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The Evening Herald, Albuquerque, N. M., Monday, March 12, 1917.
The Empreu of Fashion, in the WILLIAM FOX Film Drama
A Iox Cornwir cf 8 Bwl. trHh HA?5 MANN (a lb tad(n Kola.
TIME Of SHOWft-1. 8:30. 4, 8:30. 7. :. 10 P. M.
Grystal Opora House
ft: 1
1 -t 77 A
Sr-'v2 .
Vi V' -f
"Yen have heard their weird
clinging melodies on the music
machines. Now hear them in
real life."
m Adults 25c
V dean hata, mm' and women '
.KiUiin. tvk, curtain. arnmc
etc., 10 Ciold. l'hone 41.
Promptaeu Our Motto
wui rrouct jour secorai ana
Valuable Atfiimt rire,
Water, Tbeft
Comes Without
You Liva record an valuable
winch Toll car t lcsiire.. Ale thee
em I'fjLt w.'iht url (ate. until
hollcw mr fpaie ai d diy muta
tion iLit-il vt tba old tyia
uio.nl coucic'e luiuUtlon
We'gM ai.out ov nail to out
Uilid of the old Inn ie.
CVta about j.,i Li !f a mucU.
lit eou.jpfd with ad'tistabl In
1i lot lo k dratserr. chr.-a 1 Ilea.
fltvr.iiifi' fi'n !-"! f lr -. itc.
HM' FAl'UrMtlNilT ! u H ty
the II. K j'jiii : 'r"i't nt Wh-Ii
5-it:- ;. n : ; i "' V S IV-t
t -I i .i tn i : I'.v Hie U. iv -Hr
i( i.i ii t ; by n ' y "I Al
I i'jiif itti j . I. "r i t Ijii rcsii
1, ii , p 1 a t"'n i.et r- I- iv...te
1 j.. 1 i - 1,'Jt.r in
t.at : i i ..- i
u ' i 1 1. vest 1 isate
i.I'lM'T. an t It
. lu lu a.a In
p; otf.
anei t litre.
Slrorg'j Cook Siorc
"Youi Montr BmH If You
Vtaitt If
l: - I,;
Till. I: v .
V Oil I, .. ,
rata iui i..
V.'e ne M.I-!
a sss, ;.tj
Children 15c
Advertised Letters
i it i on tiik i i:k imin,
MVIUII 10, 1917.
Mra. O. A. UuIk vi k. llr A. W
Clark, Mrs. T. J Cutuphill .Minx
Avrumlru Liuvien, Minh N'orma fcntrl
hurt, l'ir, Kranl. jhirui Juxvlu i;ni
crlii. MImm Klorlnilu itirulf, Mr. M n.
nlc Iludujv. M im 111 II .1.--. J.it iiir.llii,
i:n Jnlmxon, Liik irdH.i 1.whm.
Ml Kmma Aur'Miu oriu, Cimr I'l'i'i i.
l.'ut.ileluriii KoxuU-B. Mrn. Mitlltu Kunt.
Mre. 8. J HmnhHUk. 'rM. f. I". iuuh,
Ti-rmna Trujillu. Mi. . A. WM'liuim.
Mri. Z K. iJodfrty.
Midi's I.Nt.
rrl'iimi Alui. ii. T. Ariiiilii. ,liu
Aiiiiiuiidaoli. S. . . ii I ,-r . it . Jtiiu
lioinii.i i: ii. iiumi in !i. I-. r iii. in.
I n r . I'urton lirmiks, I ' 1. 1 : 1 1 p :iit in
I -I, lirtuiti 'iit.-i mi. H .1. l.nt'ii.
JilllitH 1 ( it I ll I'illHl!',, In. II-in
l-"ih hi r. Vnasn iii.in'. ,Ti-(. liulliiin.
M A lii iHi-MMi. M. kui I ii. Iliiiniii.
J , Wulti r lliii r. V. M. lli rimini ,
l.le H r r . H ll.ir i in ilr. i II
Hull'. II. i'. Hum o k. II ('. J. .iii ..
