( In town your druf
Itlxt and eieryhi ,yi drumiixt hax
ik, Meed a great lall.iik'-'in in the xalr
Of calomel. They all live the aame
reaann. Uodxon'a t.iver Ton la t,ik
In Its place.
"Calomel I danr-nroua anil people
know il, while iodna l.iver Tone
la perfeelly aafa and (jivea heitar re.
u Ita." Mid a prominent lor.il il run
Mint. Dudaon'a Laver Ton la perann
ally guaranteed by every drugylat who
aella It. ,A large butt la coxla 60 cent,
and If It falls to give eaxy relief In
very caaa of liver lugglxlineaa and
onatipatlnn, you hava only to ak for
your mor.ey baick.
Itodxnn'a I.lver Tona la a pleaaant
laxtlnif. purely vegetahie reniedy.
harmloaa to hoth children and adult.
Take a apnonfiil at night und waka up
feeling tine; no hlHounnem, aa-k head
ache, acid atomach or ronatipated
bowela. It doexh't gripe or cua In
convenience all the next day like vio
lent calomel. Take a do of calomel
today and tumorr- - you will feel
weak, alck nnd nauAted. lion t loae
a day'a work! Take rodon'a l.iver
jo tin j auu j; pua iHaiu aunx
vigor and amhlttnn.
Ilnry haul hagitugn ami a 'I ntlirr
He mmi-i at your 'alllna a hata nn
tlilr wlnir.
Ilia motto i pnuiiirtiieM: lilx mtvIo
I flue:
Wlirm-ver ton want htm luxl plunir
M K-TII It r)KM M-:.
Huali tlitt kliliH at f Ii-om mn
IIm.L ... ll .... . I
' J I M 1 1 1 H -
Meat I'nimei I'rto Add,
Nn mail or woman who eat meat '
reyularly can make a mlilako by I
fluxhlng the kidney ncrnxionally. any a I
a well known authority. Meat forma ,
uric aold which clou thn kidney pore
ma they eluggirhly filter or trnln only
part of the waxte and polxonx from .
tha blood, then you get CK, .Nearly
all rht uinutiam, headncliea, liver 1
trouble. nervouanexx, ronxtipntion,
dlsalnexH, xleeplexxnexx. bladder di- i
order conn, from nhiKgixh kidney. j
The moment you feel a dull ache In
the kidney or your back hurt, or il
the urine i cloudy, offenxlve, fun of
xediment, Inegular of paaxnae or at
txnded hy a xenxntion of xcaldiug, get
about four ounce of Jad Halt Iroin
any relinhle phnrmucy and tnke a ta- 1
I .'eapoouf ill in a glass of water before
hreukfaxt for a few day and your
kldnev will then u.t fine. Thle fa- j
liiotix rait Ix made trom the arid of
crape mid lemon Juice, combined
with I It h In and ha hern uxed for gen-
eral Ion to tluxh closed klilnesx ami ;
stimulate them to activity, alxo to ,
fieuliiilixe the nclda In urine o no,
longer cuiixex Irriintlon. Unix ending !
htailder dlxorderx.
Jad Saltx i inexpenxive and ran '
not Inlure; make a delighlful effer
vrxcent litlua-water drink whhh all I
regular meat rater xhould lake now
and then to keep the kidneyg clean
ai.d the blood pure, thereby avoiding
xerinu kidury l oluplii utlonx
By Atimixivil Prxxa.
New Yoik, March 7. The Xor-wegiiiii-Ainrrlran
line xteariihlp lb r-cell-fjord
which lefi Ilergen, Norway.
Keliruary H In hulliixt, arrived nt Hal
ifng Miinday morning according to
advice received here totlnv by nvent
of the line. The lerK'nxfJord ix the
llrxi wexthoiind xteanier to call nt the
Canadian port hr ( nanunatlnii.
The Hwi'dixh. American liner Htnck
hoin. vvhlrh left here February 14
with cargo nnd pn-.eiiiier for tioth
eiiburg. Ix Mill nt Hallfnv
The Celebrated
Parade on
Central Ave.
at 2 p. m.
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ported thinge in the dwelt before the time of railroad.
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Regular $3.00 Trousers $2.35
Regular $4.00 Trousers .$3.15
Regular $5.00 Trousers $3.95
Small assortment of Flannel Shirts to go in
this sale at
t : f- (c rLniLrLitjLitrujLr
200 dozen, latest styles, all sizes, on sale
for 12c
One lot of odd Hats,
but all sizes, values
to $3.00, on sale for
$3.50 and $4.50 new
Spring Hats on sale
for $2.45
218 West
Greater Values for Less
218 West

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