JlihcIiIi H. .d in kf JkIiii Ki lly. )!"
uril I. K'luinuii. J. MrAliuiic. .lu.ui
.ilafl.iH. J. Ii. Ml. Ull J. Mirn i'
M. Milll l. Alnln.i. Mini. -. K.ilini !
Mul tuii-K I .' I i;ua.l.iUi.. . i , ..n il. i
lliluril Ni-iiIi-i, Itirurilii i iri.M '..
Al lllnl Hi ( II Ii Kit V l I ",-li in t ll . M'
I'iiilillu. M. J'.l.ir. J.-Iiii Hi.i ..i!. VVi.i
..- l;u!i,'rtH, l-lluar.j S.nnti.ul Win.
hrlllli'l.U-l . AiiiIiim Knli'.u... K Sin III.
Ilnrnlil fl llmiilill. .1. V. Hrln. . i t. I 1
V. I". Ti-diil. i. .u Tniiiiin !K V...
! l-l Ii. Tl I I J.lllll'H WluiJll. .I ll- l!l
i.llll. J. Ill I ll I III l .1' I H h.HlHIi'l ri-
nik. ii. i:. wiriiiiK .r f iiiti iii Li r
y.ai i-r.
Albuquerquean Risks
Life on Barred Seas
AiiluH l aiheilil hn Jol iiitne.l
W..il Unit V in. eiuo 1 . 1 1 1 1 : t c 1 1 who I. ml
I'll it In A I li.i'i ui-l ie f"l n J" .ii uli'l
em ii.oiiHii.. unied on tin- hwi..i
In... I Call in' which left Hie New
..rk Imriior on Min h i. I ml l"i
l.enoli llalv. I.linnrdi apldnil for Ins
ion.., all. ma HilliUKh Ml Hai lie. In in-.
I.n.- lo I. II here 'ill-1 provided In
l.. si Hie tlurik-i-r aone .t the I u.-i.t
will ui. from i lei. oil lo lain... Ins
Inline I..WH. I'll liillei. Ilillinl The
l.nai -niricil only .-v , nieen .aen-
I S.
Yeiterdaj Wat a Big Day Among
th Christian PeopU of Albu
querque; Stirring Sermon De
livered by Ridley Last Night.
More than twenty-lwn hundred
eole attended the varlnua aeneiuna
of the t nli.n revival Kunila.v. and all
I he mlnimrre hn are barking the
erMcee reported IniTeaned attend
ance at their morning nervlcm. In
epite of the Inclement wenthrr that
prevailed during the day. The Hun. lay
. hnol eeaalon In Ihe niornina. In the
Ilroadway 1'hrlntlan churrh. at
tended by five hundred people frmii
th four echonla on that vide. Itrv.
Ridley delivered a nhort appeal, and
almont one h'lndred pei.pl,. renpnndpd
and ulanttlid their Intentum of JolnhiK
the church. Kor the day there were
twenty, making a total or I mo hundred
and thirty new recrmta received by
the eooperating churt hta since the re.
vlval commenced two weeka nun.
At 1 o'clock Knv. Morton addremied
an audience of ladiea In the Presby
terian church on the topic. "Chrmt
the Wltdom and the Power of Hud."
which waa highly complimented. At
th came hour. He v. Kldley apnke to
an audience of men and boys, hi
topic being. Trying to Oct Kid of
Jcaua." baiied on the trial of ChrUt
before Pilate. He mid, In part:
"PHate'a trouble waa not a lack of
knowledge; he lacked courage. '1
Hnd no fault in thin man.' and thm
verdict la the testimony t.f the cen
turlea. Ingeriioll epoke of him as
'the most remarkable man in liuinun
hilory,' and the Roman aoldiera aaid.
'Truly thm waa the Hon of tlod.' Pn
Pllate'i verdict la humanity' verdict
Tet he loat hla aoul for lack of cour
age. It la not alniply what we think
of Jeaua. Pilnte'e tlioughta were all
right, but he did not huve the back
bone to follow them. So he cent
Jeeue away, but Jeaua returned. He
alwuye doe. If we do not decide hla
cone today, we will tomorrow, next
week, cr at the Judgment. Pilate
railed for a bamn of water to wanh hie
hand. an a aMiwol of hin In
nocence, lint im mi the aim. run
nut be ah'il away by moup and
IjiMt night the eong McrvU-p benm
al 7 o'clock and aeveral upvcial num
bern were rendered. Then IScv. Rid
ley preached, hit topic being lued
i.n Jnlin 8:111, anil the theme wiih the
love of lid. which, mild the upeaker.
"I the oriKln tif n-ilcinptii.ii." Fec
und, the extent of iSod'a luve, which
i Ihe world No pcrion l m low.
and ii. .lie mi htuh. but uhat nre equal
ly in need, mid the auhjecti, of iSuiI'h
liAe. And unnii tiiinn Mod liat need
and maki'H better uo of the mini i.f
low iliyree than he ducM of the other
man. ThU point mi llluntrati-d
referring to Klllntt and .Mi'io), two
iiioiiiiliiiil i hitrai:li:r.t with wlioin the
speaker wav iiC'iiiainli d. Llllmtt etill
live in hla board hi.iii.i-, w.th a little
inure land, and a lntle more mune.
poHmbly, and hai, li er urr'iidcrri
hlniHi'lf to !, J in Mct.uy wan on
erted twelve ear ago. and mni e
that time he hat been a faiihlul mil.
Inter of eha gi..i-l a'ni.iiK hla pei pie,
winning hundred of them lo I'hriel
Jim .Mcl'oy, the old gambler, drunk
nrd. and nearly everything tine. ' I
thank iod fnr the deiuocrac) of lnc
love,'- a!d Mr. Ridley.
Third, tho purpose i.f Hod's love.
j"that we miKht not periKh but liuve
.eternal life." There are pome kiiulx
I of plants thnt It reUlret u year f.r
them to mature; there are othern lh.it
'mature, twice year. Rut man re
prrea an etirnlty to fully develop
"It doth not yet appear what we rthall
lie, but we know that when be shall
appear, we (.hall be .ki- lilm. tor ve
shall nee him a he In."
I l oiirtll, Hie extent i f hit Inve Ik
, lllt.'lurll by tho v "I'd. ' hoi.. .ever
will." Hue the eangelit related a
xtoiy of the "IckiHHs of his little ale -ter.
and how Ilia laHH-r. drunk at the
tune, killed the old favorite hore b
ruling h i in no hard In Kmim for t In
ductor, and naid: "If an old dr'aukcii
father love li.t little Kir) well enough
to kill a home. f.r her, what must I
.the love of Alinmhtv ilnl f"r u '
I' I i in I understand why H.'ine f"lk
Inir me, at they nay tin y do. I ran t
oinlciMaiid vli Rome folk love you
1 ul the vvonder I- that Hod hIiouM
I. hi- u both "
It a 1 1 u tc evi lint thai Ihe hur l
H"ik of Hie !a-t two wnkt is begin
mug in a fleet Rev. Ride'n 'ii-iiuHi
mill vi. i. e. Al timet In- seemed mm Ii
v n il Hut wuhal, the M i im. n la
night, at limes, vv.h piwo..ely elo-
HUl'lll. II till collHideri'd olie ot the lii.tt
ellwit e of all the auoretes thai be
lias delivered.
It mi. eNtlhialeil b some ta.it un-
l .. n, llelv tl 1 1 li hundred pel .!e
were Hi the audience last r.,tbt who Ii
In a new thing itmonir the i buirli-f-iim
;ois f AU.ij.nn r.i'ie.
Ki rv .ces again toiiilHit n Hie in
inor- Tmnorruw ufti rnoon it is i.l.ni
ni d to continue the nrviiis ana in a'
:i i.'i-loi k. There will be s-eial iiiu-ic
at all si rv Ii en. lid by Mr .lolly.
Woman Is Fined for
Dumping Hot Ashes
Which Causes Fire
.Mis. Matin- loins wis fined !"
hi .l isln . .lol.n VV. VV il-oii in pub
I. .nil Ills iim. Mil, ik .u iliiln.ll.K hot
ill-rut., lib h i aimed III.- fll- at the
,-i,l., I'. In.li I. .ll'-'-j Foillll Fee I
stieei li-t righ' Mm I s
balgiil with violation if tin- .nil!-iiiiin-e
whi'h proliiiuis lb.- ..irilint
UiiiMimiK of hot ash.--.
The roof of Hie nln -.. V sir" I'll"
e in- lil.hi.- whin Ihe lirelm-ii .illt'.e.l
Tin I pot '"ii I be I . I 1 .-!.-! . II I. I I
I .1 I.: I .1 II. I- ll .1 i In I S
Citizen's Bank Bldg.
Transfer Co.
If ron (all to cat your aranioi
Pr. call
OnRKi'AFT Tonlchl. generally
fair aoulh portion; lorn I enow
north portion; eolder eat pof
tlon: Tuee.lay. generally fair,
colder eouthe.-tel portion.
Allni'inr.iie weather for SI
hiniii". ending R a, ni
Maximum .,.
M Inlmuni I'd.
Range 37.
At N n. m. 3..
Sniithweat wind:
partly cloudy.
Ileeaie had hint received a
bright new dune and waa aturting
out to Invent In an Ice cream
"Why don't you give your
money to the minalonariea?" nek-
ed the minister, who waa calling
at the house
"I thought about that," aald
Rermie. "hut I think t will buy
the lie cream aoda and lot the .
drtiggiat give the money to the
Auto Spring, an makea. Korber Co
Mr. nnd Mm. M Mundvll returned
yeeterday from a trip eanl.
John Hecker of Helen will arrive in
Albii'iiier.iue (hla evening.
'J. V'. .Mm Initial J. representing tne
niiiga.ine depiirlinenl of the Lot An
geles Kxiinilner, in in Albuiiuerqiic.
J. 11 Ftewurt, Funta Ke braKcmiin
between Al'iiiUvriue and VV inslow
a ho has been confined to the ho-i'i-tnl
ut Lou Anm-lcs, bat return. -d I"
w ot k.
.Nellie Tutsey nnd Lir.alt I'. Zing,
who were urrvsted In the aouth high
lands estcnlay inoriiuiK (or disordi r
ly conduct were euch fined 430 in
In.lice court Him mormng-
Mr. and Mm. J. ('. Johnson of laas
Vegna nrrivid last night t.i visit their
daughter. Mrs. Thomas llliikeinore
They wi. make a trip In Califoenlu
before reiurmng home,
.Mr. and M. Harry Weinman
Hto.ie. off 111 Alliii'iuer.iue Futurday
niKbt. Tluv are returning to 'lu-ir
hoiiu' in Atiantic I'n.v, . J. iittir a
trip to the I'acille coast.
I'r.'.ate l-;d ir.l .1 Mo huh, ot lln
recruiniig stal I'll returned last w-i-k
frmn VII I'iiso when, hi- accomi.ann-il
I'M win 1 mni nick, a deserter. The lat
ter hid given himself u here.
VV. 1'. M.irklcy. a pas iiK' r nrake
in.iii f.T the Fniita Ke railroad has
been trans. erred In the V'ins!ow
N'etdles dviemn. Il' left for Wiiir
low in h.s uutniiiubilu several days
Joso iitoiiio Moiiloya. 2 years olil,
who v.as iut in Hie city Jail two
link" ago l.i-c.llis ' ho had In. place
Imi to ni.' ,8 still without a bone.
The i 'iv ie lletterment league Is tr. ing
to locate some of his relatives.
A. M. line.- and son William, passed
through Albiiiinr.Ue last night oil
their wav I,, f'arlsliuil. N". M. ln.ni
Fanta I'e Mr. Hove r 'presented the
Roswell News dur-ng the Mate legis.
Kd Slncl.nre. .Iilmn master at the
Funta Ke depot, left axl night tu be
prseiit at a trial be.ng held n I'res
ii.tv Ail., iiiiriiig Mr. Fiiii'lairc't ;in.
seme .Inn Mall. n will ucl as substi
tute for Si .'tl ion Master lUaper, who
has been shifted t.. the day force,
I'iiiPt Sheriff Heoruc Ariinlo win.
iii-.vi-l last it ik li I li'oni Fanta I'e, lelt
this i.ioi iniig w.th Manuel Hrow n win.
is waii'ed ,n Fant. i I'e county i.n the
charge of passing a worthies, i il'.ci k
Hi o n h id lust mushed u litem'.' ill
tin iniln'y jail b.ii was In-ld on the
l.itn-r charge al the reiUest of Slier
df Ariniii.
Wealthy Sheep Man
Is Killed When Car
Turns Over on Road
Angus M.iiillur.i . a wealthy sheep
raiser of the I'.stiili' ti, vallev. was kll"
e.l almost instantly when Ills auloiiio
lule iv hnh be Wis 0! n llig. turned over
Snimd.iv afi. rnoon on Ihe road from
list am III to Ills home three miles ilis
l.uil II.. was iiiaUli . the tup iiloi
'I'lie a iderit was iliscovereil liv Mi-.-Vl-.lla
I '. .'l i-r. di-lmlv Ireasuri'l' nl' Tor
tati'.. ...iinlv vvho was illiving to her
rni'li .ilium 7 ..'ii... I,, luactically two
lu. Ui after the aiiloiinil'llu had tillii'.l
ov i-r on its .i !v er
Miss I'ui ter Inn rn-.J t.. a ram b lio"M
-in. I Mtlnuiotic.l In l When tin' bu-ll.
win. r. -Hon. I. I lifl., Ihe car. Hu
loiind VI. I iln ra .bad The. innld
s , it" reason for th aci Id.-nt
Resides Mr M' i iiinv I'a.v 's .liildi'n.
h. i I. v.- with his w fi'ii piirenih, Mr
an. I Vlts (' K I'i'iislev. at .-'aula I'1
two I roHiers survive They aic John,
ol I. in v, Tt.rran..- i i.linlv. and Allan
of .Magdalen. I Mi- VI. 1 1 1 1 1 IV I a V died
ln.i veins iign.
Bar shop
thly know how
Albuquerque'! Suocfiiful Gar
ment Cleaneri
Phone 480 215 8. Second
1 V.10U1IUI iV-V3
Wimberly Charged With Stealing
Pouch from Santa Fe Station
and Dividing Loot ; 14 Captured
in Tenneiioe.
J. K. Wimberly, of Menu. his. Tenn.,
waa arrested by officera lu hla home.
town hint week aw pluving the leading
role In the mall pouch robbery, w lib h
occurred at the Santa Ke station on
.the night of February li". nfllcera
found fif.ltliu In hla possession.
I A. 'fording to officials every thief
'connected with the stealing haa now
been caught. It la said Hint Wimberly
la Ihe one who took lh mall from
the trauider room, having been given
the key to the place by I'llarles liar
rell the mail clerk who Is lodged in
Ithe county jail,
officials assert that Winiberly and
(larrett divided the tool, which totale I
approxlmiiely ln.onii. The former
left on February 21, for Kl r.mo ami
I lie me to Metpphl. tlarrett. they say.
gave his share of Ihe profits to Tom
Riley. Thin does not prove, however,
that Riley had anything to dn with
Ithe robbery. The mere finding of the
money ir. hla room would not make
II. . ... IS . . I. a a
I null ii'i.'ie in . im.-ru. loll. I "Ul linn
hn knew the property tn be stolen
W..UIU ni- nei-essarv. insprcxora n.in
suaiiicinned froia the start that "nine
mall clerk waa Implicated ua only
clerks had access to the room.
Two eitlll In Jail.
Oarrett and Riley, who with Mr.
Ruby Rnpp, were arrested Inst Fun
il'iv, waived piellininnry exaiiuniitiiiii
: before 1'nited Ftates t'omiiilasiouer
Heorge R. t'rni lust week and went
back to Jail in default of l'..ii(noi bon.l
.Mr. Rapp waa held under her own
re.'ogi!i4,tnce ot f.'.'.o to at.pear as a
I witness before th federal grand Jury.
w Inch opens April '2.
In review it may lie said, that J. Iv
Ross, mall vlerk. had received Ihe
pouch from the local pctnf flee on th:
night of I'cl.i unrv .'" .and lo. ked it in
the mall transfer room w hen hi- went
to a box iii the platform to collet
more letters I poii returning to the
transfer room he f.niml the tl.n.r un
locked mid the pouch gone.
I nil. .1 istnti's insti l. I Attorney sum
mers Itin lib. ut h.nd H.is morning that
VV iinhertv would pi-ob.it.U I.- brought
here for n bearing. .Miotild this be
ilecidi i ilcfttiitciv . hmveiiT. It nut tl.'l
I known how long he Would be held at
University News
A. It. . Trims, ni-liv.
The b.iselia'l learn Miuli-il o.ll t In 11
season hit Saturday afternoon w .Mi a
defent which was h-illiled them l.v the
All.l!.U-rille Iblslllest r.illi'Kl'. Till
sei.re Wiis 7 to ... The sei olid inning
prove, 1 verv ci.stlv r.. the iiiiiver-.tv .
A majority of the error-, made dur i vr
the game were lomi.llleil In this ulie
iniiiiig and as a it-.lt the ll'l-ine-s
colli ge made i'i ''ii runs during tin
period whuh was all the ai.'l'ilili Hiev
did dur llg the game
Hoard Minting This Mninliiu.
A meeting of the board of i, .gents
was h id Hils moriiim.- in the .r. si
deut'n i.tllcr. Tin- regents that wire
ap . .luted l.v liuvirimr l.mdsev are ,i
fuiluws. il. 1, HrooKs, Nathan JaM.i.
Ir. IH-i.lv John It M.Kie. ,lr. and
Antonio Lticero.
OllllllllllMl lMllll'll.
The loll. .wing member-, of 'he 'In
dent body h.ive l.ecn appointed on j
i. o ll 1 1 1 1 tl.-i- to purchase the gold foot
balls Hi lt lire to be presenti d to the
meini.ii's of Hi,- fooHiall tiaint ol the
seasons and l'i IT. Carl I' I'.mr-
elll, Il-Ul lllllll. l.o Ills Nohl. I'lov .l l-l
A meeting will be held soon to order
these emblems m- that Ihev may u.
presented before the close of iicliuol.
Ir. IP.vil li'avi-si for lo.sv.
fr. I Ii ItoMl eapeelt to leave tins
evening for Taos win re be will ad
dress the teachers i-onvi lit. on of that
txiiN inTvvrs.
The CI. IT dwellers chin of Hi.- V.
M C. A ill meei ai H o'cloel. to
night. I.iii' oIii Circle No. :: Ladies of H V
I: will meet tomorrow alteruoou 'i
sh.np in W ' VV hi. II
The direi ti.is i f the civic Hetiei
ineni league will mei i this evening a'
Hn Com m 1 1 .al club.
The board of matiageis of the Wo
man's I'liin will meet at n cluck
loinoi rovv aft'-riiooti at tin' i tub
V iiiei t.tiK i.f the i 'oi'i im 1 1 i.i I liii.
has been .nlli',1 Inr S oi luck to,, inf
low' evening for the bill pose ot a.'
ii il ng or n e. ting I In- plan proposed
b Willi., ill
In-vol for siivitig in.
Tin l olnliulti c ol Ihe Co limn r. lal
. Ill i Who Wi le appointed lo .'lll lllgl
for Hie I'lllei taliinii'lif i.f Ihe .'nlivell
liuu of Hi. Catlli- a nil llor-e Clower-.is-uriation
i. nd the Wool i;r.,M.'i-'
,,s, lain. ll. will ineil t.ilili.'hl at VV a I
I. I- l oin. ell s ofll. e. ... West Hold
i V en'.le
Thele 11 ,11- a I I UU I I'O
l Im Sin im- ai ; ::" o'i Inc. 'on. gbt
lalge iitt.-n.l.ini e i do .nil .i- u
lll llll I" of import-Ill' e an- to l.e
Cllvs. .1 Refleshm.-llls will I.i- el
in i ..f v r. vicvi p. i. it' -ii
.f.tenl,le I. II 1 'ha nil el 'In
I VltVII nr. It N III ll"
W an- o Hie lualki l lol pi
I I .1 11 1 1 1 lioins lid lllllk I"
Top pi n et Pa 1,1 '''b
i 'lav C I n il' -i c..
I . . .
UJo 1
! Crescent Hardware Co.
Plumbers, Hot Water and Steam Heating
Absolutely Guaranteed
Phone 315
Duke City Cigar and Cigarette
Dealers Believe Death of John
Barleycorn Would Have Effect
on Their Business.
P-'.iOUli! M'X:i n I i .!'. ill V
On thu il.lt 1' t It.l the ihtiTi'M"
ii nd thfir iipiii-ni -4 Mi'i ut tlit ul-k-t
Ih.x. i :.;ir it' jii r-i i-. lti i- thnt
Th' r i'Uii ii ,i 4 rt-t t llurtu itinn ni
tin t-.il- ci . ..tr- iim! rinar-tti"4
.c'ril.n; t" I t. in1 Kuti-r i lh'
Kirsl'r lift. ir l,ittii. ii tt.it it f!
Uif liiritiilit ltl !t 4.h! Im-i (Hm- i't
th l.ir rtxim M-wiM tli-uj-pi -.ir w.th
paiinic. Mr s that i:umi aitii '-'K-inif
u uiiiik it thf I'.n i'Mui ti'u-h u,i
by trt'UtniK ' In ir- A ! I mi. - k '!.
Many tiKai-t ai4 t!iii- "li ;i a turn
Whrn uUi I.-- in u V. v. - .Ul li"'! Ih nl
Uf HIlll'KllW
M-iHt all iiiIiuuh m-!1 t'iki.ir.-. h ii-r
lllrfo ii'tl-l hfl it-it- tluit th' i-U-f
ilii; i f t In 1hi nor tie ii- u "Ul'l llum
lnni. .i tn ut tin' ! iM-ni pft jt Hn in
their I iiu of I'li-uif-f. This i hiui:'
io thtn, woijlil oftM't .ni-. i ''fH'ii.-i' .ii
lo- tUit i.i ii 'I ! - fiit - I ' ,iiif in : k h '
Ul'Tf.i-r t is i f -.i!"- Kt h.iMl!' ''f
thf -i' tlin'-itiit i..tni..ti ,i - K'.'t.t!
IV lllinlK'lt Ih.if the Ih .iiil.. ti
Ii.im . tlni'ft l'fti';ii i n tio t"- o (
(K-.ili i
Vtintii miIiI.
A r i i " u j 1 1 .i i 1 1 ' ' 1 1 i - , , ; : a .
CU!. I If tlk'"l - 11 I ' ( v I'
th-i .iii- to. in .! - i 1 1 1 1 i'l.in
7 ciJ.ii - . .il ! - i -i.t i"i (i: 'h
VI i I ( TV I'' i!' - .4 " "l ii:ll"
th.ll tilt ' ft ll .i.t li,.iii I'M n iut - . t
li-a l f ( 1 1 :t - : h '. ! - 1 1 ' ' i a . 1 1
t- .-irrt-. f fli . . ! i ; i Mi.
fi''nWlh! v , .. ).. ' . , ,M t , f
I "f ' I ' I ' I . l I .1 M .,(' ! I ' ll I
1 1
J silt ;. , I'd T,. .',...'! - 1
'.I'll . I---'.!.'. I'. MO 1 Ho I Mi . -a ' .1
.-, gat- :. 1 1..- -' ii ..s i i, ;
I 11 -I ,. lid i-l ' I ' . - -' I ' I i .
a . ii a. i I., i . .. i i" " . .i .it ' . i v (-ii,. I
sa I a I i"Ml 11 'I'll. I. .. , ol 1
it is thought. ,, ,1,1.1 h ' t i. '-'
...ino i iga i s a nu-ii' ii T!i. i .- :n I
mini s t - and -mi. - Hon 1 . -
,r.i tb.it -ii. ii.t tons i.i.. in ii.- . - i
l In lie I , ...ii.- -.1 I n -. . . i . tn j
l-l'.uil . PI Hie ll' t I is tin, light lb l!
Hn- a v "lag.- --.ili would i., ..nil Hm ..
: I " i. i.i i - . ii.".,i I' : . ' i '
I.Adll-.S Send t.'l' paita u! ir- i t III. j
"I Ti ii -t V o-i u . o ,,. . ,. , ..
hlgll-i'l .i.. li.-v.lt:. in . in - In - I
p i in 1. 1 ii I - . I.i ii . Ie' . ni' I . 1..-C-, i
-tc., at I', n i- ti-'on 1 vv . ni', -1 1 ' . - i-i'i
l e .b.u.i: I. 'I' lb I I : VV a'er I
SI.. Ilosiol,. M SS I
Go Sec the
One Man Mohair
Ford Tops
E. A. Schick. 411 V. Central
Reliable Goods at Close
' I 'i.r i.v. r -ill v i n :'s v c Im c I .-
I '. I If. ll Mni .'ll.s 11 I 1 1 I . ' W I'll V lloli
.hi i.iris i.r i vv .i.'i. .1 .nni . i
i. n, i. Noliil viinc VMillv Iii lis In
, .'.l'l' U.S. .lt Isl'ill l pill -, -
llllle. "I.
M 0 6.1
.... ylU'v
,, - T ?0S W. C f NTR LAVL.J
Green Chili
Tbore'g m rrmmn why thin In th ImiwI
Uuined HUM p keel.
For Rent
Knur newlv furnished mom for
light housekeeping, with all nnuieni
. niivenieni es Impure 4 'j I Xorlh
Second street.
The Citizen's Bank
"The Bank of Personal Service"
To avoid being sued
Superior Lumber & Mill Co.
Phone 377 501-321 S. 1st
Shipment arrangement! to nil parts
of the world . Private motor am
bulance. Phone Day or Night &7H
414 420 Bo. Hecond Ut.
Hemstitching and
Picot Edging
Done in the heat manner on all
kinds of material at moderate
prices and work guaranteed.
Phone IM .ii.l W. Cent.al
1 1 1 i . 1 1 1 t w . 1 1 1 )l I 1 1 . 1 1 ) 1 1 l' l tl ll
. t !i('t", hint ni'ifr . i ..ni .i
r,t i i i i'
'I lit M -f.ijM ' "l'-. -IM ii-.ll, I 'l ' '.'
1 1 -'. . l M- Iliiln i i i h,.. i I
'M il Ii' I, M;tl.: . o!ll''-;ii ; i;1 Imp
Mi. 111 !; oni :!' ,. . -h
l J VVc.i I i iiiiiiI I'll.. no I ..'
Ni'vl lMi.li- In llu-.mi
Matthew's Milk 1
Phone 420 !
tmutttnnnitntxnaun:utrus:unn! ..
Leather and Fitidliiii". Saddle. liar
nesa. Paints, Cut Soles, Waterproof
0' riiine Soles. Slice Store Supplies
Home Kaucb Cgga, iloaeu .". a:
Heiitiy's Kanrli l;cs. dozen luc
Belli. Springs Butter 4lic
Wasliiiik'nii ami Calif unua
Apples, rui.kiiig and eal
IM, I lli . . . J
fat in Ilniihe preset vp . pic
lu iti,irt Mason jam - all kinds
Tin in House Pickles :;.,c
Money Bin k Bic.nl lni
I '1 1 1 .i i IT.' mni 171

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